The Marion Star from Marion, Ohio on January 2, 1904 · 11
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The Marion Star from Marion, Ohio · 11

Marion, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 2, 1904
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THE MARIUN DaFL.jSTAR. SATURDAY, JANUARY I, 1904. . TAGE ELEVEN. MACHINE THAT FLIES WKAT THE WRiGHT BROTHERS' IN-VENTIOfl HAS ACCOMPLISHED. . . cMB . to Ht Solves" " . of Aerial Fllht K.T . .. uHhmi Aid oC Balloon. , it: Biro Built om Aeroplane gantos-Dunnt and the Lebaudys, . ... .Hoi- risricible balloons, are In nuu ...Hose as air navigators since the ad' vent of W ilbur and Orville Wright, ,-bo have apparently solved the problem of aerial flight dfrithout the aid of cas bags. .'' it a recent trial of their flylngia- chine at Kitty Hawk, N. C, the Wright brothers made four successful flights aeainst a twenty-one mile wind, reaching a high rate of speed, the longest time in the air being arty-seven seconds. The Wright flier has no balloon attatlinieuts of any kind, but Is sup- ., in the air by a pair 01 aero curves, or wings, having an area of rid onnrp feet. It measures a little more" than forty feet from tip to tip, nil the extreme fore and aft dimen sion is about twenty feet. Its-frame .. t v1 covered with tough, but lisbt, canvas. Protruding from the center of the car is a huge fan shaped rod- ' OFANCIENT LINEAGE. lady Dnraad, Wife of the Sew Brit - lets Ambassador at W-aahlnetoa. Lady Dnrand, wife of the new Brit- h ambassador at Washington, is not only a most charming hostess socially, but, like her distinguished husband. she is very clever with her pen. ; She belongs to one of England's oldest and most aristocratic families, jg- I.ADY BCl'XD. ing te daughter qTeignmougi San dyig of Cornwall, whose family has lived on the some estate at St. Kererl for nearly 500 years. She marriftl Sir IlMrf In 1S73 and was with him In In-d dia for almost fifteen yenrs during the time fee was connected with the Bengal service. They have t$ children a son. who is a cavaio" oiucem tne British army, agd a duhter. 19 t A FldrHTING MARINE. Colonel the G. F. Elliott Who la Commandant of the Corps. JS, . . rvil...! finnrum Tr Klrrnrf mmmnn. dant of the United sfutoiAnariiie corps, who will liave charge of the forcegif marines which Tncl Sam intends to assemble at Panama, Is one of nie From The Car. distinguished officers of the service. ras weight MACHEtt During the Spanish war Colonel 11 " I . . . .M tier of canvas, stretched on a frame of "oti, men captain, w$s one ot tueui- wooa. This rudder is controueu uy the navigator and may be inovedsto either side, raised and lowered. The weight gf the machine, including the body of the aviator, is a little more than 7u0 pounds. In the center IsJ the navigator s car, tieiow wuicn lime engine. The machine is driven Uy a pair of screw propellers placed ust behind the w nigs. The power is supplisj'. by a gasoline motor designed by the Wrights. Several years ago the Wright brothers established a workshop at Kitty Hawk. One day in the fall of lflOl they brought out a frail looking thing, carried it to tho top of a hill, and one of them gut inside. The other gave th? machine a, and It slug out Into space. For 300 feet It glided like a bird and settled Blowly to the ground. , It was not a flying machine they were experimenting with then; it was simply nn aeroplane or what was to be the body of the airship. The next falPau- other aeroplane sailed along with the. operator a distance of anQeighth of a mile. , When the recent trial was made the machine was provided with propellers and an engine. Wilbur Wright took t)m mm., tr...'