The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 27, 1934
Page 4
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J- I'AGE FOUK , :';(AitK.) boURlEB NEWS SATURDAY, OCTOBEU 1931 THE BtYTSEVlLLE COURIER rax obuiiqcK NKWS oo, POB A O. ft. BABCOCK, KttOT H. W. HAINE8, Bole Nstioriil Aflwrtliinj Arkaiuu D»Uiea, Inc, N.w York, Ohl««o, pe'Mt 61 Louis, rfciUt, K««CM City, Memp&u, Publiilwd Every Arwrsobn Erectt Entered as second uUs» Hit posi office ,&,i ayttevJiie, Arkansas, •wto'ci act ol Congr««, October B, 1817. . . . • Served dv pin rjn!t«l SUBBCRliTION RATS8 Bj wrier in tne city or BJVtac-mi*, J» {W »x'k or;t«H JKI jetr In *<lir»ace. By in»U ultnln a radius of 80 mile*, 1100 per t-Mr »,5i> icr WJt monilis, B6o for tlJtt month*; by mall In postal zone* two to ilx, lnclu*lT«, W.60 per year, tn zones seven *no eight, pel' year, pay»blo In «dvane».~ 'v i . f •[ \ r> ' -i i rai.-l'.i-«< r tinny ro(t}ics As it WcomuK n))|)!>r«u.t'Hliat Upton Sinclan's (!nmli(tHcy fgi^gbvcrnor. of. California'is a lost cmiso'the iinUoiwI .iflnnniiUalion lots i I-!)£;'; hp'owii thut eaih cndoKsemcnl of Ui'c "Dcmocnitic tickd; in'California wn.s; jiisl n clcr- icsU error- Ah vouhg Bob Uv t'ollcllc, erat- vvhilc Ueiniblicaii, now running for n 1 - clcctjon as senator from Wisconsin on a fluid paily ticket, step's into the lead in Hie race in that '• slate, >now bica«mgs upon his candidacy descend from Washington, despite 1 the fuel Unit hib bUongest opponent is a life-long 'Democrat. As, '.i gentleman' by thc- : iianie of Chavez, Democratic nominee tor tliu i-eiiHlc in Ne\r Mexico, dcveloiw HlreiiK- th, largely from conservative Uepubli- LIUI ;>omccs, Unit projniscs (o'rclurn him victor over Progressive,Republican Senator Cutting, who lelVliis party to campaign for Roosevelt in 1932, it is iinnoimctfd that SeimtorJoe Robinson will t'o to -New Mexico to caiii- iwign foi Cli<iyc/ v , ' In these three' oiilslaiKiirij; races in tluee sUtcs the administration's Uicit appio\al and in some defrec its active ,, Ijelp is goiijg -to ,onc .ojd line'He-pub- lican, /olio "Now 'Dcljii" ,t{e|)iibli«in, and one tousiCi'Vi\li\'c Dciifoenit, in up- po5ihoif, irspcctivcljv to: one oxcebding- 1) iddunl Democrat; one coiiscrvativc Demociul, and oiic "New publican v, ,A<; ;,", Ib.niiikifs no sunse : a("a| pei nuts oneself to accept' the cohelu- bion that the administration is doiiijr its b(_sl to slr'mg'.'\yi.lh\ winners, i'ti- gju<1tai,s of party -lines' ov shades of political opinion. Deal" l!u- ' biiu Grisly ' MBre Pleasing Form A grenl deal lias been 'said, here and elsewhere, about what the electric power .and distribiitioir.schemos of the Tennessee Valley Authority are KO'WK to do foi the consumer. ' Less has been siiid about-the effect on the piivate-prodxiccrs of electricity, and it is usually taken for granted. these people arc tearing their .'beards arid beating their, brea.sls whenever they even think about it. LUil tliwc is an the cur- rent issue of Urn magaxiuo "I'liblic 'Utilities; 'KorlniKhlly,' 1 ' wiiich «lves an [nlerctiling new slant on tilings. ;;Th(s';nitt8«zih"o miglit be called lliu officiul' mouthpiece of the power industry. the article in question WHS written by Leon H. Curtice, former chief .statistician of the General IClcc- triii Co., and secretary of the National Klcctric Manufacturers' .committee. ».;*'•* Mr. Curtice bluntly stigKonts that the whole TVA project will evciUual- ly be n most excellent thing for the power industry and for the makers of electrical appliances. tic recites liow the f VA began by forcing reductions oii powor companies,, r it followed that by "per- siuidfug'' makers offelcctrlcal uppliaiiccs ^-stoves, 1 rcfrigferat6rs, heaters, and llic -like— to . lower , pnc,c,s on. the»V prodjicfs; ''-.'