The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 14, 1932
Page 4
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S*iL!OUB- BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS COUPIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS ^ 0. (I iMBCOCK, Edllor H. W. gAINES, Advertising Maniger fete National Advertising RcurcsenUUvcs: ^rk*n*2 Dallies, inc., New York, Ch:cago, »tro!t, St. Louli, Dallas, Kansas Oily, Litile Every Afternoon Sunday. Entered tt secona class mailer at the nost onlcc at Blytlieville, Arkansas, under act of Congress October 9. 1917 Strved by me United press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the city of Blythevllle I6o per week or J6.50 per year In adraucc. By mall within a radius of 60 miles, $300 iwr year, »1.SO tor six months, 85c for three months; by mail In postal zones two to six. inclusive, W.M per year, In zones seven nnd einlit $1000 per ye/ir, imyabio In advance. Puirdl's Hands Are Free. If Justin Matthews luul sincerely desired to smooth (he way r or reorganization of (ho slate highway department hy J. M. Fulrell hu would have withheld his resignation as a member of Ihc highway commission until Judge I-'utrell became governor. In submitting his resignation .Mr. Matthews said thai he look (his action wit!) the assurance thai Governor Parnell would appoint to the place anyone recommended by .Judge Kn- troll. Bui Kntrcll very properly refused to accept (he (-expansibility Cor a Parnell appointment, and the governor proceeded to appoint a man who, while endorsed by certain Kutrell supporters in south Arkansas, Is not the choice of the nominee for governor. There have been obvious cll'ori.s on the part of Governor 1'arnell ami members of his organization Ui lie themselves' in with Ihe appi-oaehiiig Futrcll lulriiimslraUon. Presumably Judge Futrell is indebted lo Parnell for a good many votes in lust month's primary, but the alliance which produced them was not' sought by IMI- trell and he need not regard himself as under obligation because of them. Wisely he is refusing to fall in'with efforts to make his administration appear merely a continuation of the present regime. He will go into office wilh his Imiuls free fo carry out his announced-program, and thai i.s as it should bo. . ; . ; If he doesn't want John Hiii-kell as' a member of his highway commission wo have no doubt he will liud a means of getting rid of him, jusl as lie will with respect (o other members of the commission whom he has already de-scribed as unsatisfactory to him' Noi Sokm$ the Difficulty The brief summary of Governor Roosevelt's Topcka speech available as this i.s written indicates (hat (he • Democratic presidential candidate has adopted as his farm relief program something not fundamentally different from the long-argued equalization fee plan. He would maintain an artificially high domestic price for such commodities as cotton, wheat ami tobacco, of which this country produces an exp'iirl- al)lc surplus, and ihcn levy a IVe OUT OUR WAY against diiil piui <,f i| lu •-'old in Uie domi'slu- markol It) the reluni (o i!,r JII-IJI|II<.-CKS uf sold (ibrnad in tin- bwcr world How Midi ;s jihin can lio matte to , operate on a pim-ly uiluiiliiry :is tin; j.'ovoniur dcniiimls, i.s a litllt (link-nil tn umliTstiiml, mid it is i'i|iuil- I.V Iliil'd (u sec Innv nji)i|i|;iint l>y olliul' countries .