., XT.-. 1 .. .. -.1. t ZlZ ' -', VU-'"""LU"'B j tannmo who "us l"uv'u' Spanish attack. Many of the men were inmg was ready Orville Wright gave ; r nntniti Ivlllnfr nmnnir tinm. the machine a push, the engine was ; DT ta ted. and, he flier moved down the . his BWOrd fln(, )(1JBtue advance. l0i A MISSOURI STATE SK4AN. Isoare De Arwoad. Assistant Minor-Itr Reader In tfce Hoase, 5 'Congressman David A." De'Annond ef Missouri, assistant floor leader of the minority forces, is one of the brightest nd ablest of thDemocrats In the house and also has tlJb distinction of being the dean of his state delegation to congress. Judge Pe Armond Is a nntlve of Pennsylvania and was educated In the Pickinson seminary of Vgilliamsport. When a young man he went west to leek his fortune, finding a home In Io- vL -I.atetfjie moved to Missouri, flnal- Cs53 T .. , , .x Fun of the College 'Boy 4 0K more slight toucli ad it woild be finished.' Horrors: A false ' stfekii! The artist rnslictl for tvard aud eagerly scanmnl his masterpiece. JCo, it had not been damaged. He was saved. True barber that he tvas, he drjj" off and meditatively examined bis subject. 'That was indeed a close shave," lie ihed-Coruell Widow. iy BPttnEs in Butler, his present home, ho nr-it.-wl ln' flrnlduRllV riS- lir- ti Iomil luin nolitical life until now9 his, constituents have returned hlin tiA congress forMl seventh tenn. lie made three of the most notalSPo speeches heard in the last congress, two upon the Philippines and .one .upon the sUnre&a-GoM aauiission oioiuetivruic . bvi w national soldiers' homes., Tese wge made exUiiiporaiieously, as is Judge Do AnioSU'a custom, yet they nttract- 6 V & , ''4vF - "I haven't thought of a Joke all day." Yon.m:st be out of humor." Yale Record. A -s !: A. D. Vyse An onion a day keeps the doctor away, e , . s X. Sepslnni Yes, and cverylioiy else, Pennsylvania Punch How). I went to JUDGE DAVID A. DB ABMOSD. ed wide attention and wertPprouounced the cquitf of any made during the FIfe fj-sl'vcnth c8;igress. Pxeronvent has come to him practi ja ally unsought. 8 Uefore going to con gress lie was a state senator, having been elected In a district i regarded lis hopelessly Uepumican. Hater he wSa elK-tod-to a circuit judgeship and also served as a .Missujiri supreme court commissioner. Although he dgl not en ter tne race ror. coma ess wb JO o iftor ctiiers li:l ennvasseu the ulsrrlct for woirihs.tetllc"b.e imid!0no canvass jt ail. Tie won the !o?!ilnntioii with ease, judge 4Je Aruioim ra in uis urty-ninth year. . - . . s wish S,fiK.I In Russia. Sausifd-Wlij? SliurcnufT It must take all day to call the Toll there. -Pennsylvania Punch Howl. Ethel So Edith has finally caught 'the nobleman she was trying to hook? Marjory Yes; she salu in Her last letter that he belonged titbe lauded gentry. Yale Record. . Served Hint lllcht. It w a raw, coldOnigbt. and the rain fell pitilessly as an omnibus drew up at the Corner of Oxford street. A thinly cladejoung woman stood on the curb (Bid looked Imploringly at the cuiidnctor. Tho hitter, nn Irishman, jbspenklug In reply to the mute Inquiry. said: "Shure, It's full I iiinl)Ut," glancing again at the little om'. "come on. me honey. In wld ye. (S'll chance It." Tiic little woman was squeezed Into g siStt, but the bus had not proceeded very furwheii the following incident occurred: In the corner seat was a fop. vio, with eyeglasses Ornil.w fixed, had beet) watching the proceedings, and as the vttiielc eased up "he called out: 'Comluctah!" 