The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 20, 1962 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
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Friday, April 20, 1962
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HAROLD.. J. BURTOS ^ ISDI4HA STATS Clear to partly cloudy through' Saturday. Not so cold tonight and Warmer Saturday. High today around 40. Low tonight mid 30s. High Saturday 43 to 68. ENTERED AS SECOND CLASS MATTER OCTOBER*, 1895 AT POSTOFFICE AT TIPTON, INDIANA VOL. 67, NO. 171 TIPTON (IND.) DAILY TRIBUNE, FRIDAY. APRIL 20, 1962 5 CENTS PER COPY, 30 CENTS PER WEEK Windfall Pupils Get Ready for Clean Up Day By Judy Voris Mops, ladders, soaps- and rags, all play an important role in "Operation Clean Up Day — 19G2". This is the day when we all get down oun our hands and knees and SCRUB at Windfall school! This year we clean from 8:30 to 31 a.m. Then comes a Coke break followed by a sock hop in the gym until noon. After lunch, there will be a talent contest. There should be several representatives from Hollywood to scout the wonderful talent at WHS! . • . Clean Up day always falls the day before the PTO open house. The open house this year is on Tuesday.' .„ I.F.Y.E. Student Corning to County An International Farm Youth Exchange student from a foreign country soon will be - on the Prairie township farm of Mr. and 01 rs. Stanley Williams. Other Tipton county people who have entertained I.F.Y.E; representatives are Mr. and Mrs. Alva Ilolman and Mr. and Mrs. W. R. .larrett. Seven Tipton county organizations have contributed to Indiana's participation in this program to promote good will and the exchange of. ideas and social .values, between U. S. and foreign citizens. Among county contributors are Pioneer Corn Company. Kempton Lions Club. Tipton Building and Loan Association. Farmers Mutual .Insurance-company of Tinton. Blue IHbbon Chasers 4-H Club, Tipton hi'-'h school Future Business Lead- cr< of America, and the Kempton Christian'church. Joyce'Longfellow, a Purdue University student, is chairman of the Tipton county fund. Rabies Vaccinations Urged For All Dogs A request to owners to keep dogs on their premises was issued Friday by Sheriff Clyde Overdorf. Complaints have been received a -tiriMt. dogs running at large, including a report from 1he town marshal of Windfall. Several counties net too for south <>! Tipton are having incidences of rabies infection, in which regard »hev are leading statistics in'the U.S.A. . Overdorf said rabies controlled if dog- (and cat) owners have their pets vaccinated each vc a r. Windfall Choir to Present Contata The choir of Windfall Christian church will present at contata, "Behold Your King,'"Sunday at Easter sunrise service at 6:30 a.m. Mrs. Judy Cardwcll is director of the choir. Windfall residents unable to attend the. service will be able to hear it over a loud speaker system. Soloists will be Richard Barker, John Osburn, Mrs. John Shoekney. -<Mrs. Cardw.cH and Howard C. Heath. Following the contata, breakfast will be served in the church social rooms by the Women's council of the church. P-C Earnings Up The Perfect Circle corporation has announced from its Hagerstown headquarters increased earnings for the first quarter of the year. Net earnings ot 5700,000, equal to about GO cents a share, compares with $404,723, or 40 cents a share, in the 10G1 period. Pre-Schoo! Round-up Is Wednesday ot Sharpsville Pre-school round-up will be conducted at Sharpsville school on Wednesday frqm 8 a.m. Jo 12 o'clock for pupils who will enter the first grade. Each child is to bring his birth certificate, be registered and .meet for a short conference. First grade pupils will not attend school on that day. . « BORDER VETS MEET MONTIC ELLO, Ind. (UPI)—The 3962 Indiana state convention of the Mexican Border Veterans will be held here May 5. Those attending will include members of 42 units of the Indiana National Guard from 39 cities who were sent to the Mexican border- in 1916 to guard the border against Mexican bandits. PARLEY ested By nch Forces By ALAIN RAYMOND United Press International ALGIERS (UPI) — French security forces today arrested ex- Gen. Raoul Salah, chief of the outlawed secret army organization (OAS) and No. 1 enemy of President Charles de Gaulle in Algeria, authoritative sources said today. Government officials said Salan, who is binder sentence of death, was arrested in a ;big roundup in central Algiers.this afternoon, on the