The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 14, 1932
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1932 Tex Brings' Boxing out of Mine Camp Mud, Sells It for Millions. EDITOK'S NOTE: This U the third ol * series u < si* "tirlrs which ctrenfclt the rise and fall of boxinf ilnt« the day of Jim r'itr. the first chanjpjon. BY WERNER LAUFER NBA Smke Sports Writer Two stacks of giutcrlnt t20 fold pieces In the anionnt of J30.- started the golden era of box- BL7THHV11.MO. (ARK.) COUUIEU NHWS BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufcr 1 The gold, exhibited In a window Goldfleld, Nev., in 1906, col- it the crude frame bank building Itcted interest (o the extent of so many millions 6t dollars tliat even Tex RicXard, the sports worldls greatest stacker of coin, couldn't have counted them. . Tile window display was the purse that a bonanza-glutted mining town offered for a fight between Joe Cans and Battling Nelson. -The idea was publicity that would put the crude camp of Goldfleld on the map. Rickard owned the gaudlsst saloon and gambling emporium of the many that fronted on Goldfield's icnee-deep-in-mnd main drag. Consequently he was the community's leading citizen, Tex had started life .as a cow hand. 1 Then he became a wanderer, mucking for sold in the west, and the frozen north. Though he was not nfrnid of work, he dreamed of wearing a fancy "fiddle and flut?" (his s|ang for suit), carrying. a cane and handling the gold after it had gone through the United States mint. So he became a gambler, and when the rush to relieve the gold lodes of Nevada Rot under way, Rickard was nicely ensconced in "the Northern," where rouJette, faro and other forms of gaming kept the precious metal in pleasant circulation. The out/side boxing world, with headquarters in San Francisco, heard the rumor ol Goldfield's 830,000 display of gold, an offer that outbid the then Croesus of Fisti- ana. Jim CoHroth, lor. the Nelson-Dans fight. Newspapermen were sent to investigate, and their stories from Nevada gave the world the first big ballyhoo of boxing. That fight at Nevada, Hi; first real _ prize fight that Tex Rickard ev«p— *aw,,gave him the vision, a: a new industry. When the gold frenzy at Goldficld curled in the stretch, Rickard hurrbd away to Reno: whefe he dealt in copper proper ties- and kept an eye open for another chance to cash in on boxing. That opportuniyt grew out oi the nation-wide search for a. white Jiottq . to dethrone the arrogant champion. Jack Johnson. Rickard was not long in finding a backer His calm ey e and careless drawl attracted a n angel in Reno, who put up the purse with only the reward of a couple of ringside tickets. Jeffries came out of retirement signed a guarantee of $101,000 for lib effort (o restore ring supremacy to the Caucasians and became the first "hollow shell" of the modern era. The mighty Johnson knocked him out. Rickard, soured on the right game by the loss of important paper money, went back to poker. Johnson left the counlry and tost the title to Jess Willard hi Havana » Dcmpscy came riding out of the Vvcsi on n championship drive steered by the wily Jack Kcnrns ; first and greatest of the modern "build-up" managers. Kickard saw him ftshl once and exclaimed "Thcic's my feller!" Here was t battler laiigrcd to fit the order of Showman rtickard. 