Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on September 2, 1952 · Page 5
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 5

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 2, 1952
Page 5
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1 952 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VCRNOM. rLLfNOIS Radio By C. K. BUTTERPIELD NEW YORK — (AP) — Steve Allen, the West Coast funny man brought east by CBS in the hope the had the makings of anothep Arthur Godfrey, finally has been given an opportunity to sliow what ho really can do. They've let him go the merry way by wliich he gained so much attention at Los Angeles. All summer Stove has been running a radio series five nights a week under the blanket label of the "Stove Allen Show." It has no particular format outside of its principal. He sometimes identifies it as a "Mystery ^Program." * "The mystery is — is it a program?" he adds. Unrehearsed, the series is a sort of open house originated from a Broadway theater. Studio guests come and go without tickets. Allen spills a steady flow of ad-libs he interviews celebrities and others. Much of his broadcast takes place in the studio audience as he chats with anyone willing to respond. Tiie spontaneity gcnrally is productive of some prcily funny 'd stuff. A TV preview of the pro football season is due on DUMONT tonight when tht game between the New York Giants and the Detroit Lions at Detroit is televised. Air time is 8:30 CDT with Don Wattrick of Detroit announcing. TUNING TONIGHT (Tiicsilay) . NBC— •0 7:00—Cavalcade Drama. 7:30—Barrie Craig Mystery. 8:00—Meet Your Match. 8:30—Truth or Consequences. 9:00—Dr. C. H. Tobias on "A View of Race Relations." CBS— 7:00—People Are Funny. 7:30—Mr. and Mrs. North. 8:00~Life With Luigi. 8:35—Steve Allen Show. 9:05—Strawhat Concert. ABC— 7:00—Mayor of Times Square. ^ 7;30—Kathi Norris Story. 8:00—Town Meeting. 9:00—John Daly. 9:35—Dance Time. MBS— 7:00—Jimmy Carrol Show, 7:30—Dr. Kildare Story. 8:05—Detective Drama. 8:30—Mysterious Traveler. TELEVISION (Central daylight — standard one horn- earlier). NBC— , V 7:00—^Midwest Hayridc. m 8:00—Boss Lady Film. 8:30—Circle Theater. 9:00—Ted Mack's Amateurs. CBS— 8:00—Crime Syndicated, Sen. O'Conor. 8:30—Suspense. 9:00—Danger "Backfire. •VBC— 6:30—Beulah Film. 7:00—Politics on Trial. DUMONT— 7:00—Vivien Kellems. ^ 7:30—Keep Posted "Is Stcven- ™ son a Captive Candidate," •iVEDNESDAY ITEMS NBC— 10:00 a. m.—Strike It Rich. 11:15 a. m.—Kate Smith Program. 4:30—Lorenzo Jones. 7:30—Gildersleeve. 9:35—Portrait of a Qty, Boston. CBS— 9:00 a. m.—Godfrey Time. 1:15 p. m.—Perry Mason. - * 3:30—Bandstand Broadcast. # 6:00—Beulah's Skit. 8:00—Johnny Dollar. ABC— 10:30 a. m.—Bi-eak the Bank. 12:15 p. m.—Ted Malone. 3:00—Cal Tinney. 6:30—Lone Ranger. 9:15—Dream Harbor. MBS— 8:30 a. m.—Mac McGuire Show. • 11:00 a. m.—Curt Massey. Time. 2:00—John B. Gambling Hour. 6: IS—Men's Corner. 9:00—Frank Edwards Comment. MlluOood Caraml Bar i Howard B-Srark Ca,Wm^ RESTORE PEP/POWER PERFORMANCE! REBUILT ENGINE Any Make—Any Type UNKON'S SUPPLY 308 South lOtli Street Mount Vernou, 111. A Premium Beer at a Low Price Only o Case at the WOODEN INDIAN Mt. Vernon, III. TUmSTEN BOOMS TOWN AS VITAL DEFENSE LINK Bob Thomas HIT SONG BRINGS MOVIE ROLES TO ROSS 6AGDASARIAN MINERS e.xtractlng tiinpsten from North Carolina mine, one of tlie few U. S. sources of this defense-important racial. AP Newsfeatures TUNGSTEN, N. C. — Because Chinese Communists control much of the world's supply of tungsten, this litle mining town has become a strategic center in the U. S. defense program. It is one of the few places in the country Nyhere the metal has been found. The Hamme mine and mill is working to maintain supplies and build up a stockpile. Tungsten went into the A-bombs in World War II. It will also have a part in the H-bomb if and when it is built. It is used in jet engines, light bulb filaments, radio and radar. Cutting tools and armor- piercing shells also use it. The deposit here was discovered in 1901. The trouble with mining it is that prices varied so sharply It cost $100 for 20 pounds in World War I, but imports from ChinE^ later brought the price down' to $12 for 20 pounds. Now the U. S. government has guaranteed a price of $63 for 20 pounds to domestic producers and the Hamme works are booming. AUTO CRASHES BRIDGE; 3 DIE By Associated Presi LOWDER, 111. — A mother and two children were killed Monday when their car struck a bridge abutment on the Lowder Road, a half mile south of Route 104. The victims were Mrs. June Teubner, 28; her daughter, Lillian Carlene, 9, and her son, Carl, 7 months. The father, Carl T. Teubner, 32, was injured critically. The family resided in Springfield until two weeks ago when they moved to Lowder. When Is By BOB THOMAS AMOclated Press Staff Writer HOLLYWOOD — What a difference a hit song makes. At least it changed the life of Ross Bagd-^sarian. He's the guy who was responsible for "Come Ona My House,' which was driving the nation buggy a year ago. Yes, his cousin, William Saroyan, also got credit for the composition, but his contribution was reportedly slight. Anyway, the song completely altered the life of Bagdasarian, whose