Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 2, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1895
Page 2
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'm^^S&^^^^^^^^^^S Deputy Marshal A Man Everybody Knows Tells of His Wonderful Cure by Dr. Greene's Nervura, The Strongest Evidence Possible That This Great Medicine Will Cure You. BCTTjIL^^^j^;^ ,^j^,-.. W ,,,, ± ,^,.V ,,,,,.- ...,,.._- . "'.-^ '' : ::- : " : "' '"/ ' '^-'^ ft : '''-' -v-' ''^'\-':. . : '^>4li|. t'.-:'<~ /•• '•• tf&^s'i: "••.-•K^^^r"-, ""^fe ^ • • ';- h;.• ;•$'•:;• •-•;-.- •- ^ ^:.ys?<&^>: <fe "-" ^v,,^,:v; .^:! •:•:•• ^^.rv^-<^^:te fc$mt'^-^ J \&,&jm& /•^^-fi^, l J^&sastf^t i: _ -^m^^ ! n^ : HKI'L'TV .MAItKllALi A. 1J. WOOD. When (mull u widely-known pub! o man as A. B. Wir>d, Deput.y Miirshal 'of West Itiilinntipolir', lnfl,, in-iUos a (tateiucut, tin' worlu knowrf tliur, ir. Is truo—tlitit IK.' iiifiins i-vury word df it. Mr. Wood ivs'ilys tit 01 Marioa Av*., West I«iliii.riiii>c.ilif, Incl., 11-3 has been linn-el by thf ^ront mtuli- olne, Dr. Greciii-'s N't'i-vurn blood and nerve remedy, from uttur uer votis pros-trafiori u c\ exlinn-itioo. He deems the cure most wonderful, and Hie luediciric which cured niiu a most wonderful reiuudy. He i-" anxiouH, thertifore, to toll rhe world of hln reumrkiLtili- ret,tortitiou to health by i.lie use of ihe tfiiuio gra,ud remedy. "I htd been troubled," said Mr. Wood, 'Tor twe.n y yeiir.s with iier rousi.ep.*, henrt di-ei^o und oatarrh of the s-tomtioh fiiilin years Bfro with eumpl-t-H prostratiou and was tnkeu ro iuy bed. I was nucler the "me of two *>\\\\- nent (ihy-ic tuis. Fmnlly through n frieud I WH*I induced ti> try Dr. Q-reeHO's Nervuni blood mid nerve remedy. After titkiuR ouo bottle 1 begun to Improve, and after usinfi three bottles, 'iuy usyml ln-tili-li w«s restored. 1 can now eat nnythin> ne' before uie. I have .rained 30 pounds iu flesh, now wt-is;hiuir 105 pounds. My wife i-*8:milar'y diseased and is now taking Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve r.-iuedy, so far with bene cial r-sults. Tims kuowini: by personal experience the ijreiit- value'of this grand medicine, 1 write this tuat or.hers, who have similar troubles, may be induced to try Dr. Greene's Ner»ura bl /oil and nerve remedy and be Oil IVll, People who are siok or ailing in any way uiake a serious mistake if they Jelay a moment longer to use this, without doubt, gj-eatest medical discovery ever wade. Even if you have bet-n disappointed because 01 her medicines failed, we promise thin remedy *)ll cure, It i^ not. a patent medicine, bntthe picscr.pr.ion of die most sucuessful living spnuitilist in earing nervous and chronic diseas-cs. Dr. Greene, t f ;$,•) Weft 14tn Siret-t, N«w York City. He ha-tho largest practice in the i world, and this grand tueuical dis- ' i-ov-ry is the re ult of h's v»st ex- pt-rL-nue. The ureat repucaiion of J)r. GreniH isi a guiiraut e that his medicine will cnrf, nnd the face that he ran be consulted by anyone at any time tree of chtir-e, personally or'iiv letter. uiveMibsoluro asr-uraiice of t"e beuefinial action of this wonderful mrdicine. A HAWK FROM HEAVEN. It