The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 14, 1932
Page 3
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SEPTKMREU (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Dead Man Is Elected Sheriff t Lenient Policy of Municipal Court at an End, Bench Announces. Law violators convicted In municipal court may expect to pay the penalty. Judge C. A. Cunnin-j- r.arn declared Monday afternoon' l» announcing from U'.e be-y:h a departure from I'hat he iy;-! run: l.i-en the iiollcy uf the omrt dnr- ii.p (1 c su.-mit:- lo cxlo,;-_i a tiujt iitjjree of lemoiicy. "ortei ca i;:i> F-xpc-ns; of th: oi'iccrV The cunt .-aid th<u in view 1 -. o( the arrival of tlu 1 If.ll couon (licking season it Is now possible of a lob. J i'Jf. r;minin-;li.i:u sai.l M- liad held Mil !ii;c.i ,mj sii s ;xn.t- F.d MMHenccs of =n • ,--.-..• tl'c 1 ; list months :-ud ; hit :*o Inui ihdtn:d to s'.reu-li a |n,:::t f t w Uilc'ici.t- :. /"he cour' :-;,i'j h ;i.i.! been in I'-iuLl ns i; '<•>! i-hi-i>-is: ' if action I-jr r'.mv m.:', Hnrc I?ar!i'^. with whom tlu- '.uni: had l.ecn ic-nie.r, aim..;,! i: :i-iia'j!; Icui'.d tlu- : r '\.v. : jr;i: i^lo'L- il ? bar. His .i"''?u !?..<! io:-:ec! ,1 hardship on ul 1 ;s-.5 :i:iu <lt iirived (he court uiy n! posslJe icvcnue, tli3 |U:1-;? 11 cl:!rv;l. Ino ccurl will tont:n.;c '.;> U-; syn:|-a- llietic, Jud*e LJ'Uisim^hum poi.'iU-d i!ut. but will not '<>•'. ilif|)'.-:-d lo !tt sympsilij .sianil in t:ic '.v.iy <-. r duly. The larg:s; rolii; doc;:;', Mn;i; Insi February, con-.'s'.iijs, .Vim/a ••ntlrcly of -niiiv offense: muli as public (Jrunk.'inif-.w. disturbance 1 , and flgluhi; «.is ;.i!!r;l I-YI.'crime alter ro.-'.'iMr'.' was orcicisd as defendants Iait:d ID appiar to answer charws. Eleven Sll cic- liusils on ehary.-o uf jv.iblii; ds-iiiv- emiess ivet-e furfnica. am! t.'iroc for distinbliii; Hie ;r:ire wore aho forfeited. The defei«l?.i:ls wtit failed to ansv,cr i-nnini-j of dl!;- turbin? the peace wero all ne- gro<-s. They v.-erc Btrtha MaeiDlia. Florence Parks and Hoy Nelson 'I heir six dollar itefWsits w.-re (a(-- cn over by the city. •ArmMead Ifarbor. nogro, who "wretclwd for a brick." and John Moore, negro, on the receiving -:iici f the brick, were fnisd for fighting. The first negro was fined S10 and the second pfiiri one dollar being credited, the court, said, "nine dollars for a bfack eye." Jack Shclton. 1 negro, was fined five dollar on a plea of guilty to disturbing iho p?.ic?. Another n»- Sro, who pleaded guilty to drunkenness was fined SiO. Bijford Martin; operator of o taxi stand, .was fined SIO (or disturbing tlie peace, as was Russell Hyers" cite brawl occurred in front of Martin's stand after the taxi man accepted a -d arc - of B yer S ' to •come out" front. Alarm, applied from the decision. In the county division'of court E. I,. Brewer and Frank Br.-nver Muntry youths, made bad and hold by corn liquor, were fined. Th- firs' drew a SIO f, n; for assault ani battery and the second, for carry in- a concealed weapon, was or?e e3 to pay $00. The fmos resulted from an Incident which occurred r Lule.5 gin on Highway si Sun cornfield after a disturbance with dire threats as to the fate j n .(„„ - ^eT^ed'^^7 f" Bomar. denntv ™,,,t« Two men charged with drunkcnnessjvere fined sio c.ich. Successor to Phar Lap Is Chosen vis EU ^ N o;-n°d%n" P) ^ D ' J ' Ua " lian wuder horse, said' while"vis" 'ling her; that he had purchased a new thoroughbred. Pillow Pieht and would b.