The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on May 8, 1947 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 8, 1947
Page 1
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•~?1 ^"•••••••••i^^^^n^HIS WEEK AL DEPT IOWA .TG • 19 In IS"^'"^"''""'"" ^" fer-r»--'- fe tttrWM! lffi»£?2S, ™ st olrfce last THE A ^^^ij^^^^^ssnsTin; "' --_„_ Harold Davidson of iF n, da ***, be «* Aiding court m m-wooa t,,,, weefc I Kansas city. --- •• — largely due to tak n^ ader edlt ° r>9 pMt P ollc r of »King tne papers to Hastings «« er printing ThnrsdaV afternoon 2L ? J JV.. Dd le ' rln * tfi em nn- Sfn^f d K 6beplckedtt P thon «t £ » °? M r the ""tings office. So w« shall take them to the Has- mu .. When the bos came Into town !«! reWlaf bn « rt «P PtrtK , J»«M»Wfi, a possible two ,»„,„„, _„. • and costs were gns- Pended and the driver and his paawmger. were happy over the K^TET Whlch ^ feTt Mr" Brewer had accorded them. * n««eh»nle for the Burlington ? a ?V,° Wn WUh another b « *»d c5nttn r l refh , !eft * lth hl8 l0 ** "o continue his run. The damaged th?f *« tOWed tato 0»ahaTtfr that afternoon. The light frost that blanketed vicinity SfSSll ""TIMS D»r Set for trial OL „.„, 1», is the case of the AI Baptist Home Missionary Society IK, u ." ett f McNa "£hton et al. which Involves the win O f th« ± A?"' ?T le P ° 8t " f Emer! son. Also to be tried May 19 is the suit of John Dean vs. Woodle -„ - ' ""»v morning but climbed back up to 64 degrees during the afternoon. aeKrees Special Service* Con,, memorating the Day Will be Presented Mothers everywhere win be honored Sunday - — — —v*»F«*I\JLIlJ bus had been incapacl tor another bus, published last 2SS»!r«oiJBi WEDDING MAY 4 wh«r . ,"• Adolph ^n" 1 " where extensive evergreen foun- dat on plantings add much charm to their home, and the home of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Qoy where a number of conical evergreens add points of Interest to the landscaping of their new lawn. FARM BUREAU GROUP DISCUSSES ADDITIONAL FINANCES YpURWPOPPY $ii«Wi»« Member, e Meeting Tuesday Evening nilThe . need 'or additional B; nances to carry on a sound and adequate program for farmers In Mills county was discusEed at o- meeting held Tuesday evening in the Community building in Mai- vern The meeting was attended . vs. Elmer is litigation re-—«, from an accident at th« county farm • e Thursday _ -,, Friday L...', " Saturday _ 84 Sunday -_."_!"" 73 Monday g, Tuesday ___"_ ~2~I~ 68 Wednesday I"~ $4 JJo;E"«imc?oETTiNa BACK TO NORMAL "The comnanv u „„.., happy low 60 49 43 50 40 41 35 Say. the merry month of vn,,'n f ° r l *° ° r more Mlll8*conntr >oung people 8g genlor9 , th county's eight high school, pre- P»re for the end of their public school career*. This year the crop Is well np to past standards. While observ- •« of the nation's school been viewing with have of th of th .«,,.,, 1|s Mother's e L*r organliatlons are assist- te "tlon - pastors to present an out- P 0 "' tribute to the mothers selr « Iy to with ed to leave these salaries from has kept equally i m . '« roll- •taklng formals that . Hossle home anniversary 8un- afternoon and evening- HOH w and Mr8 ' Smlth we| -e married May c * ^«- . •*• Rogers and Mrs. Qmiti ~u~ — ""> "iienaea. Smith hag a piece of her 11 n tf *!*>!.,. _• p n » w • or 60 years ago, Turn * urncr T «>. uuwrenc er Betty Ann Brown v s . „„„„,„ C Fisher B T M>e FiS ' ler V8- John Robert Huddelson. 