The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 24, 1938
Page 5
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MONDAY, JANUARY 24, 1$38 BIA'THEVILLP (ARK.) CQURIKU .NEWS ' FlV CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rale per lino for consecutive Insertions: One time per lino 10o Two times per lino per day ...08o Three limes per lino per day ..(Kc )ix times per line'per day —05C flonth rate per Hue GOe fards ot Tlmnks 50c & 7bc Minimum cluirgc 50c Ads ordered t<ir three or limes and stopped before cxplni- J lion will be charged for the num I! lor of times the add appeared and 7 .IJiistmenl of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy lubmlttcd by pcrsoi^s residing out- lide of llie city uuist be accompanied by cash. Hntcs may be lasily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular *serlipns lakes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken or more tlian ono Incorrect Insertion of uny classified ad. For Rent For Sale 0 loom house at 209 Lake. Mrs. •). Furniture. Living, dining, bedroom, K McKall, phone 200. 2t-ck-ti'| 2 twin Ijcds, lamps, 2 nuirble la- 3 room furnished apartment. Cou-i_ pie only. Mro. Dosha Mick, 110' - • liles. Phone G03. W. Ash. 24-pi:-2V Furnished bedroom. 622 W. Main. Mrs. McMnllins. 22-ck-U Comfortable bedroom in private home. 115 Kast Kentucky. '.!2-ck-tf Two inrnii,hcd rooms In my horn-'. Call 8H-J. Mrs. Tell Green. 22-clt-lf 75 tons barn cured alfiiliii liny, Jl. c. Knuppoubeiger. . U0-|ik-a7. Wcstlnghousc Electric Hange, in'lccd low. I'lionc O'JO-J. Good (riiclor anil cqulpiiicul cheap. Write Box "Jl",\ .Courier News. 10-pk-26 For Salc--Nlcc 0 room stucco resi- 3 room lurnlsliwl apartment. 108 108 \\'. Kentucky. Phono ti83. J3-ck-tf Business Directory iUodcrn 3 room furnished apai,- ineiit. ISO Bugan Avc. Mrs. Belle Wood. I'lionc 785-J alter (i p.m. n-ck-ii '2 room iurnislicd apartment wltU private bath. iJ21 Walnut. I'lione 8GC. Availaljfe after llie first. )9-cI:-tf SAVE MONliY ON COAL at coal l»d. HI i Fitrnlslied apartinent, i!C9 \Vcst Kentucky. Mrs. iiisk, Plioiic '1U5- W. 19-ck-tf Big Lump >;irtl ton 5.25 ton 5.M Slqker Mine run ton £011 tnn lo,n Blue Ribbon MI; l«»n> lJl(ic liibbon 3xS ____ Slack ........... Ion 5.20 7-08 C.1. r . 3,1)0 S.V5 >'•<"' 1.5U 3.7D CURVE IN CAFE On .Highway Cl «( Unlfani! I'hoiirs 5 F-l ami 818 Annoiinceineiit w* Give EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 1041 Chickanawba 1'hone .liiii 3 rooni lioiise, 1I.VV. IB al Copppdgc Uin. C.-P. Dunn. IS-pk-Si riewly decora leil 3 apartment. 313 pliotic 708. ooni furnished Ko. Second, 17-ck-tf 8 room funi. apt. with balli..New- ly decorated. Call 29-t, 1111 W Ash. 8,ck-2-8 2 or 3 rooiu f\irn. apis. One 2- room apt. upstairs. 914 Hctun. 12-pk-li-ia MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO, Furnished comfortable bedroom 515 Wnlnut. Plione 351. 10-ck-t: Ivlo.lcrh furnished room, hcatcc v.'ith ens'. Private bathroom am rage. Phone 411). One comforlatilc bedrooin. Gai Mrs. S, S. Sternbrr?, 98J, 1209 Holly. , Shoe liepairing Everythint; for your shoes. Free pclivcry. Pliov\o 120. Quality Shoe Shop Batteries SATTKKY SERViCK 4. Ben CI«ne hone ? at Tom JacX'on' room mifiirnishcrl ;ip;irtiucnt Very reasonable. 