Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 24, 1976 · Page 7
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 7

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 24, 1976
Page 7
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Erma Bombeok's AT WIT'S END High Food Prices People are always mourning the passing of the old general store, that wonderful meeting place in the old West where you could buy a chain saw and a dozen eggs, a length of calico or kerosene for the lamps. I've never been sure in my mind that it disappeared. As my husband and I put away the groceries the other day he said, "Where do you want the salt for the water softener?" "In the garage. The kids can lug it around to the side yard." "And the garden hose and the charcoal lighter?" "On the porch." "Hey, you got a lot of 'goodies' this week," he said, pulling out a pair of men's sandals. "I know. We were out of everything. Wanta put these bath towels on the dining room table? I'll run them back when What the song idn't tell you e movie will. OdeTo Bitty Joe Technicolor From Wainei Bros QA Wainer Communicalions Company we finish unpacking. But the prices," I added, "I don't know how big families afford to eat. Here, put these light- bulbs in the drawer. I did get a good buy on underwear this week — three for $4." "Did you check on the car seat that was in the ad?" "Yeah, but 1 think I can do better at another supermarket across town:" "Umm. . . This looks yummy, what is it?" "A bundt pan. Got that special coating on it so the cake won't stick. Makes your mouth water, doesn't it?" "Why candles? You know they're more expensive when they're out of season." "I know, but I just craved to see those green ones in the dining room." "I hope you got there early enough to get the plants while they were fresh." . "They were a little picked over, but I found a great dieffenbachia. In fact, I had Ralph divide them irito two pots so I can give mother one and use the other myself. I love a store that has a garden man. None of those prepackaged deals." "Incidentally," said my husband, "what's for lunch?" I shuffled through the greeting cards, _zippers, antifreeze, dark glasses, pots, pans, insecticide, paperbacks, and clothesline an'd finally said, "You wanta run down to the store and get some lunch meat? And don't get distracted by things we can't eat!" Courteous Service Is My Goal. Philip C. Vieux for County Attorney. Paid for by P. C. Vieux. —Adv. SociaLife MR. AND MRS. JAY D. McNITT (Ann Joyce) Ann Joyce and Jay D. McNitt exchanged marriage vows May 29 at the First United Methodist Church in' Ulysses. The Rev. Bill Dial officiated for the 2:30 p.m. double-ring ceremony. Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Joyce and Mr. and Mrs. William McNitt, all Ulysses. Front of the church was decorated with four seven- branch candelabras accented with pink bows and flowers. Pews were marked with pink bows and ivy. George Wolf was organist. He accompanied Karl Will, who sang "The Lord's Prayer," and Dalene McNitt, cousin of the groom, who sang "A Moment of Your Love." The bride, given in marriage by her parents, wore a floor-length gown of silk organza over taffeta, .featuring a fitted bodice and high neckline of re-, embroidered lace net. The trumpet sleeves and the flounce that encircled the hemline of the A-line skirt also were trimmed in re- embroidered lace net. The gown, veil and chapel-length ANN LANDERS Bridge Player's Wife Does Slow Boil DEAR ANN LANDERS: My husband is a duplicate bridge player who loves the competition of the game to the point of addiction. .Every Thursday he leaves at 7:30 p.m. and they play till 11:00 or 11:30. After duplicate, the players go to a club next door and unwind with a drink or two. Recently I found out they have liye music and dance. FELLOWSHIP BOOKSTORE Perfect Anytime... A Gift From The NATIONAL RELIGIOUS BESTSELLERS LIST June. 1976 -Top Ten— CLOTHBOUND: 1. BORN AGAIN, Colson 2. ANGELS, Graham 3; IN MY FATHER'S. HOUSE, tenBoom 4. WHAT WIVES WISHED THEIR HUSBANDS KNEW ABOUT WOMEN, Dobson 5. HIDE OR SEE, Dobson PAPERBACKS: 1. FOREVER MY LOVE, Hardisty 2. GOD'S ANSWER TO FAT.. .LOST IT, Hunter 3. THE''HIDING PLACE, tenBoom 4. THE ACT OF