Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on May 30, 1964 · Page 3
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 3

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1964
Page 3
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INVITED B Mental Health Treatment Center Begins Art Show, June Eleventh ANN Q. SMYtllE Mrs. Ronald Stowe, occupational therapist for the Mental Health Treatment Center has announced the final plans for the Center's art show. At present many Hems are on display at 911 Ryan Thursday June 4 the St. On objects will be on display at Minnie Mae's dress shop ,on Iris St. Some of the objects will be for sale. ! Mrs. Stowe is a graduate of Iowa UJniversity where she received her degree in Fine Arts. She is Well known in this area for her many artistic talents. As a qualified occupational therapist she has outlined the purposes of this re-socialization process at the Mental Health Center. Theraipy is prescribed f o r many batients after they have received hospital treatment. For many fhis is the first outside contact they have in a sympathetic atmosphere. Creative work is done with ceramics, needle work, weaving, painting, modeling, sewing and ma!ny other medias. The purpose of occupational therapy is to find hobbies and interests that one can do at home, it gives an opportunity to make things for one's own home. This in turn gives the feeling of accomplishment and the acceptance of failure. Many of our citizens need a place stich as this to work in an atmosphere without pressures or competition. They need to so cialize with people with similar problems and to regain confidence from creating something tangible. Mrs. Stowe invites the public to see the art display beginning Thursday and thus encourage this rei-socialization process which has proved helpful to so many i)f our fellow citizens. Printed Pattern Button News Is Qood News MRS. RONALD STOWE Cooking Is Fun ffy S beef Goulash fof youf text family dinner, Here's a fecipe: fitefip GOULASH 3 pounds found steak, cut into one inch cubes feeef suet 1 bay leaf 1 tbsp. caraway seed 1 tsp. dill seed 1 tbsp. salt % tbsp. whole black peppef- corns 3 cups hot water or beef stock 3 cups onion rings 3 tbsps. butter '/4 cup flour 1-3 cup cold water 2 tbsp. paprika, or to taste 1 cup sour cream. Brown the meat in rendered jeef suet in a deep saucepan or Dutch oven. Add the bay leaf, caraway seeds, dill seeds and salt to the pan. Tie the peppercorns in a cheesecloth bag and add, along with the two cups hot water, or stock. Cover and cook slowly until meat is tender, one to one and one-half hours. Meanwhile, cook the onion tings in the butter until they are wilted. Add them to the meat 20 minutes before the end of cooking time. Blend the Hour with the cold water and stir it into the beef. Stir until thickened. Discard the cheesecloth bag and remove the beef from the heat. Stir in the paprika and sour cream and heat thoroughly but do not boil. Yield: Six to eight servings. Menu: Serve with the goulash some buttered noodles, green beans, tossed salad, and peach pie. rfffffffffffffrrrfffreftrfffffft GRADUATION CALENDAR , MAY 50, 1964, Lake Afiuricdft tail DEAR ABBY She'd Better Start a for Someone Else By ABIGAIL VAtf BUREN DEAR ABBY; Hefe are the facts": Ten years ago a very attractive 19-ye§f-old girl divorced hef husband shortly before her baby was born, She then proceeded to support nerself. She is how almost £6,* Two years ago she mej^a well-to-do, 42- year-old bachelor who became interested in her immediately. He occupied every spare minute she had, took her on trips and brought her expensive gifts. But he has never mentioned marriage. This young woman does not want to go with him indefinitely, and if he will not eventually marry her she doesn't Want to waste any more lime on him. What advice would you give this woman? CLOSE FRIEND DEAR FRIEND: I would advise her not to give him up until the 4th of July. If he slill ^asn't mentioned marriage, she should put a firecracker under him in the form of a direct question. And if he doesn't marry her by Hallowe'en, she should spook. find herself another DEAR ABBY: I am a woman, 44 years of age. I was married but my