The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 30, 1943
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUME-1—NO. 302. KLYTHKVILLK, ARKANSAS, WKDNKSDAY, JUNK ai), 19/13 SUBSCRIPTION RATES ON REQUEST TBK BLYTHIYIU* ARMY AIR CORPS NTW8 PttbUfhed felly except Sundap In the Interest of the personnel, of the Annj Air Force* Ad- rawed Two Inline Plyta* School of Blythevffl», by the KrUwTUto Courier Newt. Ii cocUln* the new at UM All Blytheyille Ready To Compete ! In Mid South Baseball Tourney The BAAF Baseball Team will leave Friday morning for Mem- pills to lake part in the MldSouth Service Camp .-Baseball Tournament. They will meet the Second Army Team in an evening game Friday at 6:30.'the winner lo remain in the competition on Saturday. Final games will bo played on Sunday. , The Second Anny is rated one of the strongest teams of the tournament. Led by Sergt. Hugh Mulcahy, former ace pitcher of the Philadelphia Phillies, they are favored by sports writers and fans to win the championship. Can't Srare Us' Much of the respect for the Second Auny may be due to the glam- or- of .the big time Philly pitcher, yel-it's a fact that MldSoulh baseball "experts" can't see any other team in the league with the possible exception, of the Naval Air Technical Trnlnjng Center, .which features Lieut.' Hal Schumacher,, former New York Cilants ace. . Tile declarations of invincibility have * not, however, seemed lo scare the Blylhevillc soldiers. They got set for the battle with every evidence of confidence. Lieut Bill Adams, Post Athletic officer, 'was less Impressed with the threat of the opposition than he rwos with Ihc prospects of his own boys. "I'm glad," lie said, "thai we have this Second Army lenni for the first game. We'll fchow them how good we arc." Good Men on UAAF - And 1 ,a glance at the personnel of the -Blylheville team backs up the officer's •confidence. There are no players 'of major league fame but there are several athletes who may make the grade after Hie war and there isn't a weakling on the squad. Every man has played college, semi-pro or pro baseball and knows his stuff. The strength of the/local learn Is not concen- Iralcd in' any one department, which'-may. prove bad 'news for 'the Second Army. Also, while it Is undeniable that Mulcahy was a fine pitcher while with- Philadelphia, Elytheville has two former minor league southpaw aces who may be able to equal anything he can offer. They arc Pfc-s. William Yarweick, former pitcher for the Rochester club in the International League, and Melviri ' Parnell, who hurled for Louisville, in the American Association.-. These left handers were promising candidates for major - league • teams. , ' Strone In Field In ithe infield, at first base, the Post Team will hnve Staff Sergt Mack McWhortcrs, who was slated to play first for the Milwaukee Brewers until Hie Army intervened At ^second will be Fred Swan, Red Cro"ss representative and a crack- erja'ck infielder. Chaplain Gcrafd J. Hogan, former semi-pro in and around Boston, will hold down the hot';corncr. Aiid Sergt. Max Vickers, infielder for. .the Sioux Falls, semi-pro players, will patrol* the oUier two gardens. Scml-prn Catch Scrgl. Joe Fallen, another .semipro star, will be behind the plate catching Ihc offerings of cither Parnell or.Yarweick. The learn, phis reserves, will arrive-in Memphis before noon Friday and will Immediately proceed t,o the Fourth Perry Command Headquarters, where they will rest until gntnc time. They will be accompanied by Llciilcnant Adams, Scrgl, Robert Tubbs, manager of the learn, rind Sergl. John Blair, trainer. The Soldiers Friend . . . Friend and Samaritan In lime of distress, (lie Amtrlcnn Red Cross, as the volunteer agency created and supported by the dollars and goodwill of the American people, extends a helping hand to Ihe man in Ihc Service who happens to be In lough luck. A field director is on duty at many Army stations. He can get prompt information and action anywhere In. the country through (he nutkmwlde organization of county chapters of Ihe Red Oross. In this column the field director at the Blythevllle Army Air Field discusses examples of ills work with full protection of Ihe confidence of those who consult him. BY FKEO L. SWAN, Field Director American Red Crosi The American Red Cross lends money to married service men In an emergency to make sure . their dependents', rent is paid and other