The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 14, 1932
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Served hu the United Press THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEA ST AHKANSAS AM, R^^.'Srf,*:,*: ^ ^ ^~^ » * ^ ST AHKANBAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXIX—NO. 1.V1 Blyllievlllc Dally News. Blythovllle Herald. _Mls5lsslppl Valley Leader. Blythcvllle Courier. IMjY I'UKVll, [,!•;, AHKANSAS, A Y, SKI'TKMIIKR SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ROOSEVELT OUTLINES FARM AID Cowboy, Turned Author, Writer of Serial R. G. Montgomery lltfll, Monarch Pass., Colo., when- nnu-]i uf the action takes .llace in Montgomery's new serial. The life of a eowpunchcr may not seem ideal Iraining foi a llt- ei-ary career but it has {-.uivcd R. G. Montgomery of Gunniion. Colo, well. As a cowboy he rode the deserts and mountains of Mon- tr.nn, . Wyoming. Colorado nnd Idaho. Then lie took to writing. His outdoor life supplied material for articles and adventure stories and soon he was contributing to a long list of magazines. Two of his recent books. "Troopers Three" and "Broken Fung." have won high praise from critics. His latest work. "Call of the West," Is an exciting serial of love and adventure. It begins in the Courier News today. Ouimet Setting Pace - for Amateur GoHtrs Futrell Denins Responsibility for Highway Commission Appointment. LITTLE ROCK, Sepl. 14 (UD -,ludi;p J. Marion Futrell. Arkansas .covernor-elecl. said the j appointment of John Buvkelt of: Ouarhiin county as o member of Ihc hisliwav commission is "Gov- : ernor Parnnll's responsibility." Burkett was named by Parnell , '" the nncxpired term of Justin . Matthews vho resieneri 'from Die commission recently. His term will expire in Januarv. 1937. ] Jndce Fulrell said that in his' ramnaign speeches and advertise- j raents he announced "there should !••• n crminlele rhan»n in the administration of affiirs in the Ii^hv.av Oeparlmenl." j ''I exnecl to fee these changes j Ink" place." he snid. "I was not osked 10 m.tkt? a re- '. noaviidtitinn. to Till thn vacincy ' '•:i Hi" commi.wlnn and T have. i:in:lo r.nne. No one has made one fn- -i-e" It was believed by some close. lo II" 1 incoming administration : that • B:;rkctt hus-.i slim chance i of becomiri" hichway commissioner" to fill DwiglU Blackvvood's i:l:'cr. Blur'Kvoed's term expires in '"'•briinry. BALTIMORE COUNTRY CLUB Md.. Sept. 14 (UP)—Led by the defending champion, Francis Dut- n:et of Brookline. Mass.. sixteen play.?rs swept into the second round of the United States Amateur golf championship today. Onimei's magnificent, medal'score of 30 for the first nine holes beat tho former nil time record /or nine holes for the amateurs. Ouimet eliminated George Voigt of New York. S and 5; Gus Moreland of Dallas ' advanced, 4 and 2, over Emmelt Spicer jr. of Memphis. Aiiiln.iv/es Additional Hos- i riul Rnnl Offscl for Chants' Cases. The city coiiiiull lust nlghl \oted culdillomil S'MJu cf ils n-ni rn"_- | mi: from UK Ulyihevllle hospital to ' the Chlckasawba districl chapter of tl:« !i:-d Cms; fcr hjsi)i:j)i/all:ui ol charily cases in tin- iccal lusli- lulion Two ordinances, passed 14 years ago. prohibiting ueuchiii. cover slreet Kolicilatlon of ctiailly sufficiently v.illiciil the pusMige ol a nc'w ordlnnnce M-hicli p.i^. L cd first I reading al the A,ugust s?.ss!sn, Hi; i council decided. Tile new ordinance ' was proposed lo bring charity so- licllors under control o[ city ai;- l-iiorltles. The old ordinances, uncovered recently, iirohlult begging and the distribution of gifts lo secure orders for magazines. Discretion In the enforcement