The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, January 22, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL XXX1I1—NO. 204 Blythcvllle Courier UlyllievUlc Herald ™ E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER^OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI t'lllo Dull '"•••. " ' : -"- — Blylheville Dally News Mississippi Valley leader _.__-_ W-YTHRVILLK, -ARKANSAS, PU1DAY, JANUAKV 22, in:i7' SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO' Reel Cross Sends Representative lo Direct Work In This County National, state and local agencies went Into action here today In a coordinated effort to provide for tlie rescue anil care of hundreds of families \vho are or sonn will be refugees as a result, of flood waters In the nig Lake basin. Miss Henrietta Wltkins, disaster relief representative of the national Red Cross, arrived here [hit Flood Will Follow Course Taken By 1927 High Water Flood waters, unleashed when {move thousands of nimlhes In the the state line ditch levee, about, path of the surging waters. 10 miles northwest of Blylheville, j , Prospects , were, that probably fcrcke 3arly this morning will | ICO.COO acres of "land, mostly rich cover ns great nn area If not'farming territory, would be 1mm- grenter than the 1S27 Dig Lake- Little River flood, nud will cause greater huiii^u suffering, though property damage probably ivill not run as high. Experienced observers and . participants in the frequent fights to hold Big Lake, fed by huge drainage ditches between the St. Fran... t.t w \jivja, iiiiivcu licit: IIIL: I • . . .. _.. , , orning from St. Louis to cooper- 1 ; B 1 ' lvcivan < 1 ll!e Mississippi river ate with C. A. Cunningham, chairman of the local chapter, in direct- Ing relief work. Preliminary relief plans were outlined at a meeting at the chamber of commerce office in the city hall this morning at which heads of the Dud Cason post. American Legion, Ihe local national guard unit, and WPA officials promised full cooperation with the Red Cross in rescuing and caring for Ihe siricker families. Need Boats and Autos It is impossible at this tuns tc make any accurate estimate of the number who will need help but preparations arc being mails m C.IB for at least 3,000. . Mr. Cunningham plac'etl Ro;s Stevens, Legion, commander, and other, members of the American Legion in charge of securing boats, ears and trucks and a radio broadcast-was aljiost immediately made asking for owners of boats and automobiles equipped with radio receiving sets lo volunteer in the work. Immediate construction of several dozen small boats Was .ordered by Mr.".Cunningham and il was. believed; ^l. least eight,bi; jc.n oPMhese-would be. availab)'e' ; -lale today. Captain Wendell M. Phillips offered the use of the national guard armory, which will serve as headquarters ftr the relief work and in, which many of the first refugees brought from the floo.1 area will be temporarily quartered. ;' Mr. Cunningham and Miss Wilkins also conferred with B. N. Wil- "° rt 'V wcrc mostly n8 ' eed that the flood 'would cover at least as large an area as that of the 1927 flood. In fuel the phrase "more water than In 1927" was heard again and again as trict, county, agencies joined. In efforts, to rc- various levee dis- state and federal Two Die In Auto-Train Collision CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., Jan. 22 —C. II Roberts, ,51, farmer of near Kennett, Mo, and a woman tentatively identified as Mrs, Rosa Rob- j erls, his wife, were killed when Iheir automobile and a north bound dated but property damage"-was not a problem that caused anxiety al this lime as'In the 1927 hood which was in;.the spring, instead the, presence of hundreds of families in. the newly developed Little Hiver section'found officials faced with the imperative necessity of removing them before or after the flood waters reach, their homes. All available .boats were pressed into service and indications were that national guardsmen would be called out to help care for refugees and maintain a form of martini Schirmer Urges Boiling of All Drinking Water All families dependent upon wells were urged today to boll their drinking water by IJr: it. S. Echlrmer, dlnclor of the .'cimly health unit, who, said '.hat wells were almost certain o be contaminated by .surface ••liter flawing or seeping Into them. 