The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 13, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1950
Page 2
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FAOB TWO m/TTHPJVIM.E (ARK.) COURIER' THURSDAY, JULY 13, 19SO *k» Nation Torf0y—T/w Path W* Tread Crow* Cr/mm«f Ooy fcy D«y W/iere Wi// /£ End? How Long Wou/c/ Fu// Mobilization Last? Br JAMCK MAKLOW WAfiliTNOTON, July 13. (/I';— V/e are walking down H roac! that ijoU grlrnrnf*r every day. And a« v'c RO, the wood of (lit people (£'•'•« grimmer. T)ii) Aiipport ol President Tru- juan'n dfthlon to act lit l«*t with fnreo auriSiiht Communism—If only In Korea—wris a clear Indication of haw ihe people Mill. They JiruJ watchful ComrnnnlMn *pre;id, fJox Jt« ;nuM:Jc.\ f;ohWe countries and bfc&ln to bully the world. Fey/ Americans miwt have had ntiy doubt/t &vnr the parit /ev; year* ihfil CornmunJ^rn, uu!'--^ Alopptd, would [ry lo KobfoJo in, loo. Until this country Alepped Jnt/j Koj-riji , wr hn d ] In U-n F: ti to the mounting warnlnx a (writ H-u^ia, Jinl TalliM Rill until Korea, our uctifin« '//ere limited to preparations-of R kind —and to tnlk of [irfrpn rations u- tfalnxl what Hw.JiIrt inlifht do, And fas v/e I risked mid |>rc|j;irc.Mi —In a kind of way—wi- knew Una time WTLS on the fclr!'! <Jf the H.UX- aLanfij ih'at In ft few more yearn tlK-y'd be ii norm on hly belter prepared than mr-v, and hclter iyp- piled with atom bornba. And then nuddenly IhliWK InrKU/i to happen, things whltrh opened up the underlying feclinjf of the miM- t« or Arru'rtr;". Flrrvi, llKTo 'A'AA th* Communist Invasion ol Howih Knrcn. Yon nuint hnvc li'-iirrj 7,-liTil your nc^hborn jsftjd, EtinI niayl/j i;rUn-Jiict(i fltlKli- '"JliR prirJiM'-rtl ought to «tcp In. V//:'rf: colnjf L' 1 iinvc tfl tfikf a stand >/)(»«; time, Ix t'« tfikc K nov/. We've DrHhfon.i Tiimbta In 7'hfii tho doclhiom and Hit,- event* hfttjsin tN tumhlf: over one another: Pr<:fll<k-rH Truman xrilft we'd «lvfi Ihrr Ho nth Koreans rtli ami nitvrtl Mipjrorl; llir/n h'; *ald we'd Mrnil troopn In; •/;(' did nnd right awny they l;<"K:m to not. chopper! to i>fr<;<:«; tlirjN iji: ftaJd Ihe firmed MjrvUirA v/rrrf K (| i"K to l>ulId n[i »nd could 11,'-': tit'; drnft to do it. rira ihr tulk W»K of Tmllrltnu up v/Ilh voliinlffTh; UIMI the Army JiitM It w;inU!d Vft.fXJfJ mrrn draftod. And v.hlk- lhl» happened, UtrAim: i Jems in Korea v/tre hcln« «|:iij(;ht(-r«:d fj'.-cjiiiM: wft didn't iiavc eiL'jtJKh men or lh<! rlljllt 'MjulpmcHL, • V/hy 7/1: dUInX have tins met] or rnjulpinent to Ktmiritrilnn thai <-ho' b" exrjl»l"f ; <l ]iitr:r in coolrrr time. IluL lliti (act In, we didn't have Un-mJ Nov.- it'/i pr.Jiilhk; that th« Nfillori- a] (in;iriJ may forj calltd Into f.