The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 27, 1934
Page 6
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"'PAGE SIX-- hL'/TITEVILLE. (AttK.) CO., tUER NEWS ,. SATURPAY, OCTOBER 27, 1934 •^.^ ' • • -••' • . . ;—~— — .__ • ..SATUHUAY. OCTOBER 27, 1934 Piggott Beaten, 46-12, As Chicks Win Fifth StraflS niVTiinin i r in m , , , «„ „, ™ • w , ~" ^r 7 ^~: :—;— : . :___ • MEflLLHI Touchdown! They'll Try For Ofi<:"focl;fy' Lonj) 'Runs 'Aerial. Circus Make Game- Eventful Despite Oiin-Sided Score PiRgott hlg:i school wont down i'i decSsne defeat at Ilolcy Pirid last night as Carney Laslle's Bly- thcville Chiokas.iws came through ,\vit}i their fifth fo>!.';ed)l!vi3 triumph, .While tho visitors were on the losing end'of n lop-sided W lo 12 tcore thp came provided considerably more exclleimvit tlian the erore. indicated p''irK.!!>.' > lly bcc'iii^e of.the realiraiion by . ''iyjoit, early in the same i'nat its (.iily chance for many iralnw was by Die overhead route. The visitors filled'the air with I posse almost from the opening whistle, a i.erics of tosses iosullm!{ indirectly in Picsjott's first toiich- ^down but falllnj to meet with much succets thereafter mid providing the starting-point for at lea-i t«o Chick touchdowns by Interceptions. Pifigott tried 2tt passes ard completed 6 with J bolm; intercepted. CluVks^ Olfensc Clicks "riie^Ma r<jon~*an '&" W lnTe~IiiyThc Mile ele\en, which outweighed the visiting squad eonsldi-rr.hly, met with success en utmost every iypc of play attempted, !'o!lii:ir. up u total of IV first down., compared with 7 icsistcral by the visitors. !With Basil Locks, hard running half back on the sidelines incnpl- tsUcd, the ball carrying burden o[ the evening rested principally on tlie shoulders of Hershel Afosley, triple tlircat ace. How completely he bore the brunt of the offense wris shown-when he was removed with n twisted ankle .late In the game/and the Chink offense slowed up Mosley tind O'Hoil Craig were about the only Chick bucks In good shira, Sallba turning In n good game derpitc injuries and BlytJieviJle-Piggou NAVY BUZZ SAW Statistics , WAffcR By J. 1'. FRIEND B'vllle I'lggott First Downs .. i Yds from S'mage 1 110 28 G 0 0 Ml 100 300 24 n jp.isses (Ally) ."....'.'.'. n PascEj (Comp) B ll'.issss (Intel 4 '.yds litd Julc Passes ..'58 [Yds Irom Passes .... 101 | Yds Reid Kicks ....". 08 Tola] oato 605 Yards Lost 20 K'ckotfs 7 Punts '.' 6 Yds of KickofTs i)20 Avc of Klckoffs 47 Y<i5 of Punts 'sog Ave of Punts 30 ,,, No. Penalties 3 5 Yds of Penalties .35 55 Summary of Punts No. Yds Ave Motley (B) 4 170 42 Temuleton (P) .. c' 259 ^ 2 J. Burns (R) .... 2 , 38 19 Kumiiinry Ind. Records (Rushing) 'No. Yds yds Ave Rims O'nct Lost 6 153 38 253 llnyclsn IP) ., 3 C5 0 Saliba (Bi .. 13 104 o Moslcy U!l .. 31 219 n Nettles u>) ... 7 26 0 C: '3ig UJ> .... 17 I 42 0 Templeton (I'i I a o J. Burns tU> .. 