'Hie flood situation holds irave dangers lo health, Dr.' Ecliiimer said, declaring thnt every precaution should be taken- to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. law in the spring refugee camps that up along railroad I'iglU or ways where box ear quarters will be provided. In 1927, flood waters from a gnp in the east levee of Big Lake washed their way through almost the entire length or -the county OF BELIEF Situation Critical, Mayor Says, As Flood Waters Reach Town LEACHVILLE, Ark, Jan. 23.— Leachville town officials were forced to abandon their efforts to i.c WIIBUI 01 -me county, evacuate residents of the Rocki draining into the Tyrone communlly, along overnowmgW, thal ( falo creek, .aboul five miles south" " '" ' finally river. Part of , the water washed through the Big levee break in 1927 Lake I'lo'm the Doreha break on the Mississippi, through the basin of Little River north of the lake. The flood advanced through the oo.nell and Half Moon sections, on both sides' of Dell and swept (.communities, dtyni into Reiser. Eitsco passenger train collided at!,/" ' *"* " a Highway'ci crossing at Hayli, °.',,j, "' ur . 8mB wo .four miles w-est of here, at 1, o'- 2HJ 1 "?.,,!'™, ^ clock; this morning:'- . ; Witnesses said that the automobile .and.-'trie train . reached 'the crossing almost simultaneously, the trnin, about 40 minutes behind schedule, and the car going .south on the highway. There were indications that Roberts atl'eni'Otea^u'iV- successfuiiy to stop his car on Ihe Ice-covered highway. ..-'•" : The bodies of the two occupants of the car were mangled almost beyond recognition. It was announced son and C. B. Nelson, WPA olli- b) ' " 1E coroncr . however, that the cials, this morning concerning their cooperation in carin<; for the families. ; ' Negro refugees will be cared for through facilities to be scl up by a committee named this morning by Mr. Cunningham. The committee members are Drs. W. H. Young. T. H. Keith and B. E. Roberts. They will secure a building or house today to be used for liospitaliza- lion of those negroes In need of medical attention. Goinell Area Hit First < Frisco and Cotton Bel'l officials today were .attempting to pjace as many empty boxcars as are available at points where the refugees can be housed. Tentative plans call for. the assignment of about four families to each boxcar, which will be provided with a slove and such bedding, blankets, etc., as can be secured. Red Cross officials expressed doubt this morning that a sufficient number of boxcars could be secured, in which event it may become necessary to quarter some of the families in army tenls. Miss Wilkins said she wished to avoid Ihe use of tents, however, because of the facl that stoves cannot be . used in them because of danger of ' fire. Since. conditions al p.«sent are most acute in the section beyond Gosnell, where between 75 and 100 families are living, relief officials Plan to send boats and rescue workers there first. An effort will alsb body of the man ha;| been identified as" that of Robert. A purse, containm'g a.i check inade',to Mrs. Rosa Roberts, gave rise to the belief thai Roberts' companion was his wife. ' . The automobile «-as dragged for aboul 40 or 50 feet by the train but it fell clear of the engine and toppled over into a .ditch. A coroner's Inquest into the deaths will be held tomorrow morning. In the meantime effort^ \ycre being made to locate relatives.'' ' ' New York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 22. (UP) — Cotton closed - steady. open high- low close 1245- 1247' ; The same area lies in'the path " ~'~ iters. from Ihe •eak today. Engineers and other 'observers predicted that the water would move across Highway ISieasl and west or Dell, d6wri-"ori:"..bohi. iides e; Kochtitzky ditch, into tlie Hightowcr and Victoria communities • and the vast Little - Rtvei ... shoving • i( s ...area .-.well,;:', .then • i( s .wa' '''- vac'ross''HIgh- way 40, between ; Osceola'-' Lepanto into 'the' rich ahrt ' • : - farm lands of the -Reiser „.