The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 13, 1932
Page 7
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TUESDAY, SKPTKMHKK in, 1932 BL'iTHEVJlM.p, (ARK.)" COUIUKK NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS I'm cents a word tor first Insertion and one cent « wptd for ttch tubtequent liuertioa No idyeitlMment taken lor ku ttuiu Me. Cuuot the votdj »ca ^eud Uie casa. Phone 306 MONEY H.W FOR SALli TRUCKS FOR SALE 1030 fOUU TKVUK. l!j Cksed Cab, l.lvcihi-. Kuiis Goud. A liar- C'l O K . I Harry's ami and tell liim so. to Visa tended Balo of tho diamond. I'er- man turned sharply. Mils cheek and end this foolish mi- Impa, n» escciilor of tho ciilale, li» A ".Miss Moran— that Is to fay, .Mrs. TownsL'nd! And Harry! Why, llili Is a ple.'C of luckl 1 wonder how il happened?" "We wcro here sboppini;," Mona cx|il:iiiicd. I'lic-n. i"n>lin% rather foollsli, she askcJ, "Vou causa ou Hi" Helena?"' "Yes. Let's go tomeivliere where wo c;ni lalk." raid Mr. ClarreUoii, Bwliigiii-.: n cane at n snuk 1 lean tlie di : '.Yr of tthlch was affably waitlii? for iho tlirci: in move before at- finover. IAH the Bailors' hoim.s Ihe orphanagt; Emve tho 'i'uwji- nend niilllnns. \Vhat did sho rare? She and Hurry could take euro of' eviTyllifiii; iind'cveryonol" would forbid II. "It doesn't matter 1 ." she told her- seif. "I'll marry Itarry In i»1lo of llicinaelvcs! Kho wiblir-d l.oltlu wcro not inille I ler." ho Will yu* yaatf me';" "V -u'll bso thu liioiicy," niltuli-il hi-r ilully. "We'll bo f.t na ohurili mice." "l'::l v.u'll h.ive the nilnp—" "I h:sd 11 IctUT I inlay trinil 1020 FOItl) VICIv-Ur. CTcsed Cab, Steel iiocly, Licence. Good Tires. O 1 A X Kims Fine W J - J '' 193& CIlKVKOI.r.T TIU't'K I'ltscd Cab, lii'dy, A-l Tires, Lircrsi-. En First Class Cuiuli- O 1 'Ttr lion OHiJ Sfu These Trucks and Our l,a(e Mcdcl Used Cars At Once. Terms To riult PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY .Authorised FOR SALE—Household furniture. Call 895. 5y4:IV FOR SALE—15 milch c-mvr, inn. heifi'i.s. Stanton A. Pepper. Hnff- nan. Ark. 13L>-1<20 POK I-'OR RENT - Unfurnished arum- inciu, Main street, one bloc* from business district. Uorum Drue Stole. 300-kti LOST AND LOST:—yello'.v Pcrsia:i kitten, hail Brown, reward for retum to Mrs. Otto Kochtiizky, 1111 West Ash. FOR RENT — Unfurnished ;»i::ul mcnt. Jngrani Apartments. Inquire - Parkli-irst'- Co. 13C-K19 WANTED WASTED—Furnished house, Shrcs be^is. C\o)jd location. Pi:or.e 50 Dc-kH Want 5 learns and 20 men at Bar- fcld to sod levee. J. C. Ellis. 10pkI4 CUSTOM HATCHING — Ucginnmr. Sopt. 12111. Baby Chicks, Oct 3rd. Marilyn Hatchery, Blyt!:ovil!e GC-KTi Otis Gozi'., F.slr'da Oo::a, Nctiii Ki:-g. Rillie King. Betty Sue Kins Jack King, and Nellie Kins, administratrix of ihe estate of J \V. King, deceased, are warned f appear in the Clnr.™;-y Coin: .'o: tl:c Chickncav.ha District oi Mis sifsippi Ccnnty. /,r::ansas, \viiliii tliirly days, and answer the com plaint of H. HiijlifiH, H. w. Cowan as l:urtee, and P.. S. Harris, a. Halrd this Allgir.t 2'j, 13?,2. H. L. GA1.NHS, Clerk. Lly Elizabeth Blythe, D. C , Kcicl. Kirajd fc HcneloraCn, At:\i. for Plainfills. 1 Jtssr Taylor. Ally. A:i l.llcm ' 23-30-6-1 Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STKKLK, MO. Phone 85 iisr-il to llifsc vehicles, (llvo me Plflh Avtnuie and -J2nd street any day!" They moved Into the shadow ol the i:ojluHUv. "I came lo rc-o yon, Mrii. Town- Bend." Hie lawyer went nn, "bin Lb?y lold me al Ibe sicainshiti oliiee ( flight teavi: ihe sleanier here ;uid chance liinlin^ a boat to carry me flnross lo [Inliclay Island or thai 1 c.ould so to Port of Spain and charter a plane." He smiled beamingly. "1 came flshoro lo Inquire and here I lind /ou!" "We'll get your ha^yage," iSarry •nnonnceil he-spitably, "anil then run yon over tu llolid.