husband died. I own my own home and have no children. My brother 36. has shared my home for the past, four years. He is a rattier ,shy person and doesn't go out much. My problem is this: For the past two years I have been keeping company with a gentleman of whom one's own eye. DEAR ABBY~t happened to be one of those STINKERS wh;> has been a heavy smoker for over 40 years, and I have enjoyed every puff. I got three clippings in the mail of your column where that person wrote in to say that pro j, j ,,,,,,, „ t,<~ffiic(ffciJf vi tVUUiU i », ., « . . ' I am very fond, and. he insists P' e *°n t q"'t smoking bccaiK it is morally wrong for my of .™ Illn S cancer fear, brother and me to live together!' miahl °" We argue conslantly about this and it makes me very nervous. My brother and I both work and I can't for the life of me sec what's morally wrong in our living together. quit if somebofi y l » ' «»»«" stink! I never knew that I stank. How can I find out who sent those clippings? D.S.S. DEAR D. S. S.: It's hardly It's a very largo house and serious enough for the FBI, Just there would be no reason for my brother to take a room elsewhere when I own this empty assume the clippings were sent by someone who NOSE you very well., , . ' house. He also takes care of my! nnut? tnT3V~r \- c ,, lawn and I don't have the worry I DEAR . ABB ^ ^peaking of odd of living all alone. QUESTION MARK DEAR QUESTION: Your friend should get his mind out of the gtillcr. Could it be that your brother's living with you has cramped your friend's style bccnusc he'd prefer that you be completely unchnpcroned? When one sees dirt, it's sometimes in I names, I named my daughters Rose, Violet, Gardenia and Camillia. Our son was named Jonquil, but we eall him John because that's his Daddy's name People jefer to them as the Cavallo Bouquet, Fuel free to< my name. Sincerely, MRS. CAVAU.O. THE BLOOMING IDIOT- MEMPHIS WOMEN WED TO POWER.77 Mrs, Khrushchev Once Taught 'Nikita in School ST DATE WITH A DIET... She Is Trimmed For graduation —41st in Series— By CORINNE PEACE The most interesting, as well as successful, diet project I've come across lately is that of Mrs. Roy L. Sasser of Indian Hills, Maplewood. She decided on March 11 that she was going to i _ ^ trim down her weight ior a trip to California on June ^es 7 when her son, Jim Sasser, will graduate from medical \ ing. BO of real service to others' and -. T T . , T,. ... -r A i y-ii-rl know happiness. school at Loraa Linda University m Los Angeles, Calif. \ TAURUS „„„, „ |0 Moy „, , M ABOVE US rnrffrtrrrrrfrrf/rrfirrffff/ff, By CARROLL RIGHTER FOR SUNDAY i GENERAL TENDENCIES: A Sunday I when there may be some surface tensions j In respect to traveling, wanllnq what Is I beyond your means, elc., bul the aspects 1 are excellent for thinking out a broad plan of life which can bb reduced to a very satisfactory and workable level by living your own religion. o, always th.nkin ? She enrolled at the health studio and proceeded to go on a low-calorie diet, as well. Do you know how well she succeeded? This lady, since March 11, has lost 23 pounds and ISVa inches. She has gone from a size 20 to a size 16. Says she, "I couldn't have done it without the : exercise. I've tried before but I hadn't lost inches like ' I did this time." Mrs. Sasser, until she retired from work, used to be a buyer at Muller's. So, you see, if you just set your mind on a goal and do something about it, you, too, can slim down. Why not plan to trim down before you go to a graduation, the World's Fair, or on the beach? \ If you have an objective, sometimes, it helps. I As far as I'm concerned, clothes can serve as an i objective to me. Inq others by activities and actions that are exemplary Is best now. Then off to the fun places that help YOU to relax. You are innately flno— let others see this, too. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Put worries aside and think In a positive lash- Ion so that you con accomplish what you set out to do in the future. Anxiety has a hypnotic power. Get rid ot it! Have faith. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 lo July 21) Why don'l you follow your own inclinations Instead of relylnq on that egotistical person who literally slumps your growth? Keep promises. Be as good as your word SATURDAY, MAY 30 Splush Parly, 3 lo 5, lor Sandra Harless, given by Mrs. J. T. Mlllord, at the Country Club. Swim supper for Dorothy Weeks, 6 p.m. May 30, nivcn by Mr. and Mrs. Mordolo Vincent, Moss Bluff. Buffet supper for David Huddle, 7 p.m., May 20, given by Mr. and Mrs. Leonard E. Pauley and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sclby, 1500 llth St. Luncheon, 12:30, for Deanna DIGIglla, given by Mrs. Georga A. Worley and Mrs. Roy Bass, Country Club. SUNDAY, MAY 31 Swim and hot dog party, for Deanna DIGiglla, 2-5 p.m., May 31, given by Mrs. L. L. DIGIglla and Mrs. Charles M. Bass Jr., 823 Shell Beach Dr. Brunch, Sunday. May 31, 11 a.m., for Kent Gerard, given by Kathl«en Mai IOY, at 1720^ Uth St. Coke party for Ann Harlcss, Sue Caql« and Kent Gerard, 2-4 p.m., May 31, alv en by Mrs. Robert H. Jones, Emily Jones. MONDAY, JUNE 1 Coke parly, 3:30 - 5:30, June 1, for Janice Wheeler and Marie Plauche, given by Mrs. D. E. Wheeler, 1616 Legion St Luncheon for Fletcher Plerson, 1 p.m. Juno 1, given by Mrs. George Malccr and Mrs. Cecil Colon. Luncheon, 1:00, for Susan Knapp, fllven by Mrs. William A. Rose and Mrs Allan F. House, Pioneer Club. TUESDAY, JUNE 2 Swim and Supper Parly, 5 lo 7, fo David Huddle and Marie Plauche, given by Mr. and Mrs. A. Lane Plauche, Mr and Mrs. John B. Sanders, and Mrs. S W. Plauche Sr. at Contraband Place 3633 Holly Hill Road. Luncheon, 12:30, June 2, for Fletche Plerson. given by Mrs. Raymond Dyer and Mrs. Ralph Elwell, Country Club. Lunch and Swim Parly, Tuesday, Junu 2, 12 noon, for Howard McElroy, given by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Hall antfMr ond Mrs. W. R. Tete, at 707 Shell Beach Drive. (NOTE: AH graduation calendar chairmen, please follow above style.) 22 ,„ August 21, T h,, is a aood free day to talk over calmly any differences you may have with associates. This holds true for customers as well. Then the future augurs more success, fun. VIRGO (August 22 lo September 22) Thrift/Nifty HtlentSktrbn the Golden Rule and others aulckly sup- i port you. Life Is a happy affair, if you ; — . make it so. I l I LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Avoid that Individual who keeps harping upon how much you owe him or her. This is only a way lo bind you Get out with neighbors, if necessary, and be hap. I py, relieve pressures. i SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Mrs. Ethel WillOWS introduced i fcr C 'wlth ^ti.lousTayf and b ?h!Sg quet held recently by "Women in Mrs. Felix Stone with students a ! on<3 p ? rsona !- constructive nnes. pian- By JEAN SPRAIN WILSON , AP Newsfeaturcs Writer On a sunny September day in 959, a lumpy, round - faced voman with wispy gray hair molted in back apprehensively stepped off a giant Russian TLJ114 plane in Washington, 3.C., and thus emerged from .he Stalin-imposed obscurity of Russian feminine life. Despite unkind remarks over ler ungirdled figure and matronly wardrobe, Nina Pelrov- na Khrushchev soon garnered the affection of many Americans because of her very pleasant simplicity, shyness and obvious delight in litHc children. So successful was her grand- motherly image that the spouse of the Soviet Premier was never again to be just a simple housewife. Painfully diffident Nina found herself breaking champagne bottles over stearnships, greeting foreign delegations, attending fashion shows, even slicking up her own appearance. In 1962 propagandist sought to use this acceptable image to even greater advantage by having her beam a peace broadest to thea U.S. and this spoiled it. The party line cant sounded too much like her husband's speeches to please Americans. During her visit here however, Mrs. Khrushchev did set straight facts about her life MR. AND MRS. NIKITA KHRUSHCHEV Construction Women Mark Anniversary at Banquet The mother - daughter ban- Construction also fifth anniversary, members attending , n 'n<7 mokes future much brighter for you. marked the i from the Layne Stone School of Pr °v Charter' Dance. Songs were presented by |, included the Bayou Belles. The entertain-1 ; ta Mclnnis, Novia McGowen, She'? ready