Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on August 26, 1952 · Page 13
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 13

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 26, 1952
Page 13
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 26, 1952 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS 11 OLEO HEIR ENTERS PLEA OMNNOCENT Accused of Forcing Two Pretty Models Into Prostitution. NEW YORK — Minot F. (Mickey) Jelke III, heir to oleomargarine millions, has pleaded innocent to an indictment charging he-vforcod two pretty models into prostitution and accepted money from one. The 22-yoar-old socially registered playboy, If convicted on all counts against him, would face a possible 16 to 134 years in prison and a $31,000 fine. Grand jury action against Jelke and three others was taken Monday in the cafe society vice probe of call girls who reportedly got up to $500 nightly. Officials said the investigation was continuing. One of those accused with Jelke pleaded guilty to a charge that he received prostitution earnings. He 1» 39-year-old movie bit-part actor Richard Wallace, also known as Richard Short. Sentencing was set for Sept. 9. Also Had A Gun Jelke was named on eight counts of procuring, compulsory prostitution and living off prostitution proceeds. He also is charged with illegal possession of a gun. It was specifically charged that he induced 19-year-old Patricia Ward to "live a life of prost^tat- tion" and lived "wholly or in part" «n her earnings from Sept. 1951, to March. 1952. Miss Ward has been held as a material witness in the case. New York newspapers have said she broke the vice case after Jelke jilted her. He also was charged with forcing 23-year-old Pat Thompson to become a prostitute. The indictment did not mention his receiving money from her but said that he I 'cceived $100 from Wallace. The district attorney's office has said Miss Thompson, also held as a material witness, had paid Wallace $300 a week for "love and affection." Press Agent Also Accused Indicted with Jelke on the counts relating to Miss Ward — but not to Miss Thompson — was a 34-year-old jobless press agent, Ray Russell Davioni, who also pleaded innocent. The indictment said Jelke placed Miss Ward in a house of prostitution here about last Feb. 15. The address given for the house was that of red-haired model Erica Steel, 28. She was named as a coconspirator of Jelko's and Davioni's. Miss Sleel originally was arrested ona charge of being the "madam" for the call girls, but LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF ELECTION Notice is hereby given- that an election will be held at Lowery School Building in Community Consolidated School District No. 99 from 12 to 7 p. m. on September 13, 1952, on the following proposi tion: Shall Community Consolidated District No. 99 be authorized to sell New Bradford School Building? EARL PIERCE Pres. CHAS. FRENCH, Sec'y. • State of Illinois ) )ss. "Where's Everybody?" the grand jury charged her only with illegal possession of narcotics, he pleaded innocent. Free On .$50,000 Bail Jelke remained free in .$50,000' bail, and Miss Steel in $1,000 bail. Davioni, unable to raise his $45,000 bond, went back to jail. No trial date was set for Jelke and Davioni. Miss Steel faces trial Sept. 17. Two other alleged party girls, were held as material witnesses, were mentioned in the indictments as having conferred with Jelke. But the nature of the conversations was not specified. The two are are BarlDara Harmon, 31, and Nancy Hawkins, 23, of Richmond, Ind. It was alleged in the indictment that Jelke and Miss Hawkins had a telephone conversation last June. It is believed that the real surface of Jupiter cannot be seen from the earth, but that men look at clouds or vapors above the surface. 65 INDICTED IN BLACK MARKET GOLHACKET Charge Gold Bought for Jewelry Svt'opped Abrood for Diamonds. In ancient times burning glasses consisting of glass pheres filled with water were used. County of Jefferson i In the County Court of Jefferson County, Illinois In the Matter of the Estate of Chester Harvey McClure, Deceased. Verna E. Reckloin, as Administrator of the Estate of Chester Harvey McClure, Deceased, Petitioner, vs. Emma McClure, Lofton McClure, Ray McClure, Bessie Arnold, Delia Pigg. Carrie Farthing, Emma McClure and Edgar McClure, Defendants. No. 52-4457 PETITION TO SELL REAL ESTATE The requisite Affidavit for Publication as to Emma McClure, and Edgar McClui-e, having been filed in the Office of the Clerk of the County Court of Jefferson County, Illinois', notice is hereby given to the said Emma McClure and Edgar McClure that Verna E. Recklein, Petitioner and' Administrator of the Estate of Chester Harvey McClure, Deceased, has heretofore filed her Petition in said County Court of Jefferson County, praying for a decree for the sale of real estate belonging to the Estate of the said Deceased or so much of it as may be needed to pay the debts of the said Deceased and for other relief and being described as follows: Lots One (1), Two (2) and Three (3) in Block Six (6) and also Lots One (1), Two (2), Three (3), Ten (10), Eleven (11) and Twelve (12), in Block Eleven (11), all in the Town of Opdykc, Illinois, being a part of the North One- Half (N '/2) of the Southwest Quarter (SW'4) of Section Seventeen (17), Township Three (3) South, Range Four (4) East of the Third Principal Meridian, Jefferson County, Illinois. NOW, THEREFORE, unless you, the said Emma McClure and Edgar McClure file your Answer to the Petition or otherwise make your appearance therein in the said County Court of Jefferson County, held in the County Court House in the City of Mt. Vernon on or before the First Monday in the month of October, A. D., 1952, being the 6th day of October, A. D., 1952, default may be entered against you at any time after that day and a decree entered in accordance with the i prayer of said Petition. ROY H. HOLT, County Clerk of the County of Jefferson and State of Illinois. ALVIN LACY WILLIAMS, Attorney for Administrator, 649-651 John B. Rogers Building, Mount Vernon, Illinois. 