Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on May 28, 1964 · Page 30
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 30

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1964
Page 30
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Pace of California Contest Quickens LOS ANGELES (AP) - Sen Barry Goldwater. bolstered by nc S l tf'fe, pledges from Richard M. Nixon and Gov. William W. Scrantpn, wades deeper into the presidential primary battle , ,, ay a3 , Gov - Nelson A. Rockefeller, fortified with support from Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge s son, steps up the pace. Rockefeller planned today to . vlsit . Monterey-where Goldwater had been Tuesday — for a round of appearances before continuing north to Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and San Francisco. Goldwater also planned to move northward, visiting Santa Barbara—where Rockefeller had been Tuesday-to mend any political fences the New Yorker may have toppled. Goldwater revealed the neutrality statements he'd received from the former vice president . a " d . tn e Pennsylvania governor Wednesday. An aide said the Arizona senator had wired the undeclared Republican contenders earlier in the week, saying they had been represented here as aligned with his opponents. Both Nixon and Scranton replied they are not out to stop either Rockefeller or Goldwater in the primary election next Tuesday. was ' c °nversely, no such statement From Lodge. Hi: son, George, appeared at a news conference early Wednesday to urge Lodge supporters to vote for Rockefeller, saying it was the surest way to endorse Lodge in California." Young Lodge said nominatiot of Goldwater by the GOP 'would most likely set the par ty in decline from which i would atrophy." The son of the ambassador to South Viet Nam said he be lieves Rockefeller, more closely than Goldwater, represents the views of "forward-looking" Republicanism enunciated Monday by former President Dwight D Eisenhower. Earlier, Goldwater had declared that he is "the only serious candidate" in the California presidential primary and that he nates to think of what would happen to the dollar if Rockefel ler became president. Goldwater also said he'd have sent the U.S. Marines to turn on the water for Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba when the Castro regime shut it off. ''Had I been the commanding officer of the base, I probably would have taken that action 1 believe in protecting the Amer- can people first, and then worry about what happens afterward," he said. Five-Nation NATO Directorate Seen LONDON (AP)-The man who may be Britain's next foreign minister says the British.labor party, if it wins the national election in the fall, will work for a five-nation directorate to formulate nuclear and political strategy for the North Atlantic Alliance. Patrick Gordon Walker, La- Meet on Fair Pavilion Set By McKeithen BATON ROUGE (AP) - Gov John McKeithen says he'll confer with a special advisory committee to discuss the state's next move toward its controversial World's Fair pavilion. McKeithen's announcement followed receipts of a report Wednesday on the Louisiana pavilion and exhibit from Gus Weill, his executive assistant who returned Tuesday from a four-day inspection trip. The governor has said the state's exhibit is "in a mess." He said Monday it might be best to shelve the project if the situation cannot be straightened out quickly. The Louisiana exhibit, which is to occupy only a small part of the state pavilion, was to have opened last Monday. It didn't because electrical connections had not been installed. Meanwhile, a federal district court in New York granted a bankruptcy plea Wednesday by William Eden, owner of the Billion Air Conditioning Co. and president of the Louisiana Fairs Corp., the state's official representative at the fair. The firm asked Monday for permission to be declared bankrupt, contending it owed nearly a million dollars on work it has done at the pavilion. bor's spokesman on foreign affairs, suggested that West Germany and Italy should join the United States, Britain and prance in drawing up the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's plans for action "up to the