„ sections, advancing oh famous Dyess colony, already more-than overtaxed' wllh its own surface water and 'drainage ditches' surplus and Into the Tyronin' basin to eventuall St. Francis. ;. , - . of here, when 'flood waters poui-j ing Into this section frbi'm breaks on the Sl. ; Francis, near Cardwell, and Seiralh sweplJlnto .the northern section of,thls'toVn and found .cachvllle unprepared to care- for its own refugees. -,' .-' > • ' •'• The flood waters rose steadily during the morning., and workers were busy sandbagging Ihe- the north side of Main street in an effort to hold the waler/trcm'the' business section and' residences south of the railroad right of way. Most of the .merchants, however, had little > confidence. In efforts- to check -the water and were 'placing their stocks - of' merchandise : * oh scaffolds. _ ' • '' . - . • ' Mayor Earl Fields said 'that persons forced "to/ evacuate., their homes were" in, Tlire neeti^of food, clothing .and fiiel; He said, that relief "must. be~ provided , immediately to prevent widespread.' suffering til the Leachville. Community. He said he was hopeful thai a Red Cross relief ''conference at Blytheville IpdaJMwould resull in emergency measures 1 beliig taken to aid the section. •'• . : , South of Leachvllle residents of the Rociiy section apparently were forced to ' look but for 'themselves The bulk of thtr flood water pouring into Leachville probably wll not reach the , community untl tomorrow- but it is already inundated by swollen Buffalo Creek. Leachville is practically Isolate; by flood waters pouring down Honey Cyprcts and Buffalo creeks. Mar. .... May ... July ... Oct. ... Deo. .-.: Jan. ... 1245 1229 1220 1179 '1181 1179 1248 1232 1222 1182 1182 1179 12291219 1179 1179 1178 1231 1219 1181 1180 11VU be made ( 0 secure froin ten-to 111 points..-In; that isectlon. Spots closed steady at 1297...up 2. for aid in caring for from 50 lo 100 families expected there this-afle'r- noon and tonight from the MHli- gan Ridge section where the water is creeping around hornes;- He Aaid that only a few families'were'be- ing cared for at Manila this morn- Ing but indications ;were that a great many would make thelr-way there as it is. one.'of the-highest Armeies nf Incorporation Filed By Co-operative Exchange Institution H. HiKhrtll. W ho recently pur- Hunger, Cold and Disease T h re a t c.'iv' Many Three Stales m Unllcil BY Press Shift MEMPHIS, Jan. 22 (UP)— Wartime emergency measures were token today to care for more than 15.000 persons driven from tliclr ionics Into rain by rlslnij flood waters, in Missouri, Arkansas ni(l Tennessee. : -A major flood was assui'e<l for lie Mississippi river. United Stales Meteorologist W.- E. • Uarron at Sairo. HI., predicted the river singe ; |rere, would cqiial and probably go above the all-thnc record of 1927 -when It touched M.4 feet No crest Is In sight. Grave Itrnlih Situation . Pneumonia and luflucnua spread in the ivake of the devastating ttopds. Serious food and f.uel shortages developed - ater , .upplte, Civil Service Approved by' Senate Vote, 26-4 UTTLE ilOQK, Jan. 22 (UI'l— The house (and •senate adjourned at neon' "'today ' until Mondaj while mast' IcuWHtois gave up plans for jolng home over the week-end t bccrj'iise of high waler In the..senate tho administration's civil service measure was passed after a debate In which lour senators tcok the. floor niiiilnst llic measure. Tins dual vole was 26 to 4 'Ihe seniito approved a' resolution lo have a Jolnl house uml senate coiumlltca reconsldei-. Senate amendments to several n(>- proprlattons bills thai were voled down In in the passed. house yoslcrdny house five Chills.,were OFF IS § POLO Roosevelt Allows Direct Quotation On Altitude Toward Auto Stuke ed. Many were still nmroohcd wiltioiil proper food and shelter. - The towns of Arbyrci In southeast Missouri and , Lester faraway In northeast tt'ere. inundated. and ArkaiiBus Cardwell, Senath . and Kennett Mo., .and Monette, Ark,, were iracllcally Isolated. t . .. ..A., fresh check .showed al leasl 15,000 persoiis driven from their homes in three states' with conditions steadily' Browing;'worse. waters.. William .Wilson, 73. W as killed when he fell from a truck as he was being taken .from his home..near Neelyvllle. ;• Mo;-- Two w er ?,-,r..v;drqwned- ;, as „ Mississippi streams rose menacingly. A 80- vear-old -.farmer dropped dead ' of heart/attack near Cardwell .and a '.Vjp-Vear-old TJoy-- neSrTv'.