Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on May 28, 1964 · Page 7
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 7

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1964
Page 7
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Decline In Afternoon <C«T1Plled ty Th« Associated Press Indutl RBII$ util 40 w m «uTB Prcv. Month oho Ytar oqo . .440,7 174.0 .NEW 'YORK (AP)-steeJ ar,d selected issues advanced while c ''i u £s declined in an irregularly hfeher stdck market late this afternoon. Trading was moderate. •Volume for the day was estimated aj, 4.4 million shares cqnipared with 4.47 .million Wednesday. Gains" and losses .of most key s pelf ranged from fractions to about a point. Orugs Involved in birth con- trpl pills backtracked after their rally of Wednesday and showed sorn.0 wider Josses. G. D. Searle and Johnson & .Johnson fell apout 2 each and farke, Davis m<|re than a point. The steels, still buoyed by encouraging industry reports, extended their current rally. Jones & Latigblin gained more than a point,' Lykens 2, U.S. Steel about a point,' others fractions. Texas Gulf Sulphur seemed to be repeating its role as most active stock and lost about a point. U.S. Smelling ran up 3. Gains of around a point were made by Control Data, IBM, general Dynamics and Du Pont. Some of the cigar stocks were strong, Consolidated Cigar gaining about 2 and General Cigar more than that." Soft spots included International Harvester and United Air Lines, each down rnore than a point. Prices were mixed on the American Stock Exchange. LIVESTOCK LOUISIANA LIVESTOCK MARKET Micelle's Commission Yard Wediuldoy, May 27, t«4 CATTLE RECEIPTS: Small. Numb«r of head sold, 303, 1 horse, 9 sheep, 1 float. MARKET CONDITION?: Trading Action: Active. Demand: Good. Prices: Fully steady. HOG RECEIPTS: Moderate. Head Sold, 107. HOG MARKET CONDITIONS: Trading oclion: Active. Demand: Good. Prices: Fully steady. Calvas SLAUGHTER: Good lo Chlce, 19-21. Slondard, 17-19. Utility, 1407. STOCKER5: Good to choice (250 Ibs. up) 21-23.75. Common & medium (250 Ibs. up) M-19. Good light (250 Ibs. down) 20-24. Slwri and Hellers SLAUGHTER: Good to choice, 18-20. Standard, 16-18. Utility, 1306. STOCKER STEERS: Good, None, common & Medium, 14-17. STOCKER HEIFERS: Good, 1618. Common & Medium, 14-16. Cows SLAUGHTER: Commercial, 12-13.50. Utility, 1102; Cutter, 10-11. Conner, 9-10. Shells, Down to 6. STOCKERS: Good, 15-17. Common and medium, 1205. Cow and Calf Per Pair Good, 150-162. Medium, 130-150. Common, 110-130. Interior, 100-110. Bulls Commercial, 16-17,50. Utility, 1406. Cutter, 12.14. Hogs Choice borrows «, GUIs (180 lo 175 Ibs.) 14.SOOS.80. Choice borrows 4 Gilts 1140 to 175 Ifas.) 15-14.50. Butcher pigs (75 to 13$ Ibs.) 10-13. Medium barrows & Gilts, 11.03. Sows <«0 Ibs. down) 12-13. Heavier ijows (old) 10-12- Good feeder nigs, None. (Common & medium, None. Woods hogs, 6-10. Day Friday, Harry Heber jsts to assjst ,dents by ob» habits. Most dri ice of Memorial 3hM of Police J. has asked motor- in reducing acci- ying good driving — jrs want to be known as go>d drivers and they can start their own safety campaign by riimeniberjng that courtesy is contagious," Hebert said. One thoughtless act can en- dangef the ivcs of others, the chief said. "Speeding, improper passing anrj following too closely," advises Chief Hebert, "are often due to distraction rather than a lack of safety habits or courtesy. "A deadly combination in traffic movement is the inattentive driver who, because he is in his home neighborhood, thinks he knows every hazard on the road. If tie people of Lgke Charles wjl just remember to expect the unexpected we can eliminate njiany of the traffic accidents w thin the city," Chief | Heberl pointed out. I r "~"' Damage Suit Is Filed By Wellj Digger Otis W. Martin, a well digger, has fled a damage suit asking $23^,843 for injuries received whfln his glee) derrick came rn contact with a power line in West Calcasieu Parish last May. Martin n<1med Hie Beauregard Electric Cfop.. Inc., Hartford Accident ar|d indemnity Co., and Mrs. W. B, Nash as defendants in the action. The petitioner claims that while working on a water well on the property of Mrs. Nash, on Louisiana State Highway 378 near West Fork, May 30, 1963, his smalj steel derrick struck a power line and the charge of electricity was "grounded through him," causing serious; painful and permanent injury. Martin requested, in his