6 S ° n V8> the other hand, only one of . V-K.U H.LCU tGlp- service," Russell J ley. president of the Northwt OmalT Tele ""° n0 C °" «'- women and For eve «T fortunate American n * W ^° ., com P Iote s his secondary *o. f5 ho °" n « "" Waduatlon .ewoT .... '« one fraught»wlth excitement . _ *. unn ft Innen *•« »T«I . .. of Our Mother B/J nnH t . t. e ' naa Purchas- wat a hLv rnlS . hed - Mr ' Smlth ™ 8 In m^i er -'° r U S - R °blnson 89? th«v 0d f ° r 10 years ' J « 1899 they moved to Malvern and Frances to OU In tho end pay t..^ insisted fronT IIIU lily UlSpUto 1)6 FGBolV— here in our territory," TH . t , / \ MtR K»H reJlof Is nsked in a no tltlon against two Silver City de' enndants . O- B. and Grace o. S D mS a ^ r.'. E -. - »e 8 sle U. Sehultz; duet' Kram. . Betty Jo Mow- This inpn»«VT"' . ; - emotl8 ; announce- a Hst Th? )ht ' nIcdlctlon and doxoloBy ^d th, Hie Junior rhni r of t , ," h '~ of tl , n "•»"""„ """ P r e»lded over by B. F. Bufflngton, county Farm Bureau president. The ei »tlre membership was ^» win DO i*oppy Day In years, Th« " RmiVh ^ - n and throughout the daughter Mrs n.nS » have ono baU x&fs'ss'ss £r-»» --sv-» «- mon. «nit of the American ll ' Auxiliary, announced today. Mr - and Mrs. Smith have al 1 '"at day everyone will be w * v * *""•" --"-• • <JtiM>Ji . 1-Mv.ii^u liHOUgll unrt T'" bar * n!nln s negotiations and conciliation came after as surancea by the union to Cover- nor Youngdahl of Minnesota that bar«i«i re ° and '"dependent .rnfn v" g B ? e f'' Wo »»"»< Oov- eommencoment pro- Tho Leader 'he graduates activities Mnlvern opened their grams. — continuing the present Program, pushing it to its fullest «3S T0hfe ^ avored ' a 'Bo. the II. curing O f<a youth assistant to help expand the 4-H and other young peoples programs. County finances was presented by John H. Lonestreet. county extension director. The group dls- cussed how the finances could be used to better serve farmers In the county in the future John Clough, representative of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, discussed relationship of the to"? Y ' 8tate and natlonal or ean- - wtlve in community Smith wlll _„ _ ~— «•«> Council Biuff« S r ° WD8 . w «"> the visiting team Meanwhile, extensive work Is be- flf^^I 16 on tne Bremen's athletic L eW ;L hed !l^ daha « b -ngrad- after a better e ab ° Ut a Cement." H«'^FS E?§!Hlil iHs^I^^ the EMPRESS TO SNOW TNE JOLSON STORY ThfrslT; May^S, ^- -"""* theater here ' ~ v _—__„_ .OID.UUB, weir families and the families of the dead "Volunteers from the Auxiliary and young women's groups of the city will distribute the nowers on the streets throughout the day! • M / 8 ' Mae Wolfe, poppy chairman of the Auxiliary, will be in general charge. Plans are being made to cover the city completely so that everyone will have an opportunity to honor the war dead and aid the living victims of the two conflicts. "The Saturday before Memorial Day has been observed as Poppy Day in all parts of the country for many years," said Mrs. Krogman in announcing the HI? i 'k' 8 year's observance. Poppies have been worn in memory of the war dead ever since the close of World war I Jl°L.. a I. e ,. r . ep " C8s * the wild »• W9 iu lUO in^ «° around the school build- been a e M« a8 h ° n ° red as hav '^ Deen a Mason 60 years by the Olenwood lodge. He also holds a C ^ a « C a^f ker 8 ^ d optlclan "»•»«- cate and a certificate on a patent. f . Mr8 ' , Sm 'th is a past matron of the Malvern Order of the East- ot tl. ? » and ha8 been P"»«dent of the Baptist kenslr.gton Rando^h ^\ D gUeSts were '">» «andolph, Tabor. Red Oak Glen wood and Malvern. •e A ra C n rd i n f , tO Mr ' Hopley ' the erall cost to the company resulting from the wage ••• amounts to about $4 6 nually, of which OR DAINEDlLOEFlH IMPRESSIVE SERVICE o »>»WWVUDU aua seec P° rary Bleachers will be installed n, BM y 18> Sherltt Robt - *• Moore nln/T ° f the O'enwood Indel Pnen tt n ^.TJr klD8 " ac »ve Part Miss operator, frnn, Vn """ ' ttlB IHSt Week ' r ° m ., a " we ««B' vacation In Ho- Han« \ ^ 8WaU - Her 8l8ter - MISS "ew to ,h 8COU> ° f Council Blu «» thev VI B ? e /f tt8t t0 meet her a »d .nYb Si 8d » -, Medf ° rd ' Ore - El- 22 with M,=~ »7i'" ""'""-'• President of the Malvern Trust & savings bank as speaker. Chas. C. Clark isjuiperintendent. Marie — •"**** »*j*»i mty - pay are fair to all con- tC "" ed a »d not unreasonable In their effect on the rates custom- airLv 0 :'- 16 - 1 " 1011686 " 106 -^ service" oTuZ Mrank E d'e, Charles Ellison, Rose lowing com ~" ° n ' Swndar " foN 'Prelda H 1 R - obert IPra « ler » local Presbyterian W church *" th6 ^onard Hedlund^p'hynfl'Ho^f' •The ordination service'follow- ST' Lols Jon ^- Jerry Leh!nan" rZ?s?ftf£££ fts tss. rr-- a ": ?. u _ nt r Clw * 13 The Malvern Trust & Savings ri»« J tU be closed a11 day Tuesday, May 13, to enable the em- SSKL^-i^ttt^up in Atlantic The company sincerely anm-e- ± M "» P ub »«'- tolerance' . nd understanding during the last f. 6 " 7 ek8 '" Mr. Hopley said ""Lr_ deepl >' re eret any ml Those participating i n the til we"' °n rdlnttti0n and '"ta»a- a^K-iS.^n.x & sib^ jai -f 5 ssis-----" 18 Baccalaureate services for .^ffsrasrvs! torlum May lg , wl(h Rey ; « ua j time by Fo n , tne local theater. Larry Parks plays Al Jolson and is co-starred with Iowa's own t»velyn Keyes. The Jolson Story is a film bio«- raphy of A 1 T -'— •• • Iowa last week end, going Burlington and Iowa ' r<it,, Particularly enjoye? a " the Amana colonies. REDEMPTToVs TOP E BONO SALES Mills countlans get back to regular operations just as possible." of -_ HMr -. a1nd Mrs. Gerald Wilcox and Clyde Hartley visited at the nf th u " " -° ""icers hospital with Mrs. Clyde Bartlev in the , ch1urch «' the annual meet- aaturday^ght. ><le "^^ °/ 0 the "ngregatton held on brusku governor of well known as Gradual nvf they have come to symbolize , M ^' memory for those who died in J ° yed any part of the world. Mrs. Noah Stogdill dn- "" 41 - dinner triumphs on the Broadway stage and in motion pictures, climaxed by hjs appearance In the first film to contain dialogue. "The Jazz l " Mr. and Mrs. family, Mr. aurtaTM.r r .i government bond's during March, according to ures released this week by the ' or U. S. savings shops throughout the country , - «•«»« on The disabled men take special '?*£;, Mr - «"d Mrs. Pride in making the flowers to | towsd J" and family, Mr. honor their fallen comrades and 5? bert Sto «diU of the work is valuable to them as 31^ Pcarl Alison Stogdill and Mrs. Thomas Mrs. -_-_ Larry Parks, Evelyn Keyes. William Demarest, Bill Goodwin, Ludwlg Donath, Scotty Appreciation secnett and Is produced by Sidney Skolsky. bonds while totalled too, were me county. For the state as a sales figures of U. bonds set an all-time since the program was back '- - Card of Thank* I wish to thauk the friends - --, — lovely ,, , — flowers and the visits they paid me during my stay at the hospital, They were deeply appreciated. Thauk you. 48-1. Mra. Clyde Bartley. We wish to thank all those who sent cards, gifts and flowers and to all who called on our 50th anniversary, u was a very happy occasion and one that will be IOUK 45-1. