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The Times Recorder from Zanesville, Ohio • 4

Zanesville, Ohio
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Caught In The Squeeze June 4, IMS The Essence Of The Problem Pv CEORGESOKOTKY 1 The Times Recorder THE ZAXESVTU.t PUBLISHING COMPANI A IU publican Ntwiptptr 34 South fourta Stmt Phone 4Sa 0RVI1XE a UTTICK. Gwril Mantgw CLAY LITTICK. BusImm Unjer VALLE COTTER. City Editor JOE RATHBUN. News Editor SubterlpUon rttct by carrier.

WMk 30c; by nan (pty able to advance) la Ohio. I weeks 11.00. 13 week VI 00. I month M.0O, one yr fT.SO. Outilde Ohio tretke $1.25.

ill months $7.50. one year 115.00. Spcdai Service Mtn'a rate; it montha $4.00, one year $7.5 (traniferred anywhere, anytime). ward Hitler. It appeared In China in the Students Movement and in Japan in the upsurge of nationalistic imperialism.

Youth reaches for the stars and when the traditional ideals seem to fade away, they seek unorthodox ideals. Youth cannot live without faith and sacrifice. Therefore, so many turn to new gods and when they discover that the new gods are only clay monkeys, they may return to the faiths of their fathers. And for some, such as Alger Hiss, it may' even be too late. "Values had broken down.

This is a real fact. There weren't any values, and the Communist Party seemed to be at a place that had the values. Its people were the most dedicated. It worked the hardest, and it was interested in cultural movements. It was interested In anything you were interested in.

Therefore, you felt this was the only place you could possibly go." This was so true in many countries after World War I. It was what turned Italian youth toward Mussolini and German youth to NATIONAL ADVERTISINO-Joha W. Cullen Company. New York. Oilcefo, Oeveland and Cincinnati.

Entered At Serena data Matter Jury 1890 at the Poit Office at ZanetvlUe. Ohio Under the Act of Marco 1 1379. Positive Approach Bv RAY TUCKER Ties That Bind 4 If "normalcy" such an abused WASHINGTON had not become and misunderstood word in American Domical thinking because of Those "positive programs" promised by Presidentelect Eisenhower on his return from Korea last December, and which were to "induce" the Reds to try for peace, seem as remote as ever. This year's off-again on-again peace talks, featuring a succession of windy "proposals' on the original stumbling-block of prisoner repatriation, have lost whatever luster of hope the earlier editions might have had. And as the shooting and bombing went on, and frontline positions changed hands and men went on bleeding and dying, the Administration In Washington marked time because Sir Winston Churchill was busy in London getting Elizabeth II crowned Queen of what remains of Britain.

Meantime a delegation of South Korean assemblymen met with Lieut. General William Henry Harrison at the UN truce camp to protest the latest proposal as a "surrender" and indicating that South Korea would withdraw from the talks rather than accept such terms. From Seoul came reports that President Singhman Rhee'i Government would continue the war to unify Korea if the UN failed them. And in a speech in his home-town, Senator Robert A. Taft declared: "I believe we might as well forget the United Nations as far as the Korean War is concerned.

I think we should do our best now to negotiate this truce, and if we fail, then let England and our other allies know that we are withdrawing from all further peace negotiations in Korea. gion in Industrial history. Chrysler has also agreed because it could not stand a strike while rivals are in full production. United States Steel may have reached an agreement on a new contract before this column appears. The Fairless-Grace-Taylor interests led in moves for labor peace in New Deal days, and it is unthinkable that they would do anything to embarrass a Republican regime.

These politico-economic deals have had beneficent, collateral effects. They have helped to dispel organized labor's incipient distrust of the administration's Industrial, farm and monetary policies. More Importantly, these new contracts, should not be inflationary. They should keep prices at the present level, for they simply incorporate existing cost-of-living payments into the permanent scale. Finally, even the supreme court seems to have a more serene mood.

Although it has many controversial cases on the docket, and will adjourn soon for the summer, it has, as of today, deferred decisions on many major, disturbing causes. It has decreed in favor of an "era of calm," which is what poor Harding meant by A Couple Of Miserly 'Liberals' It took a man from Hollywood, Robert Rossen, to state a case concisely and sharply. In sworn testimony before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, he said; I don't think, after two years of thinking, that any one individual can even indulge himself in the luxury of individual morality or pit it against what I feel today very strongly is the security and safety of this nation. "This is a government, a democracy of laws and not of men; and the law says that this Congress or this committee of this Congress has a right to inquire into matters affecting the security of this Unit-td States of America. "It's my duty and my right to appear here today, after much thinking, and give you whatever information I have In 1951, this same Robert Ros-sen took refuge under the Fifth Amendment.

