The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1931
Page 7
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KICHT W.VTJIKVir.LK. (AUK.) COUU1KH NKVV3 American Veterans of Foreign Legion U.S. Residents Who Sm-- ! eel With Famed French. Force Pom Organization' HY r.U'I, HAK111SOX NEA Service WrillT ; NEW YORK—K'llv m?Jl tl-so.i in ft hi? hotU itirntu ro"in LV; 1 other ni'-iht .111:1 runvd out a sli.'- riiiK marching NIM?. I J ;-.<-(T:l>. . paused iti wonder, f^r llicn^h '.!.?• words v.eie. French. tho men obviously repicsenl-il half it do/^n nationalities. And to further the Inconsrulty. Iheio were old nun' and youivr. anil apparently rich, men aiul poor. It. ^a 1 ; Hie first meeting of vet- ' crans of he French Foreign Iv- ; fion, nc\v living in the- Unite:!, Slates. : Nol a Illdc-au-ay for Criminals i Tliey chose n Fmirlnn.-ii: in! head them, and a Geiinan as thai-, vice president. Tlu l y pnSri tviljuli'j to (heir famous fiahtiivr unit, ii".\\' exactly a century old. mid discuss-; cd means of cc-mbatin^ the impnv-. £!ou that the Lc;:lon is a hlilcway for criminals. They planned 1" make their organization nation-, \vidc, to include- all the advoutnr- '. our souls nmv in this country who' ever inarched under the tricolo.'. with "Discipline and Valor." ! "And there arc many of our. ccmrades in America." ^ald Dr. Maurice Hainmosmcau. the prrsi- i dent and organizer. "W« bcllrvni there are at least-200!) of Ihfin, i scattered from coast to coast. In j fact, there are move here than m| any other country, for it seems that al! of them want lo conic here when their enlistments expire. "Before the \var ft was tii? nd-j venturer and the man who wanted | to foi£€t something who cnlis'.'.'d! in the Foreign Legion. V.'hen iliei World \Vav mine, (tie I^'iilon v,! the only Frencn army that would i accept Americans, though tliey i wfre transferred to their u-.vnl units wlicn this country joined the' Allies. I Hall rtf Ksrnilrillc Allvf j "The Lafayette liscntlrille v.»s; part oi the Foreign Lesion, tno. j. It had 200 Americans, and about j 110 are still alive. Ami since the Sleek Society—Personal taken at Ihe mi:aiilza(lun of Hie Aimiican 1'ravinn Legion Veterans in New York. In !l;r fiiiin rijv.-. left to right, uiv J. W. Canson, American; Albert .Maurcr, German, I'lfilelr-nt >liiuimoiuu.-aii, I-'ivnch, and I> C,. G.v-selaar, Dutch. vice president; News Mr. and Mrs. ]•:. 1). Wood aril had i Mclhodlst church next dtniday. I Everyone Is cmdially invited. Slutwtiee P. 'I'. A. played Reiser Mis. Jennie Weaver, who has been in I'hoenlx, Ariz., for (he past two yours for her health, returned here Sunday lo spend the summer with her mother, Mrs. M, E. Sher- rcll. Mrs. Weaver Is much imprpvcd. t'rcd Copfland of Cooler was a business visitor here Wednesday. | Mcalames Kathleen Michic, Opal ; Croft and MLsses Orpha Mac Plum- jiicr, Ruby Asluey and Tnclma Patterson attcndi'd the Divisional B. Y. P. U. convciuion al Slkcston Friday anel Saturday. L. K. Johnson and family spent tin 1 week-end with relatives al Mc- Kcnxlc, Tcnn. Melvin Kifer of Detroit. Mich., is vidlllns; his piircnts here this , week. Misses Jewell mid Loycc Mick oi O.iceola, Ark., spent last week-end os (juesls of Mr. and Mrs. B. II. Sliellly. Cecil Brown and Miss Arlha Mac Plummer attended tlie show at lilytheville Saturday night. P. T. A. lasl wivk with Sliawnec winning. E. O. ! Crockett, attended the P. meeting al Mrs. Robbtns'. A. I!. Rhodes of the Flrsl National bank of here Is attending to business at St. Louis this week. , Mrs. Pearl Zlgler of St. Louis Is S Bread On