of tfic.ol:' ordinances will nllow thc city to control charity solicitations Iwre, II was pointed out by Mayor Nclll Reed. The additional allotment to the r?ed Cross increased [lu total amount of rent to be paid by t:c hospital management Hits year In treatment and care of charity cas3S to $1300. Thc original terms of thc contract with the hospital management call lor 12500 rent, 51.000 t> b- paid in treatment of Red Cross cases. The additional $3CO allotment lowers the actual cash rent for 1932 to $1200 of which $503 has been paid. The council also assigned $160 of its claim for back rent ngalnsl a former manager of the municipally owned but privately operated hospital to the Red Cross. Other Hospitals IMp Action^by tlie council for Ryd Cross aid followed a'review of •. the acth-Hles of the local chapter by C. R. Babcock, local head>'of the organization. He explained services rendered at l^c local hojpital in exchange,for the Sl.OOO rent grant Tropical Storm Will Not Hit New Orleans NKW OHl.KANj. ,S'|.|,i. 14. ,i;|>,, -'I'-U- trnplal siorin that Mas |u>v- • '•I'-il (iivr Ihi' incmlli <,| iii,. MI-,. ••-••••Ippl iln-r i:u- two diiy.s mov.-d ! MtAly | (h(.. r^jlM t'llJuy ;n,(| | iiidit-a'.ujns wvu 1 i[ uoiiltl .Mrlkr! ]^^'il;ly in Mis.slsbipp]. li. A. .Dyke, senior n; ( 'lii:m:<>« "I (tit- Uulti'il Stairs WKillu-r Ij 'vail livio, i-iiicl N,;w OJ-I.-.IMS u ' ; "l of llie pivsnit paiii i;i t SlJfTOlTE tfwi- and B. !•". F. Rviction' Issues Are Icinporarily Snip-Tracked. 1'OHTf.rt.NlJ. Oie., supt. ». (UP) - The legislative commute of UK> American Ljgion tcduy by a voi- o] 'Jl to 0 adop-cd the re'psrl of „ ,snb- ":imnlllee favorins Imiiislljt,, t-iiHh paymen: of ih« l::inu.'. POK'l'LAND. Ore.. Sepl H CUI'l —With two of its primary (opics -blame for the litmus army eviction and beer— side-trackfd for Die dav, the American !.ei;lon convjiitlon opened Its second business si'sslon lo<lny with prosi«-cts the bonus question would - rcncli the floor wklilu two hours. CJeorge Howitt. chairman of the legislative committee, told ,i|ic United Pr,?ss th c bonus question probably would reach (he floor today. On (he other hand Joseph Ed;«.-. chairman of llie siiu-com- nittee considering a resolution i-liieli would lay blame lor tho bonus army eviction 6n the president, said his committee would not •eport until after the business ses- jlon is over when U will go before Uic entire resolutions \conV mlltce.- . '. - - j.ilil TELLS mm Iiuluslrv ilus Expanded j In hu-t Two Months. I Chosen by Council to Fill ... \/..."> n , I (i Utr P;kK nnd an « arlk!r S 300 grant in 1931 Vacancy Lelt -by Ubb bv tho cmincll ani Rl « 0 to|d cf JhB - Wilboum generous free service rendered by hospllals at Memphis, Jonesboro and other cities for the local Red Cross. He praised local physicians lor their services, valued in excess of $1.000. which were rendered free during the year. The council volunteered to allot $300 more fron its hospital rent MANILA, Ark—The city council Monday night selected Ed Ccot. popular young • attorney, as mayor to fill the vacancy caused by Ihe departure of Gibb Wilbonrn. Cook immediately lock over the reins of the town's government. He to Pay War Debt Installment 'ONDpN. Scot. 14 'UPl -Groat ''"tain !s nrcpirin? tn meet fully her Ue.-rinbrr IS war debt pav- ['•^nts ; n the Uniti- riStntr.'; ,ind '•' |I1 not invoke Ihe supremacy .'° r '"-fore u\ f deadline at mld- Urges Republican Campaign Leaders to Redouble Their Efforts. WASHINGTON. Sept. 14. (UP) — . Concerned over the Democratic victory in Maine. President Hoover has taken Ihe lead in slirring his Republican lieutenants to greater campaign aetivily as Governor Roosevelt strings into his transcontinental speaking tour. "We have a strong case and a I right cause."