MARRIAGE, LaHaye 5. TRAMP FOR THE LORD, tenBoom RECORDINGS: 1. ALLELUIA, Gaither Trio and Ron Huff 2. GOD GAVE THE SONG, Hawaiians 3. EVIE, Evie 4. THE BEST OF ANDRE, Crouch 5. JUST AS I AM, Netherton 6. A SHEPHERD LOOKS AT PSALM 23, Keller 7. TESTED BY FIRE, Womach 8. PSALMS NOW, Brandt 9. GIFT OF INNER HEALING, Stapdton 10. LAYMAN LOOKS AT THE LORD'S PRAYER, Keller 6. HOW TO LIVE LIKE A KING'S KID, Hill 7. THE CHRISTIAN FAMILY, Christenson 8. SOMETHING MORE, Marshall 9. EVIDENCE .THAT DEMANDS A VERDICT, McDowell 10. PRISON TO PRAISE, Carothers 6. TO THE BRIDE, Barry McGuire I 2nd Chapter of Acts 7. LOVE SONG. Love Song 8. MARANATHA V, Maranatha Singers 9. TAKE ME BACK, Crouch 10. PRAISE ALBUM. Maranatha Singers A Book is a Gift that can be opened more than once! * * YOUR CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE* * FELLOWSHIP BOOKSTORE 405 N. 8th Garden City , A ONE-STOP SHOP for all your Gift Buying. "Western Kansas Christian Supply Headquarters" I am sitting home trying not to let it bother me, but when my husband comes strolling in at 2:00 a.m., I'm not very pleasant'— to be perfectly frank. . i I've tried playing duplicate but I can't take .bridge that seriously. He plays with a different partner every week, both men and women, all kinds of people —,,old, young, divorced, etc. :;, I don't like being a jealous wife but that's exactly what I am. He's a good provider and we have raised two fine children in the 25 years we've been married, but' I hate Thursdays. He behaves like an eager little boy who is going to a party. Any advice for me, Ann? — Slow Boil In Boise Dear Boil: Yes, go to the party with him. Take a good book, your needlepoint, correspondence that needs answering, anything to keep you occupied while he does his number. Then, when the game breaks up, you;can join the "eager little boy" at the club next door and enjoy,the live music, too. * * * DEAR ANN' LANDERS: Now that summer is here great numbers of people will be taking off for vacations. May I pass on some advice to your readers out of. my own personal experience? PLEASE, when you leave town, let someone know where you can be reached at all times. My wife and I do a lot of camping and are gone anywhere from a weekend to ten days. Last summer we took a three-day trip and didn't think it was necessary • to let anyone know where we were going. We left on Friday. The following morning my brother-in-law was.killed in a car accident. I , The family didn't know how to get in touch with us. The police couldn't help. They had no idea which of the thousands of compounds we might be camping in. We returned home just in time for the funeral. My wife and I were heartsick to think we weren't around when we were needed. , So please, folks, leave your itinerary with someone, or phone a member of the family every couple days — just to check/ It costs very little and the peace of mind is well worth it. — No Longer Lost Dear N.L.: "Your letter is additional proof that the only thing we can count on in this life is the unexpected. In some instances there is no way of protecting ourselves, but when we CAN we should. Thanks for the reminder. * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: I need some information about blood transfusions. When a person needs a transfusion after surgery, is there any identification as to the race of the person who donated or sold the blood? I know the bottles have the type of blood on the label, but how does a white patient know whether or not he or she is getting Negro blood? Thank you. — Concerned Dear Concerned: There is no such thing a "Negro blood." All humans have one of four types of blood — A, B, AB, and O. I know of. no hospital that labels blood according to race: * * * What's prudish? What's O.K.? If you aren't sure, you need some help. It's available in the booklet "Necking and Petting - What Are the Limits?" Mail your request to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 1400, Elgin, 111. 