Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 18, 1897 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, October 18, 1897
Page 7
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MANHOOD |Tho world admire" the perfect Han! Not Murtce, dimity, ormunculir development alone, but that subtle mod wonderful force known u SEXUAL VITALITY which!«the glory of nvnhood-the pride ol boih old and young,bntthere are thoasanJi of men •uttering the mental tortures of a weakmrd •BimHoo4v shattered BUTTCB, and fmt \t n f uux.mm.1 power who can bo cured by our Magical Treatment which may be taken at home nnder onr direction! or we irl!l pay B. B. faro and hotel bllli for thoss who wish to come here, if we Jail to cure. We have no free prescriptions,?reo euro or c.O.D. fake. We bavea&O.OOOcapita!and (rnaraiuee to cur« erery ease we treat or refund every dollar you pay ns, or Ifemtybe depoMted In any btnk to be paid ul Wflen a care Is effected. Write lor fall (lartlcy'.fn. •JTA.TK XEIIICAX CO., Omaha, XcO. THE LAR8EB HALF. The Same In Lojansport sa Elsewhere. The bigger half of worldly trouble. The greater part of mankinds' suffering. Can safely be laid to the kidneys. Kidneys filter tbe olood. Keep tbe human system healthy, But they can't do this when they are sick. .Easy to tell sick kidneys. Look to the back for the note of warning. Most backache pains are kidney ills Twitches. Vwings, pains and aches of a bad baik. Should be treated promptly. Every day delay means future trouble. Urinary complications Btt ia, diabetes, Brlffht's disease. Cure every ronn of kidney ills. Proof of thig in Lcgamport testimony. Mr. \Vm Strahle, of Uul Indiana Ave , em- , ployed at J. W. Henderson & Son , Mfg. and A SPECIALTY P d mary ' Sol> ' dealerit in furniture. sayg: "For a year or tlary BLOOD FOISON pe^anently ! mo ' e:l was all the time bujing medicine for 'h"m™'°^^,?J?*rf' Y °, ucan _? etr 5 atci:l11 ' ' tnc kidneys but nothing seemed to help me '• ) My back com in Lied to ache as much as ever LOOP POISDH it *™«tOFarrallroadj:areandhotBlbll]8,aix! I 1'he kidney secietions on being tested showed ' I beyond doubt that tbe kidneys were affected Patc^eiiinmou&.TforVTnYoat, I as it contained a large pert, outage of sfdimcnt odr Halr^rV'''?* 8 ' ^S 6 ?" 8 . oa i of R brick dust color. There vus also a digs' 1 ™' 1 — t £' !l Secondary BtppD FO1SO§ I tressiug difficulty with the kidney secretions ~- _ „»_... . ^ i w },j(.h was particularly annoying- during cold n»t« cases and challenge the world for a p»..^u, tt .,, uuu^;^ UU, IU K ^u cage we cannot care. This dtaease has always weather. I was advised to use Dnan s Kidney THE DRINK QUESTION REV. DR. TALMAGE PREACHES THE THREE TAVERNS. ON l of. the most eminent physi- Jrfans. •500,000 capital behind onr nnconfll. Bonal rnarantT. Absolute proofs sent sealed on WPllcatloa, Address COOK REMEDY CO., •01 aiascnlo Temple, CHICAGO, For sale by 0. M. Hams & Co Pilla by one of the men here in ihe Ehop and Ijot a box at!B. F. K>esling'9 drugstore and used them according to directions. The first lew doses I took made some oh^ngeand m a very short time I wan cured. J have not had backache nor the distressing trouble with the kidney secretions since I used this remedy. I hare had considerable frxpenence with Doan'B Kidney Pills and do not hesitate to pronounce them the only successful onei I ever used. Doan's Kidney Pills are for tale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Mailed by Foster- MilburnCo., Bufl'aio, N. T., sole agents for the L'. S. Remember ihe name Doan's and take no other. Be Dltcattea the BiMipatlonj of the Day acd Eulogize* tbe Great Reformer* of trie Past and Present—Tribute to Xeal Uow. [Copyright. 1S97, by American Press Association.} WASHINGTON, Oct. 17.