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The Times Recorder from Zanesville, Ohio • Page 6

The Times Recorder from Zanesville, Ohio • Page 6

Zanesville, Ohio
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PACE 64 SECTION THE TIMES RECORDER, ZANESVTLLE, OniO MONDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1964 Shyness Fears Are Groundless Late Girls Are Headed For Trouble By MILDRED FERKINS If there is such a thing as an disease among younger under twenties, it is shyness. Heard oxer and over again are such statements as, "I like a boy and want to talk to him, but 1 just can't bring myself to do it." On the boy's side the shyness is equally common, but boys don't talk as openly about it. (pattstiL i 1 yph vi i Lr nm 1 i''pMxlWA r- vr 4 'J jjry. Aw I fp-y zzyp-y- "'II Ear A VL 1 1 ---A ill' Mm fl fwm 7 im ii. him in hi nii liii I i in urn i Hum in I i 1 imMmtSkMiitii Are you among the shy If so. don't be discouraged, because you have lots of company in your misery and, more importantly, you can overcome it. The transition from a young boy or girl to a young adult is at the root of the problem and when you understand why you are shy and reticent, the problem can by half solved. When you were younger your friends were all lumped together in a bunch you differentiated very little between a boy friend or a girl friend. Now, suddenly, there is a line drawn down the middle between the two sexes It is possible you even feel a iitile uncomfortable with members of the opposite sex you've known for ears. Basically shyness comes from fear. You are afraid that if you speak to someone they won't answer, they'll think you're silly, or they'll rebuff you. If it's a date you're seeking you are certain the girl will say "no In cases out of a thousand these fears are completely groundless. The person you want to get to know is generally as anxious to know you and is halted by the same shyness you experience. The girl you want to invite to a dance or movies is more often than not dying to be asked. Her "yes" may be stammered because she is a bit shy. ton. The first hurdle is the highosf one. Once you have enough coinage to speak The Animals appreciate American Interview Of The Week In U.S. For Film Premiere Latest British Invasion Is Made Up Of Five Lads Audrey Hepburn and husband Mel Ferrer of her new film, "My Fab Lady." Ferrer debark from a plane at Kennedy Interna- slu In a wheel chair as he recovers from a tional Airport after their arrival from Rome. broken ankle. Miss Hepburn will attend the world premiere 30 Countries Involved Alan said, "with just three of us. Chas was on guitar and John on the drums. In those days we played mostly jazz. We then added Eric as a vocalist and Hilton on the lead guitar. When I switched from piano to the electric organ we changed our emphasis from jazz to rhythm and blues." The same adoration accorded The Reatles in Liverpool was enjoyed by The Animals in Newcastle. They were mobbed wherever they went and girls earned large straw bags with "Animals' printed on them while boys emblazoned the name on their jackets. The boys are pleasant, well-informed and very serious about the world they live in. It was love at first sight when they landed in America Hundreds of fans greeted them at the airport and strict security-measures had to be established to avoid their being mobbed. How do they feel about the popularity "of British groups in America today'' "Naturally, it's been great for us." said Eric. "You know, though, that in England for years all of us have admired America's popular singers. When they come to England their fans turn out Slarts College Chris W. Roessler. son of Mr. and Mrs. Chris 11. Roessler. 2354 Dresden road, is a centennial year student at Lincoln College, Lincoln, 111. Student Enrolled Paul Wllcher, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Wllcher of 10 to Culbertson avenue. It a enrolled as a senior for the (all semester at Del'auw University. Greencastle, Ind. Dance Mtiy TOP TEN SINGLES: 1. "Do Wa Diddy Didd" Manfried Mann 2. "Oh Pretty Woman" Roy Orbison J. "We'll Sing In The Sunshine" f.ale Garrett 4. "Danring In The Martha and Vandellas 5. "Last Kiss" Frank Wilson 8. "Remember Walkin' In The Sand" Shangri Las 7. "When I Grow Up To Be A Man" Beach Boys 8. "A Summer Song" Chad Stuart 9. "Chug a lug" Roger Miller 10. "Baby love" The Su-premes TOP FIVE ALBUMS: 1. "A Hard Day's Night" The Beatles 2. "Something New" The Beatles 3. "Even body Loves Some-, body" Dean Martin 4. "All Summer Long" The Beach Fovs 5. "In Concert" Teter, Taul and Mary By JEANNE HARRISON Scores of press and celebrities turned out last week for a party to introduce The New Connie Francis." Fans are asking, "What was wrong with the old one?" Jazz buffs shouldn't miss Oscar Peterson's new album, "Mv Fair Lady." His interpretations are up to his usual superb standards. "The Very Best of the Ray Charles Singers" has a great collection of thirteen melodic hits with oldies like "Seplember In The Rain." "September Song," and "Autumn Leaves." "The Fmg." "The Watusi." "The Swim." "The Hully-dul-ly," "The Slow Rock." and scores of other weirdies can be danced to Enoch Light's "Discotheque." The album has everything to make a dance fest a success. Shawnee Ned Nicholas Ashbauch, son Of Mrs. Margaret Ashnaugh of Shawnee, has enrolled this fall as a freshman at Grace-land College, Lamnni, Iowa. He is majoring in elementary education. International Pen Pal