The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on April 24, 1947 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1947
Page 3
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in THEMA J^ ERN _ LEADER - MALVERN. IQWA. AP»» 24 , 1947 ri '"< Oklahoma Storm An It*™ »• y Were the Strnhan Methodist f7, nrrh Sunday, April 27-^.^v^ isr:? he worship service Sundayrnorn' Sse^cr*^' 615 t0 Sapp0rt Class Present Don't be Bashful" r P cT. b . e Tr Class nnder ^e died h Pt S , UPt ' Harvey ' P res *«t- Il,h? » C , IaSS P ' ay ' " Don>t B « Cast n'f * a8t Frlday evenln *- <-ast of characters In the nlav were Elinor " - P ay W. S. r. S. Held .4prH Meeting at fhnrch The Women's Society of Christian Service met at the church last Wednesday with 25 members present and one guest, Mrs. Moffitt. Mrs. John Bayes was appointed secretary of supply The April and May birthdays observed in honor of Mrs. Ray WeJda and Mrs. Harold Isom who were present and the others honored who were absent were Mrs. Nlms, AY s Jones. Alice Gipe. Mrg. Ralph Scott. Bertha Angus, Dor- Mr, and Mrs. Dale Xnns have received word that Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Pettijrrew, former residents of Strahan, have moved to Sampsell. Mo., where Mr. Pettlprew is employed by the Wahash. railway. Mrs. Leo Hankins and two children o? Randolph. Mrs Melvin irvin and daughter and Mrs Less Irvin and Larry made a business trip to Shenandoah Monday. CHAMPION HILL PAGE THREE ;* E. E. Wiloy and Max ate Runday dinner with Mrs. Flora Koch- ""—^^—^•••^^^•^B Copyrt«ht 1M7 Your Congressman's Record in Omaha Friday evening i our Congressman Ben F sen voted In favor of the ianor- Mr e . Xenie Antrim^rshenan- M«ef SrH 1 """" 011 ' b '" Whfch doah and Mr,. Lowe., Vichter ^l^oTc^T" 1 ' by * and son were Friday night vis- —«.•'— to . 107 - Onl ^ Marvin" Wd^'oVn" VV ° od ' Atl™*' ^ m McKee Jr - as Mr. ar e in the hosoftal f . M £"' Darlene R °»e a* Fran«or cut/and Pbr u|l s mn? 6 "' fC "I er V* m NlckolM "«««•• -KerTeopTe ^ ™ a ' ^^'.^ ^^ " °'' Mr. and Mrs. Boh Blunt and children were Sunday evening visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Orindle and family. The lollowing teachers have been reelected here for the next term of school but it is not known many of them will as Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Gorman. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Gorman ""> Sunday dinner guests of — Mrs. Dallas elites and to the Methodist hospital In Omaha Tuesday and underwent an operation on Wednesday. Denver Waterworfh who Is employs,! by the railway express at Jefferson Cl)y, Mo., Harvey, fifth and sixth; Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. Picker, hluh school Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Fltzwater Tor of its passage. The bill now awaits action by the Senate primarily, the House ' bin 1. Prohibit industry-wide bargaining by a union, but permit bargaining with any one company. 2. Outlaw the closed shop, but permit the union shop. 3. Outlaw Jurisdictlonal strikes sympathy and sit-down strikes """" J "~ boycotts and mass •Tnlln Denn Nlms Honor finest nt Miscrnnnoon* Shower A shower was given last Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Dean McLain honoring Miss J O Ha Dean Nlms. The afternoon was spent in doing pencil and paper games. Several wedding dresgps of past years were modr-led. The bride received many beautiful and uaful gifts. Delicious refreshments of Ice cream, pie. cake and coffee were served by the hostess*, Mrs Dean McLaln. Mrg. Frank Sawyrs Mrs Francis Parker, Mrs. Flora Kochersperger, Mrs. Frank Cole. Mrs Arthur Cole and Mrs. Charles Ballain. —^ of the rain TT Lallghlln °f Omaha snow. Their car. tractor and «* » " W6ek elid wlth her P ar ' Pickup were badly damaged Th^v ' Mr ' and MrB - Dalp Laughlin IlUVP Rpvnti •**ft*- 7 u. i iitfy ^t> a on «^ " * Git find about Ttr«j " j 20 or 30 chickens out of 20f) .,/ Vedne8 ^ a y several men from hens and 200 chickens that were community wet.t to Doctors large enough to fry * | lrjsn It»J in Omaha to be typed Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Amlck of Henderson and Mr. and Mrs Chas. Gipe were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Gip3 and children. Mr. and Mrs. Zeno Bass visited will Mfyfleld at Tabor Sunday and also Mr. and Mrs. Sidney bhere north of Tabor. visitors at the home of - • -. v/iuuae of Feri.