Bronjrht nn Oiuon of Victory In the Lust CUrent. Suviil I tut tic. A curious memorandum (from which the followmfr is extracted) lias been presented by Mr. M. Ho to the mikado, and translated into English nnd forwarded to the London Times by the anthor himself: "In the memorable nsi- val flffht in the Yellow sea a desperate angsigcmcnt took place between the fleets of Japan and China from noon to dusk, and several of the enemy's ships were sunk and burned, the rest taking- their (light. It was nearly dark when the battle- ceased. Just then something was observed to descend from the slsi«s with a great foreo aud hover about his majesty's ship Takachiho. and finally porch ' upon tho top of her mainmast, when it was observed to be a hawk. The commander of the ship. Capt. X. Kom- mro, ordered one of the marines to as- ocnd the mast and seize the bird. Tho tatter, dropping its head, did not attempt to move, but seemed glad to be oiuglit. A bird obtained in this singular manner was naturally welcomed •with enthusiasm as heaven's messenger, and it wsis decided to keep it alive with sure There being at that time no fresh meat in the ship to give to tho bird, the whole vessel was soon m a fcustle to hunt for rats, tt wns after 'tbc vessel returned to the mouth of tho Tai-Dong-Gang that the bird was first fed on pure meat. _ "'Shortly afterward Commander Miki -taito, a onval officer in attendance ^pon'his majesty, was ordered by the rtnpcror to pav a visit to the Japanese loot in tho fai-Dong-Gang as an imperial messenger. On learning from «he commander of the Takochiho tho •tory of this bird, he took it back with to tbo imperial' military hcnd- . where i*wM jrqsentodJohU majesty, toge'ther with an account ^of the circumstances connected with its capture. Uis majesty was so pleased with it that he ordered it to ue kept at the headquarters, naming it Takachiho —'Taka' means hawk in Japanese- after the vessel on which it was obtained. The hawk is a most fierce, brave and daring member of the winged community. It is a remarkable circumstance that a king of Kvidara once made a present of a hawk to Emperor Kintoku in the forty-third year of his reign. Kudara is the' present Corea, and it was then under the sway of the imperial Japanese court. As to Emperor JS'intoku, he is remembered as a great sovereign, wise and benevolent, always solicitous for tiic welfare of his subjects." Mulnrln In Italy. A malarial map of Italy has just been issued by the government bureau of i statistics! based on the deaths during i the years lS!X>-'»2, and showing the intensity of the disease by modifications of color. In throo years there were ! r.0,000 deaths from malarial causes, or 5-l'in 100,0110. The worst districts, where the mortality is as high as S in 1,000, ure iu southwestern Sardinia, southeastern SiaJly, the Pontine marshes, tho district at the head of the gulf of Taranto, and the southeastern slope, from the promontory of Gargano south to I the louian sea. Districts where malaria prevails, but not so intensely as to be fatal, are tho lower reaches of the To, Grosseto in Tuscany, the mouth of the Tiber, and the district near Salerno and the temples of Pacstum. In Rome itself malaria has sensibly declined; tho deaths in 1SS1 were 050, in 1S92 only ISO. Tho general mortality from thus cause in Italy has remained pretty constant; the average is 15 or 1C per Fire in a Cleveland, 0., Hospital Carries Death with It, Flames Spreading Rapidly Force Rescuers to Retreat—Def=.c:ive Flue Cause of Blaie. ^r>.