0 "Sor!" "Ar you aware that you bavemoL over your uumoeri "Ave I, sorrt 0111 see." Pr.t count.- I noine, tin, 'leven, twelve, thir So I i have, and, be Jove, ye're thiver- wan. j Out yo coineJJ' And ho went. Blrnilng-j nam Tgst. ' e 0 . ,71" m 1 :.-,.: .A 4 Pnnillv Pride, eorrt'OT. 1903. ar MUM PmitT. COLONEL OEOaOB . 1 ... At si. ... - it.. rs nu uv uiui uico . uuuu- i J . fii . 4 .um.. i i - fidhlflin ns nmctirvd bv tno Tilwtiina is WUU? UsitviTi itr"uiat.'U u ' PRAYING BY'vVHEEU .p. Queer Cnstntn That Preva Itonoii ' the Ilnddblsts of Tibet. Whatever poli,Jrf result may accrue from Jheadvam of Coff.nel Y'oung- husbnnd. British ommlssioDer, with in nrmetl force Into Tibet, it Ts not Unlikely that lihPdisit will hi a measure I'ft the veil which has so long hidden ! that land of mystery fp:n the yorld. Cibet is ruled by Huddhist priests, or Inmns. nnd religion enters largely into the everydu life of the people. One of tho peculiar features of Bud- A Queer Tone!. T.nst week." said Jenkins, "1 had the queerest 'touch'' lo which 1 have beginning at the opposite corner, leav- ever peen subjected. A man evidently lug the "Johnny" unll the last "Wan, fft Ihe last stages of coiisiiniifioii aine two, three, four, folve. six, sivin. eight, liilo tiiy pilice uih! said: "You know , mcntlntilng ri client ofemlue who U In the undertaking business. ' "I told hlml did. ' "'Well.' he said, 'he Is holding nn In surance policy ou my llfc for $.10. It's a cinch that th In n week or .Meantime I need $10. If you will advance me $10 I will give you n due hill against the policy. If you can't collect In ten days you can charge lutere.'" New York Times. ' , - 4 e New Y'ork Otto Ahlmann, a repulod millionaires amjj for eighten yeaw canhicr of the Hank of Island. at Slapleton, 8. I., committed suicide Thursday by Bhootlng himself through - the head. ' , . ',. 1 7 .... t-. .,t - .mottt.Tr Incline. As the proneller underneath Increased Its revolutions the mnchhft rose steadily nntil ife reached a height of sixty feet. Then, piiRhed by the rear was advanced three numbers for his conduct In that battlg, Colonel Elliott is a native- of Ala-bamaattd entered the marine corps by appointment from New York In 1870. lie reuched the grade of captain in 1802 and succeeded to the head of the marine corps last August. O A LOYAL HELPMEET. THE RTVEXTOES OF TDB AEROPLANE. propeller, the machine went ahead in the teeth of the wind, tho operator being able to direct its flight at will and 1'nally landing without difficulty or Injury to the machine. W ilbur and Orville Wright are expert mechanics of Dayton, O., and have been experimenting with flying machines for the past four years. They are the sons f Hishop Wright of the United Breth ren church. In building their flier the.j " "ifiit brothers have followed to some extent the work of I.inenfhal, Pileher and Octave Chunut. but thev have gone much further , than these 9xperts in UMn? greater surfaces and especially In gauging the position of the operator. "S so arranging their machine that the orator lies in a horizontal position in-ia of standing upright the wind re-wstance is reduced from five square "et to one, and a full half