The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1943 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 14, 1943
Page 4
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PttMUlwd Every Friday In the! laterwt of Furm families of Thiijj / ' Agricultural Section. BLYTHEVJLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS NEWS-FEA7 FRIDAY, MAY 1-1, 19-13 Suggestions For Better Farming Featured For This Section 1 ! Progressive Farmers. P&ts That Attack Cotton Leaves Reported Apiil 7 -In -Texas Fields The eollon leaf worm undo, its appearance In the United , States this year a full three weeks earlier lh«n ever before, according id information received by Charles G, UhcolhV UmVrSity of Aikansas Cojlegjj of Agile ult urc from tlio U, S.',Derta4tiiieiil. : 6f Agriculture. ... Usually found In southern Texas In'May/the first, cotton leaf worm th|s \;ai .was founfl bj entomologists on April 1 near San , Bciittq'. , Last year the first onion ieaf worms were found on April 14 near \fatanfoics, "Mexico, but the pest w^s np^ dl/xOTered in the United Btat s until April 30, \\hcn It was found «t Edhitairg, Te\ns The vonn Hoes no f survhe the mjrterljj.lhc United States, the Extension entomologist -said, b'ul the moths fly 4h from trn Tioplcs rath spring and spread northward nsi the 'season advances. Some years itidefoliatesi.cotloh over large nrens and Is a -Iwst In all the cotton- firbw-ing slaUs except California Last: year. Government, .records shjw, the leaf worm cause the 'loss of. thousand's of bale 1 ; of cotton in Oklahoma, .Texas, Arkansas, Mis- Gourl.'and Louisiana, IL spread lo all^the cotton. states except Call- forSfarbut in many it arrjv.fl lad late io do serious damage In south-" em Texas' It" Is usually necessary >lo bejjin • fighting the leaf worm In June or July, but in other parts of the Cotton Dell II usually Is not necessary to apply Insecticides to control il before August or Sepi ember. The leaf worm is easier lo control than any of the other important. cotton - insects. Any of the used for the control of crpp insects ,jnnj lie used to control HI according to Mi Ilncoln ' NOTICE / Notice is hcreSy given thai ;llic undersigned v.Ill!,within,,111e lime fixed by law to apply to the Commissioner of Re mutes of llic Still. 1 of Alcannas for a permit lo sell beer at rdail^at N Main St Luxora, Mississippi County The utidcrblgncd suites tint he if" a clt^en v ^f t ArkaiKa-;, ,of (food moral chatarlei, thai he lias never 1jeen convicted of a felony or other chme ln\olvlng moral turpltmlcr mat «o license tp sell beer by llic lindersiauija htis been iciokod with-' in fl\elye:srsUnb^ past nn<j tlial tlje uncleRigi\cd hai ne\er iieei'V ccjmicted of violating the hws Of Save Plant Food By Fertilizing Only Where Roots Can Reach It With supplies of fertilizer limited, Vlclory Cnrdcncrs nre inlcr- tflert In Jtnowlng how fur (hey chould BO wllti title dressings during the growing season, "anrdcii specialists .*ay (he leafy green vegetables, Important lo healthful illcta for llii'ir vil:i:i)i'Js and minerals, i.hould (jcl linl priority on your slock or Victory Garden fertilizer. They need Dimly of nitrogen 1 la produce vigorous t;rcwi leaves that arc lender mid nutritious. "o, the leafy green vogclahlfji. particularly cRbbaRC, :;pinurh, chard, and Icllucc, should gel Ilirce side di'CF.shiijs, :i( llic r.i((' of about a pound ait'l a half to a hundred test of row. U:e It in thn way (o get the out nl it. Scoop out it shallow trench on each .sldo of'llio plant.s mid iilxiil two or three Inches away from them. Ap.rtly tho ferllli/or and level off Ihc'trench wtlli the rake. Al'l'LV TIIKliE TfMKS Make.Ihe first application when Ihc (limits nrc-llnci: or four inches high, the second vvnen they nn> half grown, nnd the third Just before they rcncli maturity. Naturally, each application will be very light. If you .wish (o (;lvc tomatoes, pole licniis' or any of yinir vegetables besides llic green leafy one.', rome additional plant food, one application .should bo sufficient if your garden soil was well prepared and fertilized to begin with, Aiijtly il when (he pl;inl,s arc about lialf given. (Ids state, or any other shite, rc- iiiB to the"s'ule uf alcoholic liquors, WILLIAM GEOKQE. Subscribed and .sworn lo before mo ihls i:(,dny":bf Mny, 194!). (Seal) Nora Wise. My connnisnon expires Melt, 25. 19'R , 5.M-.U jKilhMospifoes :Sptayjeom . {Bee Brand In Jsect Spray 15 jrmnut.e*,. later, j sweep them up SKills ««Sr, bed ibugj, too Sorry, )«ur Bee Brand t hs«tP«iii<rciir- .'Uiled for dura- •. -.': -'i N o 'y i c K _ Notice- is 1 , hereby given lhat the iiirjersigjiert will will]ln (lie lluic fixed by law lo'ripply(o Ihb'CmM- missiDWr of Ucveiuies of tilt! slnte of Arkansa.s for a permit to sell beer lit retail al N. Main SI., Lu:<- or'n, Mi:;si:-ti])pl CuiiiHy. . The iiiirtcjpilgrVy' r.'t'nica' (hal^lic I.*', n rltjxe'ri'or"All;fiiisHs : , rtf good nipral character, thnt he hfis never, be'eil. convicted of u fclo:iy ."or oilier, crime involving .moral turpitude;' that no license to sell licor by the undersigned has been revoked ttlthin five years lust past; nnd that Ihc undersigned hn.i never been • convicted of violating, the laws of lifts state, or any oilier stole, relating (o llie.rale of alcoholic ^liquors. •" "'.'.- ••;' V1KC11L EVANS.'' Subscribed ,iin;l sworn to ' before me Ihls 13 day of May, HMD • NO ASPIRIN ) . , Nora Wise. Notary Public. My cominfcslon explics 'Men a4. 5-14-13 OF nijNo or Arri.i- <;ATION FOK LHJIJOK I>I-;K- HJIT. rfolicc is hereby elvcu .llml llic intder.?lgned hiis filed '\viih tlic Coii!inL<-,sioncr'of Revenues ; of Hie Stale </t* Ariniisas for, permit to sell and ^lispqiisc.yiiiou.s^or'.s[)lrilu- uiis licniur.s for iiiiveragc at 'retail on llic premises described as I1M E. Main Kt., lilythcvllle. Applicalion is for punnll to be Issued for .operation beginning on the Jlrsl'rtnv ; of .lnljr,j.:lS4V-rtml to expire 'on [ho aotlf.rtiiy .otv'June. 1!)W, a.s prerctibcd by nullcttn dal- Cd Jniiijnry .7. 19K ami Supplemental licgiilation No. .10'effective July 10, -isyi. ItALL. Its your patriotic duly, Mr. Farmer, to keep your John Deere Tractor and Equipment in "lip- top condition By doing so . . . you'll save valuable OKliKli III THE CHANCERY, 'COURT CIHCKA8AWUA • -D I STRI CT MIKSIESIPPI COUNTY AH-' KANSAS. Virginia Hoberts, PlniiitilT, v.s. No. Siail • '•• Gail Roberts, Defendant. The defendant Gail Roberts is ercby warned lo appear within ili-ty.ilnys In Hie conn named in ic million licrrot and answer Ihrj omplaint of the pl.ilntiir Virglnii. oberis. Dated (his V2. doy of April. 1013. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Doris Rlnlr, D. C Seal) •4/23-:iO-S/7-M . Grahaui Sudbhry, Ally, art LHein ". W. Raihain, Atty.. for Pitt. . . . time and energy . . . insure your implements against untimely delays in the field. Let us help you with your servicing problems. If you need repair parts, always rem ember—it is pur policy to carry a complete "over-lhe-cotmler" supply of genuine John Deere- Repair • Parts parts which are exact duplicates of the parls they Be sure lo check over your John Deere Equipment^ right away. By getting genuine John Deere Repair Parts now, you'll be ready (or field work wnen Uie time comes." See us now. , BlUhcvlll—P Only Genuine John Deere Repair Farts f A Jr. ;• "J Courier News W:mt Ails. NOT I OK Notice Is hereby Riven Hint lliu nndtrsicneil will within the time fixed by law ajj]>ly lo MI C - cominis- sicnei- of licvcnue.s of the sti'.te of Avkairavs for » permit to .sell beer al rclnll ill Ttictcrlowii, St., 'rinr- clle, Mtslssljuil County. 