-t^iins! Aiin'riran "diiitiphif;" i.S (O lit' nv-llilll'tl. |,||| |Ui*--jli]y ;| f»ln- plolc .sliitcim-nl <>|' (]»: governor's pro- ifi-iim will answer lliusc iiiitstions. Iji any civcnl. bnvivvn-, it i.s mil, in our jml|<iiH-nl, tin- .suliilion 'of Hit: fill-in ]irolil(!in tli;ii will li<-sl inoul Uui "l-als of |li ( . sniiilii'Mi coltnn K r,,\nr. \Vli;il the aitltin jiruiliin'i- wants >-, not IJuncJHs to u'ivi 1 liiin niiialily willi lai 1 'fl' |>rolcdi><l (luiiK-stii- industries, ImL lower- production rusts to I'lialjli! him to ciiniixils; ])i-olil:,li|y with t'oivimi pru- (lliec'i-s of cotton. The land' system is American col I on jumlucers to ng.-iiiihiiii ••i in'Kli .slaiidiinl uf living and at (In: •saiiiu lime kec']> dmvn l'ureij,'ii compi;- tiliou in world iiiarlid--, and Mr. Uooso- vi'll's plan is nut K ,,- Ml r t( , so | Vt , t |,. a dilTicidiv. ies Aim at Super, nteilec or EUROPE, f <S SREEN BEFORE NEtLOW AFTER.. Which Is Ihc Bed Level? \Vliwi Gcnnany's ]ilu;i for e<|iiality in annainents wilh other nations comes »P for considerafion, it ,nighl ( n l, c remembered thai [here arc two ways '» "'liicj h such wpialily could be obtained. K<|iiaiily can he obiaitied ir (Jer- niiiiiy iiK-reases her forces lo Hie level of lliose of of her iialiinis; or it can bo obtained by cutting the forces of oiber nations lo the luvel of Germany's present establishment. Adopting the first alternative would simply mean a new armament race— Jiml \re have enough of that right now without adding a ,, ew coiiiiielilor. 'I'akiiig the second plan would re- , liuve the world of fiini-muiis expenses ' anil would bring world armaments down lo within sensible limits. If Germany is to have pliably, there can be little doubt about the liest way in which it should be obtained. I liellevc It irriwnl of the IDlii umcr.dnicni ) Is belter il, n ,i ti, c hyiBaisy of ihc jm-snit,.,,,. but I rlnn-t Ihi.ik it will briiy the iniltenniiiiu or prospcr:iy ovcrn:jjhj. ' —Noiman Thomas. Socialist candidate' fur pic*- idenl. « » » The tnr.d at veterans- legislation is toward thc creation ot privileged Uass. —LI-DII .Mi»!r;;in Phillip.-, iiiTsldeiii. of ihc National Cuuncil uf Women. » * * Air racing is like hay lever; it (nips up when the M-iuni, is r i s m. -ji, m:i ie U;:1) i it i; : .. cliuinplun SIKTC! liver. * * * The principal reason v.-hy llvo icdn-.i: (; ov- nnmcnl wa:; sivcn exclusive jiirisiliclicn over the cainlal city was to i-nublc il la j::,\x ; 'ive ord'T at thc n-a! ot got eminent ami p-.:!ei-i thr Cffii-ircss and other public officials <:.:;•. mi- lawlu! initrftreiicc-.—Allomey General MHrhcll. By WilliamB ,, AS BAD AS HE IS,FOR T AM DIM' THERE Mac than 11)0 ;i|j])llc[il!ons would linu- a siwcinl c!;i itial number only seven, two M-ienlisIs studying means diy|c's acLunipllsh more in .: developing MIO -super-Intellect/' ii, « rol 'i )s »r by wonting alone. Here *«*£ ^-j^ 1 ?^^*^*™ " iodto *•-• •<•"- -• «* » ™<i A.c,,tt, , 5 , welner, Ark, Jame,' Allen Kortotsri^,' ,"• """'"^ '" ' QcorBe W ' York Clty. At rfcht is ,, aral d Finlev. ,, no" Mentor a n Yf!! '' WiU """ DiUttttn StC " C ' !5 ' >" ««„«, college. Two of th, selected seven had" J^'^f^TI"''"" "*" SJD£GLANCES By George Clark "Your father and ( have dcddetl von mnv be-in irivin.r ur oun men * your young men friends a CHURCH EXCUSES ' Gtorjte W. Barbara: Soon after t married j ; - a nd jrouaht him into our family, he I Aluikcr have hecn win; might called "fi loudly cneini il lately. They have V?en enough lo cal al tho saim- tai' though Mother has ohej: e.