Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on May 29, 1964 · Page 8
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 8

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1964
Page 8
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g ?f.lDAY, MAY 29, 1964, Uke Charles AiMtieaa Cash and Carry Offers The Best In Building Needs Compare quality and price and you'll agree the only place lo buy lumber and hardware is at Cash and .Carry Lumber Sales al 1245 Prien Lake Road. Cash and Carry does not sell culls or rejects, seconds or closcoufs. They do not take surplus material and pass it on to you. The materials you purchase from Cash and Carry are lop quality, major brands. How do they offer such prices? C. E. Phillips owner of Cash and Carry Lumber Sales buys direct from the manufacturer in boxcar or Iruck loads. A fleet of company owned trucks bring the materials direct to Lake Charles cutting out expensive freight charges and the middlemen dealers. All of the savings are then passed on to you, the customer. Regardless of what you need in the line of building materials you will be able to find it at Cash and Carry. Top quality paints, hardware, kitchen cabinets, built in appliances or whatever you need will be found at discount prices at Cash and Carry. Right now is the lime lo replace those old, worn out kitchen cabinets with some of the beautiful new prefinished maplewood cabinets from Cash and Carry. The cabinels are ready lo hang and are complete with hardware and pre-formed laminated plastic tops to give you years of carefree use. Best of all, the low, low price at Cash and Carry will surprise you. If you desire, Cash and Carry will send a representative to your home to make an eslimate on the cabinets you need. „ , ... ., , . . i the kid bas'ebalf programs and lettering or company design put To go along with the cabinets, you need a letter pHut * n a cap it on tne lmirorrn . START — Marie Scoggins of Ace Bowlihg Supply prepares to letter a baseball cap on the speed lettering machine. The fast service can be performed while you wait and the number of designs and colors available is almost unlimited. FINISH — Here are some examples of what Marie Scoggins at Ace Bowling Supply can do with the speed lettering machine. Any design that can be transformed to a silhouette can be put on most any type of material. Fast, Beautiful Lettering Service For Ml Types of Uniforms And Personal Articles Available At Aoe Bowling Supply Looking for fast, beautiful, ac- : service, the designs that are curate lettering service? ; available are almost endless. Well, you can quit looking be- j Anything that can be trans- cause it's available in Lake formed to a silhouette can be Charles at Ace Bowling Supply ' put on u n i f o r m s, clothing, at 2727 Highway 1-1. , towels or any personal effects. Regardless of the type of let-; Thei ' e is almost an unlimited tering service you nee'd you will number of colors available for find it available at Marie and designs and lettering and you Bo Scoggins' Ace Bowling Sup- •• ca " always be assured of the ply house. very best lettering service avail- man in this area when it comes j Ace Bowling Supply so there to fitting a bowling ball to the is no long wait for the complete individual hand of a bowler. service. If your score isn't what it should be the chances are a new ball especially fitted by Bo Scoggins will acid the pins to Trophies for all sport i n g events are also available at Ace Bowling Supply at the lowest cost possible. your game to put you in thc ; And if you own a billiard money. table or would like w own one Another service offered by then Ace Bowling Supply is the Ace Bowling Supply that many j company lo see. Sporls, industrial