701 W. Ash o call 1QOS. 23-ck-t 2 comfortable bedrooms, privati batli. Gentleiucn preferred. Phoiv V04-\V or Ifii. 7-ck-tf. Lost s-mall tan leather pocket conlsuvini; atout $22 in l;ncks. Liberal reward, for re(\n lo. Courier. '.M-jCk-2 "•.'"" "-Glass 'Hie SAVE Top Of your Furniture With Glass All designs cut & finished. C^" LL US Paint <fc \VaI|(i:ilicr Co. Phone Wtt 1)1 S. 2nd Male Help Wanted dence loeal cd 512 North l-'lvsl. small doivn i>|iyincii(. Ca QUAUTY SHOE SHOP IMWiOVEU SimURDAN AORKAGE l-i acres, 6 room house, barn, un sravcl i'ond, riglil in edge of ilythcvllle. O|\ered for few days at iji'oal bargain". Terry Abstract & Kcnlly Co. 13-ck-tf Jlcrb Irocery store, clicup, Mrs. Thompson, 1C11 W, nose. ll-ck-25 -oinplelc 10 volume set of Standard Reference Books with loose cat binder. Call 239 or 192. IG-fn-fa Personal GIRLS: Increase your income i>y learning <i profession tliul will aftoril conaiiint employment, lil' vflll no'.y in UK- uuadty cnlluic clussos litiudiig Jt\n, ?i'd nt 'I'V of Be«uly Culluro \Yui!uil & accond Cooper Sis., Blylhcvlllc, ArX. Slalc (iratTd wlioo.l mcctlin; nil rcqiilix! incnls for Arkansas n|ul Mkvsourt Kirby's Active Wvcr Pills Arousf Livers i . i.lvnr 1'ffla >uur yiiu .'etl l^ku I e -l.lyer PlilB. Rariulegft, «t *ll Klrt'r "rue Slortl. Radio Service County cnnrl for tlw ohlckiisiuvlw Uk.lrlct ol Mlssl.-slppl County, Arkansas. u petition lilgiKid by the owiiers of lllty-oue per cent 151MI ur iiiuiv, HI nssoascd value, »:; iilioun by of said Comity, ot Ihc real iv.tale in Itic liislrlct. .pdiltonlinj salil County Courl lo ontrr an orilor nil- Hoard of County fjoiil [pr tile. Chli'kgsawba Ulslrlct of Mississippi cotmty, Ar- H pcllllnp Blgiicd by liio cttnoi:. of !;al(l dls'.rld lc, clfccl Ilic icfumllin; of I lie present out- uliuiilliiK hunili'd Initoblediu-ss nl raid illslrirl uwounUui; lo $'J'J.- 000 .ttf, aiul to prescribu llie U'i'His mid ('(Uidtltoiis mulcr which .said imlclili'ilui'Sis shall U' reruntli'il. CUIMI llils 27 day ol December, IWi. C. *', TUCKKW, UV-3-IO-1V Lino Of ARTS, "rUBR.S, 'UTKKIKS lj:i«11»vuy Appliance Co. ! HKNKV WliKNlill ' Main & Slh I'hune 'J Repairing Gim rcpaivji. tiuaranleed work. i i.' M. Damon, 3J5 E. Main. WALLPAPER •fw 1838 paltcr^is. Close prices. ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 Found Leather folder v.i'th 2 keys. Qxn- cr can Imvc same by paying cost of this ad. Tin 1 American five-cent piece contains more copper American penny. than tin. Room and Board Slea.iV> heiUed room with board 803 W. Ash. Phone 151. ll-ck-2-U \VAKMNO .OUPKII in Tilt; CUANOKUY COUItT (:UK;KA,SA\VUA uiHTiiiO'J' .. J,U!iSlKSlpPl, COUNTY, A.U- (•.•KANHAij. \V. I'Y.tni'ij Oronln, PlalntKl, vu. No. li&UO flobciia M, Ct(»i\U>. Uctcivdiuil. ( Tin' iHU'lidunt, .lloberta M. C!ro- |il». i'i v.nrncd to appear \vi(hin jlhlily duyii In llie onpi. n,imeil iu the ciipllun hereof mul answer Iliu C(mi]i!:itul ol Ihc plaintiff, \V. J'liincl.'; t.'ronln. . piUcd Ilil:; loth day of Jmmury, '103|). II. M. CitAlCl, Clcrl: Hy lilindjclh jilythc, U. C. PavlUiw * ilrmiley lAtly.s. fur I'Hf.i Clwiclo v. Cooper (Ally, lid Ll(em> wuura ul lltly-,one per cunt or more. In luvirwd vtdue, its Ihc iisM'.ssinont books uf oil in Uu> district, poliUonliii; wild County Uoiui. lo enter 1111 order dhYvUnii (ho Huurcl of Co'timls hioiu'i's of Mid district to oJlec Ihc ivlmidlut! of tlin pre.wnl out- sliUuUus bonded hnleblciluejw of nilil iUsliifl iitnoimfliit; (o ,<(!!,- 1D«1 lo piTsi'iluo liiu trort uuilcr wliU'li siilit ^ .'