The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on April 3, 1947 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE TWO +LEMAITCHESS THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, APRIL 3, 1947 MUSIC GROUPS HIT JACKPOT At tfu ffpliminary state music rr,ntp=t in rv.nnrii Binffs Saturday Malvern hish ochonl's four rn" trlr-s -_ thr. trio. sp T ,* t and * Rovinjr Reporter • Ry Frfcda J. Hnll Mr. and Mrs. Drayion Slaairh- Miss Lizzie Madden of Tabor trr and son? r.njoycd a family viMtf-d from Tuesday through dinner at the horn* of h-r par- Saturday in «hf A H Culver ents. Mr. and Mr?. John Powles. home. E0 "' h of paf M r JnR.-tif,n. The Hillsdale Community club ar> , nn( , r ,., tr , rk { . >.r. and Mrs. Fre<J Grudio and met Friday" erer,intj at the school r:*r--»-'--- ^ «™^^r """* X^-S^yy™ ; .lr. and Mr?. ROPP Bryant nnd eram. Refreshments were served lluren V!$itr>H \fr nn rl M r = Vfr. * * .V,- _!_„- .* .. . ft Thp c-aff isn't PTartir m,, .r, x-,, ' Ko?!! Rr - vant an| 3 Pram. Refreshments were sf .« 0^-ti.v ,-::r b -;:: S'ja^rM'.^v^i. 1 :- at the clww - rt the — am; - Mr. and Mr? OAKS NEWS* 353CE3 ? -m, the jnnlor, u- er , in "; en? . frarklng under the 5t rena- Mr. and ytri."i*<,w a "f££ r "" """ -"">* ••".•.- a furor ahout the orchestra "? "uroen or school work and and family and Mrs. Ren Jackson a way with th-lr share for their prom this pprine. Th<--rp " «tra-rnrncnla. our busi- were in Omaha Saturday C Mar, T* ""'" 3 ' !(t!e mlxop of dat ° s and o U T h " ranaePr """^"rt^ Tom Mr. and Mrs. Fav BuUerfield Marlenc- .Tohn«on rr.c r . iV Pd a di- 'hey hart to Men for an orchestra f, '„*"'• T^' in<3o " d nn ' of Hen ^erson. Mr. and Mr« Will __= vis,on r . n ,. ratlns . „,,,„., rpr ,., vM , h , v dldn . t psactly want Too f.tnnate that one student in Andrews and R,v. and Mrs Rov Mr. and Mr,. Lv.e wnkln-or -Trt"- ; f r"""""r'^-""""-"^" £ j £ b r"f""»"'«-^-"-^si-«is-tt^-sr"^ jsr^ir^f"- rr--{-X"3rrte SH™lH»?>r --"---»""= «."fe"ir'JaK'"^:; • /.*/:: sr™,."?^ is ^TT "•""""••- ™-»' H-ffij .-riis r a ';,±, e ?-;;r b °;, h 'r s./ »'• - "- -«' rfr' 8 W6re Mr ' Snd Mrs - W - ^- Mr and Mrs ' L!o - vd Hlcfe s "f „„.„!" , a . nd Pranddaughter of R ed Oak were at Mr. and Mrs. •''""•''". '.SllfJ John.on Shirlpy Piatt. Rocp M a- PpeaKInK about the seninrs i.L.T 1 ^': 1 ' . Jr '- Vf " f-»mpb«.H and 'hpy hare finally chosen their "ommpncement speaker after a full 20 minutes of stubborn ar- hv Theresa Dyke. The proups dirpffr-d and accompanied Mrs r r c , arh • ( , I , jn , ; T|)ej . hg ^ ^ ^^^ in.. ,,.,, winner." will next r-n- thfj :> play and order^ the book? ter the staff, music contest at Mis- The name of the play "Act Your M CLUB SELLS T SHIRTS souri Valley April 2~>. Th* pirls wfTf further honored 7£s ^:: J ,?±:.'" f °' rm .-! Mr - "" ffm -. n .-. aft - — h r—i- 5 «... ....^, aua pranadaughter of "ea uaK were at Mr. and Mrs Paplllion. Xeb.. Mr. and Mrs. Du- I-T'e Wilkinson's home Wednes- ane Sell. Mr. and Mrs. Walter day. HiHps and daughters, Mrs. Mrs. Melba Wilkinson was hos- The M club has made a con=id- Rer « " a ! }mnssen - Mr - a "d Mrs. tess to the O. H. B. club Thurs- 4«r«" i. Inrt.Pi ' ' Pra ' > ' <? amount °f money on the , I « Roenfeldt and Sandra day. She had 11 members and '»••,»> s,:v^rs:; sir^ri^-s^ ",..?"»--» "" ""' - sr^"s JTSS.s: f-r much r,Pr B ,,».i,. n ^. . "" n "?n. Mr. ind Mrs. George Howard "' Hick*. iro Vicilnm t^«t^l _».__ . *»_ ^?P?