Water visiting her parents, Mr. and Mis. L " '">' ! n » JOAV i i A. M. Wren. to bu«i- i KetUrnCO $\) Years Later Cjucncc Davis of Bragg City was ~ : a visitor here Wednesday. LAS VEGAS, Nevada, (UP) — Rev. and Mrs. O. R. Ellis mo- Back In the old days when Man- t,otcd to Plggott. Ark., Monday to lialtan was a mushroom gold boom: visit the former's mother, mining camp a unmblcr tossed $7.50 j Mr. and Mrs. Jolmnle Rhodes lo n frightened youth who had lost, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. everything he owned at the earning! Tucker of Blytheville Tuesday. tables. ;i^ liii-lr «iii-sts Sunday Mr. Wov'l- :irdS bi'Dtlirr and \\lf;- and Mr. :uul Mrs. lirliie Turner oi 1^;;. _ ,.,.,„.., Mr. anil Mrs. Olio Koehler of, ter who Is 111 a I the Baptist lios- Uell fcponl Sunday uiih Mrs. Koi-h-j nllnl there. ler's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hurry I • i Dmiavant. | J. L. Cimnnings motored to lily- i I ihevillc Friday to ntteml ' ' • ness. ! Miss Mary Fansl spent Hie week if ml in I'otnoloc. Miss., with frieurl- | and relatives. K\K returtie;! Monday. -Mrs. Clovis Crockett, teacher In Ihe local sehool. wns very sick last week. She is able to be back In . .H'linol now. i The Epworlli Lcasue entertained : tlu> members an dulso the B. Y. P. |U. members Fritluy night with a j party. Games and contests i>ntcr- i (.lined :i laivi' crowd until a late : hour when ilalnly roficsluneiits . wrri) served. i Air. and Mrs. Joe Mounts ami . sen visited in O.sccola Sunday af- ; tcnioon. ! Harvey Wilson war, Ihe guest o! Miss Esther .lto;tecs of Etownh Sunday afternoon. ; Kolscr boys and ghls Junior Im- kt-tball teams ultcmled the tournament al Blytheville Friday and Saturday. The girls team lost In Mrs. inother, George n. Crockett and Mrs. Mitmer of Blythev! were visitors here Wednesday. Mrs. Varbro and the boys team won from war the Legion has received other] I'r. M A. Hammoiincsu. president M. m || a nnd lost to'osccola! adventurers and former American; p f "'0 Amcrh-m Foreign Lesion ;\ nss Bernlce Sanson of Wilson soldiers who preferred to po on fighting." Th? association here already has Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hicknrd were "Forget l(. kid," .said Ihe gambler, called to Alabama Wednesday mor- Money was the freest article in tlv : liiiig on account of the severe ill- camp In those days. • . ness of Mrs. Rlckard's father. They Thirty years later in Las Vegas were accompanied . by Mrs. Edna a bewlskered tnttercd old man Fit/geralU of Hayli. begged a hurrying business man Mr. and Mrs. A. II. Beckham for a dime for a cup of codec, and daughter Louise of Cooler were The o!tl gambler and the business guests of Mr. and Mrs. Abner Ashman recognized each other. .craft Friday evening. A few moments later the old-time! Mr. and Mrs.- C. E. Miller are gambling man was seated at a confined to their home this week sumptuous dinner— with S15 In his on account of illness. P° cket ' , :^r. and Mrs. Sam Sallba of — - - : Luxora were guests of- Miss Satlie f!OST OF COSTN.MES LIMITED Hamra Wednesday. MESA. Arl/.., (UPI— Feeling that Mr. and Mrs. Harry Davis of rvt'i.vime should have an 'even . Drnggadocia were -shoppers at lo- urenk" in the mailer of appear- cal stores Wednesday. Veterans, when he was :l mrnibi-r ,. pl . llt Salll] . dnv nnrt Sl|lul!lv w , [h ol ihc famous ]iil!itary unit. Miss Delia Kay " A wiener roast was givon by members from al! of these •clars.-s.j ij ons nnd rcorpiniTnllon. Hut one memoirs of Ihc 10th crude class The eldest so far Ss Hlppolylcl thing \\e ar." detrmiincd nbonl Is ' as '- week. A large, crowd enjoyed Block, G9, a Legionnaire from I that there mil-it br n.