The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 12, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 12, 1950
Page 13
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,TTIT,V 5950 OUT OUR WAY By J.R.Williams BLt'l'HBVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople PAGE THfKlBBM LET 'EM S6E-SAW TOO MUCH, WES--WAIT AM' I'LL SHOW VOU HOW TO KEEP TH' LOOP FROM SLIPlW AROUNP TH' SADPLE HORM SO MUCH/ WE CAHT TftKe A VACATIOM AT RWERA £ffV COSTS MORE THAW A COLLEGE 6PEND6 FOR A GRADe-A _ HE'D PUT -TUe BITE U6.AMD rye FIGURED ALL. MY DOUGH T>OVJKJ To TWE LAST BEAD OF WftMPUM ' / FIR'ST VOO'D SETTER.I I SHOW ME HOW TO ) KEEP,THE SADDLE SLIDING ACOUKU Trte HORSE SOMUCHJ LET'S COP A WE'LL 6WOSE <JLMCT AS "FREE WHEEL1M& _. Political Announcement The Courier News has b«en )?.cd to announce the loJlowmg can- tiidiites, subject to the Democratic July 25 and AuguM 8. rjniar FOR COUNTV Roland Green K STATE RErKKSENTATIVE U H Au try Ke-ck'ClJOi) Post No 3 John .1 Cowan Kenneth S Sulcer Tost No 2 Albert A. Banks Post NO 2 E. C. "Gene" Flecman (For re-election Post No, *) W P Wells For State Senator W R Nicholson J. Lee Beardcn SUKRTFF-ANI) COLLECTOR Osce Nunnally William Berryman Plane Thief Minus Plane VORBA LINDA, Calif. <AP) — Arvid Morris Smith had his wings clipped—figuratively, that Is. HG arrived at the airport, and 15 OFF On Your Coleman FLOOR FURNACE If You Install It Before July 3)st D« It Now! Save money, be ready for winter before the rush. And get the famous Coleman that gives you Automatic Heat—Glean Heat—Warm- Floor Heat Se« A Demonstration Todoy Chas. S, Lemons Furniture Copyright 1950 by NEA Service, Inc. D XII Here's One Way To Save Money P Expert Service HflLTCRS )URLITY SHOC SHOf 111 vt. MAIN ST. |USTY RIIODKS eyed Brownie solemnly. "You say you're a horse thief, but you ain't. Horse thieves are all bad, and you ain't." Hrownie's eyes were on the floor and he didn't reply. Lillle Doc answered for him: "Ile'U take the job. Dusty." "I won't be hirin' a horse thiet u-hcn 1 put you on. Brownie," said Dusty. "Those' were my horses that Long Andy took and your job is to lake them back to the Rockin' R horse camp on Beaver Creek. There's a good cabin there and a bunch of horses to look after. In fact, I've been look-in' for a married man to hold down that horse cnmp." Dusty shoved his hand in his pocket and pulled out a Dstful ol crumpled bank notes. "Here. Send for your wife and baby to come to Wolf Point, she can get whaj she needs to set up housekeepin' at the Mercantile and charge it to the Kockin' II. I can square things with you later. She'll want to fix the piaco up." Brownie looked as if he were going to cry. "There, now Brownie," Dusly consoled. "Don't thank me. Little Doc's the man to thank. Now hightail it and send a telegram to that wife of yours." After Brownie left, Dusty held out some bills to Uttle Doc. "Here's what 1 owe 3>DU T Doc." "Good gosh, Dusty! It's an awful shock to have a patient pay ime in cash!" Litlle Doc helped Dusfy into his : clcnn shirt and shoved him out ol 'the door. • • • ; r rWO small boys came into the waiting room after Dusty left. One of them held a small, black and white spoiled puppy ol indefinite pedigree in his hand. The other youth held oul a few pen- nies to Doc. "Spotty got his fool caught in a gopher trap. Doc," sal the youth holding the dog. "We're kinda partners in Spotty," the second boy said. He held the pennies closer so Doc could count them. "Here's seven cents. If that ain't enough, we'll work out the rest of iL We're strong for our age. Doc." Doc wiped off a grin and lifted the pup from the boy's arms to his table. He washed the bloody paw and examined iL "No bones broken," he said in his hesl bedside manner. 