5 13 1 •> 2 Diivvls ip) ..12 26 24 ~\i I Seminary Inclivvidual Pass Receiver Records: No. Yds yive Gain ai.7 8.0 6.3 3.7 2.5 2.0 Wild-eyed Uctes in Jammed stadia yell far touclKtonu-nnd ili, sc four boy. out io plea- (he cro-d, 1» gridiron Wl linen today. Lower left is Harry Bhufort. MO-pouml Southern MclhodiU fuHlmck. who'n "0,1 Vrri ,glsf ^ n in New York. nmmln, .1 ,cR is that b, K irw, fullback, Don Ebor. whose ]toe-cr«hln. '.Ives Notre a,ea' £hrea tains wl'"-on clmoM r 7 I''" r V ' VCM " Wd e " y W "" N °- ' 3 °" his *<^'«*"'—W«sh» C,,mo,n.a wh,n 1, C E cts R oln, : asalnst the Bear, at Settle, i«w« right !s Pllg V Tennessee L.m.ack. whose d«ad™ '__ * n « ur «l l ° bo iwnwni to Duke wh en the teoms collide at Kno.wille. Eavis iP) .. Robevts (pj Hnyden IP) . Tipton <B>. . Blackivell <B) J. Burns (B) Crate' (B) .. Pusses G'nd Gain 38 19 01 11 17 24.3 1D.O ISO 153 11.0 8.5 8.0 By KVon// that set the , stage for his touch-] down a minute later. Ilaydcn Gets Away Piggoti's offensive effort after the next .kick off was apparently' stopped in midflcld when Ilayden made hlu louchdown run. Ilayden had been doing most of tho punt- Ing but instead of kicking ho dropped back the when end unawares lie struck owl goal; Moiley came ovei | '* _^ b uui, etvjiic ur-|Ji»L- injunis anci "^ uiujjjjcu uttuK lllli rlgBOll' Cncl Wimpv Burns taking chances with took the ball slowly up toward his n bad knee BM ankle because the '"tt end, catching Dlythevllle's se Chicks bickfield reserve.', a.s scarce contlnry as a raltn in salary;' for .the Rnns, r,iK«s-'jIakt Thrills Beniatlona!'. hms, two-for toucli- downs and nnotlie)'., for' 70 yards, practically nullified by a penalty, coup!sd with,, pasres to mokr t!i!> Efline a thrilling nncxJEru'..5[>ecUtors. Mosley '50^ away for the .Iciv ••. est run of the 'night when he ..;.loped 18 sards from scrimmar," "i ••- BlytheviUe' second tonchdoW, turning In n neat Job of pace « Uianglm; before getting biio' the ', Winning Plays of 1934 Ltixora Eleven Defeats Trumann, Score 20 to 0 LUXORA. Ark., Oct. 27-Coach Herbert Schwartz's Luxora high school eleven turned fcaek Trumann's challenge by ths decisiv^ (fast''to/overhaul him but two Pig?° l ] P^V 8 ;.**™ waiting for him ftl ^ to * '"» °»t effectively. .v, 0 "" ° f; Ul ^ prct lcst pn ^ 0( ^ c - : 5f son: "W'V^ lor lll ^" cl ±S n1 S r '^'? r 'i.- hBtt ' ; i', V " h p ^"f P f lil "? to I" cV ^,1""'' wfed »m,n T! P , ra , wns r - M '' ' ™' ne1 ' °' 25 open to outracn Pi^gott's safety to the goal hn;. Hayden, Piggott cud, reeled off a 54 yard, touchdown rim In the second quarter for Piggott's second touchdown from a ', purit•'formation. Davic, fast. Pig7otl -back, ian back a kick^nif 70 yards In the third quarter only to have n penalty spoil his brilliant ct- .fort, Moslty's 25 : ynni pass lo Tlplon, Chick end, who scampered unmolested 10 yards to Piggolfs ^nal hne \vas the prettiest aerial effort .of the night. It accounted for lilv- the\ille's fourth touqhdovvn inte in the second quarter. Nettles, Ilayden and Davis played> outstanding games • for Piggott while Mosley, Tiplon, Sallba and tratg were Blytheville offensive stars Elmer Lindscy turned in another fine game at guard for the Chirk'; with the entire forward _ ... showing lo bettor than the week t.-fore. advantage Mo\c Steadily to Goal Bljthe\me, taking the ' openinc kick off with Saliba racing Ihe ball from the 19 yard line to the 35 yard line, moved steadily down the field for its first, touchdown without losing the. ball. Mo-=ley did most of the ball carryin'» cet- tmg loose for one 25 yard run and tnrowing a couple of short P to Tipton and Burns cnrnute Sn- llba slanted off left end for 13 yards to cross the goal line Tlie Chick: got in a hole when Mosley punted out weakly about 10 lards to Blytheville's 36 yarn line bijt Piggott couldn't follow up its advantage, losing 12 yards on attempted lateral pass. Mosley brought Tcmplcton's punt back R^vder from the 10 to .22 yard line. Then L- ,s for ci Mosley shot off left" tackle, sped p,ini down to midfield, toward t!v-|! nelsV sideline, cut back sharply bctwconi'-jikcr ' two Pigjott players'-who collide-. ';r:onf'( nth each other as he rr.n be- ' J tween them, and sprinted 78 yards for a touchdown lineups; WABMBElNf! 