moment when—and if—the nuclear trigger has to be pressed." At that point, Gordon Walker I added, the Americans would be • on their own because Labor wants the United States to become the sole custodian of the West's nuclear striking power. Cordon Walker outlined his; i party's planning in an interview ' shortly before flying today to I discuss key world problems with Communist leaders in Warsaw, ; Moscow and Bucharest. Harold Wilson, Labor Party leader, will join hjm Saturday in Moscow, i Gordon Walker skirted the problem French President Charles de Gaulle's lone - wolf policies create for the Labor NATO plan. "If the French decide not to join in the group, a place should be kept for them," he said. NATO's shape and strategy was a major topic when foreign ministers of the 15-nation alliance met in the Hague two weeks ago. It has been a subject of confidential discussion between Wilson and his colleagues and the Johnson administration in Washington. If Labor wins the fall election, Wilson will become prime minister and Gordon Walker very likely will be foreign secretary. JOE PALOOKA PEANUTS Cafe Rejects Indian Leader In Mississippi Mrs. Brooks, 92, Dies In Baton Rouge BATON ROUGE (AP) - Mrs. Penelope Overton Brooks, mother of a U.S. representative and sister of a U.S. senator and a state Supreme Court justice, has died at 92. Mrs. Brooks, member of a prominent L o u i s 1 ana family, died Tuesday following a lengthy illness. She was the mother of the late Rep. T. Overton Brooks, D-La., who died three years ago. She was the sister of the late JACKSON, Miss. (APj — The leader of a splinter socialist party in India was turned away • when he tried to eat at a chain- i operated cafeteria with the I white president of a predomi- I nantly Negro college here Wednesday night. The Indian political leader, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, of Delhi, said he would return today to the cafeteria (Morri> son's) and attempt to be served. i "I expect to be treated like an American," Lohia said. Lohia personally ran against Jawaharlar Nehru, the Indian prime minister who died Wednesday, in the 1962 parliamentary elections. Nehru represented the Phulphar constituency near . m later elected to the j Indian ' par]iament in a e SMS SiftS 5rwta2£ l.^rkito^ JSSs Funeral services were held today. Blood Poisoning Kills Trumpeter HOLLYWOOD (AP)-Trumpet player Bobby Guy, husband of comedienne Rose Marie of television's Dick Van Dyke show, died Wednesday night of what a doctor said was "a sudden, overwhelming bloodstream in fection." Guy, 48, and Rose Marie would have celebrated their J8th wedding anniversary next Dr. A. D. Beittel, president of Tougaloo, his wife and a white faculty member met Lohia at the airport. The group stopped to eat at the cafeteria but were turned away and continued to the Tougaloo campus north of Jackson. "I make it perfectly clear I'm not trying to uncover something foul w American life," said Lfjhia "Such foul spots exist even where—also in India." Lohia said he dad not plan to make an ofiicial complaint to the Indian embassy or the U.S. State Department about the incident. , MAV 2g, 1964, Lake Chaffit African GOREN ON BRIDGE YOU ATE ITALL.7— I'LL CALL A FELLOW- , PASSENGER CN THE < PLANE;'.'MAYBE HE MAS SOME LEFTY.' WE'VE GOT TO GET HER SOME MORESLOBBCVJA— OR SHE'LL BECOME LEFT ErrH&$? BUT I'VE GOT TO GET SOMEff MVHID IS \ MANIACAL ABOUT) THE STUFF.7"j -' WANT BOTHER SLICEOF SLOBBOMfT LIL' ABNER HOVV IT IS WITH PjLOTS... THE PLACE IS FUi-U OP U.S. TROOPS-AMI? HOURS OP BOREPOVI TOMORROW rr WILL BB DEADLY DULL. INTERSPERSED WITH MOMENTS OP SHEER TERROR STEVE CANYON Et>LETME'AVE A DOG IF IT O '"I, Th. Mill S.oJ.i. • nd p.llr Minor, U.4., WASNTFOfcTHE LICENSE ANDY CAPP I LEFT'MY KNITTING AT THE BEAUTY PARLOR PAGWOOD-- WILL YOU PICK IT UP ONNOUR WAV HOME i CAME FOR MRS. BUMSTEAP'£ KNITTING DON'T MIND ME- IP YOU FEEL LIKE KNITTING, I'LL LOOK OUT THE WINPOW UH-WOULD VE LEND US A HAND ? GOODY A BUNCH OF TH' FELLERS ARE PER FIXIN'TO PUT A NEW FLOOR\THEM ON TH' MEET1N'HOUSE, SNUFF/ SHORE/ PARSON SNUFFY SMITH IFORBOS) MU. &A QUICK WWH fW$BR£W STAR? *lOO HOUff MOKL, SCfO PUce OH. NOW, H(W cwr BRENDA STARR UEO! 50 DANE K tfAKlNG 7H£ TOUR AND W£U K