'and Tex moved quicV.iv in the promotion of a bout al To'.rrio. It the greatest combination toxins has known—Showman nick- Dapper Jack Kearus and TIE $30,0001 WAS STACKED OF eoipntiD'i osu-SloM WAS fNRWDED IN'6 So .WUONSTf'AT EX/EM COULDMT UN-/E .,, SefTWk. Wo THE KiMf puce HE BOUGHT THE THE Dcm from pscy. the killer. They climbed peak to peak, striking richer and richer rrxards. The pin- ancle wag reached with (he aeconc Tujniej -Dcmpscy Relit that grossed S2.658.660. Rickard saw "nice people" ir evciiin; dnss at a ringside tha nc liad brought ui> from the mud °' Ooliincld. And. at the climax <» his career. l, c dle d the man who woulc OPEN AT NIGHT Expert Ford Repairs wrecker Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. rhonc 810-7IZ WERT HE MAKES 'EM SEE Office Over Joe Isaac's Store CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents * word lor first insertion and one ceut a «oro tot e»di »ubseg.ucnl Insertion No idvcrtlieinent lakeu lor It*. Hum 5lk. Cnuni the wordi Die i.l the. casti. Phone 300 TOU SAUJ TRUCKS FOR SALE I'OIU) T1UVK. Pi TI.II. DM :il Wlirrls: I'lisi'il fab. I.iivllsc. linns <Jcinl. A linr- :lake'hls last dollar on of a fluttering maple bled at the suggestion of a sur- seon's scalpel. "They won't, carve me with them .lilngs!" he said when an operation for acute appendicitis was ordered. And they didn't. The knife was spared .Rickard passed along and, without him, boxing swiftly succumbed to the attacks of a slck- jiess as deadly as Rickard's. NEXT: A Unk iown trouper tells his story. oungest Golfer Ever In National Amateur l- t) II1) (It MI) Cab, •ilM 1 , {Inml Tirrs, ItllllS l-'JDl. t !ILVUOI.I;T TUUCK '.rtt Call, llmly. AT i r r s,'i sr. In rirsl Class Cniull- MDII USl.ll CAIiTDH Tll;\ll.i:u ! 2!-j Ton. .ii\6 II. 1). Tiers. L!v. ny. l(i fl. Hiijy vvllll j Slil:l» fur li.iul- inB Svrd. foil liny. KU. A Heal ll;ir- Sain. Only— Tlif;c Trurks uml Our MnK'l l.'sttl Cars Al Om'c. Tcrius 'I'ti Suit PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Alilhun/rd PAGfc ftVtl UUU BOAKD1NG HOUSE ByAben Both qualified in Wash- JUC FDR New York Certain To See World Series; Break Even. Cubs The New yon; Yankees cinched the American league pennant by defeating the ClcvclimJ Inclinns Tuesday. Ti:e Yanks became certain champs when they won their 100th game of the season. The Athletics in second place cannot tie the Yanks if they win all their 12 remaining games and the Yanks lose thDir games. The National leagc champs to Iw. the Chicayo Cube, brok? even in two games with Hie New York Giants. The Cubs arc not as yet certain winners but what they lack of being that way is little. Tr.e Yankees beat the Indians 9 lo 3 al Cleveland. Pipgras went Ihe rente for the Yanks, holdiny Cleveland to eight hits while the Yankee baiters combed the otT^rings of Brown and Connally lor 10 blows. The Yanks continued their record of consecutive games in whicr. they have scored one or more runs ! which includes H3 gam?s this year- and 200 counlinjj back into last | season. The Chicago While Sox beat ihe Washington ijeiyuors and Iviltedjji Ihe Senators winning streak at nine! games. The scon: was 4 to 1. The j While Sox scored all four runs in I I!ill >' the third inning. The Uy NBA Service ] links. ! BALTIMORE. Md.