\- icsfcd the wish lhat slie could have a small table in h? r loom md have her meals bioiui:- in. if l. aprccil to conic in our chinch, si,would have objcclert to him com'»!.' inlo our family. She says n u ., that ir ^ had of used a h'.tle . co,mr.oiis:nse I might have known •""- ! thnt a mnii who had such notions ns h c has about taptism woiild be hard to get along with. When I called her attention (o Hie faci lhat Jo? and I had never had anv trouble fhe said that iva., because chnngcs (hat ar c serious (o icaUh nnd [|fe. n, on the oth- « ha,,d, it fails lo act as long as '- should it produces a different' tilie of chaiif:' 1 . ' If the gland continues lo 'ecrc beyond ihe ii :i ie when it shou luive stopped, the pei-son has SKln that is nl:. smooth and yc vc.y, a norl o! pachcs-atid-cre'ai i complexion, if H is a man he ma not shave at all or perhaps on] once a week. Such patients a; Dear younger than (heir rtgc Th hair over the body will be s'cantj the teeth rather b!utsh-whlte color and noi uniform in size o development. Such patients 'also five likely lo have a low bloo pressure, n slow pnlse< and to \x easily [aligned. Incidentally. Ur. Timtne be !«s that iwcple whose thymu action ]jcrsists have a change, mental mak?uu. remaining child IIKC, sclf-cenioied. simple in the! mental • processes and imitative looking for protection and csre and more or irss imlitted for the active affairs of life. In contrast lo (hose in whom the action of the thynius gland persists for a:i undue length o time are those in whom the action discontinues tou «on. Such cases apparently grow old a little loo soon. They u-,. short h, s[alvl r c (heir body hair develops imusiialh early and is lliitk. Thc blood p-cs- snrc is usually ;oo high, such patients are. moreover, precocious, easily aroused lo anger and re scnlful. Although they sopin far advanced while still y om ,g thpj never seem lo mature completely The pineal gland i s a tiny glan- (iiiinr body in (he skull "at one lime thought to be Ihc rcmnaui of an extra eye. When this giana material is fed to - tadpoles thcj rapidly change their color. One investigator fnund that rcmova of the gland in animals resulted In a rapid growth and development of the six organs. Moreover thc early breaking down of till: gland Is associated with great f a- ligne and inability of proper action in the muscles. There seems to ue no question but that all of the glands are v c _ lated and that tome of thc functions of this ylai-.d may be taker over by others antl some of it; functions modified by others. TOMOKHOW: Your t liyrni, S''Tld . . . how i( dffccls vnur vitality and y 0 , lr m i n( ; ancl '„,.; even acriiiini for the siic ami slispc of your hotly. I __. SEAMOU5E IS A WORM/ ,. r 00y DIVIDED INFO 43 SESMtNTi- AKO IS- COVERED wir« A THICK cow OF HAIR. WOMEN WFAR, 6ou«uers- ON THEIR. BACKS: of cent"' Celebes ri^s^r*s!i~H»:"s?Cir CrOllOlll . -•--.- • "'''I his! and that would arty training nnd inilc.-.s he had \ they all came In . church all right if ittle Known Glands Rule Action of Mind and Body V HV lilt. SIOHH1S .ililor. .Inirnal uf nip .unrriexn ' r f t ] 1( , «ia, Hir Health' JIa( : i," np '" | " h( ,"jf rroin time lo lime in these'down. :lumi!5 anic!?k have apy.-.ired 'f.r.: Ihe elands of intenia] se- I'lion and cniphasi?lns ihrir im)H;ir.c: for the health cf thr r ? itew time v 3 r "^ ^ rut- fust period U lhat *"* * vch) l'"-f"t. the '"" riort of development ' "">f ' S ^"«"^ «"<> ," 1 ' Of rcprodi'caicr. an,1 !!ie l« r iod o! breaking Dmi.