He merely stated then that he was no longer a Communist, but he would go no further. However, he reached a point in his relations with his own country and with his conscienbe that left him no alternative but to straighten himself out. Sometimes it is very tough for a man to tell all that he knows. Sometimes it is even harder for a man to give names of colleagues or to denounce what he himself did or what he did in common with others. Often it involves the deepest emotions, pride, personal loyalty, even generosity.

Of this Rossen said in colloquy: "Mr. Tavenncr. The committee may like to know why you have changed your mind about that. "Mr. Rossen.

Well, arriving at a decision like this takes a long time. I'd like to sort of compare it to arriving at a decision to leaving the Communist Party. That takes a long time To arrive at the decision which makes me come here today took me several years." Rossen's testimony is the most integrated and the most informative of any that has come from the Hollywood group. This man has a philosophic mind and is capable of profound analysis. At one point, 'he pictures a young man who believed, that his world had fallen apart:" I felt that I was looking for new horizons, a new kind of society, something I could believe in and become a part of, something in well, in a sense I felt I wanted to attach myself to history; I wanted to be a part of that historical movement, and it seemed to me at the time the Communist Party offered, as far as I was concerned, the only way which that could be effective." We all wonder why so many smart young men turned to this movement.

Rossen was not merely asking for clearance. He was explaining he was telling: "Mr. Clardy. Isn't that one of the reasons why we are afflicted as we are today, because there is not that drive that should come from the inner man to load us into religion? "Mr. Rossen.

Well, I don't know. I think you can find it in many different ways, and certainly anything that tends toward the realization of the inner man, on any level is a good thing; but certainly in the days that I can remember I think most of the intellectual life of the country was, in a sense, anti-religious, or atheist r.i By WESTBROOK PEGLER Up And Down The Main Stem the Harding stigma, it would describe precisely the conditions which President Eisenhower and his top advisers seek to create and preserve for their first year of responsibility. Although it constitutes a radical break from inaugural promises, it represents a positive rather than a negative approach from their viewpoint. It marks an end to "government by crisis," as the 1933-53 period was so frequently characterized. Prospective and public spending, in the official estimate, will maintain the present level of economic activity through 1955, at least.

This conclusion, which is based on a recent review of business and industrial factors, differs from earlier beliefs that there might be a recession next year. That specter has now disap eared. But his comfortable situation could be affected adversely, if there was any abrupt or violent shift in legislative or administrative action simply for action's sake. In short, the new slogan at Washington is "Don't rock the boat or change course too quickly!" This philosophy lies behind the plan to recess or adjourn congress In late July with a minimum of new or provocative legislation. It is probable that the legislators will merely pass the necessary money bills, extend the Reciprocal Trade Agreement for one year and renew the Excess Profits Act.

Both taxes and tariff will undergo an intensive twelve-month study. No explosive legislation in the economic or social field will be enacted. Barring unexpected bipartisan revolts, there will be no revision of Taft-Hartley, no extension of social security coverage, no other welfare no attempt to tamper with the present agricultural arrangements. Secretary George M. Humphrey may slow down his movement to boost interest rates on federal issues, while he observes the results of his first deflationary trial runs.

If prices and wages remain fairly stable, so will he. In fact, it was his suggestion that the ship of state drop anchor for a while. Wall Street friends of Eisenhower's "millionaire cabinet" deserve an assist for underwriting the era of comparative calm at Washington. Their amicable and prompt settlement of wage disputes has removed from the national battleground several issues which ranged the "economic royalists" against D. R.

and Truman. The "members of well-fed clubs" now cooperate rather than feud with the White House. Defense Secretary Charles E. Wilson's former firm, General Motors, fixed the 1953-54 pay envelope pattern in first acceding to the demands of Walter Reuther's automobile workers. Henry Ford, 2nd, an Ike admirer, improved on G.

