The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 22, 1937
Page 6
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.PAGE, E ** V-2— "'" ' BLYTHEVrLLEJ (ARk.f'COURIER NEWS BTMIGLEYDHT Forget Their Old Grudge. Millionaire Cub Owner Becomes Dissatisfied Aflei Winning 'Pennanl liy iIAKKV GKAYSON NEA Service Sports lidllor NEW VO11K.—Joe McCarthy had showdowns with three of Ihe greatest stars- in the history of baseball —Rogers Hornsby, Babe Ruth, and Grover Cleveland A'exandcr McCarthy, lost, a decision to Homsby because the toy he trnnv foimed into a nionej maker for William wrigley didn't glitter ((iiltc enough for its multl-inllllomlre ownei, .llormb), purchased o\er Marse Joe's head, succeeded him as manager of the Chicago Cubs with only four days of the I9;i0 season remaining Tlie sad experience of the Wri-<- ley forces with Hornsby iindoubt- , cdly Influenced Col. Jacob Ruppert when Ruth openly campaigned for Ihe management of the New York Yankees. Alexander was n lamentable cas? McCarthy, never a spender, succeeded in keeping the c !amp s on Wrigley until the success of his "bush" manager's 5, 10 and 11 methods put Idens Into the chewing gum magnates head. Hornsby was available and Wrigley si« In him the difference between a highly profitable i unncr-up and a pennant winner. So he plunked down $125- WO and five players The Cubs won Ihe nag, but, while Wilglcy didn't live to see it, his cJubi doubles were only beginning Whether (Hornsby undermined McCarthy doesn't matter When the nijah \ms obtained by the Cubs," Brnncn Klckey warned McCnilhy that he was on his \,ay Hornsby hasn't stayed with nn> outnt which he did not-wind up managing. He was loo sliong a character AS earlj as 1910, he told .Jack Hcndrlcks that he would not 'Play imdci him In SI Louis He ran Rickey out of the leadership : 0f the Cardinals In 1925 When the Oianls shipped him to IJostori. Charles A stoneham hinted lha'l he hail been loo ambitions, to sull John Mcdrnw. Jack Slntlery quickly save way to Hoinsby In Boston and then McCarthy in Clilc.igo Rulh Resents McCarthy's Appointment Whl\c McCarlhj 1-m'l the tjpr tc s get satisfaction from such occurrences, he must have derlvel somss thing along thai line out of Hoin by parsing from Wrlgle> -Field I; much the same way as he hftd nl though under • circumslances nd, nearly, as fa\orn~blc. McCarthy oppoked Ho'nsby al til outset; but accepted nun- once^ h~ was obtained Hornsby bp|»sed Me, Corthy nlwnjs He openly railed htm a "busher" and crUicu><fd 'Ills methods He still'does, but McCarthy has jet to utter a word for or against the finest right-hand hitter in Ihe history of the molcin game. Ruth seemed to resent 'Bushcr" McCarthy's appointment as manager of the Yankee-, In 1931. The dlplomnlic and tolerable Irishman went far out of his way to go along with the home run king Hie, conduct of Ruth, which disrupted the Braves when the Bum joined them in 1935, plaimy was in evidence during his term under McCarthy, but Marse Joe had sufficient control of his main body lo keep tilings In order He told Babe that he had to play only when he Luxora and Manila Will Clan!, Tonight l.OXORA, Jan, an.'—The largest, crowd of the season Is expected lo 'witness tlie double-header between the Luxorn and Manila cagers, hero I-'rlday night In the local xymna- •luin. In thc-lr first meeting at Manila uuntly ihe two learns broke even. Iht I'antherettcs gained a decisive victory but.Uio 'PiinOx'r.i bowed to llii strongjManlllans, 27-24. Both games were hard fought and keenly contested', Conch Marvin i'fipnk" sander- p so»'s crewii divided a'pairof games In Kelscr, 1'ncMlny night, The girls, handicapped, by the of Evelyn McUuntel, .star forward, -and Earlis Hiamloy, lost their first, game of the sea.ion, 20-18,' Mcmnlel spriiln- ed licr ankle In the first period and in all probability will not • be able to break hi the lineup for a couple of weeks. In a lively mlxup Mis:i lirnntly was thrown against the brick wall nnd knocked out. She was not seriously hurt but was im| able to return. : • .Slaving off a determined last Wirier assiiiilt, the boys finished strong to win, 27-24. After Coach Sanderson -had riddled his startling Ihe with substitutes Kelscr opened up a dangerous attack mid steadily cut down the I.uxora lead. Hut-the advent of Uie regulars quashed all threats. •> GOOSE PADDLES Joe McCarthy, letl, and Rogers llonisby shake hands as rival American League managers, but they .scarcely formed n mutual admiration society while the current, boss of the St. I-onls Browns played wllh Ihe Cubs'under the present leader