The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 14, 1943
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MAY M, 1943 BLYTHEVILLE '(ARK.); COUJUEIl NEWS Published Every Friday In the I Interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. FARM NEWS-FEA1 1 Enter th« PUnt-to-Piroaper, Cot-ii teaU iponMred by the Courier New« and Commercial Appeal! Homcmakers Must Watch Children For Any Form Of Malnutrition isslssjiijii Coimly p.ireiits Ehmihl make the most, pf.llic filet lli;il llicy live iu one of tliL> few remaining countries- In the world with ii food supply ample enough to provide adequate diets for its po|)it!n(inn, Miss Cora Ixe Cole- liome demonstration agent, declared this'week ill'urging homemakers to lie nn the alert, for any signs of imlnlritioii In the net inns or appearance of members of the family. There me many kinds ami degrees of malnutrition, she explained. (Iciwiuling upon which of tlie dietary fiictors are lacking. In sonic cases the child may not have enough of the right kind of food: In other cases the child's body may not Ijc able to digest and assimilate liis food. In cither case, the result }s a body which docs not measure up to the standards of uood health. A child may not measure up to standard and still not have any noticeable dietary deficiency disease. He may lack only enough of the dietary essentials so that lie is temperamental ana hard to control. Reminding homeniakers Hut the healthy child is ii happy child, Miss Coleman said that continual whining and crying and a lack of vital-1 ity certainly indicate malnutrition. [ acLk of pep, and too little color may lie due to nutritional anemia which is caused from a lack of iron and copper necessary to build good reel Wood. If calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D are not supplied in adequate amounts, [lie bones become mal-nonrislied and sometimes deformed, a condition known as rickets. A shortage of iodine in the diet causes enlargement of thyroid Bland, a condition known as goiter. . . Inadequate: amounts of vitamin B cause Jack of appetite and symptoms of nervousness. Warning that each of these disorders a iui many others may be presenj, in a mild form, without | causing the unobservant parent uneasiness, Miss Coleman urged all parents to help avoid these complications . by (caching the child «oocl food habits from the be&jin- IIHIJ; .so that bad food habits will not. '.;hiw£ to be "unlearned." Pointing, out that most children learn (.heir bad food habits by imitating adults or older children Miss colenian declared that small children should be exposed to such bad examples. It lakes good health to cope with these trying- times, and good health comes from following good dietary habil.s, she said. Save Space by Growing Cucumbers on Fence One way to grow cucumbers in small Victory gardens is to let the vines climb. Another is 1o confine vines to a small space by pinching off (heir ends when they threat- tn to encroach upon neighboring plants. DitTicullies in growing cucumbers sprint' mostly from their insect enemies, which arc easily controlled. First, the young plants are usually attacked by the striped cucumber beetle, which devours the leaves. Tlie ends of all vines must lie dusted, preferably with a mix. lure of 1 pound of calcium arsenate to 10 pounds of gypsum; and since almost every day there is new growth which in (urn jimsl be protected, this will require constant attention. However, it only takes » few minutes (o attend (o it, and when the vines grow to several feet in length the danger is over. Apliids are likely to breed on Hie Milder side of the leaves, and they must be dusted or sprayed with a contact insecticide, sucli as nicotine sulphate or pyretbrujn. II is easy to do this when the vines are climbing. In selecting a variely of cucumber to climb, one which lias medium sized fruils should be chosen and the cucumbers should be picked when they arc about half grown The pickling type of cucumber is