™ =sW5S -r. rve n ,,., tf . r (!l an the P "up '->'• ° "" ^ Shipment has been receiv- trained ,t£ * "^ *"' v CaSt 5 S ThUrSdEr eVenfns ' « 2:~H=i--' =s~s S!fr:= H-siSsj = ~ ,ss~ I April 7 '° W d^t^ inc,de d /h 0 ""^ 3 "" m-t Sotfen '> ™" ' ^tTe suTe" anT^ K'"^" ""' BU(T/nS '° n and «»• Mr ' ° nd M "' ^"'e Brammeier ==:3>3H: ™™==S 5-5'£,=,-S5 : ?. : .."=H.:5~.v.: =:=-••--•"-.: ^ =H=P£~= 5~ = ;; = fr-SfiffiSS s ^^-KSiSii:.™ " i=t -- - ! a -rs s^vr^ -^x^nn?/;- B r Men ti^d as entertalnrnenf from'kTn" • " rwnto^wSJT? ^ SEN 'OR PERSONALITIES ~" b'-lf .TV ^ BU8ta ' ned ""1 M "' MarTln »owen hi - dldn . t exp ( , c ; s , t8u to pbs :.s.y'o^' i^^^^^^ rir lnh r, ss?^? * re * K."7- Jo ;™ ir j n ™-sf " d Th B ....... . Fitzpatrick were resident of our Monday "*" l ° GIen ^<l Th. Republican majority In the community a few years ago hi W succeeded In Mr. and Mrs. Bert McPherron Mr ' 8nd Mrs ' Thurman Bowen ?», " hfif ,V 20 J 30% 'ncome-tax- and Miss Rhoda McCoy were call- spent Sa t<"<lay night with Mr , i " lr <'«6b the House by » ers last Thursday in the home of 8Dd Mr8 ' Veldon Wallace. ' „„ °[ 2 " '" 137 - Your Con- niece, M ra . Herman Folk T>, sressmsn Ben F. Jensen, roted In Herman Folk- Thurman Bowen and Elbert faT ° r of the bill. Only three Re- MI n? 6 » W6re Ca " er8 ln Coun - PUblican8 0 PPo»ed the bill, where- Jinimlp Wiles of Steamboat eil B1 "f8 Monday. as 40 Democrats — • - Help Wanted We need 40-50 good men for field work in our Nurseries. • Digging Evergreens and plants of all kind. • Planting small seedlings, seed, etc. • Plenty of housing facilities in our own new Dormitories at a low cost of $1.00 per week. • Good working conditions at top wage*. • Steady work and an opportunity to learn an interesting profession. • Men only. Report to our office to Supt. John Hall ready to so to I work — on Highway 48 — 2 blocks South of the Wabash Depot. Mount Arbor Nurseries Shenandoah, Iowa phone 385 cans to pass the bill by a rote of .- --- ... college. u.uii i expect n to be. On!y one SiS^tiS^SjaaB This kind of show require* *"***'" lon wa " dropped In their Ix.n/o Bonnet* Quite a lime skill and they are TT"° n b ° x which made It an U ""— ' " all-limp low record fnr „,„!.. flrst Lonzo Is a person Representative Jensen had printed In the Congressional Record two addresses by Dr H H Bennett, Chief of the Soil Conservation Service of the Department of Agriculture. Dr. Bennett advocated that the United States undertake an extensive 20-year soil and water conservation pro- ,M will t0 8ee ' isc. 25c and 3Gc COMPLETE Eyes Examined, Ola»*e» Kitted Clause* Made and Repaired 'n our own Shop DR. L. B. PETKRSKN Optometrist I«ed Oak, Iowa Successor to Clyde B. CurUs, O.D. Pint Door North of Fannees --- . v . mm, u inl —...., ..-, a i-iviHUH or medium bP l>a«Prt n'n 7;' pr ° Krams are «o build, has honey brown hair and DP based on the suggestions from b '"e eyes. He stands 6' 10" tall ers ' the students themselves, so If you a "d weighs 160 pounds and is 17 "'*'' rfol-!, 1 * Br J P l 0r a " ldpa ' wrlte h yearsold - Tw 'elve years ago Lonzo erts ' &«£«« * ~^~v» a»5 *«s PLYWOOD Inch 4' x 8' treated Shingles, Roofing Insulation, Lumber Plainer Lumber Co. sri^^-sr 1 ^^ sr^'^'T*^ 111 ^ ~"^™'^ a ™°» *.„«. ^^^^^^srs^ ss^.™*^™** t.e.patPd , n Jre'V^cS S£ Srton STe?"* '" " d M ™' SSldS"'" V ' 8 ' tCd '" SUVer C " y v^Tof ^ Jen ° eD ' P ° ke '" <» ! ' = =" basketball. Lonzo's ambition Is to ™± ,._ .. . ™._°'.,_">e ta*-cut bill on the DRS RXlNE & KLINF r7^»wa -~ ^f^ct^JIreTeoS ^ 8 ^-~ ^^ „*.«- M,. Homer Coll.ns ?