'TI swab off the paw. hut there's no use putting on a bandage. He'd only chew it off and swallow it. And keep your pennies. I've already had a patient pny me today and 1 couldn't stand the shock of getting two cash deals in one day. Besides, vou'll need the money for soda pop, and I've got two bits that'll only go through Ihe hole in my pocket." He gave the boys the quarter. The iwo boys beamed and left with the puppy. Later, Dusty and Kit came over lo lake Doc out to supper at the Chinaman's. Kit spread a bis catalog from a surgeon's supply company on the table. "Pick oul what you need; Doc," said Dusty. "Shoot the works. Later on you and Kit can work out the plans she has for turnin' the hotel her father left her into a hospital. You can move your oflice over there when il's finished." A FTER supper they went to Kit's house and talked until long after midiiighL Kit insisted on slaying on her job lo help Litlle Doc until he found a nurse to take over hut Kit and Dusty planned their wedding right after the calf roundup. That evening Dusty'"lef1 to go back to his roundup and Little Doc walked back to his oflice alone. Old Dad and Shep woke up and bade him goodnight. But after he turned in. aj tired as he was. sleep would not com* for Litlle Doc. Back Bast seemed a long, long way off and hall forgotten. Kit and her understanding had helped him across the roughest stretch ol the road and he. in turn, hod been her friend when she was in need of one. Thinking of Kit and Dusty married and hnppy. brought a smile into hii heavy lidded eyes. The Westbound went through Wolf Point without stoppin^. The bell clanged and the locomotive whistle shattered the silence of the summer night. • The porter George and the same conductor were on the train and they 'had given the engine crew orders to dang the bell and blow the whistle at Wolf Point, to let Little Doc know they remembered him. The last sounds of the locomotive whistle wailed into the dying echoes and the wolf howl chorus picked it up, and then there wa» only the silence of the night. Little Doc's black leather bag was now shabby and leather sculled, and the memory of the girl who had given it to him, was gone, leaving no heartache or bitterness. Here at Wall Point, John Sand, M. D., had corne into his own. He was a cow country 'doctor who now belonged in the West He knew that be would always stay here. His patients were building him a hospital and he had the friendship of ihe whole cow country. His heart was at peace and he had high hopes. When h« looked out the window the stars came down low and within reach for Little Doc. THE END found that thieves had stripped his airplane of mast of the removable part. 1 ;, including: propeller, tail wheel and tires, radio and microphone, compass, a window pane, even hb> dark glasses. BILL GODWIN SPORTING GOODS Scnll-Atwiter Outboard Mo•or—"the new motor with the shift." Arkansas Traveler aluminum boats Jimmic "JB" marine plywood hoats Bitrhficue Pits—easy lo assemble H'ilson athletic equipment Wilson tennis balls and ra«- qutts Badminton »etj—Shuttlecock* Phone 6762 421 W. Main RENT A CAMERA FOR VACATION Special Low Vacation Kales Barney's Drug West Main— Phone 3647 WHY WAIT? Remodel Now — No Money Down Now you can fix up your home—or even build a garage—on