-ic the Historic Landmark Faces Demolition SALEM. Mass. tUPl— With -i new federal building under Obstruction in this historic old \\'::-j- City, the SaJem Ciislom Ho;.--e -i landmark dating back to Cobnia 1 days, faces !he riar.ger cf ci:::ioli- t:on at the hands of uiiron-.antlc building \vreckeri. folk ;he eov.-::mi»iu .i»iu ll fell thc Ciislom House :•> i---> r 'ly lor a nominal sum. so i- T :iv he i)rc-Ecrvcd. For sever,-,: \ .^ N.ithanici llaivthornc «orkr<l 'v.i:ii'-' in the sinicture. which Is a«.--v 't- f il in various ways with his -o-]r" ; fi Letter." . .... first period of growth llnmus glntid and a small j T\ V j" ; *'"~ »' OLn l hi !hc brain calltd the pin- ,r; 7rl» 8"">1s have been cal Rhnrt have special functions. -•orac cour^liu n-" of' 1 ;' H 1 ' 0 ^°''<"^iod «"« «x ..UI.UL lonirojinj n.Ob. ot • glar.ds arc especially aclive with lunct.ons of the body. ; associated acMons by the thyroid I M various periods in human- pllimry and the adrenals. In the • e. as pointed out by Dr. Waller I thlrrt period there Is a gradual dc-; rnnme. they exercise sprclflc ! crea?;. if not stopping of the ac- ! -.:i-.:nom H« divides the hfc of.tivity of all of thc glands. I i,- mmjan being into ihree pc- j The thymns gland in man is| i n '.,'-- .- • ll . 1 x '° : ' ar fi<' during Hie fn-st eight or '.. .. ,'.\'' rl [ 1: .''; • Vl ' : .-'- f - no <" lo • nir.e months of life and then' n:d ficsencaiion to cor.Hdevjble aiuotitits of its s- : cir- •tior. into the body it brings abom, Sweet' Cream Utiflcr 2oc Lb. Bennett's Pasteurized Milk 10c Qt. Delivered I'honc.74 Unitarian Hutterniilk lac (}i. n« In dirndl Sunday ch •ons B rc applied to the back of UK- far!, , ' ^ K ° ta ' people perform skull Opcration5 , AJIEKICANS I'USII FORWAltD On Sept. 14, 1018, American troops north of St. Mthicl repulsed heavy German counter-attacks and nush- crt on for an additional gnin of from tiro to three miles on a 35-mlte IroiU. Guns from the fortress, of Metz "i-cre brought into action by the Germans in an effort to,stop the American advance, v.-h'ich was threatening the railroad/ Jscri as a .- of Maissemy and , u - positlons in a day of hard French troops continued their drive, taking the P l a i ca u east of Vauxaillcn and the-ridge northwest of Cclles-sur-Aisne. . ' The government,of Auslria-Hun- eary uivited al! belligerent nation to enter into non-binding discussions with a view to .ending m c , - Neu. •H - charlcs teyi-ls : set out t "<1 his farm ofTattlesnakcs. Tfio "rat day of the ':>yar,"--he killea nine snakes, andl tljc second, 19 u.i taj ioT SAVE 30 Model A Ford SERVICE SPECIAL ALL THIS FOR ONLY $2.00 adjust Tost, c!c«:, ant) stiark plug., Hono or replace ami ail- just igVuion lircakor points Adjust i/nitinn timing £lcan fuel Knc§ and sediment bull) Overhaul, clean and adjust rarlmrclor Adjust fan belt Tighten hose connection! Tighten cylinder- held Imlls • Tighten inlet and exhaust manifold and conneo* lions Focus head Umps Check and adjuat geneMt- lor charging ratr ChcckbatterjrandfiHwMi « CAKIJON.AXI) GRIND VAI.VBS ffO.i A) whon (irdcrcd with S2 Special $0 CHASSIS MJJmiCATIO.V (Model when ordered with $2.00 Special A) 75' ?« «J ,- CS v ar ' nce of a " operations listed above h- » 3 ' ,° u «« vc S2 ; 25 by taki "K advantage of (his Ifargain Offer. (All prices for labor onfy.) PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. I'himc 811 - sin - 777,

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