<-r- I vice. And rnuyM: tho rctsorvirft wlH t»t culled up, [[ that happ«nn, !t *'l]| mran pullJnK m«n »way fforn their famil- HhlftJn^ hornen, &nd It almont t^-rtafc/ily will rnftan turning more nmi more of American industry f> war production. 'J'h«-n thirre arc other utepfl whltrh would lollow I/ %'t v.fil on a, /pal war foolli^: K'-'T'Tal jnoljJII^allon, liut the jwhU It; If wt really inovrj from thlx polnv— b'rcauni; of the Korfftn tronblr;—Into WK military prfcparatlon and rnoblll/atlon, wlit-re will It end? If we win In Korfta In * couple month» but have moved close a v;n,r foot Inn* will the people AUddonly want to return Uj a pre- Korifa peacetime jootliiK? And Mipix)^.e Another crUIji Arosr* Aorn/jwhere el>.e after A lew more /rionDiN and, In the meantime, we had dr.fU-d Ixick l/jward a peacetime footing, how 7/ould the people read to having their livtfl uprooted all ovi-r n^aln? In *hoil: how many tlmtJi would Hit; American people permit lh«m- >:eJv^-;i anrl their llve« lo be turned uphlde dov;n by Kiidden emergency over the next /ew ycar/i, brouKhl on by Communism? The f|iitrhtlon Is; If v/e no on n v;nr footing, will the people be wJlll/iK lo «r/ off It unlll the proh- Irrm of Coinmnnhm i« finally ««t- tkd? NO'MCK Notlct bs hftrtby given that the underAl^nc-d haA filed, with the Commt/slonrr of He venue* of tho fltate of Arfcaiuia* /or permit t/J ficll and dl«peiue beer at retail on th*j premlvrR ^c::t:rlbcd as 411 Jl>-ar A/ih, lilyihftville, Mlwitehlppi O/unty. The underpinned; r-iritwi thnt he Ix a ulLlxcn ol Arknn^ui. o( x<xxJ moral clmractcr, that he li-ui never b**n convicted ol h Iclony or other crim« Involving moral turpitude; that no licence to M-ll boor o> the underpinned han bten revoVcrd v;llh- j In five ycrirfi Jn.'it p;i>,t; and thwl the undcrrvlgtied tia.^ nr:vtr bten convicted of viola tin/ tiie laws ol this Atatrr, or any other Mate, relative to the Aftle of alcoholic IfijnorK. 'Application l« for permit t/j be U- lor J day of July 1050, anrl t/> expire on Underground Work of U. S. Ket/s Boosted WABIIfNOTON, July 13, (AD — U,H, Communl«ljs have tncniflftcd their underground operntlonn dnr- InK the pn*t year, FJlI nhector J. Edi/ar Htxwcr Anlti twlny. Tho rc- «ult. he (lalrl. 1h the hcrtvtcflt v/i)rk kjrul )ibi HKency ever h:ui handled. In rvn nnnnal revlev/ oJ Kill nc- tlvltl^fl for the flf.cul year which ended June 30, Itoovtr naid the: number of Invt'^tlKatlona InvolviTi-j; Jntenuil security nud national dc-, in nt a. record IOVR!, f>xcecdlnt( the volume of Mmllar work during the World War I! years. "The IncrenAfld v/ork lontl," the report aftlrt, "«tcnw from the \litn of the Party and the explained orbit of their under* rround operations, on the iKirt of the party leadership >]iw brought nbnnl decentralization of pwty RiimlnUtratlve tnachlnery »nrt transferal of pi'ftvlouflly opfln