peti Candidates Speakers For LC Civitans Three candidates fof the Lake Charles city councti were guest $ p e a k e r s at the Wednesday luncheon of the Greater Lake Charles Civjtan club. Introduced by Civitan president Edward J. Strenk were M. A. Grantham, Arthur )E. Undry and Dan Wise. The three are candidates in the city council election of June 13. Each candidate was given an opportunity to express his views and why he was running for the vacant council post. the candidate's appearance was part of the Civilan s "Know Your Candidate" program. i The program was concluded ; with a question and answer ses- i sion. Bill Providing For Multiple Electors Set BATON ROUGE (M) - A b|ll introduced in the Louisiana House today by Rep. George Branton of Webster Parish .will pave the way for multiple slates of candidates fof presidential electors in November's general election". Present law prohibits any party from listing ft greater number of candidates for any office than thefe are persons to be elected to office. Branton's proposal adds an exception which would permit "appearance of the ballot of two or more slates of candidates for the office of presidential electors by any political party." At present, the electors which jo on the general election ballot as a 10-man package pledged to the party nominee is named by the party state central cornmltifies. Republican Reps, fayjof O'Heafn and Morley Hudson of Cadtty Parish, meanwhile, introduced another bill which would call for a publte election of eight electors by congressional district and ihe remaining two at large. A similar proposal to the O'Hearn-Hutison proposal which would permit voters to split the THURSDAY, MAY 28, J964, Loke Tories America Press slate's iilecloral vote if they choSe w is voted down In a previous legislative session. Sh Margaret's Choir Sponsoring Dance The fet. Margaret Catholic Church choir will sponsor a benefit fiance Saturday night at the St. Charles Academy gyfft- nasjurn. Music wilt be by the "hnperi als," and (he dance will last from 711:30 p.m. An admission wJU b« charged and refreshments will be served, according to the announcement. An average 4-Inch California avacado half-shell contains less than ISO calories. You Can More* at Auto Damaged In Collision Ih Sweeper A collision between a city street swepper and an automobile at 8:30 a.m. today resulted in damages estimated at $205, according to the city police. Pojice "said the street sweeper, operated by Abraham C. Fontenot, 49, collided with a car driven by Ira J. Goode, 72, of 1024 Auburn St. at the intersection of Shell Beach Drive and Lake Street. Neither driver was injured in the accident, according to the police. The Goodc automobile sustained damages estimated at $200 and the street sweeper's damage was estimated at $5. Goode to)d officers he thought the sweeper was stopped and (he right side of his car was damaged as he attempted to pass the moving sweeper. Police charged Goode with passing at an intersection. * Truckload SAL Sears Galvanized TERING tion, that ie receive a trial in DOW JONES (Courtesy of A. G. Edwards and Sons, 107 Weber Fourth Hour Average*: Industrials 820.16 up 2.2J Rnlll 206.10 up .67 Utilities 140.2) pfl .12 Fpurlh Hour Stocks: Allied Qtemlcflls •••• «.. American pokerles lav? American Con ,,..,,..... <3i« American T4T AftflyOnQfl t i,..,,,,,.-.,...,, ., . .. Armour 4 Co »« B^elnq Aircraft W'4 Branlif '??• Cities Service ,, Cwitlnentflf Oil . Dynpleciron ,, Eastern Airlines Firestone the matter before a jury. Calefornicms Hold 'Key', Hot-field Says PHILADELPHIA (AP)-Gov. Mark 0. Hatfield of Oregon, keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention in July says Oregon's delegates will stay with jaov. Nelson A. Rocke* feller of New York as long as he gets 35 per cent of the votes in early balloting. Rockefeller won Oregon's primary elecition. The stale lias 18 votes in the convention Hatfieldi told a news conference Wednesday that if Sen. Parry Gold water of Arizona wins the California primary next Tuesday, "he will be nominated (for president) on the first ballot" If Rockefeller wins in Califor- Inia, Hatfjeld said, "it will set up a wide - open convention" : with potential strength for Gov. i William \y. Scranton of Pennsyl- I vania and former Vice President Richard M. Nixon. AKRON, Ohio (AP) - The skeletal remains of two Akron area youngsters who disappeared within a three-day period nearly a year