The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on February 27, 1947 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1947
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, FEBRUARY 27, 1947 _*EMATfCHESS* l »». HiRh EIHTORIAI, fiiiiiiiii Now that the cheering and ex- '•" " 'i-V " "A •" """ Citement of our last home game m THO fifanPC + has passed over there are several Hl • " C «' OUCO W things to discuss, things that *********** MIMI>**»* I* slightly curdled the enthusiasm of the rooters who were present at our game with Plattsmonth. Second: Diane Kline has her Last week the high school was shown the movie. Glider Planes, a film sponsored by the Ford Wil- - --.. «. IU v i. .'tin./ u HI, ft fflll Til if b ° yB , I" 6 '" t0p form ISRt 82 Hbrary brooks . . «TrtJ h r .", R ^ Teally threw Bower ' Dlane KIIn e. their hearts and souls into the Knop, Judy Shonka right hand In a splint because of low Run Co., showing the uses. Judy Sbonka has read methods of construction and Barbara other Interesting facts concerning Kathleen the glider planes used in the war. Three educational films wpre Johnny »«mo fn m .v« <> . i n.iuii, juuy anonita, Jonnny inree ec thrimn* £,m vrT ° V m ° 8t ^"Jftreet. Stanley Waller, Tom- also shown later in 'the week. won They cerUinu ernri M 8 ,r7 my StOf?dUI ' Oary Harshbarger How to Study showed the stu- nart' hot 7, «V™£ *' dthelr *nd Lee Hedlund missed no j u part .but It seems the Pep club spelling words. Fourth: In arithmetic we are , ep cu girls and other high school fan? fell down on their job. The drill, performed learning the 6's. We are making dents the correct way to study In order to get the most value out of their time. How to Use the Library explained the methods of •"- " •"=••"!-iieu between food charts In health We have flndin K a bo °fc '" the library by IdpT nf*«r» r ' at . t6mouth a f?ood learned that foods are divided In- mean8 of the card '^ex and the 1QP8 Ot What MftIV*>m*« Pttn Mtttt .„ . ._ rinn_rtBMn**1 M .»* AM TM t__ . •" --'"-"**»•« »»|^wt./u ^ ^ can 8 d°o f h nh t at th!! a l7, rn '? ?,*? C ! Ub to ^""groVpTand'; Tr'wreat '*?°-*!* ln * 1 8} ' 8tem ' Discovering f.Vii. . . i, the1 . Blrl8 falled P'»- some food from each group every the Dictionary demonstrated how norHnl 0 !h T °** h With 8up - da >' *' e wl » «t ehough of all the to U8e the dictionary. M"n R l^.-.'?. 8 "':.. 1 :! 16 ( ' hPf : rin « f ««1 events that we need for . An ° the , r «»»«e shown the same hfalth ... We have finished our day - Ear 'y Settlers In New Eng- The Home Ec club had their valentine party which they h»d planned for i great soccess. It turned out Just to be that. It was held Feb. 13 at the school house. The home ec room was decorated accordingly with red and white. Over 65 happy teachers and students turned oat for the games and "food." A short, surprised and unexpected movie was held which was entitled "Bold King Kole." The rest of the evening was then spent In dancing, cards and ping-pong. Home-made ice cream and cookies were served. Judging from some of the new couples we see we would say some Juliets found their Roraeos via ice cream and cookies. Thanks to the home PC club and Miss McClurg for a grand party. The freshman, class tried oat something fleifTfnt frilly hew the about it thet had a regular food 6Td ninth period. Although Kr. Maddocks and everyone attending had a gruesome time I hear it might happen again in the not too distant future. Five one-act plays for study and presentation have been ordered for the speech department. Each one in the class will be in at least one play and each group will gain experience in both direction and production worries. Choral readings, "The Twenty. third Psalm" and "The Gettysburg Address," with musical accompaniment are next on the list for those busy junior speechmakers. Royinar Reporter By Frieda i. Hall Maybe Bpra» people don't realize ft bat movie equipment costt money — retl money! POT the record, this ft *iai it »ii M «e to: the projector it»» C 6« $482.85, the acreen $3$.65, automatic reel 188.85, microphone 130.06, record player $17,86 projector stand |17.67. microphone stand $12.50. projector covers $7.40 and tax alone came to $12.25. It, can be truthfully said that the seniors are proud ot the help they have given the school. Think back — can you think of any class In the past years that has donated $200 or done any one jet that amounted to that much? The class of 1947 has started something which they hope other classes will carry on — donating worthwhile equipment so that others, later on* can benefit — Saw Waste Paper! — T. B, t^ystdtt ttri Office 8 doon south of Bmpreaa fheater (iff. 4t>i, Mw. 4S4S DRS. KLINE & KLINE Ottoopathte phytietin* Offfc* ftettrt: 1 to S ». i*. and ? to » H». m. on S*tur»J«y. Othif Hour* 6? Appointment X.Rty „ Phone*: Office 8SS1 Houte: Dr. DM. Kiln. Std Ot. J, A, Kiln* 48*1 , section actually stuck — that's the only word fit for It. Plaits- visit to the Netherlands in geog- mnnth j,«j a i... —•.