-Keriric'tl President Rooscvell today emphasized his hands oil policy In the Genera! Motors slilkc, Jcclarliui this is no time for "statements, conversation nnd head lines.' .Mr, .Roosevelt's statement came in apparent answer to • the demand of John L LoKls. leauu of tlic striking automobile workers union, thnt 'lh» ailmlnlslr-- tion support llie strike by every "legal means." Allowing the unusual practice of having his, worth directly "I '•• have no further new 1 ; (op the strike) llian what you've ?ot hold, of a; rjfle: and accldejil- illy shot:, his; three-yea'r-Old sister fatoHy-while -...their,'. p'rirpht« were assisting 'relatives from' 'flood dangers, v; : • :.,'•'.; Water was 'two to ' three feet deep in 'Arbyrd-403 lib'pulatlon- ind-Lester—175.'Their water supplies weav . contaminated. Residents'. elther"'niovcd out. or were •fortifying themselves on' di-y portions of their homes or buildings •A .critical fuel, shortage — with below freezing' tempera lures—was faced by Cardwell, city, of nearly 1,000 population. "\Ve . are nearly covered with Ministerial Association Plans Flood Relief Work The Blyllieville Ministerial As-, scciaticn, in a meeting this morn- chased the First tliilding here, s plans for tho o National Bank lioir of tho .. , ' l al r f fl !" cts - inadc plans for in the core., of co-opcrat- Hood newly organized Blythevi'le Banking -oomuany -were not complete/' - Artic'es of- • incorporation ^er" filed vith the secretary of stale yesterday for operation -'of- a - cooperative banking nrm under the name of the Blvtheville i Bankin» comcriny. Capital stock or the cornoratlon was listed nt"'SIcr-J5 with 20 per cent paid in-'by the organizers. - - .': . , *' The ' articles of .- incflrporatio'n - were -signed s(ockhoM=rs boxcars, logether with food, clolh-j ing and fuel for that section. As llic flooa W aler advances southward and Ihe situation there is ' Al Dell nine'boxcars were in 1 service today, giviiig shelter to •• more than 'a score of - families.-'many of whom-are without food:-stcps-were '• being taken this afternoon-'to'prq- ' ] vide food and Iher necessities there'. 1 taken care of the boals will moved lo other points. Calls for Guard Sheriff Hale Jackson noon ler guard work u<, me request 01 Mr. cun- 1 authorities rc»ardin» ningham _and It was regarded as ™'but 'ha°d tifed certain that orders putting the this afternoon unit Into service would be forlh- comlng. Jackson also requisitioned 500 army tents, 2,000 cots, 6.000 blankets and a number of small iron army stoves for use in thei ", B5 "' mana s er . °' -t»e emergency here. . "'Hplemenls Company, sold " to relief arrive emergency This ' afternoon pleas for help were made from many sections of .Many local. Individuals and h bus-' Incss concerns, today offered tlielr services .for . relief '. work. fi. 6 Nash, manager of .the Delta Implements Company, said 1m ^would furnish trucks :; for . transporting distressed families, gocds and. livestock llic county. The situation- al Leach- hooded 'iri»« i P • vllle where flood waters from Buf- "^ 0 Vthe Grll faio creek have spread over a larga of^, ll\°l v nrea, marooning a great many jam- 1 ra d ,J , " Jw i n ,°?, ay "les, was said to be critical this af-'l vefOgces who had , tern ' household from.: the IK,. denied 1 a ternoon and relief officials rushed work on boats under 'tpmtr'uctlou in order that a number liilghC-be '.sent there. ' ••••••Mayor Carl came here this i n tn rhn • "?° .' tnc ,. n *d orders, to !:eer the walling room of the station ^.,.y ,- ;..,.,.' | optn;. all ,ulght tonight''"•"for; the Tiplon qf.-MaTilJaiusc'of any who cdved -'lb r 'take is a:lernoon to "aslc l fefitge there'.'"' "' -'•"- ;; •-" :' 4- water and with only 13 tons ol fuel left to supuly the entire city," O. D. Hall, banker, told the United Press. _ The flood waters irorn St. Franks river breaks'near Senath, Mo were running across Cardwell's main street today and may cover the entire town, Hall said, i The city's food supply also wa.