The Pocono Record from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania on April 17, 1964 · Page 5
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The Pocono Record from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 17, 1964
Page 5
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Internal Affairs Supplies Figures Ross Budget Shows Two Errors, Jan. 7 9 '64 Balance Of $15,482 By Jim Shafcr D»ily Record Reporter STROUDSBURG--Ross Town- »mp supervisors made two er- rors in their adopted 1964 bud- Set, kept secret until yesterday. Th» errors make the $36,026.- 31 budget, up S4.585.1T Irom Uat year, $15 short. The budget, which keeps the ttme three mill tax rate and $5 ·per capita tax, includes a $15,- 48223 balance in the bank on Jan. 7, 1964. The two errors were discov- ered in a copy of the township budget obtained by The Daily -Record from the Department of Internal Affairs in Harrisburg, 'Where it must, by law, be filed 15 days after adoption. The supervisors had refused to ·how the budget to a Daily Record reporter at an April 3 .meeting at which it was adopt- ed. " Two Errors ., The supervisors list total ad- ministration expenditures as $1,- ,194. . But a breakdown of the ex- penditures supervisors, 5234; secretary-treasurer, 5600; audi- tors, $100; advertising and print- ing, $60; premium on officials' bonds, $75 and association dues, $50 -totals only $1,119, $75 less than budgeted. No figure was budgeted for legal services. In miscellaneous expenditures the supervisors' budget shows a total of $500, When the vari ous items are added the tola comes to $590, $00 more thai budgeted. This gives a $15 shortage it the budget, A breakdown o£ the miscella neous expenditures is: Annua ·iipervisors' convention, 590; in- surance, fire, compensation casualty, and other, $500.. Errors Verified" The errors in the Vmdgot were verified by the Department of Internal Affairs yesterday, A spokesman for the dcpart- jment said that the department does not check tha budgets from townships In the state, but is merely «' depository lor them. Tfte spokesman added that the lupervisors can make a correc- tion of an error found in the budget by sending an amended copy of the budget to the de- partment. However, the amend- ed copy must clearly show where the error or errors are, Refused Inspection On April 3 the supervisors ap- proved the budget, but refused to show it to a. Dally Record Game Aide Talks At Area Banquet SAYLORSBURG -- Roy W. Trexler, supervisor of the Northeast Division of the Penh- lylvania Game Commission, last night spoke about "Farm Gome Management" at the annual din. ner of the Monroe County Soil and Water ConservatVon Dis- trict Trexler addressed a group of about 45 persons in Grecnviow Guest Farm in Saylorsburg. Walter Sebring was toast- master. District directors who attend- ed included William Baumgart- ner, A. W. Martin, Ray Alleger tnd John Price. Brother Of Area Woman Dies WILKES - BAHRE -- Homer £. Shook, 75, died Friday, April 10, in his Wilkes-Barre home. . He is survived by three sons, Bernard Shook of Baltimore, Md.; Ervin Shook In Arizona, and Richard Shook Williams of Wilkes-Barre; one sister, Mrs. Verna DePue o£ Paradise Val- ley. Funeral services and burial were held Tuesday, April 14. Burial was in Lehman Ceme- tery, near Wilkes-Barre. reporter. The Daily Record then mad Ihree unsuccessful attempts I obtain access to the budget b contacting Ally. Walter Olenlc of Stroudsburg, solicitor for th supervisors. He told The Daily Record h was unable to contact the super visors. The supervisors refused in spection of the budget by DalJy Record reporter after ha ing published in The Daily Rec ord on March 14, 21 and 28 th following notice: "The 1964 budget for Ros Township has been complete and will be available for inspec tion until March 