of the yankees. McCarthy And Babe-Ruth House of' David Quint Plays at Cariithersville CAUUTHIsnSVllLB, Mo,, Jan. 22, — Tlic bc.whlskcred' House of David basketball team will meet Ihe I'pmlscot County All-Stars in (lie local high school gym next Wednesday evening, Jan. 27, .it 8 o'clock. The game Is being sponsored by (he C'aruthersville Junior Cnitmlier of Commerce. ";'• The All-stars wlir be composed of Jack Hojikc. Carulhersvllle :oacli an<l (cam captain; W II Poster, (.rndc sc i, ool principal icrc; Max McMahon Warden coach; Camllle Ilubcr, Havtl unchi Don Prilcliurd, Portage- e coach; and busier. Carter Steeic coach. Kach is a former o all-star. This same lineiip detailed Hie All-American Red Hunts here about two weeks ago' ' The House of David team will feituie -Tiny" Reiclierl, a foa one ,|ncii center • Goose Goslin waddles out of tbc surf :il Miami Bench, .where the famous Dclroit outfielder is wintering and conditioning for his I5lh season in tlie American League. Chick-Keiser Cage Games At Armory Called Of' The basketball games between Blylhevllle; high school and Keiser high school girls and-boys teams, scheduled for tonight, at Ihe'arm- ory, have been called off, it was announced this afternoon. School officials said: they had been Informed that the arinory would be needed for flood.emergen- cy purposes 1 and would .not available. ' " •-- ' ' FRIDAY, JANUARY 22, 1037 YOU'RE RIGHT, Mrs. Back-Seat Driver! The trouble isn't under the hood; it is in the gasoline tank. . High test h what it takes lo spin cold, balky motors into purring p«ts. High test ends the nuisance and damage of slow starting in winter. 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Packed with comedy andsinuinestars; On your ColumMa Network Elation every Cumtierlami'Gup — Tie Gateway through which~tlie pioneers entered Kentucky to enact the lyhiiloryof Uui famoua state. Balic Ruth, right, Isn't exactly a picture of contentment ns he listens to Joe McCarthy. The home, run king seemed to resent "Busher". McCarthy's appointment as field marshal of the Yankees He closed his career in New York by campaigning for (he job. fell like it'aiid informed the. cock-! Alexander stretched, opened eyed ' world that the Great 'Man | eye, nnd said one Local Amateur.Boxers' To .Memphis for Tourney Three local amateur boners;left early this morning tor Mem, h s ^erclheywmenlSrlhe.c;™' 1 ! u'ent 0°Wen Gloves | 3Ilmn _ 'lliey are:; James "Bab" Roberts "' VVCit; Jn> ' Smit "' «" : Don' Burton-, praftKlo'iiiii weUcr . h,T , n s tee " worki »E o«t them at the American LMori n, nccompanicd (hem, a s ° ( | i[ | . Smith, father of Jay. '. We are KENTUCKY PIONEERS, would be-a Yankee as long as he wns the head of the club. But the break came just before the world series of 1934. when Ruth went to Colonel. Ruppert nnd nsk- ed him if he intended to retain McCarthy as manager. Colonel Ruppert replied that lie did. and then Babe, announced HIM h« was through as a player. The difference between Wrigley and Ruppert -was that the lallcr stuck .with, a'.successful manager. It has paid rich dividends. Marse Joe's Slranpe Klcc[itlou- in Majors .McCarthy was nwarc of Alexander's extraordinary habits when hs assumed command of. the Cubs In 1925. His Introduction to or Pete came during the course of his Introductory gathering with the players who finished last in ihe NA- Jional League the fall before. The remarkable right-hander shuffled In some time after the meeting had been called to order. He slumped into the handiest chair and apparently fell asleep. "Now, fellows, me first big job we've got to do is devise a brand- new set of signals," went on McCarthy, handling the sltualiDn as diplomatically ns possible. "A lot of players have been traded from this: club the past few months ami they're all over the league. Nearly every club will know what your signals were. "Shucks, Joe, don't let that worry you. I don't think we'll ever get that far." It was nn unusual reception for a minor league manager making his bow in the majors, but Me- 1 CnrthyCnrlhy strung with Alexander for weeks. McCarthy wanted Alex, but the famous pitcher failed to respond. Buffalo joe finally had lo put his foot down, and when he <i:d he received this message from \Vriffley: "For,years I've been looking for 'a manager who had the nerve lo do that." Alexander was shipped down the river to St. Louis and helped the Cardinals to their first pennant and world championship, but McCarthy established himself as a disciplinarian not afraid lo call his shols.' 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