.' . Coming, as they did, at a lime when the business of b'oth parties was steadily ihvividlingl Uie'su steps looked like very hard lines' indeed. •' ; • But Mr. Curtice look* at if di/l'or- 'imljy.; -i-; "To have the TVA— government or- ganisation— co-operate with power companies aiid the manufacturers tp' pro- moto iiic:tiale of appliances is a .distinct asset to the electrical mauufactjurinij industry, ".lie -says. "To lind nilcs. KO lowcrticl that' pvbspectiv'c Ciistoiiiers are not frightened lit the possible cost, .of rooking elccti'ically 1 , heating . e|o'clHc- ally, 01- refrigerating electrically is an attractive pi'ospeet." '*!''* * • • Now What, asks Mr. Curtice, will be the result of-'aji'lliis? Power conipaji: ies will'iiigihg their rates down to a poiiit 'where .it Will be Absolutely necessary • for :them to got additional .appliances: on /live line to justify 'trie ..lowerod- rates. •, ,-.-' , Tliis viil niean mucli now business --for the manufacturer; that, in tiirn, )vill ! open a' grqat now.s'alus licld to the power industry. ..•• , ' In other w'ordj!,- this dreadful spec- .ter of the government: in iliii power business •' is;! 'qtii.te likelj' ,lp \ bring a .new- prosperity to nil briuiclius' o£ the ' : '''j •... V- Catloii. SIDE GLANCES By Gftoigc dark The Clew of the Forgotten Murder JRKGIM HERE TODAY. ' «-Ji»,i DAN BLKEKEK, ('.t- ll.Kfr or 'ikt UI«Jr |»TH' |k>* OIIABIyES ..MOHDEN, polite 'rc- Itortcr, ki» lieen . nintltrloimlr klllel he ruvlori S114NEV liHIKl'. fJiatoDjt crlxalaploclflt, io solve the murder. ,, , , ' '• MordcB ,fcad ti«co liiveillji'-alfiic I lie i,tr»tr« of KHAVK B. OA. . , -iijiii Jiu^, (UreiifeBfd to «ue' 'I'lie Itliidc btcuuke Ike BeivH|iiip'er"re- porlt-d Caitiff' kaf' been *rre«<ed. The iiinn arre«te< w«» •• lmpo«* tur Klvlnj£ (he oiune of Cathiir nnil uL-vniiipNitled k7 A ((rl ualted 9IAKT IJHIGG8. Siwu ntlrr >rurdeii l» Couna dead, rnnu-^ 'nt>»!» thixl Cnlhuy'l* (lend— ^ l>nHMll,lr pofKuoed, Morrfvn'N firiK«rprlltt» lire-faand In tljp nparliueiit of n clr] naiued ALICl: I.OHTON irka k>» re- ' Ihe ilUuiipenrunce uf-kerr rooimuiicc-, KS't'KMIt OHIJWAY. (trill ;iud H!ecthtr <iuctt(6ti 'Alice. OrlH lcfirn« Mint ' OARCi : RA-' CIKK, ilelrctlvi' i-mploj-cil Hr 'MBS. C'A'J'IMJ, l> trrtltK to Iiit.-Mr • MltS. JII.ANC'IIK SI A1.1) .VH. A Nine, CtllT rrhmi* In *OE Alli'r l/nrlnn Ordvvny.. , f " y . ' . NOW in) oS WJTII THE STOKY, CHAPTER XXI girl stared at Griff. The color had drained from her face, leaving It v:an and pathetic. Her I'll loll you w'isra I was, bpro, whom I went to school. -, I'll bring In peopls v ho know me." Til he won't be Home ;ill afternoon and 1 wanteil bin to clean out (Ke 7w/s CURIOUS WORLD "1" I n-—- ' ; •"•-;•;- •'--' '••• '•'• ' : . to electrical 1 ' iiuhijttry.- '' ' R as Ah imrkirtinoivcc for..