eve of the first anniversary of the/abortive Algiers generals revolt.. • o Salan went underground after the four day uprising collapsed and since has led the outlawed OAS in its terror fight against De Gaulle's policy of giving Algeria its independence under Moslem rule'. News of the arrest'leaked out in Algiers this afternoon when it became known that "an important - personage'-' of the OAS had been picked up in the search that began in the university section of Algiers shortly after lunch. Later, officials at the Rocher Noir headquarters of the provisional executive for Algeria confirmed the man arrested was Salan. | Get Tough with OAS The arrest followed decisions by Algerian Affairs Minister Louis Ji'xe. French High Commissioner Christian Fouchet and the provisional executive headed by Abder- rahmane Fares to get tough with the OAS and smash its strength in this violence-torn territory. A commi;niaue' said that as of next Monday, French army troops and security forces will fire on armed, uniformed OAS commandos in trie western port city of Oran without warning. Fouchet and Joxe also announced that the new 40.000-man Moslem "local force"- will be used in heavily European cities to fight the OAS terrorists who are seeking to upset.the cease-fire. Salan, one of the four retired generals who led the unsuccessful Algiers revolt a year ago. had moved almost unmolested through Algeria since his escape last April 25 when the uprising collapsed. His No. 2 man in the OAS. former air force Gen. Edmond .Joi'haud was captured in Oran .March 25 and has since been sentenced to death by a special tribunal in Paris. Taken to France Reliable reports said Salan was whisked immediately into a car which took him to an airport (Continued on page 6) EASTER GUESTS IN TIPTON Open House Is Planned Tuesday at Windfall School Windfall school will observe open house on Tuesday from 5 to 8 p.m. New officers of the Parent-teachers organization will be installed during a brief PTO meeting. t)OG(S) GONE — Unexpected guests at the home of Mrs. Nina E. Young, Tipton, over Easter vacation, a re the above Great Dane pups—part of a litter of 14 born earier this week to the mascot at Indiana University's Acacia fraternity. With the mother "unequipped" to feed that many, members of the fraternity, incuding Don Young (above), decided to share their vacation with seven of the pups. School Reorganization Explained To Voters (Editors Note: The following is the last in a series of three articles designed to inform the public of the issues involved in the proposed School Reorganization on which " residents -of Tipton county, will be »i *ked to vote on Election Day, .'May 8. This article lists the advantages and the disadvantages of consolidation as it applies to the three southern Townships, Madison, Jefferson and, and the City of Tipton, as found by a body of educational officials representing each of the four voting groups.) Advantages 1. There are adequate rooms at Tipton Junior High and Tipton Senior High School to house the projected enrollment of grades 7-8 and 9-12 of the entire district. 2. Better educational opportunities for all Jefferson Township, Madison Township and Tipton-Cicero Township High School students will exist because of the broader curriculum which can and will be offered when and if, consolidation becomes a reality. 3. Classes for different levels of achievements may be organized in order that each child imay be challenged and recognized for his--attainments; that is; chemistry for the. homemaker need not be the same chemistry taught to the college bound student. 4. A student who is not college bound may participate in a variety of courses which will provide him with marketable skills (typing, bookkeeping, shorthand, drafting, woodworking, metal shop, etc.). 5. Special programs. and instruction for the slow learners in the junior high school and the senior high school will assist each child in reaching his potential (remedisttsented by the junior choir, under rOCKED, reviled flanked condemned -!•»-»- thieves, Jesus was strung upon His cross with only a handful of His own followers as mourning witnesses. But when the end came, even the Roman centurion who stood guard over Him said in awe, "Truly this man was the Son of God." reading, developmental reading, and so forth). 6. A non-graded M J 1 Special Education class for the slow learners in grades two through six ds now in the process of being established. In such a class each child ,may be fitted for assuming 'his niche in society. 