op*rnl!oiiA Uj an tindcr^cronnd iip- "ThMe" dm'elopinftiiU Iiave coin- plicated the Fill (.n«lc of nialntnln- Iny coverage of Communlnt activity." Th* FRf rtlreclor rrcnilly fuiJird Con^reM for more than 3t)fl ntlili- tlonal ftKenU, Raying they v,'en: required principally for Interim I KC- ctirlty Invrjitlnatlon.i. The annual report nhowod H,D2] conviction* In nil r.nnfx of all kinds during the 1IWO flucal yrar, a «!x per cent Increase over 1D4B. Delay Seen in 'All-Out' Plan Output NKW VOHK. July 13, (API—Thft NnW York 'I'lmc.s «ald today that <Mny» Ir] plimn production—woi«c than In World War '/—lie nhrfid it the heat i« turned on. ., Thy pnjKrrAft of «clence LB Ihf;^. "It Uv* nhtratt rnunufncLiirJitK Induwlry ol the United Hlal<-j\ v;<rri: (jailed n[Km now U) ntart ;in al!-otit protlitcLloi) nMort," tlm 'lltnr/i Mid, "H would lak<! ton months longer Ui rnnnh no nnniutl output rule of fX) planc.i thnn 1L did In World Fort Smith Amvets Aik Use of Atom Bomb FOHTBMn'M. Ark,, July 13. (>!*) — A veteran* ornnnlzallon her*; la»l nlghl cnllrd for U.B. MM; of lh' n torn Ic lx>fnh I n the K o rcn n con - fllct If nrco.virvry. llall-ixirby l'"«t No. 2, Amerlcur Vplerftiis of World War Two fAM- VKTfi), plPitKCfl It* Nupjioit of (iny notion thft Unltf-d ainlRx mlBhl Inkr, "Including URC of Ihe atomic bomb." Scottsboro Rape Defendant Freed iif-rniorr, July la. w r —The in: t t •if the nine Nfttro dufntidfint- In Jie Rcotlhlxiro (Ala.) rrtpc! of two ilt!c(u|o» uj?o will }>t jilven his frti'.-dotn todny. Tho novLinmcnt decltlod to a«k fmiliHrml o[ [V fiiKttlve trliarKC a- ilriht Ifaywdtxl Pflttor«on, TiR. A r-nr'!MK oti thc^ chiti'^o wnn nchcd- lc[l before U. H, iDlntrtcl Judrt'i Arthur. P. Ledcrltf. iAfilrilAnl U. 8. n.nlrlcl Attorney .Tntru\s fi. HtjlLs/ ftnltl Alabama »u- thorltles told him they would <lroi proceed! n^rt njfahint Prittpr«on h: view of 'Gov, O, Menni-n Wllllunm ret unit 1 t<> nllow extradition. The Pfll had picked up Paltcr- HOti hern on a charts of ClccS/iK Alubiiuiu Lo nvoltl hnpriiionmcnt. Two Girls Killed In Gun Accident V/ar 2." TJir: ritory, 'A-rlttx-n by Frederick Graham, «ald "it took exactly months to reach the «oal afUr the lat*( Prealdenl Franklin IX R. vclt In May, IIMO, called (or ft total plane production of SO.rxX) unit--, H yenr." "If a similar tflort were utarterl now." thr: story stated, "It would itmiirK :M months to reach the tar- flxure," 'hlA nltuntlnn exlAM, Orahnm . itii after a survey, "despite the reruly availability of more thnu -re of Atnnd-by aircraft tnanulac- liif! p]iinl/t built for World War 2, a vant More of machine tooU now In 'mothball^,' R IniKc Alonkplle of maleilaLi and a rcw.-rvolr o( trained The .