The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 14, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE AMY AIR CORPS NEWS '' -, 1 "\ f •>'<,} i -" ^> V , '«, i . ; ". t \., .*, '/.> VOLUME 1—NO. "232. THE BLYTHEVJi,LE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS Published dally except Sundays In th« interest of the personnel of the Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Flying I School of Blythevllle, by the Blythevlll* Courier News. It -contains the uews ot th» Air Base. ,. • i j Special New Training Classes Will Prepare Men For Warfare "Prepare for Commit." theme of thc AAP Southcns Training Center, took on new mcnniriff (hia week as i'out specialized training schools for enlisted men were opciioc i.y the 1'lnns ami Training department at Ihe RlvUioVilic Army Air Field. ' , ?,' he rp° u ?' ? el}0 ?, ls * ( *V "" n 'c P»cc al which nil porsoimi> of thf Jminmt' Center .ire preparing for a dm nee at thc enemy overseas. Hero they arc 1. Training In the M5 caliber*— automatic pistol —1\ program in which every enlisted man, down to the lost cook's helper, will have hk chance lo shoot before the cotton blooms again in Arkansas. 2. Training: In decontamination after poison gtu -attack—qualifying two .squads of enlisted specialists in every organization on the Held to remove,thc eltccls ot gas from clothing and equipment Unit have heen exposed to attack. 3. First. Aid training—lo qualify an enlisted man In every outfit to Instruct his buddies in thc technique of emergency, treatment of buttle casualties. •t. A "Non-Coin" school— for of recruit (raining .military courtesy oiHl (llsciiilinc, Infantry drll regulations, military sindtntlon and first aid, etc.. are covered wllh special attention (o (lie responsibilities of those who must trail and lend other .soldiers. Half oi the course Is devoted lo problems of administration, including the selling up and u se or Held equip- menl to handle reports nnd correspondence under combat conditions. Apart from the four schools .started lhi s wceki some or wh , ch have Dcen conducted here hi the past, other training programs iu- chictc (lie Aircraft Mechanic..; School. u,e physical training • pro- ei-am, and orientation, n sliuh mnlnly of how it, goes willi the boys who have prepared for coin- but and are nli-cady on the job. 26th Squadron Has Party On Wednesday ore than > r (i \<>r.r • 2«(h Training Group squadron party which was held Wednesday night at the American Legion Hut. Included m thc list of guests were about 20 young women from Slccle, .. - «' as enjoyed tlironghoul the evening to thc music of Scral Donald L, Scrlbiicr and his electric organ. Sandwiches and refreshments were served. The party was organized by a ,, . " -- - — -...v.^Li mtji committee composed of First s*>rbi £«r,."s £nri,^ Ho^-t^i^rsk^S boosting thc efliclency of the lads who will earn their stripes by doing thc Army's paper work, in zones of combnt as well as here. Training Ilns I'riority Pusses, furloughs and conflicting duties 1 are. cancelled for the men who "have been selected for training by their organization commanders. Preparing for combat has priority. , • The: program is in keeping wllh Ihe . determination of the • commanding ofTIcer, Col. Kurt M. Landon, that Urn men" of the Blytheville Field shall be soldierly in appearance, conduct and training; and we'll. prepared for the tasks chat lie ahead. . The present schools, it was explained by First Lieut. Carl N Wcinsteln," Plans and Training officer, are designed to train cadres .or training-teams of enlisted men tors of thc men