31, 1964, at tli home of the secretary afte which it may be adoptee (Signed) Arlie W. Kresge, sec retary, Saylorsburg, RD 1." Same 3 Mill Tax III adopting the budget th' supervisors, retain from last yea Ihe same three mill real cstat tax and the $5 per capita las Most of the budgeted cxpendi tures are for maintenance construction of roads and high ways. General fund, or town ihip tax income of $15,091.01 will be spent on roads. Stat liquid fuels tax allocations to taling $18,632.30 must be spen on roads only. That is a total of $33,723 o a budget of $36,026.31 spent foi roads. A breakdown of the budget is as follows: Receipts The general fund estimated receipts including a 1963 bank balance of $6.731.86, are $17,394.- 01. A breakdown of the re ceipts show: A three mill tax on real es late assessment of $1,338,100 will raise $4,014.30, less 15 per cent uncollectable in 1964 ($602.15) for a total receipt of $3,412.15. Per capita tax receipts are 51,960. This is based on 490 taxablcs. less 20 per cent un- collectable in 1864. Back taxes include real es fate from the tax collector $250; returned real estate tax from the county, $100; per capi- ta tax, $800. County aid for 1964 Is esti- mated at ?3,500 and road en- croachment permits, $10. Also, from liquor licenses anr beverage taxes, $550; auto fines 540, and from other sources, $50, Expenditures A summary of expenditures in the general fund shows: Ad ministration, $1,194; tax collec- tion, $350; township buildings $140; contribution to firemen's relief fund, $120; highway ex- penditures from township funds only, $15,090.01, and miscella- neous, S500. A breakdown of the expendi- tures of the general fund are: Administration -- supervisors, 5234; secretary-treasurer, $600; auditors, ?100; advertising and printing, $60, and association dues and expenses, $50. Tax collection--salary, $260; postage, $50, and payment of bond premium, $40. Township buildings -- rent, 5140. Fire protect ion- c ontribution to Firemen's Relief Fund, $120. Highways, from township 'unds only--snow removal, 51,- 200; repairs of tools and ma- chinery, $2,000; construction and reconstruction, $5,000; purchase of new tools and machinery, 33,000, and maintenance and re- pairs of roads and bridges, $3,- 890.01. Miscellaneous--annual super- visor's convention, $90; insur- ance, $500. The State Liquid Fuels High- vay Aid Fund shows a balance of $8,760.37 from 1963 and esti- mates receipts from the state motor license fund grants at $9,- 8T1.D3. This Is a total of $18,- 632.30. The expenditures are snow ·emoval, from state fund only, !2,500; construction and recon- struction, $5,467.98, and main- enance and repair of roads and bridges, $10,664.32. This totals $18,632.30. First Time Ever! SAVE $£00 On HALTS Prevent Grab Grass and Save authorized dealer TRADERS HARDWARE FEED CENTER 285 WjiKlngtor. St. 4 2 1 - 3 1 3 3 E*sf Stroudsburg The Certified Correct budget certifies to Secretary of Internal Affairs, "This is to certify that the fore- going budget was prepared ac- cording to law and presented to tha Board of Township Super- visors on March 3, 1964; that said budget was published or otherwise made available for public inspection March 14, 1964; and that all financial data and other information set forth herein are complete and correct of my knowledge to the best and belief. It is signed by Arlie W. Kresge, secretary to the board, and says it was finally adopted April 3. 1963 Koss Audit Township auditors filed their 1983 audit at the county court- house after the legal March 1 deadline. A breakdown of (he township audit, filed in the office of Frank Smilh, Monroe Counly prothonotary and clerk of the courts on March 9, 1961, is as follows: Receipts--Cash in bank, Jan- uary, 1963, $9,424,19; real estate taxes, $3,199.33; real estate taxes collected from prior years, $319.10; current per capi- ta taxes, $1,751.60; per capita taxes collected from prior years. $703.50. Also, liquor licenses and bev- erage tax, $550; auto fines, 530; slate.aid, $12.484.13; county aid, 52,900; foreign fire insurance ax, 563.71; road encroachment permits, J10; dividend on com- pensation insurance, 55.53. Totals receipts were $31,441.