The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 14, 1932
Page 2
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PACT TWO NEWS Sttt* Hlf k f. T. A. Euntfa BO* MK(I. Mrs. Paul L. Tiplon, president ol the Parent-Teacher association of the senior high school for this year, presided at the meeting of tlie executive board yesterday afternoon at the lilgh • school. Reports o( ofHcers ailj committee chairmen preceded the discussion of the study course (o be used this year. There were 17 members present. Entertains Club. Mrs. w. C. Hlgelnson cnlcrtnlned the young Matrons Bridge club Tuesday afternoon for Ihs weekly party. In tho several progressions, Mrs. Rllcy B. Jones won t!-.c prize hosiery. A' chicken salad, served with baited apples and coltce. refreshed the two tables of members. Hat Club Party. Members of the New Tue.idny Brldje club, which now Include husbands of members, were entertained by.Mrs. Robert Grimes List 'netting Oscar Bailey iron tile tilglt score prize. Sundwiclics. cake and hot chocolate »-<?rc served. * • • CUts to Meet. The Dorcas Sunday tcliooT class of the First Baptist church will nave a call meeting Friday evening, at the home ot Mrs. A. Rushing, for the purpose of electing officers. All members are urged to be present nt 1:30 o'clock. Council Hu a luncheon Meeting. E*ch member took n dish lor UK first luncheon meeting of the Woman's council of the Christian church this fall. Thl$ was held yesterday at the home of Mrs. Z A McCulsllon, ' In the morning the ladles quilted and after lunch there vas * busl- I ness session, preceded with a de- ' votional led by Mrs J. Cecil Lowe Flowers of the South Scout Committee Members to Meet, Members of the Community committee, troop leaders and troop cnp- Uins of local Girl Scouts arc to meet at the junior .high school building Thursday, 7 p.m. Battery School Will Hare •Family Parly Friday Night. Thc annual Family party for na- trons, friends and graduates of the f^JJO^wkcx)! win be held at'the ~~' J night, beginning at The boUs are bursting In Dixie, so Miss nnrbnrn rhehm of makes a prosixrlly bouquet nnd amlles. Hayti Society—Personal , Hv, ' tK B & l" 9r<! Elrlf and the Qlec club will htvc booths on the lawn where refreshment.. rosy be procured. The following program will be presented at 8 o'clock: Health Plav- let, "The Doctor's Busy Day- wi- ™»ry grades; m uslca | readlll , .. pe BV in a Low Backed Car" Eugenia « tJ. ? U '' th 1Iiss AIma ''eter-' at the piano; characterizations "Tii? Gumps," "HambOM," "Little o r pan Annie" and "Sklppy"; sing- gTm MWUi- "- Principal, announced today. • • * Elected. h and 2 Basses O f j lmior high £cilool have elected officers for 'his semester. I,, 7.0 , ;„., a..*, u M ,£ : J, '"' vice praifc,,!; cota,, B ,rsl e v „„;'„" mm Winifred CrawfnM ? y ' Mcretar S-: "t Herrick £, • , tr0as " rcr : Rob/ nerricx. physician- BD"V P™ arms. • EWcr ' . «rsc?iH-at- * * • A Circus Project Mcslamcs B«rl!m Snider and E C. Davis of Pnirticnling,' Mo., and Mrs. J. N/Giles of Little Rock Ark, were the guests of Mr.' nnd Mrs. J. L. Davis Sunday. Mr. nnri .