-> low. Hall said there were enoilgh rations to last about three days - mi— . i. __ — . > : • throughout want members of their congregations who are able southeast Missouri and northeast tngton, set up an emergency nood Sunday, churches throughout the city iwjll have special prayers for got. "Of course 5 think hi the Interests of iicace there come moments : .when statements, comersu- llon and headlines aic not in order." ^Importance of -tr/e r pte'SI<lefit's statenient..was emphasized by, I) direct v iju olal Ion ' > ' ' '" ;';.Mi-i.,noose."velt v,as dlrect- ' .newshion -whether'he planned to .Intervene, in the automobile strike. .. •-,-He . replied that he had already answered;, thai question. In i the statement i. which porters to quote li |ie b diri allowed eclly. ending at 7 o'clock this morning a rise of one Inch less than was recorded in the previous 24 hours .The river gauge" Is .now at 38.C, two-tenths of a fool less than llic 193S, high water mark here, and II is expected lo go much higher. . •'.'.» County Is Faced With Repetition of 1927 Disaster Fight Continues to Hold Levee Along Big Lake and Little River Drainage District 17's slide line levee went out this morning at u point about ton miles lioilhwpsl of Bly- Uieville, loosing upon Mississippi county flood waters which ullinifilcly will cover an area appioximately that inundated in the great Hood of 1927. The mnnljcr of Misalsiippi county families who will be affected may exceed Hint 'of :> — 1927 because the past ton T •«•! T>« "" Little River, Residents In Danger ^ years liave KOCH a gienl crease areas lioptilntion ,in tlic tlic piitli ol' tlio water. Lose All Nljfhl Fiuhl ;Thc fight to hold the stnte hit!: levee was abniidoncd follow- ng llii; break, which occurred at atoul 7 A M, and all efforts (f>- day were being concentrated along Big Lake and 'the Little : floodway, where ' the situation w'as not Immediately., relieved by the break lo llie north. Crews under -the- direction- lot Julian Bells, hi charge of -the flood fight for the U S Engineers, waged a losing battle all 'asl night'.on: llie stale line levee, Which extends easl from'the hclad of Big Luke. Water-(started llow- o\er llie le\ee al 4 o'clock yesterday • afternoon and, hampered by weather and Iransuorlatlon ilKtlciilllcs and the .absence of an> ?ood supply of- eflrtji for nillnu potslijte to keep rising (lood, pace with the .--i.^o - Isntotefl ^os llie slate line sector' l|{n^',lt was nearly three hours after ,. the break occurred be f oio word 'of It reached, nood fight' hea"riquarten at the foot ol Hit; Inlie fffi l An urgent \varninjr to rositlents of (he area lie-' (ween the easl levee of the Ijltle River floodwuy and the Kochtibky levee 'to evacuntc their homes immediately and find refuge on high ground was issued this afternoon by John Yf. Meyer, Drainage District 17 engineer. • » There is grave dangei that the floodway levee may fail, Mr. Meyer said, ..nnd if it breaks it .will '-rcka-jc rr-jl2-foa(' h'e^d of - water on Ihe area adjoin-^ j injf if. Serious loss of life, may occur if residents of this area fajl to move out, he snid. h- ^.. !i ond Mr. Highfill, Clarence H Wilson. Ada n.' pmmvaiit,-j: w. England and Harvey Morris .were list,- 1 cd-'as directors.-', i ., It is understood: that the corporation will operate an exchange cr service tank, or^ denositorjv '* ••• •'•'-' '••• •''•.<-..' — rr—. ,_•' l • Closing -Stodk -'Priced \ , A 'T. nud T ...,...', Ani'eriean Waterwor'ks ,. 27 t-2 Anaconda' Con'per -...:.. 55 ' Belhi'eiienV- Steel ;'..... 79 Chrysler .;..':'.....".-.... : ]2t Cities ' Service "..: ;'...,-;' \ 4 7.9 Ccca Cola "... .-"...; 1 General American Tank-; - New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 22. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. .open high, low close Mar May J>i'y Oct. ... Dec. '. 1241 I22G . 1216 1179 1185 124! 1229 1218 H79 1185 1239 1225 1215 1 17G 1184 1241 1227, 1215 1178 1184 Chicago Wheat open : high low 1283-4 1291-4 127 1123-4 113 112 close 1215-4 relief base here today. Gov. Carl E. Bailey of Arkansas put Arkansas relief under control of the state military department and concentration points were named throughout Ihe nood area. ' Meyer immediately asked Washington authorities for coast guard equipment. Including surf boats and plaiies and' small type cutters. .