The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 22, 1937
Page 3
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[FRIDAY, JANUA.RY 22, 1937 SLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.): COURIER NEWS POLICE 1FFICERS PLEDGE HELP President Takes .Oath..For. Second Term |ommissioner Davis and Lieutenanl Rainey Address Sheriffs Banquet IcilfT Davis, police and fire com- lis.vmer and vies mayor of Mstn- lils, Tenn.. and William J. Rtilney, lemphls police lieutenant, addi-ess- |1 Mississippi county law enfora- lenl officers at a banquet nl i'nr lotel Noble here last night, ex- I-csslng satisfaction at Ihc co-op- tation of officers In this county lid Memphis in the past and I'omislng even closer co-ordination f the future. I The banquet was tendered by •ale Jackson, who took the oath [^office as Mississippi county shcr- on January 1. In attendance •re some 35 or 40 law enforce- offlcials. Including circuit ! O. E. Keck, Prosecuting At- frney Bruce Ivy, mayors and oth: officers of several towns in Ihe Imnly, editors of county newspa-, sheriff's deputies-and cousin- les and several members of varl- lis state and federal law enforce- lent agencies. I Pledges Cooperation IConimlssloner Davis pledged con- lied assistance to Mississippi comi- I' officers and said he knew Hint •s department could expect help •oni Sheriff Jackson and his aides •iy time it was sought. Mr. Davis id thai there was more crime in mes of prosperity than in limes L adversity, despite a popular tie- pf lo the contrary, and that the of the policeman was rapidly •training a "career" job and a pro- I'fslon that demands specialist lalning for the fight on crime. TThe radio communications systcir f the Memphis police department us been of untold benefit in ex pdlUng the work of apprchendins ninals, Mr. Davis said. He slat that Memphis is now ready ti arge its radio transmitting sla Ion and will shortly increase It. pwer to Ihe point where it can be leard regularly in the territori In-rounding Memphis. He urged Iw enforcement, officers here and |sewhere In the Memphis territory equip themselves wjth receivers insure regular reception of the Cation's broadcasts and invited lieni to make crime reports to the |ation to be used in apprehension criminals in the same manner the radio equipment Is now 1 in Memphis proper. Tells of Police School I He said that a training schoo! fr police officers Is opened in peniphisjon fteKfi; tti'-'b'e'-conrtuct- by Lt..' Rainey and Ills asso- •ates, to .acquaint Meinphis'policeJe'n: with the latest)'mpihortsj;df |lme detection.. OAaer'- the first |hool is held an invitation will be litended to nve jurisdictions out- Ide Memphis to send one man Ich lo Memphis lo go through he second school along with Mem- Ms policemen. Sheriff Jackson was isured by' Commissioner Davis iat one of the invitations to par- [cipate in the school would be ex- nded lo him for any man of his wice. He said there would be no Jst attached to the school other Ian board and room for the officer • tending. JLt. Rainey, who preceded Com- •issioner Davis with his address, •Id of his experiences at the fle- Irtmenl of justice school in wash- •gton. He also spoke highly of the Jlrit of co-operation existing baleen Mississippi county and Mem- •lis law enforcement officers •Abuse of the pardon and parol- •stem was hit by Lt. Halney a' •e biggest handicap to jaw en- |rcement today. He said that an . of 500,000 ex-convicts were fced annually by penitentiaries ter the country and pointed out •at so per cent of the persons •rested in 1936 in connection with •rtoiis crimes were ex-convicts ! wrong men get clemency, nai- declared, remarking that the to .remedy was to keep arresting "* and sending them back. PAGE THREH mm 01 SURE Comniilloe Recomme