The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 14, 1943
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VOLUME XU-NQ. 50.; Blythevllle D»lty News Blythcvllle Courier BKthevlUe Htrald Mississippi VaUcy Under ILLE lOURIER UOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEA BT ARKANSAS Awn nrtrrmivAon. ..-„„ L . •• onrvnnoAO AENLJ OOWTHEAST MISSOURI SAS, KH11MY, MAV M, 19,13 SINGLE' COPIES FIVE CENTS" <«• ' IN THE ALEUTIANS ^ffhting^Still^Gomg On; Tokyo Say& ~~ '"''il llllTr n nhnp inn .. - . .,._.___; • . • . . «r . . ,^f ,. , ,' Today's War Commentary Kiska Next Taking Attu Will Cut Supply Route,. By THOMAS 3. DONO1IUR of llnlltd Picss The Aincnciiii jissaiilt iigainst Attu Islmul in the Alcu tiaiis probably is only thc bcKinninj; of United Slates on •orations in DiaL Diontcr. Attu is 172 milcK farther west than Kiska iHlaiul whicl shortly may turn out lo be tlie main objective of the Am ei'ican attack. One can sense our .strategy in .slrikiiijr' fo r AUu first A .successful attack on that island would seal up Risk; Irom Japanese supply and I'einfoi'cenionl and make il rela lively easy to reduce. In Itself, Atlu Island Is not suit-« able as an attack bate because ot If an American thrust over Aleutians were successful" its .extremely craggy terrain, al- Iliouh the japs have conslritcter a .seaplane bnse there and had begun work on n bomber base. At Kiska, Ihc Japs have built a good airfield, a One harbor nnd facilities for housing troops. What's more, KLska, Is only 375 miles from tlie Japanese Kurlle Islands which stretch' like n gangplank right hito l^ipp'on itself. Thc attack on Attu is almost ccrtnli'i to be followed—if successful—by a bimilai if-saull on KisKa Japs Scaled Own Doom Thc Amci leans certainly will not allow thc Jans to maintain an airbase only 172 miles awns if they clean up Attu The Japs on Kiska probably f.cnlcd their own" doom when they finished; their •'airfield there just a.s they did on Guadalcanal, With paidombk Yankee ingcn uity, . Ihe Americans allowed the Japs on Guadalcanal-to finish their air base altei piovjigiotis labor (hen mo^pd in ind took It over saving considerable man hours of \vpr|5. Jhe rt same is very likely lo A'little over a week a"o~"~ihe Germans irpcnttdly warned Tap-in not -to let the 'Americans get i grip on the Nipponese-occupied Aleutians. As one' Nazi spokesman liul it: /••;••'• "Nobody In Japan deceives hlni- .self light-hcavtcdiy about' thc extraordinarily dangerous situation into : which Japan would plunge the The Germans had hi mind the fact that with Kisfci In American hands, the Kurilcs, and eventually Japan herself would be brought within direct range ol America's powerful heavy bombers. Yanks Itloyed Quietly In Ihc absence of any detailed reports of the fighting on AUu one can spcciilnlc oii how' thc attack developed. It will be recalled that many months ago, American forces unobtrusively moved into thc Andrcaonof group of the Aleutians which lies inidwny between Unalaska and Kiska nnd set up an air field there: Last Jamjars-, (ho Americans occupied Amchilka Island, which is just 72 miles cast of Kiska. The airfield on Amchitka was quickly laid down by nicans of bull-dozers nnd slccl l.iiHling s|.rips;and before long, our fighters and cargo planes were operating there. It is conceivable that the aerial • .support for the American assault forces which .stormed the AlUi beach came'from Amchilka. And H Is more than likely that powerful naval .support paved Ihc way for our landings. A week ago, Ihe Navy revealed that light American naval forces had forced a much bigger .Jap flotilla to turn back west of Attu in a sharp