-< i'u;>':. It the p.lcnic •.chaperone:! by Orb 1881 to 18SS. who later entered m ii?t be a .society of coniiatleslnp CIillcL? and Tommy Sbcrrick. the U. S. Army, served under; alcne. " Herbert Davidson nnd Fred, RcoEcvelt. ant) has been retired a' -fa be'sure, there Is a little ex- Smith, who attend school al Wlljrai. I master s?rgcant. | r . m ,<. ,, mv T he mriiibersliiii i-ard.? «'il! BO to Jo;:esb.>ro Tnesslay wlicro I Dr. Ilomtnanuenu enlisted In l!iej r i u | t j u , 'jciiers cost sometliins. 'i:ey will attend the Sl-uc Debat- , unil at 17. "I was Impatient.' 1 he j run there are some of us who can hi.; Umrnaincnl. recalled, "and the Rrmyjpjy tlicsc thinss and never miss' W. W. Audercon aitciuled to bus- ance, the senior class of the Mesa Mesdames Hlnton Bertie Goode Union High School voted to make C,'. P. Jenkins and N. D Dcprles* S10 [he maximum cost oi a cos- of Holland were Steele visitors tunic for graduation exercises- Tlie Wednesday Sjrls will nvjav egg shell crepe Carl Bei'gheu of Caruthersviile (u.-st; while the boys will drew In. transacted business here Wednes- dark coals and Manuel trousers. -day. C^l^T™^; Pay; ! P 4 havf^cenMv^^f Kt A. B. Bailey residence near the high school, Frank Harper and Mlns Ruth Lawhorn motored to Blytheville Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Hallmon of Braggadocio were shopping here Mondays Mr. and Mrs. John Barnes of Porugeville were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Workman Wednesday. Mrs.' I. J. Lo n g a iid Mrs. Bert Skinner and Miss Beatrice Holt of Braggadocla wtrc Steele vls:ior, Friday. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Workman and Bon, James Henry, transacted business at Joiner, Ark.. Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Waters of Cooler were visitors here Wednes- elay. 'Mr. and Mrs. John McCli'ire who have been In Flint, Mich., for some time arc planning to return here soon. Mr. and Mrs. Austin Ellis motored to Caruthersvllle Wednesday. A danelng party thai was greatly enjoyed by the younger set was given Tuesday evening al the new Armory at St*ele. These social 'affairs are .given every other Tuesday evening by the club-composed ol seven young men of Steele, namely, Charles ixmg, Herbert Hudgens, Charles York, Harold SUele, Philip Khoury, Oral Hayes and Baxttr Southern. Dancing Is enjoyed from 8 to 12 and the'par- ties are always well chaperoned. Tlie Woman's Missionary society of the Methodist church met Monday afternoon with Mrs. Raymond Brooks with 12 members present and two visitors, Mrs. Alvlu Stephens and Mrs. C. A. Brooks. One new member, Mrs. Charles Bates, was added to the membership. • Mrs. R. C. eteelo read for the devotional the 15th chapter of at. John. A social meeting will be held next Monday 1 evening at the home of Mrs. Paul McCuisUon.. - ••-.'Mrs. A. J; Aihcralt was the dinner guest of Miss Florence Stone Wednesday. ;>,.:... Mr, and Mrs. W. T. Bailey and their guest; MUs Jewel Haney of Haytl, Mrs. Arch Ttavla and Mrs. O. O. Travis were • 'BlythevIUJ shoppers Wednesday. - • • - ', ^Mrs. Alice Stone and daughter; and Mrs, L. W. Weaver- attended the show at-Blythevllle-Tuesday; ; Mrs, Gerald • Brooks of- Mississippi Is visiting Mr. and Mrs. T.--I. Brooks. . ; Miss Josephine -Holly of • Cooler 1 was a Steele Tlsitor Wednesday. : • Misses Iris and -Myrle Michle-of Cooler were SUwle visitors' Wedr nesday. . - . - ..-..'