•.<-- nan 10 cne i>eineriands in gpog- ?.?«-."^' ".'"'"i '"" "? " -""• *** «* "• made n'utch fighting cheering section. Malvern had a fighting team and a few kids who did their best to keep up their end. Over half of the Pep club girls, Including two cheer leaders, posters. Now we are starting on a journey to France . . . Last Friday we had a valentine party. Kirst we opened the valentine .box and then we had ments. We had three land. showed the hardships the early settlers endured when they first came to America. SUBJECT SIDELIGHTS By MM? Ann Blngham Tuesday the home economics class and the junior business class were shown the movie. "Manag». t - u ..u->it «.*ic7 iiiuvic;, refresh- ing the Family Budget. walkprt nui nf ih —•=.". m«fiuB. we nad three visitors, ss rH°™;, k ™ 8 T ta r,s ;r.Y.fc";.r n %rrr ISZttf&'SX.'Si --"" •iSr^-JS-.'S S^^^^TE/* . Wednesday the whole assembly viewed scenes of Shake- Knights to us ... The fol- got 100 in spelling last week: Curtis Clark, Charles Robinson, Max Hixson, Richard I'pn ,.|i,h «, , Shere, Thomas Warnke, nobert lep club was organized Irvin. Frances Bird. Kay Long, the school spirit and pride to stay and help the boys win the game. The S-SfffiS Sar-wJK! S=L^!£ •?•«?.• J!!-* =' SSKZZ =.' , portrayed. The movie showed act II, scene 2 and act V, scene I. In the first scene Macbeth murders Duncan. The last scene is the well known sleep - walking scene wherein Lady Macbeth's affected mind prompts her to wash imag- every school, big or small. Don't ever let the team down again! COMPLETE Eyes Examined, Glasses Kitted Glasses Made and ItepaJred in onr own Shop DU. I* B. PETKRSKN Optometrist Red Oak, Iowa Successor to Clyde B. Curtis, o.D. Mwt Door North of Fannces Thursday and Friday the practiced making American literature class viewed In English class about 125 color slides of contemporary art. Among these were works of Grant Wood, noted Iowa artist. Klfth: We introductions Tuesday ... In arithmetic we are drilling on changing Improper fractions to mixed arid whole numbers . . . "Where Soil Comes From ' Is the topic we are studying In science now . . . our geography study centers on "The IVp Club on the Mnrrli Again! Tini»'n aiT" "•••""" "" '"« Between the second and first United States and Its Global Set- 'earn games with Plattsmouth ting . , . Last Friday we had a Friday night the "peppy" p en vory nice valentine party ... Our c 'ub went Into action for the last clow wrote letters to Janet An- "me this year. To the tune of aeison last Wednesday. She Is """'a unknown marching number absent because she has the chick- they exhibited the finest of the The home ec II girls are planning a trip to Omaha some time within the next two or throe weeks. The class is now studying Interior decorating and the main purpose of this trip is to select drapes for the sewing room. Thp class has long planned and awaited the trip and is therefore looking forward to it with much pleasure. The girls also intend to visit several large stores In order to gpt a chance to see a large variety of merchandise and how to choose it wisely. The MHS math teacher Informs me that he Is about ready to send several freshmen back to Junior high. It seems the reason for this Is that they insist 3x3 equals 12 and such other various trifles. Come on, you kids, you're grown up now. Or are you? If by any chance during 10:20 period you've spen a sophomore with quaking knnes and short breath muttering to himself think nothing of It. He or nhe Is merely practicing a two or three minute speech he's to give next period Three cheers for our team and especially for Paul Lincoln. That bee-u-tiful long shot of his won the game from Plattsmouth by only one point. Things are certainly looking up for our team. They have continually played better games since the first of the year. Since we won't lose a player this spring by graduation, next season should certainly bring Malvern the county champion title. "Macbeth" was enjoyed universally by those students who had taken English literature this year and all those who had read the story previously. Let's hare more movies of this type. In the past years the seniors have always sponsored the ttn- nual athletic dance and in the last few years the dances have always been Juke box dances. This year's seniors are splurging and have engaged Warren Darrah and orchestra. The program will consist of awarding letters to the eligible basketball players The seniors feel that our team has earned a good dance in their X3IFTS For All Occasions L. S. ROBINSON 10-pay Watch Repair Service Glenwood, Iowa Carroll Hall was kb- flne art of marching ~~j^.r t KM« A ^ss^/jr?