Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on August 30, 1952 · Page 2
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 2

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 30, 1952
Page 2
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r THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS • Ual Boyle jhe Peebles House h Divided Over Eisenhower and Stevenson BY HAL BOYLE HOMETOWN, U. S. A. (AP). The Peebles, like many an American family today, are a house divided. ; Wilbur, the country's most average citizen, and his wife, Trellis Mae, used to quarrel over only one thing—her ambition to own^ a mink coat. But that was before Wilbur Went to the Republican convention aid came home in favor of Gen. Elsenhower, and Trellis Mae attended the Democratic convention and returned an ardent rooter for Gov. Stevenson, ,Now they are separated by a new yawning chasm—party politics. * * * WILBUR AWOKE THE OTHER MORNING in a cramped position on the living room sofa, to which he had been exiled by Trellis Mae after he referred slightingly to Stevenson as "a Truman in short pints." ,Hls wife sat in his favorite chair studying the newspaper. "How about some breakfast, honey?" said Wilbur. "I'm starving." ;"Make it yourself, you Republican—you believe in individual enterprise," replied Trellis Mae. "And don't burn the toast. I have to catch up on the political news." • Wilbur meekly got up, showered, shaved, dressed, and fixed breakfast for two. Trellis Mae joined him at the table, put down tiie newspaper, and said: "Well, he's done it again!" Her husband went on morosely munching his toast. "I say, he's done it again!" said Trellis Mae more loudly. "Who?" said Wilbur, unable to resist the bait. "As if you didn't know. Ha, Ha, Ha! Stevenson—of course." '"Has he attacked that mess in Washington again?" "Don't be so funny," said Trellis Mae. "He says your pal Ike is up to his knees in a bucket of eels. Ha, Ha, Ha! What's the matter with Ike's campaign anyway? It's stalled." ;"Ike's just getting into gear," replied Wilbur stoutly. "He likes to plan his campaigns instead of going off half-cocked. When he really hits the Democrats it'll be another Normandy landing." '"AH I can say," remarked Trtl- lis Mae," is that right now he is approaching victory with the speed of erosion." * • * !"I REALLY DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU," said Wilbur, try- irig dignity. "Your father was a Republican, your grandfather was a I Republican, and you were a Republican until last month. You dpn't want to be a turncoat, do you.* "Look who's talking," answered his wife. "Who voted for Roosevelt three times? You! Who said w*ien he got out of the army he'd never vote for a man who wore a uniform? You!" '"That was before they nominated Ike," said Wilbur. "Can't a man change his mind,?" 1 "Can't a woman?" '"Sure, but Ike is a new broom. He's got what the country needs. "I ask you one thing—just one thing," he said. "What has Adlai Stevenson got that Ike doesn't have more of?" ."Me!" said Trellis Mae triumphantly. . COLLISION AT 12th, PERKINS This morning's rainfall was blamed for an accident at 12th and Perkins Avenue. A pick-up truck driven by Jerry. Skidmore, 15, of RFD 1, skidded on 12th street as it neared the- intersection of Perkins Avenue. A wheel hit the west curb and the car bounced backwards into the intersection, striking a car driven by Oscar Richardson, 70 of Keenes. No one 'was injured. FUNERALS LAST CHANCE WIN SUNDAY CENTRAL CHURCH of CHRIST LEADS NATION 13% Si'ECIAL 9:30 a. m. PROGRAM Jimmy Patterson Tenor Soloist Edith Moe Garrison Soprano Soloist Owen D. Herbert ' Accordionist Roy Russell Violinist • \ COME S unday BRING SOMEONE WIN sOnday Former Resident- William E. Hart Pies in E, St. Louis Word has been received here of the death of William E. Hart of East St. Louis. Mr. Hart, a former resident of Mt. Vernon, was a brother of Mrs. Charles N. Carpenter of 813 south 18th street. Funeral services will be held in East St. Louis at 1:00 p. m. Monday. Burial will follow in Old Chapel cemetery at Dix, 111. James Gatewood Funeral Sunday At Wayne City WAYNE CITY — James Gatewood, 83, a retired farmer and resident of Wayne City, died