... v . : The Junior class of the Steele Wgh school enjoyed a. picnic, at THURSDAY,- MARCH 19IH BarfleM Tuesday evening. Tney left Steele about 1 o'clock in cars and returned al a late hour. Besides members of the class there were several guests. Mrs. Byron Holly of Holland was a' visitor here Wednesday. Miss Ollle King spent. Monday night, as the guest, of Miss Vclvie Lester of Holland. between 9 a. in. and noon, ii; devotes the afternoon to hearing divorce cases which nre contend and being more difficult they iak-> as long as 40 minutes each. I In the "10-minute" divorces, I Judge Silbert not only duels lime' ' to give decisions, but also to hear 1 from the husband or wife ihe [ martial difficulties leading up to ) divorce action. Cleveland Enters Race for Speedy Divorces CLEVELAND, IUP) — Cleveland is the latest entrant in the "divorce while you wait" race. Record times are being made by other divorce mills, but Cleveland's bid for popularity Is the "lO-mlnute. divorce." Domestic Relations Judge Samuel H. Silbert has sel a pace of divorces an hour, 18 every day In many parts of Germany the apple Is deemed patent against warts. re throats Quickly relieved by rubbing on House Cleaning Time Is Here New Fiber Goods, Floor Coverings and Refrigerators at New Low Prices GILLEN'S •wouldn't accept me until 1 was 18. Nor would the I.eglon enllsl (i Frenchman. So 1 changed my name untl went in as a Belgian." . He served four years and was! the If we ever eel so big h'-ess in Wilson we must have oilier aid. nmybo; 'The Ei>worlh League celebrated voluntary, anoiiymnin contrlbti-1 its unnlvcrsary v.-ilh n dclishtful lioi'.s will be. allowed. | proiiram al the church - "I tell yon it is something to be'morning. wounded in Morocco. When 31.1 |;rcuit of. a man's service in service, 'i"«e Rev. Wilson of this pl.ic? he was ordered to report for uiili-ljii ihe Fovclgn Legion. There was 1 coiulisclctl services at. Illghtowcr tary service. \\iat. the bruinlity there that you' Sunday. , His father was forced to confess! hear atom. There were harrtjhip;.i Mls.s Lucile Moore aim W. L. Cas- thal Maurica already WAS forvlmjto br sure, but men of the LeijlonjfWny mul W. K. i-lan utlendcd the In the Fcreign Lesion under an w rrc iKlter fed than ordinary j Umnmi™i nl Ulylheville Salur- assumed name and imtir.nulily. As- h rer.cli soldiers, and their wine ra-' day. signed to a regiment in France, he was wounded five times and emei'- ged with a Croix tie Guerre with star. lion was twice as large. They ex- j Jamie Nichols. Delia pcct mere of Ihe Lejion, nnd the I and Juani-.n ilvadnws of Ksiscr Lcgio:i gets more. • and MLss nsrnicc Sansoa of Wll, "I! Is t;cod to get together and: SDH spent Fritiay nioht in Blythe- Don'l Enlist as Americans i lalk about memories, and ring villc. Today he Is a skin anrl scalp i them ton. no you know how Hi?; B. 11. Moore motored to Osccoli specialist and has applied for! r.inichir.ij scr.g uocs? No. you Monday. American citizenship. A. Maurcr.j don't; it lias not bcfn sung'in, The °Ladles Aid met with Mrs vice president of the veterans' so-1 America. B;;t .1 tell you. you-Fred Crockett at her new country cicty and a manufacturer of mcd-| should those men when they home Monday afternoon, and ribtxns. has been a citizen; stand up nnd sing: ! A comedy and musician show "•Allor.s. Lesion!.— Buvoiis — was given al Ihe fclir.ol auditorium huvous—biivam...'" ! Monday nlghl and was well at- i tended. for seme time, as have most of • the other number so far discovered. Dr. Hamrnor.rcau turned at random to a page of his roster. "Look," he said, "what a mixeci- RF.NO. N'evaila. (UP) heart and a lack of rf niiton'.abilc repairing cost H. T. up bunch they turned out to b;. '.hcse I/cgionnaircs. An aiitomo- ''•iiiibly, rot only ills car but his oiie salesman, a plastic surGcen. R- !)C1 'H'' 1!