horsepower saved. Jf?ia of fcls Invention, Mr. Or-vnie Wright said that he and his brother, after twenty-rour years of h.rd J-ork, have succeeded in perfectiu a rlng machine. He Btated that "the 0f s-cesful test was nwde recently "t Kitty Hawk. d I', WHBbt decIlned to discuss the o talis of the construction of his oa-7f' as be ha "ot as yet completed but Btated that his filer was 21!. "I ,Q tbe air br lta ethod of construction and also by the continuous operation of a gasoline mo- TtTi ,Ur"S " hnge Pwpeller. With-t the a nr tho m. ... Mrs. Reed Smoot, Wife of the Mor-I anan Senator From Utah. Koed Smoot, United States senator from Utah, whom the ministerial alliance of Salt Lake City and the women of the country are trying to have expelled from congress on the ground that ho Is a polygamist, has a loyal defender in his wife the only one he has, she says and she adds that be is the best husband in the world. Before her marriage Mrs. Smoot was Miss Alpha M. Eldridge, daughter of h p! pm . I K.O. sT- ? . sffY "Vlir 1,n,' nlil - 'v. - , . HIS 1BATEU ' a , a-a): an excuse from your I o l lint policy will be payable r ten days nttlie most. Dlsnppolntmenta of Tnnrlata. Hero worHhipera must cultivate nn easy credulity when they go, on pll-grlninge. If they doeiiot they are almost sure to suffer dlscnchauttiivnt when they reach, tho longed for uhrlue. The Florence of1 'Dante 1 being givvn over ti? tho builder of villas, cheap and nasty. Stratford-on-Avou regards Slinkespeare as a commercial asset The famous birthplace would not be recognized by the poet If he were to set eyes on It today, nnd nsor the treasures of the museum, they are for the most part a collection of antiquated rubbish. J. Cuming Walters, well known as an authority on Tennyson, has dared to question tho worth of these venerated relics, and Kyduey Lee, the Shakespearean scholar, who Is also one of the trustees, hns consented to make an Inquiry Into the authenticity of each Qlndlvldiial article, llalllwell Phillips snld that the only remaining part of the original Shakespeare house was the cellar. . What will remain of m Tpmok Marks DCalON sV. ' 'rtf1 COrffOHT Ac i nirntirr icr bmi u I'ntfliiift tiUnn tliriiuirh Muiin hor an wiimuiit. lion Ml ritlv mtinlriit lid. sia.itl f rnaa i hiliMt MVMtirV fur MClirlllir IMtl.i!! t. uiui A fwlii luitic. vHhuutvharira. In the Scientific Jlmttox A hnlnomi)T Il1nstmd welilr. Iwt rtr. milslKill nt sn amwiuaa ImiriiiU. 1 urnn, i tnr: fnnr months, $U bold brail tiswuiuslsrs. OOCIlTC3- TO A.RIOIsr,0 . EUROPEAN HOTEL, MONDAY, JAN. 11. "Well, teacher, I lind out", but poor ma writes so bum flat 1 was aeshurly ' ashamed ter bring II!" Chicago American. ' 8 r . I Nntnrnl Infereneo. ! Mrs. Gridley had not been well enough to go to church; .nevertheless her son B?uby was required lo attend as usual, j. (. ; ,'t , "Now," said she when he came In. . "what was the sermon n bout, Itobert?" J "The sermon?" replied the toy. "Well, . I don't know. It was sort of rambling J like; but. Judging from the text, I guess It was about cash boys." "Nonsense!" she remarked. "What put that Into your head? Pray, what 1 ' 'All the days of nr appointed time will I wait till my change conic.'" Youth, Hapnr Combination. It happened down on the bench. A j little boy sat on a fence, swinging his feet. Reside him sat n girl playmate. "I'll tell you my name If you'll tell mo yours." he said. "Will, what Is It'r" said the girl. "Lemmy Kliew. What