at his home Thursday. His funeral will be held Sunday, at 2 p. m. at Combs Chapel, conducted by the Rev. Lloyd Trotter. Burial will be in Thomason cemetery. Mr. Gatewood was born at luka, July 24, 1869 the son of William and Sarah Gatewood. He was married in 1894 to Laura Ellis. Mr. Gatewood was a member of the Round Praurie General Baptist church. He is survived b his wife and three daughters, Mrs, Gertie Stevens of Wayne City. Mrs. Grace Estes of Chenoa, 111., and Mrs. Nora Smothers of Flora. The body will lie in state at Combs Chapel. BIRTHS Mr, and Mrs. Frank Hall, No. 2 Rushfon Drive, are the parents of an fight pound four ounce son, Richard Kendall, who was bom at 10:58 p. m. Friday in Good Samaritan Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Bertice Stewart, West Frankfort, are the parents of a baby son, Bruce Duane, who was born in Good Samaritan Hospital at 5:34 a .m. today. The little boy weighed seven pounds three ounces at birth. Mr. and .Mrs. Jack Robinson, 1111 North street, are the parents of a seven pound six ounce daughter, born at 7:58 a. m, today in Good Samaritan Hospital. She has not been named. Mr. and Mrs. John Furby. RFD 7, Mr. Vernon, i;iave not yet named their baby daughter who arrived at Good Samaritan Hospital at 8:33 a. m. today. The baby weighed eight pounds on arrival. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ellis, Oak Grove Addition, Mt, Vernon, have chosen the name Doris June for their new daughter who was born at 8:48 a. m. today in Good Samaritan Hospital. The baby's weight at birth was eight pounds one ounce. , Ms, Mae Brown has received word that a baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Allen Brown of LaGrange, 111. on August 19. He has been named Randall Melvin. Mr. and Mrs. Harold W, Greg^ ory of St. Louis are the parents of a seven pound 12 ounce daughter who was born August 27. Mrs. Gregory is the former Mary Jo Ruffin. She and Mr. Gregory are former Mt. Vernon residents. HE KISSED HER TWICE; DRUNK BOTH TIMES * By AstocUttd l»r«»» CHICAGO — Mi\. Mable V. Loveless. 36, got a divorce Friday, She said licr husband, Carl. 32, lived up to his name. "I want affection," she told the Circuit Cout. She said her husband a clerk, only kissed her twice during their married life and was drunk both times. 7 Comic Books Bad for Sailors HOSPITAL NOTES POLIO VICTIM BACK IN MT.V. Rosahe Anslinger, 13, who has been seriously ill with polio at St. Mary's Hospital in East St, Louis, has been moved to • Good Samaritan Hospital in Mt. Vernon, Her father. Dr. C. J. Anslinger, said that there is some improvement in her condition and that her condition is no longer contagious. However, she will require extensive medical care. Rosalie expressed her thanks to her many friends for their kind thoughts during the critical period of her iUness. RURAL FIREMEN CALLED TWICE Rural firemen answered two alarms Friday. At 1:45 p. m. they were called to the Max Davis Printing Co., on the Ashley Road, where a rubbish fire caused slight damage to a light pole and fence. The fire was out on arrival of firemen. At 9:15 p. m. firemen were call- e'd to the Ashley Road on a report of a grass fire. No fire was found. JEFFERSON MEMORIAL Admitted: Chester Morlan; Leslie McGehee. Discharged: Mre. Betty Gammon, Wayne City, and infant daughter, Cynthia Denise; Mrs. Mauretta Wells, Bonnie, and infant son, Evei-ett Ward, Junior; Mendell Fulford; Mrs. Betty Hatfield, RFD 5. GOOD S-AMARITAN Admitted: Miss Rosalie Anslinger; Mrs. Jean Donnelly; Ernest Dare; Mrs. Ray Brown; Mrs. Frank Hall; Rose .4.nn Degenhart; Mrs. Bertice Stewart, West Frankfort; Mrs. John Furby; Mrs. Jack Robinson; Mrs. Charles Elhs; Emery Palso; Lillian Buxton. Discharged: Mrs. Louise Nold; Leo Jankowski; Mrs, Phyllis Goddard. GUARD AGAINST SUtEfV.BONOED OONTKOl Ph. 4407 T~ 11 IDS. 24th TEMPERATURES Rock ford 81 65 Molina 90 65 Peoria 90 67 Quincy _ 92 63 Rantoul 92 66 Springfield 94 65 Vandalia 95 65 Scott Field 94 69 Mt. Vernon 94. 