n d s Legislation for Development of Arkansas Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes reads the oath to the Hughes arc seen who holds the Bible; Treasury Henry Morgenthau, Vice-President re-elected Supreme president. the right Hy Cll,\l!l.i:S I'llll.Ul'S ,!r. Hulled I'rrv! stall Ourrrspcmilrnl I U1TLK HOOK, Jan. 22. (Ut'l — | An educational program and a vn- j ilety of legislation wo.s rei'ommcnd- | i:d In u report of the Arkansas Industrial Oomm'.s-.lon hamleil Clov. Curl E. Hallcy, loday. The i-ominl.ssion headed by Na- Ihnnie) Dykes jr.. was appointed lust September uy the governor to suggest needed legislation. Among the lecommemhuloii: made were thoss foi- the Arkansas Chermiirglc Farm Council; onivcl- liionl of a workman's compensation act: re-adjnstment of freight- lar- llfs and fin advertising campaign for the stale. A list of th« recommendations Included: '1. An educational campaign to make the people inctustrlnlly mind or I cd. Seventy per cent of the papula - -.-*.. t . t [fn.olvlvllV. 1U till.' nglH. «[ I '"• *-J*-"MVJ |JL-| tL-Ill Ul 11IU pUpUlll- Thomas Qunllers, the president's bodyguard, Supremo Court clerk Elmorc Cropley Uon bein S agricultural, the cam ible; the President, James Hoosoveil,-RFC -Chairman Jesse Jones sonvim-u nr n,« I"' 1 *" sllm '«l be carried on lliraiigh Kid Peck Slowly Winning Fighi To Stive" I!is Kyesi'ghl. MEMPHIS, Jan. M. (UP)—Jofl (KM) 1'ecX, former MiiiUicrh mld- llewelghl boMlng champion, Is slowly winning his latest fight, a Ighl form-sight.. Two months ago, barely able to lislltiBUlsh objects placed directly n Irunl o: Ids right, eye and with slghi completely gnu,, in Ih6'left, Peck entered Mw ESC. Kaf. Nasc and Throat hospllal hero'for ah operation. I'iiyslelnns [|iibted III!', chances of recovering nyeslglH »l about 1.000 lo one. Now by 11 mu'ivinlrnc'te' of eye misery, ivck Is able to count lini. Ci's on « hiinil nVe 1 feet away. Ke has roturnwl ilO'LIUlo llo'ek where he slill has [00 days left to form of a manslaughter sentence for killing u man |ind wcmnn In nil aiiiomabile accidunt In Wl-t. Farley's Nomination Asvv Postmaster Is Confirmed WASHINGTON, Jan, 1!3 iUP) — Jiinics A. parley was ranflrined today by the si'nnle foi- |i- second li'rm ns President Hoasevcll's postmaster gs'neral. :•..;. -....-: ;, Hu-lcy's nomliinllon was sent to Highways in N o r I h e r n Parl of Arkansas Covered liy Sleet i.trri;!-;'n'ooK, jun. 22. am— A frmlng rain thai lunied to sla't pracllc'ally linlied highway untile In the northern scdlons of the sUilo cft'ly toiiay as slrenms from Hus- sollvlHe oast continued lo rlso, <-o^- ci'lng ri-.'h fiirinlnu communities with a flood equal to thill of 1927., In l.ltlle nock piopci a rainfall MissisSlUui CflUntv BflVX .of .more thnn ie inches lias been *— - ' } ii'corded by Him weather bureau In .the nrst 2J dny.s of tlili jcar All " " ''nOlng from Hie city to Three of Quadruplets, > Born At Montreal, Die MONTnYlAI;, CJiic, Jan 22 (UP) —'Ihice of the wiadriiplel? ( boin lo Mr. ond Mrs. Arcade Romteairdied today and It wus feared thc.foiirlli, n girl, would'not survive. Two of the babies, torn yesterday at St. Thomns, 40 miles north of here, died a rew hours nflev the nmbulnnce v,hlch was rushing them to a hospital licrc crashed Into a snow plow near the city limits. The third died two hours later': The first to die were Joseph .AchlUe Alfred and Marie Life. Tiio thlid \\ns Joseph Gaslon An-Jre The fourll!, still liiUi. Is Xiarle RFC -Chairman Jesse Jones, Secretary of the John N'. Garner and Supreme Couit Justice Willis Van Deva liter. :to Stolen in Alabama Found at Number Nine . 