Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 24, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1896
Page 6
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- LOGANSPORT, Saturday, June 27 Absolutely the same exhibitions, will be'given bore .as the dedicatory exhibitions which were piveu tor two weeks. .Turn; 1 to 14. 1SOG, at tlio great Chicago Coliseum. ( BIG CELEBRATION. Visit of Hobart to McKiiiley to Be a Rousing Affair. Will Go to : Canton Saturday—Quay Writes a Long Letter to Moj. McKinley. BUFFALO BILL'S WILD] Ifi WEST . AND V Congress -OF- ROUGH RIDERS F THE t • 'IT I I 11- WORLD An exact duplicate, •mini for niau, and'horso'for Horse of tho exhibitions Siren at the Cotumliiau World's Fair ut Olii-cago iu 1S03, all summer Iu New York iu ISO-i, and iu 100 of the priiieiiial cities of the east iu 1S93. ORGANIZED QN THE MOST LAVISH SCALE, WITH HORE MEN, MORE HORSES, MORE CARS THAN ANY TWO EXHIBITIONS. And perfected in all the cU-ciils that, i he combined managerial experience and wea.Mi commanded by thu trio of Triumphant Careorod Caterer* to public In- sitruction and enlcrtainmcut, NATE fcSALSBURY, JAS. A BAILEY AND COL. WILLIAM F. CODY, As^tiriujj to the public a production of America's National Entena'nmem In a colossal maraier, equaling if not surpasses 'the m;ij?ui.fii.>i.>nce of massive uuisuitinle at NKVT YORK, LONDON, PARIS, HOME, VIENNA. BERLIN, BRUSSELS, and at The Columbian World's Fair CHICAGO, Where the multitudinous millions niotod equal honors to Ttie White find Teniefl Cities Now, Enlarged and Augmented. The Original Wild West Absorbs Primitive and Civilized Horsemanship. READ THE ARRAY t hat Nations Furnlsli ami Races are Exhausted to Complete. All kinds, all colors, all tongues, all men fraternally mingled in the picturesque racial camp. All bom Hereditary Princes of the Saddle. 100 INDIAN WARRIORS, OjpillaUa, Brule, Uncapapp, Stous, Cheyenne and Araptthoe Tribes. 00 American Cowboys. 30 Mexican Vaquaros and Rural ies. 30 SouiUi American Gauchos, 00 Western • Frontiersmen, Mavksincn, etc. 25 Bedouin Arabs. 20 Russiao Cossacks ol tlie Caucasus. Detachment of TJ. S. Cavalry. Royal Irish-English Lancers. French Chasseurs. German Cuirassiers. All under the command of Col.W.F. CODY-BUFFALO BILL The JLASC ~HERD ot BUFFALO Y HERD ON EXHIBITION. \<$*BP w-. This enormous outfit is transported in special railroad trains. Using its own specially constructed rolling stock, •the largest of Traveling Commissary, Dormitory, aud Etiucrry AecomrnodaitJaus, complete In every particular, and equaling the requirements of the modern methods of moving A FULLY EQUIPPED ARMY IN TIME OF WAR. Carrying all the paraphernalia necessary to A covered grand stand seating twenty thousand persons, assuring perfect shelter from the sun or rain. So orgaiuiixed and so arranged as to camp close to the city In an easy accessible location. On *Jie first day of arrival there will be given A Free Street Cavalcade At 10 a. in., by detailed detachments from each division (Wiild Horses, Buffalo/- Cattle, etc., being necessarily guarded Iu camp), "So that toe who runs may read," The march will be enlivened by O JIAGXIFICKNT MTTQTP O HANDS OF JlLUolU Led by 'the Famed, World-Traveled Buffalo Bill's,Cowboy Band- y the largest'Portable Double Electric traded for any similar purpose. Two lumiuajllou, making .night as light as At night a brilliant electric display b plant of 230,000 candle rxnver yet cons OTCults ensuring a perfectly reliable II day. two Exhibitions Daily. Rain or] SMne AiCtcmoon. at 2 o'clock; nlgiit at 8 o'clock. Doori- open one hour earlier. UTTglit as ligut as clay and as complete In detail. General admission, 50c; children under 0 years, 2Dc. Numbered coupon, actually reserved, seate will be sold on the day, of exhibttlon at Johnston's drug- store, corner Fourth street and Broadway. . , Canton,6,,June23.—Vice President!)