for any summer j Marie Anne Rider, Pearl Wolfe, day in this young skimmer with Frankie Trahan and Ava Lee a buttpn-on bolero. The look is Vining. sweet, neat and the sewing is j The group honored the follow-1 ultra-simple. Hurry, write now I ing high school graduates: Janie ; Vamvoras, LaGrange High School, daughter of Mrs. Vam- voras; Susan Manuel, for this pattern. Printed pattern 9479; Girls' sizes 6, 8, 10, 12, 14. Size 10 outfit 2% yards 35-inch fabric. ', Mrs. Vining; and Janie Kay Thirty-five cents'in coins for! Hod f% ??P hur " ig . h nS( * 001 ' this pfttern - add 15 cents for i g uest , of( Mrs Mah " 1 n " l| " s " r each pattern for first-class mail-1 President, ing ai|id special handling. Send to Marian Martin, (Lake CharUfs American Press), Pattern Efept., 232 West 18th street, New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly najne, address with zone, size apd style number. Mmes. Olivia Vamvoras, Rhet- ers included Jeanne Dronet, letters. Advancement is but" d "benign - - - • way to manifest faith. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 20) Hang on lo every word that sue cessful persons utter today ond learn i how to be more successful yourself. For- pet pleasure. This i» only transitory, temporary. . , , . . ! AQUARIUS (January 21 to February Mrs. DlCkson reported during I "> *>Y entertaining persons of note with 1 ° your fine talents this free day, they later support your aimy Bring forth that wonderful poise you possess. Be charming. Miss Lake Charles 1964, and Penny Maia, Sherry Martin, Bobbie Conner, Anne Carrodine, Kitty St. Cyr, Janie Fontenot. that the session local chapter won second place PISCES (Februory a )o Morch c t : On the monthly bulletin at (tie Sincere meditation on this day set aside Charles Academy, daughter of ! fiflh re e ion forum recentl y held ' W **%-' \»"« SH2£ '£ of news black out about the families of public officials. Among the rumors bruited about was that Mrs. Khrushchev had soap opera type troubles with "the other woman," a a daughter, Julia. Nina and Nikitzi wearied in 1924 and from that union came Rada, Sergei and Yelena. According to bassy officials, Russian she fought blonde, high level Communist | the Civil War ami has long party member who often acted I a fervent Communist. in as hostess at the Kremlin. Another was that Nikita'si first wife had been banished to Siberia where she still lives comfortably to make room for Nina. All the Khrushchev children were said to be from tins first marriage. While the 64-year-old helpmeet of the Soviet chief did not Some experts on Soviet affairs say that, indeed, Nikii.i was an apt pupil because of ins teacher's skill, and that perhaps without her he might today be a mining engineer. Reticent publicly, in the two- story, cream - colored family home in Ihe Lenin hills, or in their summer estate along the Black Sea, Mrs. K. dares ID which had become clouded jor distorted by a Russian policy Mrs. Landry Is Elected President Of VFW District Mrs. Azalea Landry, president 1 refer to tnis gossip she described differ with Mr. K and he listens. of Veterans of Foreign Wars , tier meeting with Nikita as Auxiliary 10019, Cameron, waslW'' - teacher relationship. recently elected fifth district A son of a coal miner president of the Department of , a .sheep herder in the Ukraine, lion in matters regarding n-l- Louisiana at the Spring district i Nikila was studying mining, atives in Russia and maintaining Conference recently held at engineering at Stalino School ' peace betewen East and Wsoi. Lake Charles Memorial VFW ; w ' iere Nina wa - s Caching politi- Once at a Communist Party Post 2436. ; cal economy to adults, Nikita banquet, Nikita roised his vodka Mrs. Landry has been an ac- amon S thorn. glass in a maudlin toast to Nina tive VFW Auxiliary member of Nikita's first wife died during giving his doughty woman cml- As a consequence, she ceives hundreds of foreign Inand ' UTS begging for her iiHurvM- the Cameron Auxiliary since 1952 and has been president of the auxiliary for four years. a famine, Nina toid U.S. newsmen, leaving him with two chil | .... .._, dren, a son, now deceased, and > he cut out the vodka. And lie di-i. it for