1931 pord automobile, stolen feral days ago at Viney, Ala.. s been recovered by the sheriff's pee Jicre and turned over to J ' Jackson, the owner. r. Jackson, accomanied bv five la., motored here to return ! "r. The automobile was a ton" "«1 on a road In the Number Ine community. «iuiimi.r Braggadocio Floyd Hamlet has been ill • the past few weeks but Is im- •>ving. iinos Oallaher fell from his barn . Sunday morning and fractured ; hip. He was taken to the hos- |al- Monday but returned Tn»s- V feeling some belter. lUiss Nina Huckaba'of here, and •'s Betty Branson of Caruthers! spent the week end In Mcm' visiting relatives. Isses Sylvia Huckaba, Roberta •nton, Nora Davis and Flora llrsey, an-J Cnrl Taylor of Cot- •\-ood Point drove to Sikeston to friends. orcester, Mass., was the nrst In America to buy land for park. It purchased 27 acres Elm Park In 1854. Inaugural Parade Sl.cps Out Bravely in Rain procession Led off by the United States Marine Corps Band, rtircctly 'preceding' the automobile-borne of the B overnors of the states, the largely military Inaugural parade comes down from the Capitol and marches from Constitution Avenue into historic Pennsylvania Avenue. Photo shows (he Marine bandsmen getting soaked by cold rain while top-hatted governors ride .cbzily fanner organizations. ,2. Organization of the Arkansas Chemurglc Farm Council, n statewide meeting of which has been called for January 30 nl Jonesuoro. , Would Srek Industries 3. Advertising campaign to bring industries to the state mid. overcome prejudice against Arkansas in the north and cnsl. where traditional belief has marked the slate n.s being unfriendly to outside capital. •I. Enactment of n workmen's rampensallon law to correct cxlsl- 1n g methods of drawin B juHes and changing If.e venue law to require damage suits to be brought In Hit- county witnessing the ncclitem or In Lhe home county of the defendant. The legislative changes plus an educational program should eliminate racket damage suits 5. He-adjustment of freight tar-, ilfs unfair to Arkansas by development' of two or three .ports In the state .and re-adjustment of inlrn- 'stntc rates lo and from these stat" porls. 0. Close eo-operatlon balween various . slate departments, state schools and sta'lc organizations In accomplish the objectives of the rndusirial Comtnlsiion and requiring all departments to w o r k j with that'jody ond furnish information and assistance when re[ qiilrcd\ (o do so. I Revision of Inheritance ami : f (atc'Maxes and' also Income'taxes •n order to set Hie fullest credit j from .the federal government. 8. The enactment or ,a statute of limitation on back tax' -suits The commission, reported thai the state had statutes of llmitaion on othei Ihc senate at noon breaking speed. pend Its usual proccdure>nd iniine- dlcilely confirmed (he • ap|ioln'tmcnl of the generalkslino qf •Dehioera't- Ic forces In the 1932 and .19311 elections, : Parley's renomlnallon -, was required by law. That of other cobl- net onicfrs Is not. Despite his nomitiatlon tor n second lcrm-«ie United Press learned authorihillvely tlial parley does not contemplate "remaining: long In Mr. Roosevelt's cabinet. Emergency • Load Limit Placed on Big Lake Bridge W. E. (Dill) Armstrong, In (!luir|je of the revenue department office icrc, said yesterday tlml n net oad limit, of iwo tons had been ilacwl on nil vehicles crossing'the llghway 18 .bridge at nig Lnke. Armstrong said lie had nlso b-eh nformed that Iralfic luul bucii mlted on highways west from Bly- Ihcvllle, to Jonesboro, Paragould md other points but that'he.did lot know at w'hal points the roads- had been closed. ', Water was over Highway 18, wesl of Big Lake, this nioi-nliii; for n short distance and 11 appeared Ikcly that nil (ravel to Manilft iilulil soon be suspended. Floc4 waters from the 31. Praii- els were reported sweeping ntrbfE roads, near aenath and Cardwell, i'lno liluif, cmiulen, shcildiin.nnd E),Dorado' nre water covert*;! and li'iillle was rbporlcd al n standstill , Jloinrlsls, 'liower. wore able to Continue Uqicoiiwny und wesl to H)t| .aniitji; nlihuugh ! Ihe- loads were icc-cpvcrcd and 1 a-lirgc nuin- oer of minor milo accldfnl-s were rtpovlMl. liy thp.