MARRIED WHIN HEGCT5 BACK-1F7HIN65 60HT '*- AND THEY WILL, MRS. WORTH fVE LEARNED BY CHARLES If. GOfifcN tf HMi Ir tft» CMMI* -tMmtl North-Souih vulnerable. South deals. NORTH A -I s r, r> 2 <? None «<L 0 K S 4 .1 tf + 10 8 4 .1 WEST EAST A K 9 4 A A Q 10 7 3 ^ -MO 43 <? K X 7 0762 0 109 A Q 9 R * A 5 2 SOUTH A None £& V A Q 9 fi 5 2 m 0 A Q .1 8 *«r *KJ7 The bidding: South West North East 1 <? Pass Pass Double 2 0 Pass 3 0 Pas* 5 0 Pass Pass pass Opening lead: Four of 4 When it becomes necessary to put something over on the opposition, hesitation is -apt, to prove fatal. South readied*< five diamond contract on aggressive bidding — particularly in light of North's failure to keep the bidding open-and, when the dummy was spread, ho realked that even with favorable distribution his contract could not be made against alert defense. IIis only resource was to act quickly before the enemy had time to get organized. West opened the four of spades and Hast played the ace which was ruffed by South with the eight of diamonds. Declarer saw at a glance that his prospects were not very bright for, even if he succeeded ifi establishing his heart suit which, would fecjufre ruffing 6ut the opponent's king, too many ot his trumps might be used up in the process. Furthermore there was the consideration that he had three clubs in his hand, one ot which must be scored up as a winner in order to bring the trick totattoJl. Altho the outlook was a dim one, there was only one line of play that offered a remote chance and South proceeded swiftly to put the issue to a test. A small heart was ruffed in the dummy and a club was returned. East played low and South put up the king from his hand which held the trick. Another heart was trumped by North and a small diamond led to the jack. The ace ot hearts was cashed and, when East's king fell, declarer drew the remaining trumps with the ace and queen of diamonds. lie ran his established hearts and cheerfully conceded two club tricks to the opposition si lha end. East missed lis opportunity to upset South's plan when he permitted the latter to sneak thru an early club trick. If East puts up the ace when that suit is led from the dummy, another spade return will administer a. lethal punch to declarer's trump holding, fie- duced to but two diamonds while the heart suit still remains to be established. South will be Unable to maintain control over the proceedings and must succumb to defeat. Woman Is Regaining Use Ot Hand 'Severed 1 in Accident INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (AP)By medical definition Jessie S. Bray's right hand was detached from her arm in a milling machine accident, but she is on her way to regaining almost complete use of it. The hand was sewed back in I an operation which her surgeon ' Or. Hugh Williams, called "almost an unbelievable success." Dr. Williams headed i\ thre'c- . man surgical learn which restored the hand May 16 in an operation at Community Hospital which took almost five hours Hospital officials said Wednes- clay that Mrs. Bray, .19, is almost ready for intensive Ihcra- y^to regain use of the hand. The lock company employe's hand hung by an inch of skin and two tendons after the accident. The surgeons stitched together eight tendons, three major nerves and two major blood vessels, "f. woke up afterwards and thought they hadn't done a thing," Mrs. Bray, said. "Then I saw I could move my fingers —nobody in the hospital would believe that until they had all scon it for themselves." Greek Cypriors Request British Quit Peace Force NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP)-A leader of tho Greek Cypriol government called again today for withdrawal of British troops from the U.N. peace force after the arrest of a British airman accused of smuggling arms to lurkish Cypriote. Interior Minister Polycarpos Ceorgadjis said that the arrcsl meant "The British can no longer form a constructive element In the rob of the international peace-keeping force in Cyprus." Redrich CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING YOUR COMFORT Friedrich quality assures ' your complete comfort ; even under the mojt ex' : treme conditions. 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