a low inlcrcst KHA loan with easy monthly payments. No mortgage required. "Why wail? Call Builders Supply today. BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. INC South Highway 61 Phone 2434 ILOANS CARS, TRUCKS Real Kstate & FUA (United Insurance Agency A. T. (I)cel Dietrich, MITT. Main—Krai Cit) Ormi BlylhtTllle Ar» SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Cuslom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil. mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South lirondway Phone 2651 * We're Proud of Our Work e work » Woodwork cturing 9 Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Machine work .Manufacturing FARM LOANS Unlimifcri Funds— Attractive Terms A Complete Mortgage Service UNITKD SERVICE & RKSEARCH, INC. Rl Madison BWjc.. Memphis, Tennesse* GKORCF. O. VATKS. Re|>. Blvlheville, Ark.tnsu FOR SALE Concrete olrrrU IZ Inch U> « Inch plain ot reinforced Al»» Concrete Katldlng Klork> cheaper lhan fambet for barat ehlrfcen hoBses, p«mp hflvAel. tenant houses tool shfdi We 4ell?er Call «> tot tree estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. SAVE NOW On Used Cars & Trucks SPECIAL 1949 Slndebaker Land Cruiser Demonstrator, verj tow milt- afte, radio, heater, overdrive while sirfewall tires,~nylon op- holslery . , Bermuda Green $1795 !'J50 Dodge '/ 2 -Ton I'ickup ...only 7,700 ac(ua] miles, like new. ..$1195. l919CKevrolel '/ 2 -Ton i'ick- »p.. .an exceptionally clean truck...$995. 1!)I9 Sfudcbakcr '/i -Ton I'ickup. . .very low mileage, like new. . .$1095. 1938 Ford '/j-Ton Pickup.. 8,000 miles on new motor, a Rood truck. . .$295. 1S.'i8 International '/,-Ton I'icknp...has bl s of good miles yel.. .$195. AND MANY MORE! Chambiin Sales Co. *V««r rrtrndlj Slndebakrr Deafer " R.R. * Ash Phon« 6888 Two of a Kind STlfF OF OAMES/ I'M TELUN' VA / WHY DOM'r YOU TAME HER? 'It's time you had a serious talk with Junior—now he's playing hooky from the supervised playground!" PHJSCILLA'S I'OI From One Who Knows »¥ A I, VEUMEEH BONDS ARE. THF. WORLD'S SAFEST INVESTMENT! AMD THEY'LL COME IN HANDY WHEN GET MARRIED 1 I'LL BET NO GIRL EVER TALKS ME INTO GETTING MARRIED { I'LL TAKE THAT BET! YOU'RE TO PUT THAT'S EVEN A SAFER INVESTMENT -. THAN I. BONDS! Ready and Waiting HY i\l!CHAF,I. O'IMAl I.KY and RALPH LAN1 SO THIS IS WHAT A MILL WHEEL lOOKS UXE FBOM THE INSIDE. PRETTY ^ GREASY. $ EASY DOES IT NOW. lf= t DON'T IOOKS IIKE I GOT UP HERE JUST IN TIME. SURPRISE MBS. KYLE, THEY C4N STAET SENDING POSES Hull Has No Choice «Y I.KSUB TURNER AIN'T GOT NO TIME TO PULL VOJ Our. MUTE. I — PUT DOWN IHfVTGUU! I'M IN ft HUtfR-V, TOO, PAL! BACK UP AND TURM AROUND! WHV, TOO BLDOMIN'SWSBI/SIT DOWN. 1011 THERE AIN'T NO MftU OM/UI5SIMS LINK! ONE EE. SEA WOT KIN I FM.SE MODE MJD III GIUE OL' BULL DftWSON V PLUG VOU 60IU1 NOW OKDEES! I'LL— SLOWLV...WHOft! NOW TIB OL1E BUMPER TOGETHEE1 VOU'RE GONMft HELP ME PULL 1HKU THIS SMJD TILL WE> HIT GOOD EOftDSl DAWSOH AND PftNCHiT* GURGI", STOP BESIDE THE THE SAFE IS HIDDEN FROM VIEW BUGS BUNNY CAN I HAVE ANOTHER I NO I ICC CREAM CONE. -/ VA'VE BUSS? i srrut. -fUAO FIVE ftOT A. DIME ! ./ / ALREADV! VA'LL SET f'S ALL. I WANTA. KNOW! I!Y V. T. I1AMLIN HOW is rr -ADD KKiOW CAESAR'S ...BUT THIS CAMPAIGM, ' • AMP HISTORY,/ IN FORUM •OUR FIRST IN BRITAIN, W1UU NOT GRACE THB , f^^ LOU&GC RGH. OF V S^VDUR TRIUMPHS. 1 ,~. —•. c: WA^ WRITTEN! TWO THOUSAMt? CAESAR AS/ -,OU HAVE NO HAS ARMOR THAT'LL HOOTS AND HKH UUDOIKS ,GfV=> V\GW<=> OF? l . S?i&r-»fei»^sS

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