—In a unique way Dr. Talmage here discusses the dissipations of the day and eulogizes the great reformers of the past and present. His text is Acts xsviii, 15, "They came to meet us as far as Appii forum and the three taverns." Seventeen miles south of Eome there was a village of unfortunate name. A tavern is a place of entertainment, and in our time part of the entertainment is a provision of intoxicants. One such place you would think would have been enough for that Italian village. No! There were three of them, with doors open for entertainment and obf uscatiou. The world has never lacked stimulating drinks. Yon remember the condition of TRUTHS TOLD IN A FEW WORD* FRENCH TANSY WAFERS. These we the genuine FRENCH TANSY WAFERS, imported direct from Paris. Ladies can depend upon securing relief from and cure of PAINFUL AND IRREGULAR PERIODS regardless of cause. Emerson Drug Co., Importers and Agents for the United States. San Jose. Cal. B. F. KEESLING, 304 Fourth St. Logansport, Ind. Tralnc Bun by Centroi Time in .'OM.01VS . . «xoept feonAB?. CH1CAOO DIVISION DAHUT. Leave for Chlco so*3 :15 a ro ;*5: 30 a m ;*l :25 p m *2:00ptn: *4:30p m. Arrive from Chicago *1 :00 a m ;*12:SO p m ;*1 :00 p m; *1:40 p m: *8:15 p in. BRADFORD AND COLUMBUS. Leave for Bradford *l:lSs m;-r7:40am: *1:45 p m"t4:30p m. Arrive from Bradford *3:00 an; tlO:20 am; •1:20 p m; •M:15p m. EFFNEB DIVISION. Leave for Effner •W.-OO a m; t9:08 a m ; t2;05 p m B p m Sunday only. Arrive from Sffner-^SS am; tl:03p m; 12:45 p m; 8:30 a m Sunday onlv. RICHMOND j«ND CINCINNATI. Leave for Richmond 1 1 :20 a m : ts :SO a m ; •! :10 pm;-t2:20p m. Arrive from Richmond «2 :55 a m : til :00 a m »l:50pm;-rll:20pm. INDIANAPOLIS AND Leave for Louisville *12:» a m: *1:05 1> m. Arrive from Loulivllle "3:05 a m; *l:5i> p m. J. A. McCULLOTJGH, A^ent, Logangport. Ind. LOGAN8POKT • 0. BART BOUND. I N T and Boiton llm (UllyJ- 8:33 a. a ta«t mall (daily) — 9:4S a.m Atlantic Ki.dtUly fcicept Bun. 4:56 p. m WMT BOUND. Pacific Bx.. daily except Sunday..10:19 a. JL Kansas City Bipreis (dally) 2:40 p. m l Vmit Mail (daily) 8:13 p, a I It. Louil Limited (dally) 10:34 p. n> ••L BITCH DIVISIOH, WBB*IIDB. SBTWTIN lOOAJrWOBT AJTO CHILI. WBSt »OUFD. MD.IS Arrive! ., 8:10 a. a Ho. 87 •• —..Arrives-...,., ....3:30 p. IE EAST BOUITD. Mo. M —Ix»vet B.-06 «. a RO.M Xe»v«i _ 3:46 p. tt •A child's respect for its parent is not secured by over-leniency any mor» than by over-severity. Prev«ntable misfortunes consist, chiefly, of manifold things, little to do, but immense things to have done. Parents generally receive that measure of filial respect they deserve—no* always, perhaps, but very g-enwally. A daughter should never seek nor k« allowed to "outdress" her mother. la every family the mother should be th« best-dressed member. The man who earns one dollar *n4 spends two, and the man who e*rnl !wo and spends one, stands on either side of the hair-line between heedless' ness and discretion, between ruin wtf safety. The story is tola of a certain clergyman who asked his church one summer to grant him a longer vacation than usu2], stating various reasons, and finally ending with the apologetic one, seriously mentioned, "Moreover I really need a prolonged rest." A dignified elfler, who hid a vein .of humor beneath an austere expression, quickly responded. "That's so, doctor, and, let me tell you, v>-e need the rest just as much as you do." When the Queen was about to sail for Alaska from Seatl.le a few days ago in the height of the rush to the Klondike, a man rushed down to the purser and exclaimed excitedly, "Look here, I paid for a stateroom for myself and wife, and when I got there I found an old cow sticking her head through the v.-indow." "I am very sorry, sir," said the purser; "we are very crowded, but I will do the best I can for you. John!" (turning to a deckhand) "go up OB deck and turn that cow VANDALIA LINE. Time Table, In effect Sept. 2S, 1887. TrmJba* FOB THE NORTH Ko. 8 _____ ................. — ........... _10:36 a. m. Mo. 8 _________ ................. -- ..... ~ ....... 8:36 P . m, FOR THE 8O0TH. Ko. 31 ..................... . ...................... -7:05 a. m. Ko. S ............ -. ........... - ................ 