- be declared in a per- I S: ct sonal message to Chairman Sandr-rs i , of the Republican National com-1 „?" mittee. He said Republicans had known all along thai owitwr to Ihe ravages of Hie world depression Hi: fight would be a hard on? but thai the result In Maine imposed need for stronger efforts to make Ihc Issues al stake clear lo His px>p!e. town. A curb market is to b? constructed, and farmers are to b5 c"" fined to it in the sa!u of their products. • The city marshal has been instructed to use the labor of unpaid fines lo keep the Herman Davis Memorial Park free of weeds an-J tall grass. An orilltianc; was passed which has as ils aim (he bar to any carnival which possesses gambling devices. A large license fee will be required. Uncla John Needham. recorder. . has been acting as mayor. , NEW YOnK. Sept. 14 (UP) j Cotton closed steady. Open Hieh Low Close 751 758 703 714 708 776 777 783 787 796 800 809 810 816 . »«K. today. p r0is reliably niomatic quarters here were nnvatf-lv ronviuecd that nrltain taped tint the favorable crenled by meeting the .".rrn « ' " aMy Jill Spots closed at IK 720 720 710 755 762 off 730 738 747 763 774 15. Orleans v Bri " sh nuarlers ap- n nr ' , '"oratorluiii. the British jrov- tbe h rf -° |WrtM to '«> that e benefits of a moratorium, de- s^lte hrnpornrv clMirabllltv. woiiM be incomparable to an' cirlv thorongli readiustment. Council Acts to Reduce \olse NORTH BEND, Neb mp)_ T.™,?"," BCnd City c °»» " took steps (o Insure sound slcen of the townsmen when thrv p awc rt B ^olution Mklns the u Wot, Pi- r.Jic to insimci engineer., | 0 ! by ' Police Advised to Use More Leather, Less Gas Lew riding-more walking was In; edict handed down to police by Mayor Nell] Reed at last nighrs session of the elty council. ; ,- Thc order followed the appear- | ance nf a very sizeable gas nnd | oil bill for thc police department I amonc the bills brought before thc council. Several aldermen and the mavor indicated their displeasure with the bill. It was explained that (he bill covered a period of Uvo months but it looked large even for two months. •A policeman can cover more territory walking than riding anyway." declared the mayor in urging Ihs cops lo use more shoe lealher and less gas next month. NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 14 (UP) —Cotton clasrd stcnrlj*. Open High Low Claw 748 758 700 710 7S5 776 120 728 139 754 A. Get Dec Jan Mar .. May .. Ju! ... Spots 787 800 813 776 782 793 806 813 760 726 736 749 761 770 closed steady at 710. off CTJ , SlOCk Firsl Surar Tanr to Be t'ul LONGVIF.W, Wash. (UP)—For thc first time in the history of Longview. local sugar cane will be cut soon and thc sugar cxtraclcd. The nine-foot cane was grown by J. J. Maieskl; . A. T. and T 108 1-2 Anacor.da Copper 103-8 Auburn <3 1-4 Calcrplllar Traclor 91-2 Chrysler ............ Cities Service ...... Coca Cola .......... Continental Baking General Electric . . . General Motors ..... Middlcwest Utilities Monlgorr.ery Ward 10' H 543-8 98 6 18 3-8 15 . 9-16 New York Central Packard Radio Simmons Beds Slandard of N. J. Texas Co U. S. Slccl 22 5-8 . 35-8 .. 8 1-4 . 81-4 . 31 1-4 . 14 , 39 5-8 for n and councilmen that C'e KeJ Cress should appeal to thc county as well as the. city for aid. Judge C. A. Cunningham told Ihe council llial as chairman of a county economy commiltcc he' had .studied Ihe county's financial condition and b c doubted the county's ability to a:< the chapter financially. No; onli would Ihe county be unable lo offer help but unless tax colljctbn. next year arc better the county v.