-y in no lliiie. We were just starting—had lixn mailing for the mail." Tho Ingcago wr.3 on lioard the Helena anel Carry said he would go for it. "Just givo me vuur checks," he said. "Well then. If you haven't checks, your cabin key will do." "Let's all go together," su^gcslcd Mona. Mr. GarretEon seconded the rt-mnrk. "I thought you might like to have tea," Uarry said, hcsitaling. "It's going to bo dark soon. We'll have lo shove off before :ong." "Oh, tea can watt," agreed Mr. Instantly she knew what she l:a.| su engrossed In Slevu. l.ntllc'j ; really liuowu alwajs lint li:,:| ., c . | natiired clnilter would have lietn a fused to rccuyiilzc—Hint Ac would '' fomlntl. Mr. Oarrotson. In fresli marry Harry UH his own U'rius. linens, praisei! Ibe Ulniicr—llio de• • • ' liclonsly eeusoned vegelal>l:.i, tlie I1I.INDLY she followed him to t!ic btc;ili hrouuhl from iii-»nni!.i. lie " felly, ciaiauoreil aboard Hie mo-! r:llsc(l 1li;! tcf(M '"I 1 , remarking un lor Inuiicii and scaled heisclf wlnlo | y'^'lclkccy e( Hie line china, The tin ' """'" glided, spnltcring. Kiiin;.: oilier him on. "Things 1:1, :in- (ou well. We :lio Kinprrfs!" Slie wnulil i Iliat she owned thu Kin- lending .o proceed. "1 can never | IMn-y ndJuMcil the wi.cel. Tlie; '^ ";""'' .'I 1 "*' B ° T'""? " p 11 '. « " , • - ~" ! "u, o'.it 10-1 '^ y -Mids drac-lo, plcaseit tilin ward Iho Helena. Mr. Gorrctsoii, across from Mu:ia, too. It wonhl linvo [ileuscd aiijonc nc lo whom a frull ronlcrnlcce i smiled as [he cooling lirccze.s struck tlu! "I'-'vlUblo oranges, bananas mid ! Her liiiu. It was as llicnah lie, too. hail l a|1|llcs - llorc wc '° '"•clarlncs. a scci-ct i ; ""' yellow-Julio oranges, gh '•Ho thinks he's hero In time." " K ;![! 1! " il <lilril E"' c " ljowl ' \oti have lisliing horcl" Mona told herself. The stewards came ninnlu;; down IlI'L-r;. and lllRl Shu Ua* alHIUI 10 II. Slu- would lim-i! (ho rluvk drawn to iho inim.. That wonld do lint she v.,:u;o not loll IHin all ibai Sli- u .H very near now. lie c.mld Hlil.iu.s mist ol IKT hair T''••:; his l:ent fai-o, niulil sec llu- nu'lne ot ujr yle.ader ilia-!; Icmrhc'd liK *ni Through Iho winiS'iw ui< 5'" v ° Ihe wavL-rini; ol d t-liiarti on Ihn u-i i ::i-i>. •PAGE SEVEN UUK BOARDING HOUSK "Lots of It. In tho buy half-way around the Islunil. We'll tnke yon ""-• ™ anlomvay « itli Mr. (larrel-' loun.rrow if vou like " sou's bag-i. They sloivcd iluin l;e- tKalli llio launch seals. Waving (Sic I f tKalli lliu launch sentb. navins Ilic ,_...„ .. , , lawyer awny, Marry tossed the l*yii T " : ''' 13 glcarci1 a handinl of silver. Tlio \Yateri ., Mona , ros<> ',. '? IIow Sprite incited away from tho laililc tho tnble. .[others, ami walked out on llio ler- and then, whirling;, made off Cur Ui.> ^p:u'O between the two an:is of green shore. "Are you near here?" Mr. Garretson asked. "Xot far. It's three hours hv Iwr.l, 15 inli:iitc3 or lesa by plane." Tim Ijoul sped onward silently. nefore they reached the harbor at Holiday Mona's tntntl was made up. Dinner was served on the vijran- i]a. Steve, leaning on n cano hut In excellent spirits, came to Join them. Dr. Allen was In the tuck- ground. Lotllo was at Steve's side. Mona ban barely time lo bathe and dress. She did tills, hurrying, but she had never looked more beau- Slio was going to marry Garrctson and Jloua In the sauio Harry! She was going to rlcfy Mr. breath. It was ay though neither of! Iliera eared to he left in the company of tlie o'.bor just (lien. "SU« doesn't want to bo alone »ith ine." tin lawyer decided. ".MirJ>o sho thinks I'll Interfere if