- L4. Expenditures -- supervisors, 5216; secretary-treasurer, $485; solicitor, 5100; auditors, $70; tax collector, $250 premium on treasurer's bond, 550; premium on tax collector's bond, 513.75; office expenses, $89.93; rent, icat and light for meeting place, $130; firemen's relief fund, 563.- 71. Also, snow removal, $2,073.78; repair of tools and machinery, 354.49; construction and recon- struction of roads, 55,858.65; maintenance and repairs of roads and bridges, $5,543.30; an- nual supervisors' convention, 170; insurance, $293.78; town- ship dues, ?44; error of over* layment on 1963 duplicate, $52,- Total expenditures were $31,- i41,15, including a balance at the end of the year of $15,482.23 in he bank. Eastburg's Redevelopment Progress Commended E A S T STROUDSBURG - it appears as The Redevelopment Authority o( M o n r o e Counly and the Boroilgh of Kast Stroudsburg have been commended on the borough's redevelopment pro- gress by the acting director of urban renewal for tlie federal Housing and Home Finance Agency. Jason R. Nalhan, in n letter to East Slroudsburg M a y o r Thomas Kistler, said, upon de- ciding to go ahead with an ur- ban renewal program, Uie bor- ough moved vigorougly to de- velop its comprehensive plan- ning, codes, and other activit- ies under the workable pro- gram for community improve- ment. 1 ' The report was given to Hie uthority by King Beers, au- thority executive secretary, at meeting in East Slroudsburg yesterday. "Few communities of your size h a v e accomplished so much in so short a time. I am d e l i g h t e d and congratulate you, 1 ' Nalhan added. The meeting M-«S allomlcrt by Beers; authority members John R. I.osoine, Ally. Elmer D. [Christine anrl James Bunnoll; Alton IBuckyO Jones, relocation manager,^ and Ally. Lee Koebl- cr, a u t h o r i t y solicitor. Beers also announced the au- are going io if quite a buy their few thority start negotiating prices for homes to be bought in the Courliand Street. project sometime in May. Jones said, "A good many people in the project can't wait homes." The relocation manager re- ported he had been 'well re- ceived by the people, but I am not slopping there I am going back again antl keeping in close contact." Beers said the acquisition ap- praisals for real estate in the Courtland project are complete and he should have offering prices in a "week or ten days." Me also reported ho has ad- vised Acme Markets and the U.S. Post Office that they can rely on Aug. 1, as a target date for starting construction on their buildings. The Acme lias informed, the authority it plans id build its own store nnd it is going to lie colonial in design with land* scaping. The Acme usually has a real estale developer build its stores and then leases them. Eeers told the authority a ne\v commercial site map com- bining the Lincoln and Courl- land p r o j e c t s , , lie said Ihis should be a help in inlicins prospective developers to builil on the land. Beers reported lie lias sche- duled meetings with developers next week. The authority was also In- formed a public hearing on the Courtland Street project will be held Mny 4, in the E a s t Stroudsburg Area High School. The meeting is being sponsored County Commissioners and the _The Daily Record, The Stroiidsburgs, Pa. -- FH., April 17, County Awards CD Center Bids STROUDSBURG -- Monroe County commissioners yester- day awarded bids for equip- ment tn the emergency control center. However, they delayed