his success. Her reaction was to insist that WEEK'S CALENDAR in Jackson, Miss. the sick, the needy. We all moral duty 1o our fellow man. The next meeting of the group , tn ! sF , t ^a R »ing Hc ^ d Mabel Dickson i will be June 16 at the Chateau ! Charles. Girl Guards and Sunbeams Honor Mothers at Dinner The Girl Guards and Sun- i ris, Janet Winters, Dianne Fleet beams of the Salvation Army and Elizabeth Aguillard: Girl have a 0 be Y a Idea For A targe Yard Some large yards are pretty hard |.o handle unless one wants to spi|:nd a great deal of money for lifndscaping. A pimple way to break honored their mothers at a din-1 Guard awards — Sharon Hines, ner in the First Methodist Church last week. The occasion higblighted Anniversary Week Mrs. Roscoe Hines welcomed Brenda O'Banion, Pat ion, Linda O'Banion, leaders, Mrs. Elmer Blackburn . Almand Jom - O'Ban- Evelyn Holden, Dianne Bennett, Vivian Gunter, Mary Carpenter, Mary Wanda lo study under the most modern leach : ers, especially In the field of science ond the arts. Be very understanding, since your progeny is a rugged individualist and will act only as he or she sees (it, which Is good. The chart of a true genius. "The Stars Impel, they do not compel." What you make of your life Is largely up !o YOU! Carroll Rlghter's Individual Forecast I for your sign for June is no* ready. For your copy send your birthdate ancl $1 00 to Carroll Righter Forecast, Lake Charles I American Press, Box 1921, Hollywood 28, California. 1 Distributed by McNaught Syndicate, Inc. PORTRAIT SPECIAL Open Frldoy and Saturday Only Your Cnolc* — N» Aj« Limil 1—5x7 only We, l-«xl« only «c, 1-11*14 only «»c, 1-UX20 only I9e ALL-STATES STUpIO )) A.M. 'til t P.M. IWV] Ryon HE i-UTI MONDAY, JUNE 1 Women in Construction board meeting home of at 7 :iO p.m. at Mrs. J. E. Pare She is a member of the Home Demonstration Club of Cameron, Catholic Daughters of America and Altar Society. She is owner and proprietor of Landry's Dress Shop, Cameron. She is the mother of two chil- , , . .,-.«„. dren, Mrs. Beverly Walker of :June ',;,?, P: 1 ":; A ™,° fflc ' e Jennings, and Johnny Landry of) lUb-SDAY, JUNE 2 Cameron. The auxiliary present- ... . „, , , „.. . ... ed her with a life time mem- 1c '' s , wl1 ' meel f l"fday. June 2'home. Legion Road. bersnip in VFW National ! , thAe , home ° 0f Mrs ' Leo 0reK 315 Arlington, 2 p.m. Lake Charles Lionesses board of directors mecling, Monday, Watkins, St WEDNESDAY. JUNK :j VFW auxiliary 2436 meet •; Lake Charles Gold Star Moth-; Wednesday. June 3, 8 p.m., (»ist Lgl. of IThibodeaux and Betty Winters. up and Mrs AJvey Bel. Special guest speaker for the evening was Captain Mildred ' Mrs. Carr Chambliss, Mrs. M. Birney, divisional director of JF. Wirges and Mrs. Robert Bak- the Girl Guard program from er were members of the troop UNDERLINING FASHIONS BY . . GOSSAHD ARTEMIS thesei areas is with a section j New Orleans. Mrs. Birney spoke ' committee sponsoring the din- or two of fence set in saw tooth: on "Stepping Stones or Stum ner. Volunteer hostesses includ- arravl along a path toward the , bUng Blocks." ed Mary Sadler, Judy Price, Im' ; Captain Birney presented mer- i ogene Baker, Kelly Wirges, Eliz- for ,it badges to the following girls: abeth Cates, Candy Dupre and ' Sunbeam awards — Gayla Mor- • Mrs. Robert Rice. Fit Together In Colpri o( Beige. Blue 4 While. Briefs Broi middjte of the yard. Us<|! western red cedar best results. 3.DO Podded Bros .. 395 Lycra Girdles Fret Gift Wrapping 2 STORES TO SERVE YOU weslpomt shop. Cir., Sulphur 1*3* Ryan 9 LaKi Charles S.W 10.95 One of the many works of art being reproduced by students of the Lady LaFargue School of Dance in their annual recital. Saturday. May 30ih LaGrange Senior High Auditorium 8:1$ p.m. Monday* June 1st W. W. Lewis Auditorium 8:15 p.m. PUBLIC INVITED Order of the Amaranth. (' No. 7, meets June 3, 7:30 pin Masonic Temple Have You Ever Seen The Results of GOOD LIQUID FERTILIZER on yqu.r plants and shrubs? PTHIS is YOUR BIG CHANCE' 1 Cal L_ "OBTHQ-GRO" Fur OnJy ONE PENNY, Liquid Plant Food With purcUifee of 1-gaJ at reg price $493 QREENQATE QARDEN CENTER NEAR Mt-NEESE 4002 RYAN

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