Is yours?" "Ollie Wright Then she dug her fairy toca Into the sand and wniti-d. Lyre. UBS. HEED SMOOT. General H. S. Eldridge, a relative of Abraham Lincoln. She Is a native of Salt Lake City and was marrictbere in 1SS4. The extremely youtbfnl appearance of the wife of the Mormon apostle LAMA TVKNIXO WBKZIb usually consists of a small cylinder of metal fixed on an axle, which serves as a handle. Tbe cylinder contains strips of paper on which prayers nnd incantations have been written by the lamas, and revolving them is supposed to confer benefits on toe whirler. Desiues uio uuuu ui-ti., pi. tug wa- , ter wheels are also used. j Bven Hedin In his book tells of seeing ' a abed In which were forty-four red prayer wheels forming a square ofi eleven on each side. Below them was a I notched device so arranged that tbe! devotee by pulling his hand , along eonid walk round and round, turning , the whole lot with bnt little effort. Foellc License, "Now, this won't do, you know." "What won't r , "This line, 'Her eyes were like stars.' " "Why not? THE FRANCE MEDICAL INSTITUTE. CoiumUu, Ohio; Usidta, auy reliable wercant'ile st;ri:y can be ammltcd oa Hour Unsocial slaiidum. KwaWLbM Lawt PnvHns nl Mm Oimpww n""" " Hit, i;nil1 Mates, nut p.rul orasau " ,,.'J,i-,lwi many, women. went us by We f ill ytu to i1m Hwt halk.nsl Uatili.r aii; wnsjur rcpuiaoio uusuko V"' K""'""irKr- Kmn.Tr.wn.aiil ia-ki..illKl ljr wemv yean we nam wen amain munt sw.Mi i l"'"' '), ' - " ""V .iii -,M. f,s- dlseaai! ol nu ll and liK-UMoiK lr,nilii.-hl pli) skrliuM. as tieing me irvnn conifm u ana mrrKtuui !.. ... ".ij tIim na) Wnadcrful CrM .flrtl in , O eusi-s fvhe-h hanr 14-n un:KIOIUlv in-Hl What Mad Her Happr. NO MONEY REQUIREO Of HC8PON8IDLE PAHTIES TO COMMtNCC TRMJMCMT. - WE TREAT AND CUBEMr YOUNG BENffiSS;.r wiaik tmek, muui(.-l dcvekipuieiit, 1-jIhi ilKaio. etc. Ho uot let loisa pride at sltuis njouesty present jrou Iioro obtaining telle! now. UinnTD A nm MCM whoifT-lrrl premature old MO as 0llUULb"AuLJJ EILN , rtult a youthful Iwlwrn i or cx-w of later yeare, who are troubled with tjiinatural waste and l ol vitality, wiiicu uirttt ) lor tiusineia or man-luge, you can posilivcy be u mmunsu to niaioy rutor. ' .V............. IMl. I.L.rr..u. - I.. H.ui t u.f . ' I ) . -M ri I If I I . I Vl T "Why, poets have been Oslng that nka-j ; hlwrt soil hkm loneiww, wicli as rifula, l!l-er, K.n 1-iin-for nees Ite un to date' Sav 'Like Female liseasni.npeeiallyilioecai!twhirb have banic-1 the skill of a, ... iT Z V, r 1 ithet physician.. KpilrpUe Kits. Kufrtow. rmani.!ly cured by a new. ladiuia.'" Detroit Fress rress. c" , 1 srleiitific metnod. imtn, fHanal awl Merrous InaeaMa, faralrsnv lmmio I tor Ataxia, Neuralgia, tv-iatiea. Lumiir, ii.oa i. cie:.ieiii. inrzi-ness. Bnuu and N-rv(.m Exhaustion, aud rifinnJ irritation. Cancer cunid wlttioot the ue ol a knife. Kidney and BWH riin aws. Brirht's Disease, CobwitrcerWere Tou rp.lllv nleased i Piabetes. liiHunmstion ol the Wadder, Knlaive.1 Pnntate. rn-ow-ut awl toowjger "ere you really pieaseu CrinatK.etc.., I.uni! and Naal linear. ueh a.1 that the wonc.-.n next door bad a new coat? . Mrs. Cobwissrer Not at first my dear, but I was as soon at I found out that It wasn't real fur. Judge. .. , . : . -;....! . . . I . . 1 i thnl ali la rnf . otmcu lire uiiixv-n 11 umiiuu . - - " - - ---- ----- - mom W des nd as soon as Its ! the mother of six children, the eldest of m'Dtom was exhausted. j whom, Harold, is now seventeen. 