household bills do not pile jtip. Because of the bookkeeping job required, the government some- Will Be Salvaged and Proceeds Used To Buy New Ones For Anny Of what vise Is an old wornoul phonograph record y plenty! They are Important. The American Lc- Blon has taken on the job of collecting phonograph records which arc all scratched and battered find of no further use, In order "that they can be salvaged as a ]>art of the war effort lo stop waste. The records will be sold to record manufacturing companies and the proceeds will be used to buy new records for distribution to the Armed Forces. Notice has been Issued to the squadrons, detachments and units of the Air Huso lo turn in their old records nt the 1'osl Theater, where they will be accumulated and turned over to the Legion, to be added lo the collection that will be taken up from the homes of civilians In town. Bryant P. Stewart, commander of the Legion Post In Blythevllle, lias appointed Johnny Nolcn and C. A. Cunningham on a committee in charge of the collections. They have designated the llardaway Appliance Co., as central depository. 'Hie records will be shipped to headquarters of Records for Our Fighting Men, an organization which has been authorized by the President's Win- Keller Control lioard, lo conduct a campaign during the next CO days. Open Post For Boys Of 17,18 Scheduled Independence Day Come on out, boy.s. The- place.' is yours. Here's Ihc place lo spend Hit; Kourlli of July afternoon. It's a program you can't beat. Hoys 17 and 18 years old will be gucslH of the Ulythc- ville Army Air 1'Meld Sunday afUTiioon from 1 to 5 o'clock. An Army Forces circus will he »— —————— put on for their benefit. There'll be a flying review with ships maneuvering in formation, and a military parade review of aviallon CH- deU to the mnrtlal music of the 351st Army Air Purees liniiil, one of the finest military musical organizations that there Is. The hoys will be given the freedom of the Post. They'll he taken through the hangar where aircraft and engines arc serviced, repaired nnd overhauled, They will !jo onto tilt: flying line and Inlo the Plight Operations area, places which normally are closed to civilians and restricted lo military per- .spzmcl on duty. lUrdseye View of Field From Ihe height of the Control Tower, where traffic directors of the air guide the airplanes In landing and taking off from the Hying field, with radio telephone communication, they will get a panoramic view of the entire field, and In the Link Trainer buildings they will see In operation the dwarflikc airplanes which never leave the Medical Detachment Tops Softball Loop The Medical Uelachmciit team Is the winner of the second period of the lntcr-K[|uadron Softball league, with seven games won and one lost. Standings of the olher teams include: 70'lth, won four, lost one. 7Glst, won six, lost three. 25th, won four, losl three. Flying Administration, won three, lost two. Athletic lost three. Department, won limes has unable to allotment been start pay- Finance and Ordnance, won five, losl three. Band, won two, lost four. 1031x1, won two, lost four. lOCOth, won two, lost five. 702nd, won oncj lost four. 320lli, won one,'.-.lost six. IE BOIL ISPflSUlnRI Formerly A Farm House, It Now Contains More Than I 500 Books The life span of a fly seldom exceeds Iwo months. year, Weslern ;-Lcague tearn last will cavort at shortstop. The outfield is no less strong. Staff Sergt. Angeio Ferrarlo, former outfielder for the strong Oglethorpe University nine, will be in center, Sergte. Fleet Grain and Daniel La Grulta, both experienced New Textbooks Arrive "Soldier's Reading," an elementary textbook in reading, writing and arithmetic, has been added to th; Post Library. Other textbooks newly added to the shelves include A Firsl Course in Algebra, In Iwo volumes, a course of interest to enlisted men who want to prepare themselves for technical schools. The algebra course was prepared by the US Armed Forces Institute at Madison, Wis. incuts to soldiers' dependents f|r several months after they enter the service. Some soldiers' families are thereby faced with hardships because their savings have been used up and they haven' t enough 1 Mr. Swan money to carry them over until the allotments arrive. That is where the Red Cross steps in. If a loan Li needed, the Red Cross furnishes the money, wilhout interest. A soldier came to our office with a