model with the largest pen- By Bud Harsh money-lust delude him into expectations which, a few hours later, crashed with a tinkle of shattered ideals. The boss-almoner of the first New Deal topped Bubblehead by only 25 cents and with a final, mocking leer at my friend's distress at Henry's benevolence, was off and away. My friend drew the leader's car on a couple of trips to Hyde Park and his tip was uniformly $2.50 each way from the fuehrer and usually, nothing from the others in the circle who would be either family or bleeding-hearts and thus, as we know, unwilling to degrade the colored people by largesse when opportunity was what they craved. On some of those excursions the car would lie up for three or four days and my friend finally had to signify in terms incapable of any other meaning that he could' not afford to waste his time on that nickel-bender back at the rear end. Newspaper men, photographers, even radio pundits, who run heavily to wisdom and thus, inevitably, to thrift, he would gladly serve in the hyena car where they made hideous sounds far into the night and, once, threw a package of firecrackers into the shoe-box of a drawing room which had been preempted by Norman Davis, the old Roosevelt retainer and house-pet who was dead-heading It up to Berchtcsgaden-on-Hudson to promote himself a $25,000 job as president of the Red Cross.

Newspaper men, photographers and even some radio philosophers observed a uniform rate of a dollar apiece, each way. With a normal complement of 20, my friend could scratch a living, although lay-overs thinned him out, even so. My friend agrees with me that the term "liberal" has become a mockery and it is his further divination that the Repubicans were driven to an unwonted lavishness by the painful reiteration of the word "greed" as a synonym for their lofty principles. I am more than half persuaded to this view because Anna Roosevelt bitterly complained of a similar phenomenon in her life after that rat, or, as her father preferred to call him, that Slimy Snake, Pegler, had nick-named her husband, John Boettiger, Fumble John and founded in the public mind the low canard that, in Chicago, where John had been a reporter, a nickel was called a Boettiger. As one who holds in a certain awe men who are able to control their generosity, I have studied many of them from the late Char, lie Ebbetts, owner of the Dodgers, on through Roosevelt, his wife, the boys, Wallace, Ickes and Boettiger.

And on the basis of personal acquaintance I can affirm that Fumble John was most conserva-tive. All I did in Fumble John's case was give the man credit, but Anna said these comments pricked something in his psyche and moved him to extravagance, "That rat," she is reported to have said, "has cost us $1,000 in extra tips!" THE NATIONAL Safety Council predicted 240 traffic deaths over the Memorial holiday. The. nation's drivers lived up to all expectations: 241 persons died in highway mishaps. That proves something or another about ourselves as drivers.

And it ain't good. SCIENTISTS have figured out that man occupied the famed Carlsbad caverns of New Mexico some 4,000 years ago. Archeolo-gists have labelled that hardy race the Basket Makers. When the A-Bombs and the H-Bombs drive the present day civilization back into the caves we suppose future archeologists wil refer to us as Casket Takers. HARRY METZ of 402-F Indiana street and the missus saw the Memorial Day classic at Indianapolis.

On the way home they noticed a racing car in the truck ahead. It was the sleek mouse gray machine which Bill Vukovich piloted to win the 500-mile grind. NOW THAT THE coronation Is over London can settle down to business again borrowing a couple of quid now and then. Zsa Zsa Is GaGa Over Rubi By EARL WILSON T. A fellow I know used to work on will divide Korea If w-e once make th.s present Pullmans and got sorne assign.

teuce no matter what we- put in the agreement about ftat fa or cdebritYhas. further negotiations for united Korea, it is no more likely er woud deem very to occur than a united Germany." gs Franklin D. Roosevelt quite a Two days later at his White House press conference, ew and Bubblehead Wallace President Eisenhower emphatically disagreed with the and Harold Ickes. Senator. He said that no single nation can live alone jy friend, a colored man, is in the world, as it is today that we have got to a stand-pat Republican, the more have friends tied to us some way or another.

go gince that time back around 1935 He said he intended himself to lead the American when, at the end of a political in-people in the direction he believed would bring free-world spection trip of about 10 days, Bub-unity and peace. blehead handed him 50 cents and We presume this will happen after the Bermuda meet- Ickes topped that by only two-bits, lug, or after the Kremlin meeting after the Bermuda He is, in fact, a reactionary, meeting. As to the possibility of "going it alone," we They wandered all over the dust-think it is significant that impovershed, demolished little bowl this trip, stretching the bor-South Korea prefers to die alone rather than live with ders of the bowl to embrace county "friends" who have let her down. seats where Moose-Jaw thought Die natives needed a dose of that "You know, and I know" routine rpV "MI 1 and Bubbles and Ickes each had a I lie WillCe V-Qt drawing room, both in the same car, at government expense, of A Communist agitator rode into a city park, and, after course, leaning his bicycle against the railing, mounted a soap Bubbles and Ickes were scuffling box and addressed the crowd. over the Bureau of Forestry, one "If your family Is hungry," he shouted, "Raid a shop trying to take st away from the and take food for them, and don't care what anybody says.