60 KNOX HiRorvs AUCTIONEER The Service That Pays Instead of Cost PHONE — Mt. VernoD 8983-Wl WaltonvUle 15R11 RILEY E. JOHNSON Insurance Broker &. Agtnt Writes every form of insuransi. Auto and truck far lesi money Investigate, Fire Company Is 132 years old. Polio and 9 other dread diseases. Full coverage. Hospitalization. Life—1st day of age to 80 years of age, Veunfl and old. Any other kind y«u need. PHONE CALL OB WRITt 704 S, 23rd St. Mt, Vernon, III. Busi, Ph. 955—Res, Ph. 2341 Available and at your service 7 days a week, 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. 1 YOU BUILD OR WE BUILD mERE? The Most Desirable Home Location In Southern Illinois L/Ve in JAMISON'S WESTERt< GARDENS Telephone :i72 Today! ^ FOOD- THE COST OF LIVING INDEX IS UP AGAIN! LET US PUT THE FREEZE ON YOUR LIVING COST— RENT A Frozen Food Locker Today AND ENJOY BETER LIVING AT A SAVING LOCKER RENTALS AS LOW AS 4c PER DAY C6mplete Processing Service For Locker Rentals and Deep Freeze Ownei-s LET US HELP YOU WITH YOUR FREEZER PROBLEMS MT. VERNON FROZ-N-FOODS 2413 Broadway—Phone 3630 ,COT YOUR FOQD BUDdlT CURING AND SMOKING THE YEAIil-A-ROUND SAN FRANCISCO — T\velfth Naval District sailo: wliose literary taste runs to comic lxiol<s today found ti.e'i- source of supply restricted. Seven comic books, assailed as "designed to undermine morale," iiave been placed on a list by tlie district, which advised officers to l<eep them out of the hands of susceptible sailors, A Na\'y spottesman, who declined to name the books because they were "classified," described the banned books as "stressing fear," but not necessarily subversive. He cited as an example one comic showing two servicemen on a grave digging detail. One says to the other. ",A11 I've done since I'm out here in Kon is burying my buddies." The other replies. "Better than being shot at the front." KNOCKS ON.THE WRONG DOOR By Associated Press LOUISVILLE, Ky. — cut- rate salesman began a six-month .jail term today for knocking on the wrong door with the wrong pair of pants. .John E. Dugan's career was cut short after he stopped at the home of police Sgt. Walter Jones and offered to sell the officer's wife a new pair of pants for a quarter. Informed of wjiat happened, the sergeant interrupted his bath and aiTcstcd Dugan. In police court, he admitted tfllving th^ pants from a parked cai'. Paul Duncan Is New Distributor Of Gulf Products Pau) Duncan, well known Mt. \'ernon businessman, is the new Gulf dealer for Jefferson and otlipr southern^ Illinois counties. He purchased the distributorship from Earl Warfield who is retiring because of health. Headquarters for Duncan's distributorship is the Gulf Refining Co. bulk plant on the Benton Road, a short distance south of Mt, Vernon. Duncan will handle all of Gulf's products, m this area. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lowery purchase modern duplex located at 316 North 16th Street for a home and investment trom Mr. and Mrs. Russell Kamper. Mr. and Mrs. Katnper operate the Kamper SJtelgras and Appliance store at 114 North 10th Street. Mr. Lowery is part owner of the Prince and Lowery Marliet at 300 Main Street. Mr. and Mrs. Kamper previously purchased this property through the local real estate firm of Virgil T, Bailey, Inc. It is a continuation and chain of satisfied customers which has built this real estate firm into the greatest and most reliable real estate firm in southern Illinois. IlUnois. This transaction was effected through the local real estate firm of VIRGIL T. BAILEY, Inc. MacFadden in ' Parachute Leap; Misses Seine By Associated Press PARIS. — Bernarr MacFadden, 84-year-old physical culturist, made a parachute jump here Friday to cclobralo his birthday. The wiry American, publisher and exponent of the vigorous outdoor life missed the Seine River and landed on the west bank. Just before his takeoff from Orly B^ield,, he was e.xamined by Dr. Roger Caubin, who found his blood pressure and heart condition good. MacFadden, who made the jump to Drove that his health theories have kept him young, woie two narachutcs. red flannel underwear and a Mae West life belt. GIRL DROWNS IN OHIO By Associated Press METROPOLIS, 111. — Ellen Iglehart 13 stepped into a deep hole while wading in the Ohio River Thursday and drowned. Jail 16 Belgians • For Draft Riots •y Associated Press BRUSSELS — Sixteen Belgian soldiers were given jail sentences ranging from three to 38 