letter from his wife stating that there was no food in the house and that the rent was due. We wired the chapter in the soldiers' home town. Because It was late at night, the Chapter Home Service worker phoned the precinct policeman and asked him to investigate. Such was the family's plight that Hie policeman Immediately bought cerles for ths wife and two lillle daughters, and the next day Ihe Red Cross Home Service worker arranged to provide food and rent for the family until the soldier's allotment checks began to arrive. There is no need for n service man's family to undergo such hardships, for it is the duty of the Red Cross lo see that the family docs nol suffer want. If you need money lo meet n family emergency, come in and lalk it over, for our job is lo help you. The Giants Causeway is - n basaltic rock formation In Ireland. Pardon, Bud niul In H'lilch .student pilots iructlco Instrument flying and nnv- .gallon. Training ships will be drawn up 'or the boy.s to Inspect and they will be taken through the weather Station, tin: class rooms, the dls- .lacther's office and into the fus- ;inatlng places where the training program is carried on. It's your war, hoys. Here's the chance to learn what ll'.s all about, That, In a nutshell, is the reason for the Fourth of July Open Post for 17-18 year olds. Free Bus Hide The young men who during the forthcoming months will be called Inlo the service of the Armed For-; ccs are to be given an opportunity lo satisfy their Interest and theii 1 curiosity ns lo the life of an aviation Cadet In the Army Air Corps. It will be Ihc first lime thai visitors have been permitted to go Into the flight operations area,, where the big ships come and go and where the cadets work their way through to the goal of gold jars andisllvcr. wings: '->*.' The Airways bus Line, which;op- crales the transportation service jetweeii Blyllicvlllt: ami the Air Base, Is cooperating by giving free rides to the guests. The lioy.s can get on at any street corner nnd ride without charge lo the Air Base and back again. Meet the Fllf rs At the gate Ihe visitors will lie met by an escort of flying officers who will guide them through tlie grounds to the Subdcpol machine shops, carpenter shops and aeronautical repair hangers, where the tour will start. From there the route will lie along the taxiways with vlsils to the squadron hangars, among Hie p irked airplanes, and alongside the runways from which the ships will be roaring into the air. The boys will meet the aviation cla'dets and their instructors and have opportunity lo visit with them and ask nil the questions thai a young fellow has had going through his mind ns he wondered what the future held In slore for him. Col, Kurl M. London, commanding officer, In declaring Open Post for the Youths, said they would be given full opportunity to sec and hear everything of Interest. The new Post Library is in operation, It occupies the little stone house opposite the Post Exchange, which not much more lhan a year ago was still a farm home, one of the farm dwellings that dotted the area now covered the Blythevllle Army Air Field. The co/.y little building Is Ideal or (he purpose. I required but little remodeling lo make Ihc four rooms into a comfortable retreat where the soldier can go to select a book 01 a magazine, mid lounge there while he reads ant] rmikes up his mind as to what volume he wants to tnke -with him to Ills quarters. Shelves line tlio walls and or them are more than 1,500 volumes with reading mailer for ever; taste, and Including a 30-volume set of Ihe Encyolpcdla Americana Just added lo the collection o books which has been developec during the last nine months. More shelves nnd tables and chairs will be installed in the room: and In the hallway which divide. he building. In the reading roon vllh fireplace and lounge fund lire, are many periodicals nnd tin laily newspapers of 12 principa lies. Library hours arc from 8 In the norning to 5 In the evening, and jleut. Hugh W. Eldridge, library ifficer, announced Jhat the library UDII will be open two evenings a veek. Miss Sunshine Boyd. the librari-' n, brings to her office a back- ;nnmd of experience, prior to accepting the position ,she was an "Inglisli leacher nt the Trnmann Junior High School, librarian at he paragould Public Library, and i student librarian at the Arknn- >:is Stale College. Guard Squadron Wins The Guard Squadron