engagement between Atlu and Russia's Komandorskie Islands. That was the tip-oil that Komtllihig big was impending. And the presence of Japanese heavy 1 nnd light cruisers and a considerable number of destroyers in those waters might indicate passible large scale sea fighting in ihc near future. Dutch Harbor S*ronsr There Ls no reason for undue alarm on our side sl.ould heavy sea fighting develop in Ihc norlh- crn Pacific. In Dutch Harbor we have one of the finest naval bases in the Pacific, olilsldt of Pearl Harbor and Japan's big Truk base In thc west-central Pacific. It has been heavily strengthened .since the battle of Midway when. it. will lie recalled, a Japanese task force launched an attack on the Dutch .Harbor base. ...• Since her defeat at Midway, Ja';.. pan has been on the defensive : and her occupation of Attu and Kiska, which originally «- a s conceived as an offensive, move developed into a purely diensive operation. Both those. bWren fogbound Islands have solved Japan well .since last June wten she occupied them. They ga'e Ihc Jau 1 n valuable obscrvallor: post to watch any American (reparations for an attack ajjM'.ist lapnn The mere presence of Jap! forces on Attu and Kiska also piined down a section ot the Ami-lean fleet and Army, and forced us to diver heavy shipments of supplies to tin north Pacific. Furthermore, tin Japs by holding (.he Aleutian? were able to prevent the Amcri cans from using that chain o islands ns a possible supply Mm to China. Japan has probably 15,000 troop on the livn Aleutian Islands. Thcj probably will fight with thc. Taunt icism of their comrades on Guadnl canal But once they arc cut oi from aid they should surfer th same file We, can only aw.ti future • developments. Chuichill Broadcast Say. Allied Leaders, May ^ "Many Campaigns''.<'..!' \\AfaUINGTON, May H. (t)'.p.)_ Bnlish Prime Minister Ghurchil said today, that he and Presidcn Roosevelt and their military ex ports arc planning many futun camiraigns against the Axis iii dif fcrenl parts of the world. In an address to his hoinclam on the., anniversary of Hie Rritish Home Guards,. Churchill sain: "It is no good only having on march ahead laici out." The speech also was broadcast in radio in this country. "March after march," Churchil said, "must: be planned 'as .far a, minimi eye can see." Pointing out Hint strong annlei are assembler! in Britain and (ha the island "is the assembly base for lie United stales armies o liberation coming across the broad Atlantic," Churchill added: . But this Is not the end. We must prepare for Uie time which is approaching and will .surely come when the bulk of these armies will nave advanced 'across the sea* into deadly grapple on the continent". Churchill emphasized thai (In Planning now was being done "wcl. ahead of. the armies who arc moving siviflly forward." . Ills words seemed to confirm tin general belief lhal Mr. Roosevelt nnd Churchill now nre 'formulating strategy f or operations that wil follow Ihc initial Invasion of Eur in s .particular nlcnion "to*" c"am paigns (o get at the Japancsi homeland. Services Held Yesterday For Leachville Resident Mrs. Cora Ida People.'! of Lcach- ... .. ».u..n uuBagcmcin, Between TttcVv^ 0 , if i" 1 '" PCOI ' 1CS ' '" Ctl Atlu and Russia's Komandorskie £„£? ? l °' !lomc ' Sllc wns 61 - »ui»Mi. i-imcial services were held Tliurs- «ay afternoon nt tlie Leachville Pentecostal Holiness Oliurch willi the Rev. Frank Edgin odlclating. uuria was at Crossroads Cemetery, Senath, . ),,f? r " , at survivor '* chBrl <*t°"- Mo., her *™ °' lly iminctliatc New York Cotton Mch May . 