-'u|iyDnc to set. himself np-.ns n spokesman for the American nubile and to say it Is InctipAb'lc of u'ndcr- Mandllig, or'liKtlfTercnt, to, the grcMcsl IJctoly 111 iriuitfi.,"— Karl Kriicycr, coiiUu'ctOr of Kntisiis ..City Pliilliiirmoiilo .Orchestra. '.".. ' *' *',. •' * , . H Is-cither linra-kirl'01- a tent In "Fame's 'denial "cmnnliig • sroiiml" /or R : iink-Jlii Koosc- vcll. ,—Y'il!luni Allen White, famous' Kansas .eilitor. ' *' » •». '.'• Families arc an old southern custom. They iloii'l liavc fnmHlcs in Uin north; Uicy. IUIVB • apartments. —T. S.. Slriblliii,'',' rMllliffir ymc novelist. , '* ' ': * T ' • •' 'II 1 'is" inniR'.nqU ifgainsl Christ in Gcnbvu. —fljd i; Rcv. ll'r/ FrcdcVick 1 'rt. Kniibol of. New York, referring to League of Nations assembly. S^-NX. ARTESIAN WELL5 IN .^ SAHARA DESERT; AND PISH lips, bare of rouge, pressed (' in ft tight lino. When sho sppko tlie wovds were almost Inaudible/ "Th'e pollco,'' alic said, and stopped. "Of course," Crllt told her liri" patiently. "There's been a murdci committed. Tbat's what;tho : pollce are for, you know'. told :i you; think yoii.could ^ r et mixed up In a miirder and then liuve someofto lust slap your n-rist ami tell you not to do it again?" "Hut I'm not mixed up in ii murder," A!ice I.orlou said. Griff sltrngscd Ills shoulders. There \o?rc several ntoments of silence then. Sidney firlft seemed lo ho walflnt', the "girl to he think- iiii'.' She siniinued rcBllessly ,iii llic chair. Her feet shot out from under. her kmomo: She leaned forward and mil a cold, white band oil his wrist. ,'-•.''•-,•-•• "Listen," she said, "nlcasG bc- licvo nic. fin tolling you the truth. My namo is Alice ijorton. .1 don't kuoiv .iiiylbing at all .aboil I Kstlier Ordway. Perhaps if I did. I'd Iry to protect ,licr. I don't know, "hut J'lii telling you Ilia /(iod'sj truth. I'ienxo believe me. li'a tliat you. do Ij^li'jvu me." ,\ C:«-iff frjivued thouglitfnllyj uccm- ed undecided. . ..- ... ; ,. ; ; Tlic t'lrl's otiicr. hand : dims to, hi.i arm, as^ Miough slic., liad.bcen tone was llial ot a man wlio 13 growing less sure of himself momentarily. "Hut now does H happen Dial all ot tlio tilings a round'lie re are Ks. iher Oi'divny's? Wiy 'haven't you something ."Because," 5lip said, "I""didn't |iavo iiiiytlilng. 1 camo here broke. Esllwr I'lelfOd mo,up,on tlio street. Oil, It was -ghastly! I cau'l eron tell you about it,-I tvaa lirolio and bungry and desperate, auil lisllicr briiwuy camo and picked tno wp, I didn't- wnu! to (ell the newspaper men about it; I didn't w^nt my folke to find You sed, I camo on hero to tako part In a nliow, I-wanted to bo an actress. Tii'ey told rod wliat an awful'Ilfe It was.'but;! wouldn't listen to tliem. "And 'then I got on hero and wcnt-.liroko, and !' was. out-oh the slicet, v-'OiuUrlus whero my next meal , would, come from, I was thinking • ol suicide—.thinking of everything horrible.. And then Esther was waiting along beside me before, t know \vbat had happened. Slio held my elbow In her h.ind and suilleil nt me Just as-..friendly as though she'd known me all my life, and said,-'You look like you're pretty much.up against It.,kid.' "there -was 'a sympathy 1« : hcr tone that I hadn't henrd in weeks It brought out all tlio homesickness in me. 1 just-started'-to cry riglii there in the street. Sho asked mo "Yes," he said, "t fhinls i ; do.~ Sue watched him aa ho uUttqni>d Ms coat and roacliod tor KIs hm, Whtcli he hold by tub brim. " "Good nlglil, Alice." 