she wants to marry tbat boy." "Ha knows Barry wants me to siarry him," thongbt Mona, "and ho's hero to prevent it. Just let him tryj" Suddenly tho knew that all along sh» ha-5 been determined to tn'B you. Garretson, toss the fortune back where it had coino from and brave al! for love! What did she caro for raoney? Harry was right iu insisting that ho didnt want his uncle's wtalth Tbcy wonld have enough and m ire.'stop Its trembling. •aco where llio deck chairs coin- nandcd a view of (he slars. "Those must be ttio port lights of B. Helena." Mr. GarroiEon pointing to the chain of lights llio horizon. vole: i "1 il Kin:, .li» »ll ynu. llnriy 1 !" as very low. -.•.ily Muna (onnil hciijl In A l. - lalcr, Mi-. S-IHHVIJ lo Ills room, snrv, jcd the vclU'l darkness wUbunt inn; sl with titcp satisfaction. "A lovely place. " lie nmwcl. "A beautiful plate for Jmnig hiv Sac, r.roHl chap 15 In Inve with Miss Carr. "She's duo at Itorhniloa In llu- could jce tliitt. I'rotiy girl. tixi. 1 norning." responded Harry. PrcK- enlly In; rose lo na (or tohacco. Mr. Oarretion salil Dial ho preferred Turkish ciaiircls when he «r;lrt net llicui and liilrry rcinenioercil Iboy liad brought a snnply. Tho others ivero cliattlno busily. Mona rose loo and sliniicd away. "Harry!" Sho slood In Iho donr- ay of hid study, a dim, cool shadow. Ho had not turned on tlio liKhls. was groping in tlio darkness expeclinfi each momeul lo lind the cluarct tin, "Darry! You've r.skcd me many times lo marry you. .\'oiv I'm usk- you uiarry rue, Darry?" Sho drew 'nearer. Sho could SEO him straighten lo the ilark, lay his hm:d ou tlio desi to Unt as she wc;it out on the vuran- la lo bit beforo dinner her tK-arl smote S^er. Mr. Garrelson had come on business, that was certain. Could it.concern tho ICnipress? Possibly to seize-'bo meant to ask her about her lo- "J-'onnd them?" she asked. "Fcnml what?" Barry s.ild, llioiigh driiTil. Then he added ijul ly. "Oh, the cigarets! Yes, they're nero.' "'. asScJ you a rjncallon, Darry iko iier. Mrnm now—she's dceiici! »lcr If sbo Is in love ivIUl ? I wonder what sliu'H wlirsi 1 lell her linn she ilui after all. Marry him ami !ior fortune! She'll he snriirlse.l i know llio will reads: ".My hcluvul wife, Mona Townsend. nnisi noi her narao by givins licrscH In niairhige." Mona nouhliri change her 11:11110 not a liair'b hrealli—by marrying yoaiiB Harry! The lawyer strolled liack. to the bed and instantly, with an onlbnrsi of mild iirofanlly. Tniinil lilmsell tangled In tho inos<|iilto-proofilr.: cries. They served, special handling. At lau ho wua safe In bed. The swajins of the palms, the. fe of liio iirives were the on to hrc-al; Hie stillness. "I'll lell Uiclu tinimrri!*,' nounccd lo hliiiFelf tlond. tbem tomorroiv:" (1'lic After Explosion Destroyed Steam KITCHEN BV SISTHP^ SIARY XEA Sen-ice \Vritrr Perhaps of ail Liie pies made, ;Kini;>kin is the most, popular. It's ilninst ill? only variety commonly included anionj: parly refreshments and it seems such a personal kind jf pie! Everybody has his own v^ry definite and decided ideas of just .vliat a pumpkin pie should be from color to taste. Tiie slewing or baking of t!:e pumpkin is the fir.-t, step iu Che preparation of the pic and it is a I most important one. Baking is ;h: ; simplest ine'.hcrt. for the vegetable 1 is merely cut in halves, 11:? steels arc r?ni3veri nnd it is placed cut iklc down in a dripping pan and iaked until tender. Ti-.;n scrap? rom the s.:ell and fore? ihrDucjh a liccr or cclanrier. To stew a pumpkin, wrnli and "in in narrow strips. Remove .-ee;ls .Hid pare o!I yellow shell. Cut in rubes ami put into a heavy a!u::ii- :nun jr iroii k?ttb. Ad:l just enough Aater tr> prrvnr, hurnintj before •lumpkin bojins to cook. Cover nna' "ook over a i;-"?cl fire nnlil pumpkin is cry. Stir occasionally to prc- .