Club Started In Unusual Manner By MILDRED TERKINS "It all started by accident a few years ago," the 17-year-old high school senior said. Z.z singers by the thousands and their records sell very, very well. We think it is wonderful that the same reception is being given British groups here. It shows how close we really are to each other." Thumbnail sketches of The Animals follow: Alan taught himself to play the piano when he was 8. A former income tax officer he is 5' 8' tall, has blue eyes and fair hair. The boys call him "the moody one" and he wants to become a solo artist someday. Bryan (Chas) Chandler was an apprentice in an engineering factory. He's called "The Conscience" by the group because he worries about heing on lime for dates. He's fi' has auburn hair and blue-green eyes. Hilton Yalonline was formerly a machinist. He's "The Thrifter" because he's careful with his money. Says Hilton, "I'm saving my money in ease this doesn't last." He's III', has brown hair and green eyes. Eric Burdon began his musical career by playing a washboard in a school group. He studied at Newcastle College of Arts, He's dubbed "Workyticket," a Newcastle word for "the talker" because he enjoys discussions on almost any subject. He wants to study traditional American blues. John Stool played the trumpet before switching to the drums in Eric's group in college. He's been an illustrator and a wallpaper salesman, lie's "The Detached One" because he sits hack and listens to the others talk. He's has brown hair and brown eyes. His ambition is "to get enough money to please myself in what I do and when I do it." Be Spoiled a lower heel anyway. If pointed toes pinch on. insist on the new. rounder toe. lie sure the shoes ate long enough, but not so long that they slip up and down on vour heej Most important of all. get your shoes well in advance, so you can walk in them a little bit each evening to lake the stiffness out Even if jou haven't picked out your dress, you can gel the shoes. Just buy white, and after you choose vour dress, have the shoes dved to match. Dances are fun, but they can be pretty miserable when your feet hurl. So get your shoes first (iel used to them, and let them get used to your feet Then you'll be able lo "danre all night" with a happy smile on jour face. By DAN HARDING "Gee, sorry I'm late. The time just got away from me," said the girl. "Oh, that's okay," said her date, but he didn't mean it. He had waited almost 4(1 minutes and he didn't like it the least little bit. He made a mental note not to rush to be on time for the next date, if there was to be another one. Let's face it gals, the above scene takes place day after day and week after week all across the country. Sure, sometimes the fellows are late, but the prize for keeping people waiting usually goes to the girls. If you're one of those habitually late females you could be heading for trouble even though people are kind and tell you they don't mind. The truth is nobody likes to be kept waiting. It is at best a cruel waste of time. It shows a lack of consideration and politeness on the part of the clock delinquent. Gradually friends begin to cross the tardy ones off the list. It is really simple to get there on Ume if you make the effort. If you have to meet your date at stme great distance be sure to allow sufficient time for traveling so you are there when you are expected. Tlan your schedule so that you will have all the time you need to bathe, fix your hair, apply make-up and dress. Allow an extra 10 or 15 minutes to sew on the button or find the bag you want to carry. Be sure you don't set yourself a schedule that is impossible to meet. Planning too much in too little time can keep a whole parade of people waiting for you and can also drive you frantic. Periodic-ally (but very periodically) there will be events beyond your control which force you to be delayed. If you know you are going to be late by more than a few minutes be sure to let your dale know. This should be done even if he is coming to jour house to pick you up. He'll slew as much sitting in the living room as waiting for you in front of the theater. In television there is a phrase, "backtiming." It simply means working back from a specific time, Backtiine yourself. Determine what you must do and how much time it will take and figure back from the appointed hour, allowing a cushion. Then you'll be there on Ume and your popularity quotient will soar. Gucsls Can Be Made To Feel Wauled By SARAH SHAW Summer alliances often make for winter friends. When these new friends are separated from you by long distances, the answer lo seeing (hem is an invitation for a visit. Here are some tips to help make the visit a success: 1. THE INVITATION: Once you have received the approval of your parents, your mother should write or call your friends' molher extending the invitation by saying when and how long she would like your friend as a house guest; where he or she will be met and how you will take care of his or her departure. 2. THE MEND: Try to remember somthing special your friend liked and maybe would be possible to plan one of the meals around that. Bui remember the budget and the rest of the familv. 