'i The undersigned slaics lliiil 'if e Is a citizen of Arkiinsas, of uno'(i moral character, thai he l;a< never keen coiirideil of a fei.iny or o;iin crime liivolvlns moral tmpilude- tluit no license lo sell beer Ivy U;i- iindcrslsncd has been'revoked within live yrai-s last past; and lhal (lie iinrterfitncd hiis nevor been cpiiylclpdior.vlpWIiiB t)ie laws .of Ills..-stale, oi> am' ,pt|ici.,,'t|,u c , ,ol intlng'to Hid sale or hjcbholic i'icr- uors. - . WILL, MC-KINNEY. Subscribed nnd sworn ID before me Ibb l'j day O f ^ pl j| I9 .,.,_ (Seal) v Oscar! Alcxaridrr. M.v coininissioi) c.XDircs .l-M-ts. 5-M-13 I l-:v-l.cnf;iirr.s on Siuiad B'l\ LOUIS <U.P.)-Pmir fonuet major lenHiicis imd mniiy olhei topnolclicrs are on the Lambert Field naval uir station baseball «I»aci. Lt. G'lurciicc Anderson manager and coacii, is a forme r Nev, York Giant; third baseman Jolmm licmadino was willi the'SI .Louis Drowns, Bob Scheffin;; was :i Cub catcher, antl Bill Mueller a'While Sox outfielder. Arkansas Fruit Crop May Be Short, Home Demonsi nit ion Agent Says MMslppi County lioincmakcrs y,rri' ;»\. i'.st'il this week by Miss Cctu [,cc Cot: man, cotmly home rtrmnislratlon asetit, lo can some ttrav/licrrics In view of Ihc prospect for :i liflil crop of Arkansas' major tree fruits. In h-siilii" tlih iidvbo, Miss Colc- tr.nn |;".iutc : :l cut tluil cnnn?d slraw- brmt's have- a b'oocl flavor and can l)c- HJcd In mak!ii(; tasty j!csscii.s Inr wlnier men) 1 ! although they do nol retain their shape and color i's well as ,'ium 1 ! other fruils when canned. Ml!:s C'olcman recoiumcndcd the /rHnvbif; mclhod for eaiiiilng .straw- beiiii'<. Wnsli and stem .sound. urll-iiiiencd uerrl:,s. Add sugar lo li'.Mc lone ctip of sugar lo six lo cii;lit cups of bcrrier). liriiiR slowly to Ijciliiu/; point, and boil one-half miiiuli'. Hcmovc foam, then dip the I) irie.s from the juice, |Wck inlo hot. sterilized Jars, sent at, once and Dic'.-c'ss in Mllng water halli, quarl jprs 12 minute-i, plul jnrs 10 minutes. Another mclhqd which (jives good results, according to Miss Coicman, is to I'.repai'e llic berries following the method lalreatly dcscriijcd and after beating Ihe berries lo Die brl:n|; point, cover the kellb with ;i muslin clolli .-IIK! let .stand over- nisht in cool place. In the morning brills, quickly (o boiling point, Ihcn pack into tiie hot sterilized jars, .seal, :md piocc.'is in boiling water bath 5 iiiiiiulL's. L-lllng the benics '[.lami oycrnlght in the juice may result in' berries of -better simps and colur. A considerable (iiiantity of juice will probably be left ivbeii stiaiv- biiiu'^ are fanned. Lt, should be canned, loo. Reheat the juice lo simmering, then pour into hot sler- iltwd rontniners, seal, nnd process ii) wnlcr bath al sintering point for 20 minutes. B!r;iw!>:rrie.s may be canned without any sugar if desired, Miss Cole- iiu'.n ,said. . 1 Directions for canning vcgclahlcs mid nlher frnils are contained in TCxlnulon Service Leaflet No. S5, •'C;i!i Fruits and fgctablcs for Vic- lory," now available al (be county Extension office, Miss Coicman said. Charles Lulwidgc Uoilgson was the .real name of Lewis Carroll author of "Alice In Wonderland." ;'l'lic bow ami arrow was a=c<l in the defense of EnglaiKl us late al REDECORATED IN 3 HQORS Paint Over Wallpaper, Raster, Brick, Etc. 