Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on May 29, 1964 · Page 11
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 11

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1964
Page 11
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THEY'RE IN SEASON! With Cantaloupes Arizona and California supply over fifty pef cent of the cantaloupes fof the U.S. market. Plenty of cantaloupes are predicted for this summer season. In other parts of the United States there has been an increase of 24 per cent over the average supply. The name "cantaloupe" is used In this country for small, oval, muskinelon. the heavily netted chicken meat 1 orange, sectioned ¥4 cup grapes, seedless or seeded & halved 1 A cup salted almonds, toasted & slivered t cup cantaloupe balls % cup mayonnaise Cantaloupe rings or halves. Iceberg lettuce Combine chicken, orange, grapes, almonds, cantaloupe balls and mayonnaise j chill. Arrange peeled cantaloupe rings or halves on iceberg let tuce and fill with chicken salad. Garnish with mint or watercress, if desired. Makes 6-8 servings. CANf Af.OUPE . AMBROSIA FLUFF 1 package lime flavored gelatin 1 cup boiling water 1 cup pineapple juice 'A cup dry non-fat milk solids V* cup very cold water 2 cups cantaloupe balls Dissolve gelatin in hot water in large bowl; add pineapple juice and chill until slightly thickened. Sprinkle dry milk solids over cold water in small bowl; beat 3-4 minutes or until very thick, light; fold in whipped milk and FRIDAY, MAY 29,1^4 Beat thickened gelatin until light; fold in whipped milk and melon balls. Chill until mixture holds Its shape. Serve in chilled sherbet glasses. Makes 8 servings. One serving contains approximately 80 calories. PORtRAlf SPECIAL Opwi Friday end .Soturday Only Year Ch«tc» - No A«« Limit 1—5x7 MI* «c« 1-4X1< «hty Oe. 1—11*14 only we, 1-14x50 only Me ALL*STAT£S SftlDlO tt A.M. '«! t P." 8M'/i Ryan HI CANTALOUPE MAKES MANY A GOOD SUMMERTIME TREAT1 DEAR ABBY Don't Worry What The Neighbor Prophesies By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: In June of 1962 I was visiting a friend who is an older woman and a member of my church. While sitting on her front porch she looked down at my hands and a very frightened look came across her face. She then proceeded to tell me that (he lines on my hands revealed that I should watch out for chest and respiratory infections. Then she said I should not sing in the church choir because of this possible chest trouble. But what bothers me most is that she told me I could expect some very bad luck in the summer of 1965. I can't shake this thought, and am walking around like a condemned woman. Should I believe her? Would you call it witchcraft? n^Ao ™™ r DEAR CONDEMNED: I would call it "NONSENSE" and would put out of my mind immediately. If you want further parks his Volkswagen up on his yard like a kid w<{uld his bicy- \ cle. And this is the pay-off. He i calls everybody elge "crazy." I ' MRS. B. DEAR ABBY: YOU can sure tell a lot about people- by the way their childret)t answer the telephone. We have taught ours to ask, "WHOM }S CALLING, PLEASE?" MRl G. J. L. DEAR ABBY: I those yokels who accuse you ol| using an old picture with youri column had any sense they c&uld see that j you have a 1964 h|air style! Sin' cerely, SMOTE IN MILL VALLEY. CONFIDENTIAL TO CINDY: In the early 1700'p thc English poet Edward Young wrote: "The maid that loves g«>cs out to sea upon a shattereq plank, and i puts her trust in miracles for ) safety." T i m e s| have not : changed. For Abby's booklet, "How To Have A Lovely Wedding," send 50 cents to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Calif., 90069. All cantaloupes are muskmelons or of the same species, "Cucumis melo," but not all muskmelons are cantaloupes. Regardless of the supply, whether she calls H cantaloups or muskmelon, a consumer wants a good tasting melon. That