awarding equipment bids '/or the probation department lintil Monday. A. Fred Trelier of Easton was warded the bid for miscellan- eous chairs and tables. His bid was $5,435.13. There were three other bid- ders, but their bids did not meet the specifications. Bid- ders were Frank 3. Haberie, Inc. oC Allentown; Steinhauer's o( Stroudsburg, and Stotz Office Equipment Co. of Easton. International Business Ma- chines of Scranton received the id for three typewriters. The )id was Sl.336.50. Stroudsburg Typewriter Co. of Stroud.sburj bid $985.50, but the bid did nol neet specifications. Stroudsburg Typewriter Co. 01 they 'get out. Right now Borough of East Stroudsburg. Obituaries Mrs. Holdorff Of S-biirgRD2 STROUDSBURG -- Mrs. 1 Laura Johnson ot Jamaica, L.I., Regina Hildorff, 88, died Wed- nesday at 5:50 p.m. in her home at Stroudsburg, RD 2. Born in Norway, she was a daughter of the late Ola£ Ped- crsen. She had lived in the area the past 20 years, before tliat she lived in New York City. She was the widow of Robert Holdorff. Mrs. Holdorff was a member of St. John's Lutheran Church in Stroudsburg. She is survived by two daugh- ters, Mrs. Lulu Christensen of Brooklyn, N. Y., and Mrs. Charles Smith of Clovis, Calif.; three sons, Norman Holdorff of Shawnce; Frank Holdorff of Brooklyn, N. Y., and Victor L. Holdorff of Slroudsburg; 34 grandchildren, 15 great-grand- children and five groat-great- grandchildren; one sister Mrs. N. Y. Services will be lieUI Saturday at 2:30 p.m. in the Daniel G. Warner Funeral Home with the Rev. William C. Leopold officiat- ing. Burial will be in the Stroudsburg Cemetery. Friends and relatives may call at the funeral home today'after 7 p.m. Rites Saturday GREENTOWN-- Private fun- eral sen-ices will be held for Dr. Reinhnrd H. Beulner Sat- urday morning at the Froy Fun- eral Home, SoulH Sterling. The Rev. Dr. Frederick Fulmer will officiate. Interment will be In Green- town Cemetery. There will be no visitation. Hospital Notes Birlh. A son to Mr. nnd Mrs. Knowles o[ Stroudsburg. Admission* Mrs. Carol Dunlap of E a s t Stroudsburg; Mrs. Joan Wescott of Crcsco; Murray stokes ot Philadelphia; Mrs. Celcstia Booth of Kast Stroudsburg; Ar- t h u r Drake of East Slroudsburg; Miss Madeleine Rockwell of Po- cono Manor Inn; Mrs. Irene Schwar of Portland; Willie Har- per of Marshals Creek; F r e d Ecker of Canadensis;-Neil Hol- land of Pen Argyl, and Dougla! Kinnish o( Slroudsburg, RD 5. Discharge* Odell Davis of Slroudsburg; Donald Kuschner of Sti-ouds- burg; Ferdinand Weisse o( Hen- ryvillo, RD 1, and Donald Smltli of Stroudsburg, RD 4. Canadensis Girl Critical EAST STROUDSBURG -- Cheryl Ecker, 7, of Canadensis remains in a critical condition at the General Hospital of Mon- roe County. The girl was Injured Wednes day at 5:30 p.m. when she was thrown from the body of her father's pickup truck when rolled over on Seese Hill Rd. Canadensis. give your family the best in heating comfort! the new Gulf liousewarming plan from W. S. PEENEY Complete peace of mind can be yours this winter wilh our Gulf Housewarming Plan. It includes all these benefits: 1. Expert Heating Service-- Your choice of service plans each performed by highly trained serv- ice men, from low-cost efficiency tune-up to comprehensive year 'round coverage. 2. Culf Solar Heat* -- The world's finest heating oil. Burns cleaner and holler to give you more usable heat in your home. 3. Low Equal M o n t h l y Pay. menls--No more peak winter bills, At no extra cost to you, we divide your estimated annual healing cost into low equal monthly payments. 