2:25 p. m. For complete Time Card, riving- all traini and stations, and for full information as to rates, through oars, etc., address J. 0. •DGIWORTH, ajrent, Lofraujport, or • 4, FORD, General Passenger Agent, 8t. Louis. ]fo. K. & W. Time Table, Peru, Ind. BolM trains between Feoria and Sandusky ud ladlanapoUg and Michigan. Direct connection* to and from all points In the United •tales and Canada. A.ajUVB BOOTH BOUItU DJOPART No n Indianapolis Kxp dally 7:10 a nx No» " Mail4SipOi:88am (daf :y except Sunday) No SB Indpl's Kxp ex 8utu_ Ids p in *•:!• p m No *> Passenger exeept feun Ho IH Hoc h«eter local aniTe :45 p m except Sunday, MOUTH BOP1TD. o 1» Acoom except Sun. . . 1:45 a m Boat not run aortli o? feni on Sunday. 3. Reporter—Are you willing to tell me your »tory? Convict—Yes; but I'm not. at liberty.-'-Truth. Out of about 1,200 pictures exhibited thia yes.r at the Royal Academy, 180 have been sold for about $S2,0€0. A canary that, has just died of old age In Sanford Me., had this obituary: "He sang cheerfully for twenty-two ytsrs." Railways in Holland are so carefully managed that the accidental deaths cm them average only one » /ear for the entire country. "Is yo'ir boarding-house up Trith the times?" "No; when we have watermelon they cut it in strips instead ot in wheels."—Chicago Record. it is estimated that the lumber ol the Miramiohi and tributaries, Canada, will ttiis season amount, to 112,000,000 feet. Frogs have been raining down is thick showers on Bizerta, in Tuui* Tho largest were the size of a ma^'* thumb. In Englsjid and Wales the death- rate from typhoid fever has declined from 277 per million in 1S76-SO to 135 la 1391-M. Each convict at 'the New Hampshire State prison is furnished a Bible and a dictionary, and Greek and Latin textbooks are supplied those who ask for tb«an. Sarah Siddoas' patchbox and toothpick brought in $19 at a recent auction wile, her silver pocket nutmeg grater $20, and a gold locket with a lo«k of her hair, $35. The largest order for carpets ever fiven for a single hotel, it ia said, ha^ been given for the new Actor hotel (New York), adjoining the "Waldorf. It kau a thonsandiflomj. ^Cashlngton—The City of M&gnificwt IMsitancea. Phllad«lphi»r-The City of Brotherly Lor* and the Quaker City. *rtiM«l»—Little Paris, The na»e la sometimes applied to Milan, Cincinnati—^orfcopolla. This name ku BoacUttM b««ii applied to Chicago. Bewton—T«« City of Notions, th« Pnritan (Sty, the City of Culture, tht Moslem Atisn*. and tht Hnb of ta« UftlYtlM. _ Koah on one occasion, and of Abigail's husband, Nabal, and the story of Bel- shazzar's feast, and Benhaded and the new wine in old bottles, and whole paragraphs on prohibition enactment thousands of years before Keal Dow was born, and no doubt there were whole shelves of inflammatory liquid in those hotels which gave the name to the village where Paul's friends came to meet him.—namely, the Three Taverns. In vain I search ancient geography for some satisfying account of that village. Two roads came from the seacoast to that place, the one from Actium and the other from Puteoli, the last road being the one which Paul traveled. There were no doubt in that village houses of merchandise and mechanics' shops and professional offices, but nothing is known of them. All we know of that village is that it had a profusion of inns— the three taverns. Paul did not choose any one of these taverns as the place to meet his friends. He certainly was very abstemious, but they made the selection. He had enlarged about keeping the body under, though once he prescribed for a young theological student a stimulating cordial for a stomachic disorder, but he told him to take only a small dose—"a little wine for thy stomach's sake." The Three Taverns. One of the worst things about these three taverns was that they had especial temptation for those who had just come ashore. People who had just landed at ActiuJn or Puteoli were soon tempted by these three 'hotels which were only a little way up from the beach. Those who are disordered of the sea (for it is a physical disorganizer), instead of waiting for the gradual return of physical equipoise, are apt to take artificial means to brace up. Of the 1,000,000 sailors now on the sea, how few of them coming ashore will escape the