-i» B the racer to Am-' erica after it had gained experience In Aus-.ialia. He said he never horprt to have a Horse that equaled Pliar Lap »'io died after winning (he Agiia ,7. , nlc Handicap, but declared Pi n raccr is n gr;at llors c- il.ow pigiu wi -,i b,, ,. eadv f in asron of the United Stated turf J""* lunnlng in the Auckland, Mr , lanrt - Ufrb J'- * ud Mrs. Davis were en route York to ovci^ee mounting Rreat i'har Lap. whose skin MELBOURNE, Ark. (UP)—To lie defeated Is pretty bad-uut think of losing a race for sheriff to n oend man. That's just what happened lo O. L. Elliott In !?ard Couny. Now he Ls trying to prevent the Democratic Central Committee from holding n special primary to nominate a candidate for the office Sept. 20. Sheriff Estes defeated Elliott lv;o K) one. ttnee days after ho died and the committee declared • Hie nomination vacant. One Bump-and They're Off — . . * Judge Cunningham Promises Decision in Leachville Case Thursday. LEB IS to ,,f (I ° re ',H . bcc " se ' U lo demiki dmnlsi there. The stuffed racer w Se ' U to a » Australian mu- senator MJMev lones Wins Renuhlican Nomination In Washington. BY UNITED TRRSS Piohibilion leaders, incluilin; Senator Wesley Jones of \Vn.4i- noton. Repuljllcan author or tho 'five nnd ten" lux. held fiwora- W.-> ix>?llions Inday in primary elrrtion rottp-m In wveral slates. Senator Jones, alter trailing Adam Heeler, icrieahsi. in early iclurns. forma into a three to Iwo lead. Governor Roland Hartley of Washington was running far behind i.t. John Gelhuly in the Republican ijuucrnatorisi] pri- iiary. In New Hamnfhlrc Gov. John Winanl. supported by dry votes, itid Senator George If. J,rof.?s, were renominaied by the Republicans. Congressman Ernest Gibson, re- Hitlnission candxlarr, led Loren I'ierc?. rcpealisl. bv a large mar- I'in in the Repiiblican contest In Vermont, Hucy LOIIK was the lssi:e in Louisiana. The Louisiana Demo- c:atic toss put Congressman John Overtoil in the senatorial nomination race in an effort, to oust :m old political enemy. U. S. Senator Edwin Broussard. and apparently had succeeded by almost a two to one vote. Broussnrd hnrt been in the senate twelve years. Long's ticket favored r.?ponl and limitation of prlvnte wealth. Cole Blcase. for many years a national figure among Democratic congressmen, apparently failed in a comeback attempt in South Carolina wh?rc he opiiosed Ellison jnith. incumbent, for the nomination for the senate. Gene Tunnev Is a Better Man, Namesake Says PORTLAND. Me. (UP1— While James J. "Gene" Tunney. former boxing champion, was visiting her? recently, a rei»."(er. knocking a! the door of a hotel room assignee to "J. J. Tunney." provoked Mil. 1 response: "You must want Gene. You'-,': got the wrong nun. He's my namesake, but a better man than I am.' Gene finally tras found at another hotel. Evidence in the trial of \v. c, Hnney. Democrat!; nominee for constable of Neal township, on' clmrges of IniporronnlliiFj aii of- .'kfr nnd caris'ln-,} 'a conceal wcaiwn. and John Shipp c:i charge of ousti'iii'llng an nili, ill performance of his duty, wis completed todny but muiik-lpa|- Judge c. A. Ciinnlnchuni ;m- j liounceU that hU decision woulil! be hamlet! down Thursday after- | noon. All witnesses but Sheriff \v. \V. • Sliaver testified yesterday niu r - j noon nnd Shnver's failure to ,-i|)- iwar yesterday cost him n five do!-! »r line for contempt'of court tlijs! Horning. The sheriff admitted In-1 vns served with n subpoena ;ol , , ipiwar Wedneslay but staled tliiiii ' to cc '"'>''"'"-' »">l'"'« '« "liunil):,- .s,.;a Cjl. le went to the Mmlh end of Mie , cl)i1 ' 1 '' 0 " '' Olll> lllm 'oecther over cue of ihi- hiirdk-s county on private business and ! V:i., lioise show. U was n bit cromlrd, lj:i: M.| M - iv\u Charleston President PAGE THREE cl." ilu-.'-e ili (he \Vnni-ut should know "about five titiu-s us ni:cli about the law" as the :,«-r- igc citb.en. fined Shaver five dollars. The usual line mctM out 'or conUinpt hi the form of fail- ire to appear It, court ha; bc(-n one dollar. Sheriff Shaver testified tint Honey had Ixvn allowed, at the request of Deputy Joe Ranis, to help the latter In mills nnd enforcement of liquor laws in t!ie I.enrtn-ille vicinity. He snld llan:y uns under his Instructions to act only at Raul's request. The arrest of Hnncy resulted from a mix-up at Lenchvil!c tlncc days before the primary election. Haney, a candidate lor