The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1955 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 27, 1955
Page 8
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PAGE BIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 19B5 Demos' Tact Sheet' on Fiscal Policies Is Blasted by Hall NEW YORK (AP) — Republican National Chairman Leonard W. Hall said yesterday a Democratic National Committee "Fact Sheet" comparing Eisenhower and Truman fiscal policies is an "incredible document" put to confuse the voters. "If this Is »n example of the Democratic party's 'facts,' the voters had better beware," Hall said in a speech prepared for the Union League Club. "They are in for the greatest campaign of misrepresentation, distortion and twisting of fact in the Democratic party's history." Hall referred to a "Pact Sheet" sent to party workers last week by Democratic Chairman Paul M. Butler. The ''Pact Sheet" said the public debt under President Eisenhower has risen $8.300,000,000 whereas under former President Truman the debt was reduced S13,- 100,000,000 between a peak reached Feb. 28, 1946, and June 30, 1953, the end of the last fiscal year started under the Truman administration. Major Issue Using these and other figures, Butler accused Eisenhower of failing to keep his fiscal pledges and urged Democrats to make that a major issue in 1956. But Hall, comparing Treasury figures when Truman took of- lice April 12, 1545, with those the day Truman left office Jan. 19, 1953 said the public debt rose more than 33 billion dollars. Hall contended that when the Republicans took office they were "faced with 80 million dollars of c.o.d.'s—money appropriated ana committed for which the Republicans had to produce funds to pay for on delivery." He continued: "In three years we have made great progress. . . . The current budget is $14,100,000,000 less than that of Truman's last spending plan. . . . The prospect for balancing the budget by June 1956 is good." Hall's prepared speech was written before the President was stricken. District Fair Winners Beef Cattle Hereford Bulls; Jan. 1. Aug. 31, 1953 — Haggard and McHaney, Steele, 1; R. C. Qreen, Rector, 2; Choate Hereford Farm, Hickman, Ky., 3; Lang Hereford Farm, Oak Ridge, Mo., 4. Sept. 1-Dec. 31. 1953 — Ark. State College, 1; Choate, 2; Lang, 3; Choate, 4. Jan. 1-Apr. 30, 1954 — Fred Hodges, Jonesboro, 1; Choate, 2. May 1-Aug. 31. 1954 — Ark. State College, I; Double M Farm. Qulin, Mo., 2; Ark. State College. 3. Sept. 1-Dec. 31. 1954 — Double M Farm, 1: Ark. State College, 2 and 3; Choate, 4. Jan. 1-Apr. 30, 1955 — Choate, 1: Lang Farm, 2. Champion Bull — Haggard and McHaney. Reserve champion Bull — R. C. Green. - Pair Bulls — Ark. State.College, 1; Choate, 2; Double M, 3; Ark. State, 4 and 5; Choate, 6; Lang, T Three Bulls — Ark. State. 1 and I; Choate, 2; Lang, 4. Heifers; May 1-Aug. 31, 1953 — Haggard and McHaney, 1; Lang, 3 and 3; Choate, 4. Sept. 1-Dec. 31, 1953—Ark. State, 1; Lang, 2; Fred Hodges. 3. Jan. 1-Apr. 31, 1954—ChoaU, 1; Lang, 2; Green, J. May 1-Aug. 31, 19S4 — Lang, 1; Ark. State, 2. Sept. 1-Dec. 31. 1954 — Haggard and McHaney, 1 and 2; Ark. State, S: Choate, 4; Lang, 5; Ark. State, 6; Green, 7. Jan. 1-Apr. 30, 1955 — Haggard, and McHaney, 1 and 2; Ark. State, 3 and 4; Choate, 5; Fred Hodges, fi; R. C. Green, 7. Champloii Female — Haggard and McHaney. Reserve Champion Female — Haggard and McHaney. Get-of-Sire — Ark. State, 1 and 4; Choate, 2: Lang, 3. Pair Yearlings — Choate, 1; Ark. Slate. 2. Pair Females — Haggard and McHaney, 1 and 2: Lang, 3 and 5; Ark. State 4 and 6; Choate, 7. Pair calves — Ark. State, 1; Choate, 2; Lang, 3; Ark. Stale, 4. 4-H Department Canning Girls 13 years and under; Exhibit of 6 years — Madona Veach, 1; J Anderson, 2. Girls 14 years and over; Exhibll of 6 years — Bobby Lou Everett, 1; Jane Casper, 2; Reba Pierce, 3. Exhibit for girls 13 years and under; Cake — plain layer — Madona Veach, 1- Judy Dennis, 2. 14 years and over; Bread; Biscuits (3) — Jane Casper, 1; Reba Price, 2. Yeast rolls (3) — Bobby Everett 1; Carolyn Blake. 2; Reba Price, 3, Corn meal muffins or sticks — Jane Casper, 1. Cake; Plain Layer (one layei not iced) — Jane Casper, 1; Reba Price, 2. Plain sugar cookies (6) — Jane Casper, 1. Fancy cookies (6) — Jane Ca per, 1. Handicraft 12 to 15 years of age; Purse — Jane Casper, 1. Stenciled or block printing — Jane Casper, I. Embroidered article — Jane Cas per, 1; Rebecca Cassidy, 2. Leather article — Jane Casper, 1. Sewing box (any kind) — Rebecca Cassidy, 1. Lapel Ornaments — Jane Casper, 1; Jan Anderson, 3. Any other article not mentioned - Rebecca Cassidy, 1; Jane Anderson, 2; Rebecca Cassidy, 3. 