also good for climbing, and the fruits can bo sliced for salad US.C as well as serving for pickles. Cucumbers are usually planlcc in hills, 0 seeds to the hill, of wbicl three are left to grow. They nee< fertile, soil. A table-spoonful of plant food should be mixed thor cughly. with the soil in each hil All Cucumbers Arc Natural Clinibcra. before sowinB. To climb a fence or trellis they may bo planted a fool apart in a row. i Hills should be spaced at three feet apart,'unless it is intended to pinch off the ends of vines lo confine tbc'ir spread. There are so-called bill cucumbers which bear their fruits close to.the base of the vine, which are bred for small gardens. ' j Because of the hazards'which beset the cucumber iu its early life, plants should not be thinned out until they nave grown four inches,' Water should be ' supplied fro-! qutvilly during dry weather, as Die, fruits of this plant,have a higlil percentage of water. • .' Farm Woman's Column Cniichl Selling '(? Hnnlis LOS ANELGES, Cal. (Ul>) — Harry y: Wri?litmaii and Robert R Brown | m( i n,e inisfortmie to try to sell hvo "C" gasoline rationing books to a .sncret service operative nicy were part of a qunnlity Uial nan been stolen from a local board out they denied having done the With new elettiic refrigerators rapidly becoming one of the things that money can no longer buy, the problem of "kcepin;; 'cm running" for the duration has become a matter of first importance on the family front, Miss Cora Lee Cole- niiin, county ; home demonstration agent, declared this week. To aid Mississippi County house-: wives in keeping their refrigerators oneratng smoothly, Miss Coleman offered the following pointers on the care and use of this important piece of culpn.incut. Place the refrigcrnlor In a cool spot in the. kitchen. See that it is level and linn. Allow about three inches, between the back of the cabinet and about 10 inches of open space nbovc to allow the air to circulate freely and carry off the heat. Except for Hie freezing compartment, no part needs to be colder than 40 p. and no place in the box should be higher than 50 P. Check wilh reliable thermometer about one hour after the door has been closed. Do not open the door any more often than is. absolutely necessary. Collect all of the foods possible that go in the refrigerator and put them in at one time. Follow the same rule for removing food. Work quickly. Cool only the foods that actually need it. Use containers that i'ickrcn Advises Against Feeding To Excessive Weights This Season All IIOB production, dcclnrcd J. . I'ickvcn, county anent, should; K protected up home-grown feeds or locnl feed surpluses. For the mnn who IMS (lie feed, However, Iliu piv.senl feeding ratios can still be (avoi'able In view of the $1,75 support price, Feeding to excess weights, he pointed out ,can hardly be Justified at (he prescnl lime. The extra cum, he said, can be used more economically on lighter pigs. 'Hie county agent said conditions justify .selling heavy sows dining the Summer, and picking tally spring gilts for Full breeding for nexi Spring's ciop If fnr- meis wish to mninliiln their present herd levels of production. He said feeder pins will probably become relatively plentiful, as com- paicd with feed supplies,'In view of the record liog numbers. This situation, he lidded, will tend lo become more evident in areas that normally do not produce '.surplus corn. fit foods that arc to bo stored, lie- move tops of vegetables, and paper wrappings from all food except packaged frozen foods. Do not slack unless necessary as stacking slows up cooling. Cover foods except those which have thick skins. Never lei the fiost on the freezing unit get more than 1-4 inch thick. When defrosting be sure the drip tray is empty and in place to catch the melting frost. To hasten defrosting, remove the' freezer trays, no not, use a sharp tool to loosen cube liays or to chip frost from the freezing unit. Be sure lo follow the manufacturer's