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Smith Ma,Jv«rttUms are taking advant- !*! °* * *0-mr opportunity to wfttch a wajp* construction pro- Wet these day* u the eyes of tho ««»*?* 4ar « «»* oa the worker* ww Installing th« new town w»- towwr ° a t0<> Ol Jt * 100 " foot tliue aiuilaler work w«* WM b«ck l»o« when t ftfl u. n .rj k r*:* * t w fe <^ woHtaiiy ***** ££ W4tk W ^ M th * *«»*» Sf 4 ^ »*» »^»*t WMl w*lfe» by l *» tlUtk 4&4 ylflp 4 Flrs t step was to remove the °W '«»k mid tuey »tarte4 at ouce «« ^ia, t*klug ott the top piece by P'««« »ttd lowcrlug the old iron to the ftouBd, below. They will then b "»d up the uew tank, piece by —_—_ haudllng the job mutt keep a ««|e footing uloo tho Uigu tow« whllw hftudltni th0 m«iil p4«et)» ol tna tauk ior Prom Friday «« uo tiiu« to h* *,b«Ud. tu*," ajuwna Ntcfc Pa^ny ol tha MftJVWH CO«M Shop h« ioMUu! l«*» h* r«e«bUy OMK»MQM!!( th» town 1 * lUMt aiira7il*r kT* "* th* Job «u«: Qiyd* OUI, fur«^ : outwd Matte*. a*or§« ou- Mkd JUU Urw*. ii'fKBii'^W'SB: *iS fJ^JUt U loflMMi JSJJ tk» <*>W»iMl|Mfftl»iSSSJg OftO* ¥»tt»W hoU»tt l» MhoWU Wlih roof tteWttta* wklt. tatJJ taSfS SffiSiir \ nw! " : SSS WMI tuup^rchi ou ltr«| fltvor, with J«Wt« jajW n«w fewu^ J, *[* »NW Wtti juodwu oftBtsBlBneuM »M *t««M»«W«W tk^JK "*• ^^ meetings to an auditorium for^u ChrlstmuB t-oncurt with u chorus of 90 voices — simulated u (loth- am iilKlu spot Friday evouliin when Malveru high m-hool junior^ sntortalned ut tli u annual Juulor- Suulur prow, Abovt. t'hotographi.r (*u<i hp»t> l.oouurU iiouhufr suapimd a «i»Biuuut uf tlu> food depttrtmwut an uu>rrymakwr» pauw- ed for wlrwjhmwui. In tu e B4cturo W» ta riB«t. artt »howu l,oi«i Uwhari with thi- back of hJr w«U.foiffwur«d hv»a tu thw ,..„, . the " r >' w "h u amipauiou" Just beyond tliu periphery ami Wvtt Chamberlain U uwu-Htruck »>> tho lavish whlrh look Juniors sumo 12UU munhoui . H tu I'Ut up; l,oiuo Hunnutt winilca l>u«ch. Instructor Win. MCUIT U auuti'U JUKI buck of youuK ttitd MI»g Alli-tt HariuM. *'. Clark, Mrs. iHurk, to tho cuiuwfu, Kiiuii uuU Uulph " — - of inodi'Hi I'hy- Kai'ulty HpoiiBors vlowml tlt« lit- K , t , IU , OUV | OU »|y UB „,„ '««l««*. with »iara In thi-li- „"„,, \v hi i 1 U'tt ttrihik l v t n 11 ' • »M uiiani^ tu tin* ILI'tUN of «l mi«U- of Mr. MarsV ioulSea fully „. d,u,u,u, „, llu , lH , stU ;J Ilio l»uilu« itU'« partly uUni'uivd by IUUIB Wallr^M M ari ' lu KHU «ff«» H« r -' M«dln« WWBI« » BtaV¥ Mf ' ^ kr »»U* VlrtU W.U». .»»,,;ViK »«#»*. looks ou ajvd j»*»i, *r^;!: K«r t«« Kl* uu««u ur fc ,. „.„,«,,,, U«u. U«*ulH. r<l aua «m,. u ^ Uw wi«»«l Uu, tt* tt | r , , Ul( ,, rom w itw tllum (1 f u lu ^-hm^., , . »»r««raw. Whll« ,vi Mw.U tt u4 hi* wvkiNiiro uu( imj«bft tttt » w«»U-, i ,. M , « lr », ttt lo *^ *|JJ 'I'ttiuplttivu aua aonn«»u. For ull win, |,»a tho H«»urv ut Hiiouainic in* L l( lu- INT r» olu rtaatfil u full1 ^ « i UU, 10 ,iu, Uin< ^ ^JU-U «»,* u, w , ttutfew , « f«J

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