5 s * *; PLAV STARTS ENp I1Y AKT KKENZ NEA Service Sports Artisl play which downed Michigan. Wtsj- to his right as though going around man paved the way for it with .1 Ha then cut in bstveen 45-yard sprint, on which he was defensive left tackle and end, and [over Michigan—its first triumph in the intra-state engagement in with the aid of beautiful blocking, Blue's 35-yard chalk mark by I))] years— attracted attention natlonal- Uorgmann, the last man who had a chance to gel him. Shortly after, with place among the nation's football the right. Warmbcin, the !c!t half- leaders by beating Carnegie Tech Little Rock Is Swamped By Memphis Central, 44-0 MEMPHIS, feun., Oct. 27- Me'mphis Central high-school de- It .was the worst defeat suffered by .a Little Rock team in many years. .; .The Tigers'tried hard but were outclassed in every department of Central War- -S-.:: fard henve "that the ' bh'icfc nialnlng 10 yards for .tU Taking the ball on a punt about ~ their own -13 yard line the Chicks running attack clicked for their fifth touchdown. Craig and Mnslcy did most of the ball lugging and Craig .rammed the line for the counter, lirillMiil' Km, Nullified Davis took the next, kickoff ov Plgsott's 5 yard line, and raced through the entire Blytheville Icam to Blylhcvlllo's 25 yard line before Wimpy Bums, showing ' unusual speed, overtook the Plggolt Dyer. A penalty for holding :uted. from the place of tin; iu e - jal act, spoiled the run and gave PlSt'ott the'ball on its 20 yard line. A minute later Burns Intercepted a Piggott pass on Plggotfs 3» yard line, Advanced it to the 25 yard line and tile Chicks were on their way again. Saliba high fi?.^. 1 :?, hls .! va >' » VTrts for the A dvertisirig Matter - -.•:-. : ...'•-,'.53'.! ..;;•: '..-." •_. ...:•. Craig 'Intercepted if pass on rls , back 5 to°p 5 ir rrt •'•'"'- nild ' llggctl ll P'«t the Ch.^^o ,„ otuu, for their last touchdown , carried. It over and Saliba tnc point good. PiggoU got started cnoueli to engineer Its only first down of the —ond half before the game cnd . but it wasn't much of a threat and Hlythcvillc was in Piggott territory a* the gan , c ended Mosley Jfsnl out tfilh a twisted nnkle as he end neared but was apparently rut badly hurt. '' Pos. ue . no • • RT RK . Piggott got right back into the ?nme, drhine from Its own 32 yard line for a touchdown N'ettles 13 3ard pass-was taken ;>v Roberts and carried up to Blythcville's 37 yard hne. Nettles connected with another heave, Davis being on the receiving end,'that placed the ball on Bljtlicvillc's 20 yard line. Kettles buckert and passed to Dpvis . to reach the 7 yard line and then rammed the Chick line in throe plaV* for a touchdown. BlTtheville struck out from Its 3p yard line for the next counter ij Tiro breaks aided tlij Chicks on the drive. Moslcy fumbled once b«t recovered for a 6 yard gain and interference was ruied on a Chick pass, Saliba then tore thiu PI»- Pi^Solt • I la j den . Sanders .. Mosley ... Myers . Morrow ... HDllls Boyd ......... mj>-^ QB w. Templeton J. 5urns . Saliba ........ Davis .. Ecorins: f or Blythiviilil_To "if 2 ' M «'^ 2. r Piggott-Hayden, Pedigo Defeats Burns In Caruthersville Match i trict association or physical" «<„. j cation directors. Mrs. Charles Milbr. membrr o! Ihe Stcclc high .school faculty. «-,., named sccrelary o[ the history and social rcicncc teachers, and' Mi>s Mildred Byars, a Canitliprsvi!!;. »; r i '"-'-Ing this year at Blodgetl. was 'ctary or music, tcach- -for BUM m <"' w Blytheville. Sallba 4 kicks Mosley holding ball) ! ' (place P r ~ >' e v'b, Lar- Harris. Baxter, Xferedith n ' ' °' . , ereh Bums, VV. T. Burns', Beshars?' Roberts. , nr ', M °° rc ' B ' T «np!cton. pfflcials _ Blackburn (H»n<irix> fere referee Whitworth .umpire er head linesman; HolUind. Judge. The river Thomas loses 30.000,- Tns above Illustration shows the from nuzolitis. center, and sl.irtrdjyard line. , and outrunning the Michigan secondary, raced 23 yards to score the lirfit touchdown in tlic final period. Several minute,'; later, Wannbein, « triple threater, again found the ball I same hole, and scored from the- 13- riitliersvillc high scliool. lias b:cnlcrs meeting held at Cape Glrar- namcd vice-chairman of the dis-' dean last Friday. CARUTHEHSViLLE, MO.-Black- I smith Pcdigo, 1/juisville, Ky., mat- man, billed as a Junior middleweight wrestling champion, delcal- cd Cyclone Burns, Palm Bcacli wrestler, u vo out of three falls here Thursday night in the main 50. i Newman Jones. Memphis referee, | did no', have to issue a single can- Uon during the malch. so clean was it. Scotly Williams, Cinctn- nsti, loo); the preliminary two out of three over Floyd Byrd. Birmingham wrestling comic. N T c.vt week. Pedigo and Williams, and Jim Parker versus Dennis i*ntz. the latter two heavyweights, will form the card. Both matches arc booked over the 00-mlnute Urn? limit. Parkin Has Easy Time Winning Over Wilson PARKIN. Ark., Oct. 27-Parklii found little opiwsition from tlic CarutKersville Coach Is District Official CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo Jack Hopte, athletic coach of the Ca- Wilson Bulldog's yesterday tinned in an easy victory ,„„ . ..;•--:; -"'* were the Wilson grldders. following thj district leach-'was 4-1 to 0. and over i WRESTLING Ann on/, Monday Night CYCT.OXE KURNS VS. FI.OVD GAIL 15YR!) Mianu, Ma. • Louisville, Kv. Iwn Out of Three Kails, Two Hour Limit HALl'H SMITH VS. TONY LAWO bon, Tcnn: Memphis, Tenn. Out of Throe Falls, One \lo\\r Limit THERE used to be a favorite phrase of advertisers: They asked to have their advertisements placed"next to reading matter" in the belief that such a position, would assure more attention. '• •- , , . " u But today the editor might well ask to have his news item placed "next to advertising- matter," for very definitely the advertisements have a tremendous reader following. Today's advertisements win eager attention because they help people buy intelligently, quickly, without waste of time, and-get full value for the money spent. That is the great function of advertising—to guide you swiftly and surely to wise, economical buying. The best advertisement is always the one that gives you the facts you want—simply, honestly, without exaggeration.

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