The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1932 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 13, 1932
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BE! IN THE ID When Sport Flourishrx Fighters Bel on Them • selves; Then Fought. EDITOR'S NOTE: This Is Hi second of i series of slv article which trace 1-oxlnp from Its found Irif by James Fluff (o the present cr of phony flfhts. BY WKR.NER 1.AIIFF.R NEA Service Sports Writer Modern boxing was bom mor than 200 years ago. And from It. inception ns a sporting idea it ha;, gone through persecution and pros perlty. When Jan:es Figg. the first heavyweight boxing champion, hung ou his shingle in 1119, announclnv H all "the fancy" (the fans) of London that lessons In Ihc manly art of fisticiiffery could be practiced at his residence, he little realized that he was starting .something more than an exercise. Figg was a swordsman, wrestler nnd all-round athlete, and it wa his Idea to entertain the yomii; bloods by a gnme In which points were scored »-ith thc bare knuckles. Fist-flghtini! dated back lo Tliea- eenes of ancient Greece who Int- tcred In tbe skulls of more than HOO opponents (no setups, either). FiRg and his protege. Jack Broughton, however, vlsloncd a finer and more sporting way of tnfcins and Inflicting punishment. They drafted a set of rules. The law frowned on Flgg's tlme. Agitation by those who opposed Indiscriminate breaking of noses and scrambling of ears led to legislation. The sport become n hit-and-run proposition, bidden from the eyes of (he police. ' * • * It met the same rececMon when James Burke, the English o'lam- plon. brought the sport to America In 1835. Boxing In those dny.<- was a game lo be Indiilqj.l In <mlv in sylvan relrcats, barn lofts nnd barefs. But (lie manly art flourished. Ol timorous Inures sprung up to demonstrate their pugilistic abilities. Youn? men found u an adventurous career, and boxing became more widespread year bv vcar. The names of such eladintorn »< Paddy Hy»n, John L. Sullivan Jake Kllraln, Cl-arler Mitchell, Jim Corbett, Joe Choyiiskl, Tom Sharkey. Bob . Fltisimmons and a host of ofhers became fireside topic-s. From a business standpoint boxing then was n flop. Tt was neors- sary to hoD the battles i:i secret and only the men-about-town nn' others who hflld the coin were notified of thc milling. The reward that paid the fighters' our bills and kept them striittln- a.lJOut In "bully boy" reealln was not fathered from admission fees, but throueh side bets and lavish tips that the wealthier sports fiirnljlpci when their boys came through to victory. Jim Corbett. who lifted the crown from the frnark-d l, C ad of the grenl Jphn_L. at New Orleans, wns pressed .to raise thc nmount of his side bet, He bc^ed nnd borrowed ircm friends in San Francisco'anrt staked It all on his chances to turn »ack the . Boston Stronir Bov 'r fighter belisved to be unbeatable Can you Imagine the pained expression that would come over tl-r face of the present heavyweight Incumbent. Jark Sharkey. if It , v ere suggested he should don the mittens without first having the guarantee of a fat piir.^j In thc days of the oett bout, which was 40 years atro ismrlng boxers had to battle for nothing un tn th^. C0llld nnd n [o , towing large enough to back them aualnst a strong contender. The Sulllvsn-Corbetl bout, by the ut>y ~-™ I 1 ? 6 first by which a ciiam- nionshlp was decided under Ih? »'Wch called for the contestants'to near gloves. Many of the oW"bullv boys" sojfted at the gloves as cmmlnate. uesplte police surveillance boxing managed to survive nnd even to *> fairly well until a young gam- DIPT nanied Tox Rickard wlwi rn M sense a"suck« r with sugar a m n c fren^H* 1 M" '"<_ b " slne « •" the fSd Nevf' fUSh t0 ™ °' Gold - ( J e * w possibilities. And from inc day that he saw them Fistl- an £iS?i U ~ the a«el«rator. NEXT: The golden era. Lake "Dra«on" Found To Bejlofe G.rfish mrrno. Ark. (up)-Tai w O r "dragon" with a head -like -nd a body like a dragon. rapidly around this section *»s In Grand Marie lake. "Tiers armed themselves and . for the lake. were rewarded with „ « It. 1 They blazed away 7 buffets reached their mark' TM« monrter was pulled ashore f™ 1 f °*^ <« be a gar. It was more than 10 feet long. The gar did how a head like a rpWj, at least thc upper part of Us Jaw had be«h broken so It pointed upward. It looked "like a gffl|W; '« It's b»ck had been BRUSHING UP SPORTS JAMES TW.S nwa?Aim E 8V CUWPIOM- HE AND HIS \ :'..;/ DRfXrTED IJiE FIRST SCT OF RIA.E5 faR THE spoRTop RAiSiMG LUMPS r»T!