tnree taverns! After surviving hurricanes, cyclones, icebergs, collisions, many of them are wrecked in harbor. I warrant that if a calculation were made of the comparative number of sailors lost at sea and lost ashore those drovmed by the crimson wave of dissipation would far outnumber those drowned by the salt water. Alas, that the large majority of those who go down to the sea in ships should have twice to pass the three taverns— namely, before they go out and after they come in! That fact was what aroused Father Taj'lor, the great sailor's preacher, at the Sailors' Bethel, Boston, and at a public meeting at Charlestown, he said, "All the machinery of the drunkard making, soul destroying business is in perfect running order, from the low grog holes on the docks kept open to rain iny poor sailor boys to the great establishments in Still House square, and when we ask men what is to be done about it they say, 'You can't help it,' and yet there is Bunker Hill, and you say you can't stop it, and up there are Lexington and Concord." We might answer Father Taylor's remark by saying, "The trouble is not that we can't stop it, but that we won't stop it." We must have move generations slain before the world will fully wake up to the evil. That which tempted the travelers of old who came up from the seaports o:f Actium. and Puteoli is now the ruin of seafaring men as they come up from the coasts of all the continents—namely, the three taverns. I» the autumn, about this time, in the year 1S37, the steamship Home went out from New York for Charleston. There were about 100 pas- miral answered: "I hove been to sea considerably and have seen a battle or two, but I never found that I needed ram to enable me to do my duty. I will order two cups of coffee to each man at 2 o'clock in rhe morning, and at 8 o'clock I will pipe all hands to breakfast in }:fr}:i!e bay." The . :.s taverns of my text were too nt-^r the Mediterranean shipping. An Overdone BoiiiieM. But notice the multiplicity. "What could chat Italian village, so small that history makes but one mention of it, want with Miore than one tavern? There were not enough travelers coming through that insignificant town to support more than one house of lodgment. That would have furnished enough pillows and enough breakfasts. Ko; the world's appetite is diseased, and the subsequent drafts must be taken to slake the thirst created by the preceding drafts. Strong drink kindles the fires of thirst faster than it puts them out. There were three taverns. That which cursed that Italian village curses all Christendom today—too many taverns. There are streets in some of our cities where there are three or four taverns on every block—aye, where every other house is a tavern. Yon can take the Arabic numeral of my text, the three, : GOLD DUST WASBING-JPOWDER ETHING urily by XK COMPAXT. •!ll!sik-lpU!s. extraordinary service aud prepare themselves for other service, have called on the spirit of wine for inspiration, and in a few years huve been sacrificed on , the altar of a Moloch who sits ou a and put on the right hand side of it one i throue of hum . m carcasses . It wonld cipher and two ciphers and four ciphers, ; not be wise or killd or cllristian to ea n and that re-enforcement of numerals ; their uuines in publi0i biat VQU call them will not express the statistics of Araeri- j out of your mvn memory. Oh, could not get how past can nunmeries. Even if it were a good, j maay splendid healthy business, supplying necessity, ^g ^ Tee taverns! ^Notice that a profound mystery is attached to these Italian an article superbly nutritious, it is a business mightily overdone, and there sengers, some of them widely known. Some of them had been summering at the northern watering places, aud they were on their way south, all expectant of hearty greeting by their friends oa the wharfs of Charleston. But a little mere than two days out the ship struck the rocks. A lifeboat was launched, but sank with all its passengers. A mother was seen standing on the deck of the steamer with her child in her arms. A wave wrenched