! Candidate Hobart has been invited bj Maj. McKinley to visit'Canton on Satur day-next. Thi'.t day^vill be the occasion for a great demonstration in honor o the iiominut-ion of Maj. McKinley, in which the Tippeeauoe club, of Cleve land; Americus club.of Pitthburgh, nnd the citizens.of Canton wilHuke iu\rt Arrting-einentfl arc milking- for brinpinp 100 cnr loads of people from each of thi two cltiD-s nnmed. A message was re ceived Monday night by Jfnj. McKinlej from Mr. Hobrat stating that the for mer'a telegram in reply to his coup-rain latious wired from St. Lonia had fonnc him,' Muj. McKinley hud invited him to visit Canton en route from St. Louis but the latter hnd K-ftbefore the invita tion was sent. Mr. Hobart stated ii his mesiBiigc that he would very soon avail himself of the invitation nnd visit Canton.' Tuesday morning Maj McKinley replied sng-ge.sl.inR'. if convenient, that he uome so as to be here Saturday. Unay Writes I.OIIR I.t'ttcr to McKluIey. In the mail Tuesday mori!Injf was received 11 long letter from P-v.titor Quay written from Ucuver Fails. It was quite ri'long letter relatir.j,' to the campaign in general and expressed his sympathy for tho major in the long 1 ant 1 arduous 'task that lay before him. "I didn't push congratulations over tht wire from St. Louis, tar you are not, T think, to be fcllcltiitud upon the annoying cair.palcrn ahcurl, nor upon the severe trials-which must succeed your election. I do, however, coiiffratulate you upon the splendid vote of commence you rweived I'rom the convention, which represents the absolute thought ot the republican party of '.h'-' nation," Toimwiiiida, N, V., llcurd From. A lelogi'am received conveyed the sentiments expressed ut a McKinley nnd Hobart ralification meeting held Monday night at Toninvanda, X. Y. "As the second l;irt;e?t lumhor port Ir. (In- United States," it sn.ld, "Tonawnndn h:i« s]>cc'lal and peeullar reasons; for loyal and ardent support of the man who is and has been the cluxnipion of Its welfare. It Is with pardonable pride that it assures you" It was the first city In the Empire state to elect n McKinley delegation.' Clinton ltl»oa to tliu Ovcuftloii. Clinton is \vaking up to the fact that the harboring of ii presidential candidate witMn its limits means work, hard und systematic, i" order Unit he may be properly presented to the visiting delegations and others who are attracted to tlie city by reason of his presence. .A meeting- of citi/.ens WHS held Tuesday night and an executive committee of li appointed to have in charge the proper reception and entertainment of visitors. The tabernacle, nn immense structure, originally erected for the Elaine meeting in 185-1, and since materially improved, will be secured as headquarters. A cavalry company, for escort duty during the campaign, was organized Tuesday night. Cleveland M»J Get Heudqoarten. Although Mr. Banna Monday declined to commit himself upon the matter of vhe location of national committee headquarters, the other gentlemen from Ckveland who accompanied him are reported to have said that it was the intention to manage the campaign from their city. A letter of congratulation hus been received by Mnj. McKinley from the occupants of the house in Philadelphia, No. 230 Arch gtreet, from which floated the first United States flag made by Mrs, John Eoss. It was written on the. [jack of a picture of the house and flag us they appeared on that memorable occasion. Murderer Denied a New Trial. Philadelphia, June 23, — Judge Yerkes Tuesday overruled the motion for a new trial in the case of Alphonso F. Cutaiar,, Jr., who wn« recently con- ,-icted of imirder in tiie first degree on the charge of having en used the death of Johanna Logue, wife of the notorious Jimmy Logue, in this city, in 1870. The judge then imposed a death sentence. Think* Ho Can Cure Leprosy- Fort Worth, Knn., June 23.—Mayor j. M. Bowie, of White Castle, La., has vritten to Dr. Dolphin of this city, who _'lai7ns to have discovered a cure for eprosy, asking him to demonstrate his :urp at the leprosy hospital, six miles ,'rom TVhiti! Castle, and the doctor will ro to that place. There are 20 patients ilowly dying of this disease in the hospital.' ' Tukeil HI* Family to Seashore. Cape May, If. J., June 23.—Vice President Stevenson, accompanied by Mrs. tevenson, Miss Letitia Stevenson and Mr. Lewis Stevenson, arrived the Stockton- hotel Tuesday morning. Vice President Stevenson will leave his family at the seashore and attend the Chicago convention, re- ;urning here afterwards. She May Be Releated. London, Juno 23.