constable, and Bill DisnmkM. candidate fur Ic-election. clashed over wliici\ EH SUffEB Killer of French Prcsitlcnt'j Dies Under Pan's Giiil- j lolinc. I ii'. lu-.ul. Di. I'niil r.oreiiloff, linlf mail :an. shot down the frail non- al a benefit bcuk sate for :in.s on Mny 7. ••<• knife of tlv liiijiiollno fell :i O n. in. Tho Hnssliin's lirad d inlo a biiski't nnd his thuni]X-<l into a zinc-lined r cask. I. Within nve iiilnn'.cs s- trotted' ovi-r Hie cobbto •» (Irasvini; n closctl van that nl the body to a pauper's Chosen of Photographers Association. A. I.. Jcnfes. Chnrli'.'ilon, Mo., was c-lfcled president of tin- iis-0f!utlon In Its iiniUKil ii!eelln>(| IK'U- Miniday anil yeMevilny. Olhrr ! olflivrs nanu-il urc: A, W. Srhrn-i ill 1 ]'. Cam- Cilviirileuu. Mo., vice- jii'i'slili-iii: Mr.s. A. !.. Jenks,' Clmrlr.iliui, si-i-tvlniy; Mrs, E. p Ik-It, Hlytlicvill,'. troi\sih(-r. } Tin- conv<-nt!on will b^ held nt j Charlr&iiui nrxt your on Ihp .scc- nnd Monday uiul Tui-sdav In RCD- U-mbi-r. In (he invards of Meill for liesl work i!l'.|ilii)i- l | bv (li,. ft photo- |.'iiipl:.-Ms (ram Missouri, ;ivinies- ^L-i- mid Aikunsus who wore present. Ill-It's sliKllii. of this city, won llrtt liniiiu!. for the- best Imby's plcinre: tlu- F. D. McClrcKor studio, of Osn-ob, won honors (or Hie bc'M child pai-trnlt; J. J. Clnlllon, Caviiihrrsvllle. Mo., foi the IKVBI- finullv IUOIIP: nnyii lU-ed. I'op- Uluff. Mo., for ooimneiclnl ex- leiiois; s. l>. ReluniMcr. Dnone. vlllc,. Mo., for Iji-jit commeicliil In- ti'ilui; 1'. .1. Mllllclil. Defioto, Mo, for brs( Mother und Child Ktinly. "1'lie session closctl late yesterday afli-r the public Imd vlcwi'd the dljplnys of visiting photographers while the visitors went, on a motor tour of the city. Foi- demonstrating various mctlu. od.-; ii.wij in mnklnt' iiliatogrnphs, a \iw\ mun. several Klrls and u' bnby weie photoeinphcil. l:oio S:induy. Ml.u Nnoml filtered A. uud M. college for the year. Tito Dell school opened Monday In charge of Noule Qlll, Mi|K'rln- (I'liilnil of (lie nell consolidated dlslilcl. Ml<s Warrenne Brownlcc Ims cliuine of (he first and second grades, Miss Olive Bradbcrry ol the second and (hlrd, Mrs. No- We Olll of (h? fifth and sixth, and Miss Mnhfin. of Lltllc Rock, os- slslod by Air. ail), of [lie sevenih, (iRhlli, iilntli and tenth grades. '•'•nilfi Klmer Om-don left '.AIK!.I.V to enter Arkansas 1'oly- (fcliiiU- rolli-ee at Uiis-^IIvllle. Edgnr Slacey triuissiclvd business at Tiiirdl Friday. Mr. and Aim. Tom Hudson nml unall ikmijlili'r visited friends in l-Ciirlu-liie Sunduy. \V. s. Criiwcli'i 1 nnd family, fmtncrly uf ArjiKirel, nrrlvotl here hist \U'<-k in innke their home;. Hospilal jVoa's admitted lo the Ulylhc .'icipftni unlay n-cic: W .1. 'Choi .•-on, .Mcniplils, 1. 11. Dcr.ler, U I, city; Miss Currie Dny, cily. Professor Solvei ' : CenturyOU Mystery. UERLIN. (UPl-prottsjior Neu-- mnnn, of the Breslau University," 1)0.? succeeded In solving * mystery which, for several centuries, hw been puzzling chemists and scrae- ologlsts—namely, the mystery surrounding the composition of varnish of nomon earthenware. Many specimens 0 1 red varnished llonian ixHlery were found In the - Hhlneland, eijicclollj- neaj- the town of KhchKauern, which was the con-., KM' of the Romin earthenvvafc Industry until the third century A. D. The analysis of (he varnish was very dlllk'iiH uecniusc it is an extremely tiln lnycr, measuring only. 0.1 millimeter. However. 1'rofeisor Neumann determined Its chemical composition, consisting of ulknll and boric acid. Hfsldc the varnisfi, ' ivd chalk wns used as paint. 