9-9 By Assoelatad Prtsi NEW YORK.—A federal grand jury has indicted 65 persons in a 500 million-dollar-a-year gold smuggling racket. Indictments represent "only the first phase" of the investigation and many more defendants will be named, says Assistant U. S. Attorney Louis I. Kaplan. U. S. Attorney Myles J. Lane made the half-billion dollar estimate of the smuggling operations as jthe indictments were reported Monday. j The indictments declared: ' "Unless this nefarious trade is stopped, our financial structure ..will be undermined by the siphon• ing off of large reserves of our jgold supply." Kaplan said the alleged racket is based on the ostensibly legal purchase of gold at $35 an ounce , by persons claiming to be jewelry 'manufactures, and re-sale of the I gold at big profits in foreign black markets. Such blacK marketing, the indictment said, "is one of the largest concerted schemes against the United States." The grand jurors declared that regulations for enforcement of U. S. gold laws are ineffective and that federal authorities are "lax in their enforcement." Cage Gambling Fixer One of those indicted was Salvatore Sollazzo, a former jewelry manufacturer who was sent to prison as a fixer in the recent college basketball scandal. He was indicted on charges of conspiring to violate the trading with the enemy act. If convicted, he could be sentenced up to five years in prison and fined $10,000, Twenty-eight of the 65 persons indicted were named publicly by the government. The others are accused in sealed indictments and their identities will not be made public until they are arrested. Most of those accused are connected with New York City jewelry firms. Smuggled to Europe The gold was smuggled to Belgium and Holland and sold at least twice the U. S. price, Kaplan said, and the profits were used to buy diamonds which were smuggled into the United States. There are about 80,000 species of moths and butterflies. BRITISH ALARMED BY EISENHOWER'S SPEECH Manchester Guardian Comments on Tough Talk, Says It's Not Sure Whether Russia or Allies Holds the Big Stick. Mirror Sees Russia IVIal<ing Propaganda Use of General's "Gift." By Atseelated Pr»s LONDON — Two influential British newspapers expressed alarm today over Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower's tough talk to Russia in his New York speech to the American Legion. Tiie independent liberal Manchester Guardian declared: "A good many of us would like our governments to talk to the Kremlin 'with cold finality,' " telling it that the tidal mud of ftg- gressive Communism' had better recede. "A good many of us, also, would like to haunt the Kremlin with nightmares of punishment to be visited on Russia should it violate peace. "Privately, at least, we should like to do and say these things, but in public we are not accustomed to putting them quite so bluntly- "Partly, perhaps that is because we are not so sure who wields the bigger stick." The mass circulation tabloid Mirror took a similar line. Describing the Republican presidential candidate's address as a "shock speech", the Mirror said: "It remains to be seen whether PBRFBC picrnas Quick to fix...salted just right...the crispiest, crunchiest chips you ever ate. You can TASTE the difference! 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Coiy 5 room home, built in kitchen and bath, water heater, hardwood floors, plus 3 room cottage, close in northwest. Well constructed 5 rooms, hardwood floors, built in bath and kitchen cabinets, insulated, storm windows, garage, 1201 south Z ?,Td street. A. HAROLD WILLIAMS REALTOR LOGAN C. RICHARDSON (SiilMmBn) CAKL V. VinLLIAMS. Salesman .115 toatta lltli Street lUem B Phoac* 151-7.55 these tactics will win the general votes 'or harm him by frightening moderate opinion, Propaganda In China "One thing, however, is certain. Russia and China are going to make the most of the propaganda gift that the general has given them."And from Europe to India and beyond, people are worry about what the general meant, if he meant anything new at .all." The conservative Daily Graphic, however, applauded the speech. "The preparedness which Eisenhower again stressed as essential is the surest safeguard of peace" said the Graphic. "His forthright assertion that America will not recognize Russian rule in the satellite countries as perrrianent will not effect Soviet policy. "Moscow does not recognize the freedom of any free nation as permanent. It is not influenced by soft words; it watches always the facts 'of power." French Say Speech "Violent" Portions or the French press used the word "violent" in describing Eisenhower's speech. The Paris rightwing paper, Ce Matin made an effort to reassurts readers that Elsenhower wasn't really ready to lead the U. S. and, the rest of the world into another war right away. The speech was partly aimed at winning votes of Americans, who came from Eastern Europe and whosfe families are now suffering under the Russian occupation, said the paper. Also, the paper added, it must be remembered that Eisenhower "who has often given proof of wisdom and moderation" made his speech before the Legion "which is the avant-garde of American natipnalism." 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