116 said, "Goodi night," slie told him. "And iliank you so much." -• ,. Sh« came close to him,- aionrl (or a moment looking up Into hl« ey!s, lier own eyes wide and starry. "You're . . . you're wonderful,* 1 she said. Before ho could slop her,; slin stooped swiftly ;i!id kisseil his haiid. OUT OUK WAY NEW ZCALANO HAS NO NATIVE MAMrAALS, EXCEPT BATS/ O 193* BY frt* SEflViCE. IP .THE M£OT(AN ,'S(-ANOS, EXTENDING ODT FROM THE ALASKAM COAST, REACH FARTHER. WEST OF SEATTLE: THAN EASTPORT, MAINE,IS EAST OF SEATTLE. trying ' drug hcfscll . out( of a d. ' The cpiivevinj;: 'of . hands' mis visible; .desjiilo (hp.t'Bht grip wjiltbsho -held upon the crimi- uologtst's anu. : v ; ; .,- '. ."You'vo vot to believe ;ine. ,lt means a lot to me.r-.rni -alioul to be married and Anything tliat: might come, uji .that how lo/ig slueo I'd eaten,. arid : told lier it had been a ii<iy. perhaps two days. It had seemed as though it bail beeii wcck.f. /Jilt It wnsti' tho food. It'wiis tbo sympathy." "And how Ions ago was this? 1 Grift' (Icmaiulcil, 'TPIIE girl lowered lier eyes. •*• "Tills," siie said , iti a slow hesitant voice, '.'was only two week ago." . .. . "Wby did you lie to us?" "Because I tlidii't want to bay tho story come out In the news "And you're engaged?" aske Griff, "Yes," she sniil. "Who is Ihc man you are goii to marry, Alico'2" bo asked In fcind, ftilhcrly tone,. ."A man buck In my homo, town she Kiiiil. ''lie thinks that I've made good here in the city as an aclrcss, uut that I'm giviug. if[i iuy career hi order to come , back and marry him. .Tell me, very wrong for mn_to, deceive, him like thatV lie laughed, patted her: cold hand, pushed;.back, -bis chair-,:0,ud : g6l-lo MOMKNT later he was In Hie lialiway. with the sound of Iho oslns door and tlio dlekliiE,spring ic-k' ringins In his, cars. Sidney Griff sirode swiftly down IQ corridor lo tho elevator, paused n iiio lobhy and found a public tel. phone. He dropped a, coin and ailed, the ,h:iriil)or of a detecilrn jjency..ivitlch flofitctluies dltl wofi: or him. , ''•''• "Grift talking," lie said. "I'm at lie-Klite Apartincncs,-31ti lloblnson treet. Send an operative with a ar out bore right away. Get him ere .Just as soou as yim can, I'll e walling- across the, street." Griff hung up tlie telephone, .left he lobby, jntlted Itis coat about him !j g"ho felt the bite of tlie ntghi i'lhd, crossed the street to stand in he shadows. Occasionally lie paced jack and forth. Ills head bowed In bought, but bis eyes watched the entrance to.the Elite Apartments. It was some 20 niiiiutes before a light roadster slid in cibse to HIP d' connect v,'itb . of this kind would ruin. my entire liis feet., ; "I'm ; iibt,,a; moral arbjlerj \ Alice. I'm just :i cHiniuo!pgist|V;ovking on n case and frying to. (ind out some of tlio tacts. .Forgive mo tor bothering you lifter you'd retired." . .."Oh!" she said, with a quick liltle cxchunatioii, '.'you're so nice. You approve, don't yon?". Hie. I'm telling you the truth. .I'm :"I don't know/;. lie told her, "as Ailed Lorton. I can [irovc it to jit makes any difference-.whether I oil. I'll write out for you . my : approve or noL" .-..