-tory adtltrd,: "Kny men in the aircraft r fnclurljiji I nd UK try Bay Ihe ! tinic rrjcpilrfMt now to build up to 50.CXX) plan PA K yrar b» ensily rxplrtlnrrd: the nujrlorn warplanr twice nx \w,ivy n.\ itrt World V/ar 2 connt(.-rpart, and became It U Infinitely more complex, It rrrpjlrr« about tv;tce n,n tnnny rniui-hourA to build." RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. v'OTICK Or CRANTrNG OT LJQUOK I'KKMIT Notice LH hereby xlven Uiat th« ornrnlAInner of R*venu« of th« late of Arkamax ha.% L«Jtucd a jrer- nl», No. 211 to J. K. Grain, K. M. enoliJ »nd W. J. Denlon, doing K-AN 3B A rn tor el Drut; Co., to ell and clhpefV.e vfnou.% or »plritu- •u» liquors lor beverage at retail on lie premJAM df^icrlbed a-i No. 2 daln fttrr-r:t, Arrno/el, Arlta/uw, This permit fMiied on the Ut day >f July 1950 and expired on the 30th Jay of June lOftl. ,J. K. Crain B. M. Rc^enold W, J. D«nU)n 7-20-50 , Wash,, July 13— T^'o younK Rlrh wrrn fntnlly u'onndnd ywiLortljiy In n one room tuliln by n /iholjjun blast. A -short Urnc lalcr n 7-yc;»r-r>lrl liny, uncle of one of the Kl tcarlnlly bold author I tin A his nt- icitipt to (shoot u crow wn.i rcs- pfMislbU' fiu- the rn!cl(]i'nt, Tin- victims v/i-ru Mndu Uiiy, 11, of TmmvriLer, Wi«ish,, nnil Jcnnncttc McCoy, 7. t>t Tho little boy who told Coroner QimrmLiojn hr; (li'ctl i\\c. fntnl .shot w«« Marty IJnble, a nnlKhljor ol thr McC'oy«. The liny K'rl wa« visiting the r>obleft. Mnrty was l>liul uncle, SKYLINE THEATRE BlythcYillc's Family Drive in Movie !!nx Offii-e ()|io«« 7 :."!() — Shnw Him Is 7:'I5 THURSDAY AND FRIDAY DOUBLE FEATURE MAlKIICf C f RAGHIV • PJ-/-J w |« Dwlri t, CtORCt SlItfiMAN • p,oj.xM &, HOIttKO COIDSUIH SW^WlHTtnS Timi^i^^mm 1^0 Alwiiys A Color Cartoon Thursday Here Comet the Coeds wllh Hurt Aklmll * (>! Also Nrw> * Kh liLVTMtVILLt'S ONLY ALt WHITC THtATPE. Thursriny X Kriclny .K FKATURK South of St. Louis with Alexis Smith & .loci i "Gung Ho with Handolph Scull and Crnrc AUDiinaM Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW "Your Community C'enler" MANILA, ARK. M.-ilinecs Sal. & Stin. I'h. 58 ThurwJny 'KILL OR BE KILLED' Kllh Tlfrnfy Friday "TREASURE OF SIERRA MADRE" xllh • Full-Width Frt*i*r Cheit » Naw Ice-Blu* interior Irim • N*w full-length door • N*w Suptar-Storog* detign • N«w all-porc«lain, twin, vlacV-up Hydra tort » N»w ChHI Draw*r » Sliding for •0gi r imalf it*mt • All-aluminum ih«tv«f • Ntw tplit »h*lf • Adjustable ifldlng th.ff • AII-porc«lain Multi-Purpoi* Tray • ExclutEv* Quickub» Tray* • Famout M«t«r-MIi*r m«<hani»m Wherever you liv«—whotev^r ffi« iiia of your family, kitchen or bmJgci —bo lura lo ice Iho new Trigidoir* Refrig*rofor> for 1950. Sec Ihe complelo line of iii<ii from 4 to 17 cu. ft. —M« oil the reaiom why your No. 1 choice U America 1 ! No. \ Refrigerator, FRIGIDAIRET ^•^ Com* Inl Get the fact* about oR ^^ fh« new Frigldalre mod el • for 1 950 I Adams Appliance Co. J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. 