The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 19, 1962 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 19, 1962
Page 6
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PAGE 6 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE ..TIU7KS., APRIL 19, 1962 RELIGION IN AMERICA EDITOR'S NOTE: The Supreme Court has made clear that public schools must not engage in sectarian religious instruction. But it never has made clear whether this includes Bible reading and prayers — an issue on which state courts and laws are sharply divided. Louis Cassels, UP I religious writer, {j explores the situation in the fol-' lowing dispatch. . By LOUIS CASSELS United Press International WASHINGTON (UPD— The U.S. Supreme Court is being pressed for a clear-cut ruling on a Constitutional question' which it. has left unsettled for 176 years. The question is: J- Does the religious freedom clause of the First Amendment forbid prayer and Bible reading in public schools? If the high court grasps this nettle — which it- has refused in the past to do — its ruling could touch off the greatest controversy sipce the desegregation decision of 1954. (J Millions of Americans harbor strong feelings on the subject of DON'T THROW IT AWAY! By IT We Mean Anything Save Anything That Might Have Some Value - - Call OS 5-4116 and A Truck will Pick Up Items on Saturday Mornings . WE WILL AUCTION ANYTHING at the ELKS AUCTION Proceeds to Elks Cancer Fund religion and its place in the public school program. Some contend that any religious exercise in a tax-supported school violates. the Constitutional principle of separation of church and state. Others assert that. it would be a tragic repudiation of America's heritage to ban the name of God from the classrooms in which most of the nation's children are educated. The Supreme Court has made clear-in the past — most forcibly in the McCollum case of 1948— that public schools may riot engage in sectarian religious instruc- j tion, nor even permit such instruction to be given on their premises. But it has never made a definite ruling on whether Bible reading and prayers fall within the forbidden area. ' Views Differ State laws and state court decisions . are sharply, divided on the question. Daily Bible reading is required by law in the public schools of 12 states, and is authorized, at the option of the local school administration, in 24 others. Eleven states prohibit Bible reading in public schools as unconstitutional. The remaining three have no specific law or judicial policy on the matter. In 1931 and again in 1952, the U.S. Supreme Court refused, for procedural reasons, to take jurisdiction of cases challenging the Constitutionality of religious exercises in public schools. In 1959, a three-judge federal court in Philadelphia held unconstitutional a Pennsylvania law requiring that 10 Bible verses be read without comment at the opening of each day's activities in every public school classroom. This decision was appealed to the Supreme, Court. But before it acted, the Pennsylvania Legislature amended the law to provide that any pupil might be excused from participation in the religious exercise at the request of his parents. » . Sends Case Back The Supreme Court in 1960 sent the case back to the Philadelphia court for a rehearing in the light of the changed law. Early this year, the lower court held that the amendment making participation vountary did not alter the Constitutional situation. The purpose of the Bible reading y.-as clearly "the promotion of religiousness," it said, and public schools had no /business doing that. This, case is now returning to the Supreme Court on appeal. Meanwhile, the high court has heard arguments on, another case which raises the question of whether public schools may even acknowledge the existence of God. This case grew out of a challenge to the so-called' "Regents' Prayer" used in New York state schools. The 22-word prayer was carefully composed to be as non-; sectarian as possible. It says: "Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence upon Thee, and we beg Thy blessings upon us, our parents, our teachers and our country." •Participation in the prayer is voluntary and any child may be excused on request. "Argue Against Practice . In the arguments which the court heard earlier .this month, representatives of leading Jewish organizations contended that the First Amendment draws no distinction between "sectarian" and "nonsectarian" religion, but bars IS THE MAN WHO KNOWS TIRES BEST! Kenny Conaway C-W FTRESTONE . The Man Who Knows Tires . BEST ' In This Area! - - AT C-W FIRESTONE ' There are No Gimmicks Til** |>ri<-«' advertise i* the priee >oll p ;i\. Nip trick.v "mill-oils" or Hiiiall print. Our low price* lire KMIMI whether ymj inly one tire ur :l complete set. AT C-W FIRESTONE You Know What You'oe Buy- \\V- sell rirt-st<»ji*', (In* finest tin**. IIIIHII-. \W <IM not otl<T our <-ustuiii- rrs si]1'-*.liui(Iaril lin*** <»r nny klutl. 