60120, enclosing 50 cents in coin and a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope. train were appliqued with venise lace, and the bride carried a colonial bouquet of pink roses, white carnations, baby's breath and ivy. Ed Griffith, Marion, and Sarah Swaggerty, Ulysses, attended the bridal couple as best man and maid of honor. Other bridal attendants were Mrs. Steve Joyce, Kansas City, sister-in-law of the bride, and Mrs. John Reeves, Ulysses, sister of the groom. Bridal attendants wore floor-length gowns in pink with matching hats. Groomsmen were Dr. Steve Joyce and Jeff Joyce, Kansas City, brothers of the bride. John Reeves, brother-in-law of the groom, served as usher. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Joyce, cousins of the bride, served as hosts for the reception which followed in the church's Fellowship Hall. Assisting >were Marsha Brewer, Debbie McGlohon, Julie Pearson, Melinda Malone and Juli Thomason, Pam Rogers and Leslie Strickland, all Ulysses; Nancy Smith, Tribune, Terri Chandler, Almena, Dana Cheek, Denver, Colo., Mrs. David Paschal, cousin of the groom, and Mrs. Charles Grimes, cousin of the bride. Todd Grimes and Andee Joyce handed out wheat bags. Both the bride and groom are graduates of Ulysses High school, and attended Kansas State University. They will enter the University of Kansas at Lawrence in the fall, where the bride will study special education and the groom has been accepted into the school of pharmacy. Calendar of Social Events FIUUAV NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS CLUB- noon picnic. Kinnup Park. DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION Mrs. Robert L. Vincent, 903 E. Price, was hostess for a spring tea May 19 honoring Mrs. Francis L. Johnson, stale DAR Regent. Mrs. Johnson and her sister, Mrs. Ruth A. Kysor. gave a slide presentation on the Continental Congress in Washington, D.C., and gave their personal comments on the event. The book "Washington Landmark," a view of the DAR, was reviewed, and new resolutions recommended by the national organization were discussed as well as the position some Kansas representatives in Congress have taken in signing bills. Also discussed was the mural PageS Garden City Telegram Thursday, June 24, 1976 NSDAR is having painted in the Capitol building, and redecorating and renovation of the NSDAR National Building. During the meeting, Mrs. Edith Scheuerman and Bessie Ferrell were welcomed as new members. Tn insurr pubhcalinn of SocuuTf tlrtm icluh reports' t>lr«sc submit no later than Ihrcr da>s following the club nui-lini) Conlrnts ii( from 1.1 will b* mid thr discretion ol Ihr Women's Pun* Kilitur. and nnne will be accepted over the telephone Printed forms lire available at The Telenram. and may be mailed nr depmiteil through the drop. H|II| nl the Irnnl d<iur nf The Telegram l)ueslion>i should hv referred to the Women?.' 1'anc Kclilcir between the hours .of H H m and .1 p m (Jur l5ab u lame DENA LYNN 'is the name chosen by Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Coates, Meadowlark Park, for their daughter born June 13. A wiggle in her hip*. Larceny In Ker he«r It's GOLD1E HAWN AS The Duchess. RON HOWARD p»ft th» clutch tnl tellt tilt wtrll... A card up his sleeve. noose around his rtoc! It's GEORGE SEGAL as The Dirtw&ter Fox. cirehiM M«rf lined- Paint-Wallcovering-Picture Frames-Art andCrat LOUISE BECKETT Painting Class Starts: Tuesday/June 29 for 6 Days, Time: 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. COST: *15°° For Ages 12 to 18 yrs. Watercolor - Oils - Acrylic Sign Up Now At: GC COLOR CENTER 222 N. Main 276-3008 Hurry! Classes Limited. I Art and Craft Supplies-Paint-Wallcovenng- DOLLAR DAYS SPECIALS PRICES GOOD FRIDAY ft SATURDAY TANK TOPS *5°° BLOUSES *10°° CORNER MAIN AND FULTON UNITED METHODISTS CELEBRATE Bl - CENTENNIAL OPENING EXERCISES 9:30 SANCTUARY SUNDAY JUNE 27TH *** * CHURCH OFFICIALS AND DIGNITARIES ARRIVE AT 10:30 CIRCUIT RIDIN' PARSON ARRIVES AT 10:40 ARRIVING FOR SUNDAY CHURCH SERVICES AT 10:40 A.M. OUR OWN "CIRCUIT RIDIN" PARSON REV. LEONARD CLARK * BERNADINE BELL CHOIR PROCESSIONAL * CHILDREN'S COLONIAL CHORUS * 50 YEAR MEMBERS HONORED * BANNER CLASS RECOGNITION * KING JAMES BIBLES FOR SCRIPTURE * OLD FASHIONED SONGS * BASKET DINNER (COVERED DISH) * CHURCH HISTORY BOOKS AVAILABLE * RIDE WITH "ORA MARTIN'S" MULE TEAM AND WAGON DONATIONS FOR WORLD HUNGER PROJECT J

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