7. Each student will have the opportunity to .participate in a broad- counselling program; from orientation for the group to individual counselling concerning personal problems.. 8. Competition brings forth higher academic achievement from the academically talented or gifted student; the greater the number of students enroled, .the more competition. - 9. Summer school courses will be available to the child who has to repeat as well as for the child who desires to broaden the scope of" his elective program. This en : ables the child to enrich his educational background. 10. The Junior High School can I be a truly exploratory educational experience (home economics, industrial, arts, instrumental and vocal music, art, general science, de- velpomental reading, guidance, etc.) U. Quality " teachers with not more than; two preparations (same subject taught to *wo or three classes) will do a better teaching job than will the teacher who has four! five, or. six preparations. Each can become a specialist in his own subject field. 13. As preparation is the most important factor in a learning situation the greater number enrolled in each class will require better preparation on the part of the teacher. 14 % Through supervision all elementary pupils wall receive similar instruction in preparation for the educational experiences' in the same junior and senior high school. 15. Jefferson Township has accumulated in its Cumulative Building Fund $113,330.34. If consolidation is affected this money becomes an" asset of the new corporation. 16. The only indebtedness in the Tipton-Cicero Township School Corporation is on the Tipton High School. The Board of School Trustees, Tipton-Cicero Township School Corporation, has spent $157,000.00 for .Cunuttife at "Hbe new fairVi school, has paid off $16,000.00 in .bonds, has spent $330,000.00 from the Cumulative Building Fund in the construction of the new building and has repaid the Hoding Corporation $130,350.00 on that portion of the building which was built (Continued en page t) Christian Church Plans Easter Sunrise Service The celebration of Easter at West Street Christian church will begin with the traditional sunrise service at 6 a.m. The sanctuary will be decorated with spring flowers, palms and candelabra. Two unique anthems, will be pre- the direction of IMrs. Noryal Lyon' and accompanied by Mrs. Harold Boyd. They are "Alleluia," by San ders, and "O Come Let Us Wor ship," by Cunningham. . It is also at .this service that 25 boys and girls of the pastor's class will present themselves: for the ordinance of Christian baptism. They are Jenny Lou Baxter, Barbara Booher, Cathy Bouse, Jo Ellen Bragg, Craig Burton, Judith Dunham, Steven Dunham, Brook Edwards, Michael Fike, Karen Sue Goodman, Deborah Graham, Richard Grishaw, Susan Gunkle, Timothy Hovermale, Dennis Johnson, Connie Kennedy, Michael Lett, Ingrid Lyon, Linda Peltier, Judith Rager, David Reasner, Amy Rockwell, • Carol Small -and Denise Small. j To accomodate members and friends two identical .worship services will be conducted at 8:15 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Rev. Norval B. Lyon will speak on the topic* "Beyond the Cross." The sanctuary choir, under the direction of Philip Martin, will sing the anthem, "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today," by Wilsey. Martin and Vernon Burhart will'sing a communion duet, "So Thou Liftest Thy Divine Petition," by Stainer., The nursery for babies and small children will be available at both of these services. Church school will be conducted, at the regular hour, 9:30 a.m. An attendance goal of 637 has been set for the classes and departments. An invitation is extended to anyone desiring to attend these and all services of the •church. Absent Guardsffian Jailed For 15 Days A Tipton National Guard military board Thursday night handed down a 15 day jail sentence to William O. Kramer, 26, 214 iFirst avenue, Oakland City, Indiana, for nonappearance at Guard drills. Sheriff Clyde Overdorf and Deputy Allen Overdorf arrested Kramer Wednesday in Princeton, Indiana, and returned him to 'this city. Dennis Goldsberry, RR 2, Sharpsville, was taken into custody by the sheriff's office on a failure to provide warrant from Cass county. He was taken to Logansport by officials from that city. . | , , Town Marshal Lester Bitner arrested Homer E. Hoover, 708 S. Main street, Kokomo, in Kempton