\E HEAD. u)AS &.3DE LIME VUlft Tie ao 6oYs RELISHED TE(\R Af T* Wflil SwcRK AWO WD6B& ^-rrlE'-^-^'^Uhr' 1 '!:-! 1 !^ 1^1032' °J@ Sides igtaniis For several years Waller Johnton's annual spring .son;; lias been. "Olve me n SO-game pltcliiT arm we can «jn the pr-nnmn." It was Walter's rcstiTated vlcw- polnt that tin- Sfiiutors wca 1 Uio brsl-lwlajiecil IKIUI in iii<? le;isi:e. This year the hitti;-.^ .•.trenijtli was Increased by tin- iniclc that brought Hi-ynuliis Hi ihc nutfii-ld. ! And tins Wiiltcr had not i only one 20-i;ajm- |)i'.L-hi-r ljut u ; couple uf Snubs Cardinals for Grid Major league baseual) Is one thing and collcelatc tootuall another. \nd in the mind of Jny Hi:nler; nuove. Winnctai?o cnict'imil captain rf tlw University of Wlchftn eleven, football takes first- place. Itunlur fas oiTered a contruct for 1933 with the SI. Louis Cardinals but reused to si B n nnd give up his foottali. n e is „ halfback. In this rtiojo J.unlcr wears the eagle feather headdress of his fiuhcr, who » Wlnnebago var chief. Angleworm Soup Old Stuff With Indian Tribes HBALDSBURG, Cfll. (UI')-An- leworm soup for whooping coui;h 5 not the blest thing in mcillcal iclencc. i fact it is one of ll<_^ oldset ecording [o Kenneth McCorkc nnd Harold Driver, University of California scientists sent here to survey ancient customs of Indians. The formy broth trtra was one ol the ancient recipes for good henllli prescribed by the oKl medicine men of the Sonoma tribe investigation rcvenlcd. College Pet Dog Observes Ninth Birthday LAKAMIE. Wyo. (UP) - Napoleon, the little shaggy scrubby clo« who is the idol nf the students of the University of Wyoming, cele- bratal his ninth birthday recently. Nap. reputed to be a scotch ter- rlcr-wllh variations — has been pledurd, offlclnlly, (o six Iraterni- I ics. He cnmc to the University :a number of yonrs ni;o with his mnster I'rof. C. L. Corklns. When Corklns left the school, the stti- <lenls raised a fund and bought the dog. . •... Since Hint time h c hi, 5 |i vw j ns well if not better than any dog In llw Iniul. And, |H>ttert and lmiii|Krcil by the entire student I body, strolls nbout the campus with great dignity nnd full knowledge that he Is the "head man." HOME THEATRE Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 'j Adni.—IFiitince mill Ni^lil 10 nii(! 25c 'Radio Patrol' with RoLert Armstrong I.ila, June Clyde ntul Andy Dcvine. The inside story of a polit liiillle atriiinsl liiwlessncs.<. . Fox News and Comcdv. courier News Want Ads Pay. IMPORTANT NOTICE We ave now niakiiijf tile deliiuinenl personal tax books and will probably | )C two or Ihivo weeks getting these books out lo the collector in different parts of.the counly. Until this is clone we will accept payment .M persouiil taxes without penalty or cosls. Yon save 15% of your taxes nnd ?l.f,o cost? oy paying before your tax reach PS ihc deliiituiDiit tax collector. W. W. SHAVER Sheriff and Collector nl iViississippi County. RITZ THEATER Tuesday and Wednesday Adm.—Matinee—10 iiiul 25c Night—15 and -10e ight Revue' 15—Artists—15 TIAURY PRAT1IER presents A Different Act Entirely of HancitiK, Sinning and C'oiiipily \Vilh the Picture "WAR COKKKSFONDENT" with Jack Holt. Kalph Graves and Pay Wray. Paramount News nnd.Comcdv "High lints and Low Urows". listen for Theatre 1'rogram Kvery Day at 12:15 Over K-L-C-N. K\U Thop.tre Com>on Books on Sale:— $3.00 Books for S.I.00 ?lf>0 Kooks for ?2.00 ' ' A 20',; Saving for K ver y Lady. They A!r;o Make Lovely Gifts. Inquire at Uitz KoxolTice or Call 333 rederick of Dodgers Does Trick in Ninth; Yanks Win in 12th. The Cute and Yankees had hard 'trugglrs yesterday as ihe end of lie major league season marched closer but both teams, esi>cclaUy (he Yanks, maintained good margins. Weaver! Tlic Yanks scored five runs In the 12th inning to beat the Alh-, An Exin Idles while the Cubs lost "In the I one of ninth to the Dodger when n pinch | die world Hitter hit for the circuit. '. be tnc ^., oi Kl ,,.,.