-: The equipment will be sent Into thfe stricken Missouri and Arkansas areas as soon as it arrives ' Paul Hutchins. Red Cross finance expert, arrived todar to os- su'rhe charge of the Memphis base. Latest estimates showed tvroncr- ty damage of more than $750,000 in the Mid-South area. At least New Breaks on St. Fi-ancls LAKE CITY, Ark., Jan. 22 (U P)—Two, St. Francis river levee breaks near here today marooned at. least 2,000 persons as flood waters inundated two towns and Isolated another. Caraway, Ark., named after the late United States Senator Thad- detis Caraway, was Inundated, save for three houses and three to four feet of water covered Lester, Ark., near here. The city of Monette was isolated, by water, on all sides and accessible only by boats. Water, however, had nol reached the city street*. ... :; Meanwhile Red Cross officials at Jonesboro , began selling up quarters al Monette, , Lake City and Caraway, to care for 600 refugees. Truck loads of equipment and other necessities.were sped out of Jonesboro .by CCC, youths, mobilized there for.< duty today. The Cash,river, west of Jonesboro, swept away a bridge • on Highway., 63 1121-4t600,COO acres..of land had been ^- Chicaffo Corn General Electric ..:..,."-'54 General Motors''..;:... '51; 1.4 International Harvester 110 McKcsson-Robblns ...•.-.' 135-8 Montgomery ' Ward . j .•.'. i 57 5.8 New York Central .;... 42 i-8 Packard •...•'.'.'.',' ..-.. H 1-8 Phillips'Pelroleupi ...-.';.• 51 . Radio C0n> :'..; ....'" n 3^4 St. Louis-San Fraiiciscb 1 31-8 .Smmoiis Bed 51 513 'standard of N J.... g9 1 Studtbalcer- ......... '"ig 1.2 Texas; Corp ..' ..'.'.'. 51 7 . 8 U"S Smelting- v.-....;;. eg US 'Steel R7:K;it •Warner Bros • : 7.0!ilte ',v-;-,' Ntny 1C83-.4 109'3-8 1071-2 1071-8 Ju) 104 1-2, ,105''. 1035-8 103 3-< livestock EAST ST.. LOUIS, III.. Jan. 22 (UP)—HOPS:- RcceipUs 5.000. Top 10.60 .: >: nO-'WO Ibs. .10.40-10.60 Light weights, T25-10.25 Bulk Sows 9.35-9.65 r.tiitle: receipts; 1,500. Steers, nominal range, 6.00-12.15 and yearlings, -• Inundated. easl side levee from .Kennclt soulhward to Cardwell and called pit some 2,000 workers last night. ' ' An "epidemic of" pneumonia, in- nucnza; .and smallpox threatened. Pneumonia and Influenza developed ' "• Form Corporation to , Handle Factory Project Articles of incor'*>rnflop h^ve been issued to the Blythcvtllc Industrial Association. Inc.. which Is to be the medium through which the Industrial committee of the chamber of commerce will .handle details of. the erection of Francls| a $70,000 factory building for the Rlce-Stlx Dry Goods company which will operate a garment factory here. Issuance'of the articles of In- corporal ion was approved by Circuit Judge G. E. Keck this week. ed around Kennett and In the i The as-wclatlon. a non-profit or- Cardwell vicinity, where a case eimlzation, is headed by B. A, of smallpox also was reported. I Lynch, president- i. • ' ->c> -,• Mixed heifers 6.00-9.00 Slaughter heifers. 5.25-10.75 5" 3-4 J---Beef cows 4.50-530 ;.-'.' 81-2; Cutters mid low cutters, 3.50 , of smallpox also was reported. I Lynch, president- . , Another case of smallpox ; was at! president; J. Mell Brooks, secret Bay. Ark., c, in . Cralghcad county, tary, and G. a Hubbard, treas- vvtiere nood waters forced schools urer. stockholders Include the .officers and Joe Isaacs, Hugh Har- to close. Mississippi Up' a Foot ' • OARUTHERSVILLE,, Mb., : Jan. 22--Tlic Mississippi .river, rose .one fool here In the 24-hour period bert, Jledel C. S. Lemons, Ricliatrl and Rupert Cratton. : *:.. Tadpoles are vegeUrlans,';but become carnivorous when grown; 'The .lirsl.'Sreilk, which occurred atfa"polnl\ about three miles wesl of i)ie ''Collgn Belt railroad bridge, widened rapidly and it soon Ijraune ,ap|)«rcnt that further/efforts on the slate line levee woiild be fruitless. The weakened levee swin vyas cruihbllng 'at a number of points uiid John W. Meyer. Drainage District 11 engineer, said It Was. probable that, an entire three-quarter ...mile -section of; U would be .washed oiil. The men working at the state 'lue weie withdrawn to Big Lake, where l dtic to the tremendous pressure of water from the