2019 July Oct. Dec. open high low close 1543 1945 1929 1925 2015 1389 IOCS 1953 2080 2011 2003 1990 107C 1976 1968 1952 1952 18S7 !953 1935 1935 1053 2014 1989 New Orleans Cotton open high low close I97T 1978 I%0 1959 1917 2042 2047 2027 2039 2047 2019 2019 200C SOOfi 2018 1996 1997 19811 891 1996 1981 1982 19fi6 1966 1983 Meh. Afay July Oct. Dec. Sep. July . Sep. . Chicago Wheat open high low close UK* 141% Hi Hl'.i HIS 141S 141% Hi H l«% 142 Chicago Rye open high low close 87-)i 89H 87;s 8716 87-V, 8951 89« 89% . 87' 89>4 Disaster Relief Specialists Plan For Feeding Of Arkansas Refugees LITTLE ROCK, May 14. (UI'l — Stale agencies, nillitnry and relic 1 ! i-ulhoiitles linve 'thrown (heir combined weight Inlo a glgnntlc effort lo lessen the shock of thc stale's worst Hoods s'of.. tnodern times. Governor Adklns says he Is convinced thai cvcrylhiiiK possible is being done -to protect jiropei'ly, feed Ihe homeless nnd plan for rehabilitation after the Hood wn- tcrs recede. '•.•"..., Welfare iigencie.s . nnd stale ng- riciillurnl Groups ' have conferred on plnns for feeding refugees while setting 'machinery In motion tor hurried rc-plantlng of drowned croivi nfter- the fields dry out. A wist sheet of wnler 1ms sprcud over central Arkansas. The rampaging Arkansas river bisecting llic stale from Fort Smith to Dcsha Comity is fur 'out-of.,its banks. While river Is piayln;; 'havoc in Ihe north •! central section ot the slate. , • , .', Tho American Red. Cross has moved a small nrmy oi disaster relief specialists into LUtle Rock to look into the?.-problem of feeding nnd -housing refugees nnd to study ichnbililatlon problems. Thirty live hundred Army cnai- nccrs arc in action in the Pine BluIT area nnd 'additional militnry is being held In readiness. Assistant-Extension Director Aubrey Gales Vand, a -Red Gross rep- resentative'' hare.;.'.discussed ..'rc-es'' tabllshing .fariiij' b'pcralicms •: 'after' tile noml>-'Tt.was".j»lh-rc-cJ outHhaf (jni-den and field seed supnlies f<ir re-planting and: feed supplies for livestock are'the', two most serl-; OUs problems. .. ,.. Special flood* information''^ being prcpnrcd' by the Extension Service tor--distribution' to aflccierl farm families,' dealing with sanitation, re-pla'ilting of crops and jardens, nnd reconditioning of land and buildings. ;. The Arkansas is expected to crest at 34 feet at Dard'ancilc today 'at ,11 feet nt- 1 Morriltpn tomorrow, 30 feet at Uttle Rock Sunday, and 34 feet at Pine Blufl Monday Rooscveil,Says He Expects •/ — i — Captives From Tunis To Be Sent Mere «)' Hulled L...,, Most ol thc Ccmmn and Itnllun prisoners we raptured 'In' -'I'liiilsti arc expected lo be Interned 'in Ihe United Slalcs. i ; • • - rmvldenl - Roosevelt told coirr K|>aiiden1.<i inday lh;it hb nssumed Ini-Ro numbei'.s of [he Axis soldiers will be brought lo this country. More than 175,000 piismiers him- been Inkcii Iti Ihc niral phase of the campaign In Tunisia, which ended ollldnlly nt noon ycslordio But more arc coming In, and llic liBiire may lie clnsur In '2DO,COO when Ihc count Is completed. President Roosevelt sfiys one ol the problems he nnd Prime Minister Churchill have been diseuks Ing" wn.s wlinl to do with so lai'Bc a taf! of pilwnm. •. . • f Thc ultimate diio'lsloii. Mr.iRoosb veil sny.s, dnpcntls upon iraiiKiiorl supplies nnd availability of (ninrlcis II Is learned Inday lhnl : Gcnernl Glrnnd's dniighlcr, (mil , . children and a snn-in-liiw luivc been Inken to Enro])cinB hostage by the cnciny. His snn-ln-| RW colonel in army. tlie French --colonial , ' y - •They wore scl/.cd in Tiinis aiid removed liom/Noith Africu h'n- fore the Allied victory When General Giraud arrival i Tunis lie cnfjcrly sought no'' s of his rclntlvcs only to tllscovci they had;becn tiiken awny « •morill' Gcrnmiiy. to Italy.'