of their squadrons Target practice witl^the famou Army- "AS" resumes next week a Ihe pistol range under (he super vision of capt, John A. Martin range officer, who saw action wltl the gun in World War I Captain Martin is assisted bj six (junlllied officers, who arc glv- mg pre-nring instruction to enlisted men nightly. They include Capt. Robert R. Love, famous pistol champion and combat veteran of the first World Capt James S. Weatherby, nlso n World War veteran; Capt, John F. Mend Army veteran whose experience began in. the first World War- Cnpl Walter V. Hogmi, First. Lieut. Henry H. Tolusso and Second Lieut Robert I... McConnell, pistol expert and ordnance ollicer. Solrtier Learns Weapon Before he takes his place on Ihe firing line nt thc range every man hns learned (o take the pistol apart ami reassemble it, lo load clean and handle the piece and the proper methods of sighting and firing -the weapon. The Decontamination School is conducted Ijy First Lieut Raymond E. Cobble, chemical officer and a .slafr of • noncommissioned .spcdal- The 48-hour First Aid course for enlisted instructors is taught by Charles Harlshorn, assigned (o the Blythevllle Army Air Field for this purpose-by the regional Iiendqiwi-1 ters of the American Red cross Mr. Hartshorn is expected to return to assist and supervise the future training of enlisted personnel at. tim i3a sc by his ....... f ^^'V^o^rSl;, 8 '^ »tntl • the Porter sung ^mcd on the piano 1 with the band. „, ^.^. bv . ,J,J,,, t -^ (_,; cote and Sergt. Jimmlc James.-' i Gucst.i Incluncd Maj. Charles'; E Layton, |>ost administrative inspector; Capt. John A. Martin, commanding officer of the 20th Group Mrs. Martin; Second • Lieut. Michael Polliia, adjutant, and others. Sergt. Huet On Furlough; Will WedJJirl At Mobile Sergt. James s. Huet of the 702nd Squadron, a payroll clerk at liendtiartcra, wns a happy man this week when he left on furlough. Besides enjoying a 15 day vacation he will also resign from (he Order of Bachelors lo take a bride in his home town, Mobile, Ala The sergeant will marry Miss Elaine Hamiston of that city on rint'ni,", "»*' ic ""' * y , 22 - _*/<« -^''»fi the\s-er-| com ± 1 '^ U !t;:; 1 '<' Deceived AKKANSAS.'HlbAY, MAY U..LQ43 tr*- ' J~-1-' Coninuinity Clubliouse Filled With Soldier-Guests Wednesday Night Ten tiuckloads of soldiers rolled up to the. Community Clubhouse ot Osceoln for the dance'Wednes- day nislii. and the folks were flab- bcignsloil. They had no Idea ilieli Invitation would be accepted wllh sueh wholehearted and cntlmslai,- llc response. Not eiioiijjh .sandwiches and soft drinks had been prepared lor .so larec a number, but the of Oscr-olii .scurried around' imd thc soldier appetites were well ikcii care of. The trucks poured out 150 ci. is. and 52 ({Iris of O.sceoln were there as dance partners, to the music of the Jive Barnbersi fain- hot swing masters of the 351st. Army Air Forces Band. The Clubhouse was fragrant with Ihe scent from a number of vnrlc- lles of rases which decorated (hc racin, honeysuckle entwined nlxmt the -fireplace, and peonies, iris mock orange and hedge :rom Seninii's, Hardens of Mrs esl< . Mrs..p. .S. Perkins, Mrs. ... .. , ". 