•cnl burning. It takes from four to "i. 1 ; lionr.i t^ stew a p-.mipkin. Rub '.hrcugh a ccla:id;r or ricor when -Iry. I! yen use canned pnmiikin cook :t ove-r a U;w Hr? ntiiil perfectly riry. ('lain Pinnphhi Pic One cup .sifted p;impkii:. : cap OPEN AT NIGHT Expc-rt Ford Repairs Wrecker Se-ivlcu PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. I'llonc 810-777 w ]•: R T UK MAKES 'EM SKK Oflicc Over Joe Isaac'! Stcrc ••' SECOND HAND ' 'FURNITURE See Us First .f> T r»o ilour. 1 nib;i'.s|;con hakin;: imia'i- .-'e.=. 1-4 teas]>oon sait. 1-^ toaspoon 5ing;r. 1-2 tca^ioon cinnainiii, 1 ^yg. 2 ci;ir= rich ir.ilk. Mix and iifi fionr. spir:s and salt, and arid to sugar. Mix an:l s'n- ii'.'.o i>'<::ipkin. Atki inoln.sses an:l c^g sliaht'.y ijcatrn wi'.ii milk. Tiirn nil:) a pie cinh linen wilii ;)!.i:n pastry arid b.nke- :nc- hour, ih: . oven should h? hot. 425 decrees P.. 11 hen ;tic pie is put in. At UK ::ic! of ten mimics reduce hern O 350 nosins F. Tills rule will fill an ~R::t-] pie pan. riufi'y ruuipkiii r\? This pio i-^ more "partifirrl" and you n-.ny iirefcr It for guests. U» 3 throe-Ior.rths cups sifier! pumpkin. 3-4 cup jiija:. 2 oggs, 1 1-2 cups milk. 1-2 cup cream. 1-2 teaspoon pir.gor. 1-2 teaspoon cin- namcn. 1-1 teaspoon salt. I D:ai yo'.ks of esgs with sugar. :,sait nnd spiers. Add pumpkin and /mix thsroiijhly. Adj milk an;l I cream and stir until bbndc.i Fold I in whites of <•;?; bMtcn until s'if! 'Turn into a pie dish l;n:cl with pastry an;i bake ao in prccrdir.g [.recipe.. 1 ~ t _=.-=. - Toir.nrrowV Monn ' BREAKFAST: Cantiioupe. weal. I "cam. co:iu-d b-jcf hasi: ; cornnioal j ' '•//£ The passenger beat Observaticn. bound for Rlkcrs iJ-land ivllh 165 workmen aboard, had sailed scarcely ICO feet away from its slip In New York v.hen there occnrrcd the disastrous explosion which look .1 loll of -Ti kr.own dead and scores Injured. The spot where the steamer sank, leaving many bodies float- ins on ihe surface and carrying others down with :•;. Is shown in the circle. Nc'.c the spars of the sunken vessel protruding above water while rescuers searched for victims. and toinalccs. toasted mnffins. np-- j larger slieanis They set; about $18 a ion for the hcsi slu-lls. "-'id^r pic (iinr.plinjs. milk. tea. ' _ • trail' leads lo tho lop of tlu 1 rock j and occaEiotially find a |icarl for IJTTT^' _ UIXNKR: S'«;is:i meal balls, j ai '<> tourists make the climb slier bakrd .swc;-l potatoes, snccotasii. ! dark, aided by the lighted tencon. sttifled tr.mato salad, pumpkin pie, i Beacon Keck was named by Le',s-ir> milk. colTce. ; and Ciark after their expedition in _ . -1805. Aimay Hracon I.urcs Tourists ! Men and rinys Scfk ^Inv^rls CALICO HOCK. Ark. iUI>i-U is Hracon I.urcs Tourists SKAMANIA. Wa.-h. 'UPl — Til? airw.iy ijeacon en top of Beaccn hrislit t.-at a may be re-ad by its rays. An ?as.v ; searching for lh= mussels in Johlr:s lo ( Fond PHILADELPHIA. (LTI- Several hundred Philadelphia iniemploysd will aid in canning the surplus New Jersey anrt Pennsylvania for use of ihe needy during th-? :qins time in Hi? (torks. coming ulnier. The work will bo Msny men and boys are busy handled by the various women's VCA-HU^r--- AH SEE ^. A, CPKB-MC-^T COCKTAIL—-SOME a_6AT*lUPTl.e ^ T ^I H> ;*<=• AND A HAVANA E MUST B6 ON A *>HNu\. i. -op ? i CAVST ^offi /^\.\_ .V vitiOW , XV U\6W \VSVO _ WASH TUHHS THK TKOUIil.K STARTS UNCI.E JOHN! l , US'CLE. VJHo \s UMCLE . JOHN ? VJHY, HBB ive "AW vw LNES • KlrJ6ST=H'S "r'LACE UP AT PARADiS= I \WAS LAST SUWMER....'i LISTEK '•'• their Iron'

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