.hull be refunded. Given (III;; 27 day ol Dec.. 1031. C. ]•', TUUKIOH, U7-3-10-I7 A I: owl. IWl eiws of murbles arc luivunfacUirrd Hi Ihe United S((ilps; I hey viiry from (lie t,\M ot H pinhcud >lu iiuirc tlian Iwo luclie:; in dliuucler. Nollff t« •Qffdltqrs of Grm|l »( taller* of 'AtlmlillslraUim NOT10K I filets of administration on the. esliitflofBlllioHuriil, deceased, werp uiaiileU to the undersigned on the 21 iluy of Jiui., 1938, by tho prolrats) court of Mississippi county. All jicrsons liavlnn claims ajidnsl said cslftto aro required to exhibit' (tipiu, properly authenticated lor allowance, to llie undersigned as admlnlslmtor of said cstule, belorc Ihc owl, of ono ycnr from llie. dale of (ho '^ranting of llie lellcrs of adniliilr.lratlon upon .said cslntc, 1 if such clidinii be not bo presented, lliey will be forever barred. W. It. B'l'OU,, /Ulinliilslrntoi' of llie Estate of 1-21 . Ullllc Hurst, r <Jo not, grpw- antlto ap a lltyi f^jist, pllier * animal*, SQldy lor ,thc ptyiwse, of duel- , , ling with rival slags during the (JOHN WANTED in Co, \V. O. Kteves, Agent So. K.K. tit. ;uul NOTICE OF INTENTION TO FI1UK A PETITION I'OH Till; KpF.yjVIHNG OF II IB IN»»E«T- EPNESS OF Wi.YTniiVlM.K UQAD JMI'UOVKMIiNT • Dtti- TIIICT NO. 5, OL' MISS1SSU'- I'l COUNTY, ARKANSAS. NoUcc Is hereby jlvrai that, NOIK'i; Ol' INTENTION TO ITU' A 1'KTITION FOII TI.IK III'II'IINDINC W THE INDKHT EIINESS OF BI'VTIIKVIM.K 31AI\TENAN(!K O1STK1CT NO. !>. OF MISS.lSSIl'l'l OOllNTV AltHANHAS. Notice; Is hprcby ijlvcn that 'Jic for III.K! <ui behalf o underslBiicd, for and on bohrilf ot]-|i|i lls c'lf" »ncl all oilier owners ol l)ii\!S.elf nud nil other o\vi|ers of rrnl cstule slUmled within tin real estutc siU|«(cit within tl\n Blylheviilc Road Improvement, District No. 5 of Mississippi .cnnniy; Arkansas, on the Hi day of Jun- .plyllii'vlllc! l?oi\d' .frkl No, 5 of Mississippi t'ountj Avbuisu:;, on (lie '.H day .ot Jiv-i wnvy. 1938. Vitll IU« With Un I'llBK INHTHUCTIONS tu UiU'.sl Styles KiiUtlng "BEItNAT" JCNITT1NO VftltNS MIH. Leslie lliH>|U!r 1100 Chlcknsawlm I'liono TO'J The London aren nioiiu contain:; mom limn 20Q.OOO registered private automobile!!, WELDING AT BEST.PHICE8 PIIOMPT SERVICE Barksdalc Mfg. Go, PHONE 19 Ulyllicville, Aril. e 553 PRESCRIPTIONS' AIM'; oujt srisai.ALTY ^ Phone 141 + FOWLER DRUG STORE FARM POWER UNITS Light Plidit ;i«iio Wutt JJO Voii 1'QWKH S«c«mi SAW USED TRUCKS CARS TUUCKS (JUAUAN- TO I'AHS HTA'l't' INKI'HCTION I'hone 802 Delta Implements, Inc. J. C. EVANS Hox U04 IllylllKvlllo, Ark. Dblrlcl Manager HAMILTON TIIDST VUNl) Bponsorcd Hy llnmtltoii Utjiosltois C'cirp, MFC.'CO. 201) No. Second S(. i'ARliUO» ArfcHlisas *nd (.