-...•-vsn, 0., Feb. 1.—Tiie Deacon- ness"hospital. on .Terming avenue, South bide, was destroyed by fire- at noon Friday, and fern' persuii5 arc known' to have burned to ilsath. The bodies of a- child, two men. »fld nurse had V:v:i recovered at 1 o'clock. It wn< :iot . known at that hour whcther_ I -ro were any more bodies in the buii'..;i;r, and it will not be known until llu- mil of the snved ones is called. The list of the dead is: Jacob Is rauso. Anuiu B.miner and An elKln-weu'.iS-olil bnuy- C:illl>«il Ijy Dcltctlvu i Inc. The lire .-Urled in the b:isemer.t and wjisciinseil liv u defective: fia-iiacc'. It j (ja.ino.1 such rapid headway that In-fore , Uie lirosippanilus hud resp.>mu><! lathe ' alarm the buildiny was all ui.>la/,e. Then: «viv about fifteen nulii-iils in the huspitnl t.-Mik-s.-i niimher of em- ployes. The iiremoii wurkeil bnivoly ami I'uufrlit their way t" tin- lieils through t!ie lire, rescuing many of the patients. The building was a i wo- story frame strneture. Jlefore all the v.-ards eovild lie visiteii by the resellers they were compelled to desert the buiidiiif*- to save the ir own lives. Tile attaches of tin-hospital were so badly exulted that they could do little toward assistinif in thu roscui: of tlie patients. ARREST 'TH'ET'cr-iATH.E. OWII.M..S u* Hi" l!!-Fnlod lilbc XuKti Stopa to Iti'foviT Dsimugi.M) fur Tln'il' Mi-urner. KOTI-KHDA.M, Feb. 1.—The North German Uoyd Steamship company, owner of the lost steamer Kibe, have arrested the r.ritish steamer U'athie by iniilin"- a writ to hor must. This jiet.iou is taken preliminary to claiming damages for the, sinking of the Kibe by the Crathie. The Cruthie is worth £8,000 without her cargo. LONDON, Feb. 1.-Lloyd's ng«ot at Lowestoft received the following telegram: • Tuo iiiiuoii Is grOJitly dlsircssud ut.l!ic tcr- riUludlsasi.-rtoilio Elbo. nnd will uo glad to know Uioi-.omllll.oii ot iho rtsjuudonos a.id to bo intoriuod if ihifi-o Ii any uh.iiii:e tixi Uiare may l)o other survivor*" To this message tho agent replied: ••Tho Mirviiors or tno VL.M aro »:aeorely graiolul for lior majusti-'s ltlr.it Inquiry im to llieir condition. Ali of l/hum ;iru iiulo to start for .London to-cluy. I fear that tiiero Is no hope now thin any more have been saved." Up to :.'::iO p. 10. Friday 110 bodies or wreekatfe had been found by the searehers. The North German Lloyd's ivg-ency in this city Friday received n cable dispatch from tho home oflieiuls in .Berlin whieh gives the exact number of persons who were on the ill-fated ship us follows: Cabin passengers for New York, 44; cabin passengers for Southampton, (<; steerage passengers for New York, 33!>; steerage pas- hungers for Southampton, 10; captain and crew, HO; pohtmen, 4; stewardesses, 3; total, H">~. 01' all these the. navcd were only ~0. l.