.or Where Yanks Fight AmchllMto: DuIcK Harbor—650 KoJiak—1200 —1400 S.OMI.—25CX) Howoll—2400 Japan— 7100 Slralc B > bclilnrl our efforts to wrfli , nilllro , of Atlu '•The- ; gciiernl's wife, -'throe- bli^' clniiglitcrs and a .son-in-hivv hnvc ong been Interned In Fi . Bncc bj , llf> rinrinnTi.v J Iho Germans. Gil-anil's two Sons have IMLCI- fighting the Axis In :No V lh Africa Local Gitardsmen Ready For Service It was announced loday in an Associated Press dispatch that tol- lier.s from an un announced camp lave moved into Arkansas for flood duly at BlythcvillP, near Hie St. Francis River, ', and several other loints, but no information has been -cceivcd here.' i : 'Hie dispatch also announced thiit he Arkansas Guard, . already on duty in Porst Smith, was. ordered on tlie alert in five more cities including BIylheville. Company K. 'Blythcvillc's guard mil. had been on the alert since. he first flood danger occurred and s. ready for immediate acllon If iccded. according to Cajit.. o. w. Copiierigc, coinmantilug officer. ' Organized last Fall lo replace Ihe National Guam Unit here, Com- "Iccrs. K has 5.5 men and three of- Bolt Strikes Aerial Lightning struck a radio aerial vire at Ihe home of Charles Bio"don, on Mrs.'-.' L. Chambers' fnrm on Higliway Gl South, late ycs- crclay nftcrnrjon • causing a small Ma/e. •; '-' : Only the wall paper was damaged >y Ihe flames extinguished by : thc Ire rtcpartmcnl, which made the The radio liBd n'oi been used re- pently because It was broken. One Of Six Awarded County Chairmen In State For Salvage Work Because' Mississippi County exceeded Us quota in Ihe Naltoiial scrap Campaign-last, P.ill Its chairman, L. G. Nash, has been awarded a-pennant equal to the "E" JXMI- na.nts bestowed upon firms for outstanding work in'the war effort •The:'pennant,-awarded by '(he War Production . Board.' for salvage work,- Is being.lisucd only lo .six county, chair-ram in Arkansas who exceeded the large quotas assigned them by the WPB.,Similar nwnrds nrc being made In other slates flhe emblem was brought to niythevlllc by Mr. Tolarid of I.ltlle Rock, district mannger, wlio made Ihc presentation. 'Mksis.sippl County, which turned In more than 4,500,000 pounds of scrap, will soon be called upon to contribute In another scrap campaign, Mr. Nash said. With practically nil the scrap collected now sent to headquarters, except for some tin cans, plan.s will be announced soon for another lu- Icnsivc campaign in 1 which Ihc Army will assist, he said. Court Postponed Chancery Court, scheduled lobe lelri here next week, has been postponed witli the date expcccloil lo be set elm-Ing the following week, it was announced today by Ilnr- vey Morris, clerk of Circuit Court. Mass Slaughter Of All Jews In Warsaw Ghetto Is Reported By Unlltd'rress The Nazis are reported to have nclulgcd In a horrible blood bath i the gelto of Warsaw. A dispatch from London says the ast of thc 40,000 Jews' in the capital of old Poland has been llqui- atfd in a 10-day orgy. Rabbi Irving Miller says he has iformatlon Ihe Je-vs fought back -llh any weapons they could fihd *>me even had guns. But they Were selcss against the German modern •capons, which Included Unks Rabbi Miller says: . . ' ' "Every living soul was either utchercrt or uprooted and moved i some other part of the country." Miller, also reports that 75,000 e*s In Yugoslavia havcicen wiped out. The remaining 10,000 have been scattered throughout the continent. Tills report of mass slaughter follows news of Nazi Incited revolt In Holland. Thc Germans touched off a Hood of armed