4. Automatic Delivery-Wheth- er you're at home or away you al- ways have plenty of Gulf Solar Heat in reserve ready to warm your home. ' Call us today. You'll be glad you did. [Gulf] SOLAR HEAT h e a t i n g oil W. S. PEENEY Ill A INC. 421-9080 3-Convenient Plants To Serve You--Stroudsburg - Mountainhome - Bushkill Radio Dispatched Delivery Stroudsburg was awarded b i d f o r three d i c t a t i n g chines. The bid was $225 each machine. They were only bidder. Monroe Typewriter Co. or Slroudsburg was awarded the bid for an adding machine. The bid was 5172.70. O(hor bidders were Stroudsburg Typewriter the Co. ot Slroudsbhrg, 5220. and Steinhauer's of Strourisburg, for (he County Plans Inventory Of Food Rolls STriOUDSBima -- 11. nay Saunders, Monroe C o u n l y sur- plus food alniinistriuur said yes- terday the c o u n t y Is preparing to take a closer look at Ihose eligible Io receive- surplus food. lie said. "A county-wide re- registration of food applicants is planned for the May distri- bution nnd persons now eligible will be required to enler n liquid asset clause i n t o ( h e i r apiili-.'a- liofis." Sautuk'i s said set eltmse is rei| vised federal c-rnmR t h e d i s t r i b u t i o n of plus food. Under the liquid asset clause, cash on hand, in saving ac- counts, stocks and bonds and scries E savings honds must be listed. $295. D. K a t z and Sons, Ine. or Stroudsburg received the bid for an electric stove and refrig- erator. This bid (otaled S477 for the Iwo items. O t h e r bidders on the items were. A. B. \Vyc- koff of Stroudsburg, 5498; Poco- no Gas Co. of Crcsco, S494, antl Twin Cily Teieosion of Strouds- burg, 5536. Parker Oil of Strnudsburg was awarded the fuel oil bid. The bid was .H1 por gallon. I t ! was a firm bid, Pocono floating j Co. of Slroudsburg was the only other bidder. The firm's bid was .\3.\i per gallon. H. Kalz and Sons of StroiuU- b:itg received lle hid for tiiree fire extinguishers. The bid u as $170.10. There were nn other bidders. Items advertised hut didn't receive any bids were one wood r, day. They feel that they can conduct county business and b« on hand if needed during the day. The commissioners a l s o serve as Ihe county election board. The commissioners accepted a n i n v i l a t i o n from t h e C i v i l ! Air Patrol of Pennsylvania conference table, tape recorde e q u i p - the metal cols, washroom nient nnd supplies, dispensary equipment and s u p p l i e s , nnd k i t c h e n equipment unit sup- p u r - an- sur- llrnml as- j I' 1 '"' l i i i r e d under n- | Those ileins will b reyuhilion-s gov- j chn.sed. the commission mmneed. In other business, (lie com- missioners voted to hold t h e i r April 27 meeting on April 28. The reason is that T u e s d a y , April 28, is election day and Iliey must be in (be office all !o a t t e n d a demonstration at Ihe Pocono Mountain Airport in May. The demonstration will in- volve about 300 airplanes, 1.000 persons and will show the pub- lic a field medical hospital, chow hall and molnr transport setup. The commissioners approved a federal government applica- tion for payment of S.16,973.12. The amount is one half of the S73.946.24 al!iealcrl for the emergency control center in the basement of the courthouse. Pncono Mountain Joint High School's request for a voting machine for use in school elec- tions was t u r n e d clown. The commissioners said it would he u n l a w f u l to grasit the request bul Inld William Keasor, chief I'lcrli. Io advise the «rh«! a voting machine, if requested, would be sent Io (he school l a f t e r the e l e c t i o n ) for a dem- onstration. They also signed a new right-away agreement w i t h Metropolitan Edison Co. for new electric lines at Pleasant Valley Manor in KeilorsviUe, FUR STORAGE Guaranteed Protection by Burgulor Alarm · 3,000 Garment Vault · Temperature Controlled · Guaranteed Protection Against: Heat, Fire, Moths, Theft · BONDED PICK-UP DELIVERY Did 421-6741 Storage Vqult On Premises A N T H O N Y FURS, Inc. Corner 8th Main St., Stroudsburg

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