the child from the mother's arms and rolled it into the sea, and the mother leaped after it. The sailors rushed to the bar of the boat and drank themselves drank. Kinecy-five human beings went down- never to rise ox to be floated upon the beach amid the fragments of tbe wreck. What was the cause of the disaster? A drunken sea captain. But not until the judgment day, when the sea shall give up its dead, and the story of earthly disasters shall be fully told, will it be known how many yachts, steamers, origantines, men-of-war and ocean grey hounds have been lost through captain and crew made incompetent by alcoholic dethronement Admiral Farragnt had proper appreciation of what the fiiay •ttnmlns -was to a man in the navy. An officer of the-warship said to him: "Admiral, wont yon consent to give Jack a glass of grog in 'Che marning? Not enough to make hi™ drank, but enough to make him fight cheerfully." 'Che ad- are three taverns where there ought to be only one. The fact is, there are in another sense three taverns now—the gorgeous tavern for the affluent, the medium tavern fo the working classes and the tavern c the slums—and they stand in line, aiii many people beginning with the :5rs come down through the second anc come out at the third. At the first o the three taverns the wines are of cele brated vintage, and the whiskies art said to be pure, and they are quaffec from cut glass at marble side tables under pictures approaching master pieces. The patrons pull off their kic gloves and hand their silk hats to th waiter and push back their hair witl a hand on one finger of which is cameo. But those patrons are apt to stop visiting that place. It is not the money that a man pays for drinks—for what are a few hundred or a few thousand dollars to a man of large income— but their brain gets touched, and that unbalances their judgment, and they can see fortunes in enterprises surcharged with disaster. In longer or shorter time they change taverns, and they come down to tavern the second, where the pictures are not quite so scrupulous of suggestion, and the .small table is rougher, aud the caster standing on it is of German silver, and the air has been kept over from the night before, and that which they sip from the pewter mug has a larger percentage of benzine, ambergris, creosote, henbane, strychnire, prussic acid, coculus indi- cus, plaster of paris, copperas and nightshade. The patron may be seen almost every day, and perhaps many times the same day, at this tavern tbe second, but he is preparing to graduate. Brain, liver, heart, nerves, are rapidly giving way. That tavern the second has its dismal echo in his business destroyed and family scattered and woes that choke one's vocabulary. Time passes on, and he enters tavern the third; a red light outside, a hiccoughing and besotted group inside. He will be dragged out of doors about 2 o'clock in the morning and left on the sidewalk, because the bartender wants to shut up. The poor victim has taken the regular course in the college of degradation. He has his diploma written on his swollen, bruised and blotched physiognomy. He i.s a. regular graduate of the three taverns. As the police cake him up and put him in the ambulance the wheel seem to rumble with two rolls of thuii der, one of which says, "Look not npoi the wine when it is red, when it rnov eth. itself aright in the cup, for at th last it biteth like a serpent and stinger] like an adder." The other thunder ro'l says, "All drunkards shall have thi-i place in the lake that burueth fire anc with brimstone.'' Temptation. I am glad to find in this scene of ti;c text that there is such a thing as de clining successfully great tuverniai temptations. I can see from what Pau. said and did after he had traveled the following 17 miles of his journey that he had received no damage at the thret taverns. How much he was tempted ] know not. Do not suppose he was superior to temptation. That particular temptation has destroyed many of the grandest, mightiest, noblest statesmen, philosophers, heroes, clergymen, apostles of law and medicine