News Herald from Port Clinton, Ohio on April 12, 1974 · 12
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News Herald from Port Clinton, Ohio · 12

Port Clinton, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, April 12, 1974
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s ; ; 5 :t -i :t -i :i X 'i V 1 u 'I : 3 s A J y ii "s -8 T "J "c :6 "e :t F : 12 News Herald, Port Clinton, Ohio Friday, April12, 1974 Jottings off the cuff ' Easter fun time for youth and adult with egg hunts Of RAY G. SPERBER News-Herald News Editor Easter is a very important religious event, but it's fun time for the kiddies, and adults, too, when all cooperate in Easter Egg hunts. Half the fun of Easter for children is hunting Easter eggs and sharing or trading their prize finds. It's rather a messy job, but dyeing the eggs is almost as much fun for the adults. . Years ago it was mandatory that each wife and each child have a new Easter outfit, but fortunately for our wallets, that tradition has gone the way of the one-horse shay. With the cost of living today, most of us couldn't afford to purchase a pair of sox. . We're no artist when it comes to decorating eggs, so we just boil the multi-colored eggs our hens deposit in the nests and let it go at that. Our old Boston Terrier, Princess, is crazy about hard boiled eggs and she could care less if they're plain or decorated. Duck and goose eggs are in demand right now for really special Easter eggs. Only the shells are used, as the yolks and whites are blown out. Mrs. Waldo Henderlich uses goose eggs for her beautifully decorated eggs and Mary Southwood and Millie Warnke use duck eggs. Some of the prettiest artificial Easter Eggs are Connie Schmitt's sugar eggs. They are really made with frosting and are hardened in half shells. Connie made a marsh scene, complete with cattails, in the bottom half of our large egg, and then the top half is put in place and the seam is covered with frosting. Tiny ducklings and cattails decorate the top shell. You look in the end opening and wonder how the interior scene was completed. Mighty different are the Ukrainian pysanky eggs. They are raw and are never eaten. The beautifully decorated eggs are kept from year to year as home decorations and as protection from lightning or fire. Friends exchange pysanky eggs to commemorate Christ's teachings of peace and love. Designs on the pysanky eggs are symbolic. Love is shown as a rose, a triangle represents the Holy Trinity, and prosperity is a reindeer. Each color on pysanky eggs is applied separately, then covered with wax. Finally the entire egg is covered with a thin coating of shellac or varnish. Stores handling Ukrainian produce offer psyanky kits with instruction pamphlets so you can try your luck at the time consuming task. JOT Roger Carpenter, B-C-S Industrial Arts teacher, recently was elected to the Ohio Industrial Arts Association board. Ironically, Carpenter campaigned against his own election. Which proves he's a better teacher than a politician. JOT Lakeside's 101st season opens June 22 with some mighty fine programs planned for Hoover Auditorium. West Ohio Conference will be held June 9-14 and East Ohio Conference June 17-21 before the gates are closed. Among the "really big" programs are Singing Angels, June 22; The Music Man, July 5-6, Seaway Chapter Sweet Adelines, July 9; Victor Borge, July 20; Nashville Brass with Danny Davis, August 2 and Patrice Munsel, August 23. JOT Prince Pepon declares that at least 50 per cent of area residents would contribute to defense of the Ohio National Guardsmen indicted in the Kent U. shootings, and he's willing to put a fund container in his Urb's Cafe. Vi Mack, Marblehead, also agreed heartily with R. ' - ; ."5 v -' ? v ' ; ft , - J ft T JL I . . ii nit- - . Ii' J1 " -1 SENIORS AND VETERANS NATIONAL GUARD The Guard belongs. For One Weekend Pr Month Would You Like To: EARN EXTRA MONEY? HELP YOUR COMMUNITY? LEARN A SKILL OR TRADE? HAVE A CHANCE TO BECOME A LEADER? The 213th Heavy Equipment Maintenance Co. has openings for interested men and women, AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY OUTFIT I For mora Information (III out coupon and raturn to: J C.W. 4 Richard Walker 2 1 3th Heavy Equipment Maintenance Co. 135 W.Perry St., Port Clinton, Ohio 43452 I Name Age I Address ' '. ! City State. Phone. our remarks in support of the guardsmen in last week's column. JOT Thanks to Jack Mahler, . Rosemary Callin, Lou Campbell and others for letters to this column during the week. Some of the pictures will have to wait for publication later, but we're mighty happy to have them. JOT Bernice Keller tells us she has an original painting of "The Detroit" yacht and that it hung for years in their Woner's Greenhouse office. Built at Matthews Co. plant here, the Detroit was the first engine powered yacht to cross the Atlantic. JOT We almost ran out of gas Monday while chasing flood stories and pictures. Now we're all for a