\frs. L. N. Proffer of Stkcslon were guests ot Mr. nnd Mrs. A. G.. Sanders Suiijay. •Miss Vei-jilco statiftl left Monday for Cape Girnrdeau, wliere ehc will attend the Southeast Missouri Teachers college. '-Miss Ooldaj-Movers of Kenneti visited friends here Sunday afternoon. Mesdamas C. S. Baldwin and D O. Slater and Miss Hazel Bald' win and t!:eir guests, Mrs. I. Wohb mi daughter Mury of Madtsonvllle 45'.. spent Thursday in liig Springs' McsdaiMos Laurence McDonald i id Jack Tensler and son, Bobby "Sited In Kcntiett Monday nftcr- Mhs Nell Adrmis O f Portngevlli: >s visillnsr Mrs. R. - this week. : those who a Luxora .Society—Personal Mrs. Clnrcncc Vollmer of Blyl:;c- llc-speiu-Suiuhy with lier mother, Mrs. M. c. Cookc. Mrs. Frank Domls shopped in niythevlllc Saturday. Miss i-'ioy Vollnu-r, who is at- IciKilng A. and M. college in Jon?s- boio, spent the week-end with her liarents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Voll- m er. i , - •-••-, • "• ". McDearman nnd ttnughler, Mrs. E. R. Crlhfleld. visited relatives In Blyllievlllo Sun- Uses Clinrhc and Evelyn Scot! °L M f'" J .' Jlls S}> - m tllc week-end >, Mr. and Mrs. Mrs o. M. Umflcet vlsll:d !a Memphis Saturday. B o Wllklns was in Jonesboro on business Monday. .will tr.e «-:ek-end with her daughters, Mtsjcs, Margaret Ml!- "ve.1 and Jan c Rlcliards Miss Mnrgnrct Richards hnd «• her vveeek-end guest M | ss Loilisf rench of Memphis. .|an 1 !. CC , 3per ° f St ' Wllis 1 ' is «« 1 Wlves hero Monday. . Tluveau > . ^Tesd8m^s An ,, m^rcd to Snndy ^r'VSr 1 *"* the M, " Library Circulation Increases 321 Per CenC MONTROSE! cm ,IJPI . n...,, Montroso llko to read? A a 7 ^?""- ^ ^- Conipllnltons of the iniii-i,[, r of bcnss loaned by the public li- h.rr show- [hRl ,„ Al ,' s , , "if number circuliitcd was an in .' crrnse of 324 per cent over ;| 1P C | r . Ml kjffnn ,]....f ... l LIJ iB. l stories DL?v* ritln ' a »'1>C consfa? o'H" "'"""ellc terms clrc " s " aln « to "» Mte Sylvia Huckaba Is 111. Hi* Ruby Hatlty of St. Loids te visiting iel»lives here. Courier NMPJ Want Ada P»y. Hornet Flies Info Mouth i »»rine Aueiist, 1927. M omros( , . r.adcrs borrowed 701 bnoks in |l!>32. ivndcM ted (ate,, ^oi'vo" m:ics from thc library. ^. J. Hanson, Boston mi<ldli> glance rnm-r. , VBS warn,!, f f p lloo;? Fonml In r.n U'.-iirr _ TOPEKA. Knn. IUl>i — ,\ n iirrt with n wnnnnt for the much pn!)- hcizcd John Doc ma Mary Rev If-! conniy nltorncy ami "deputy sheriffs made an exclusion (., J, , - "•- "vir ccrtnln farmhouse west of |. r ve fleiv- "A'honwJ u m<X " h nn<! '" LT11Cy sns Pcctcd Jolm ami M,, rv " cr>.-«rii i...- , Hanson suffered of bootlCRginc. Thc onlv noi<- iii h, dnv "» 5l1 ^ 5 -,' 1 "" ! «lcr t«™ "they uncaKtail about V ta a roco $ ' ' Mf t0 C ° miX;lC P""* vras »** "' s '»'- kli ^ «« . . «alcr on tap for use. IP $ 1-QO ROUND TR MEMPHIS REAT ^ RN THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 ARKANSAS-MISSOURI DAY AT THE MID-SOUTH FAIR & RODEO fri^uji §!±; R "?"n. v " d *»"-««««i EAIWK.- «j for En ,, f . *• "-"'^:-^ l ±t;!^S Ask Frisco Tickal Agent For Particulars Bits oj News Mostly Personal Mr and Mrs. Tom Healon have • their guest Mrs. Hcaton's mo- ic-r, Mrs. w. H. Copcluncl, of Par- asould, who will be ly. rc until Saturday. Mrs j. A. chnpln Is n patient «l the- Meinplils Methodist Isoj. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Homer and '", w. L. jr., will go to Wheat- ey, Ark., Friday for the weekend Br^UiT 1 " V " 1 " Mrs - " 0mer ' B Clarence Vollmer, of Marked Tree and niylhevllle, l s ; ,t home Miss Betty Ue McCutchen has leliii-ncd from Joncsboro where Jic was (lie ((„(,!,( of Mtss Molllc aecoy for the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Huffman mill daughter. Miss Vlrsinin, and I-rank Huffman, went to Clinton Miss., Monday where Miss Huff- w »s enrolled at Hlllman . '• Tin; others returned home nst night. Miss Eva Cooke. of Luxorn is the guest of her sisters, M« Clarence Vollmer and Mrs W J Wumlcrllcli, for several days Mrs. John R. Tamil and daughter. Mrs. Hubert Ply. and? fan, John, or Memphis, spent yestcr- lay with Mr. and Mrs. O. c. janske. They were accompanied ionic by Mrs. Ganske's brother I. O. Mooring, of Little liock who ias been visiting here for several reeks and who Is returning home Miss Carolyn Haley 1ms returned rom a brief visit in Scare* at HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP INTIMATE GLIMPSES AND INSIDE STUFF ON THE MOVIE COLONY •BY DAN THOMAS HOLLYWOOD. - Day-dreaming about, wlmi would happen if: Jimmy Durante got punched In tlic ".schnosale." Jimmy Dunn and , Walter Byron could keep [heir ro- , mances strai^itened out. Minna i Gombell didn't appeal In a l-'ox Picture. Dorothy Mackaill got. tired . of married life. Mary Jirlan slrcuW [turn blase. Katharine Hepburn lost , her millions. Tallulah Bankhead caught. Joan Blonde!! and He Barnes didn't get married inner all. . And what if there weren't any ; «tra girls. Cnr) l, a »mml a Jr. Jost that, little black book. John Bnrry- ,more Colt really became serious •about Mary Duncan. Pictures should • stop talking. Mnu r i ce chev.ilbr - should lose his accent. Mae Mur- made another picture. Ulliau 1 quit calling her men "<li:cky " Jean Harlow Imd stayed in Kansas Vi , i.^ Ild Clnr;l Bmv '-cmainecl in Brooklyn. Irving Thalberg should j decide to retire. ' • • Cart Evalyn .Be Married? Evalyn Knajij) and Doimli Cook hove slipped one over and are mar"™- *»>Ua Page should be Dcrmit- cd to go out iiuchaperoned. Char- "c Ray illmfccd. back into the btg money ajaln. Atock Bennett wasn't ^rH"? 1 i ma '' L "' here g!rLs ar = con - ccrr.ed. Rochelle Hudscn's mother .™!!iV'° mc Ior a vlslt - Jf * Buell wuld concentrate on one girl Au- lomobllc radios hadn't b»n invli!- tcd. A tUm executive suddenly went ^'inc. Miss Tftbliha Sudbury has returned from a visit with rtla- ': lives in Tlptom-llle, Tenn. She : was accompanied home by Miss Pauline Roliinson for brief stay. spent tl>e weekend in liearcy""ac- companying their daughter 'Miss Maurtne, to Galloway college "•here .she enrolled for her second year's work. They were also, accompanied by Miss Lady Ruth Rorie who win attend school there. • Mrs. j. s. Bollard spent Mon- liav In Memphis. Mrs. Sam c. Owen has returned! from a visit in IJlckman, Ky. ' . ! Mr. and Mrs. Oscnr Bailey had ] as.' their guests yesterday Mrs..; P.., f .° '-- v .* ULVO - * "i" wjuteinan sot fat again. Lily uamit,, knew about, a certain picture I have The ;h^piar Moor>rouidt)urtpi ^ * * * Oh, Ves, Jack Gilbert's wives' .