-il have to cut ils offices lo Ihc arniE' constitutional offices. Juice Cunningham declared, staling [hat Ihc health unil, agricultural agents and possibly the county superintendent of education's office might have to be eliminated. Mayor Reed said thc city also has its financial troubles but had tried its bsst to help In spile cf Its own difficulties. Must Buy Car Tags Tlie opinion of the council as to enforcement of thc city ordinance, requiring city car license, against employees of the county r.eallli unit, county agricultural service and superintendent of education's office, was asked by Judge Cummiih.iin. He explained that he bad declined to take the responsibility ol reliving the county employes cf payment of the license.? unlil askinj the council's wishes. The council was told by others that Ihe cars In question are owned by Individuals and not by Ihj co-.m- ty. Mayor Reed staled that city firemen have to buy (ags fcr (heir cars and he could .-ec no rcasai why county employes should not do likewise. The council decided !h3re was no reason for allowing cars operated by employes of l:i ihTa ' county departments who live In the city (o escape thc llcens; fc?. Judse Cunningham said tbe cotxcll's wishes would be carried out. Tiie council agreed that a crive for collection of dellnqiunt privilege licenses should open. It aljo discussed the recently passed • Itinerant merchant" ordinance. City Clerk Craig told t'r.e council that three applicants for licenses from oni r-f lowii had "walked away" when he told them a license of $200 would be required to open a business here. Lions Club and Lawyers Subscribe to Walkei Grove Proier.t. ON. Sept. 14. lUI'l — lii'Mvlni! ri-iKirls nl nn "uilpr.'cc- Iruii'd iiwvi'iueiU" in ihc rtiilunj i-Mlli' Industry W i-K nirrli-d lo | "K'slili-iu ll'iovoi- loday bv lii-m'gp iloaii. jiii'xldeni of il:o Collon T.'X!!i' InsilUitc. flmn s«C(i (ho industry hml in:' *s[ sale.i In H.s history duriin; d • iiontb of Aiiqiisl an I l!;al us n •••nil Ihe slouks In icslii; ml)].; la:l raclH-il Hie low-si ebb In Hi,' hsl our nr five >i-urs. .suit] Uic cotton textile In- l»!lry linil Increased l(s operailons 5 wer cent In the ]insi sixty,. lyiKiii* Itnrraii l-'ifurrs WASHINGTON, scpi. 14 (uni -The census Imreaii roportril | 0 - lav Hml -lO'MOl bales of cnUnn •W rniisujiiPd In Ihc Ihlited Klnl- •s dining August, compared with W->" In AnmiM !„,( y ,,, r . Tntal balr-s on baud Ainjust. 31 n mnsiiiunrs establishments were •r-iwled nt 1.000.411 as ni>alTist flin.wi bale* on Anensl 31. 1931 A toial of! bale.s wiii >n haiul In public storage nnd al romuressi's on I)-* sam- date as :oiiinared with M2G.31W in toil. Col(o:i snlmllcs tirllir diirln? Alien:! numbered 22.022.49o as iph'si in 1031. Unll«<t strifes nxporu in Angus) (ntalcd 452.151 runnim? bales excluding llnlers as aealnst 221.- J?n hx'-'s ill Anaiist, 1!>31. Llnlcrs Exported were lO.fiOS baits durlne August as comnared with 5.244 bales In August, 1931. f!oo,l Week' for Plcklnr WASHINGTON. Sepl. 14 (UP) — 9"l to H_ nicking and ginning made rapid • p^owess ' Irisl we,:k aided hy favorable weallier for outdoor operations l n many sections of thc cotton holt, tbe United States Wcalhcr bureau reported today. The week \vas entirely rainless except hi limited areas of the southeast'nnd parts of Texas. In the wcntlier wss mostly favorable, but the bureau reported that .cotton deteriorated in most other localities with lower temperatures favoring boll weevil activity. Willie organized effort has not yet bc;n started in the campalgi to raise funds for t-c purchase ol Walker Grove a» a city park, over 4600 has already been subscribed Max