at 9 p.m. Thursday night. Hoover is no appear in Justice of the Peace Lafe Beaver's court May 5 to answer to charges of speeding and reckless driving. Army Attempts To Muzzls Aide Cf Gen, Walker By DARRELL GARWOOD United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI) — The Army has suspended a one-time aide of former Maj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker for a speech accusing the mayor of Los Angeles of hav? ing a Communist background. Maj. Arch E. Roberts made the statement in an off-the cuff speech Thursday night to the Daughters of the American Revolution -l(DAR), who responded with . a rousing ovation. Within a few hours after the speech:. —•Mayor Sam Yorty.-in Los Angeles, denied the accusation and said ''such a loose charge" actually aided subversives. —The . Army announced that Roberts had been ; "suspended from performance, of military duty pending further . investigation" _qf the speech.. —^Roberts, who learned of . his suspension from a radio broadcast while driving back to his home at Ft. Lee,' Va. said he was- "not backing down" on his charges. Roberts - said he did not know the Army had a man in the crowd taking notes .of his speech. "That's pretty sneaky, isn't it" he remarked. The "Army had rejected the original speech Roberts wanted to deliver to the DAR. It was based, on Walker's "pro blue" troop infor mation program. Roberts, was information office: under Walker when the controversial general was removed from command of the 24th Division in Germany for trying to influence his troops' votes in a-federal elecr tion. •- ' Has Supported Walker The major has consistently supported Walker since the general resigned from the Army to fight communism his own way and run for governor of Texas. Roberts indicated he expected the Army to react to his speech even before he made it. The former paratrooper told the women that he had made, a few jumps before but "this is the first one without a parachute." He told the DAR that, military personnel "don't care who is the mayor of Muskegon," ibut he said "it is the responsibility of all Americans, in or out of uniform, when the mayor of Los Angeles, Sam Yorty, has a Communist background." He also said that Assistant Secretary of'State for African Affairs G. • Mennen Williams has "such leftist leanings" that when he was governor of Michigan he "brought the state to the edge of bankruptcy." . Roberts .traced his charges against Yo'rty back to 1938 hearings befor"e~the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Witness Was Discredited A spokesman for the House group said a witness, once mentioned Yorty, but the committee (Continued on page 6) Victim of Fall Reported In Fairly Good Condition Timmy Griffith, 14, Hctobs, who fell from the rear of a. candy' truck there Thursday afternoon, was reported .in "fairly good" condition today at Tipton County Memorial Hospital. The report of the attending physic an states the boy reeeiged a slight cerepral concussion, lacerations on the forehead, and skin bums on the. face and hands. U,S. Nuclear Tests Set For Next Week Sheriff Candidate Warren "Mac" McDaniels is a candidate for sheriff on the Democratic ticket in the May 8 Primary election.; • *Mr. McDaniels will be trying for nomination to a public office fcr the first time. He is 44 years of age, is married and the father of seven, children. .The candidate is a graduate of Prairie high school and promises a courteous and efficient administration if nominated and elected. Baptist Surprise Service Announced Easter morning sunrise service will be conducted at 6 a.m: Sunday at^ First Baptist church. Special •speaker for the - service will be Larry Brubaker; of Freeport, 111. He is an accomplished musician ..and will be presenting several musical, selections. The Youth choir of the church will'also'.he featured. The program is under '• the sponsorship of the Youth- Fellowship -of the Church sponsored by • Mr. and IMrs. Iryin Goad and Mr., and Mrs. Robert Luttrell. A breakfast fellowship has been planned following the sunrise service. All are invited to attend. The' auditorium of the church has been.. Cecorated with a- large background .depicting a colorful sunrise with the words "He Is Risen—Go Tell" prominently display^ ed; This will be the .theme', of the church's annual missionary conference which begins this coming' Wednesday. Pastor. David Tirrell extends an invitation to all to attend the Easter services at 6, 9:30 and 10:30 •a.m; and at 6:30. and 7:30 p.m. $75 Fire Damage a? 