—It is announced on .'xccllent parliamentary authority that he home secretary has been induced i reconsider his recent determination . regards Mrs. Maybrick, and her re- ease is therefore likely to take place at any moment. Choo*e IlarrUon ai FreMdent. Indianapolis, Ind., June 23, —- The State Bar Association of Indiana waa >rganized here Tuesday at a meeting- •epresented by lawyers from oil over the state. Gen. Benjamin Harrison vas chosen Urst president unanimous- Fitlth In a New Motor. New York, June 23.—Cbauncsy M. Depew says that final experiments will mnelc this week with a hot-water moor which some officers of the New _'ork Central railroad believe will revo> utionize traffic on railroads. '. PURELY VEGETABLE. The Cheapest. l j m'c*t atidllcst riiailly Medicine in the World! AN EFFECTUAL SPECIFIC for nil di.SL'nfies-of tile Livur, Stoinnch ur.d Spleen. Rc^ulAto *-^ e kivcr and iii-event CHILLS AND I-'EVEk, MAI.AKI- ous FEVERS, BOWI;I. COMPLAINTS, KKST- LKS3NE35, [AUSDICE A.ND NAUSEA. BAD BREATH I Nothing is so unplensunt, nothing so common as >>ad brcntli, nnd in ntnrly every case it comes from tho stomneli, nnd can bo so easily corrected it yuuwill Iftlltt StMMOSS LlVEK REGULATOR. Do not nosritct to secure n remedy for this repulsive Uisordtir. It will aUo Improve your appttite, complexion and Kenerftl hgalth. PILES) How many suffer torture day after day, making life n burden and robbing existence of ull pleasure, owing to tho secret sufTcrlng from Piles. Yet rcliut' in rcndy to tlie hand ol almost any one who will use systematically the remedy that hns permanently'cured thousands. rtiM* MOMS LIVEK KECUUATOU is no drastic, violent purge, but a gentle assistant to nature. CONSTIPATION SHOULD not bo rceardccl as a trilling ailment—in fact, nature demands the utmost regularity ot tlie bo\ycls, and any deviation from tins demand puvcs the.way often to serious danger. It is quite as necessary to reir.ove impure accumulations from the bowels as it ia to tat or sleep, and no health can be expected where a costive habit o£ body prevails. SICK HEADACHE 1 This distressing affliction occurs most frequently. The disturbance of the stomach, arising from the imperfectly digested contents, causes a severe pain in the head, accompanied with disagreeable nausea, and this con.Mi'.ulcs what is popularly known as Sick Headache; for the relief of which TAKE SIMMONS LIVEK KBCUL.&TOK. MANUFACTURED ONLY EY J. H. ZEIUN & CO.. Philadelphia, Pa. TESTS THE HUNTER. A HIun'« True Temperament IJrought Oat by lincl I.ucK In tbe TCoodH. There are dnyy that bring- out the hunter's true temper. \Vhen the sun shines nnd the crack of tlie rifle brings success any man c;m be gentle tempered, and offer coTisolation to less fortunate companions. Anyone can be u p-ood fellow sitting- before a. big- sapling fire dftcr a day of success, and he can. laug-h when anyone laughs; but let there come days when the ra.in pours down, from low-hanR-inp clouds and the sun positively refuses to shine at all. The deer lying snug 1 back on the mountains refuse to appear, and tlie rust gathers on the hunter's rifle in melancholy breeding 1 spots. The drip, drip of water from leaf to leaf, says the New York Snn, is a sound that brings one's true nature to the surface. Some men cannot be happy under adversity in camp who in ordinary life are the best of pood follows. The rain seems to wash n-li their ;rood qualities into their shoes, and they ra.alie life miserable for their companions with their grumblings. On the other hand there are men sour tempered, with faces ,".s cliferful as rasps when in their home region, who mellow down in tho most con- g-enin.1 of spirits when in .a cu.fi.vp in tho woods in spite of c.old rnin« nnd cheerless Inek. KILLS HIMSELF. AitonlnMnK Snlrldn of a Ped<ll«r'n Hard- Wnrl-.od Kqalne Senrttor. Hundreds of employes in the j-a-rdsof tbe American Steel liirfi-e company at Superior, \Vis., witnessed o sinpiiln.r occurrence. A lx>ny, played-out old bay horse walked into the shallow water in the slip known ns Howard's