0. Urlckoy. Mrs. W. W Prcv- md •tt. Mrs. Nnl'hnn w'einbci-g Mrs. l^venstein. Mayor Hen F. under welcomed ic snldlcrs In n brief .opening 'Ik. W. W. Prewitt acted as nms- '!' of ceremonies. Miss Marjorie Doyle, who had TflllgC- , . w :iiat;gc of the plans mid arriigc- iients. wns given credit for a <lc- g. trul evening. The decprations tie niranged by Mis.? Elsie Pfi- tliis. MIS'; Ophelia 'Menu-land and - --. .j.. ^^(,iltlu\ Miss Frances Jalfe. - Hefresliment.s' were of by Mrs. A. P. Den \Vhlto Jr. taken care Mrs E L ----- ->.» I»IIILX; or. i\irs t; L Bowles chucked the soldiers' cap] ^",. '?,« ''';t ™':<"' 0 "= w» eared Ration Queen Tiny starlet Pamela Blake hns been chosen the "girl they'd most like to share a rajlon book willi" by atr cadets at Birmingham, Ala., who figured her appetite wouldn't use up too-many coupons; 'or by «...,„. Julia Morrisoi S. Perkins and Miss .. Visitors Included -Mr. and Mrs •>• G. Lockhart, Mr. nnd MI.. eorge j D ( >ylo Mrs. Zodle McGh^ n, KT W - W)lft «'orth mid l,er on,- Newman Wlntwortli men home on fur " ' Huckaby, • Ncw Orleans' s at Parris Island, S c was a lovel '(tptain Boukard New Songs Listed In May Edition Of The Hit Kit The May edition of.thb'llll Kit las arrived. It, contains six song nil. . , of the month plus an extra and will ' be distributed to o the squadrons and organizations at the Blythevllle Army Air Field according to ati announcement by "rat. Lieilt. scar L: Benson, special service officer HI BRITISH PflSI Blytheville Group Uuex- pectcclly Goes Overseas; Three Commissioned I'ivc enlisted men of Ihe Blylho- vlllo Army Air Field who left hero last November oxpccllno to ntiend nn Ofllccr Candidate ' School at Atlantic City, only to nnd there wns no school ami (hoy wero assigned lo nu overseas oulfll, hnvo been attending i\ school of tlio Royal Air Forces In England, nnd llirco of mom have won their commissions In (ho U, s. Army Air Forces. The Ihreo neiv second lieutenants arc Sergl. Fvod H. Schmidt, Corp. Robert. A. Mieklor nnd Corp. Chester L, cnmi. According lo report Ihcy nrc mvnllJng further assignment., perhaps 10 OCS In this country.- : The present, assignment of the new lleiiteiinnts Is with tho Brlt- ls« Flying control, having lo do with (ho system of gelling plnnos into (he air nnd back to Iho lioine station again. When they got to Atlantic city lust November, the live noncoins were told (here was no oillccr Uudldale School llicic, nnd they were Issued small arms, carlrldro MILS, field pucks, steel helmets, MS masks and oilier comuht equipment. Tliclr barracks for Two weeks later they weru sent, uy iraln to another Million whcrn "wy drilled m tho chili early SUBSCRIPTION RATES~6N Signalmen Employ Mean TricksJ But They Speed Pigeon's Flight SOMEWIIKHE-IN TENNESSEE, Mivy 14,—H's H snldo Ir!ck-to Play on 'n pigeon, but all's falv In love urn! war, ana so the »nny considers I fair to piny upon the mother- ove of n pigeon with a phony blessed event which may help lo win the war. -Motherhood (this should have been a Mother's day piece) Is ihu favorllo condition of the lady pigeon. So when n pigeon Is taken off her nesl, In which she call . HID scratching which tells |t»r s <h(U n squab Is nboiit to tirenk .out of the egij, she's In n Icarlnt; hurry o (jet back. Ami If In tho moim- Imo she's been carried to tho front lines In Die Second Army mimeiiv- M-S niul given n message to tote Hat messnso will eo took nl n lilKi-on's fuslest, which Is between ?<> nixl 70 miles nil hour. imnylne her chagrin when -she wml.s Hint thores no squab 111 thut CBI;. but that someone has blown o»l the yolk, Inserted n frit and healthy beetle, and .taped up the end. Tli» beetle's efforts to escape and a prospective mother's hunch- atlon do the rest. 8l(imlRu>n no u The parly who tampered with Ihe (TO Is likely to bo a member of a pigeon company which is mtliie In tho nniouvors. Maybe 1 shouldn't bu (jiving ( vw,uy HIM? (ilckn of (lie trade," chuckled Second Ucul. Rudolph LnriK, df St ' . , , |)lf;toii