and govern ment and religion. Paul was not physically well under any circumstances. I: was not in mock depreciation that he said he was "in bodily presence weak.'" It seems that his eyesight was so poci that he did his writing through ar, amanuensis, for he mentions it as something remarkable that his shortest epistle, the one l;o Philemon, was in hi--' own penmanship, saying, "I, Paid, have written it with niy own hand." He had been thrown from his horse, he had been stoned, he had been endungeoned, he had had his nerves pulled on by preaching at Athens to the most scholarly audience of all the earth, and at Corinth to the most brilliantly profligate assemblage and been howled upon bj the Ephesian worshipers of Diana, tried for his life before Felix, charged by Fsstnswith being insane, had crawled up on the beach, drenched in the shipwreck, and nruch of the time had an iron feandenff on his wrist, and if any man needed stimulus Paul needed it, bnt Trith all his physical exhaustion he got past «he three taverns undamaged and stepped into Borne all ready for the tremendous ordeal to which he was subjected. Oh, how many mighty men, feeling that they mnct brace up after hostelries. No hotel register tells, tbe names of those who stopped at- those taverns, there is no old account book as to how many drank there, there is no broken chalice or jug to suggest whut was the style of liquid which these customers consumed. So an awi'ul mystery, hangs about the barrooms of the modei^ taverns. Oh, if they would only keep a book upon the counter or a scroll that could be unroll ed from the wall telling how many homesteads they huve desolated and how many immortal souls they have blasted ! You say that would spoil their business. Well, I suppose it would, but a business that cannot plainly tell its effect upon its customers is a business that ought to be spoiled. Ah, you mysterious barrooms, speak out and tell how many suicides went out from yon to halter or pistol or knife or deadly leap from fourth story window; how many young men, started well in life, were halted by you and turned on the wrong road, dragging after them bleeding parental heari:s; how many people who promised at the marriage altar fidelity until death did them part were brought by you to early and ghastly separation; how many inadhouses have yon filled with maniacs ; how many gravea have you dug and filled in the cemeteries ; bow many ragged and hungry children have you beggared through the fathers whom you destroyed. If the skeletons of all those whom you have slain were piled up on top of each other, how High would the mountain be? If the toiars of all the orphanage and widow- aood that you have pressed out were lathered together, how wide would be die lake or how long the river? Ah, they maie no answer. On this subject ;he modern taverns are as silent as the oriental three taverns, but there are millions of hearts that throb with most vehement condemnation, and many of ;hem would go as far as the mother in Oxford, Mass., whose son had been ong absent from home and was return ing, and at the tavern on the way h was persuaded to drink, and that on drink aroused a former habit, and again and again he drank, and he was foun he nest morning dead in the bam o he ta.vern. The owner of the tavern who gave him the rum helped carry lis body home, and his broken heartec mother, afterward telling about it, said 'It was wrong, but I cursed him. I die t. Heaven forgive him and me. " The Hock .of Safety. But what a glad time when the worlc comes to its last three taverns for th sale of intoxicants! Now there are so many of them that statistics a.re only a more or less accurate guess as to their number. We sit with half closed eyes and undisturbed nerves and hear that in 1872 in the Uniced States there wer« ;t, 96't breweries, 4,349 distilleries anc 171,669 retail dealers, and that possibly by this time these figures may be truth. fully doubled. The fact is that these establishments are innumerable, and the discussion is always disheartening, and the impression is abroad that the