pocket and slowly moved further out into the deep water, unmindful of; the shouts and missiles of the spectators on ths shore. When in about three feet of water the poor nnimal cast one wistful look nround, then deliberately put ite head under water ajid held it Hiere until life was extinct. In n short time after this the owner, a peddler, appeared upon the scene and almost Committed suicide himself when he earned of the astonishing deed of his [our-footed servant. Tho horse, it is said, had been poorly fed o-nd overworked. GERMS KILLED BY X RAYS. B»ellll of Diphtheria Succumb to Koent- K«n's Ctilebrnted Dlicovery. The experiments that have be«n gtv Eg on at the state uhi\-ersity electrical ubomtory at Columbia, Mo., testing the ?fficet of the lioentgcn rays upon dipli- ;herla bacili all confirm the theory that .he germs may be destroyed by the rays. The last, experiment was made with live guinea pigs, probably tbe first experi- nent of the kind upon a living auimn.l :ver made in this country. Two guinea pigs -mire inoculated with, a culture ol diphtheria. One of the plffs was exposed to the Roentgen rays for four hours. \ftereeventy-twohours this pig showed no signs of diphtheriaand is justaslive- y ns before, whereas the pig exposed o the rays died within twenty-eight lours after the injection, and the postmortem showed his death was due to he injection of diphtheria bacilli. The pawnbroker institution estnb- ished in New York o yeor or more ago >y philanthropic people, organized as he Provident Loan society, has so far proved a success. It lent over $000.000 ast year on 35,039 pledges, of which 13,789 were redeemed. The rate of in- erest charged was one per cent. » month, which is far below the usual charges in such business, and the iusti- :ution not only pnJd aU expenses, but r ielded nearly seven per cent, not to be men who advanced the capital. En- :ouraged by these results the society vill extend the operations of tbe bank o us to reach a larger number ol the escrvlng poor. Satr Humpiihlra M»nnfnctnrci. New Hampshire has 63,361 mill and actory bands, whose labor producee every year $85,770,549 worth, ol jnann- actured g-oods. - Storm In an Indiana Town. Eidgeville, Ind., June 23.—A miuiar .ure hurricane struck this town late iunday afternoon. No lives were lost, jut there" were many narrow escapes. Several buildings were'struck by lightning; some houses were unroofed, a multitude of chimneys were blown !own and nearly all shade trees were lestroved. is FAVOMBLE; Weather Conditions Push Forwarc the Crops, Corn Doing .Excellently in Mo* States — Reports as to Other Cereals. Chicnjyo, June 23.—The reports as,to the condition of the crops throughou the country, rind the general effect o the weather on the growth, cultivation and harvest of ihe same, were Tuesday made by the directors of the severa climate and crop sections. The reports received fit Chicago were as follows: Ohio—Warm sunny clays, cool nights local showers.' Wheat and rye cutting Is r.oarlnp completion In southern counties «nd bujjun In mldcllo section. Clover hay maklnp continued. Oats, gardens, prnss potatoes and corn made Rood propress but cool nlfrht.s early in week retardci corn. Corn is mostly of a pood color am cloan and some la Inld by. Tobacco all set out, dolnR well and some is a foot hlKh and Is free from worms thus tar. Raspberries ure ripe. Michigan—Generally favorable weather ior all crops. W!u-at continues to Improve and Is .be£innln£ to turn. Corn has grown i-lowly, but ready to cut. . Pastures are SOO'l. Weather has allowed much cultivation and (riven hnyliiff a good start. Indiana—\Varm weather, several mlns. Growing crops in bent condition. Corn Ki'owlnc fast, oats heading; pasturage frood; wheat and rye harvest and ha.v'ng continued.- barley being thrashed. Illinois—TVui-m, favorable, a growing and working weok: wheat, rye and clover cuttlr.fr practically finished to north counties, and stacking general. Ooi.s ripening rapidly, and a rank growth, wl!h some rust; cutting will bc.