>!(! fiiriiMiiii&s as well. Two maltre de hotel, an engineer, an I "'•'-" ^liercd \o repair h!s car while . .. j Mis. H. J. Mesc;ows and daugh- - A klnri t ; rs ot Etcm-ai, visited Mrs C I, knowledge Nichols Sunday Mrs. H. P. Dmiavant spout Manlay In Osceola. Revival services v.ill tejin at the I explorer. Thero Is a professor at New York University. This one Is -a well-known artist. An army co.ptain. an actr.r. a mcclunic. an .eUclrlcian. a photographer — tlie whole list is like that. he w,-.s nt work. When he returned, hcrr.r. he di.-rovcred the men had loaard his lion-.e furniture in ;hc: r.u:cir.cb!le and iVrarted for parts : uiikimun. ! SKJ i SS^TAM Russians enlist as Germans. Ger-1 mans as Belgians, and so on. Men of Ihe Legion never ask questions. Nor will v:c. in this orjraniz.'Uioi-i, question any man's social position or occupation. No Ucal Criminals in Ix-gicti "But do not believe what the movies tell you about the bail character of these men. AiTairs of the heart, and losses of fortunes may send them there. "But no real criminal can cd Into the P'OTCign Legion. Detectives always are gathered at Oran. the concentration point, watching to s;lze fugitives before they <:vcn can begin their service. And officers of the Instruction companiss where all recmj'-s must serve gc', pictures and descriptions daily of! the men who are wanted. When] cne is found he is discharged and | turned over to gendarmes." I . Seme veterans, the doctor de-i The Latifrli dared, particularly those of high 1 RITZ TH Las? Tinie Today Rnfli CluHIrrlon in ^ 'Dnfaithful' Friday and Saturday Marion Davirs In Her Latest Pirtuvo Its A Wise Child' HOME THEATRE Last Time Today HUSU.T Kealoii in 'Parlor. Bedroom _and_Bath' Friday and Saturday Bill Boyd in 'The Painted Desert' \feetables wers garden ALL tin- varieties in which you JT l.nrc interested and which are adapted to this section are now av.iibhlr in the Northrup, King &: Co. seed box at a nearby stoic. The seed is of as fine tniality as yoti can obtain at any price; the packets are of standard size nnd well filled; the display Ixiv is convenient to select froc» and the pncc is only . . . standard size vegetable packets, and most of the., flowers — per , packet of a l.iWim?!. „,. „, , | , .. _. ...... i DC \i ondorftil Picture of tlie : position, have kept secret their It ran a year on Broadway—i \VomlcTful West! : '-Foreign Legion service because of; 6 months oil the Road. jthe false sigma attached to 'his ho is anxious to remove. No Dues Planned "Within a year, perhaps v.-e will iave a big membership In many JstaUs," he said, -and then \vc will have a big meeting for new elcc- Abo Comedy nnd Fnlilos Matinee— : 10 and it—in and ; Also Comedy and "Intiians . ;;re Cotning", Xo. 5. j Ailm.—Milliner & N'ighl — 10 ;ind 'Joe. ^5555 £ QV Qpcmg •~~,v)e sponsor? tlM Printed and Plain SILK f DRESSES Dresses so smarc that you will marvel at the very low price . . . dresses so gay that life won't have a dull moment . . . dresses that combine two or three shades of the same color. .. and so many styles that you will find one suitable for most any occasion. Trimming is all-important and jacket effects appear frequently. Be sure to sec them before you plan your Spring wardrobe... they are remarkable. . . both for style and thriftiness. . C. PENNEY COMPANY, Inc. 220-222 \V Main St. Blytheville, Ark.

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