B. field, general chairman told a preliminary meeting of campaign workers at llie cily hail thi morning. To avoid .conflict with a cam paign planned by the Red Cross chapter to raise funds lo meet i{. budg'j; fcr thc ensuing year it ha. been decided to postpone Ihe parl drive for a week gr more. Mr. Rei said. Subscription lists have boei O]>, however, and It is cxi>ecf.ei there will bo a considerable nunibe of pledges made, so thai ivlieji the campaign oi«ns workers will Tin themselves well started toward thcl goal. The SCOO already snlwrlbed to ward the park came from tw groups. Members of the Lions clnL al their weekly lunc.Veoii yester day subscribed 100 per cent, each Of the 18 members present slgnin- for from $10 to S50. Laler in tlv day, on a wager that lawyers of tin community would sutecrltc mor than Hie doctors nn:l demists com bined. V. G. Holland and Mnrcu Evrard visited members of the le sal profession with a siibscriplioi blank and without completing thei rounds obtained over $300. Crlliclsrn of Ihe park project 01 Ihe gro-.mds thai, once purchnr its Improvement and maiutenanc would bo a bu^.-Misoir.c- expoaw was" answered at lh!s morning tneellng with the explanation thc the Walker grove wcuM be a vain able ass?t to Ihe coinmunity even though nothing was spent on. it Improvement other than to build i good rond 'into it, and lliat, fallnri to acquire the properly now \vonl(. probably mean Ihe permanent loss of the only piece of Mnd .suitable for a city park. "Improvement and development of the park can wall a morp lavnr- able lime." Chairman Reid said, "but its purchase cannot wait be- C3'i;o If the present owner cannot wll it no«- for park purposes he will be compelled to remove the timber and derive what revenue he can from farming u.'' Airplane Is Sighted Off Lands End AIIOARU KTKAMSI1I1> Ki'Ut. H. (UI>)-TJ|,. Krnntv ,,.i. w ,| ii inonoiihine hvadoj ?H\I m -\:M pin. (ireeuwii-li llmv UliSU a.m. I'uMeni Hlnnihud HIKI.') loJuy. H iiiis nliiinlniiiii i-nlun-il. Kver,-- llilni; sei'inul normal wlili []•,• plane. 'I'lii' Amcrlrun Nur.'-? is not uliini- i Iniiin but is painted w i,u,.. u | S | likely Unit «t n distance Us eoloi ™tiW l» tnlMiikrii fc, aluminum. OlIU-luls nt Kloyd ni-iinolL iHd Nf'.v Yui-k. siiht If lire pliinu sljslitwi wns the Amoi-k-nn NUIW U v,-;is i»illi of Us hiU'iiilud cour.w Tiii- pusltlon given Is about -ISO 'miles weM of Bud, Hi i'Di tfMi-CHili or Children nnd Their Adults C.root Birr Hagenback- Wallace Sliow. "Hie HaRenbcck-Wallncc Circus cnme to town" (exiny w m, 1K galaxy of wild animals graceful equeslrlmis. wagons Cunningham Installs Legion Post Officers Officers of the Dud Cnson posl of tl;c American Le;;lDn were in- Etallsd 111 a ineelhn! lasl night al (he armory, c. A. Cunningham was In charge of [he service. Thcsu assumed office for the coming 5' Dr. A. M. Wnshburn commander: I- D. Chamblln. first vice commander: Oeorge L. Mulr. second vice commander; Edgar Doriiin, finance ofTiccr; A. O. Hudson, chaplain; Bernard Gooch. adJnlanl: Allen Owyn. Eergeanl-»t- arni.s. Opens Store at Dell DELL.—L. S. Drovvnlcc is owner , of a merch.indi).' store j which began business nere tcxlay. Ear) Potter Is In active charge. You and Your Glands DID you knon- tint— Overaciivih- of your TIIYMUP GLAND may cause yon to look much younger tliau your a»c. give yon a smcbth and velvely skin and may. perhaps, make U necessary for a man to shave only once n week —whereas undcractivliy lends tc premature acr. a sharp nilixl ane 1 a bad temiKr? Overactivity of your THYROID GLAND may tend to keep both mind and body everlastingly busy— whereas nndr-ractlvity mnk •: one easily tired menially