(\\vtst rintcs— Alsn clly prc-wr DON H, llmmas Vinci Co. .Office I', p. Box «0, Phono 0?7. Now 1/oculcd at 101 North SccoinJ ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KIWAKUS. PropricUi- *U nmkcn ol Rebuilt Typowrltern, Aildiiix Maclilpw «n( Cnlcn|ators—HeiM|rinj;— J'hiinc 20 COBB FUNERAL HOME ! "' 1(!ral One..pair. n;ilural color, doe skin ' 'glovejs. Reward for return to Courier. 24-ocoo MAN for Coffee Route. Up to S4ojv,ive lull details. Eagle School of first, week. Automobile Riven as! Beauty Cult urn. Cooper Bids., 2nd bonus.; Write Albert Miils, -M28i & Walnut, Blytlieviile, Ark. Phone Moninoutli, Cincinnati, O. 310. Flying Horse HORIZONTAL T The winged [R|A1M)S l-.-r=-i-r4-r mylttology. 8 It's story is in the Qreek 11 Large gully. 12 Ever. 13 To put up an (H) 'WAY, AND LKT M.K WE'RE SAV-1 1HEM APES 6OQD ALL OF J5 THAT THEV'RE SUCM ROTTEN HI, GUZ! WE ML1STA CAUGHT / OOOOo! MV &OSH! WHAT'S HAPPEWEP TO ME? M X ?? EHT WQT'S THIS? OH/SO THAT'S IT- CAN'T VOU THAT ^I6M? OU CAN'T COME HERE Sp MUCH WHV DON'T 5UM8UDOV 00 SUMPIN ABOUT PAHOE lloiisekcciiliig job for elderly man. Mo. Florence Harden. .. COFR. 1930 OY.NEA SERVICE. I T. M.REC.U.s: PAT.OFF. Our classes in Beauty Culture arc • i» (till s\v!nj. Visit our shop 1JOGTS AND HER BUDDIES A WORD TO THE NOT SO WISE mid let us meet you aiul show you Answer (a Trcvioiis collectively. 13 H was used in rnany 16 To pierce. 23 Meadow 24 To possess. 25 Coffee pot. 27 Moral. 28 Spigot. 29 To liaslen. 31 Pressing mnchine. 32 Made fun of. 36 Measure of area. 37 Senior. 30 Adherent ot Hinduism. 41 To clear of guilt. 43 Unoccupied. •M Harmonized. 46 Genus of sheep. KRRCKLKR ANT) HIR FRIKNI1S NvY GAU&'O SLOT /^EOUT TOa TH15, EASY, — VJEU,a COUUDM'T BEAR THE FIRST, LET ME. ASK YOU A QUESTIOW. DID V3U MCAH IT WHEN YOU SAID YOU'D DIE HAPPY IF ONLY YOU COULD KISS MY LIPS 6IMRLY THIS: '-I UKE KXJ, I'M TIKO OF OOD6INO COPS I WANTA BE RESPECTABLE AND HAVE A HOME AfJD A GARDEN. I'LL GET YOU AND YOUR DIPPY ~ THE TWOF US STAET LIFE OVER- T66ETHEE. FRIENDS SAFELY TO THE WAINL'AND 2 Sna cagk. 3 Fence door. 1 Medial calimaic. 5 Musical note. 6 Combine?. 33 Characteristic 51 H is fabled to 7 Threads 3't Light brown. liavc sprung 35 To embellish. from the body tho skin. 38 B,y. of. . 8 Untidier 39 Vnliant mnn. 58 U is associated fl To scream. •10 To leak. with 10 Throe pushed under 48 Spring lasting season. 40 Tpilat box. 51 Mineral spring 52 Corded cloth. WASH TUI5I5S A GUY WAMED SCUTTLE .OUT HERE,I~'05' < -.'G AROUWD AWH> j ASKIWG A LOT OF OUEST'oi.'S ' v I CLOSED EVERYTH'WG UP RIGHT I.U HIS F»CE .' V/HERE MOMEY IS BEIMG MACE YOU WILL ALWAYS PIWD OLD SCUTTLE, WWDER1WG HOV/ HE CAW CUT IM!.' I BET HE'S •^ MISCHIEF.' THEM AGAW MAY WOT BE.' (K! PRJSOK', THET SAID HE WAS A I/ODEL MAM ! VEAH, ASID ACCORDIHQ TO THE: DICTIOWARY, A MODEL IS A CHEAP (M1TATIOW OF TWE PEAL THIWQ .'.' K.'JOW V/MAT ) OUR OUTPUT V/AS,.AiJD ALL ABOUT THE GRAVITY OF THE OIL MR.BEMTLtrr 2 14 Neuter pronoun. J 5 False step. 17 Elk. 58 Toward. 12 Inflexible. 19 Black liavv. 4^ To bow. • Sfl l.a<;t word of •irBrilliaiU facet. a prayer. 50 Paradise. ?.2 Funeral 01 To divide. orations. 53 Network,. M To gruw leeth. 51 Guided. 30 More recsnl. 55 Self-respect, 31 To annoy. 56 Ar.telope.

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