defiance by spreading false leaflets announcing the "hour of liberation" was at hand, rt was a trap. The Nazis were trying to ferret out the leaders ot Dutch resistance. A.s a result of tills trick 70 l»t- rlols have been killed In street clashes. A Netherlands spokesman says lhat a Dulch liberation army of 75,000 Is poised for a, call to aims from the Allies, its leaders are reported lo be holding mass revolt in check until it is bolstered by Eu r °Wan invasion. u(kmpllti£ I'Sliold ,.l Klskit Is rcvealcrl lu llic Anifricnii forces could MU| |hu i<n i'Klskn. lrl\c the rncni) from tlicl ibovo war nmp wliich show mv M,pnly reiilr b) holilln point frofn w|iic)i tn iiiVMil Europe Endures By Allied Airmen . By tjnlktl I'rcss , ' , The Allies ;ire .keeping' all Europe: rnekinif bombiirdmciit unetjnnlled In -' U.o' worto'tt .n.siory IK liKe it, IIMS heen..known by any afe'e. Hitler's IK being aliakcn and ripped from-end lo'eiul , "^ "•" ' j *"ftto*-i Mi^ nun ------ American and RuHrsjiin lifers arc rel-i s; V ° P<? fr °' m UlC "'^ eilMt "" (i "°- uth '" ( ' I .Fro mlhe west, American bombers » arc- shaking northern Germany again tixliiy. LnU nlglil, the KA!-' .scourged Ilerlln, tho Ftulir, nnd even Chechoslovakia. Thirty four Allied -• - - ' - • ctav raids, planes, were lost hi Iho thc same numbers which failed to return the'night before from the war's heaviest rniil on the German tmfuslirnl center of Duls- Flying Fortresses, In (lie heaviest raid llicy ever undertook over Europe, crippled SI. Omcr nnd Menul- te In .northern France. From thc .south. Ihc luH weight of Allied nil-power in Africa Is licine released against- iialy nnd island oulposls. nrillsh Wetllng- lon bombers pounded Naples, the second biggest port In Itnly. American heavy bombers pummrlcrl Augusta on the. cnst coast of Sicily. They dumped their bomb toads among 20 Axis .ships In the 'larljor. Strong forces of bnth xjiubcrs and lighlcr.s hit thc har- iior and industrial area ol Cagliarl in eastern Sardinia. rtctiinilDR pl- say ihey sliot down nine of Axis flghlcr planes oiiposlni; them al Caglinri. In addition, a naval force moved up and sent 20 broadsides Into Pantrjlterla Island, which between Tunisia and Sicily. Jaycees Offer To Help During Flood Emergency The Arkansajnlor Chamber of nl ' m M J 1 nuilMnr^^ l.n- ~te^ ___ l ____ I ____ _f Jllllllllls. - --** i ti OIIII.KIO uuiui/1 V>l UV II ll/UI Ul Commerce has offered services of Its members throughout thc slate for flood work, it has been announced by L. s. Bcnlsh of Blythc- vllle, newly elected president of Ihe state group. Mr. Bcnlsh today notified Gov. Homer M. Adklns, through his secretary, Joe Martin, aurt Albert Evans, disaster director of Ibc National Red Cross, Midwrslcrn Area. Oiat Ihe young men of Arkansas, who make up this organization, "are' ready to assist in every way possible toward fighllng Uie Hood and In the rescue of Its victims." On Committee To File Test Suits Wiiller Pope, local attorney, lias been named n member of n. special committee by the Arkansas Bar Assocldlion president, Joe •Hnrrcll, of Jonesboro, which will flic lest •suit.s against a .selcclcd number of local laws passed by Ihu 104.1'legis- lature. Other members of the commHlce ;)lK)lnl«l yesterday by Mr. Barrett nrc Wallace '1'ownscnd of Little Rock and Dwlght. Savage of Cnrllslc. 