-uutlmll in Diine«roi]» Spurt. C.viiJiiUJXiK, Mass., Feb. 1.—President Eliot, in his annual report, says tho game of football grows worse and worse as regards foul and violent play, aud the number and gravity of tho injuries whieh tho players suffer, and that it is perfectly clear that the game us now played is uutit for college use. Named for <.oncrn»». ruiLADELniiA, Feb. 1.—E, J'. Jordan, of .Wyoming- county, has been nominated for tho short term in the Fifteenth congrossionul district to fill the vacancy caused by the death of ilyrou 1-1. Wright, and James J.I. Codding, of Bradford county, h:i« been nominated for the long terra. Crop suinumry. Cixci.NXATV, Feb. 1.—The Price Current in its weekly crop summary says: "No significant change in peneral wheat- crop situation. Snowfall, in the west where moisture and protection were needed. Interior offerings of wheat continue limited. Wheat feeding decreasing.'' Slnun I'a-oUi-l-s l.'.itl. X,.;w YUKK, Feb. 1.—This failure of Brouwer A AIuUowjj, of Xo. 2 Wall street, has been announced at thi Stock exchange. Brouwer has been a. member of the Stock exchange since_ 1SS1. The firm was heavily interested in tho Sew Vork & Perry Coal company. FhiylnR In II»rd Luck. BRKMEN-, Feb. 1.—The !N~orth German Lloyds steamer Fulda, from N'ew York, January 2L', ran aground while cornicR- up the "Weser Friday morning. She was iloated at the next flood tide and proceeded to her dock. , •\Vlleox Said to Bn In America. SAX FRASCISCO, Feb. 1.—The statement is published here that Robert \Vilcox, the Hawaiian revolutionist, is Bafe in this city. __^_^__ Jttnnte JT. Keyser a, OUIo. Consumption Checked Obstinate Case of Catarrh Local Applications Failed-Hood'a Sarsaparilla Cured. "C, I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.: "Gentlemen: —I ouglit to make knovra "17 •xpcrlence with Hood's Sarsaparilla, so Unit others aQIIctcd may leurn \vlie-o to find a remedy for that serious and obstluato disease, catarrh. It troubled me seriously. I had a dull aching sensation In the top of my tail, and tho uauiil discharge irom llm "Oso. J became so bail that murniiiKS 1 coni.l do iiiithiiis I'M I'oivk aud spit. My liiti;;* wiTi! also l)(.'!iiK rapidly affected, anil h:ul it not hoen tor Hood's Saraapu. rllla, 1 would have iilled A Consumptive's Crave long ago. I have taken about ten bottles at Hood's Sarsaparllia, which havo clleeturill; cured me. r.eforu riisortlii'* to tills meidcinr, 1 used all tho catttrrh rutiiinlies. in'.ialiints ana local application, 1 heard of. None suuiaed vo •ures reacb tho seat of '.lie disease. In fact 1 worsa while tislnj; llu-m. I owe my c:iro to the blood inirifyhi- [.owcrs of IIiwwl s .S:irs.> parllla." MiNSiK Si. ki'.vsEit.rataslMla. Qlilo. Hood's Pills cure all liver Ills, blliousoew, Jaundice, Ir.dJyostlon, siclt headache. 25e, SbEK FOR PEACE. ' of .):ip:ui. uno I'<;nc<; V. i 's the c;li\- iCures ^MOTHERS' t _^s_ FRIEND "| . . . 13 tbe gieatcstj blesslni; erer offered j child-bearing woman. J I have been a inld-* wife for many years, J and in enca easel MOTHERS' FRIEND'*-was used j I di't'"itccompllsned wonders oBfl relieved muchstiderinK. It is the best remedy for @ of the Bre«st known, and wor i Breast edy for orth ine \ .. Montgomery, Ala. Srvt by Exprera or mall, on ruMlpt of prlc«, il vtr Twtil«. Sold by »" Brui«i.u- Boot " To Uolli«n " in»ueij tn*. KEOCLATOR co^ ATU»TJ, o*. Lo.