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"If the voluntary recitation of this nondenominational prayer in public schools is unconstitutional," they said, "then it should logically follow that the public acknowledgement of and prayer to Almighty God must be banished from all governmental functions. Cite Examples Asserting that the authors of the Constitution would be "profoundly shocked to have such an interpretation placed on the First Amendment, they pointed out that Che Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag describes America as\r-na- join under God; the nations coins • bear the motto, "In God We Trust'; Congress and state legislatures open their sessions with prayer; • and even the Supreme Court convenes to the intonation of a marshal: "God save the United States of America, God save this honorable court." It has been widely expected that the court would hand down its ruling before the present term ends in June. But the recent appointment of justice, Byron White, who did not participate in the hearing, could give, the court a reason to defer action by ordering re-argument of the case next term. Lenten Message By GEORGE N. SHUSTER Assistant' To The President Notre Dame University . (Roman Catholic) Written For UPl 1 To borrow - a comparison from the Bible, Lent is a time when we enter a kind of spiritual gymnasium to train once more for a contest which never ends. The race is run against the clever mephisto within us — the desire to take.the easy way out, to get more fun out of life than the law allows, to make a pin-up of the c 'c 'o, .and perhaps to forgot that God is in his heaven and wants us to keep this in mind. . Forty, days of fasting will of course do no harm. Generally we eat too much. But the real job is to stretch out over the horizon as far as the soul will go. E v e r y faith has. ways of helping w it h this. It suggests prayer, good stiff exercises in thinking of First Peace Corps Marriage Greeted Draws Approval By DON C. BECKER MANILA (UPI) — Two Peace Corps members, stationed in the Philippines! have announced they will marry. o The prospective ibride and groom are Margaret 'Mary Heineman,' 24, and Pera - Daniels, 25, San Francisco, .Calif. Miss Heineman was graduated from St. Mary's College at Notre Dame, Ind., while Daniels was graduated from San Francisco State. College. The couple announced .that the wedding will be held April 28 in the little town of Da'et in Cama- rines Norte Province of the • Central Philippines,- where both are stationed. => . others who need to be thought about, and reading the story of the divine j way with man.. The man who keeps at it will be surprised to find at the enoS^how, many things in. life there are he had forgotten about. ' Tliey will *e. the first of the 223 Peace Corps'* members serving in the . Philippines to be - married here. Miss Heineman said she and Daniels" first met in Pennsylvania where they underwent Peace Crops training. Later ^ they were engaged, in the remote Central Philippine town of Los Banos. "Could it be that it was the loneliness in Los Banos that influence you in getting.engaged?" asked a reporter.- , , "No," both answered almost simultaneously. * .'.'We are really in love;" said Margaret. "Perhaps this has had something to do about it.. Have you seen the beautiful college campus at Los Bands with its well-kept ground and winding lanes? Lovely! And what a moonlight. The place was simply romantic." Margaret said there .were Peace Corps regulations' against getting, married. "Peace Corps officials are very understanding," she said. "As a matter of fact, if I would become a mother before the end of oiir service which is possible because our assignment will last for almost two years, I will be allowed to return to the States and have my baby there if I wish," she' added. She said the wedding would be- a small one." Her brother, Charles, would be coming out for the Catholic Church ceremony, which she said had - the blessings of both families. The news of the wedding was greeted with smiles from most Filipinos. The Peace Corps program in the Philippines has been * highly successful. The Manila Times today carried a lengthy dispatch and a picture of the beaming couple. Peace Corps, members scattered . about the rural areas of the Philippines are largely concerned with helping educational programs and assisting in community development projects. Newspaper editorials here have praised the work of the Peace Corps and most Filipinos are looking forward to the arrival of a new batch of 530 corpsmen in September. Tipton County Library open Mon., Wed., Fri., till 8 p.m. C-232 FREE NAMES ON EASTER CANDIES 8 oz. Creme Eggs _____ 39c 4 oz. Creme Eggs 29c 1 lb. Creme Eggs _____ 69c Candy Covered Marshmallow EGGS Bright and Colorful . ! 35c lb. 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