'Hie coininlilec 'has been Instructed lo file test .suits iigiiltwt n "cress section" of more than 101) local bills "so a fair determination of the validity' of such measures ciin be ha<;." Tlie ncllon followed a resolution adopted by llic association iii Ha recent Hot ^ Springs .convention', which vigorously protested local legislation passed by the assembly under a population formula. Hail Falls Yesterday llie rain .storm laic yesterday nllernoon lasted only n few min- »lcs but In lhat short sixicc of time, there wns lightning .which struck In at' least one place, hall md .17 of an Inch rain fnll The lightning, in the norlhwwl, struck an aerial wire of n 'country home. 'Ihc hall fell for only nbout livo Ray Pierce Killed Hay Pierce', who marie his home In Manila several years ago while working wllh a tonslructlon company in building new levees In Western Mississippi county, recently was electrocuted while working os a government construction Job In Canlp Chlva, Panama Canal Zone. His instant death occurred when he came In contact, with a live cable which he thought was )iol connected. U. S. Opens To Win Control Of North Pacifi*? 11} United I'reis ' ," Tho Americans Imve opened lhclr"ihivo to throw'the Japs onl or ihc Aleutian!) um( dear thu northern skyways to Tokyo. ^ .' The YmiLs linvu landed on Attu, the wcstoiiimost'island in Hip AleiitiiuiH which the Japs invaded, along with Kisku hiHl June. if O'ttr Navy comiiiuniiiue given no doluib—ami won't until he Mitimlioi, ia elarilied, However, Tokyo radio, wliich reported the American landliixH earlier this :moniiiiLv aaid ' violent liglitiiin,still is irdimr on. • - • $• '.»,'•;; '.,," .', T u '*»'l oloat Just liow «r whero IflytheviUe Men T" ro "; C5 c " CLlc<1 "'<> inmimg on V. „ , ... ( Allu, vUicio the wcnlhpi is niwayr May lie In Action lm(1 . «»<1 wh«c the sen oppioathM ', i me Jiinde lionclicroui by under-- IMythcvlllo's National Olinril troops, slnlloncd In 'Iho' far North tlin early ilnys of the wai. mny al .hist luive tlidr chiincp for Jdlbii nftcr immllis of rigorous Irnlnliil! nnd sciisonlna lo ellmalli. coudillons. No •. otflclnl inuuiiinccmunl Ims been mfttki, but It Is known'• Una ninny members of! ,vho left here In Iho Bunimur of rocks nml slioiK Thc Nuvy -. u\hic nmroly SUH the action vns stnrtcd |«st Tuesday. ' 'Iheie me bovcial |x»siblo icn> soiit, foi the sekction of Atlu, la- Uic'i Uitin Klska, ns the flr,t point foi Anieilcan toimlcr-lnvnaion' In Wi V(ui(, It pHcci OKI . 'tun thc Ja[is on tl tlicli honlcliind—thus In position ID .slush .suS)|i ll Isolate Ihe cncmv disc ;ho • Aiiicrlciiir 1 . Invhslon of Attu (timid at the western end of the AlGullatu chiihi bylng« up Uie iws- : Facilities ' ' _Moreovci, Attu Is beHevcd to b'e asd aii'd .. .Into 'uelloii* wiiciv; the -bin ijliuislvo Is; opcm;cl,- v iii!, Klsk(i. .i'-.H' Is i'C«soiiabtc;'t6. : .n.s.slimQ- : ilmt. Ihesi! veteran lraon_s ''^10' : Ittirted .heir 'IralnhlB long'^'ngo ;in 'tho A.ikiinsa.s Nntlonal; Otinrd 'unit In niylhevllle and who 'during' Uie foist. v<>iir' hud a, half have been toughened (o cllnmttu conditions hi MiiKku imd the North Pa'clllc will be rewarded nt long Inst with a criiuk ul Ihc Japs. CLEflNftl SIILLIDEI 'City Trucks Will'teak, oncl Free TMsh ( (ion In Ward One Attu Is ovci 1700 mitea fiom 'lokyo, so It won't be a, biu(e in lUe|l loi nh 'at r People of Wnrd:Onc who did not I "iilelct their (rnsh, hi time foi ' llic cleanup will lie iilven anothei t**"- 11 IlLiul-IIUl «,,j,u, .,,.,, UJ to have Ihclr dcrbls removed wllh- out cost. . '• •' • 'I'he city trucks will pick lit) trash hi ward One, for the .second lime, iciiinnliig Monday, after finishing collection in ward Three tomorrow, It was announced by Mayor u. R. Jackson, n must be piled at thc side ot Ihc alley, !ic mill. Mnyor Jackson urged rcsl- MilJ! lo examine their' premises, following the recent' rains, for any ligus of mosquito breeding places. If any wilier is stnudlng. plcnsc •:all the clly engineering department, and n crow will bo sent lo> spray lhal plncc, hd'snld, as a part' of llic mosqiiilo-control program. New York Stock* r & T Tobacco ... Anaconda Copper Relh Slccl ihry.slcr Coca Coin len Klectrlc ..... 