ther but 1 don'1 rSh0y remember If your wife hasn't a coat, take the best fur coat you can fom whom and neither does my friend, and it isn worth the see, and ignore the consequences. 1 bother of looking up. Alter several more minutes in th.s type of talk, he Th wn watchjng cach otner dismounted from the soap box, and his next words were: wjth morbid iuspicion all the way -Where's the scoundrel who. took my bicycle?" because all those noble friends of First Rookie-Do you know that my sergeant talks to the. common man had a covetous, hiTiselP and I am inconsolable to have to add, even a larcenous instinct in Second Ditto-So does mine, but he doesnt know It such matters and would puU a He thinks someone is listening.

wt rom umJer a brother in the sacred bond of democracy with the rapscallion glee of a blue-jaw Ask The Times Recorder the flassics thf4 ro- A mder can eet th. an.we, to an, oc fact hVl IZ irrlung Th. Zanetviiie. Time. Recorder Information Bureau, or louse-opera on the Old weste.n tsu Eye street NW.

Waihlngtoo S. O. Pleaae encloae three wheel They had coppered one an- eenu tor return pc-tage. MM Q. Is it necessary to have a heavy car to pull a boss in his private car, which in trailer? M.

D. Y. those days was just a family voi- A. While a light car will pull a surprisingly heavy ture, giving way, however, to a trailer, during long trips a heavy car, with its added Hitlerized job. stabUity, power and flexibility, greatly reduces the strain This rolling fortress is now the of driving official White House car, and a commentary on the attitude of the Q.

How much steel is there in the Eiffel Tower? How Roosevelt-Truman administrations many rivets? R. H. toward the people who were sup- A. This Parisian landmark contains 16 million pounds Psed to love their leaders. So of steel It has 2'i million rivets.

much of 0,6 PWnla discharged by both of these mounte- Q. What is the life span of a canary? D. W. T. banks dealt with fear, as in the A.

Canaries have been known to live many years when fear of fear and the meaningless cared for properly. According to authentic records, two cliche. freedom from fear, that birds hatched in the same brood and kept entirely separated lhey lalked themselves into a per- aftr they left the nest, lived for 18 years, dying within P1 1uakin2 funk. surround- few weeks of each other. Other records show canaries fd, themselves with ranks of gun toters in mufti and uniform and, living to 34 year, of age.

in RooseveIt-, case wiln a apecial regiment of foot, all six feet tall Happy And HOPPV -Wallace' dropped off somewhere in Iowa and Ickes, having out-last-A new booklet of stories and poems for little children, ed him, flipped his keister over in Read these stories aloud to them-they will be delighted Illinois but whether the little mis-with the quaint characters, Happy and Hoppy and their er got in the last and decisive word friends of the animal world. The poems are whimsical with Roosevelt I am afraid you will gems. These Btories -are original and were written to have to ask someone who makes a bring a world of fantasy closer to the little ones. Make speciality of those "not many peo-your children happy with "Happy and Hoppy." Order a know 11 but insiders are laugh-copy now-25 cents, ing-" paragraphs. At any rate, Ickes was laughing Uc 11)14 CwJpon on that last stretch of his taunting The Zanesville Times Recorder my friend about his morose and Information Bureau, brooding frame of mind over that 1200 Eye N.

four-bit piece for fetching and do-Washington 5, D. jnj over so many miles of hot and I enclose 25 cents In coin (carefully wrapped in paper) Eolng in the dead of sum-for a copy of the new booklet HAPPY AND HOPPY. r. Mr- Ickes' character, though it had jelled at birth into the near- est human approach to that of a fjame scorpion, was not yet as well known and widely abhorred as it came to be when the news broke Street or RR that he had charged off as deduc- tible expenses of his rich wife's Qty estate, to which he was sole lega- tee, the cost of her shroud and the modest posies which he sent in tok- State en of his grief. (Mail to Washington, D.