206-208 W. Mnln. . .SAI.ICS * SKUVICK. . .I'hon* 2071 Sjili'sini'ji: fJcotyit TON!, ,M. 1). Hnopor, Krlr Whltlcy, Troy Mytlrk, t)nl« CarUr (Mnnlln), Karl ll»rla(/n (l.mrhville). YniinKhlfnvn KH'II^NS, K.C.A. & /cnilh Kudion * Tele- titifl 'I Dtp Ml, NEI6HIORLIIEJS & EVERYDAY LOW PRICES SPEAIHEAI IGA 6IOWIH' Ihe 30 day fj June, 1951. int Ihln 12 day of July IBM. Mrn. Marflhall Mlackard Notary Public My Commission cxjjlrcs: 3Q53 7-13-50 'J liurfirtciy & —IIOUHI.K FKA'I'IIKB— " Ihe lift „! ynu , ««. . . Jcl U . Ihem June Ilitver K Lon McAllmLe I'l.L'S ff Fury at Furnace Creek' Vlcior Alalure AI Coleen (Jra Accoirjin? lo a rtcenl luivey. Ihert at* I wo big t*atoni why w« ate Amttica's loiemosl indep«n- d«ni 9ioup in lh« lood lt«Ed...and v/hy inaie and rnoie homewives o;« switching lo IGA: (I) P*op!« lik* ihe l/jendiy. pcisonal so/vic« they get htr«...anr] (2) our everyday low pike policy a&iu;*t th«:n lh« most (or Iheir money in line quality foods V/hy don't YOU yiv« us a tn'al. too? Drop in today, won't you ? IGA SUPER SPECIALS IfJA—AH Purpose Family— Print Ft-tK FLOUR - --25Ml.73, Glacier—Pink, No. 1 Tall Cans L SALMON 35 C |^ Royal Guest lb68cy of Champions—28 oz. pk}('s. WHEATIES 27c (Jrtal Northern Soup BEANS - - - 5lb$.49c Hi-C—'IB »•/.. Tin ORANGEADE - - - 29c Sunny Morn I b. 65c IGA Yellow Cling PEACHES Halves or Sliced No. 2 "/2 Tin IGA T(^'u»t^auM.'. 1C* V1CIO LUNCHEON Ml AT I fir 25c APPLE BUTTER GRAPE JUICE 2.1 O/. 41 c 2!! ft O/,. DILLPfOCLlS Qt. 27c IAIMCW SAUCE 25c Sunshine Krispy Crackers Sioux lice, Server Jar HONEY Swift's 1'canut BUTTER Swift's llaby ; MEATS French's Picklin* SPICE .......... 2 or Krench's TUMERIC lioz PUREX q t Tender, Tasty nincnronl CREAMETTES 45c 24c lOc lOc 17c lOc KOOL-AID 3pkgsl3c All Flavors Snvdcr's 1'ure Tom;ilo CATSUP 21 4-ozbtIs33c Snvder's Fancy CHLILI SAUCE ........ Igebox26c For Whiter Clothes RINSO ....... Ige bx26c BREEZE ...... Ige bx 26c SWAN ..... reg 3 for 23c SWAN . bath 3 for 35c SURF ............... 26c SPRY ..... ..... 3 Ibs 84c MEATS THAT PIEASE Tender While SQUASH - Ib. lOc Y«i -. /IGA •Econo-Trim" meals (biande4 !oi quolily and trimmsd lot value) a;» suiv to pl*OM both your pal a 1* and pu rs4 f 43Z Si« LEMONS - - doz. 33c Fresh White River Calif. Large LETTUCE--2 for 25c ' Yellow ONIONS - 2lbsl5c Calif. While Hakerst—10 Ihs. POTATOES - - - - 49c CAT FISH - ib 55c Fresh Dressed FRYERS - ib 49c Wilson's Certified Ch'ck Roast Wilson's Certified Sirloin STEAK - - ib 79c CHARLES WICKER IN CHARGE OF MEAT DEPT. NAY'S Reelfoot or Armour's Whole or Half ib.58c IGA Super Market "Rcmcmfcer it Pays to Shop with Blythcville, Ark. Phone 6122 West Highway 18

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