norlh Ihe level continued to rise despite -- llie break. Today work Is being Intensified along Ihe whole east line of Big Lake and the Little River floodway to prevent a new break which would hasten the Hooding of a greal farming area in. tlic central part of the county, apparently doomed any- i'ay to eventual inundation. Gives Chance To Escape It may -be fortunate that the break occurred when It did at the state line, according to Mr. J»feyer, who said thai the volume of water pressing down from Missouri was such as lo make a hrcak somewhere .Inevitable. Had the break come at n point further south the immediate consequences might have been much more serious. As it is, the area first reached by water from Ihis morning's break Is relatively thinly populated and families living further south will have ail opportunity to take themselves and .their DOST sessions to places of safety. The fact . that ditches; are already bank full and much of the land Is already covered by water from recent rains makes it. difficult to. estimate how rapidly the water from.the slate line will move southward. Under ordinary ccn- ditlons It would take about four days to reach Highway 18 but with the intervening country already largely under water the flood may reach the highway in two or three days. Some of the .water will come within five miles of Blytheville. Mr. Meyer believes. It will cross Highway 18 both east and west of Dell. H will move southward both fast and west of the kochtltzky levee and ultimately will cover much of the central and western portions of the tpuiity.; Kelser;and Dycss Colony are In Its path but It will be manv days before it gets that far.south. .'.'"' Lake Still Rising .."•The water Is now' at a .stage about..equalling that of tlie 1927 Rood and is still rising. Tlie gauge reading at the foot of Big Lake was 2495 this morning, a rise of a foot and n 24 hours, and at'iioon lenlh hi loday it was 2497, indicating that the'lisa h slowing up little if any. Thh lake and flpoctway^will show, no relief from'the ,sta'te line breaU for several days ai\d. iho. sltua'i lion there remalns/i . -,„—il Hold- Ing of the Big 1 Uaki? 'jjnd Floodway le\ees despite-'the break to' the north is regarded*~as abso- • lutely csstntlal to tlie protec- T lion of life and properly A bis . break below Ihe Highway 18 would let loose .a wall'Siof, ualei lhal would endanger thorp-, sands and would give them HUlhJ time to. reach safely. -j Al noon today Mr. Mejcr said that men and equipment appear-? ed adequate lo handle the sltua'- llon, though cold,.sleet, the water- scakcd condition of the levee : anct the rising lake level made the 'job a difficult one. Dycss 'Already Under Water7 Much of the area in the southern part of the county In the path of the flood waters is already paf- llally Inundated, by overflow fiom- dralnage ditches and backwater from the Tjronza river. Al Dyess fl Colony il was reported today that i livestock had been moved to high" | ground and that many families, j their homes surrounded - by wafer, I were'moving but:. Those remaining } and others in the lower paitof the J county will ha\e plenty of time to | j evacuate before water from Ihe le-. vee break reaches them. It Is not believed that the water will reach sections of the county along Highway 61 or easl of that highway. Jail Calisthenics Tried LISBON, O. (UP) —Prisoners In the Coliunblgna Couhtj jail now- }| have a daily program of .calisthenics. Every niorning Turnkey John Herman puts them through their paces. Sheriff Gosney thinks, the exercise will prevent ennui. WEATHER Arkansas —Cloudy, preceded by freezing rain and sleet in east portion early tonight. Colder, willi temperature 10 to. 18 In north and 18 to 26 In south portion tonight. Saturday parlly cloudy, slowly rising temperature In west .and north portions. Memphis and vicinity—Rain ian'd colder tonight, changing tor. sleet or snow, probably ending Saturday morning. Colder tonight wl(li lowest temperatures 16 to 20. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 55, minimum '33, cloudy with rain and sleet total- Ing 351 Inches according to Samuel F. Norrls, official weather ob^ server. •

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