'I THE ENTERTAIN. MKNT: Hipping on the television is not entertaining vour guest After a few hours of conversation you'll have caught up on events since ihe last tune you were logetber, so Hie thing to do is lo plan some activities ahead of time. Have some of jour local friends over so they may meet your guest and if she or he doesn't know your town. .1 sightseeing trip io them will be new and interesting, And of course, a cook-out is loads of fun. Remember, you need not fill every waking moment, but yon can. with a liltle effort make a wonderful time for everyone. Quotimi.Airs Programming Computers Offer Interesting Jobs Dear Question-Air: I am interested in a career in programming computers. Would you please give me Information concerning schools that would prepare me for such a career and opportunities in this field. Thank vou. By JOHN LARSON The latest wave of the British invasion of rock 'n rollers is made up of five lads John, i Chas. Alan and Hilton who are named "The Animals. While all the boys tend to wear their hair long, Eric is the only one of the group who approaches the ig volume of The Beatles. Why would a group go around being dubbed We went back stai'e at York's Paramount Theater and asked them. "Well," said Alan, organizer of the group, "we used to call ourselves the Alan Price Combo. We weren't making very much money in those days and I guess we looked a bit seedy. The fans started calling us 'The Animals' so we adopted the name." When we talked to the boys they were nattily dressed and were riding the crest of a popularity wave with their single and album. "The House Of The Rising Sun." They were packing them into the Paramount to such an extent that they were scheduled into other cities following a quick flight home for an appearanc in England. MOM was talking to them about a movie and "The Animals" were rapidly being tamed. "We started in Newcastle in Bolh you'll find it much easier the next time and the next. Remember that if the person you like isn't animated the chances are that this isn't reflection of a lack of interest, it shows much the same sensation of (ear and shyness you have Be yourself and be proud of it. Let confidence gradually replace your shyness and you'll find that not only have on overcome a problem, but by approaching others you will have helped them to lick the "occupational hazard." I Student Kenneth Lowell Nicholas, son of Mr. and Mrs. Austin F. Nicholas of Shawnee, has enrolled this fall as a freshman at Graccland College, Lamnni. Iowa. He is majoring in science. 4 Cluh members learn skills useful throughout their lifetime. "Learn by doing" is their motto. Dear Bessie (UPI Tirpl)xi It. It fs one of the most interesting pastimes we'va ever found." The girl was talking about an informal club of boys and girls in Uie United States who regularly correspond with friends they've never seen in Japan, Italy, India, France, Australia, Africa, Latin America and other parts of the world. The "accident" was a Japanese classmate who returned to Japan after her freshman year in an American high school. One of her American classmates wrote regularly. Upon hearing of this some of her friends began to ask for names of pen pals in Japan. P.efore long five or six Americans were writing Japanese friends. Another class-mate had been corresponding with a cousin in The cousin willingly lined up eager pen pals there. A father of one of the boys mel an Indian newspaperman who had a daughter in high school. Addresses were exchanged and from this developed six more young correspondents from India. "When President Kennedy was assassinated." the girl said, "we received the most beautiful and touching letters expressing sorrow from our friends around the world. Recently when Nehru died we wrote and told our Indian friends how sorry we were. In a way what started as a kind of hobby has become an education. We learn so much firsthand from our letter friends. Mostly, our pen pals want to know how we live, what we study in school, how early we are permitted to dale and how we feel about this or that international event. They tell us about their lives, customs of their country and iheir schools. Most of them want very much to visit the United Slates someday. One or two are planning lo come to America as exchange students when they finish high school "Whai a thrill it will be to see friends we nnlv know by letter! Does this informal pen pal club seem like an interesting idea lo you? If so, all you need as a slarier is the names of one or two friends in other countries. They're easier to find than you might think. Why not give it a try, Is a national program for farm and clly boys and girls between 10 and 19 yean of age. You Canh Have "Now there are eight of us writing letters to girls and boys in over 30 countries. Even if we didn't really plan Sincerely, Karin Degnan Warwick, R.I. requirement. While programmers have varying educational and professional backgrounds, a college degree preferably in mathematics nr physical science would best By BOYD STEYENS win a 15 volume set of (ompton's Pictured Encvclo-pedias If you're under twenty. Ask a question of an outstanding personality that will be or interest lo ALL UNDER TWENTIES. Write Question-Airs. The Times Recorder, 34 South Fourth street. Zanes-ville, Ohio. prepare a person for the opportunities for advancement and satisfaction in a life-long career In programming and dala processing. Educational background, however, Is of less importance than a keen mind capable of analyzing a problem and com-ing up with the simplest solution. This calls for a good deal of creativity and judgment. Women have shown lhat they make excellent programmers because of these very qualities. More than 500 colleges