officer of a combnt lilueon iilantntlon, Uko nlmosl every member of Jhu compfiny, Lieu. ti'iiiint I^DK wns n • pigeon mcorin civilian life, mid ho mid llio others brought Ihclr net tricks wllh them lo bent the Axis., Another pigeon double-cross has Is a secret—but It isn't as many us It WHS when the maneuvers started, Lleulonant Long t,(is- jjects dial some unwary' birds iiioy have ullBhted loo close (o hungry doughboys. . The Grounds Scrgt, Mortimer J. KnswA'ltz Xray leclinlelaii nt. the JJIMO Hospital .HIM long been acquainted with many 15110.1 nf Injuries as shown in X-ray pictures. Now he's learning whnl (hey'ru all i:bout by lukliur.a coin-so which will qualify him as ft «cd Gross first aid Instructor, rs . 1 . affu s« l itl, Churlcs E. cbloiniu'i of Hie Wtuthcr Bniiadroii, has been transferred lo the n«ic riyiL School nl Nuwrjort, Ark,, whore.ho otorveT 1 I0r duly ftS ft WCiUller A recent rrport concerning (lie Women's Army Auxiliary Corps Indicates Hint over 00.per cent of them waul foreign service n ,' . of tlm Publo He a o, 19( Office staff was late for calisthenics the other day. His reason: «jo rain was pburln K down so liat-d, t was flootllng the office , and he ha mon ° eopvay nu hud had enough cxcrclso for ono V-Mall form.? ( 0 send letters to flT; 1 ;!!'S:<"'.«•'"« «>•« available wlnim. i r '"" cnn >' " nu '»ti l«BCOii double-cross wns '"'""o "ion overseas aro available moriiLi n T\ °' clock , >" liic Described by Second Ueiil. R. E. L° *»» tnllllary ptrsomiel nt tho And m«n,n „ " 10 artc "'oo». ^ oc "' of SlciUjciivlllc, Ohio. This "« sc , p ^t Office nnd the Special 'Mid piesently iiiey were on HUM,- lime a Eonllnmim nlurnn i« n, n ,./„ Service Office. - ' \i\ i i Humioun, ^"^u. ui oieiiuciivinc, onto This mi presently (hoy were on Iholr 'Jmc n ucnlleninii pigeon I 3 Iho vle- Z hnv'i;?" S i , WhC ,'° l " Cy lmw llln »" 0 ' S «'»«" » ««»a 103k ftl nn. \™»y,,, e r lnl "' eslll| i! ""«* and J!" 011 ^ 1 ' »mlc mnklnK up lo his girl no K'altlng for (ho answer to thc ' llcill! ' «"<' the ' ? old Army question, "where do we for '"-i tounlry. 1TI Fi-ntii ).x._«nu ' L rwi^in i (hen inken out lo fly K" from here? , 'fie II como Imck In a hurry, loo, f' Mlr '" H»! evtn If h c j, ns to B0 coo miles, the llalllio while tho Walter Terry enjoyed thi> Wcdncrtny nlnht a Osceo a sle l )l ll ""I In a m the Community Olub- — -- L •.-«, , t .,v- vntto "m tand played on. ivernuo IIIIIKO of u homing pigeon, i „ „ • He may have to fly throimh shell- ! Nothing can slop thn Arniv Air fire; he may get back with great O°'m Nothing except 1'vt Fred ihte from this or from lib nut- N - Sullivan. Ho did it, He.a Lieutenant Bland Armament Officer *•*" h,> iiuui LUIS or irom nil nnt- 11- ^umvtin. HO tlid it Second LlciillinTii A run i , I" 1 ' 1 ." c " c " 1 > 1 '"'»''«>*,•'» may have . lll ° whole convoy of Scully CO ,; U "LS±,t" «'«i*;; S...KH. * _ b » l ...". B ' U . ^ <"iWly ?,^O f .Army Air Corp The seven popular songs listed ecenlly Vom, i Lssio'lfe M|, ^""'l Jr -' u '' rok(! ! 1 **• b "l '"='» sit are: "For Me and Mv Onl 1 ' "John Ait Forces hnvi Anny h 1(? W '" U "I'PCHM lo be n 3Mtt&s£Stt^*.tt*v?ai, . . 'When Hie Yanks Go Marching In." -Mnrgle' nnd bnvie Marais'. The Hit Kit extra this month Is "As Time Goes by" a song hit of 1031 recently revlW eil after Ihe showing of the film Casablanca. :, Sa'ch.squadron will get/ >n supply of lyrics and one copy of the music. Copies of Iho lyrics and ™Hf w»l he available also at thc uso. 