'f#0W* $T~B&Q \,^%; • It's one bigsuipriso after another —when you redecorate n loom with Pittsburgh Techide. One coat is sufficient over old wallpaper or oilier surfaces. Antl that one coat may be applied in less than Iwo boms .iwf rfrt'ei in orio hour. You con actually lidng up pictures 60 minutes nflcr painting wilh Tcchidc! Ask us to Give you the whole slory of this aEing development in wall paint PAINTS MISS, COUNTY LUMBER CO. (Formerly Ark-Ma Lumber Cc.) 11|lonc '»5 IS01 W. Maip' or r-'n.civc or Ai'i'i.i- t CATION PO« I.tQl'OK 1'Ell- , MIT. : j Notice is hereby given that the undorsicncd lui» filed with Ihc ioiMT of Ucvcniies of (he Elate ol lor permit lo •rell and dinpenm vinous or rpiritu- ous liquors for beverage al retail on I be premises described as N Main St.. Lnxora. . Application Is for ticunit lo be issued for nitcraUon beginning on 'he (irrt day of July, 1943, and i c expire on the ;ioth day of June, 104-1, as prescribed by Bulletin dated .January 7. 1933 ; ,I K | Supplemental Hcimlation No. ID effective July 10, l!i;)7. ELMF.R HALL. Plant Food Assured for War Gardens Victory darclenefo have now teen assured,of niodenrplant food, by.a modification of ilic WPB regulations which permits the use of chemical nitrogen to the amount of three percent of the mixture, J II was.first decreed that all manufacturers mig'hl prepare a mixtiirp conlainliig 3 percent of nitrogen, 8 percent of phosphorus ritid 7 percent of potash, provided dial 2'/j percent of Ihc nitrogen was of organic bri.' fiin, and only ',4 percent chemical. •Tills mixture proved impossible to prepare, because organic nilro- gen could not be oolaincd. So llio rule was modified la allow chemical nitrogen, which hart previously been restricted to commercial crops, to be used for amateurs' Victory Gar> dens. Victory Garden plant foot! cannot bo used on lawns, and landscape plantings. Its legal use is reslricl- ed lo gardens which arc made chiefly for the production of vegetables. This would seem to allow (lowers .in Victory Gardens, where Ihey are of secondary importance to vegetables. Six pounds of plant food for each 100 square feet of Victory Garden space should be sufficient for feeding all season. Of ibis amount, two- (hirits may be applied when the soil is firsl prepared arid the remaining ; lhird reserved for use afler the ;vegclables have begun lo make vigorous growth, to insure heavy yicH and high Quality in the Crop. These simple directions will moke plant food produce the best results: Early Sown .Vegetables: Apply the plant food evenly over the entire seed bed at the lime it is prepared, at the rate of four pounds (two quarts) per 100 square feet (one full tablespoonful pet- square foot). Work Ihe plant food thoroughly into the soil before planting seed. When vegetables are grown in rows, apply plant food at the rate of two pounds (one quart) per fifty feel of row in a strip about six inches wide. For Hill Grown Vegetables: Mix on amount equal to a level lable- spoonful of plant food thoroughly wilh the soil ill Ihe hill before seeding. For Transplanted Vegetables: Mix an amount equal lo a level tablespoonful of plant food thoroughly with the soil in the bottom of hilt and cover with one inch oE soil,' llien set ! out'plant. Fill hole with soil nearly to lop and water thoroughly. Long Growing Vegetables: (Tomatoes, Cabbage, Celery, etc.) Apply plant food evenly at the rate of four pounds (two quarts) per 100 square feet of planting area when soil is prepared, Ihcn apply every six weeks as follows: For Individual Plants: Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, etc.: Apply an amount equal lo a heaping tablespoonful around each plant five or six inches away from stem. Work lightly into the soil Guardsmen Return ; Mo., May IJ.-Mcinhcrs of Uie Caruthers- villc Slate Guard Company rc- Hiriirtl Imtnc Tuesday nighi, ;1 flcr having been on patrol duly .,(, Unto, Mo, since last Wednesday, where they were called' lo introl a government pipeline prujccl when unionize!