^afrlce Jo - v ' Ill;1 Claire and Virginia Bruce (John Gilbert's wives) «" got together K) mc time. Wally «*ry had rls pUoVs license taken lyji Knapp looks r t ui(c nifty In this fishuig rustlniie — but wouldn't Jt be u .surjirlst- IK Hollywood kamrd Uniuld Cosk hooked her for a liriiie? away from lij m . Til; four Marx Brothers all lived tojctlier. Clark Gable wasn't married. Aitoa Stsii made a picture. Joan Mars!) didn't act so klddishly 8 row n up. Lionel Barrymore had John's jjrofile. A few people hi Hollywood could keei> secrets. Bebe Daniels leaineu 10 Keep nppointmcnts. Will Rogers ap]>earcd at a thaa- r in a tuxedo. The original "Our Gang" got tosjcthrr for a rciuii:n. Ralph Forbes wasn't so self-conscious on a-polo field. Billin Dave should turn sour or, '.lie \vor![|. Joan Crawford got over being 5U c!i a Tegular fellow." Dick Bartl-.elmess and Charlotte Grcemvocd played In n picture together. Cecil n. DAinie should come down to earth. Gloria 10.12 aiison was found walking home° " 1 ' M C °" M1 ' "S , cear of ove .scenes of working hours. Sportsmen File Plea For Nightall Games Col. (UP) - Llmir " 1 thCl '' Ba '" CS by " a l A petition to the city council ask Ing that, floodlights be Installed at we city hiyh school athletic Iklti to penult niyht games, was circu' lated nmoiis- .sjoris fovcre The petitioners ar s ijsd that at- Icndancc .v. ganic-s, bo!h softb'U! •and football, would IK materially increased at night. Tco, loyal b-c?t- «s who nr? unaWc to leave their businesses dining the dav. would b' iwriijlttcd lo see the wjitests. lloli'l Turns On Steam -VALENTINE. .Neb. (CI!')-GllMts •il the Afnrlan Hotel were furious about (he heat, when (hey protested, th D hotel clerk found that the steam had been accidentally turned on during the night. Wednesday and Thursday Ailni.—JliiUiiL-o nn:l 10 and 25c 'Radio Patrol' with Robert Armstrong Lila Leo, Jium Clyilo :md Andy Devinc. Fox News and Comedy. RITZ THEATER Last Time Today ' HAlUtY I'KATHEK presents ight Revue' 15 people, 15 on the .stagu in person presenting a program of dancing, singing, ;in Hll ^ mii.sic-;il |iroKi-!im you •-'aii't till'ord to niisri. Picture— "War Corrospon- " with Jack Holt and Craves. , 15 10 &. 23c Thursday and Friday ... , e—10 ;ind 25c Night—10 and 30c » » The Wingt of the Angels Have Touched You...The Hoof of the Devil Has Kicked You. CflRY COOPER Devil 0 Qiuiimmmi Online «BOKTEST LINE BETWE&T CHAS. IAUGHTON CARV GRANT SHONE Cailooii Mini comedy—"It's a Cinch.-' FIORENZ ZIEGFELD sni<l. .. -/ cotisiilrr Rutli Miing llicgranes/ sin^-r ,jf songs tlwt I have mH,w s ,.,l in my forty years in the ttictiicr." ON WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHTS... Music in Uic ;iir . . . ]>mviir;l)in<* O music. "Blues" or ballads . . . sad PDiigs, glad songs . . . old favorites or );ile,sl hils . . . Chesterfield's Girl of Song sings ihciu all. Hear RUTH ETTING in Chesterfield's Radio Program, ''iMiisiulhal Salislies,' 1 every Wcdncn- diiy and Saturday night— Columbia coasl-lo-eoast Network. CJimlcrficM Radio f'rogrnm—V.vcryni^l <'V(c|il Sunday, Columbia co;i=t-to-coasL (^testeriield THE CIGARETTE THAT'S Ad/'/f/^f THE CIGARETTE THAT

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