\nox, Feh. L—A dispatch from Hiroshima to tin; Central News savs tliut the ChiiK-su pence envoys were received by I'reinier Ho at the ollict'S of tho prefeeturi.! l-'riday morning. Viscount -MuLsu, miuistiir of foivi;;'u a-ffairs, and the oilicials of ilu; foreifju ollioe were present and t-xamineil the oredentials of the envoys and members of their suite, lie- sides the envoys only two Chinese councilors and two interpreters "'ill be admitted to the conferences. The Japanese government has appointed Premier I to and Viscount Mutsu as representatives of .lapan in tho peace negotiations. >'i:\v York I*i-i-nfi Chiin^f* llniultt, NEW YORK. Feb. 1.—The New York Press has changed ownership and management. James Phillips, .Jr., aud those who have been interested with him sold their interest to Henry _L. Eiustein, a brother of- Edward Einstein, who was in 1SU3 republican candidate for mayor. It is understood that the purchase price approximated $-400,000. T«ime«sc« Jmlornnx Vrim.auiic u Mi'y»nir«- ME.MI-IIIP, Tenn., Feb. 1.—The members of the Memphis Merchants' ex- chanpeheld a meeting Friday mornipg- and passed strong resolutions indors- in" 1 the psesidenfs message and calling on 0 the Tennessee delesation regardless of party affiliations to support a law cmbjdyiug- the president's ideas. Tho meeting was enthusiastic. N Dny !''IX"il for Counllnir n>o Vote. XASIIVII.I.IS. Tenn., Feb. 1,—Tho house has concurred in the senate joint resolution fixing; Tuesday, February G, for the meeting of tho two houses in joint convention to open, canvass and publish the returns for governor according to the provisions of the contest bill recently enacted. SuioIculi'sK Fmvdur Compuiiy J r nil». SEW Yor.K, Feb. 1.—The Leonard Smokeless Towdcr company, with offices lit No. 10 liroad street and at Nashville, Tenn., made an assignment. The company is a Tennessee corporation, organized in August, 1S(>3, with a capital stock of $10.000,000. Nearly ITi'o 'Millions of Gold for Europe. NEW Yor.K, Feb. 1.—The engagements of gold for shipment to Europe Saturday up to noon Friday amount to 54 ono 000. The withdrawal sfroni the sub-treasury during the first hour in the morning were 51,^50,000 and the receipts §1,000.000. U't-arh of Mtieizuor'mi »nr-pjir<J. NEW YORK,, Fob. 1.—Miss Marguerite Shepard, the youngest daughter of the late Col. Eliot F. Shepard, died of pneumonia, after a short illness, at the residence of her mother. Miss Shepard was only 15 y ( ears old. Looks Tor IVnc*. WASHING TON, Feb. 1.—Minister Romero, of Mexico,.said that he had every reason to believe that an amicable arrangement would be reached between Mexico and Guatemala honorable alike to both countries. public Debt Increased. W usnrxGTOX, Feb. 1.