plague is so mighty and universal it can never be cured, aud the most of sermons on this subject close with the book of Lam enlations and not with the book ot Eevelation. Excuse ms from adopting any such infidel theory. The Bible reiterates it until there is no more power in inspiration to make it plainer that the earth is to be not half or three- quarters, out wholly redeemed. On that rock I take my triumphant stand and join in the chorus of hpsannas. One of the most advantageous movements in the right direction is taking this whole subject into the education, of the young. On the same school desk •with the grammar, the geography, the arithmetic, are booki; telling the lads and lasses o:£ 10 and 12 and 15 years of age what are the physiological effects of strong drink, what it does with the issue of the liver and the ventricles of the brain, and whereas other generations did not realize the evil until their own bodies were blasted we are to have a generation taught what the viper is Before it stings them, what the hyena s before it rends them, how deep is the abyss before it; swallows them. Oh, boards of education, teachers in schools, jrofessors in colleges, legislatures and congresses, widen and augment that •work, and you hasten the complete over- irow of this evil! It -will go down. I lave the word of Almighty God for that the assured extirpation of all sin. Jut shall we have a share in the universal victory? The liquor saloons will from the thousands into the hundreds, and then from the hundreds into the tens, and from the tens to three. The first of these last three tavern* will be where the educated and philosophic aud the high up will take cheir drain, but that class, aware of the power of the example they have been setting, will turn their back upon the evil custom and be satisfied with the two natural beverages that God intended for the stimulus of the race—the Java coffee plantations furnishing the litest of the one and the Chinese teafields the best of the other. And some day the barroom will be crowded with people a» the vendue and the auctioneer's inalleK will pound at the sale of all the appurtenances. The second of these last threa taverns will take down its flaming sign and extinguish its red light and close its doow, for the working classes will have concluded to buy their own horses and furnish their own beautiful homes and replenish finely the wardrobe of their own wives and daughters instead of providing the distillers, the brewer* and liquor sellers with wardrobes and mirrors and carriages. And the next overthrown than this world ever saw, and the discipline got here may only be preliminary drill for a campaign in some other world and perhaps som» other constellation. But the crowned heroes and heroines, because of their grander achievements in greater spheres, will not forget this old world wher« they prayed and suffered and triumphed. Church militant and church triumphant, but two divisions of the sama army—right wing and left wing. One army of the living God, Ac his commnnd we bow. Part of the host have crossed the flood And part are crossing now. 1897 OCTOBER. 18 Su. Mo. 10 from the hundreds of thousand* uto the score of thousands. Md 17 24 31 11 18 25 Tu. We. 5 12 19 26 6 13 20 27 Th. 14 21 28 Fr. 15 22 29 59 Sa.i 16! 23 30' LOW BATES FOB Tennessee Centennial Tbe Tennessee Centennial &nd International Eipo»::tioo will be in progress at Nalhvlil*. Tenn., Irom Mar until October incluilre. Special low rate round irlp tickets trill be aold via Pemnylvania Lines lor thli event. Full particulars concerning- Care, date* of gaie, time of trains, etc., n.«3 be obtained upon. application to necrett Penn«rlvani» Lin* Ticket Agent, or by:addressing Geo.E. Book- well, DistrlotiPaeseuger Agent, lodianapo 4 Indiana. FIGHTING WOLVES ' This is only one of the exciting experiences the two young Americans had who were victims of a vile conspiracy. They were "exiled to Siberia." Exiled ' ! To Siberia : the title of the «tory in which Win. Murray Graydon tells all

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