ago have been found in isolated areas near here, the apparent victims of strangulation. The remains of Ruth Gulhrie, 12, of Tallmadge, Ohio, her hands bound together, were found Wednesday on a farm in Portage County. The skeletal remains of Thomas J. Sumerix, 15, of Akron, were found May 2 about four miles north of Massillon, Ohio. The Gulhrie girl vanished June 2 after attending a fair in Tallmadge. The boy was last seen June 5 in a shopping center about 10 miles from where the remains were found. A third Akron area youth, Joseph Kulesza, 17, also disappeared last June 12, and no trace has been found of him. Box Type in 10-Foot Lengths Fights Rust and Weathering A fine buy on Sears famous-quality box type guttering. Sturdy modern design defies weather, installs easily. Troughs resist bending even with ladder leaned against them. Measure what you need now. List Quantities of Fittings Needed in Boxes Below Then Bring This Advertisement to Sears When You Shop! 10-foot eavestroucjh lengths 1. Galvanized Eavestrough . $1.98 II rust-resstant 10-ft. sections "j AS7 5. Sleel Strap Trough Hanger ri use 3 hangers for each 10-ii. 2. Downspout Rainpipes . $1.98 [~] pipe in 10-ft sections.. i 3 Steel Fascia Brackels to replace straphangers section 6. Sloel Inside Corners 9. Steel End Cap [~j 1 needed for each right, left- ~| ^7 hand end section JL * ' $1.29 hand end section 10. Regular Elbows 1 47 PI count "umber already on your Q'Tp [""] 2 needed to bruin downspout A home . O / V- i-J against wall home 7. Slip Joint Connector* 49c 11. Steel Pipe Stras Musquitoes have driven settlers from a .Sahara Desert oasis which has three brilliant blue lakes in a volcanic crater. 4, Steel Outside Corners $1.29 replace old corners one for one Q use 1 for every a sections 27c D 10 feet " to "old downspouts 8. Steel Drop Outlets .,$1.29 12 Spike and Ferrule PI wherever there are downspouts A 7p [~] holds eavestrough, replaces ^-^ * K!ranhannprs 15. vj.,.t, u . Dynqmlcs s - - G«n«ral Motors U'/t General Tel'phpn* •• 32V? W. R. Groc«'." Gglf OH .,., f Gull Sides >•« Hercules powder •>•• " Copper /Aock Tru,ck» NatlpfWl Alrllnei oiln Mgfhleson . Pan ^nierl ' Ropuck Socony Mobil Sperry Bond Standa Texas United United g . S. Zenith # es'Kpfnie Augensteins Charter New Tasting Firm A npw firm, Central Testing Co., which is ajsg formed to engage jn genereJ construction, is headed by Glenn Jf. Augenstein of Lafee Charles, According to articles of jncorporgtion filed in the l|th_ Juieiiii District Court. The firm i§ to test materials y other tJ»l ttS ^tock as 1,000 Witt fW V^ue of $100, Of wMeb 11,008 Is paid-in wpj- Tfe§ re |istere4 9|ents of the porporstjon §re Oliver P. lj gfld Jasjfig R. St Diz§. Be? J#& Lake Jva thj firm are , vi?e president, £. Williams, 4118 Mary 4on St., ssecretiry-treisur- er. fhe Augens'.-ins reside at Beautiful Downtown Lake Charles Store Opens at 9 A.M.! Jumbo 28-Qt Ice Chest Thick loam cooler, longer, inum «rry A Real Value! Insulated Foam JUG SAYS 15c 44 How to estimate guttering needed . . . Measure base of house and width of overhanging eaves im all sides where guttering will he installed. Total those measurements to determine amount ol eaves- troughs needed. straphangers Measure height of house lo level of eavestrough on all sides down- spoulg w , n |je J)ecded Tolgl thoge mea5urcmcnls to delerminc lhe amount of rainpipes needed. Easy to measure for everything else. SEARS is LAWN MOWER HEADQUARTERS in LAKE CHARLES \\ &*^&i Craftsman 18-inch Rotary Mowers Compact, eaby-to-niajieum. 2'U-W. 4* cycle engine. No-pull starter. 3 lelftbt' of-cut adjustments 1 1/16 to 3 8/16 In. Remote engine control on handle. Craftsman 20-inch Rotary Mower 5999 Economy 20-inch 2V2-HP Rotary Mower 99 Regularly |4if5 39 Scars ii-HF, 4-cyi-li' engine. Nw-pull gtsrtcr. Aluminum Pre-cltaner air filter. S?! ^ - )/ Craftsman 22-in. Self-propelled Mowers starting. Steel blade housing with front'Side grass discharge. Staggered wheels. Four heights of cut from % to 3V* jnchlg. Convenjept spaed contipj on mulcher. Can Count on Us.,, Costs No More at Sears No-pus.luna; just guide it No-pull starter with .-iik-1 • k':.ln t. I' aluiininuni hou*;n:; :-l,J'. -l-L^ili ' K-X. -Kill-'n- L)i»in oil tube Scar* 9999 Ci»Uim»a Riding Mowejri 149.99 J-) 11,1 ii ^j!i•;> liljde JtiiiJng iJuv\ci 3 : ;-!i:' -(-cycle 011- .NO-pull NO MONEY DOWN On Sears Easy Payment Plan

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