The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 27, 1934
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Served by t fie United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS : —___J[!!!^"^ TMmwAWOT ^^ • J -l-*-J ?T O VOL. XXXI—NO. 181 BlytHertlte D»ily Nowt Blythertlle Ocurttr Ml- tppl Vellcy Leader BlythcriUe Hertld HOME EDITION v SATURDAY, OOTOUKK w, mi PROBE '1 £? Huey's' Expedition Reaches Nashville TENNESSEE PUTS ^ " " ' ~ ^ •LEU 0.1 ON Crowds Jam Streets as Louisiana Senator Arrives for Game NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 27 (UP)—Senator Huey Long and his Louisiana State University foot..hall expedition landed in Nashville with a whoop at 10 11. m. today. The Kingfish jumped from the train and gave one of four pretty Tennessee slate employes. a big kiss when she handed him'a commission as deputy slate game warden to legalize his ariiied guards, brought along to keep order on'the six trains of Louisiana cadets and students. Planked by two Louisiana state police, who always accompany him, the senator jovially greeted Mayor Hilary Howse and Ralph Perry, Farmer Returns Home to Find House Stolen RUSSELLVILLE, Ark., Oct. 27 (U P)—Henry Micmerstrof. fnrmcr, 15 miles northwest of .Kl.issellvilte, was looking for his new fqur- rcom house loduy. While he was away from home ycslcrday thieves dismantled the frame house and hauled it away on wagons. When he returned last night he found only (he fou'ri- di'.tion of what . had been his house. Wagon tracks lending from the farm gave him Ihe only clue. Typifying the SpinioCibe 11 S. Navy Governor Hill Mc- jammed the streets Kecrelary to Altsfer. Spectators _._ and repeatedly broke through the line of motorcycle cops.' Tennessee slate police we're slow In clearing the crowd for the parade and Long impatiently took charge himself. "Get that truck out of the' way," lie ordered a driver who had been carrying newsreel photographers in front of him. Made Memphis Famous MEMPHIS. Oct. 21 (UP)-Modest ' Huey, TLong, the Louisiana Ki t ' Huey, ingfish, /fto " , ftold. his Louisiana State " •~~"'5*"'l'>/i 1-u.tu. ilia x-rtjuji-iaiiii oiai University" students hefelCday ini Memphis was famous "because I once lived-here." The stormy Louisiana 'senator leading 8,000 L. S. U. students and supporters on six .special trains/to Nashville for the L. S. U.-Vaiidy game, came here In 1911 and married here in 1913. The L. S. U. expedition passed through here shortly before dawn. Eight-Point Buck Killed Near Rives, Dunklin Co. • KENNETT, Mo.-Charles Clark of Bernie killed Ihe jjrst deer of the season in tills county Thursday afternoon when he brought diwn an 8-point buck with a shot thru' •the right shoulder. He and others from Stoddard county making up a party hunting south of Rives, brought the fat young buck into Kennett and stored him at the ice plant. Dressed but not skinned, the deer weighed 200 pounds. Tlie tip of its left antler was broken off, but otherwise the animal seemed to be a perfect specimen. It is reported that a goodly number of deer have been seen in the seclion in and around Rives this particular kill being made about two miles south of Rives. Pope Will Rule Monday on Consolidation Plan LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 21 (UP) — Ally. Gen. Wnlter L. Pope said today he will give an in , Monday on Ciov. J. M. Futrell's iw J", 11 reBardl »B « proposed consolidation of the women's penal Snin^l^"^' — 'r'rZnon^ mT «n -»!" " r °, LC5t llas bec " made by socia workers against placing [lie 'hardened criminals" with the young girls' in thc school here. Mother of Mjrs. Womack at Morrilton, Ark. The Rev. and Mrs. W. V. Womack were called lo Morrillton, Ark., late yesterday on account of the death of Mrs. Womack's mother. Mrs. Stevens Bonar. 'who died at Die home of Mrs. J. G. Moore of Morrillton. Burial will be made at Bentonville Sunday morning. Immediate. Purchase Power Properties m Tennessee Authorized •'NASHVILLE.' Tenn., Oct '27 vu P)—The Tennessee Valley Authority today, -won, a • legal battle ' in Tennessee supreme court will enable the agency" quire immediately power ties In east Tennessee. •'. Chief flusiice Grafton Green Srantcd a writ of swpersedeas lo """ representatives. The writ TVA . set aside a stay order filed in county circuit court yesterday blocking proposed sale of 56,280,100 of power holdings, including the Knoxville distributing system, by Tennessee Public Service company to the TVA. The acquisition by Ih'e TVA bi privately-owned ' utility ' properties at aAd near- Knoxvllle-fhe first large .'city to invite,' the TVA "yard- stiCk-*rfai<;s— was 'approved' Friday ?