1'iofefsor Nciunann used his reel- in 1 to varnish modern earthenware. ! His practical experiments proved Hint the recipe wns correct. ••" I'AHIS, Hept. 14 rUP) The assassin of the beloved President Paul Danm-M- paiil for his crime «t dawn today when the 1 sluivp lluudieds. including srores on tliiir way hump from market, tvii-d !ci bi-?ak llironijli police lint's. Iir.mi-dblcly n(t c] - t| lc cxccn- lin;i polta- wnslicd (he blood- blowi. dmve of Disunites anil llaneyj on home ami conic tact" fo- ttinl connictcd in aln-.ost every <:«ail.: Thp c!as!i really occmrcd' over Dismukes clnlmed he had Mini-, Disinukcs' challcniio o! Itancv's roth under arrosl when llanc-y at- , nnihority as an officer (o arrest I world';, ' to rirrosc^Miniifth but Minirelh. Sliipp is alleged to hove j " grabbed Oismukes in the scuffle. i devour one-teiuh of the that he had told Minirflh to Dell and Vicinity Miss Mahan will nlso touch pl- :nio mid Mi-, cm expression. Joan UnidlxTry rclurni'tl Friday nflor mi i-MiMiilcil vucation in Texas, Arlronn. Cullfornhi,. JJe left Kimday for Fiiyellevlllc to enter Ilio University of Arltanr.ns. I Mrs. F.iir! Mnijcrs. danshter 1r- | i-ne. nnd Nnoml Mutters, ac| ci-inpaniMl by Mrs. Floyd Ciir- ! lock nnil children, drove to Jones- IN OUR MAIL • One man after another—shavers by the hundred—write of their great r. satisfaction with the Gillette BLUE : BLADE. Learn why. Try the Gillette ; Blue Blade and see for yourself. Wife Cuts Off Husband's Nose LAHORE, India. (UP)— For c husband to cut off his wife's nos? sometimes goes unpunished r.cre but when a woman cuts off. a man'r nose, the couu dcci;es the p?nall;- Four years ago a man cut off his sweetheart's nose, but the couple became reconciled nnd the woman proposed marriage. The intended husband taunted her atonl ter disfigurement, and to equalize matters, she tied him to his ta' when he was asleep and cut of! his nose! aise Siamese Twin Cucumber CANON CITY. Colo. (UP1 -Donald Donahoo, 13-year-old son of Canon City's ctef of police, lias raised a Siamese twin encumber. The freak vegetable is formed by two distinct cucumbers, grown logedier. HAVEYOURCAR Washed.... Greased.... And 6 Quarts rejj- itlar 25c Oil put in Ynur Crankcasc for Only !* Vollmer & Son, Inc. Yarbfo Road Phone 712 There is only 5-STAR MOTOR OIL ONE QUALITIES KEEPS BODY \ WINTER FLUIDITY LOW CARBON LOW CONSUMPTION LONG LIFE PARAFFINIC OILS * * * NAPHTHENIC IASPHAIIICI OILS * * fssolube IHTOSO'llHEDl * * * 1 * * The perfect motor oil must excel in five qualities — ability to keep its hody, winter fluid i iy, low carbon, low consumption, und lonji life. Tin; Iiest Pnrnftinic oils rate well in llircc of (liese (iniilitics. 'I'licy ;irc dcfi- cicnl in twn. .N'nplitliuiii: (Aspluiliic) oils rale well in two of llicsc qualities- -lire Jcticicnt in three. 1 here b:is been no cninnicrcinl methoil - -before liydrofininji — whicli could combine tlic£»(i<I qualities of fliesc (\vo (ypes of oils. Kssoliihe, t!ic liydrofinci.1 oil, combines these i|ii:i!ilics for (he first (iinc. It keeps its lv>dy inulcr t rein end oils engine bent nnd at exij L-iiieiy loiv temperatures. This means prelection for your engine at all tcnipcr:iturcs--lcss wear on your motor and fewer repair bills for worn-out parts —less wear on your battery. It bus winter fluidity. This means it flows freely in cold wenlbcr und reduces wear on your mofor Juriiiji winter. It b:is next to no carbon — this means fewer repair bills for carbon cleaning jobs. It gives you low consumption. This means it lubricates longer, reduces hills for worn-onl hearings, reduces oil bills. It lias long life. This means it doesn't sludge — fewer oil changes, further savings on oil hills. F'.ssnluhe -the P'sso of motor oils is on sale at all dealers and stations of the following companies at no extra cost: Standard Oil Company of Louisiana, Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, Standard Oil Company of Pennsylvania, Standard Oil Company, Incor- l>oralr<l in fCcnlnc/.y, Colonial licacon Oil Company, Inc. FREE BOOK«T-"/;wo/»6 t ., /I Fice-Stnr Motor Oil," gives yon the story o/ the great l\vdrofining invention which makes Risolube tossibh. Ask jar it at your "Standard" station.

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