anJ physically and may lead to dwarflsm? Overactivity of your ADRENAL GI/ANDS may give yon an excessive feeling of well being, loo inner optimism for your oiin good and make you easily cxcllcd? Overactivity of yo;ir PITUITARY GLAND promotes srowtii of long bones, tending to giantism; undsr- actlvity moans shieglsh mentality and lowered physical development? Head DR. MORRIS FISHBEIN'S Interesting explanation of the fqnc- lien.s nf thc body's glands, !n flve special articles slartlnjr today on I*»tc 4 in Courier News . flirt-king calliope, and the Irresistible army of. the "sawdust rln?." The long steel train,, draw- In? Into the Frisco yards, we're Riccled by several hundred clrciu fans, many of whom had waited patiently for hours to watch Hi.- "circus unload." Hundreds of others waited at tbe circiin lot at the north end of Second street to watch the «rrlval of thc hupe wagons and to "superintend" the erection of the big- top and the dozens of - auxiliary toils. . ."-. \. . „.,,..,, One must see a circus unload In order to appreciate the enormous task and the manner In which It U accomplished. Every man has his duty to perform with precision. On the lot, |h» scene Is even more fascinating. The "cookhouse" nixl numerous smaller tents were the first to put In appearance. then cainc the massive "big-top" with Its towering center poles and flultcrhiR banners, the nwcca for Uiunsnmls (his aflcrncon and lo- nlzht. All the famous Haftenbcck-Woi- lace slars will be on hnnd both tit Ihe afternoon nnd night performances. There Is Clyde Bealiy. the world's nrcatcst wild animal Iraincr. and hero of several narrow escapes from death during the -isl few months u-hl'» trninln? th- hugc mixed pronu of lions nnd llgers. forty of the most treach- nrous beasts on earth: the ercal Hanneford Rimlly of b.irebn/rk 'Iders with Pondlrs IIiinii.?ford. internationally known roinlque of Ihe sawdust ilnst: Rudy Rudenoff nnd his groups of hoi'se acts; th« Clarkonians. thrlllin? aerlhl act: Hie Wiinrert Trio, nerialists: Ihe Ilacenbeck-Wallace li^rd of ner- rormin:; pachyderms; llie Bllletti Troupe, sensational. breiUh-taklne high wire artLsls; llie Slcrrisl Troupe, thrilling fivers; the Cro- nln Slslcrs and Rolnnd Slst-rs, In llicir whirl and aerial offerings; (he McFarlan Schools of educated equlnes. to say nothing of the irores of spectacular disolnvs on thc two huge stages, thc great oval track, and In the three rinss, a perfecl mov.c of brilliant features. Including a gorgeous openliw nageatit. "Cleopatra. Queen of Esypt" n-ilh Its u-r.illli nf arllslrv and costly wardrobe and trappings. A Wild West contingent will present real cowboys nnd co«-- slrls headed by Oklahoma Curley. Lucile Rolwils. and Billy Keen to- jrtlher wlih their western mounls. real bucking horses, and longhorn slters. Following Ihe performance to- nlsht- which begins nl 8 o'clock with the gates openlne one hour earlier allowing a visit through the huge nwnagr-rle, the big show will depart for Jonesboro over tbe Frisco lines where they are scheduled for performance ( O morro\v. WITH IK ITTOPtfll, Urges Self-Financing Plan to Give Agriculture l<iri(f Equality. TOl'EKA. Kins'!.. Kepi. 14. IUP) — (lav. Franklin 1). Roosevelt (o;ay alfci-cd llie agricultural inl;l-uejl a relief nlnn (o give farmers it (arllf fci'iti'Hl equivalent to Ulc lie-ii?n(s ttlvt'u itidusliy Tlia governor, making ihc first of four major speeches on his Irans- cuiitlneiilnl lour, cmphiLSlml Important points In the plan provld; big for self-niiancliift nml prcviti- (lon of retaliation by foreign countries. He also advocated more equitable distribution of tuxes, the need for r6limniclng farm mortgages, and extension ol credit to holders • of farm marines on certain conditions. : Summary nf I'lim The governor summed up Ills plan i six proiwsals that provide; I.