•: bole life'a history if < you want." 1 "Hut you ttiitcrstantl. anyway." ciii'b. A niLtn opened tlic.door and stcppeil out to the sidewalk. "drift!" he asked in a.low voice, as Sidjiey tirlfr c.imo forward. : Ycs," Clrin: told him. '"There's a young woman hi Hint apartment bouse. Slio's about five Sect two, blonil, about 21 years of age, with a trim figure. She weighs around 105 pounds. Slie'll be coming out of tlio apartment hoiise pretty quick. I toil; perUaps a pwn will conic for her. I want her siiatfawetf. ft, may be that another tad will take up his; position here to 1;ecp a watch OK the apartment house, rioii'l pay any atlcbtiati' to. him. Keep 6u 1 l, I 6T.'5Tg]it yourscll. You'd better ..'BO , down Die street about halt a .block anil park, "'inveslleatc cveryoiie ' who comes out' of the- aimrtnicnt house tliat might be ttio liarly I described." The jlclccltvQ looXcd at his watch. ''Let's -set the tinie slraighl," 'be said. "It's .12:40 now." '-'That's right," CIHff told 'lilni. "1, .have 12:41, .but -12:10 .is nearf Clioiigb." • .'. Y "Okay," t|ie : mau said, "I'll stay on tbc 5ob and make, reports.' After I've got tier located do'--you want mo to teloplione'you1" £; ' ):llj! ''' . "No,". Griit sail!, ''telcplione jour agency, -tint keep her shadowed. You'll better 'have them send out: a ] couple more men if you aro abla to keep lier in sight untll'auo gets to-v:liere sbc's going." (To He Continued) Attu, the westcrmost Island of tlie Aleutian chain, is the farther .vest of a.11 Uncle Sam's possessions. Technically, it Is In the taster: hemisphere, but intcrimtiomU taw tent the irncrnnltonal date lin to the west of the Islinul, so.'tliat'It would have the ssms tim schedule as the rest of the chain. .ive Steamers Brotherhood Hold Convention NKXT'. 1)1) trees Brow up? Bv William "''THERE vou ARE! \ / yen, BUT'TH' THEV'RE BOTH POlW \ / ONE WHO LOOKS SAME TH1NC3 : — I > <•'•- • '-i^ --. .r-.-^.^ii A MAP- BUT OWE LOOKS LIKE HE'S CHEPCTIN TH' COMPANJV IS, \ AT LEAST,QOT LIKE HE^ CHE WIN 1 TH' COMPANY, AN TH' OTHER LOOKS L1KB HE'S HELPlW TH' COMPAMV.. Redaction in Weight May Permit the Kidney to Drop HV lilt. MOKIUS Kililor, : Jnurnul of tbc Amtrlcan i\Icriic:il Association, :iml "f Hy; gpi;t. the Health Magazine Sometimes the ligaments which lioUi up the organs in HIP abdominal cavity relax or stretch so that the organs drop from their usual positions.'. Organs : naturally fimclkm best In Ihr nrxt In^lflllnicut llar I'nni-hcr, i-i-ccntrlc lavcnlor, • d at ihc HIIIcrtM IHItl, mirtonis. ',-' ' . ': • L-omotivcs.' it is'Interesting' to llmt that a Sum?, of the tniins, taking mors w cnscs are relieved of Uieii'.con- lliiin-2,SOB hoi'irs to build, arc cap- nbic ,ot'hauling a ton or the combined weights of Tour men. D, W. Massic of Montreal made Hie [rip herb with his '1110:101 of more than 5.000 parls which cnr- rtcs 'niidev- its • own power a -ton, although it : is only three feat long. lions by pnUliig oh some'of the eight lost by stringent reduction. MAHBLEHEAD, Mass. (UP)— 'lie sscond arinuni, gathering of l\c Rrolhcrlxocd oj Live Stciunws net in Hit' back yard' of Charles A. rurlnlon Here. Tlic ijrollicihocd is bi,. ' \Vants Oun Despite Accident JEFFERSON, 'O. [UP) — Rny- m'ond PASMita, tour, son of D:p- uty Sheriff Tom Fassula. Is out of .danger niter having lived a month ofiaflcr shooting lihnself In tb: ticiul Tlic ijrollicihocd is camposcd of alter snooung nnnseii in tn= nciui slnesj, [irofessionul and -oiiei- [uccldclitaily witli.