or personal """'" ""y" 1 "-' 11 -'- clubs and organizations are find- ' Any repairs your lable may leltering service on all types ln addition to the speert let- < j ng convenient is thc plaque need can be made by Ace Bowl- of material is available without tcnn « service, regular embroid- and trophy service. ing Supply, the dealer for the the usual long wait if you use erv ' cl tcring is also available jj vour ^^ - tS p] an ning on i famous Brunswick pool lable. the new speed lettering serv- a * Acc Bowling Supply. honoring officers then a plaque [ • Cue tips can be repaired at ice offered by Ace Bowling Sup- Any business firm that uses | from Ace Bowling Supply would , Ace Bowling or if you need new ply. uniforms of any type should be ideal for the occasion. The; cue sticks for your table just For instance, if you happened consult with Marie or Bo Scog- plaque can be beautifully in- call Marie or Bo Scoggins and to have a youngster in one of : gins about having the necessary ] scribed with script lettering by they can fill that order loo. PANELWEAVE — The home of V. T. Lisoita at 1415 Seventh St. is set off by the beautiful panelweave chain link fencing by Hercules Fence Co. Numerous designs and colors are avail- able from Hercules to add beauty and protection to your home. Call Hercules Fence Co. today and let them give you a free estimate. Cash and Carry has the Caloric- will take you less than a min More and more industrial Panelweave Fencing By Hercules Fence Co. Will Add Beauty and Protection To Your Home Privacy, lasting protection, les was an immediate hit with, Southwest Louisiana who found and beauty are synonymus for ch.- ! n link fence owners. The j Hercules Fencing the solution to Hercules panel weave fencing. Annoyance is put in its place with the use of panelweave fencing by Hercules. The slides stalled in ing is equipped :aluminum used in thei'protection, privacy and pets, weave are available In a vari- ic-ty u" c o 'i o r s that can be grouped together in any corn- line of builit-in appliances. : ute to ge f thc service at Ace . firms arc finding lhere is no The cost on a new built-in i Bowling Supply. long wait and the inexpensive oven, surface cooking unit and j Now after tne letter is put service offered bv Ace Bowling caddy box lo go along wilh the | on y° u don't nave to worry Supply is just what the doctor new cabinets in your home will i aoout 4t coming off because the ; ordered for bringing the com- be extremely moderate at Cash I onl y wa y its g° in S to be re ' pany name before the public. f —. * ' ____»*_!_ ._ •_- . i • f~\£ .__._. * . _ r* i: .. fi and Carry. I To The See Cream Parlor Are you troubled by a "sweet' Just take the whole family in tooth?" to the ICE CREAM PARLOR If you are then you can end ancl let them sit down and have ; moved is by removing a portion Of course, Ace Bowling Sup-1 troubles wilh a tri to a .., icking good » time i of the cap. ply also carries a compete line :, lumwFST 1PF f'KFAM Drop by Cash and Carry's big j An entire team's caps can be of bowling supplies. You'll find PART OR nt mi i FntPrnrkP : Thc ICE CREAM PARLOR store at 1245 Prien Lake Road j lettered in just a short while the famous Brunswick line at {^ulOTard Lei|lbt : serves Midwest Inc. creanl prod- and let them show you why they and if you need lettering on thc Ace Bowling Supply as well as are the only place in Southwest shirts that will be finished the many other top names Jn the Louisiana to buy your building same day. needs. With this new speed lettering the aluminum you of complete privacy. through redwood, beige, polar Lake Charles Businessmen Have Discovered Petroleum Flight Training Will Save Time In Travel For Business wllite > I Thet modern business man