1 One of the Tibetan's modes of revenge is to secure his enemy' prayer wheel and turn It In the opposite direction from that used in praying. This la considered a deadly insult and Is supposed to Inflict great injury on the owner of the wheel. topped Cassbllnar. , Blunt I bear Clones has stopped gambling. Front-Thnt's true. I bet him $100 this morning that be coiSdrt't atop, and he took me up. Yon k its Herald. -,, The tlamp. . ' How ran rteht minded people Be otherwise than aid When they think ot the loaa of thea million Which nobody ever had? Life. tarrh. Bronchitis. A'thraa, tvnMjinri""- lafnei. rtr., eored by ourorir-Inai lyuem of home treatment. Irneaaiatism: our Special lieatmefit v fctieuuiatwro l the miat Mieeeatmi known. It efwta no more to employ au expert tlia to rbk your life with an Inexperienced physie.ian. - ' IMPORTANT TO LADIES.CeTdr. Hire mown for all diseases pecrjFlar to the sex. t emitleli!iie positively cuie-1 by a new metrKl. The cure it effected by home treatment : entln ly bannitisi aivl esslly applied. You may consul; us In oonfldence. no matter what tlie trouble may be. Consuiutiou aud corresioudenca lree and Itnctiy confidential. ii nirnrl V Hydrocele, Cleet, GonorrlKra. cured without de-VAKltUlliLJl,u.! ii..n from Himnew. in the shortest posiibla time. Curable wis gunrameed where oiliers have laiied. The Prance fy-tem of lxal Tr.-aun.-nt with Medirate.1 Pa - lTeloper atid Vacuum Treatment f.-r Men a p.itlrely the most eciiupleteawl uo-ceful known inr Varie-ele sod Slrf. lure, alM weak ainl "'''Je'!0'; rans. Cures in the short iIHe time, without the use of mercury at hind ranee from UKlm. CuraiHw cases are suaranteed when others have failed- Chanrcs lor treatment ill be made satisfactory : ennsullation lree. CVDUII IC potltlvely cured witlront the- use of injurious drugs. No Ol rnlLldtiiatter of how loi, su.vllnif. our Biial lament cure when doctors, patent medicines and hot springs have failed, vie hare enrert ihrsinnnU of tlie worst forms of tbiadisease. . QUO MEDICATED BpJGIE 7tiT f&t.1&" cubt' THE FRANCE UKETMRAL TREATA1RMT to a tried rated Bourte iVhout tbV.TiKhtt eff.wt reouirm lub-tiiaiHl. Tl.e litMitua are iie n-d int" the urethral canal upon retinnir st niirht : th slip into l''1" ",,"rIJrhl-u i l fa-It iliey Sit OXe a UlIHI H-MI- .-lirrl. lllvqfifrw.MK ,M.f...w -.. -. r - -,j cored hundreds free and strictly conlidential. mlv reraeres ihurucUon from tlie urinary W!e. -i3:,ih i.r,..,.r nnrt from two b. lour ounces of chemical and micrrneopleal exarainatton. We liavt- i ana n 01 vm w. ""1. IS. - ,.i rini.i No nijnes iiblislied Witliout written consent. Treatment sent J,r man orespre- uj i""-- . c;rirThe France Medical instituto Co.. c s0tt Coiuitidus, o. in..r-ur- 'expir.ier.c tlie museum wuen its contents nave been mndo the subject of a senrchlii. Inquiry? Bocbeater rost-Express. FROK 10 A. M. TO 6 V. M. ONE D.VV ONLT. Oneool the Chief ExamlnlnK and ConsuJtlnjr Phyalclans of The France Medical Institute Co., by request, will visit tne above town on the date named. CONSULTATION I RUB and STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. IF TOU ARC SUFFERINO FROM (NT DISEASE. WEAKNESS OR DISABILITV. WHy NOT CONSULT AN EXPERIENCED. tOUCATED SPECIALIST; ORE TN0R0U0HLT EQUIPPED WITH ALL THE NECESSARY APPLIANCES KNOWN TO MOOERN MEOICAl SCIENCE? - 9 SPECIALISTS IN CHRONIC AND PELVIC DISEASES.

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