«,,', ° Slate Rnilr ° ad »'«i Public Utilities commission, but' immediately the court, action', was staYt- f, t! " ^" block .the traivs QecWlng Ihat thc "sole question 1 before it was "(he' fjuestioh of the public Interest"— whether users of electricity in; the territory will continue to get proper 'service at reasonable rates, either through operation of the property by the TVA or eventually by the munici- palnies— the commission relegated to courts all legal and coiistilu- questions that had been ..j,. „ ui|i itjg t, 1:l ; HUVUlll ment oftlcials Ihe most typical linval portrayal ;mr! that it Bon .. Navy Depart- sets the "spirit for Navy Day celebrations.' Parents Await Word From Missing Youth LEPANTO, Ark.—J 8nd Mrs , . rs Smith. Payne, living ,, e nr i.epanto n Mississippi county, are anxious- awaiting some "word of , son; Alfred, win - -- from their home reeks ago. theit > dis- three '= , sllor l> sandy-haired youth last seen in the company ol I'lnerant cotton pickers. The h had been lo town ths day or h, s disappearance and drawn S 25 and bought a suit of clothes »i'l returned ),ome and left the 7h a ", d Cl °' hins at IlMle ' J the house ami has not been tr « P™<»- t farmer in this section. js live oiT$lo7 Month at UniversitjCo-op Club , Ark. (UP)— Arkansas co-eds live r, County B.Y.P.U. Will Meet at Second Church The Mississippi county B. Y. '• u - association uill meet next Thursday evening at the SeconJ nvw ^ lcrc « : o clock. The program will be glv- > by the B. Y . ,,. o of BI|W Bapn.,1 church sororities last Temporary Injunction Blocks New Ci,jar Code i Support California Dem' bcratic Nominee LOS ANGELES, Oct. 27. (UP) — Upton Sinclair "today accused Geo Creel'oj bad faith nnd bade him a curt goodbye; Sinclair's associates accused Creel of selling out lo Wall Street; Sinclair's enemies hailed Creel's repudiation of Sinclair's gubernatorial candidacy on the Democratic ticket ns definitely endin» any possibility of a Sinclair victors'. Creel, war lime propaganda chief and closest to'Sinclair in th" D-in- ocratic gubernatorial primary, "repudiated his agreement to work f«r Sinclair's election on the grounds that Sinclair had failed to abid" by an agreement to modify his fv mous EPIC plan. California's Hard I,uck NEW YORK. Oct. 27. (UP)—"it's . ; , ""••" »"" "ere iviiiun hard luck for California no matter " im " es of obtaining a record bi'cak- whtch one is elecled," George Creel "5 Sllm mrc "light red handed war lime Rovcniment publicity man ' : , y by I wlicc with the aid of the declared today. He was referring' ""f l'™s!dcnfs son. •o the gubernatorial election con-!, - , " vc s " rr endered without ob- Gas Tax Collections j for October Are Dpi LITTLE ROOK,'Oct. 27 (UP)—' 1 Gasoline tax collections for October to dale mounted to $G92,063, an increase of nearly $00,000 over —iSct^SS'";!;:;? 1 ^ Seek Delusion 6f 'Charts Showing Manipulation of Utilily Stocks/ CHICAGO, Oct. 27 (UP) — Attorneys /or Samuel Instill and his 16 nssociules. on trial In federal court on mail fraud charges', today launched a bitter attack-on the testimony of (he giv=rimient's slur witness, Assistant Attorney General Harold Huling. Hilling, a blunt-spoken expert accountant, who spent two years filggiiig into thc. ruins of the Insull utility debacle, charged that thc stock of Corporation Securities company was "watered" and tltnt the company ncv er showed a penny of profit which would warrant large dividends. Floyd E. Thompson, former Illinois supreme court justice and attorney for the gray-haired Into have Hilling's revel , revealed (oday Last October the. department collected 5036(542. Tlie added hair-cent tnx for bond refunding and automobiles returned to use because of reduced 1 cense taxes were credited with thc increase in revenue Mm FOILED Police Catch Five Bandits With Aid of Carolina Banker's Son WENDELL, N. C., Oct. 27 (UP)- * •^.J?