-frln in southern section this week. Corn has been rlennecl and much has been laid by. Broom corn, potatoes, gardens, pusmros and small fruits are In fiooi! condition. Haying la beginning. Wisconsin—The week has been very fa, vorable to all kinds of vfljretatlon, and the liiffh temperature and full sunshlnu have been especially favorable to corn. Rye Is ripening nicely, and wheat 13 do- Ing- fairly well, although rust Is appearing In some localities. Oats on rich soli are very heavy and are lodging. Iowa—A favorable week for cultivation and growth of corn which Is generally clean and doing well. Small grain needs dry and cooler weather. Hay harvest In progress and fall grain nearly ready to cut. Minnesota—Week hot, with but few small scattered showers. Corn Is advancing nicely, but the weather is too hot for wheat, which 13 rustinsr badly. Grass la heavy and pasture excellent. Potato bugs r.re Increasing. Rye Is filling well. Lowland crops are doing best. North Dakota—Conditions continue favorable and grain and corn arc growing rapidly. Cut worms uro doing some damage to wheat and flax. Weeds are Ir.jur- ing-crops In some sections. South Dakota—Unusually warm days, much sunshine, warm nights and sufficient moisture caused rapid growth in all crops, especially corn. Cut worms have about ceased work. Small grains heading and jointing, but rust Is appearing in localities. Nebraska—Corn has made an unusually line growth, lii generally free from weeds, and Is In excellent condition. Small grain has been injured somewhat by dry weather In The western counties. Winter wheat and rye harvest in progress In eastern section. Spring wheat and oats Injured slightly by rust and Insect pests. Kansas—Hot, dry week, broken by fine rains in central and northwestern counties and light scattered showers more general, ripening oats too fast to fill well, but permitting corn cultivation; wheat harvesting and threshing. Corn Improved and tassellr.g In central counties and silking In southern counties. Condition generally unfavorable In western counties. Missouri—Week favorable for haying and Harvest. Corn generally clean and do- Ing nicely, silking and tassellng.ln south and some laid by. Cotton doing well and Moomlng in some counties, In others very- foul. Oat harvest has commenced. Soma complaint of rust. Chicago Jiewnpaper Man Dead. Chicago, June 23.—Joseph K, C. Forrest, one of the founders of t-he Chicago Tribune, and an editorial writer for ninny .years on local papers, died Tuesday morning- at his residence, 1043 Wil» cox avenue. THE >L\RKETS. Grain, ProvlftfonH, Etc. Chicago, June 23. WHEAT—Moderately active and unsettled. June, oG^ijfMHc; July, SGgWXic: September, 57Vfi(R'57'/4c. CORN—Eass-. No. 2, ?7%@27?4c- No. t Yellow, 27%(3>2Sc; July, 27%@27?ic: September, 2S%@2!)c; January, 30c; May, si^gaiSc. OATS—Weaker an<l lower. No. 2 cn.sh, l« 1 4®16 1 (4c; July, IC^SlC-yiC: September, 17 (ji!7%c; May, 19V2@20c. SamplcB Vic lower.' No. 3. 17ftig>lSiic; No. 3 YHnte, aS^^'9'^c; No. 2, 17c; No, 2 White, 10©20c. HYE—Was dull and easy. No. ?, to po to fltore, .12c; sample lots, 32ii©S3c; September delivery, 33VJ.C. KAKLI3T—Offerings were small and demand alack. Thin quotable at 22(7240; fair weight, but olt color, 2o®27c; good color, fair to good weight, 2C(J29c; choice to fancy, 31X&133C. MESS PORK-Ofterlnes rather liberal »nd demand moderate. Prices steady. Quotations ranged at Jf,.05@7.00 for cash: ffi.DO<3,G.P5 for June; J6.97M:@r<fiH for July; ?7.15<£7.22}s for September. J,ARD—Demand moderate and offerings free. Prices steady. Quotations rangeil at $4.02M!<§>4.05 for cash; S4.0C@4.02V4 lor June; J4.05@-I.07H for July, and W.17M:<iH20 for September. BUTTER — Quiet and steady, rather iime. Creameries, 100>14Hc; Dairies, 9@12c. LIVE POULTRY — Only moderate demand. Turkeys. 7@9c; Chickens, S®8V»c: Spring- Ducks, lS@14c per pound; Geenc. per dozen, $3.00@1.0C. New York, June 2J, FLOUR—Quiet and easy, unchanged. WHEAT—Steady. No. 2 Red, moderately active; July, 62%5>63e; September, GS',4 03 9-16c; December, 64%@«JWc. CORN—No. 2 dull, steady. No. !, 34\i@ 35140; July, 34HiC. OATS—No. 2 dull, lower. State, Mijig'SSa; \Vcetern, l^S-S&c; July. 21 !4c nominal; September, 21%c. LARD — Quiet. Steam-rendered, H,37>4 asked. BUTTER—Fairly active, steady. Western dairies, SV4©W4c; Western creamery, H^ffilSH'C; do. factors'. S@llc; Elelns, ISVic; imltalon creamery, 10(£p)2c. CHEESE-Quiet. Part skims, 2@4'/io; full skims. m@2o. EaGS—Quiet and steady. Western, Iflifc J.lve StocU. ClilcaKo, June 23. c-ATTLE - Market slow, being 5@10c In anticipation of heavy receipts. •o best Beeves oHer«l ^.Sf.ign.SO; Co°wf und* n Bulls? < 1l.S@3.Vo; Texas. 