-Golf writcis; lt: B ion for the Natiotinl Amateur.' I could, and probably will, pound seldom can r. i;olf professional lout reams of copy about Billy I boast of having three of his j Eeltwelller. M. of Washington, who ] pupils tiunlify for the simon-pure, .is one cf ihe 107 stars la play [c'lampionship cvcul. So Al Trc- | in the National Amateur at Five j iler. Miinor Club pro. can bi- pnr- ji'arms. j (ioned for throwing onl his chest. j Besides being a really rcsnaik-i He has develope;! not only Delt- : able player for his asc. Billy fijj-l welllcr and NCL-, but Hnrry put, •«res in several situations unique, "uolhcr youngster who Ihc 'as far as ihis tournament is con- \ W'ldl? Attiimic chanipioiibliip in j ccrned. - I 1528 . allrt qunlificd easily for the ; Billy is ihc younsest eolfer ever! Ki 'i? , Filr '» s l°"™menl. I to compete in the National Ani. DettweiUer has been ,o:, 1 golf only four years. Ills score to dale is 70. j Stage frighi is likely lo be j llu mosl serious hazard to l:e i facod by the youthful jinr. now-1 ever, there is n possibility thai' youth will be an nssct. Billy hasn't reached Ihc stnye where a bad sl:ot worries him for (he: ivrt of the round. Hilly knows liuk- of the turlcs of Ihe fame. He 0 try every tip given him Tieder has shc«u FOH HALE-Honsehold fuvhliiuo C.\ll 83U. Op-kl 1 FOH SALE—15 milch cows urn heifers. Stnnton A. Pcp|)cr, Hull man. Ark. row FOR RUNT — Unfurnished aparl- mctu, M.uii sliecl, oJie fio::i biiijiiKWj diblvict. 13unun Dru foil KENT—Fiirnbhcd ."ipartment. s^!5 u monlh. Thomas Land Co. Mc-klti vii'- I FOR SAIlE ' Uscl1 Dllrnllt best i * hmv ' wl " Lrallc for ll ° 85 ' Dcc ". WANTED reliable man to take and deliver orders In Bly- thevillc. Earnings average $25 weekly to start. Tr.iining given. Write JJ. K. Walking Company, 70-58 W. mys-jlowa Ave.. Memphis, Tcnn. 14pkl5 .' LOST:—yclloiv Persian ):it(eii, half grown, reward lor relurll lo Mrs. OUo Kochlilzky, 1111 West Ash. in. AI. LOST ANi> C.OUM) how 1U; make the various show, and liu knows no others. Billy liasn'l learned how haid the game oin- ! be, and naliirally Uausn't lighten' FOR"RENT - Unfnmisliril apart""'" He tough spots. '.ment. Ingram Apartments. Ill- He weighs only 125 pounds ai-.d; nllirc i» a rkhur5'. Co. 13C-K19 •stands a ICL-I 9 inches. He Ims'- a weil-iiroovcd suing, with u !os:;.i 1'KKSQN Al.S folion-lhrough tlial hci]:> ; gut 1 . SECOND HAND FURNITURE See Us First R. J. Dodson Ml-JM E. roused suflicicnlly to count one run , In the ninth. Gaston was the win- ] ning and McAfee the losing pilch- cr. Tl'e St. Louis Browns teat the Boston Kcd Sox with Bump lladley hurling five-hit ball. The Browns go!, lo four Sox hurlers for 12 hits and scored seven runs in the first tfirce innings. The final score was 9 to 4. Campbell o[ the Browns and Johnson of the Red Sox hit for the circuit. The cnbs beat the Giants 3 to 1 with Charlie Koot pitching ihe first game of a double header but lost an 11-iiinlng nightcap witn L;n Warneko in the losing role an:! Schumacher the winner. Root held the GianU to four hits in the opening contest, winning a mound dticl from Herman B:II. who held iSc Cnbs to five blows. Warneke was trying for. his 22nd victory in the second game. The Hroofclyn Dodgers defeated the St. Louis Cards twice at Brooklyn. The scores were G to 5 and 3 to 1. Quinti and Thur.ston were the winning pitchers and Haines