„„ ,,,,,,,„ Johnny Frederick-was thc pinch I the Cubs. Woody had several ' hitter who spoiled the day for Hie i moments in the 10J9 v.urlcl i Cubs. Frederick sniasiied a homer i ies with the A'.s. He went lo i oil llurlt'lcli Grimes In thc ninth, 21 limes and hit .l!)0. His flo'l- innliig (o give the-Dodgers a 4 to '.I victory. Each team scored two runs In the final imiint;. The de- frat wliile tbc Piralrs were winning K'Milled In thc iosst ol a full game in the standings for the Cubs. ( On his first licol. a double play The Pirates beat the Phillies 4 | *"s pc.ssible and had he accented lo 2 at Philadelphia. Paul Wiiuer's | l l' e wcond ch supplied the winning punch 1'ive been Crowdcr and ; ' n»«etic,, S of [his year 'vill >f that tickets are <o|d only In S o[s cf three. Two box wats lo:' me three .;;iii: t .s mean that you i m , sc v, nl'j ji cht-rk for s.'io.uu. Tims (hi- yomii; Chica'-'uun wlio warns 10 taki- In:, btsL ^irl to scu t-'n.- Cubs in UK- tt-orl:l sn-lc, will im<i ii m ..-o.-,s:iry 10 phiuk down the pi in' uf iM-a snappy siii'.s ot Tin:; no! (inly .s?cn;:, !•}•,. , i^. i-usar :h(-!: . ;o ;|.- i; ;!y .. | Jli( H National League liiB *as not so lint, r-iihor. Mis! two eostly (iimWi-s in the niii'hl inning of the lirx( (jainc paved the I way for the runs that heal tliu! Cubs finally by a SCUR- of 3 to '..I N'alinnal l.|.:i:ui> St. I.Mih at Hi-fijfclyn. I'iltsbin-.'li at I'o-uun". Ciru-iniKit! ; ,i Philudcliil Ciiica-;o at Xi v. Yurt:. AltHTican League Ho.ston at Si. I.nni.s. W;i;>liijiMtuii HI chlcaso. New Yurk at Cli'veland. Only cames sr-htdnlcil. Chicago New Yurk Cinciiniali New York (.'h.'velaiid Ul'tlOit ^:t. I.ouis Chicago W. I,. Pet. 83 57 .593 n 74 68 .521 71 70 .504 .71 ~C5 04 75 ED 85 U2 .557 .497 .4GU AM W. L. !>ct. W 43 .OD7 S7 M .Gi~ 85 55 .007 73 GO .M8 CD 70 .493 53 81 .-117 4:1 o. r > .;iia 40 100 .am; f?ea ( | (.vurn-r NI •-;.-. -.Vam Mi OOVKIiN.MENT CA.MI- AfOUNT 11001), On... (Ui>)-Forest Lookout Hack Hall, slaiioncd u-. tne IOD ,A Mcjmit lluoil. [ a liny Itiltr-u mimed ••Siiiinnit" up with hun b ir.rly (h<s season. The kitten / thrived and 8rew an extremely heavy fur as iwotcrtloii against thf told. In Ihk game. Wancr hit lor four bases with his brollier Lloyd Waner on base in the first inning when Hie Uiics counted three runs, onongh lo win the game. Swift was thc '••inning pitcher and (he win enabled thc Uuc.5 to make u dean sweep of the three-game series: The Yankees and Indians battled i" even terms for the first nine Innings with the score tied at three all In the ciKhth and through t>e ninth. Neither team counted a«aln until the hrnvy hilling Yanks broke loose in ihe 12th with five runs Chapman's triple with the DISCS loaded started the 12lh inning attack and Dickey followed with a homer accounting for the last tw> runs. RufflnB was the winning hurl- Trie Detroit Tigers lost to Lefty "™ e ? n i thc Phlfodelphia Ath- score was 7 letics at Delrolt. The I. Thc game was Grove's 25rd victory of (he season. ' Mickey Cocl.rane hit for four bases, driving In four runs during the afternoon. lance Hie side would I relircit riiu.'cM. which | ihe «ame into nnLjlit have would have .sent extra Innings ; , changed the nmurc ol the eiuirc' series. . En«lisli also had enors In the second ami third games, b<it they didn't niran .so iniicli. They say iho J-OIIIIK man lias a flair for "i-eUin 1 even." This in ly be the year of Enjjlish's "reii revenge. The Friers in Cliiratu Another' iiiteK-s'.ing fcalure of the world serifs games scheduled in Chicago is ihc .scaling arrangements, Resi-rvwl box scats are priced nt $ cadi, which Includes 'the 10 |K .-r cent (ax. Reserved ijraiids'.mid poichcs nre $5.50. Bleacher :-cais. wliich arc not available iimii the day of (he game, retail at si.10. But he: eomes'in. _. ^ ^ for the first game in Ohirago. you must remit lo ihc Cub cage Hie amount 'of S1S.SO. , But here is \iherc the nib y uu lv ant a box s;al route lor RUST-RESISTING BLADE • The Gillette BLUE BLADE is rust-resisting-sanitary and easy to clean. Enjoy the convenience and comfort provided by this blade alone. Switch to the Gillette Blue Blade. r . Chaniherlaln «as tli,- losi What's in the food New KS. Jones, Sirs. Smith, Sirs, itohinson, anil many, many oincrs—iill (ill us (hat they profit by following (he food news in Ihc advertising columns of thc Courier News. Not only do they know what's new Iwl they find (hey can shop more economically and place better meals nn tlioir tahlps. New foods for variety . . . bargains, for economy . . . quality foods at special prices, for iietier meals . , . (hat is what a reading of the food advertisements ;'n the Courier dot's for countless women in Wytheville. If YOU haven't formed the habit yet—try it. You'll fnui it saves you Watch for the Food Advertisements Every Thursday and Friday The COURIER NEWS

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