* attacked non-union pine layinn crew members, injmini; tlirce. The local company e- ported "no (rouble eiwiimlcrctl" on its return here. I'unncr Card Coaches SWi-.l Hi 'JV;nn 1'ORT MONMGUTH, M. J u) -Johnny Kclioh of Alliinm 'i loiiner Si. Louis Cardinals' i.tility iufteldcr, now it; conclilim iu id n:ana»-n s the 8fl:id Signal Trainin- baseball loam. , The former University of Georgia athlete played with Ashvillc Of (he I'k'dniont League', Mobile of the Southern Leagui', Hochcslcr of (lie International League and 'Sacramento of Ihe I'acific Coast League before going up to the Cards. HAIR "jSweareiigen & Co. sro'f <:o'ri-f>\ IIKOKKK.S Klylhcville, Ark. Read Courier News want ads. | Read Courier News want ads • Ask <is nhout Deraing Water Systems. All si/cs and cajMcides of sliallow and deep well systems are available. The "MARVELETTE" Shallow \Vcll Sys- icm (illustrated) is low priced but has features you . would ordinarily expect in higher B rx - ^ U MAKVtUTK — \ i ~, ~i priced systems. Quiet alteration, dependable performance, low cost maintenance and long life of Dcming Water Systems pto- icct your investment in running water...the greatest of ali modern conveniences! There's a right type of Dcming Water System 10 meet YOUR requirements. Ask about ill See US For Pipe, Fittings and Other Plumbing Supplies HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Sinclair Greases save farmers money over a season because they last so long. They help prevent costly breakdowns because they lubricate moving parts safely. You play safe and save money when you use Sinclair Greases. 1 et-.'irie dje/ive'r f6 y ou r form Phone ZOB5 — A S c«( — Blylherille, Ark. Published l!y The Delta Implement Co., ISlylhcvillc ,1'riilay, SI;iy M Scries I No. iiS I.ouis Niish, cluiiniiiiii (if the Mississippi Cotnify SiTiiji Colieclinn {{nuril, IKIK just received a WI'H liannci- for exceeding (he 1!M2 scrap C|II(I(;L sel for (lie county. Asked Tnr ;i slnlenionl, i\Jr. Nash hy-psisscil (he awiird and cmilli-tl l!u: \v;ir cry of all qimliiwoiUoi.s: ''Yes, hut we're way licliiiul on (inr l!i!;i Hchednle." iMissiswippi Oumfy was one of (i Arkansas cuimlics in exceed Ilic Nt;w (.'iniipiiicnl rccL-ipls of the laj-'l fu\v ilay:- 1 iiiclmk' a yrain drill, a soil pulverizer, ro- lary fendcrjs fur cultivators and several bush and boj; (lisc I'.arvows. I!ring us your cerlilicak's. Hryan and nlarlil;', fiinninij near Osrwla, kiiiijrlil a l)i.\i<! y. rm\ col I on cli()|ij:er ihis rasi wee-It. People who've used I hew eluiii- pers .say l!iey pay (heir own freight in one Hi'.-tsun. We've scvtra.l k-Tf — and you won't iKTil x certiiicalc (<> buy one. , . \Vo'rc cxptx-liiij; a shipment, any (lay now oa Kev.-aiice Klovalo'rs for soybeans, corn Our allot nienl on llicso cluvalors it; small and we sii in early, W. K. ('opr, uf Holland, lias his I'"annall in imr shop Ihis week for overhaul. We don't know whefluT i)ir. Coin- an fid pa ted all this rain or t:o!, l,ul ln< hiiHii'l. missed any work- inj; isay.s vvilh (hi:-; machine. -- Dl- — Thai .••!)i|)incnl of Alnmilo 50 jiound irrease luirlicts we've been ielliiuc you about has just come in. There should bo cnonj,'li to i;o iiround. - Ol -- Hrinrr u.s your' ccrlilicafcs on (ruck and iMtlof (ires, ^'c're in liclier .shniw (in (ires thiin we've been in .some lime. - 01 •We're .still going out of the paint luiKincss. Gel our prices on paints of all kinds before buying. We'll guarantee salisifnclion on every gallon. 1)1- TANK UP YOUR ALBUM DON'T HAVE IT STUCK HALFWAY Boost it info o Bond TODAY!

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