«? o'thiT.rr" 8 of scho01 - s °- ^r'" ifMiiiind xeison — cJii." «"Tir^; and moron,c a . nCe ' lnefflclenc y ' Kcn " started <° Malvern high Mr8 ' Clarence Harwell of Seni [, areless ^ss the an- school with his class in the flrst wood a " d Mr. and Mrs ch. Include thrp» a i 8 column 55" Jl, 1943 he Drolled in L °nginakcr and daughter of instead f senlors «ach dear old Malvern high as a green bor en J°J'ed a pot lu- 1 - J '-""" or *• "6 nag orown eyes &.Dd ^^" noni6 of Mr. an If. .Id news now but the boys l^n^^^ J, he . "- 1 " at l^L^^L^Jl^. €* ftlnvfn^ n«'A .. _i . . j ^ _i you Sunday. Those attending the book re- HoUBe floor. au.' at 1t»-._t *-.. __ Friday of also voted in favor drastically curtailing an- proprlations for the Labor Dei- partment. National Labor Rela- night in Henderson - ------ the the NLRB about one-half the rink amount It had requested. House Democrats Joined the Republl- Ottqpp*thlo Physlelani Office hour.: 1 to 5 p. m . and , ,„ • P- m. on Saturday. Oth»r Hour* by Appointment Office In Kunce A Nelion Building X-R«y Olagnoilt Phonei: Office 2311 MOUM: Dr. D, M. Kline U21 Or. J. A. Kline «8«1 FEEDS Thw is the year to achieve lower production costs for your poultry by a careful, sclent flc feeding program. Swanson Poultry Feed" - Jtarunfir mash, growing mash, laying nAs7 balancers _ are mixed with scientific exact' ness to insure uniformity, MOVIES THIS WEEK Monday morning the history and economics classes were .howj Pioneers of the Plains" iV showed the life O f the ear y p lo neers who flr8t Be ttled on the mldwestern plains. One of their Tuesday afternoon the CT , n amounts of calories and vita '"ins obtained from cream and -<- of the other co,, mion ^ £. ' Swanson Mill & Elevator t Phone 2211 C. A. SWANSON & SONS manufacture of modern fhurrh R*v. Ray Myer!Ji pastop It stands agiinst a whirlwind^ wroth *nd OIL-PLATES your engine/ Dead Animals Removed PROMPT SERVICE Grudle home at a pre n shower Wednesday South ef Highway No. 34 Call RAMSEY'S RENDERING CO. Di*l O — A.k for 8000 North of Highway No. 34 Call OAKLAND RENDERING CO. Phone 4000 W« P.y Phwu, CkATf «* Mahlii ,,,1. ," "" *'"»'Jurie MC-- sr'o^Fio'yVru^n^r 1116 yZLT-SS. - ~£ Marjorie opened her gifts which ho e B r t e ess me : nythea n d beaUt!fUJ ' ™" uobiesses then served refresh ments of ice cream p le , angelfood' c ake, candy, mlnta and coffee. M,? 6 ^,8. 0. sT^T^eet with • •• AGAINST THI COMIINiD, MIGHTY FORCES of wind and electricity, even the world's tallest building seems frail. Yet, though it may sway, it will not fall, for in its slender columns and girders, particles of steel are bonded together by a still mightier elemental force .,. the tremendous force of mo7eo< ttlat attraction! WHIN YOU CHANG! FOE SPRING to Conoco N«» motor oil, the same elemental force of molecular at" traction bonds molecules of a special lubricating ingredient to mole* that cylinder walls and other engine parts are actually OIL-PLATED! liCAUSE OIUNATING STAYS UP on cylinder walls . » . doesn't all drain down even overnight ... a change to Conoco N«" gives you EXTRA protection when you first start your engine "dry" .,. EXTRA protection from corrosive acid action when your engine is idle... EXTRA protection from sludge and carbon caused by wear., cool, silent miles. fo oil v New members as Mr and Mrs. Leonard Seeger und family drove to De» Molneg buuday to tak u lhelr davig iter Jeanne back to j, er work ' t1 *; l»o«pititl after »p eu dlu« the w«k «t home convalescing from an appundectoiny. * R M ,n Sac city ltt

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