'Hie Hit Kit Is Issued monthly by (he Special Service Division of the War Department. The songs arc selected by, n.committee of Goes City Capt, Hnn-lson o. Howkard Jr , M n° e " Wil " thc Medical s vice he was employed at „„ ull , AU ,, ,„ base in Mobile. There he met the loiv'i, fulure Mrs. Huet, who was a secre- \ tiu-y in the engineering office of ' he same base. Officers Visit Post Lieut, col Hugh P. Avent of Southeast Training Center headquarters, Maxwell Field, who with «IaJ. Carl Luetckc Jr., visited Hie hp .-p.- '. . •"«"|^,ll^^ received ft »" "irtaH^V?? MCdlC "' ^ ,.nt »,P f">' I 0 ' At . th!lt t»n° he was a lel- 'Ihe Noncommissioned OITicer School is for noncommissioned and pros|>ectivc noncommissioned officers whose duties are solclv id mmistrative. The tnmMnr subjects - j. ^i.^tt.n, vl,, VISIleu (lie Blytheville Army Air Held this veck on official business, was a nest of his daughter, Mrs. John A. Dilworth. wife or Lieutenant Dil- J-orth, who is a flying instructor icre. Lieutenant and Mrs. Dilworih, the former Miss Liilie Mason Avent of Greenville, s. C,, were married Dec. 27. The lieutenant has been stationed here since Jan 11 Major Luetckc has been appointed executive officer of the new Advanced Flying School, nt Slnll- enrt, and will assume his duties there shortly. ., . , we the- parent of Sandra Lee, 2 years. FUNNY BUSINESS a mirror—I'm always imagining someone'* I init nm|i''" -.— ~-- •—r ; =; wim,"V, 0r P opcdic sm '6cry at the "nils C. Campbell Clinic. He Is n f?™<i, ra te of the University of Ten nessce and ,i, e University of Ton I jipssee Medical School. He served ms internship, at the John Gaston Hospital, .Memphis, 1840-11. ain is the son of Mr. H. O. Dourfcnrd, Deer , radio musicians singers. composers and „„ and . . . ar, Deer Lodge, Tenn. He married the former Miss Charlotte Brnscl of Rockwood, Tenn., Dec. 17, 1938 and they - daughter, Weather Forecaster Arrives From Texas Staff Sergt. Roscoe A, Lanning lias been transferred from San An omo, Tex,, to the Blythevllle Army. Air Field and n.ssigncd to duty . as 'veather forcaster with the 3rd Weather squadron. Sergeant banning, 21, enlisted Feb. 26, 1D42 nnd is .1 graduate of the Weather Forecaster's School Chanute Field, ill., where he completed a six monlh course In November. The son of Mrs, Ethel Lanning. in w . Portland St Vinccnncs, Ind., he is a 1939 grad- unle of Viticennes High School and also attended Vinccnncs University two years.' There were 25 players on early football teams. Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Ole Hickory Inn Arrow fr«m Hl»h BchMl Cadets Set Record On Obstacle Course It look 133 cadets -of the Blylhe- vllle Army-Air Field exactly f| Ve muiute and 28 seconds to run the pbstncl; bourse, Wednesday. Thus :ney established a new. record for the course, crossing 15 difficult obstacles and running a total of 400 yards. The record had been claimed by he lOGCth Guard Squadron Recently during-their exercise period 115 men covered the distance In eight minutes. ~ Second Lieut,'Cecil I. Garrison assistant director of physical training officially timed lhe..ninnlng. Corp. Knosp To OCS Corp. Harold Knosp, noncom in charge of the Flight Surgeon's office at the Base Hospital,, has left for Camp Barkley. Tex., to attend the Medical Administrative Course of thc officer Candidate School Upon successful completion of the course hc will be commissioned a second lieutenant and assigned to duty as a medical administrative officer. Corporal Knosp has been in the Army since last July. He was a teacher at Callaway, Nebr. Officers Plan Dance Officers and their wives—or dates —will dance Saturday night at an affair to be given at the Officers' Club, beginning at 9 o'clock. The Jive Bombers orcheslra will play for the informal dance. m .