52.W ''nOOS-Market EC hlglicr than Jlonday's nui ^jjght. J12E<5>3.5C; rough •>«- ™"*uO: mixed and butchers', ' „=„., packing and shipping. Plgi. »2.SO@3.55. ALL AT SEA Bat Filially Rescued from -Danger. Bcsnlt of Taking a Friend's Advice. There are thousands of women to-day entirely at sea, so to speak, as far as their ailments are concerned. They are overtaken by sonic female complain:, and send for their iloctor in- all haste, He usually tries this and that without success; he is .ill at sea, and his poor patient is with him. Suddenly a lady friend tells the sufferer to try Ly&ia, E. Pint/jam's Vegetable Compound because it lias cured her. The following letter shows the result of that trial, and is a sample of thousands of similar cases happening daily. " 1 had been very sick for a long time; doctored with many prominent physi- . cians. They pronounced my case dyspepsia, and said there .was a tendency to . cancer of the womb. There was a sense of fulness and weight in stomach after' meals, loss of appetite, and offensive belching of wind, dizziness, 'all gone' feeling in pit of the stomach; headache, heartburn, palpitation at times, urine high colored, A lack of interest in all things. • "The doctor's medicines "gave me but little relief. I was almost in despair, when a friend advised your Compound. I took it, and am now perfectly well. I can recommend it to all woraen. A number of my friends and neighbors have iakcn it on my recommendation, and have always found relief." — MBS. JAMES CRANKSUAW, Frankford, Pa. } The COAST LINE to MACKINAC —-3—I-TAKE THE •+-"*-— rjr\ /~v MACKINAC III DETROIT ||§ PETOSKEY JL V-r. CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers ThcOrtateit Perfection yet attain* In Bart Construction--Luzarioua Equipment. Artl.tlc Fornlfbliig, DeeontMl mad Efllctenl Servlc*. ln»«ring lie highest degree of COflFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. POUR TRIM ra WICK BETWEEN Toledo, Detroit ^Mackinac PETOSKF.Y. -'.'THE 8oo,» MARQUETTE, AND DULUTH. LOW RATES to Plctnmqo* Mackiuc tot Rtturn. Including rirali mat Btrttn. . Prom ;kvtlaad, »i8; tnm ToUd*. $101 tma Dttratt. EVERY EVENING Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting afClewtandwUh Earliest Train* for mil poiotii Kilt, South and Soutbwot «nd «t Stroll for all points North and North wot. uirtl} Trill hint, Mr, Augilt *nt Itiltmbw fed* EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Put-in-Bay > Toledo fiend for nlmtrated Pamphlet" Addrtti A. A. 8CHANTZ. «. r. «.. OBTHOIT, MIOM. '.ft. OM^^^AJ eat or BOX. POZZONI ? 5 ! COMPLEXION POWDER I hra been tho atandard tar forty Tern and' . !• more popular to-dar thiiD crcr before. ' 1 POZZOM'S I Ii tbe Ide&l ooropleiion powder—be»ntlWnir,| refrcsLlng, clonnlj, boaltbful ana bumleu.. t A d«:ica:<;, Inrltlble protection to tho face. | Wltbemrv bur of l>OZZOKrH • m»r i nin««nt scotiirii COLD PCFF BOX U Kii*n dee of duuve. AT DRCGGISTS ASD FANCY STORES. ' Going For A Lake Trip? You'll fully ontoy all of Its dellKbti 1 f y ou uiko one or iho .AKE MICHIGAN AMD LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CO'S ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS. Snillng-i between Chicago and Maclclnae . Island fcmr timn ev«ry week; T!)e new steel steamship "Manlton" is a n-il'mv nn.ln.pp TriLVpls 'tWl^t vnlCagO, harievolx. Harbor Sprid»«. Peto5key, luck] ev. lnac Itland, etc. , . . Write for our readable rending matter, free, OP ask yonr nearest aircnt. i Address Jos. Borolzhelro. • G P. A. LAKE MICH. AND LAKE • SUPERIOR TttANS. CO. Ruih »nd N. Witor St.. Chicago, Toslah Bscoa, conductor on tee P. W& B. R. R., says "Brazilian Balm cured jne oflnveterate catarrh which I had for 8 years." Brazilinn Balm kills the catarrh microbe, ajakius; a rat^Al cure."

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