«c allcinptlng to ii'nveX Tlie slate milliiviy depaitmcnl. which hiis licen designated as the .coordinating agency foi the slato'h nood rellflf In the northeast .sec- Uon, reported-lliln morning that U was ready to fdrwnrd iciila anil supervisors 16 liny sccllon needing KltOh Hid. , Telephone reports to the office of the governor. Indicated that more limn 125 negro share-ciopplng fam- was re- tills had been removed from low- '' ' laiHls hear Wynni} vJille othei eastern Arkansas 'towns, Including Stullgart; Foi-rest city and Jonesboro, reported record i-alnfall In the last -IB hours, < A request for sh«cr for'100 families in the vicinity of Holly Oiove in 'Monroe .coinHy \\as iciehcd b5 Ihe military department toiiny, record senate. "sus- -"••"""• j*l*« x>\«\4iiLv wyo Win Cotton Competition Mississippi county farm boys placed.nrst und second in Ihe Arkansas delta land colion production contcsl of the .Future Farmers if Ameticiij |i was announced yes- ei-duy, al Lltlle nock. Julian Slreet IS, Wilson high school student, placed first with'a production of four.tales of lint and J.807 iKmnds of seed on two measured acres. His colion paid him $'JSH.3. his seed rebate was $4104, nnd his project labor Income was conipueled al $180.42. Otis McCalin, Dell high school studenl, plnccd second with a yield of 050 iwiinds of Hut cotton per acie in warm,' dry limousines. Hopes SOU'S Fatej Injured Dog Saved May .Save Others' Voicing his belief thnl his son", Charles, will not Imvc died in vain if his Iragic end brings. more draslic laws'against kidnapers, Dr. \V. W. Malison is pictured above in his Tacoma' office, as he issued a statement llmriking press and "public lor , their sympathy. Dr. Maltson planned to return al once to his 'practice. Citizens Aflcr SO Years CINCINNATI, O. (UP) — Two Irish sisters who have been in America more than a half century are naturalized citizens. at last. The Misses Catherine and Margaret Beglcy, 72 and 76 respectively, were among the 91 aliens who received naturalizaUon papers from Judge Rob;rt R. Nevin in U. S. District Court here. WE HAVE SECimKU THE SERVICES OF Aft EXPERIENCED RADIO MECHANIC who will guarantee lo repab. your radio to first class condition. A Complete Line at Tubes and Parts - - Best Trices Hubbarrl Tire & Bat. Co. Phone 476 By Plastic Surgery BOSTON '(UP)^Spot, n- hound of uncertain ancestry but ; of friendly disposition, had its face lifted and is ready for release from Angell Animal hospital here. , Spot suffered a fractured skull, lost an car and suffered a scalp injury during an an express' 'train. encounter with Plastic surgery came to the dog's aid when it, seemed ns if a policeman's revolver might put nn end to its suffering. The pup's scalp was put back Into place and a new ear built up from folds of skin. The lacerated muzzle was rearranged e.x- pcrlly, and the fractured skill treated appropriately. Two Belligerent Goats Get Motorists' "Goat" BOSTON. (bp)-Two goats ; 'got Ihe goat" of-police, and motorists when they tied up traffic in the heart of the city. ' Glaring belligerently at stalled ears, the goats slood at a -busy intersection and Ignored looting horns Announcement 'w: A. "Pop" Edwards, formerly with the Tom Little Chevrolet Co., has joined the sales force of 'the F. B. Joyner Motor Sales Co. Buick and Pontiac Dealers, and solicits the patronage of his friends and customers. and lerse commands to get out of the way. '" . ' Police arrived hnd the goats fled. After a merry