and universities offer courses in programming. In addition, more than 5(1 junior colleges, over Ifll) post high schools and a number of high schools Include programming In their curricula. Your guidance counselor should le able lo obtain Ihe names of these institutions for you. Programming is a demanding Job, but you will find that it is also a fascinating and rewarding one. Sincerely yours, Rein Industry Manger Education, IBM New York, New York a different state than I do. We do like each other very much but I only see her once a week Tin true to her. but she let me down by telling me she had dated another boy. She said this boy means nothing to her and that she was sorry. What shall I do? Commuter, Wilmington. Dear Commuter: I irst congratulate yourself that the girl was honest enough lo tell ou about her By BOYD STEYENS (This week's award of a 15 volume set of ompton's Pic-lured Encjelopedla is being sent to Karin Degnan, as well as (he original answer from Mr. V. Rein, Industry Manager. Education. IIJM, New York, New York). Dear Miss Degnan: Your question is a very topical one. The use of the computer as a tool for science, business and industry has increased so rapidly over the past 12 years lhai electronic data processing has become one of the world's fastest growing technologies. This use has created a great need for programmers people who write sets of instructions that tell computers hat lo do. Types of programmers Include research programmers who develop and explore new theories of programming; systems programmers who find efficient ways of communication with computers: and applications programmers who develop programs to handle particular types of problems. There are endless opportunities in the field of program-ming. challenging jobs can be found In the manufacturing, distribution and transportation Industries: in banking, finance, insurance, communi-cations and government; and in universities, hospitals and libraries; In fad. in almost any field that might interest you. Today there are ahout men and women engaged in programming, and this number will increase substantially In Ihe years to come. A person going into programming as a lifelong career should get as much education as possible, A high school education and preferably post high liainuii; is the miniimum dale. If she hadn't told jou the chances are jou would never have known. Frankly speaking the two of jou are rutting yourselves off from much of the pleasure by, heing restricted to a date only once a week. ri ft 11 I I I II SlinoC X11 111 111" JllllLo Why can't oo remain good friends and still date others? You'll probably find that jour, relationship will thrive and last longer if jou don't feel you are tied down. Dear Bsie: About every week and rome Over and I have a crush on 'I he only trouble is that a boy I'm supposed to be going with found out about It and bud me to tell the boys to get lost or else' Of the way 1 feel 'about II'' I can't tell them to get lost. Im you have any solutions? Avee. Turio k. aliloinia T)I AYZI You'e learned hy nnv, nr slimild have, thai ou ran't have wwr cake and eat it ton! Either joti ire going steady with the boy or jou aren't. If sou want to go steady jou'are unfair to have dales with The truth leems to be that you don't want to go steady. If so. wh not tell the boy ynu want to keep M-cing him, hut do not want to go eady. Then jou are being honest with him and can have the bns or fjiends. vhatm-r jou do, play it straight. Dear Bessie: I like a girl very nimh, my inopds- and relatives keep teasing me by a -ring whv I don't ask her to gn Meady with me would except that I'm shy. Mv " threaten to call her up. hat shall I do'- Confused, Clavmont, lel. Pear Confused: Don't let the leading get jnu down. Do things In jour own way and' In your own time. If jou do have going steady In mind don't jno think It would he nice to know the Klrl well enough so that you aren't shy round her? Don't rush It. If jou pay Mention to the leasers they'll only tease jou more. Dear Bessie: I'm going Heady with a girl who lives In By SRII SHAW Nothing can spoil our fun more completely at a dance than shoes that hurt. Nothing can hurl your dancing more, either. It's a wise girl who knows how lo avoid Ihe pitfalls of wearing new shoes that pinch. Your best bet. of course, Is to wear shoes lhat have been broken In. so Ihey are not stiff and uncomfortable. It's better to wear a re-dyed old pair than to go to a dance with shoes you're wearing (or Ihe first time. However, if you are getting new shoes for the big event, there are precautions you can take. First, be sure they fit well. If you wobble on very high heels, don't buy high heels. The most popular height these days seems to be Dear Bessie: I have been dating a boy who says hft loves me. He goes out with anotfier gtrl and then (dines to my house about II clock at night. Do you think it Is right for him to come and see me late at night when I'm In What should I do? Mixed Up, Marlon, C. Dear Mixed I'p: The "mixed up" one Is the boy. 1 ell him that If he cannot visit jou at a decent hour he ran cross jour house off his visiting list. There no point In plajlng late second fiddle to a boy who claims to love jou and then dates other girls. What do jour parents think about these nocturnal (f.nt a problem? Write Dear Bessie. I'nder Twenty Mailbag. The Times Recorder, 34 South Foiirlh street, Zanesvllle, Ohio. i

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