* r ? bbers «*° "'ore within «>"• _«"*« a i" illltt, churls of "the rise and fall ol test between Governor Merriam and ' J ai " !n « m >>' of the $500,000 reported T /nton Sinclair. '" "" ' ~" "What California is going to have to do is to form a salvage corps mid get what it can out of a bad situation." >0 b= In the bank. Those arrested their mimes as ban-ton B. i, 36; Robert Fowler. 32' J. ^V.ilier, 3G; Eugene Albright, 32; • J. E. Johnson, 35, all of Rn". Another suspect was sought. Dead Negro Reported I Jurymen Chosen for Victim of Accident Tlie fatal inj urv of . n negro on Highway Cl near Steels, Mo., some time Thursday night wns not In- entional but accidental, the Cour- cr News was Informed today by ~ man whose name was not said he the car that .. * Borrow l ° *** S ° M price fixing provision of the code, sinned but who ii (he wheel. of truck the negro. The Courier News' informant 'aid details of Ihe occurrence coidd be obtained from a Steelt, Mo., officer but n long distance :etophcne call to the Slcele chief of police only brought a statement from that officer Ihat he knew nothing about the afTair. Yesterday's account ol the n".- 810s injury staled that mystery "Unoiiiided thc event. Today's development did not clear up the mystery nnd Arch Lindscy, local iwuiity sheriff,..who said he made n trip into Missouri to investigate the occurrence, still could shed no lijht on Ihe afTair. The'negro died in n local hospital. Richefti Will Fight , Missouri Extradition Pemiscot Court Term — .u.iu.jii;, \io.— Petit jurors for the November term of circuit court, which will convene here Monday, NOV. 19 are- Pemkcot township-Bland wit- mis, Floyd Brooks; alternates, Creed Wiseman, W. B. Grce.Hvav. ^ S '°f- Jlm Nenrts; alternate. Sam Wilson. Virginia: .Wesley uess V I Blackwell; alternates. Grady Lester, Faretle Cupples. f n T d J Albcrt Kllngensmilh, "^gens; alternates. Irvin Samples, H. Thompson. 1 F!o - vd M . R ' Wright, Ton, ""- " • -it n MU LIU I Insull" thrown out of court "These dcfendnnts can't draw pictures lo bewilder the jury Thompson said. "They must stand by thc facts." "Those charts were made from your own rccords-ihc records ol ^P° r , nti °" Securities," retorted Special Prosecutor Leslie Sailer hurts" ll " ntl thlit ' S what M. Grassfield, Aged Yarbro Resident, Dies !s will be • held resident of thc Yarbro ty. who died at 5 ,v. ,\f. two week's illness ,, wees ines of paralysis and heart trouble Services will be "°"'= conducted .v Ihe paste nr iii ii '' l[lc P" 5 '°r -v " '—•""••; IJVIKUIIS were Killed ui ine First Methodist church of n » (l '«'<> seriously injured today nn ™. b ' lrl!l1 w"l be made at * llc " « !c ? l™<* collided with . be In Eight Undertaking ccmpnny'wi charge. Little Ulver: A lex Crabtree, Mil- McCrory; nllenmtcs. J. T. •Warn O,. Oc Richetti. pal ton _ ------- 'Jl KUL'i Swift, Calvin scales Butler: noy Hurley; Ode Dauglierly alternate. -. Charles ford; alternates. R c . a o ares or; aernates. R c oopvn Pretty Boy) Floyd, will nght ex- , Fowlkes, John VanAusdal r ti-adl vnnfllls( "«'. C. , - , , to Missouri where he is Bmdurant. panted on murder charges, his at- i ll.iyti: Den Rcrf Clicsp05ky .""• t mu " Ml c ' a sons and two daughters.' Elaborate Burglar Alarm Protects 'Lindy' Trophies ST. LOUIS. (UP)-Thc Lindbergh trophy display here Is prolected by an elaborate burglar alarm. The system was suggested by the Chamber of commerce after three new medals presented to Mrs. Anne Morrow Lindbergh hart been added to the collection. The medals were from the National Geographic Society a bronze piece presented by the Women's Roosevelt Memorial Association for courage and endurance-, and a medal presented by thc Veteran's wireless Operator's Association for meritorious service performed when she and Colonel Uud- Aikansas School Districts Vaiy Greatly in facili- IIPS They .'Offer , I1Y TKI) 1|. MAI.OY UnlleO Press Sluff Corrcsiwnclfiii L1T1LE ROCK, Alk. (UI')-Ert- icatlonal offerings In the Arkan- ins public schools vary directly iroiraitlomil (o the assessed property values of the districts, O. c. Floyd, slate director of school law id nuance, explained lo thc United Press. Elegant Smile 192!) to $434,000,000 lust' year and Ihe school districts were the first to feel tlie effects. • ' A reform hits been suggested to place all the local school district taxes into one state fund for au apportionment that will jiimte one district as strong as the oilier. The reasoning- offered with (hat proposal Is that the slate has assured public school education and Uial children In one district should be given as adequate (raining as In another. -, The level.of education In Arkansas is;irregular, Floyd explained in simple simile, ••-,-..