—The debt statement issued Friday afternoon shows a net increase ia the public debt, less cash in the treasury during January, of 813.542.573. Total cash in the treasury 8761,470,333^ i Solicitor G.:Dcral Maxwi-11 Be.lcns. ' WASHINGTON, Feb. 1. — Lawrence Maxwell, solicitor genera.1 of the United States, has tendered his resignation to the president and it Uas been accepted. To Prohibit J^ni-blnr. • NASHVHi*. Tenn,, Feb. l.-In tho legislature bills were introduced to prohibit pool selling and bookmakin* J also to prohibit lynching. NEWS IN BRIEF. Thomas Quayle, one of. the veteran shipbuilders of the great lakes, died at his home in Cleveland, 0., aged S5 years. James J. Marlette, aged 09, for thirty years publisher of the Schenectady (NY.) Evening Star, died at his home in that city. Knglish bankers expressed the opinion that Europeans were losing confidence in the commercial honor of tho United States. The New Hampshire state .senate Thursday concurred ia a resolution of the other house advocating the annexation of Hawaii. It was said that Germany was determined to force a tariff war upon the United States in order to satisfy the agricultural party. JamesMeGrain, aged -13. a well-known Louisville lawyer, committed suieide Thursday night by shooting, lie had lony been a >ufiVrer from hip disease, and had bocoino despondent. COXEY IS PRESENT. AUor.ils Uu- Dobs Trlnl-Jmlsv Crossoup .t!;i!«-s slllll ItfUcimlS'tl I!«'rl<-ioll. OincAt:". Feb. ].--,lndge Urossenp Friday morning in tho Debs trial denied Attorney .John !•'. (U'tMing Uui right tn enish-c.vamin-j wi!.m'.-svs. C. ^. UJirrn-.v had just c-omhloted :i eross- i-xiiminatiiin of KJward Spcmvr. vi-hieh Mr. lii-otiiiiT. who ivi'iVM-nlK six of tho minor di'lViitlanls. Ivgan 1i> qui-s- lioii tin- witi;vs>. .liiilgv (Iro^cnp stujipeil him ainl -Mr. Reeling ti.uk i-xei'ptk'n to the ruling. Sp,- oial C'liujiM-l Kiiwin \\';i.lker fi.r the gdvi'i-ninont dilVored from tlio court, who aftorward rosciudod his ruling. It is iho opinion of competent lawvoi-s th;it ]i;iii .Imlge (imsseiip iu- sisted on denyingnhe right of oro>s- oxaminalion to Mr. Ceeting. all of the hitter's clients would havo broil enabled to obtain a new trial. O. \V. Perkins. J. U. Iving, Kdwanl .Spencer and 1'. O'lveefe told of seem-s of violence on the Jllinois Central railroad dnving the strike. Among those present at the trial Friday morning was J. rf. Coxey. the commonwealer. Tim LuM. ("ur. ATJ..V.VTA, t!a... Feb. j.— The last ear of provisions contributed by Georgia was sent by ex-Oov. Korthon to tho Nebraska suft'ercrs, m.'iking twenty- two cars in all. • WA?i;is<vro>*, Feb. I.— Solicitor (jea- eral Maxwell has resigned owing to differences with Attorney (ienoral Olney regarding the income tax. J AiARKKTS. Grain, Provision*. Ktu. CHICAGO. Fub. l. —Was dull niiJ «asy. Winter Pat- ents,7i50S2.ra-. sinii-,'hts. W.35BiiiVJ: clcari. £! 15 j;i80. second,, tl.OOJS.OO; low urartc.s, Sl.uO (ai.Sb. Sprinij-l'atunts, 4a.JO.t3.50: straigln.*. SS.-JO(t2.80: baiters', Sl.OD»J2i; low prados. il..J !7Y 1 fiO" l^Cil OO^t SI.C5Ijt 1.'',) 1 liyd ![w'.,>0^^,'-HJ. Wit'lCAT—Active, unfl unscitlcii. Xo. 2 cash, 'cous-Moder.itely actlvo and easier. No. 2 nnd No. 2 Yellow. 40Xc: No 3. SSitSOo, and No, S-Yellow. S8!4a39>iB: Ftbru.iry, -10?ie-10»ic; Mny 4 Tk^i'l-^ 1 ^^- J u ^'- 4iI?^®-13Hc, OAT3—Fair tr:iclln(r and easier. Cush No. 