< •."'•'K.-ui. uiiicer Blj'lhcvllle Army Air Field Lieutenant niaml, son 'of Mr. «nd Mrs. n. A. 131am! Sr,. 1491 Clancy St., Memphis, is a urndualc of Spring Hill C'olle c. He^cc n y. completed a course as m M'"«IJ- ---—. — Army Air Corixi men when mortal ^ «"l>,;l>le,v °»'"Hdwiy I.etwee broken Wy hovlUp and c^ceola: on the . . - •—•• - 'aSslsiimcnt since he has been comclssloiicd. Bciliiinc Slgiinl fur Boys AMESnurtY, Mass. (UP)-Dls- , trict Judge 'Dli I. Pctllnglll Ls . g s a master at handling juvenile dc- iguents. As punishment. r or fl ve boys who pleaded to setting u ° or- honse afire, dered that whenever the f| rc alariii sounded' Ihcy were to KO home, gel In bod and remain Ihere until .the following morning Complete Stock Steel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Drnf St»r« Main & I«ke Phone 2822 Auto Repairs Expert Mechanics on All Makes and Models. ALso Truck and Tractor Repairs. Lee Motor Sales Fh. 519 Earl Stone, Shop Forem»n K» E. Main "Who wiped their dirty hands i enmy. towel!* PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores •July rive days. , The pigeon counters poison gas' h " Mylng over It, Hawks hc tolls flying for W W to Ihe Ouccola dnnce. by which toward them, HUH ncif- "''^ bodied fallouts at the Dnso trnMlng Just .u,,,.tvt niuin. iiiu^ IlL'll- '""l- UUU1UU ClllXOIlH nf Mm Ihu dlyu | bomber swoop Field. Pvt. Pi- C( | N. Sullivan i s Lnftii - ' | who can't tuko^calfithoiiTcM . El lilnvlo fli>« - * - tlio of ho A -,'As for-the pigeon's sense of dl-|i movie film, reculon, Hint's 'sometlilni; - no one can explain, accordlnt! to Technical I Sgl. Morllmei Sergeant Edward Kovnclk, Jr., of flicked Pfc Chris '.T 1 .. "?• Wjs - wll ° S "W he's seen victim to praetlc'o Chemical Warfare 'Officer^ Says Ame;icans . .„,,, % Tiaining, Equipment',^' I< gose^ should be used 'M' n'' »capon In (ho,present *ar,*th?'' American solrflcr Ii reT 1 ;' *•"' '" na well or Ijctt^r prcteeWl p,' " " f men of nny army, Ueut. 'Eiymcnf'" E coUiJle, chciolgal warfare offle 1 -' ' of Ihe Blylhevlllo Aimy Air "" (old member^ of (he Klwanlj Jn a discussion at their meeting Oas masks have changed «bat > IHilo since Hie World War of ?) yeais HBO, Lieutenant Cpbbl^ijud. Disign imd npiicaraiice are dlfftr- •nt but (he cannister ^throu'h C\ll ^h I >a nil „ .„ A^^ .' .*V which Ilia nil 4 tar" deebn- ' en- 'amlniitlon before it Is brwthed' into the lungs, and ttie Tho mask »nd protective' cloth- mg and equipment, are, , ,, Hialnst all kno^nn war Jasw, th« lleulenant said jf the spldlw hu eainod what he was taught 'wid! he toes > 5 he hu -\AauA. ' tlicro will bo few gai cnualttec •> Two of the war gases >r« odor-'. cwi 01 nearly so, so that ipteUl murtis have been devUed to deiet them A vapor detedtor, M ™S»! wvcis the prosehce of the' MorlSi 'illiogcn mustard 8 ««, ilendly Lewklte, a w«k Ion of which C an be fatal Lieutenant Cobble exhibited of gas nnd devices and it, 80S for ' . ed on a display boai wrong. Dolmus (Qeorgta) M , „ -, " e l ho l<t Ul 9 most indoleni »nn in t ho Mcm(:Rl uiuchm«S '-'As proof ho Is said to cite the '" thought, planning energy --•' •*- >" somcefulness which he ( avoiding unpleasant tasks Bernard (Bonnlut of Pennsylvaiiln, bctfw ki, 0 Zool Suit Yocom, the Ortat j o ho Medical Detachment, cuv "Is Up while shaving and ma 1«S' foi iv dale When he got to tKe' r pi Is house she sent him awiy because it wn , tob late to go o*. ;oot suit Bonnie Yocom Mf»w- lul bad about that ' rtv While tooip Yocom WM »•- n»- lleut at Uw^BiLift.HosplUl, (JtoUl o{ 10'pretty'girls came to c.Ul'on' him Tho title of Great Lover •WOWI[7. tine; . ^ WI 'Jicnv ix>ver WM inns his fret ""M™* «pou him m respwtfS' ' ni',.