career had long wavered between show business and grapes. Ross is a member of that tribe of Americans of Armenian ancestry who have settled in the warm San Joaquin Valley, principally around Fresno. He is a happy extrovert, full of the joy of living. He might have stepped out of a Saroyan play, which indeed he has. . The lad abandoned the family trade—grapes—to follow his famous cousin. Ross appeared in two Saroyan plays on Broadway: •Time of Your Life," in which he played the pin-ball maniac, and "Love's Old Sweet Song," with Walter Houston, Then came the war. "After I got out of the service, I decided I would settle down in Fresno and raise grapes," he related. "It so happened that my first'crop came in the worst grape season in 32 years. I lost everything. So I decided to come to Hollywood. My wife now says, Thank heaven the grapes weren't good that year.'" With a wife and two kids to support, Ross began pounding on music publishers' doors. He had written "Come Ona My. House" 10 years before, but had never been able to interest anyone in it.. "I tried it with nearly every singer," he said, "But they all turned it down. Peggy Lee and Dave Barbour faid it was too late in the summer to put it out. Frankie Laine said dialect songs never sold." Finally he sent a record of the song east with a friend, who wks instructed to play it for Kay Arman. Still nothing happened. Some time later he learned that Kay Arma 1 had recorded the song, and so had a new singer named Rosemary Clooney. Then things started popping. "My luck changed," Ross said. "In the past year, I've had two hit songs, the other: 'What's the Use,' recorded by Johnny Ray and acted in six pictures. Ross, who is currently playing a land-locked sailor in "60 Saddles for Gobi," said the film roles resulted from his fame as a song writer, PAYMASTER AND $60,000 MISSING By Associated Press MADRID. — European police searched today for Capt. Julian Rodriguez Pastrana, chief paymaster of Gen. Francisco Franco's War Ministry reported missing with at least four million pesetas ($60,000). Army officials said the captain failed to return Aug. 27 from a temporary five-day leave. Says U.S. Offers To Assist- Egypt ;By Associated Press CAIRO, Egypt.—Prime Minister Aly Maher has told army officers that the United States promised sizable point-four aid for the industrialization of the country and reclamation of the desert, Cairo newspapers reported today. PACKAGE LIQUOR WINE AND BEER By Bottle ot Case Get Them From THE WOODEN INDIAN Free Delivery Phone 100 or 708 WANTED TO BUY! Late Model USED CARS S. R VEHTRESS MOTOR CO. 505 S. 10th Phone 4685 They work as a team • • • each wifh his own beliefs his own rights • • • This great land of ours towers above all others in production ... and in freedom. Blind luck? Certainly not! While we have been blessed with vast natural resources—Americans are a resourceful people! Teamwork... people working together... labor, management and the equipment supplied by investors ... have transformed these resomrces into the production of the things we need ... and a higher standard of living for us all. A true respect for others' opinions.,. the right to sit down at a table and iron out differences ... the voluntary decisions of free men—from these have come the world's most productive economy and, at the same time, the greatest regard :^or the freedom and dignity of the mdividnal. ILLINOIS POWIR COMPANY BRITISH GOLD .RESERVE OFF •y Airaelatad Press LONDON.—The vital gold and dollar reserves of Britain and its sterling area partners slumped 44 million dollars during August, the Treasury announced today. The decline dropped the reserves to $1,672,000,000, well under the two billion regarded by the Treasury as the minimum for safety. The reserves are the entire capital of the sterling area for trade with nations such as the United States which require dollars for payment of goods. One factor in the decline was a $98,600,000 payment by Britain to the European Payments Union to meet a July deficit in this country's export-import trade with other members. Free Book on Arthritis And RJieumatism Now To Avoid Crippling Deformities An amazing newly enlarged 44- page book entitled "Rheumatism" will be sent free to anyone who will write for it. It reveals why drUgs and medicines give only temporary relief and fail to remove the causes of the trouble;, explains a specialized non-surgical, non-medical treatment which has proyen successful for the past 33 years. You incur no obligation ifi sending for this instructive book. It may be the means of saving you years of untold misery. Write today to The Ball Qinic, Dept. 1225 Excelsior Springs, Missouri. ELECTRICAL WIRING AND SUPPLIES Ask for free estimate—Small Jobs or complete farm hoase wiring. Use SEARS easy payment plan. PHONE SOOO Ark for Mr. Orland Dees Lighting Division Mgr. SEARS til IS. 10th St. Phone 3000 JOHNSON The Florist will be OPEN FOR BUSINESS Tuesday, Sept. 2 ^iiiiiiiiimimrKrimiimiinitiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiii I Quality and Quantity I (FulM2 0z.) I ORANGE, GRAPE, LEMON, I STRAWBERRY^ ROOT BEER f Coca - Cola Bottling Co. 1 MT. 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