'i, "TMiC'TKc- May. 28HS28MO- Samples higher; > siriplv smalt No. S, 2«!4®30Mo: No. 3 White, I 30 V«.31o; No. 2, 28fii^928>4c; No. 2 White, Si» j KVB—Demand n little less, but prices remain lite ily. No.-la fciorc, 50c. Sample lots, 51 & Sine:'May delivery,820. BABlFY-Flrm. OHerlans small. Common to Rood No. 4, 48ar>2o; No. 8, !B355c. and No. 'MI'S'SPoizic-Tratll.nl? w.is uoodor.ilelv activiv P-li-es lower. Quotations ranged at Sl-ffi! 1 ^ 973 for o.sli recular: S-.W^fio for l-'eb- ruarv, and S3.77'/i(&9.90 for May. I^Aivu—Karter actlvo and lower. Quotations rancud at $6.37W®.C,50 for cnsh: 50.35.ia37^ for February, and sO.47i4SO.52W for May. LIVE Poui-Tiir—Per pound: Turkeys, r.^5o; Chickens. 7ic7!/,o; Ducks, Kdiaj: «eose, iwr iloz., $3.0.1^0.00. BUITEB—Creamery, 12 iV-to; Da.ry, Kn^J;. P;ickinf? Stock. S-J.9C, . OLLs-HeadlK--.it. 1~ ten. «%o; Ga^olmo, S, fle-'s 10;- 74do?s. S:: Naphtha- w d "'- r - s - '°- I'lQUOps-'.Vhislo- QUOI-W' " c;ul - v !kt * 1 -- ' )cr callon for h!(,'h wines. NKW YORK, l-'cti. l. L—Staid and western dull. weak, ui'AT—No 2 red dull, February, r>0?tt> ."(.lurch. C7 1-10,: May. f.73£M7 ir-lcir; uv,- .. cbiiN-No. 2 dull, lower i-'ebru .ry, 46-X-B »84{c: Mav. 471-10, t47«c: July, 47Wa4.:«4''- No. £ .17^ 't-'S'/xC. 'OATS— Dull, easier February, :-3e: May, S2J£c- Slate. ;i7<i-iOi-;c: '.Vcstera. MW.O:',t. bEEr-Qulet. Extra muss. S7.25J.7.7.,; <-^l- ly. i5.T.>i»lJ.Oa „,,„,.-.,,- BoliK-Duil. steady. Mess, 51!.->^ll.-- LAUD - Quiet, steady. Steam-rendered. Burrr-n-Fancy creamery .steady: rnoderato demand. Western dairy. 10 -.15c: do. cream- erv 1432-1-:: do- factory. 8 ,14:: rolls. Su-Hc: Ell-ins. 2te : Imitation creamery. lO^lBc; Juno do" IlJJi'Oj. CHEESE— Quiet, unchanged. liCGS-Qmet, weu'-;er. Western. 25c: Limed. Live Stock. CHICAGO. Feb. l Hooa-llarket moderately active and feel- luf easy Prices 5c lower. Sales ran','" 1 at 6" 80 43 85 for Pi«f. «n.6Ja4-05 for liuSt; 13 7S* B 90 for rouuh pelting; jSSO.'M-lS ror mixed. anil c3.9Ba.i3u foi heavy packing and shipping CAT-rr.E -Market rather active. The feeling w.s ttrx and price.? were 5 tlto hiRner. Quot.i-Jons ranpcd at «.8J'5'..50 for choice «> extra shipping riteers: SI 30 «4 80 for food to choice do: S3.Mi1.-iO for fa.rw^opd: 43.33 J 3PO for common to irfedlara do.; SJvO.tSW (or 15'jtehors- Steers: S2.0J t-B) tor Swekers; Ji90 {3.00 for Feeders: 51.30 M.7J for Cowa: |;.7&a3.50 :or Belters: $1.735*75 for Bulls: fci75.it4.l5 for Texas Steers, and S2.Wi5.5J for Veal Calves FKAJOCLIS, Ind., Feb. JU—Many people have been eiposed to smallpox here. The,Tictim came fjotn Chicago. Poor indferi! Tbe prof pect of relief from dnu'lc cathartics lor persons troubled wlto o natlpatlon Is poor lt-c*.eed True tbej act upon the bo*els, but this tt-j do with Tlolence. and their opratlon tends 10 weaken the !nt«sllnes, and is prejudicial to the stomach- Bostett*r'" Sfirancb BitieiS Is an eff- tual laiatWr, b tit neith-r ic'lpcs* -<or en- reebie-. Furihenrore, It promotes digestion and a rexular notion or tne 1KB' and Kidnerx- It Is an efficient barrier against a-d remedy tor malarial compaJ wandrbeomartsm, and (so-great ben. efluo the we>*, n-ir tntan • a«*i. is amedlcl nal -tlmulanit It cannot be Rirp^ssed. PbjslrJans cordlaUy recunnoend it.and.lM prof«svonal. m dorseme.it i* fn'l) borne oat by popular cape rti-nce. App»tlu-and sleep *» both lm aHeratrre. KNOWLEDGE iiiues comfort and improvement aiio <?udt to ix;i>on;tl enj'>vnient W!H>D •ghtly uso(» Tin- ni.