is has given up the nerve-wrack-! his family or hobbies. ' - - J -For five estimates on vour . nets exclusively. You will find Ice cream is thc All-Ameri- your favorite sundae, ice cream, business. can favorite and you will nev- drink or ice crem novelty Bo Scoggins is the top crafts- cr eat better ice cream than, served deliciously jusl Ihe way that served al the ICE CREAM you like it. '• Little cowboys and cowgirls When you visit the ICE will also find the original want- CREAM PARLOR there is no ed posters on display fascinal- standing around and waiting to i n S- become a pilot. .Regardless of, be served. You walk in sit down . The which ^ ^ feS^SSSSTF^s anli f^proble™ c..l Uy Herthe addition of panelweave adds culL>s offlL ' e al HE 6 ' 4306 a n d that extra touch of beautv and • JI ' .. '' . , — • • —w O «.-~.. nj^n.^ttk.i.F^.Ti wv,i\- : mo luiiuiv \JL iiuuiJit-n. ui i, 1/1 u\- ci miui>. i i.«- £-,t~»' »•*»*• »-'o *•"• ; , . * 11_ • i i J. J It UUMUI rj \V 11 It, 11 Ucllt- UciCK mist green and pastel pink. .now turning to the airways for ing strain of driving and check with PETROLEUM where vour business may re- a ™ relax "J ^ e spacious clean L O 18fi » WJ1 , intriguing ~ " f - —• takcs to the air for relaxing FLYERS for inform^on on our quire you to RO in^heUnitedI; ^ .and ^*J'« Cloven to mom'and dad a? Ihf Miller --„ -- --•--,•>. lllK Miam OI UI1VIIIU anu nOW v/nctJV nun rii i mjLii^uivi unuiu vuui uuaint-on JIIOJT ic- ; . . • ,. . • uj ionu \\m prove iniriBUlllC pansion of his business.;,, ( , . . rc i axine FLYERS for information on our quire you to RO in the United : jntcnor and then dig m to the! to mom and dad as the ntly, Holly Heard re-l » KCS ^ ™ «'/°' ' ™f.'executive flying course. Per- States or Mexico, PETROLEUM, best sundae, ma t, milk shake or, liul oncs reliv e ti lc days wlS his private pilot's license frc edom of flying and arrives j sonal ^5^^ and attention FLYERS can provide, the! dish of plain ice cream you thc t s 3 U1C Udys ; will utilixe this ncwlviat his destination fresh for his K,, „,„. ov ™^ ir^-t^^tnrc. ™^i- 0 r,,,-,-^ .^A n r .^t * n ronson. have ever eaten. privacy. Panelweave fencing was inlro- owners asked what could be • . .•.. •!• i • i • - r I t • |^ J *-'J*'-***Jtoi.iwv.i"ivMiOum_i *-» vi-v^ii LIUII iiJiiJin^ vnn j^i*«»*»j».i v».%* [ and he will utilize this newly,at his destination fresh for his by our expert j nstrU ctors make service and a cost so reason- 'i ave ever eaten. Harris own ' u'° n P nv l} e 8 e , in his real estat e I business appointment. He is j tnis course simp]e ef f ccl i ve and ab | c its hard to believe, ridirih, o\\ n- business by taking aerial photo- finding out that the use of the j un ' graphs and showing prospeclive! aircraft for the expansion of panelweave Do like ' settle for buyers Ihe potential of our area. Brock Lawes, distributor for has recently pur- chain link fencing. Hercules introduced panel- weave to solve this problem for home owners. , The installallon of the high grade aluminum panels by factory trained experts of Hercu- of his business saves valuable time for his company and gives him more time for leisure with For charter trips anywhere was recently opened under new The ICE CREAM PARLOR .CRpAJff^pSfnn 5 ' ^ H .,„ „„„„„*!„ j „„,] t-KkAM PARLOR at 1015 If you are a business man you or for the best in flight i'nstruc- management at the location ill find our charter service, lions, call PETROLEUM FLY- formerly known as Watson's. FENCE SPECIAL 48" Chain-Link Fence Fabric (50' ROLLSi 22c PER FOOT \Ve also have a complete wholesale price on materials for qualified retailers, dealers and contractors. Call HE 6-4306 for Intimate Hercules Fence Co, 3004 Kirkman St. STANLEY'S ffl PHOTS Headquarters THE LARGEST SELECTION OF USED AUTO PARTS IN SOUTHWEST LA. *l\ •^ Motors 4S.OO up Transmission, 19.95 up Radiators ... 