chase, Ihe goats were cnplnrcd iii a vacanl lot, Girl, 4j Is Composer, Pianist and Singer ARLINGTON, Mass. (UP)—Only 4 years old, Laura Topalian Is an accomplished pianisl, composer and singer. Blindfolded, she can name any note slruck on n piano keyboard. She practices two hours daily—and likes It. causes of action, Tlicre is n three- had statutes of limitation on other come-taxes'and commission members expressed themselves as being of the opinion that such n law for general taxes would be fair. 9. Enactment of some Industrial act mithorizing the commission and providing Ihat group" with an .appropriation In order that it mleht actively solicit Industries oiilsldc the state to settle,wllhin Its borders. This appropriation was sel 0 " yetlr f0r cx P™ses and , a year for advertising 10. Enact legislation that will he conducive to Ihc further fabrication of Arkansas industries in Arkansas which could be done nlone the line of a higher severance fa' on Ihe state's resources that an transferred beyond the stale llm lor manufacturing. Club Tcsls Ingenuity ELK CREEK, Mo. (OP)—The motto of the Extension club here is "Make Something Out of Nothing." Members have lived up to .tl)e braiding corn shucks arid plaiting them Into rugs, 'mats, baskets, sandals and ornamental flowers. . . . . . checks COLDS nnd FEVER first day Liquid, Tablets, Headachy .10 Salve, Kose Drops minutes Try "Itub-My-Tism"— World's Best Liniment BOATS FOR SALE Immediate Delivery Or Built To Order BARKSDALE MFG. CO. 200.N, 2nd. Phone 19 Rend Courier News Want Ads Head courier News Want'Adi. FIJ5GTRIO & ACETTI,l!NK~ WELDING AT BEST- PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE; i« FARMS FOR SALE CAN GIVR I'OSSKSSION AT I.ATn AS FEB. 1, 1!)S7 I'rlce Down Location Per Acre Payment nctir Yaibro ?85.00 $150000 near Gidoon $50.00 $1000.00 . iiwii' Hisco $60.00 ¥100000 hi Dtinkiin Co. fl-I.OO $ 040.00 in Dmikliii Co. §05 00 , $ 2GO.OO in Dimkliu Co. !?<I5 00 ? flOO 00 in Dimklin Co. i?l8.fiO §900.00 in Dunklin Co. §40.00 ? 2.10.00 in Dunldiii Co. ?08.7r) S 750.00 Ilalanec paj itjle nxtr 10 lo 20 jear period I Imvc a great many other farms for sale, In casl Missouri, down payment ifrom 15 to 25% and halance oler a W :yoar r period. . > _ ,. , ^ '''..,, ,. " '.i.'w. fiAnEK, '• lllythcvllle, Ark. No. Acres 90 ;. G5 '10 12<l '10 80 P 1 "" f am ^y' s whiskey, neighbor—and neighbor, it's your price ,•/.*!, This show* you the New Year's Feed they got up for u» Wilkens Th»l'« me lUnding up. On tKc further lido • of the tible next me it'. Pop Eailey jthal'i been dutillmx clo»e to 20 yean Then Dan ..Coyle. Dan ttartcd coopering for Dad 42 y«n!ajo. Next Dan it't Mell Swank »nd BaldyKigde. Baldy tizct up thognm. WilK their back to you il'» Bill Alloway up thi» ":«n a cooper 38 year«. Neit my end—and he'» be' Bill it's Jim Ek.i, head stacker. Th brother Will iamand my brother in law T ,,HarryE.Wilke KM 1 Look at the old timers that help us put up our Family's Whiskey! Lots o{ these fellows was makingwhiikty before everyou were born I fake it there must be a lot of folks wondering who we got helping us fill all the-orders that's piling in for this Family's Whiskey of ours. Well I don't know of any belter; way of showing you than letting you look the men over yourself in this photo here. These men were born and bred in the whiskey business you might say. Take Old Dan Coyle behind the bottle there. He was working with Pa Wilken 42 years ago. And as more than likely you've heard—Pa Wilken's personal experience with whiskey making comes to something even more than 42 years. And that's nol mentioning all Grandpa Wilken's experience either. «t* tf ' m*nth« rll,7«t COmiGHT 1W. JOS. 5. PNCH $ CO, INC. ' SCHSMEY.PA.

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