-lMV. wlm Hvp U-i- ,.r than others an.l unj.-y life tucui,, witb •!« e.xpeniiiniiv, I." 1 num- jjnmipi.lv' ...lautiii!: ihi- w..r',ilV bi-s; pnulm-t.- to •M necilr of u!i ,-sk..-il boin.u'. will ;itu>sl .,„ ,- ; .hif- «.> li-.. : ;lth of the pnn-_ liquid .xarK-e |,niH:ip!« euibiact-J ii> tbf -.-.-ay. Svciij' ;>! Fiirs. It;- •.•:av!!c:u-. i> un.- to its presenting !.!"• !'••;•;'_ ":n>l. :iwpl;tt>li' -"-nil I'li"^ ::"a") tlii' ';:.<•.(.•, :!u- :V!'M->liin:: ami 'roi\ .•• I'tVi:,! prti'-eriii'r n! :i pfrlVf l:»x- .:'v"..;'t-iMv'.u:'.!'v c'V:'!!si"|: tl;>> .-\Mc-m, .v-.ri'i!:; 1 .' i.-"''N.' 'hv.'bi-lii'.- Jin'l Cevrrs . i M.^uisc-i'-J 11 i'1'i-illj: i-i>li^|>:i:i"li • -i' ,,'iv, n .-::;i>. r :;- .:•>:> ti. •.liiliU'ii-^ind •V iv'ih tV- .••.'•.:>r.iv.:l i'f '!K J nn'.iio! , • . .-•L ii; "in,- M'.-! s'l 'I'-'vU 1 -. but i; ii-ni.-in- :..' v.rci- I". '!"' '^iiVoniisi Fit; Syi-iij- .' .-,!•>. wi,.--,- naiiii- iv iirin5'"M>i. i-viry •' •+** ^** PAP CALENPAR \ For « * # 1895 A Desk Calendar is a necessity — most convenient kind of storehouse for memoranda. Tho Columbia Desk Calendar is brightest, and handsomest of all —full of dainty silhouettes and pen sketches and, entertaining thoughts on outdoor exercise and sport. Occasionally reminds you of the superb quality of Columbia Bicycles and of your need of one. You won't object to that, of course. The Calendar will be mailed (or five 2-ccnl stamps. Address Calendar Department, POPE MFC. CO., MtntloD thli pajxr. Hartford, Conn. i . Toe cues') u( fretfulnest, in children largely owing to iho existence of et .m»cb worms. Tbe^e pet-ts of cbild- hnod iniHmi- theliologof 1 he stomach, lp.h !« followed • h.v fi-vcrs. Uorbefl checks and '.rrirab'e nervous condition, wbich fntni-i'.nn H end in spas-m?. TRC safest. eur«-hi^aDd^lj:-bi rcmi-dy to removotibu worins ir" BlnehariV Worm '.ozongeB. Soln by B. F. Keesling and Keystone drue etyre. When Baby «•* rfck. xc» E»»<« •When sDf wr a Chlia. sne cnea tar Wnezi SD6 oecanio Miss. 8C.e Clunft Warn so« n«i Omioren. noe gu Ciiusc- Of rhut Tirc-d Fooling. The warm i-utnooer cujs develop tbe latent g< row of dlseere. caused by torpid and Inactive liver—i-icltDee» sooner or later will follow, unle.-a '-he liver is rendered »ctive. and U-e beet remedy known 10 produce activity of this organ Is Kicehsrv's Ltver Pills. Act promptly hod c-ff.-ctively. Sold by B. F. Keeellcg ano K>.-ybtODe drug store. Children Cry foi Pitcher's Castoria. I( your child is fretful, give R!n«- hsrt'a Worm Ltzet-pes. A do>e or two will remove tbe cause, which I» owing to worms. Sold by B. F. Kee«- llcg ana Keystone crug ttore. Children Cry for Pitcher's Ca*toria. For that tired feelioe with headache take a few do-ea o^Bioehart's Ooe t dose. Sold by B. F. ,od Kejr«-.oce druir etore. Children Cry ft* Pitcher's

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