16 years and older: Shoe bag! — Elizabeth Brister, 1. Pillow Cases — Elizabeth Brisker, 1; Jane Casper, 2. ' Pot Holder — Jane Casper, 1 Rebecca Cassidy, 2. Any other article not mentioned — Elizabeth Brister, 1. Clothing 13 years and under; Cotton Dress — Elizabeth Scott, 1; Peggy Baker, 2; Manola Veach, 3. Skirt — Elizabeth Scott, 1. Apron — Irene Raper, 1; Elizabeth Scott, 2: Jan Anderson, 3. Dish Towel — Jan Anderson, 1; Fowler, , *. Noiv—delightfully milder and lighter! OLD TAYLOR 86 OLD TAYLOR 86 brings you—for the first time — i superb 86 proof Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, u light and mild as good honest boutbon con be, but mellow and satisfying in true bourbon flavor. Here is a worthy companion to famous OLD TAYLOR 100 proof boltled in bond Kentucky straight bourbon—prized by generations for iu rich taste and bouquet. OLD TAYLOR 86 PROOF KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY- lightet. milder, lowet in price. OLD TAYLOR BOTTLED UN BOND KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY, 100 PROOF tavonte ol connoisseur! for generations. THE OLD TAYLOR DISTILLERY COMPANY fSANKFORT 1 LOUISVILLE. KENTUCKY HAIRY VETCH Oregon or Arkansas Grown PMA SPECIFICATIONS Plac* Your Ordtr Now Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800W. Miin '; Phont,1-6856 Elizabeth Scott, 2. Pot Holder — Irene Raper, 1; Ricky Stiles, 2; Donna Bunting, 3. | 14 years and older; Best Dress — Elizabeth Brister, 1. Tailored dress — Eliazbeth Brister, 1. Wool suit or dress—Mable Crook, 1; Dorothy Willingham, 2. Party Dress — Elizabeth Brister, 2; Jane Caspter, 3. School Dress — Patricia Holder, 1; Elizabeth Brister, 2; Johnnie Johnson, 3. Play outfit — Elizabeth Brister. 1; Dorothy Willingham, 3. Work Outfit — Jane Casper, 1. Skirt — Elizabeth Brister, 1; Jane Caspter, 2; Elizabeth Brister, 3. Apron — Rebecca Cassidy, 1; Jane Casper, 2. FFA Livestock Judging Team Awards—Luxora. 1; Harrisburg, 2; Wilson, 3; Blytheville, 4; Keiser, 5. Individual Cash Awards — Don Carpenter, Wilson, 1; Jerry Hodge. Blytheville 2; Carl Spain, Keiser, 3; Johnny Cooper, Luxora, 4; Charles Chrisco, Luxora, 5; Hal Towles, Luxora, 6; Jon Payne, Burdette,'?; Ray Sticklin, Harrisburg, 8. FFA Dairy Judging Team Awards — Blytheville, 1; Burdette, 2; Hairisburg, 3; Luxora, 4; Wilson, 5; Manila, 6; Dell, 7; Keiser, 8. Individual Cash Award — M. J. Mullins, Blytheville, Max Haynes, Blytheville, Gary Jumper, Burdette, Harry Shearin, Burdette, Paul Hunkaplller, Keiser, Don Smith, Harrisburg, &11 first place; Bobby Hodge, Wilson and Wayne Garner, Luxora, 2; John Taylor, Blytheville, Larry Robison, Manila, Russell Payne, Dell and Delbert Poultry Division Trip of Broilers— William McDan:el, 1 and p. White Rocks; Best Cock — Max Maynes, 1. Best Cockerel — Ronnie Epperson, 1; T. A. Caldwell, 3. Best Hen— T. A. Caldwell, 1. Best Pullet— T. A. Caldwell, 1 and 2. Barred Plymouth Rock; Best Hen — T. A. Caldwell, 1 and t. Rhode Island Red— Best Cockerel— T. A Caldwell, 1. Best Hen— T. A. Caldwell, 1. Best Pullet-T. A. Caldwell, 1 and o New Hampshire Red; Best Cockerel — Max Maynes, 1; Harold Epperson, 2. Pullets— Max Haynes, 1; William McDaniels, 2. Other Heavy Breeds; Best Cockerel—Dale McGinnis, I; Garry Sparks, 2. Best Hen— Max Haynes, 1; Mrs. Charles Abbott, 2. Best Pullet— Gary Sparks, 1. White Leghorn; Best Cock — E. M. Halsey, i. . Best Pullet— Dale McGinnis, 1 and 2. Other light breeds— Best cock— 1 E. M. Halsey. 1. Best Cockerel — J. V. Pierce, 1 and 2. Best Pullet— J. V. Pierce, 1; E. M. Halsey, 2. Best Pair of Bantams — Hiram Haynes, 1 and 2. Best Pair of Turkeys— Mrs. Ab- Scheele Optimistic About Polio Vaccine Effectiveness WASHINGTON W) — Surgeon General Leonard A. Scheele said yesterday "the picture look* very favorable" from available reports on the effectiveness of Salk intipolio vaccine, The head of the: VS. Public Health Service said the reports are still incomplete, fragmentary in some instances, and unanalyzed but they all indicate the vaccine has given protection In areas where polio has prevailed this summer. "The published 'reports from health officials of New York state and New York City and from the state health officer of Oregon are very heartening and it is hoped the results In those areas are typical of the entire country," Dr. Scheele said in an interview. The three departments he named had reported the vaccine appeared bott, 1. Pair of Ducks—T. A. Caldwell, 1. Pair of Geese—T. A. Caldwell, 1. to Have been 100 per cent effective among children given the full recommended three shots in 1954, when extensive testing was under way. They also reported favorable results so far this lyear. "Those reports and all others we have received indicate the vaccine has given protection," Scheele said. "However, we will have to have a longer time before the picture can be objectively analyzed. 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