decentralization of filling stations as most of Port Clinton's are on Perry Street and you couldn't get to them Monday due to the flood. Our car was coughing from exhaustion when we finally reached Paul's Gulf station and obtained a refill. Paul's is at East Perry and Maple, but it was able to stay open during the flooding. JOT Oak Harbor's Walt Rodenhauser and Bill Cross remain in fifth places in doubles handicap with 1,381 in the 70th annual Ohio State bowling tournament now underway in Columbus. Dennis Damron and Jim Johnson of Plain City are leaders with 1,400. JOT Myrtle Carpenter sent one of our columns to Pennsylvania relatives recently, and these relatives belong to a discussion group in their city. They used our column as a contemporary discussion topic. Should we feel angry or honored? JOT Our pictures today were loaned to us by Harvey Barnholt and they are proof that big fish once were caught in Lake Erie off Port Clinton. Harvey's father, the late R. A. (Rollie) Barnholt is the man wearing the , bow tie. We have been unable to ascertain the identity of the other man in the pictures. Both fish are sturgeon and the one the two men are holding weighed 92 pounds. The bigger sturgeon measured over eight feet in length and weighed 146 pounds. Commercial fishermen not too long ago hauled in numerous sturgeon, and their eggs brought high prices for conversion to caviar. JOT Columnists get some unusual calls from readers. One phoned the other day and wanted to know how to trap a skunk, which has been sucking duck and goose eggs. When we ascertained he meant the four-legged variety, we advised finding the skunk's den and setting a trap at the entrance. JOT Opening this month in Massillon is Spring Hill, an historic homestead administered by the Massillon Museum Foundation. Built in 1821 by Thomas and Charity Rotch, the founders of the town of Kendall, now part of Massillon, the home has undergone a partial restoration. Located on Wales Road, N.E., the home is open to visitors by writing to the Massillon Museum, 212 Lincoln Way E., Massillon, Ohio, 44646. JOT Big attraction now at Jim Stevens's "Catnip Hill" on Catawba is "Ginger" and her filly colt, which was foaled Wednesday morning. Ginger's baby is first of several foals expected at Catnip Hill this Spring. JOT In the Ottawa County Museum in City Hall is a big banner which Port Clinton Boy Scout Troop No. 1 carried on its historic 300-mile auto trip through Ohio in the summer of 1917. Ninety scouts and 26 drivers made "the trip in 23 autos and three trucks. Methodist minister Rev. N. W. Robertson was scoutmaster and Harry Wideman was band leader. The trip was memorable as autos and trucks were few and far between in 1917. The banner was presented to the scout troop by Port Clinton Business Men's Association. Perhaps you didn't know that Port Clinton had one of the first boy scout troops in the nation. JOT "Speerisms" are specialties of Ottawa County Bar Association meetings and they're products of Attorney Richard Speer. The witty barrister the other day told a fellow lawyer: "When I saw that gleam in your eye, I thought you were getting intelligent, then I realized it was sunlight from that hole in your head." JOT Our "incredible reader" writes that she's allergic to food, she breaks out in fat. She recommends Carob, a special candy which is ideal for teenagers allergic to chocolate. This reader bemoans the high prices of acorn squashes. Accustomed to paying 30 cents each, she was shocked at a price tag of $1.09. JOT Fremont Oil restaurant cook Kitty Laffey is off to southern California for a month's vacation and visit with relatives . . . Great Lakes cruises will return this summer with the Stella Maris beginning week-long cruises from Chicago to Montreal May 11 through October. Ports of call will be Holland, vs.- DISCOVER HOW EASY IT IS TO INSTALL AN flrmtrong Ceiling We'll show you how, to install an Armstrong Ceiling. It's one ot the easiest home improvements you can make, and so economical when you do it yourself. Oak Harbor 898-2241 Lakeside 798-2091 Genoa 855-8304 mm m m 1 iy'i Xv.".v.V it o I ' - . ', P --Sm .,i .1 1.1 n ,if iirm. IIIii..u.,.i....Iii,..i,m.iI... ' '-TZIZ f;-'H 'y: V::. i- Michigan, Mackinac Island, Detroit, Niagara Falls and Toronto. JOT DOWN ON THE FARM . . . During the heighth of Monday's flood, we were hunting eggs in the auxiliary chicken coop when we almost lost a couple fingers. ! -We had not turned on the light and the coop was very dark. One of the hens always lays in the darkest corner," and we had started to bend over and check the nest for eggs when something moved. It was a muskrat which had crawled into the coop and was giving birth to her babies. She was curled around an egg, but we didn't argue with the muskrat over possession of that egg . . . Smoky's kittens now are at the playful stage. As usual, the smallest kitten is the . trouble maker. She is a typical Pollyanna, always getting herself in hot water ... We don't have to hide our Easter Eggs as the hens do that for us. One of the hens is getting up in the world, she lays her eggs in the coop attic . . . Eleanor Durr tells us that if Maude rubs against a cat, the electricity so generated will ward off the mare's arthritis. We have a dozen cats so we'll see if the remedy works. Claude tries to give Maude mud baths and that does nothing for her beauty and less for her ailment . . . When the flood came Monday, Uncle Fud accused Aunt Mud of causing the high water because we were forcing her to bathe in the river. The rescue squad refused to rescue Mud when she sank the duck boat, as her weight would be too much for the squad's truck ... the garden is all ready for the planting, but the weather still leaves much to be desired. Potatoes were planted St. Patrick's Day, along with the peas, but other seeds remain packaged . . . Must get another ham down from the barn rafters for Easter Sunday dinner or we'll all eat crow . . . DOWN ON THE FARM. Bigger potato crop expected WASHINGTON (AP) -Consumers may see some relief in potato prices in a few months if farmers harvest as large a spring crop as the Agriculture Department expects. Spring potato output was estimated Wednesday at 22.7 million 100-lb bags, up seven per cent from 1973, as of April 1 indications. DISGUSTED With Politics As It Is Today GETTING Fearful of Big Government WORRIED About the future of America? So are the members of the AMERICAN PARTY. That is why the AMERICAN PARTY was formed, v it stands for good old fashioned Americanism. If you want to help yourself,' America, and the AMERICAN PARTY contact: . EARL KING American Party Chairman for Ottawa County 307 Erie Beach Rd. Lakeside-Marblehead. O. 43440 Ph. (419)-798-1415 A GOOD ! NEIGHBOR OF YOURS l i See him for ell your family insurance needs, r ,M ffttM Si V 'J Ken McAfee '230 West Third St. , . PORT CLINTON Phone 734-2715 liki good neighbor, Saw Firm is then. State Farm Insurance Companies Home Offices: Bloomington, Illinois (Daird - . f - r Save fuel . . . save money! IT'S SPRING-INTO-SAVINGS TIME AT . . . TRI-M0T0R SALES, INC. Rt. 1 9 South, Oak Harbor, Ohio OFFER APPLIES TO FORD MOTOR COMPANY PASSENGER CARS - - . it SHOCK ABSORBER SPECIAL-FOUR SHOCKS 5 DISCOUNT VALIDATION AREA Includes four Motoreraft Shock Absorbers. Ask about our special on two shock absorbers. Not applicable to Capri and Cortina models. A4onufocurer' Suggested List Price $56.20 Shock Absorber Special 4 Shocks. . .... Labor Your Special Price $28.10 $ 9.00 $37.10 Dot Owntr Signature Repair Order Number Authorized Dealership Signature Thii price subject to applicable state and local taxes. 2 r4r4 QFFER EXPIRES JUNE 30. 1974 tvrw K ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft mm . ... ft 50 DISCOUNT ENGINE TUNE-UP PARTS SPECIAL Includes spark plugs, point lit, condenser, PCV valvo and full filter. Sites and fouti, slightly lass, Econolinis slightly higher. Manufacturer's Suggeifect list Price $23.70 ingine luni-up ram ipicial ill 85 $16.95 Labor. Tour Spec ial Prict . , VALIDATION AREA $2S.t0 Owntr Signature Repair Order Number Authorized Dealership Signature This price lubject re applicable state and locol tones. -ft ft 5 unrrirn onrniii .1(1 DISCOUNT Itplocemont of tincll mulller. TailDioe. brockets and rlomni an included in the total spiciol price, the special ports price is for mast full-sizi Ford and Mercury applications. Small cars slightly less, luxury cars slightly higher. Manufacturer'! Suggested list Price $21,70 Mulller Special jjq gj lobar, Tailpipe), trackers t Clamps S17.6S Tour Speciol Price $2150 VALIDATION AREA Dale Owner Signature Repair Order Number Authorized Dealership Signature This price subject to applicable elate and local taxes. , OFFER EXPIRES JUNE 30. 1974 OFFER EXPIRES JUNE 30. 1974 50 MStONtYT AIR & OIL FILTER PARTS SPECIAL Includes Air Filter and Oil Filter with purchase if oil change and S quarts of oil Faur-iuirt capacity cors slightly less. Manufacturer's Suggested list Price $.'0 Air 1 Oil Filter farts Speciol j 495 labor and S Quarts el Oil $ 7.00 Tour Speciol Price $11.95 VALIDATION AREA Dale Owner Signature Repair Order Number Authorised Dealership Signature This price subject to applicable state and local taxes. ii it 11 50 DISC BRAKE tout PARTS SPECIAL leplaciment of front disc shoes and lining issemblies including hardware. Parts price applies to most full-size) Ford, Mercury and luiury cars. Other cars era less. Manufacturer's Suggested list Price $2110 Disc Iraki Parts Speciol . .-. $14.5$ trior $11.70 Tour Spacial Prici $27.25 VALIDATION AREA Dote Owner Signature Repair Order Number Authorized Dealership Signature This price subtest to opplicable state and local toes. , OFFER EXPIRES JUNE 30, 1974 OFFER EXPIRES JUNE 30, 1974 ft $ $ Interested in I LUMBER COMPANY 1 ' we jot SOM ileoj.! MeePe'eiMl,eNlekJeejieM i.twi . ! e 0j ,m,, , a, , lt, 1 ., 11 n 1 ,

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