—A (arlir benefit over world prices which Is equivalent to llic Ix-'ncni given by Hie tnrllf to Iti- Instrtal products. 2.—The plan must nuance itself. 3.—It must not. make use of n:iy nccliiuilsm which would cause Eu- cpe.Tfi customers to retaliate on the ground of "dumping." 4.—It must make use of exiting agencies atut so far as possible be decentralized In Its administration, thus'.placing responsibility for Its' 1 operation upon the localllle.s rath' «• than upon Washington. - 5.—u must operate as nearly as possible upon a cooperative bills and It.i effect must be to onhanee and strengthen the cooperative movement. . .;;. ' «.—The plan must not, be coer-: clve. It must be voluntary and IhsV Individual producer should -al; all" times have the opportunity of non- pa.'llclpatloh If lu dcslr*/. :*. >• • ': Roosevelt declared .thai, before putting the plan into effect "I would reorganize the United states department' of agriculture, looking Inward the administrative machinery needed (o build n program of national planning. 1 ' • . Talks With Garner TOPEKA. Kaiis.. Sept. 14. (UP) —Speaker John Garner, his .running male, today brought to Governor Roossvelt, Democratic presidential nominee, nssit/incci; that In; west would S o for [heir ticket In November. They discussed campaign plans, particularly as regards th; territory Gnrner is to invade bel'vcen now and election. Governor Wcodrlng, Democratic governor of Kansas, nlso met Roc-.i- cvelt. who entered the grain belt with an agricultural rehabilitation Plan he ollered In an address here today. Warm Cotton Buyers ' Uncle Sam Wants His In an announcement today George'D. PnrlntDn. in char?»'of government crop loans in Mississippi county, stated that all gln- ncrs and buyers will to i lc |(f r ,_ sponslbte for payments made to Individuals for mortgaged cotton, except, where checks were paid to him. He warned ginncrs and buyers of cotton not to make checks for cot-' ton payable to the grower, tvhsn the cotton U mortgaged. These checks should be made payable to the secretary of agriculture. Lists of borrowers and the amounts borrowed were furnished cotton buyers and Dinners so f'at no errors would be made but according to Mr. Purlnlon. many'pur- chasers of cotton are not carrying o»t his instructions. The cheeks shoouid be maihd to' Sir. Purlnlon. genftl delivery Bly- thevllle. Cotton. Wheat, Stocks All Are Lower Today NEW YORK. Sept. 14. (UP)-l Cotton prices crashed again today) after nn early run-up nf more than I II a bale unloosed a flood of s;ll-! Ing that carried prices off 50 points j from the highs to net Irsses of !9 to 24 points. A break of three cents a bushel In December wheat .set off a reaction on the slock market after an early advance and the gains were turned Into losses that ranged lo seven point.'!. Youri" Evangelist Ends Revival at State Lice The R?v. Ohle Masters, young M. Louis evnnjclist. has lust'clos- ed a successful meetlne at the state line, near Blytlicrilie. Large crowds attended and Ib're sere sixteen conversions. Twelve were I baptized Sundav mornln? nt the Hermondale bridge. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Generally (air lo- night and Thursday. According lo the official weather observer. Charles Phillips Jr., the maximum temperature he-re yesterday was 89 degrees and the minimum. 84 degrees, cjear. Today a year ago tho maximum temperature was 91 degrees and thc minimum, 70 degrees.

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