'Gas' Vapors Ignite Fumes from an open automobile gas tank ignited by a gas space heater started a fire in a block garage at 509 Hall street' which caused $50 damage to the building and $25 to an auto at 6:35 p.m. Thursday.- The blaze was out upon arrival of firemen, who used a booster line to cool the gas tank. The building is owned by Charles Osbon, and is insured: The car belongs to Ferguson Perkins. A mechanic was replacing a fuel pump on the vehicle when the fire started. HEARING TESTS OFFERED PROM 10 AM. TO S P.M. the above unitj^ll be locate) «mt of the court hawse to give hearing test*. Children must be accompanied by »« adult. The. Capitol Hearing Aid Cantor of Imfianapol is. with bronchos at ShsOayvillo and Lafayotto sorvico all makes and modelsof hearing aids, and handle live makes. By WELLINGTON LONG nited Press International GENEVA (UPI)—Russia threatened today to walk'out of the 17- nation disarma ment conference because the United States- refused to postpone its nuclear testing for the duration of these talks. The American statement and Soviet threat came in an unusual Good 'Friday meeting of the conference forced by the Soviet Union, which kept filibustering in a last-ditch effort to block renewed American nuclear testing in the atmosphere, scheduled to ' start next week. At the end of more than three hours of wrangling, the conference adiourned until Tuesday morning.' with East' and West apparently- agreed to accept a neutral proposal for. breaking the nuclear t»st stalemate as one. but not as the exclusive, basis for further negotiations. '.••/.But Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Valerian • Zorin still refused to . accept the Western point of view that compulsory on-site inspection of a suspected violator by an international organization niust be part of a nuclear test ban treaty, Reject Japanese -Plea (At the same time "the Soviet Union rejected a plea that it accept a test ban in''a note delivered in Moscow today, Japanese Premier Hayato Ikeda _ apnealcd to Premier Nikita Khrushchev to isree to -a nuclear test ban with international controls. But Moscow reports said Soviet officials threw cold water on the appeal immediately). U.S. Ambassador Arthur H. Dean said even if Russia accepted that principle again, as it once did for three vears. the. United States will continue to test weapons until an effective treaty is signed. ' ReDlyinc to a Soviet question whether the United States would undertake not to conduct nuclear explosions d u r i n g . negotiaions here. Dear, declared: "The answer is no—the United States will not undertake such an obligation.. "The United States has learned .; (Continued on Tage 6) Choir to Sinq at Methodist Services Kemp Methodist church will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus at morning worship service at 10:30 a.m. with a parade of choirs. Four choirs will proceed into the auditorium as they sing the resurrection song. Each of the four choirs will sing in the service. The primary department choir is the newest choir to be crganized. and it wilKsing for the first time two numbers. "Tell Me the Stories of Jesus," and "Hossanah. Hosannah." ; Rev. Melvin Seeger will tell an Easter story to children. "Abner and the Easter Lilies." The carolers choir, under the direction of IMrs. James Feather, w"H. sing. "Beside the Cross," and "Christ the Lord is Risen'Today." The Youth choir will sing "The Easter 'Bell Carol," by Lloyd Pfautsch,' under the direction of Mrs. Jan Regnier. Rev. Seeger will be preaching upon "A Jiving Christ—A Living Faith." -The Chancel choir, under Mie direction of Mrs. David Dick, will sing "Magdalena," by Brahms, and "Hallelujah, Amen" from "Juda-s Maccabeaus" by' Handel. The pastor has -set as a .goal for the Easter service a number. approximating the church 's membership. Friends who have no church, home are invited to attend the service and celebrate the resurrection of the Son of God. 'The Youth Fellowship will have an Easter breakfast in fellowship hall at 8 a.m. D. E. Leist will be guest speaker. All youth of the church are invited \o attend. A baptismal service will be eon- ducted Easter Sunday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. Friends are cordially invited to attend this service. Mrs; Feather will sing Brahm's Lullaby, and Rev. Seeger will give a meditation and baptize babies.

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