defeated the Flying Administration team 15-7 in an inter-squadron softball league game nt the Athletic Area Tuesday afternoon. Tutor of Ihc victors, and Partridge of the losers, were outstanding, each hitting home tuns with men on base. In an earlier game a team of cadets defeated the Group 1 Officers' team (i-2. Flying Supplies to British in Burma Planes and parachutes carry the supplies lo British forces fighting behind Jap lines In Burma. Here, gunners are on Ihe alerl for enemy planes, left, as cargo filled transport heads from India to Burma.; Some supplies are dropped by parachute, fight, while at other times planes land on jungle airfields. I Spencer and Berube Will Make Their Ring,Debut Against Greenwood The new members of the Post Boxing Team will get their first public action when the team meets the Greenwood Army Air Field at the American Legion Arena tomorrow night. They are Staff Sergt. William Sj^ncer, 113'Pounds, and Pvt. L. !i. Berube. 118 pounds,' both of the 700lh. Both men have been trained through the boxing program .here and, while inexperienced, have demonstrated promise as boxers. In good condition, they have mastered the rudiments of self defense, have developed their speed, and are hitting hard and cleanly. They will meet unknown quantities in their Greenwood fofs. No advance information is available iloul the visiting boxers, but it is jellevcd that they hnve had much ihe same amount of training as have th; local mitstcrs. Other bouts scheduled for Thurs- Laugh It Off Frank L. Munn wrote his draft board that lie was sorry, but he just won't be, able to report for induction into the Army. Munn,- a former Central City, Nebraska, resident, told the board: ."I have an important job in essential government war work." Munn Is a siaff sergeant at Ixwry Reid, Colorado, a veteran of five army camps and a graduate aerial gunner. I request extension of leave." Next the liat—Sanlerli 1 smellcd a rat, investigated, found his suspicious true and wired this reply: "You and Red Cross AWOL. He:urn immediately." There was plenty of point in Rlien Fife joining the WAACs. In fact, too many points. The Hutchison, - Kansas, woman ran a small grocery store. But she got, so tired trying to figure out point rationing that she up and joined the WAACs. She was transferred to Camp Blanding, Florida, where officials were trying lo find someone to figure out ration points for military personnel. You're right. Rhea Fife got the job. 309th Wins Pennant The 309th Aviation Squadron took top honors at last Saturday's Inspection of troops, barracks and area with a rating of 97, and thus has earned the right to fly the i "E" pennant from Its orderly room this week. Only one point behind and tied for second place were the lOCGt'n Gurvrd Squadron and the 045th QM i'latoon. The 907th QM Co., placed third with a score of 05. Not all eggs are ovate; some owls lay perfectly round ones. FUNNY BUSINESS ~ -., :c _ High copers in steel helmets were cut by American soldiers .somewhere in North Africa ns Hed Cross gave a block parly for boys back from Hie front. Shortage of girls made cntling- in scenes like this numerous. Rooster Raised Chicks SAN JOSE. Gal. (UP.)—When a bantam lien belonging to Harry Millir hatched only three chickens. Miller, thinking lo keep her busy, supplied her with 10 more from a hatchery. Al once slie wnlkcd oul nnd went on strike. Bui her husband, the bantam rooster, saw his duty nnd dirt it. lie look the 19 clilcksns under his wings and is raising llicni by hand. Try our "Own Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn Actwt Inn Hlfk Beh«l PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Skating Every Afternoon And Nisht! GUY GEAN'S SKATING RINK Locitcd on Soulli Second St. Across From Xntl. Gunnl Armory SPECIAL RATfiS FOB Service Men day night Hcndricks, send Sergt. A. J. S°con<I Lieut. Selmn Herbert of New York, a \VAAC stationed In England, work. up to her neck in Angell Rest Hitter For Athletic Dep't. Lieut. M. J. Angell.' junior pliy.- ical director, i.