-liis: fiittier'a , rc- :criiig men, wlio have taken up volver-. Now. he .wiiiils a .''great a hobby the constVuction and big gun", of his own for Christ: Naturalist Hos Black Bear I Nursed by Womarl NEW ORLEANS, La. (UP)—K Al fcllhcnny, naturalist and hunter! owner of Overy Island just off lhc| "x>\iibiana coast, has bcai hat was nursed by a woman resident of the island. The bear, H0; pound specimen, was taken froirl ;ts mother wlicii a fs\v days old b>| Mcllhenny. For the first monlh the; 1 bear nursed by n woman, since Hull lime It hns bscn on a diet of cow| and goat milk. liobby of V : ' '; . Total number of stars has bcci C3ti]natcd._at between . ._3U,000 iu'.(| 30,000 nilliions. vvlicii they arc located properly and when the blood vessels, nerves, and other structures 'associated with Ihcin are not under any unusual slraln. A good many i>coplc l;no\v about tl\c ixxssibllity of drounuu; of tlie Intestines in the abdomen, but few have-realized IVinl the kidneys, the .spleen, or'Other organs m,iy' also drop. Movnblc kUluey Is \ui>st (<Minnon in women. Out of G67 cru.i's seen in one hospital. S8S were in women nnd oiily.B3 In men. Most often It Is the right kidney that drops down rather than the left, 1'resuniably llic srcalcr frequency . In women Is due to lire lacl lhat -they utcd tn compress tliclr upper . abdomens considerably by tlgiit .laclne. N,o doubt ulso H'e iroppinf; of the kidney ^ccnis DC associated witb the lifting ica'vy weights. The doctor cun Eind out \vliclh Jic kidney Ls in ils proiwr po [ion by examining Hie patient with his hands, .since, if the p:\ticnt is thin enough, the kidney can accurately be felt through the wall of the abdomen. It is also ixxwlble, through use ot the X-ray, lo take p'.clurca ol the kirtncy after the giving of orngs which localize ii: it nuri tlicn to determine where tho kidney lic.-i in relationship to other structures. disturbances of structure afsociat- cd with childbirth arc responsible. There arc sonic cnses in which the tldncy will twist so as lo pull on the blood vivMls or other .sttuclure.s associated with 11. A klca cxortimi or staudiug lov ft Ion;; time may bring <.n an attack. When this otcxirs. the iwllcnt has A severe pain, nai^ca. and some times vomiting nnd sometimes collapse. Frequently there Is a chill. In many cnscs also the flow. of fluid from the kidney is interfered with by the twisting or strain. In most CELL'S a person who has a movable kidney can get relict by wearing an abdominal support When there is severe pain. Ivansta, or vonhlin; at frequent Intervals, II may become nefrffary lo opcr- In njany cases considerable re- ' ale on the.v- iiatlcnls to Ilx the (iiicllons III weight by \vomeii who I UWncy Imo position, bavc. been fftl causes the lal to! One cxvrrt iound llud 18 out of drop away from nioiuid ihr- kidney I in women got relief by wjaving the 'and thus to 1:1 tin- .structures' proper l;inrts of siipporls. hut olh-j down. • , 'erf hiivr f:)ii-) ( l only hnlf of Iho^r j Iii it -kw iiLjliiim-.. hi iiirin l!i-j l:i-.''.-...| v iUi ,.nnitu-l-.. IH-'J .t'l tlivlv • miniature stcain.'Ip-Jnias. •yes, AN i \VOUL~D K SWIG. AT "POLITICS TH\S . IN '.SQrAt AGO. OP ; U6HTIM TORCH AS HEUD; PUT .TOR ' 5 -BE. USEt) TO VOL) l<KIOVy,-I- WA.

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