15.00 up Starters 4.95 up Generators ., 4.95 up Brake Drums . 5.00 up Rear Axel Shafts 5.00 up Water Pumps 2.50 up Voltage Regulars ... 3.50 up Carburetors .. 3.50 uo Brake Shoes . 1.95 up Used Tires .. 1.95 up Over 4 Acres Of Used Parts to Choose From All Makes and Models See "Stan The Ports Man 1 ' 300 Highway 171 At Overpass 433-1086 membership a Cessna 172. Lawes will use j this plane for making numerous trips to outlying communities in his district. Distances lhat would have required several days to cover by ground transportation is now covered in a matter of hours by air. A third local business man who has found flying the answer to increasing business is Elwood Reames, archite c t. Reames uses the aircraft for trips to cities as far away as Dallas, Houston and Baton Rouge. Inslead of driving six to seven hours to Dallas, Reames can fly lo Dallas, do a day's business and be back in his office in the late afternoon, proving the usefulness and the saving of time in flying your own Cessna aircraft. The modern business man will to your liking until you can'ERS at 477-7044. Enterprise Boulevard and give the family a real treat. You'll find plenty of parking space 2-L« as; ,± r .rL/, «iCK- .dSh-^ Petroleum Flyers OFFERING COMPLETE 24 Hr, Air Taxi and Charier Service — ALSO — AfRIAl PHOTOGRAPHY F.A.A. APPROVED ; MAINTENANCE & PARTS SERVICE INSTRUMENT COURSE f HOT SHOT DELIVERY SERVICE FLIGHT SCHOOL GROUND SCHOOL AIR AMBULANCE Petroleum W Flyers L. C- Municipal Airport 477-7044 SEE MAX FOR HOME BUILDING AND REPAIRS AND GENERAL MAINTENANCE MAXJNE FONTENOT Building Contractor GR 7-2596 chef with the Alsonett Hotel chain, is the new owner and manager of the ICE CREAM PARLOR and with this wide experience he knows exactly how to prepare the ice cream dishes that will satisfy everyone. Mom and Dad will find the ICE CREAM PARLOR a lot more satisfactory way to give the children ice cream when they are out for a ride. You no longer have to sit in the car and try to teed all of the little ones in the back and front seats, Balls by BRUNSWICK (95 Complete "READY TO ROLL" Bowling Supply 477-3700 2727 Ihvy. 11 NEW FLYERS — John R. Henry, far right, president of Lake Charles Petroluem Flyers is shown presenting solo trophies to three prominent busi- nessmen. Receiving the trophies from Henry are. left to right, Holley Hqard, realtor; Brock Lawes. Jax Beer distributor and Elwood Reames, architect. ICE CREAM • SODAS • SUNDAES • MALTS • SHAKES • BANANA SPLITS Ol'JiN DAILY & SUNDAY. 10 A.M. TO 10 P.M. ICE CREAM PARLOR 1015 Enterprise Blvd. Phone 436-9234 SKI- MASTER "15" RAZOJRBACK SKIMASTEB 15 65 MEKCURY ELECTRIC TRAILER ACCESSORIES SAVE §300 — #OW $1660 KEG. $ 795 REG. $ 980 REG. $ 145 REG. $ 40 REG. $1960 OoJy Marine Dealer Opes 6 Days a Week HE 9-4029 Merely Dealer 907 Shell Beach Drive - ALL PRICES FOB YARD - Ix8.\'i" Plywood (good one side) per sheet S3.46 12/2 Romex—Plastic coated, 250' rolls per roll $8.10 4x8x> j" Sheetrock (F.O.B. Yard) J54.00 Ifer M Utility Kiln Dried Fir — 2x4 »^ru 2x12 8' thru 16' lengths $85.00 Jfer M 21".\32" Double Bowl White Enamel Sink §9.99 Stainless Steel Siak, size 21" x 22" (Complete \»itn trim) :^39.48 Mobile Titanic Outside White Paint — Fume proof — Mildew Treated Per Gallon $3.98 3" Fiber Glass iosulatioo $17.00 .per M 1 point 121/s gauge Ileavy Barbed Wire $7.75 pifr roll BUILDING MATERIALS AT SPECIAL PRICES Many other items to choose from at GASH 8 GARRY LUMBER SiLES 1245 E. Prien Lake Boad GE H986 DRIVB ALL SUMMER! with a AUTO AIR CONDITIONER McFILLEN CONOCO nth & Enterprise ei Your MARK IV Distributor

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