My friend let his Republican Believe It Or Not By RIPLEY Cabin that she's only going to the Coronation to pay a curtsy call on the Queen. "NO DOUBT ABOUT IT," says Vincent Lopez, "bebop is deaf-eningly here" That's earl, brother. SrA jacobus Ut 'DOOLY St Louis. Mo. mi it irvi i HI; fVERVCrY SOWARS WAIT-A-BIT Russian Pilot To Go Home BELGRADE, Yougoslavia, i.T) The official Belgrade radio said today a Russian pilot who bailed out of his flaming plane over northern Yugoslavia May 19 has been handed over to the Soviet embassy for repatriation.

The broadcast said the action was taken at the request of the pilot identified as Lt. Roman Bondarenko after a meeting be-tween foreign office officials and representatives of the Soviet At the time of the crash the official Yugoslav news agency Tan-jug quoted Bondarenko as saying he was flying off course and lost at about 20,000 feet when he discovered his engine afire and jumped about 14 miles north of Zagreb. He said he was serving with the Soviet Air Force in Austria's Russian zone. SHRUa South Affva HAS THORNS SHAPED LIKE FISH-HOOKS "What does George tell other people about you and Rubi?" I asked. "He just says, 'Oh, she'll get over said Zsa Zsa.

THE 'MIDNIGHT EARL IN NEW YORK Hypnotist Ralph Slater says Henry Morgan threw glasses and tried to punch him after they swapped insults on Henry's radio show Dr. Bruno Furst, the memory expert who was operated on, insisted on a surgeon who'd taken his memory course. Two male members of The Versailles show are feudin' over curtain calls Singer Marguerite Piazza, opening in Las Vegas, was told, "Please wear only strapless gowns" Danny Kaye was at Lindy's with dancer Gwen Verdon. Toots Shor was an unbilled and unpaid actor on the Jackie Gleason show Saturday A Lexington Av. Jeweler carries this sign: "Cuckoo Clocks Psychoanalyzed" Three record companies are trying to sign Janis Paige.

EARL'S PEARLS Many a stenographer feels she isn't getting along well when her boss compliments her on nothing but her work. WISH I'D SAID TILVT: "A psychiatrist is a man who doesn't have to worry, as long as other people do." II. G. Kutcheson, Augusta, Kans. TODAY'S BEST LAUGH: Geor-gia Sothern complained about a $100 medical bill after a week's Illness.

"In the old days," she said, "you could have been sick a year for that." Taffy Tuttle insisted at Majors PARIS The uninhibited Zsa Zsa Gabor doesn't care who knows that she and her husband, George Sanders, have quarreled because there's another man In her life, Porfirio RAibirosa. I met her at a party here with the handsome ex-husband of Doris Duke. "Where's George?" I asked, though maybe I shouldn't have. "Oh, the poor darling finished a picture with Rosejlini and had to go back to Hollywood," she answered. "He was tired." "Of what?" "Maybe marriage." She shrugged eloquently as she drew back the top of her shocking pink Ceil Chapman dress.

"George hears about Rubi and me and sends me angry vires and phon calls. Tell me, what do they say at New York about my scandal?" I said they were shocked. "Do they think I am another Ingrid Bergman?" She didn't look displeased at the prospect. "George should do something about me!" she added. "He should do something forceful." On the other hand, she thought George was being unreasonable to be critical of her because, she said, he had a romance or two in Rome while she was in Hollywood, before she came to Europe to "vork on a film." "Do you think you will go back together?" "Probably." She explained that In two weeks the comes back to New York with Fernandel, the great French actor, to complete their movie, and that she then goes to Hollywood.

i li lioys-ifffj of Bedfordshire, England WAS MARRIED 58 MONTHS AND A WIDOW FOR EXACTLY1 58 YEARS THB ISLAND OF CYCLOPS near Catania, Sicily This isle shaped likh a ONE-rrto chant- WSPIRED HOMER STORY OF BtySSSS'DKVUHTTR WITH THt CYCLOPS Bible Thought Civilization demands just balances. Divine sanction thousands of years ago helped to establish just weights and measures. A just weight and balance are the Lords. Prov. 16:11.

Explanation of Cartoon On this Island of the Cyclops, near Catania, Sicily, Ulysses had hii epic adventure with the Cyclops (a one-eyed giant). The idea may have been suggested to Homer by the sight of this island which rises out of the sea like a monster head. Where the eye would be there is a single large round hole through which the daylight shines from side to side. TOMORROW: Two Holcs-In-Onc On The Same Hole!.

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