Instructions for defrosting. Do an all-oul job of cleaning when rlefrosling, but do nol use scratchy ciennsim; powder. After the frost U melted, remove everything including the shelves. Wasli Ihe inside, including the shelves, fruit basket, and..vcgetablc crispcr, and outside of ' the freezing unit with warm water. (Add one level tablespoon of baking soda to each quart of warm water used.) Go over with a cloth wrung from clean water. Wipe dry. Wipe off the gasket, taking care not to scratch the rubber. After cleaning the mechanical refrigerator, turn the control back to normal. Fill the ice tiays within l-l inch of the top with fresh water. Check lo sec that all foods are clean and dry as they are rc- lunicd lo the shelves. Remember, every saving, whether it is in the life of the refrigerator, in the fuel used for operating it, or in the food stored in it, makes a contribution to the all- out war effort for Victory I Do You Know... 1. DUROCS are the mosf popular hog breed HI America'. 2. There arc more DUROCS officially recorded than any other breed. 3. DUROCS officially outweighed all other breeds at recent National Swine Shows. : • 4. DUROCS have won more stale Ton Litter Contests than any olhc r breed. c' n^D 0 ^ 8 domiaalc P r csent-day meat type market barrow shows. 6. DUROCS thrive in every section of the United States. 7. All national, s t a te, district and county fairs have a classification for DUROCS 8. Official production testing figures prove DUROC sows excel in litter production. Miss. County Ouroc Breeders Ass'n Top Pedifircc Durocs For Sale Kij These Members: J. C. BUCHANAN C. M. ABBOTT CASTLIO BROTHRES Blytheville, Ark. Luxora, Ark. B. S. WHISTLE Black Oak, Ark. J. R. WHISTLE Manila, Ark. Blytheville, Ark. STANTON PEPPER Huffman, Ark. L. H. AUTRY Burdette, Ark. C. H. WHISTLE WhistlevilJe, Ark. E. S. BOLLARD Blytheville, Ark. BURDETTE PLANTATION C. G. SMITH & SON JOE T. CAGLE Burdette, Ark. Blytheville, Ark. Blytheville, Ark. F. S. A. News Mr. and Mrs, Coibell' Stockton, Farm Security family near Oosnell, are araiinally iminovlng their tenant purchase place. Mr. Stockton is building a .smoke house and n chicken house,'He has his own shop and doe.s Ills own blacksmiUvim; and most of his own carpentering. They are helping In the \rar effort by producing their own food plus some for the maikcl. They have two sows and ten plus and a bed to can, so the meat rationing won't worry them nny. 'Ihc Comity FSA Tenant Purchase Committee mot at Whilton 'lucsday lo Interview applications for loans to buy their own farms. Six applicants were selected by Ihe committee nml are now In search of a suitable place to purchnsc. Mr. and Mrs. Lonnlc Prentice of near Dyess are prepared now to icall/e some income from sources other than our chief money crop, cotton. They have three (joo'd cows ivliic hnre not only supplying their own needs for dairy products, birt are also pulling a substantial amount of whole milk and cream into the commercial trade channels.' ; '' ! Tliis is not only true of the Picn lice family but of ninny other fnm Hies who have bought land thromjli FSA's Tenant Purchase Program. Tcnanls who have sufficient leasing arrangement. 1 ; to justify ami support, extra cows, are doing n splendid job of pulling product-on the market. The Burl Johnson family of Manila is n good example, 'Ihcy have a regular weekly income almost sufficient to support lie family from dairy products "Olio. t'Mmilies like these nrc milk"B n real contribution lo tho food iroduclni; effort mid i\ro building t'l> n fliianciiil foiuidiillon nl (lie iiunc (lino. H'i'ct i louse ay Not H<; A Good Home bound to resent n. • So ll Is n mistake ror any tvom- un lo think that u house menus to n Inisbund wlmt It docs lo hcf, It is it nnniiclni burden, or If It tlrs twin down Ion completely, hu may even sccrellv lonlhe II. ' - Women run become tied (o houses' Hit not men. Tlipy only liccomi! tied o nmncs-hoine.s | u wlilrfi llidr iii|>|)lness mid (heir comfort, tome The secretary,' Penny need, rend ilic III|IHI!