round rough netted melon in the market can be very frustrating when it comes to choosing the ripe one. Since the introduction of IBM machines into the melon patch, there is one thing it agrees on with the melon men; a sweet melon must be round. Other indicators that can help the shopper are: a vine ripened melon has a smooth callused scar at the stem end; any cantaloupe worth taking home must have that distinctive aroma and a high net that has covered the rind. That "musk" perfume should be kept contained in the melon and not absorbed by other foods. Store this juicy fruit in the lower section of the refrigerator wrapped in a polifllm bag, saran or aluminum foil wrap.' Here are some ideas for serving cantaloupes this season: WESTERN CANTALOUPE APPETIZER 2 medium size ripe cantaloupes 1 cup currant or other tart red jelly 2 tbsps. lemon juice Fresh mint Cut the cantaloupes into balls or cubes, making approximately 4 cups. Melt jelly over low heat and add lemon |uice. Mix well and drizzle over cantaloupe balls. Chill until ready to serve. Serve in sherbet or cocktail glasses and set in cracked ice, if t desired. Garnish with fresh mint. Makes 6-8 servings. SUMMER MELON SALAD 2 cups diced, cooked white Upper Story Push Up for that PROVOCATIVE look A COMPLETELY NEW CONCEPT IN BRASSIERES WIDE SET STRETCH LINGERIE SHOULDER STRAPS. WON'T SUP, SLIDE OR BIND. ALWAYS STAY IN PLACE. LOVELY VYRENE STRETCH LACE TOP ALLOWS BUST TO ATTAIN FULLNESS DESIRED. WONT CUT OR BIND. PUSH-UP PADS FOR PROVOCATIVE HIGH ROUNDED UPLIFT. NO-IRON, DRIP-DRY PERFECT STYLING FOR EVERY NECKLINE. Colors: White, Black, Pink, Sizes: A, B, C • 32 - 36 Thf figure you wonf is in every Peter Pan bra • girdlo • swims off FOUNDATIONS • THIRD FLOOR DOWNTOWN UK* CMAM.ES / exaGng piratory system, but don't tell him why or he might send you to a psychiatrist. DEAR ABBY: Last Christmas my husband and I received gifts from his brother and sister-in-law, who are over in Germany. I fooled around and never did get around to writing to thank them. Is there anything I can do now? EMBARRASSED. DEAR EMBARRASSED: Yes. You can write and apologize for your tardiness, and thank them. Better late than never. e " vuu f ju Measuring Solid £«* f / Tia ' U1 l "«? Take the easier ivay next time you measure solid, fats. j If you need 1-4 ipup of fat, fill \ a one-cup measuring cup to the 3-4 mark with cqld water. j Press fat into c-ipp until water reaches the one-ci|ip mark. DEAR ABBY: Tell the woman whose neighbor shocked her by wearing flesh-colored elastic swim trunks in his yard to sunbathe and do his gardening that I have a neighbor who tops hers. He wears swim shorts and a wool jacket to go out and shovel the snow! He drinks grass that has been put through a blender, and he BU|r NOW FOR GRADUATION GIFTS! "WHITE S^AOG" SPORTS WEAR Size! 5 to 20 Lcirqe Selection of Jewtlry, Leather Goods and Linger)*. 2 STORES TO SIERVE YOU Westpolnl Shop. Clrn., Sulqhur 163« Ryan • L|*« Charles >—* t Buy Pieces You Need From Open Stock SPINDLE BED TRIPLE DRESSER & MIRROR AN INVITATION To Our Property Owners And The Public As the guardians of your family esjtate, we are pleased to extend on invitation to you to visit us this Memorial Day. We have tried to maintain your cemetery and estates in a manner pleasing to, you and the community. PR'.EN MEMORIAL CEMETERJY 1 On Count rv Club Ro&d CHAIRBACK BED $44 BOOKCASE BED $52 This is ESPANOL! Thc new look in furnittjre wieh all the mawive beauty and intricate detail of authentic Spanish styling. Every drawer is center guided and dustproof . . . every piece of ESPANOL is sculptured from solid ash! Blend ESPANOL with any decor , , , you can live with it a lifetime and love it! DOUBLE DRESSER AND MIRROR $119 CHEST j 27 Years Dependable Service I We Carry Our Own Accounts v. RAILROAD AVI, CHA&LES 1278 f. NAPOUQN

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