• ' • . "A leyee," he said, "is no more m election Irian its lowest point. In "order for the system to be valuable to -.the JntliK valley'-"the weak place.?—the low places—must he built' up cverf with thc high ones." ; .. The application "is recommended for Arkansas' education system In which one small district With only 101 enrollment' last year seeks permission to buittl a $20.000 building Irani revenue pouring iii from a power line, a gas line and a railroad running through the district while other less fortunate districts cannot open their schools There may have to be more revenue for Ihc "levelling" of the school "levee," educators admit Where it would come from lias puzzled -legislators. Many state officials and legislators admit privately that some form of sales tax appears inevitable but they slum responsibility of sponsoring such a measure that would tax thc "poor folks" the •same ns the rich. Tlie move would be political suicide, they believe. Advocates of the sales tax have pointed out one Instance where It would be just. City residents who live In rented apartments pay no school district tax, the advocates point out. and yet their children go to lax-supported schools. Another proposal has speculaled on u modified ad valorem tax SUD- ilcmented with some form of sales tnx. What thc answer is to thc closed schools, problem has educators and legislators thinking. They iren't exactly sure of Ihclr course flELOESi-flfll b'lt they of them say ... 'something lias to be done." Three Killed When Truck and Train Meet LOMDERTON, N. (UP)— Three C., Oct 27 were killed csmjleiy. The L Seaboard Airline freight train at ill a grade crossing near here. The dead: Henry Liles, 27, driv- Crassfield Is surrivcd by er ol H'e <™ck; S. M. Shennrd 'OnS mid tU-n rli,,r.1.l 1ft- XVillln Pir-L-nlf Tn*il'l nn _ nr ' Indian. -« „ ---- . bergh macic . j- their- famous world Pickett Locklcar, 25, ari All lived In Marlon, N. C., nnd were employed by n veneer plant. Drug Store at Cooler Robbed Early Friday STEELB, Mo.—Cooper's Pharmacy at Cooler was entered some time early Friday morning by burglars who took a quantity of cigarettes, other merchandise, and a baseball machine. Thc machine, torn to pieces and robbed, was found later. Entrance was gained by breaking thc glass of thc front door. The drag store.has operated a money exchange since 'the closing of tlie Bank of Cootcr but the vault holding tlie money was not disturbed. A quantity of Jewelry ancl olher valuable articles in showcases was untouched: Orders Extradition Abandonment of Man Divorced in Arkansas' LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 27 (UP)— Divorces granted under Arkansas' . s M ft -V.-.:«lvgr.ce i.i-.w iyl rj : . i}y.- jK I'endant Is absent ,or • ' Unrcpre-'' sowed by nttqrncys are void ciov, J. M. Futrell believes. i Governor .Futrell expressed this belief today.-aftei- he signed cxtcV dltlon papers for Northern LesJIc Powers to be returned' to NOI-- lolk, Va., and face charges ; of abandonment and noil-support lie cblalncd „ divorce In chancery, court here last week. His wife, Mrs. Lcilu n. .Powers, nl\t! S cs sh- was not represented at thc lieiir- ITER HEFUSU: OFSTEILP Federal Action May From Crossing of State Bouiidaiy TALLAHASSEE, Fla, Oct yf (Up)-Gov D.IVP scholtz lo-Jay ordered air Investigation Into the ynching or Claude, Ncal, negro slay-i- of a: while- ghl, in Jackson eoun- y early .