«„.."' —' """ °"^" > '"•'" nl:v; " """" 10 praetico on nftcv i.n \, no recognition of the fact'that h»n. owl oft] C wh! 1 l 2 n"' ] ! 1 r ) '""'- 0 " l!lelr f 0 """ 0111 " tho wura l fl t nW '"^W" 1 ns " c w « and unabl/to" ?; k '°^n <a° l n° loftawevo 01 "' lo which hc has been isMKned Hn SU " nl)ly B""" 1 ' ~ '-"- A -"> tnuk going 30 miles an hour. has inside Information (imir " ot a """' «"5 fa t,S^ "^,,f^!^ ?»!«•!«« 'hlm'r'^lK-.Mellciil Detael 'Hie pigeons livu in 30-blrd lolls Migge id" 1 n. n ' " , mt Km> far behind the lines, but when -they. tlif tourw. "^'snment to ._ —^ ....^.,j ul * w iTjitii nicy go to the front they travel -In a , , high In thc.air and Simmons stnv «,.n i , * ••" ell you is name, serial number and abou « 'te hnlcnl L> C ' ni ' e>IC " birth dale. The case holds message- Ing 11,0 rccor s TI. books, pencils, thin paper for map tinned whne%^ "'Y' — irnclnss, food nml «.«!<,,., nnd (llc we, t \o bed '*,?, "! ld ™ ss »'' message capsules, One capsule, ma ei (lc£ 1 ^ ' 1Clr about, an Inch nnd n qnnrlcr long the ?-''"-"-• 6y - kcm ' ttt - 11 '» and a half Inch In diameter, is used for most messages. It Is fastened to thc bird's leg. The other, four Inch- ! es loni! and one in diameter, Is used for film. Four straps fasten It to the pigeon's back, much Ilk the Infantryman's full field pack Lieutenant Lang says the pigeon (ton't mind It at all; at least, n< pigeon has ever been heard to com plnln. It takes five days lo get pigeon, used to finding the old loft in n new location. After lhat they cai do 35 jnllc flights, nnd ihcy eali range wllh each day. How many pigeons' the company his own lnt«r«tt». u among hls'paJs In thr Detachment was able to " recruit a namo or- a tilephoti*" '• number The vhtors were Inlereti-"' ed only in Yocom. He didn't-lots- u single one i „ Just 4 Miles To Th FITTED BY D.ctor» J. L ud J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN BLYTircVIHE SINCE 1922 State Line Service Station SAVE on Fhlllfps Quality Gasoline & oil. Prompt, Courteous Service, Operated by Mrs. H. L. Reynolds. OPERATING HOURS For A-U-C Coupon Holders SUNDAYS: 9 A.M. lo 9 P.M. ALL WEEK DAYS 9 A.M. to 12 Noon 1 P.M. to 8 P.M. BPTICRL STORE 209 VV. Main St. Phone 2912 Does Your Car NEED THESE? Ba({erj— Corera Oilnitcr-ludio Fog Llfhtt—Lock Oas Cap A complete line of FolUhet LOT EICH! PIMM m '^'^e Mnrtcrn Ice Box COOLERATOil ' For Economy and Service. Tom Ultle Hwde. Co. (II 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. UNGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'dmy * Walnut ph. uj SMALL LOANS Of Annttac W Valw Eatt Main Loan Co. IN t WE FILL ALL DOOTOBT PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE YO17 "vONR STEWART'S Drug Store Main & Iinke Phone *K Any Shoe Can Be REPAIRED I If (he upper* »r* itfll Brlnj them to IB for "iiiTOn 0«aJfty S»iOf izi w Flowers I'or Every Occasion ... Funeral desijrns, «eddmg flowers, cor-'' sages. , ,, THE FLOWER SHOP DELIVERT ANTWinbKI " " GItNCOE ROTKt BUM)" 1 Phone 4S1 ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE", There's no wider selection of shaving needs, c ^ lnr £ IytheTUIe th * n »' Robinson's. Lttort Service Men 1 Meet Yonr Friend* al Robbwa'*! HUDSON TAILORS Expert A Iterations Prompt, efficient *err)ce at reason»J>!e t»sl! Garrison Caps — Accessories — bv^im SOUTHEAST AIR CORPS INSIGNIA,. , __

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