and Dean tire losers. The Boston Braves fceat, the Pitt=burgh Pirates 3 lo 0 at Boston Ei Brandt held the Hues (o six scattered hits and blanked lh=ni "wills ea=e. liomcr in ihe sixth was the first run of the game. B;r- ger added another in r,:y eighth' j after a teammale had singled. ' j | The Phillies trimmed the Cnicin- I "at! Reds 7 to 1 al Philadelphia New York .. I'hiladeiup.ia j Clevelanj Detroit .:.... Si. Liais ... i Chicago i Boacu I : Chicago Pittsburgh .. Dtltwciller at 11, he's | Brooklyn ... RcnatDn! lnrcc "'eel's younger than nobby 1 Philadelphia 105 . 87 . 85 . 70 . 08 . 59 . 4-1 .llOJ .SG! 40 101 Jones Mas nhcn he brcke B olt <n 10916. tciir. being three uceks tlian Bobby Jcncs was on the cccn.<lon of his rfcliiit In 1916 at Merlon. Georgetown Prep al;o sets a precedent this year, for both Deltweillcr and Maurice Nee, 17. are itudcnls cf high standini 1 into j Boston I New York .. : St. Louis younger, Cincinnati on """ 84 84 7<i . 12 72 05 C5 The PhiL, p:undeJ Lucas, the Rrd j ace, for nine lilts and made l.:cm i coiinl. KSein go!, i'is 26th homer. Cincinimi loaded HID bis^s in the ninth but failed to score, in cla.«s and losv scoring on the TODAY'S GAMES Anirrrcan League Philadelphia at 3i. I.:nLs. . New Yoik .it Cilicngo. Bo.ston ai Clcvolanci. V/osii:ngiO]i al DclroU. St. Louis al DraDklyn. Piltfbi:rgh al B-jscon. Cir.cinn.i:i at Philadelphia. Chicago at S:w York. FRKCKLES AND HIS FIUKNDS RAW OS. K!0 RAIM, t '/}> S&TTA GO OVER, AUD ;i FIHD OUT VJMAT ^_ P5ARS ABOUT POODLE .'.' \NHE\V» THAT'S RAW, IF ASK GH-WHiWfHlS? Uf.VA\—MV PoOL IN CONSOLIDATED IS ( -I MUST \ TO ffliLL 6000 \ To OFFSET A NOBOW kN0W5 , SAMV BEEN AND S'NOI )ND HfcCE UKE A PONK6Y „ . . ... — ALWAYS ASKING S -^75,000-^110,000- / AT "W£ DESK 'lN A ;^ i • i A L t ,^_— s\ ' <T n L. t tc^f-^ V* \t/ r ~)\f* C. OUT WITH A '. MID "BANJO, AND START SELLING AN INDIAN CURE-ALL/ ( FOR ANY CABLE ND HKU HUDDIKS 0\D EM006H TO DETECT SVOWW i CWtRVXtMD WASH TUUBS SHUCKS. 1 IT'LL STOP, Now THAT I'M v INS1PE... \ S'O IT V.'OWT... IT'S THE OF A THAT'LL LAST ALL DAY.' •^^s 1VE.SEEM POSTCARDS OP IT !! THOSE THE/ HAVE DOW IN PANAMA " "$M I CUSTOM HATCHING — Beginning 1 Sept. Ulh. Baby Chicks, Oct. 3rd. Marilyn Hatchery, mylhevillc. CC-KTF WASXINC: OKDKU O. L. Mnlzenicii; Fiiiini; ienich; T. J. Crowder. Trusioc; . L. Rus.-:ll. Kirchman-Cro.sljy j ,iany; ll:,ii:i Kl.-clrlc company IIIKI ' Radio Bales c-.mpauy nic warned lo ajipcar in the Chancery Court :' or llle Cbi^k.isawta DLV.rict ol ! Mississippi C'liiiity. Arkansas, wiih- ' in thirty di-s. to answer thD cnin- • faint cf resples Building A: Loan | A.^socjation. ! D.ilcd ilm 2-lin day of August. '932. II. L. GAINES. Clerk Uy Eli/abeth Blytiie, 1). C. Hcid. Evi;iKi & Henderson - Atlorncy^ ix I'lainiifl. 8-24-31 [| w.utxi.vr; i CHAXCKRY COURT, ClirCKA- i SAWUA DISTRICT. M1SSIHSII'- PI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. J. A. C.iiroIJ. E'l'iinliu j vs. ,Vo. 5328 i Ansta E. C.irroli,! : Tho {iclci-Jaiit. Aiiala K. Carroll. ' is uanind to apjK'ar wiilitn tf.irt;, : tlays in :he court uarne<l in ' caption heioff mul annicr t!-.c complaint of :lic plaintilT. J. A. Ca-.-o'.l. . IJ.-it.-d ,1- 13- 1932 i R. L OAINES. Clerk I Dy E!i?abfih B'y;hp. D. C. j Ivy W. Crjwford, Ally Art Litcm. I H-21-28-5

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