<M of die - in s i meeting lifter'which tlie glouii wiiti Isd by I-iivci'iiu 1'rcsnell, song cn|>t»lii. Iu Finning.-. - ' • Miss Colcnmn oiivc n demonstrti- lull oil UiO'control of pcinldy iiOsUi ind Mr. Plokrcn itiive n demotistra- 'lou on control of ttni-don «y Kuril Miu,i;ii' When women KCI (o MKTiilulliiB • (O-ttliv u mill! llll.S U'fl It tt-Olimlt, mere is neiiity nlwnys .smrn'one who TOmments, "] just, nin'l inuicrstinul ». 'nicy luiil such n lovely IIOUM;." its Imrrt for women lo undcr- 'laiMl Hint a "lovely lioiiw" doesn't mean (o u innn wlmt it does to n There nrc ninny women whose I'flnlenlmenl In iimn-lii|jc Is bused TO Hie fuel Hint (hey linvu Iho kind of house nicy «nnt—oven lo the "KM .shmle of iiiiltit, on the uiicst- room «»JI,s, iuf the nverasc mini Isn't lied to 11 hmisc ni nil. 1'leniy of men, Hvlni; in nearly |rrf«:l IIOIISC.H, look l>nrk oil the (Hues' lilllo niinrtinvia tlicy liiuV when ilioy W crc miurled us Hie nicest homo Ihey tmve ever known, -nicy don't renicnibcr Hie vwilMit kite-lien. Tliey reincnibcr that they wci'o happy Iliere nnd >h:it In (hose days their wives put. Hielr comfort, iind h»i)|) nbovc everytlilni! else. HliK HOUSK, HIS IIOMK If the wives continue lo do tlmt, In their ."perfect lioiises"—well nml «ood. lint if they become so nlj- torbcd in keeping n iKifccL house perfect Hint it becomes their innln Interest in life—Ilieh 1 huslmnds nrc When you use Old American Asphalt Shingles mod. fromWfATHIItlZfD AWHJUI You save on Inbor and material costs because 'Old American Asphalt Shingles'go on right over your old roof, easily and quickly. In addition, insurance costs ace lower. Old Americans are : I.nnitrr-Wcaring V aterlifht Firr.-Saln f.'olor/nJ Use your old roof for insulation and save money! i NKCRSSAItV IIOMK IMPAIRS ! art a''VITAL WAK MKASDRK DELTA Lumber Co. Tltjihcvlllc's Only Ilium: Owned Lumber Company 1'iionc 197 Sunset Gold No. 370193 The Stallion of Perfect Conformation AT STUD Wilson Allen's Sunset Gold WORLD'S FINEST WALKING STALLION A Full lit other to Grand Champion-Pride of Memphis Sired by the Famous Wilson Allen Wilson Allen's Sunset Gold is a Dark Chestnut, (wo White Slocking JSehiml, \Vhifc Star and Snip ;tml i.s Five Years Old. A Limited Number of Selected Registered Walking Mares Will Be Accepted Several Real Walking Horses and Bred Mares for Sale Phone or Write J.H. CHAIN, Wilson, Ark. 4-H Club News Notes A meelinii of the Vinbro \.\\ C lib ira.s Held Tlmr.sclny. will, dm vU'o president. Chnrlrs Ulllr, prt:- sIMIiiu. Tin-re wore [III club members, county ASCIH j. j, plcki "lid Home Demonstration Aueut •Miss Corn u», Cote|imn. present, HOUSE PAIN S WHItt HOUSES ...WHITE John Miles Miller Co. Dlsttllmtor / hc Numlttr Nino <-H Club met. rtu<i'«lny, with.'I'. !•', Jackson in Ross song captain ,, ' li . . Miss Coleman, honic dcmonilifi-'t (Ion agent, and J. j 'Pickreiv coun- » ly ns-'nt, led a lound table dJscuj*-'' slon alter which club captains g»v« rctxnU on the progress of their groups ' i«. ,-r ^> ), ' , of liink mrs In Ihc East-.- I'lil fiicl-cnrrylnu 'service cut ' Into 1 oil dellveiics In \Wt by less than;' one-lciilli of one per cent " ' \' 1 r Wanted to Buy CITY HOMES In Blytheville I have a number of clients who wish to buj; homes in Biythcville and nearby—All types of, homes are wanted. The time to sell property is when there are buyers—and—I HAVE THE BUYERS. Please list for sale property with me. • < Russell E. Riales (Jnff Hotel City and Farm Property ; • Phones 2028-2029 l.iilhcr «ruy, HlyllirUtli- — Bod Cr«n, OdceoU Bushel Of SOYB Delivered To Mills Means 3 Ibs. of OIL! The nation urgently needs oil from every source . . . Gather all the soybeans left over from last year around your place and sell tKcm to us... BUY BONDS WITH THE DOLLARS YOU REALIZE! : '.. Swift & Company OIL MILL Blythevttlei:Ark. ', . ' ? Soybean Meal For Hogs And Cattle

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