^George Crouse Is a brother ""lUse of Ferguson and Frank of Slrahnn. type who furnished for the transfusions and es and Joe Copperstone. Strahan • PROFITS FOR YOU " My Slogan SELL BY AUCTION Forrett (Mike) BLOOMER Veteran World War n General Auctioneer Ph. 29P22 _- Glenwood Mr. and Mrs. Leo Hankins nnd family and Mr. and Mrs Shorty Drguge and family of Randolph, Mr. and Mrs. Mac'irvin and family of Craig, Neb., Mr game. The score was 3-2 in favor of Strahan. Mrs. Roy Bayes and Mrs. Vic- • -- —.._..., i,n. uny airs. Melvln Irvin and daughter and Mr. nnd Mrs. Dale Nlms and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Melvln Irvin and still quite weak. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Amlck of Henderson spent the week end with Mr. and Mrg. Charles Gipe. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Allely of Henderson spent Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Waterworth. Dorothy \Vat- erworth spent the week end at the Allely home and they brought her home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Moffiu of Mt Ayr visited their daughter nnd family, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Angus, and daughter last week. Mrs. Elma Wiseman and sons were Sunday afternoon visitors in the Tom /iaslee home. Mrs Raymond Stevens has been .visiting her parents nt Clark. Nob. Mr. Stevens wont to Clark Friday to attend the sale that Mrs. Stevens' parents had and bers. 5. Permit the Government to r\n *-in*I,.« t * ,. strikes Representative Jensen, bv remarks printed in the Congressional Record, pointed out that he is opposed to the Presidents Policy of reducing prices. Mr Jensen reasoned that a 10 per cent price drop on agricultural products would result In a 10 per cent-drop in national income Mr Jensen based his reasoning on an economic analysis by Carl H tlonal Council of^olfx^u!* M "' W kin 1ms estimated that each dollar of gross farm Income creates seven dollars of national In-- Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Coates of Los Angeles. Cal., and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Griffin of Red Oak visited Monday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Griffin. Several from Champion HIM attended services at Wales Sunday Rev. Theodore H. Epp O f Lincoln was the speaker. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Olasslncer bur Willia ak ' Mr a " (I Mr " W "' itors Sunday evening in the* Lester Thomas home. Florence nnd Wilma C'noppr \\-fi-c Sunday gur<°r<i n f Mr. and Mr«. Harold Cooper and family. In the afternoon all WPTP visitors In the homp of thoir undo and aunt, Mr. and Mr.« R H Rrldee. Miss JOVCP Thomas and Jack Thorpon of Emerson and Miss Marllpp Williams nf Wales wero Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lostpr Thomas and family Miss Opraldinp Rprr.vhill spent Saturday night with Florence and wllma Cooppr in Emerson. Mary Rullinp-ton had the misfortune of breaking her collarbone in a bicycle accident last Friday evening. The congregational meeting was held at the church last Wed- npsday evening. Rev. Chambers oj_ Red Oak was the moderator. DRS. KUNE & KLINE Otteopathlc Phy«lclan« Office houra: 1 to 5 p. m. and 7 to » p. m. on Saturday. Other Hour, by Appointment Office In Kune« A Nelion Building X-Ray Dfacnoils Phonet: Office 2331 Hou.e: Dr. D. M. Kline 3821 Or. J. A. Kline <881 GIFTS For All Occasions L. S. ROBINSON 10-Day Watch Repair Service Glenwood, Iowa ...... wiriui uuyee