£ girls formed a "P" for plaits- mouth. Last, but not least, an seems parents. over them. Some of them have some people are and arguing about isthetimetoorde* HEATING EQUIPMENT Deliveries are still slow so it's important that you order your needs now to insure that you get what you want in plenty of time for Correct Installation Our service is more than selling you equipment you want — it includes correct installation and service to bring you continuing satisfaction. J. R. CARDWELL 267 f LUMB1NG Dead Animals Removed PROMPT SERVICE 3B?ir ned ,, taP *J! n r ° U " tor •*<• " M " was forra ed for Malvern i5~?T fi'J ta ' ' 60 ' ":*?' •?•"• were «««» •» honor of the ueaaer. m^ respective towns. The drill was under the supervision of Miss McClurg, their sponsor, and Rose Marie Fickel. Junior Class Clears f 18 at Pood Sale The Junior business class held a food sale at Mansfields Satur- They gave away an angel food cake to the person guessing correctly the number of beans in a jar. Harry Adams w as the lucky one. Money from this sale will be used for a trip to Omaha. »„ V laSS ls P' ann <ns to go through business houses on this trip and also to send telegrams back to their friends here. This will be good experience and will probably be very helpful to them in the future. They are now making scrapbooks about professions that they Plan to enter in the future, "M 1 Tlub Klwt.s Donuld Houser President In the recent election of "M" club officers Donald Houser has been elected president. He takes he place of Charles Ellison. Junior Martin is vice president and Frank Swoboda secretary and treasurer. Club officers are elected for a term of one year Their term runs from the beginning of the second semester of this year to the beginning of the second semester of the next school year. "M" Club Skit In honor or the last game of the season with Plattsmouth the "M" club boys took over the pep rally Tuesday by presenting a short skit for the assembly Charles Ellison, as trumpeter announced the arrival of the "Queen." The Quean .impersonated by Junior Martin, all dolled up in some woman's discarded dress, a hat, a wig and makeup galore, appeared before toe assembly followed by her escorts, Charles McClure and "Shorty" Plumb. LeRoy Anderson entered bearing the crown. A short (very short) gpeech was given by Donald Houser, president of the "M" club after which he crowned her •Queen of Basketball." Her guards of honor were Frank Swoboda, Leonard Hedlund. Kenneth Bird. Charles Pevehouse and Wib Stogdtll. Juniors In speech. Nevertheless the sophomores still don't like speeches. If you have smelled some rather strong odors the last week or so I suspect they came from the lab. Here, It seems, all sorts of odd things have been going on. The "butchering" of a few things such as clams an the .seniors fund for the movie projector. Naturally, at the beginning of the, the class raised quite a squawk but later on. since they have received en- Joyment from It and can appreciate Its usefulness, they do not begrudge the money one lota Instead they are mighty glad the machine was purchased. They were not the only organization that donated money. Here are the cold facts on the money contribution: the class of '47 put up by the Student Council. We make two types — on e type all aluminum and insulated — the other a plain shingled type. Place your order NOW for our type of Chicken Brooder House in which you will have less chick loss than any other type constructed. GREEN BAY LUMBER CO. W. E. Schumann, Mgr. PB . ^l. Malrern Closin 9 Ou * FARM SALE Monday, March 3 4~V\n\«nAM«>l««w «* 4n.««tfv v* «•• 4 HEAD OF HORSES mOUth ' ye> * Pt " 50 -- """* *»""**. wt. 1750; black mare. 8 yr 8 . old. wt. 1600; black geld- 26 HEAD OF CATTLE cow, calf by side; Hereford 3 yr old cow nastnrt hrL • ,fn * rh j te 3 y r -? 1( l Shorthorn cow, calf by side; Hereford 5 yr. old cow. 3 yr8 . old, pasture ^ 3To^ a^tKnA^^,^.^^ ^^°^ m ^ 3 yr8 ' P ld ' calt 8Oon: roan Shorthorn horu spring steer; roan Shorthorn heifer! 8 ro^ 8prlng 8teer : Holsteln and Short- 10 STOCK HOGS FARM MACHINERY HOE Homes And Equipment sn 6*M h.QS house; brooder house. 7x10. These 1 .slop barrels; hog oiler, hog troughs. old. 5 5 busne, Su c- RAMSEY'S RENDERING CO. Dial O — Atk for 9000 North of Highway No. 34 Call OAKLAND RENDERING CO. Phone 4000 W« Pay phone Charge* Junior Class Food The energetic junior claas added more money to UB treasury by haviiis a food sale Saturday lu Munsfleld's window. At 11 u. m. they begttii to soil delicious home-baked foods. The food on sale consisted mululy of ehwry pies because Washington's birthday occurred that day. The class also contrib- uu-ij cookies, ciikt>g aud other to bo sold. TERMS: Cat)}. Nothing remove^ until *«ttled by Wale* Udie. ARCHIE BREDBURG ^^^^...^^ Vtrt it Spic Earl Cramer, Auct,

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