months today for their participation in army camp riots earlier this month against 24 months conscription. The Belgian government later decided to release conscripts after 21 months service and announced it would have to cut down Its international military comltments In the European defense community. Autos Collide At Tenth, Newby One minor accident occurred In Mt, Vernon Friday. Cars driven by Fred Deitz, 817 south 21st street, and Gene Reed, Cedarville, 111., collided at Tenth and Newby. No one was Injured. MCLAUGHLIN'S CAFE 24fh & Bdwy Phone 463 j AIR-CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT Treat Your Family To a Week End of "EATING OUT" This Sunday Dinner—, Complete With Drink, Hot Bread .<& Dessert NO TASTIER OR BETTER FOOD IN THE COUNTRY 75' * 85' COMPLETE MEALS Labor Day Menu will be the same type Menu with changes of Fresh Vegetables and Salads. BAKED CHICKEN PIE » In Rich Flakey Crusts—-0 *F Sunday Dinner includes Coffee and Dessert Stewed Chicken with Egg Noodles $ .85 Baked Chicken 'n Celery Dressing 85 %, French Fried Chicken 85 Rolled and Boned Beef Roast with Celery Dressing 1.00 Baked Ham with Raisins 85 Large Broiled Ham Slice with Cherries 1.10 Two Lean Loin Pork'Chops 85 Roast Pork with Applesauce 85 Large Pork Steak 75 Country Pork Sausage Patties with Applesauce 75 Boiled Ham Chunks v.'ith Navy Beans 75 Breaded Veal Cutlets with Tomato Sauce 85 Old Fashioned Country Ham Steak with Raisins .. 1.00 Hamburger Steak 75 Salisbury Steak (Hamburger smothered in onions) .75 Cubed Steak 85 Chicken Fried Steak 1.00 Cod Fillets with Tarter Sauce 75 Small Club Steak 1.00 Veal Steak 1.00 COLD PLATE (Ham, Cheese, Potatoe Salad, Cottage Cheese, Cole Slaw) 85 Hot Vegetable Plate (Choice of 4 Vegetables or Salads) 75 T-Bone Steak Dinner (Choice of 3 Vegetables) .... 1.75 • All Served With a Choice of Three • Fluffy Whipped Potatoes, Ham Seasoned Green Beans, Fresh Broccoli with Cream Sauce, Buttered Fresh Carrot Sticks, Escalloped Tomatoes with Corn, Fresh Frozen Peas, Navy Beans, Perfection Salad, Cole Slaw, Tossed Fresh Vegetable Salad, Sliced Peach and Cottage Cheese, Head Lettuce with French Dressing, Sliced Tomatoes and Cucumbers, Applesauce, Fresh Potato Salad, Coffee, Hot Roll. DESSERT: Choice of best horn a made Pie In the country. Chocolate, Pineapple, Whitehouse Sundae. Frozen Custard, Chocolate, Strawberry, Whitehouse, Vnnllla Ice Cream, PLENTY OF PARKING SPACE MONUMENTS DISCRETION OF TASTE AND . . . created by practical sculptors to express your wishes exactly. Made of the finest materials, all are fairly priced. When In need, consult us MT. VERNON MONUMENT CO. TERRY L. EGBERT. Prop. 1300 Satem Rood 'Phont 130S PROBE REPORTS ON NAVY VICE By Aiis«la<ed PrtM BOSTON — Reports of alleged homosexuality involving the commanding officer of a ship and some 24 enlisted men at the Newport, R. I., Naval Base are under investigation, the 1st Naval District rcortcd Friday night, A navy spokesman, who did not identify the Individuals under investigation, said no charges have been placed against any of tliem. Fleet units as well as shore installations are said to be Involved. The Navy spokesman said the alledged offenses occurred in the past few weeks. He said he had no knowledge of the name of the ship and "presumed" It is now at Newport, He gave no details of the reported incidents. 1 Ho oHnf dnnk OrPtpper liilliliillilllllliliilliilllilliiliiiliiiillli^^ lii'iiii lllllltllllil! 6i Your Bank of Friendly Service^* My husband agrees i . . when it's cash we need th« best place for a loan is In a bank. The interest rate Is pleasingly low, service is truly friendly and cour­ teous and all red tape is amazing­ ly missing. And best of all, all in­ formation you give is held in the strictest confidence. When you need cash. WE INVITE YOU TO CALL-ON-US 4 2% O INTEREST PAID ON AU SAVINGS ACCOUNTS THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MT. VERNON ''Jefferson County's Largest Bank" Member Federal Deposit insurance Corporation Member federal Reserve System Savings and Checking Accounts inOur Bank Are Guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Up To $10,00(^.00

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