were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Norton and children Mr. and Mrs. Roy D. Welda of Kansas City, Mo., gpont the week end with Mr. Welda's father and wife Mr. and' Mrs. Ray Welda Harold and Qny Qrlndle er. — I»«T w» muuto Bit *,".?. '""I Gf'nl'e were Sunday Sunday to visit Mrs. Irvin' ents, Mr. and Mrs. L. V. and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Emmlt Gipe, Mr. 70 Persons present at the meet! ing of the "Organization of Young Adult Classes" at Farragut. Sunday -evening. Mrs. Evelyn BIrkby was the guests speaker from Chicago. Three of the Wlota group. In"•"— '.he boy who won first the recent' contest of Mrs. Frank Crouse made a business trip to Red Oak Monday afternoon. Connie Belknap spent the past week end with her grandparents, Mr. ond Mrs. Oscar Belknap, in family of Mansott were Sunday afternoon visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Hlllyer. Glen Baslee spent the week end with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Baslee. Silver City paseball Boys GEORGE JAV DRUG CQ P«pendmbl« / TtrngqlnTm Shenandoah Wiota were in charge of the Stra and « , M "' Harold Grlndle ban Methodist church .J?, 8 "^T '"*_" r ' an . d M "' <*»* Grlndle Jr. vou «ANT ee so wrotUY BAD. T mu ME YOU TOOK THE FIRST A /CHURCH PACE SERVICE CO. BFGoodHeh FIRST IN RUBBER -ppo. liurgoin Honored at Birthday Anniversary Last Wednesday Burgoln and a group_of birthday anniversary. Ice cream and cake were served. Present were Mr. and Airs T D. Tyson and son Jim Bill and Miss Edith Burgoin of Council Bluffs, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Burgoin and baby, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Burgoin and son and Gall Burgoin. Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Laugh- lln entertained his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. p. Laughlln. and Louie and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jordon and family at a dinner Sunday. It was the 38th wedding anniversary ot hi* parents. Mr, and Mrs. Willie Laughlln' celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary on Sunday and were given a very pjeasant surprise celebration at the home of their son, Mr. and Mrs. BHlle Lou Laughlln, with all their brothers and sisters there helping celebrate the happy occasion. Former Resident* .Announce Daughter's Kii^jt^cmont Mr. and Mrs. Art Green, for- Dead Animals Removed PROMPT SERVICE 1 wlth Mrs. Helen , **cicil uuuutrJS USSJSC- ing. Mrs. Etta Anderson had charge of the devotlonals and program. Georgia Hettlnger read -he study book. $3 was donated to the cancer drive. Next meeting will be with Mrs. Mary Moore with Mrs. Susie Stewart co-hostess nora to Robert Foster, son of Mrs. Alice Foster of Randolph 1 heir marriage will take place in June. Miss Green will graduate from Glenwood high school in May. She lived here for many years. South of Highway No. 34 Call RAMSEY'S RENDERING CO. Dial O — Ask for 9000 North of Highway No. 34 Call OAKLAND RENDERING CO. Phone 4000 We Pay Phone Charge. Paint Paint Paint MOW AVAILABLE IN I AND 6 GALLON CANS TIMKEN OIL BURNERS GARDEN SEEDS, VIGORO McCALUSTER ELECTRIC SWEEPERS G. E. MAGICAIRE ELECTRIC SWEEPERS DEEP FREEZE UNITS GARDEN PLOWS BICYCLES — TRICYCLES FLOOR WAX ELECTRIC FANS PACE SERVICE d. Honor Two Anniversaries Sunday at Dorcnspikes To honor Mr. and Mrs. J. B Dovenspike on their 44th wedding anniversary and the sixth wedding anniversary of their son- in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Gater. a family dinner was held at the Dovenspike home Sunday. The dining table was centered with a beautiful bouquet of American Beauty roses, furnished by. Mr. and Mrs. Gater. Others present were the Gater children Misses Frances, Catherine and David Gater of Shenandoah. Mr and Mrs. George Burgoiu and Patty and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bur- goln and son. Woman's Club Plan f or Mot her-Da lighter Banquet The Woman's club met Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Pearl Piatt with 15 members answering roll call. Plans were made for the banquet May 7. B. n. Butcher, Darwin Addys, Clyde Addy and Emmett Molea are busy making their homes modern by putting in water and new bathrooms. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Shilling of Malvern spent Sunday afternoon here. T. F. Maher spent Sunday In Council Bluffs with his daughter Pollltts Entertain at Pinochle Mouday Kvenlug Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Pollltt entertained four tables at pinochle Monday evening at their home Prize winners were Mr. and Mrs A. P. Jones and Mrs. C. C. Piatt Other guests present Included C C. Piatt, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Custer, Dr. and Mrs. C. O. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Scheel and Mrs. Amanda Schoeniug has purchased the late W. S Ham niond property in the west part of town. Week end guests at the home of Mrs. Cecelia Van Kirk were Mrs. Nellie Darby and Miss Eva Darby of Council Bluffs and Mrs Eva Reed of Crown Point, Ind and Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Vaughn' of Lincoln. Sunday Mrs. Van Kirks three daughters. Mrs. Vaughn, Mrs. John Hettinger and Mrs. P. W. Anderson, entertained at dinner at the Van Kirk honoring their mother's birthday anniversary. Mr, and Mrs. Lewis Sargent v. n f» !, W , l ? rel1 o£ Paciflc Junction visited Monday at the Cliff Stewart home. Mrs. Raymond Love and baby Mr. and Mrs. Donald Petersen of Essex spent Sunday with her Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Carpenters are about to com°*~ work on the fine new home '. and Mrs. Bernle Laughlin. H is an eight room modern house with full basement, bath and shower with plenty of closets, built-in cupboards, Insulated and hot and cold .water, it will not be ready to move into for about a month as the finished has not been completed. Joe Wagner, World war vet- Mr, and Mrs. Lloyd Markel and family of Gleawood were ^ Frank Gleuwood. family eralion in the Veterans hospital at Lincoln Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Art Le ahy and family and Mrs. Donald Schieb- ller and children of Omaha spent Sunday here with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Parker ECONOMICAL' Nothing else you buy gives you as much for your money as does your Electric Service For Electricity helps with your washing and ironing, lights your home, runs your re' PrOVid * i8 eu 'ertalnment on your While the cost of most necessities has risen sharply, you still buy Electricity at low Live Mrs. Mae Burgoln, Is spending the week In Council Bluffs with Miss Edith Burgoin. Mrs. Ettu Anderson, local Red Cross sewing chairman, reports the followlug articles have been (UttUc and turned lu to the county chuinuau, Mrs. P, V. Kemp, at tileii wood: nine dresses, tureo sweaters, two scurfs uud ouo pair Air. uud Mrs. UU>u Prank wore kUSllK'JM lU 8lmU<lU- » n Cal " came ^ ntotOtuaha Saturday and is ?, aklng w ^definite visit «"* pareuiB, Mr. and MFB Clay. Mr ' ftnd Mr8 p «u» Fluiumant e ou a vacatlou trip to the Boutherl > states. Mr. ttud Mrs Kurl Newman two nous, Hottuld ana Jim- mle. huv« rwiurnud to tlu-lr hunio ut KlttmuHi Kulls. Couucil Bluffs. Ronald will remain here in George Parker's home until school is out and theu ha will Join his parents In Council Bluffs. Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Sepka have moved from Sheuaudoah to the Mrs. Fauuy McCJarglll place they recently purchased. Hud Volaud eume over from Walioo. Nub., luat Wednesday ami took Miss Mario Horsey there for u visit with his mother iiud other relatives. She returned hi'iv tSuturduy evening. Uviui Mmm> matin a busings* trip tu Ue. Motura Tumidity. wVlm^ Utw." doali wu 3 a bu»liu«Ns vaUer hen. lltt, Muuduy. IOWA POWER & LIGHT COMPANY Malvvrn 'Electricity U Cheap in M*ivern'

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