1S1 S5 1-2 2« 3-8 G3 1-4 73 100 3-4 37 1-8 Gen Motors 513-4 Montgomery Ward ....... 415-8 f V Ccutrnl 18 3-3 'nt Hnrve.strr ....;....... na n 5-s 17 1-4 11 13 1-8 Vorth Am Aviation ,. Icpublic Steel Radio 5ncony Vacuum ..... Bludcb.iker . Standard of N J , 65 1-8 Texas Corp 49 'i-i Pncknnl . 43-4 U S Slcel .....'. 51 1.2 *V l y lli /-, L W''V .InHCtr- dLsUrtdc- ir'drriHKe. Mao at Piiramo/mirl , „„ The Vault Invaders of Attu might have come from Amchitka island, where the Navy revealed only lost week, wo established H force last January Attu Is only 233 imu- tlcnl into iiom Amphltka And V,hllc our Iroorxi are flght- t(f it out on Attti, our planes mo continuing tholr raids on KLska A second Navy, (.oumiunlquc MVI licavy bombers, and bomb-can yinj flBhteri, rUIdcd Kitka twice ycstcU dny ' ' Another Air Victory ACIO.S.S the Pacific, American filers scored another victory in Uie all o\et Ihc Japs In Ihe Solomons urea, Tlie Nn\y says our CorMili flghlci plnncs took on* about as enemy fighters yesterday nnd sliBt down at least Ifi—peiliaiK 18. ,Wc lost f!\o plnncs, but the pilots .ol two were saved Thc Navy say.> Ihe furious air battle took pl.ife not fai t'om the Russell Jstaiul northwest of Guadalcanal j also wcic active, harp^ iticrliig ciicm" Installations nt Kn*- hlll, nnd Dallalc In tlie Shortland are.i But results were not observed , , ? In Washington today, Vrilno Minister Churchill released >a message he sent lo Generalissimo Chltnig Kai-Shek, ol Chinn. The message promised llmt'the day will come when Ihe arms ofllie Unlteil Nations will surely drive thc Japanese Invader from the soil of China, Tile message supported thc Iwllef (lint the Prime 'Minister nnd President Roosevelt arc .plotting some new and heavy ,blo)»!> agniifst Japan. Livestock ST. LOUIS, May 14. (UPI—Hops: 11,380, salable 11,000; top 14 25; 180-280 Ibs. 14.10-14.15; 140-180 Ibs. 13.25-13.85; tows 13.75-1.4.00. Cattts 1.150; calves 300; caltle salable 650; nil calves salable. Slaughter steers 11,50-16.76; slaugh- er heifers 10.75-16; mixed ycar- iiigs &. heifers 12-14.75; slocker nd feeder steers 10.75-15.25; can- icrs anrl cutters 7.50-16.75; con's Rotarians Hear Talk iiy Sergeant Farrar A wcrd picture o( life In Ihc Far Norlh wns ;given -by Tech., Sergt. Ralph Farrar lo Rotary Club members yesterday noon when 'they•'•met for their regular luncheon at Hotel Noble. ;' Sergt. Farrar was In • the.-.-Aleutian)!. -. several months, . "stationed there with', 1 a uhit'of .the: Arkansas National Guard. He recently returned lo his home town for a furlough before entering Officer:Candidate School at Fort Benning, Ga | In'speaking, .of Alaska, ^sergeant Farrar said he was parttcularhy | impressed wllh the high education al standards there He pointed out lhat Ihe people not only Ticre trained'.for Ihc job they were'do- lug, but possess a diversified education whiclv'fits them; tor other lasks apart fixnn Ihclr own specialized line. •He spoke of the fascination one fomis for. the : Far North -''lifitr havln lived Yhe're, and said 'lliere U »l»iiys Ihe mrge to reiurn.VTiie customs of doing business arc ytry similar to those of the United Slates, Vie '. said. Sergant" Farrar also spoke of the weather and how II affects Uie customs of Uie people as nell as the wir effort Inilh»t country. Cthcr guests »ore; Bob JBerry- niaii, junior Rotarlan Jtrnmls Kent of Qsceola and Otcll Br»nsori7

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