(his morning. TALLAHASSEE, pia, oct 27 (IW-ClOY. D.HC Shollz called out the national guard today In Jick•""• county ,\vh crc it tt ns reported al dlsoulen, \\efc threatened following the lynching early this nornlng o| Claud Neal, negro slayer,of n \vhile girl Governor SholU ordered the Tnl- iahasscc machine gun company and Die Panama City Infantry unit of lie national guard lo mobill/e and >rocced lo Mai lamia vvheie a mob was reported to/be deteimmed to' obtain a negro alleged to have hll a man on the head with a bottle as n sequel lo the lynching of Neal MARIANNA, Fla Oct 27 (UP) -A group of unidentified men lo(Iny cut down (lie body of Claude veal, young negio, and removed it from Ihc com (house lawn where for homs it hud dangled from a tree, bullet loin nnd mutilated by an enraged north Floiida mob The body of Ncnl, confessed at-«. lacker and slayer of Lola Cannldy, 20-yenr-old Greenwood farm girl was hung from the tree shortly after midnight afler being dragged streets by • howling Governor Futrell, vexed by the increasing number of such cases warned that lie' will not permit Arkansas to become the haven for persons who go outside their home states for muck' divorces Raveuden Man and Two Companions Taken to Couniy Penal Farm A. Pcrrin of Raveuden. Ark 1 H oxlcalcd in municipal court yesterday and fine,, $100 . Pcrrl]1 » v « s "river of a car that collided with a machine driven by George p. Grcb president oT I he Blytheville Canning company, on Highway 81 at an early hour Friday morning r™*? of ,, Pcrrl "'s companions were found guilty of public drunkenness and nned $10. A third companion was not accused of any offense. flic youths are magazine salesmen The convicted (rlo was removed to « fere 1 '' farm fr ° m t Edgar Wade ,<m cured , MOO tor driving while drunk, the oftcnse allegedly, occurring at U-aehville , "rceny and forfeited a $3 Vbond. Tiie ungar Gin company, drew an through Ihc mobsnien. Taken From Alabama Jail Chief of Police Dan Boullett said today the body was brought here iUia Wtewu.l-'o-^r, -dumped In the yard of the 'slum girl's home Her 'athcr, Gcoige Cannidv, viewed thc-body mid was "satisfied," Boul- ct said. After taking Meal from the Brewton, Aln, Jnll the mob had Histlctl 'him to a i emote spot in .he ClmttalioDehle river swamps for execution Bullet aftei bullet' vris fired into his body after he' md been tortured and paits of his anatomy removed with crude plcmenls. An unconfirmed report Jacksonville slid department ui justice agents there planned an Investigation of the lynching since the mob committed a federal' .of*•' feme In classing a state line lo gtt the victim. Militia's Aid Kcfused - * At . Arcjidln Gov 'Dave ShoKz was reported to have authorized the state militia to be called out but wns loid by sheriff chambhss the Jackson county authorities were able to handle the situation^ Nenl was rushed across the state line to thc III en ton jail after he. had been hustled irom county 13 county In Florida to escape mobs! At Pensacoia, where he was held briefly, he signed a full confession After attacking the girl and beat- ng her into insensibility he re- nrncd to the scene, a pfe pen °on" ler father's . farm, . and ~: clubbed' • iicr lo death, according to his'' confession. He then .said he cover- ed her body with logs.' - Wife Granted Divorce ' from Marlen F. Pew RENO, Nev., Oct. 27 (UP)—Mrs Margaret S. Pew, of .New'-York' city, won an uncontcsted divorce oday from Marlen F. .Pew, •••itoV of, "Editor.-and Publisher," <-;s- paper trade publication, on .ier • charge of cruelty. •.''>. Thc Pews were married at Chicago April 14, 1911. ....-' on Robinson Extradition 518 fine for mlsuss of auto licenses'! NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct 27 (UP) "uc me enure fine: was suspended ir u - . s - Commissioner Julian H.' f license" fee. se ee. W. W. Wagner was fined $26 tor misuse of.nuio liccns;. ._ .' . Charges of 'violation of the slate pure food laws were docketed against Louis Argent and his wife. Senator's Daughter Safe at School His Office Says WASHINGTON, Oct. 27 (OP)_ Reports of the disappearance : of •oung Patricia McCarran, daugh- er of Senator, Patrick McCarrnn, (Dem. Nev.) were descrlbsd ns 'fictitious" at.. the office of the senator today. , Tlie office said she Is attending Immachulata seminan' here, Campbell will' rule Monday on the proposed removal of Thomas H. Robinson .sr. from Nashville •• to Louisvllie. where federal indict- • ments charge him with violation of the Lindbergh kidnap law. Campbell stated his intentions aflcr defense nnd government counsel concluded arguments in the case early this afternoon. WEATHER Arkansas — TVilr ond colder' in west:and north portions tonight. Sunday fnir and colrlcr In southeast portion. Memphis and • vicinity—Ffelr ' and much colder tonight. Sunday fnir and somewhat colder.

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