-; leading the Ath- .ftic Department .softljnll team in nilllng with an average of .555. Lieut. Cecil Garrison is second with an average of .'IT!. Lieut. Bill Adams, post athletic officer, Is batting .411. Standings of (he other members of the learn Include: Lieut. Cecil Pinner, .375. Lieut. Allen Hurley, .333. Corp. Cameron West. .312. Staff Sergt. Alfred Stabler, .307. Staff Sergt. Neil Owens. .285. Sergt. Harrell Morrison, .250. Eergt. Robert. Tubbs, .220. Lieut. Arthur Kainen. .100. Suddenly, a medical lieutenant stopped in front of the glass-enclosed WAAC office, carefully shaded liis eyes and peered in. Then lie middleweight, against, opened the door, looked around for :hc Greenwood champ in Ihls division. Hendricks, who lost a recent fight at Newport, is thirsting for revenge. He is in condition and is raring lo go. Corp. Robert J. Morgan, Arkansas AAU welterweight champ, will enter the ring against one of the visitors in the main event of the CYEiilng. Always in good condition, Morgan's speed seems to inccrase daily. He is a fasl puncher and an able boxer, and has outclassed every second, and* reemarked: , "Excuse me. I'm on furlough and 'I jus twanlcd to see what a. WAAC looks like.'' And as an after-thought he added, be/ore slipping nwny: "You're a big improvement on soldiers." Swingsters Will Play For Noticams With a special program of enter- iainmcnl and music by Ihe GI S\vingslers. the Noncommissioned Officers Club of the BAAP will hold a formal Independence Day dance it the NCO clubrooms in the Glencoe Hotel. The hall will be especially decorated. Tech. Sergt. James B. Harding- is ill charge of arrangements. This is the slory of Goldberg, the Red Cross and the Rat. Firsl Goldberg-—He is Private Max Goldberg, stationed at. Camp Pickelt, Virginia, whose home is opponent he has met thus far. Staff Sergt. Don Brandon and close D 5'- Pfc. Fred Sacngcr, light heavies, and ' Next the Red Cross—The other other capable members of the Post (l "y Private Goldberg got a pass Team wilt swap punches with their an<1 >rent horae for thc weekend. gucEts. Altogether there will be ten Santerh. got a wire from him. say- bouls. 1 ' er ' nis Srst sergeant, Robert The matches are open to the public and are under the direction of Sergeant Clements. Corp. Don Burton will probably be the referee. Man of 5 'Il's' SEBRING, Fla. (U.PJ—A hoicl manager here goes the 4-H Club one better. He is Harry II. Ilalimati, who operates Harder Hall. VANCOUVER. Wash. (U.P.)— A 10-dolliir fine against Ora Hennon of Hudson House was accompanied by 10-dollar words when Acting Sergeant Mayo described Hennon as "Incoherently, staggeringly, obnoxiously inebrialcd." The Modern Ice Box COOLERATOR For Kconomy and Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Phone III £Tlic,coi|M)iamlci' rcnnnwa her—we were always running ; Repair Service That Is Fully Guaranteed! Expert Mechanics — Body Men Lee Motor Sales Fh. BI9 Ctrl SUac, Sb*p r*rattB 307 E. Main 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. IANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'dmy A Walnut Ph. »5J NO ASPIRIN cnti do more for you. so why \r,\y more? Woflcl'sl:! KM. .'IGlablctsZOJ? 100 for only 'Jfy. Get St.'Joseph Aspirin. I FITTED BY Doctor* J. L ud J. C GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN BLYTHEVILLE SINCE 1922 OUT CKILDRRK'S SHOE REPAIRING is the kiurt that stands up splendidly to the io»&li, hard usage Ihc active youngster fctves Ills foftVwear—vrc rebuild Ihe shoes solidly and honestly. Let us prove It. H-fl LT€RS QURLITY SHOC SHOP izi w. M n i N ST. flPTICRL STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 Just Received New Assorlmcnl CHROMIUM FOG LAMP SETS and DRIVING LIGHTS LOY EICH Chevrolet Company Phone 11 "Mother very sick. Red Cross and SMALL LOANS OB Aarthlnr W Tcfm. Ea»t Main Loan Co. 'KM I- Mate — Fb*M 2M* WE FILL ALL DOCTORS' PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVK YOU MONEY STEWART'S Drug Stor e Main & Lake I'honc 2823 Flowers For Every Occasion . .. Funeral (jcsigns, wedding flowers, corsages. THE FLOWER SHOP WE DELIVER GLENCOE HOTEL BLDO. I'hone 491 Officers'* Un i forms Compare the fabric and . workmanship of these fine garments before buying! Heller ISlouscs 37.75 Elastirjue Trousers 13.75 Pinks 13.75 Summer Trousers 7.90 Summer Shirts 8.90 ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" There') no wider wlectlon of shaving needs, cosmetics, noveltle*, etc., in Blythevllle th»n »t Roblnson'i. latest M*gazlne»-Poun- taln Service Men! Meet Your Friends at Robinion'sl HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations BODY OF UNIFORM SHIRTS SIADE SMALLER Khaki 75c; Tropkal $1; 3-day Stnlc* Garrison Caps — Accessories — lns»tni«

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