The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 26, 1934
Page 7
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1934 (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate j/er line fgr consccu- tlye (flsertlQw; . (Ptye »verage words to a lloe) CYI« {lose per lip? ,,., ..... '..' ioc Two tUnes per line per day .. OSc Ttuw times per liij^per day .. 06c 05c «oo .. 8U tleies per line per d»y . . r»to per Una ....,..,. Minimum 50c 4di .praerea tor three or §ix tlnjes and stopped before' '"expiration will be charged for the nam- ber 9f times the ad appeared and of OLII All, ClssBlflea Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside. pi the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. No •• responsibility • win be taken .for more than one tacorreci insertion - of, any classified ac. • •:' Advertising ordered !or irregular InserUoiw take the one time r»ta. Between P. O. &' Creyrojet Bldg. '-'"' ' Phone 266 v PHILUK' liSED CARS 33 FpRli DE LUXE COUPE. Rnrnble Seat W5 '3? CIJEVKOLET COUPE ... J3SS '33 FOBD V-8 TUDOR SEDAN .: J475 '33 CJIEVROLET SEDAN .. J '30 FORD .FORDOR SEDAN 5195 TRUCKS and TRAILERS '3« G. M. E. Z>(, TON TRUCK. Larfe Befly ............. $ii>9 '33 :CHEVROLET '1^ 'TON •TRUCK. 1S7 Inch Wheel- •2? CHEVRPLET TON '?».. .CnpVROLET PICK-UP. . 5165 .'ft FOBD PICK-UP. Closed )'•_.;. Cab ..;.... ............. 5185 ''MY*; J'AY CASH FOR ; :: ! USED CARS f HILLIPS' USED g CAR LOT Corner WaOaui & lit streets OPEN NIGHTS UNTIL 9 P. M. • Phpae 813 Largest Stock of Used Cars to Select From ...$445 1633 FORD V-8 TUDOR 1933 FORD V-8 COUPE * JOC New Motor .......... •P'i J J 1933 ClIEVROLET SUDAN 6 Wire WheelB 1933 CHEVROLET . COUPE ....... ! $4S5 $445 1S31 FORD : SEDAN ^ I9Z9 CHEVROLET '. ROADSTER J93* CHEVROLET TON TRUCK <tC7C 32x6 Tires ____ . ....«?«) I J 19S3 CHEVROLET I 1 /. TON TRUCK Long Wheel Base .:. 1933 CHEVROLET .PICK-UP Chevrolet Co. (Jptn at Night Thonc 633 ~ ^-^^^T^^^/^T.T- i^Vj .' — Business Direcwry FARMERS! your TAX FREE COTTON made into excellent mattresses.- SPECIAL PRICES V ' UPHOLSTERERS J. \V. Jenkins ty Son US S. Railroad • Chitvvood & Weidman ELECTRICAL WIRINQ Sheet Metal Work Metal Fluw SPECIAL PRICES Factory Authorised FRIGIDAIKE SEHV1CB Factory i/atnrd MeetuuiM. Day 67—Phone—NigM IB E. li. GEE SALES CO. 407 Main St. AUTO GLASS AKK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE .« ' PERMANENTS None Better - - • Speclil Prices Barrett's Beauty Shop 606 N. 5th - - ..Telephone 560 Cobb Undertaking Co., be SERVICE & QUALITY AilBULANOE tbaac 26 FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS SENT OUR ITJ6OB\§ANpEE ARKMO LUMBER CO; Cull 115 * ask for Pat for demon strMlons »t: Stodrtaier, Terta plane, Hudson, Willis & Austin e»rs. v-.".'.....'. BUYING IN CAR LOAD LOTS SfAKES CHEAPER PRICES FOR THE CUSTOMERS. J. F. LIVINGSTON SEEDS, FEEDS, GROCERIES WHOLESALE &'- RET AIL TRUCKlBEDS TRAILERS OP ALL KINDS ; BUILT TO ORDER BARKSDALE & PAGE 200 N. Seconcl B*»t p»-t«rr* pjvw Cat Fisti Chtelwn Dlonett Every pay Jirnmie O'Briei) 105 ^ Second ' 'Cotton 1 AM PAYING BEST PLO'W Up, OPTIONS J. E. ^ ' Why Buy Coal FronTUir prcOA? "..'re^rTo? "'• 9S ^^ ^ C1JCl1 °' y ° Ur nrtl It from this firm. C lcnson • -Sonic Seasons Why You ahouM Tracle With Us- 1-30 yenrs In bushier. <• 3-l'ro m ,,i service. 2-Qiiallty of coal Imiidled. 4-Ccurtcoiis trentment. 5-^Vpn (jet nil yon pay tor. "QUALITY GROUP" Is Distributed by GAY & BILLINGS Phono % Grand Leader Btdg.— E Jiope 423 For Sale One Horse Wafcon and-.farming tools. Clark & Railroad: BU. C'T". B<;l1 24-pk-?7 Feeds, Seeds TNe pi)t »4^pj(JG' TAPS <t aUo do' wpiifd'tiiioo rcpnlriim. PitOQRpBSJVB SHOE SHOP 103 S, Second Keal Estate o ncrrs west of IIOI.J-AN1J. Well Improved, Woiidorftil soil, $50 Acre - FEED H BEST FEED^CHEAPEST PRICES Obersl Store Co,. For Rent THREE Room Furnished Apart- ..niEnl. Call 489. 25c ktf Nash «-.,*-„ i . ._ T\VO nicely FUENJSHEI) BED 5-burner Westlnghoiisc ELECTRIO ROOMS, moderately priced. Mrs, RANGE Good condition. 1 med- " " "'"' ...... ~ ~ ' " * film size TRICYCLE PHONE (545 23c klf BICYCLE, foi small bo> VVI11 bell elicnp IH good condition, Marcus Evrard Call 580 or 882 22c K25 MULES, HARNESS, WAQONS & TOOLS foi farming 40 ncrts 52Z5. M. c. Caiighran, Wilhllc form on Flat Lnke road I5p kla MOORE'S AIR TIGHT HEATER Cost $0a Will sell for $15 Thomns Land Co i c C |;. t f FjJllng ttatlon, 4 room house and 7 !ots' p on |l)!ghiyjy 18 for $1500 cash, Sroom'Jioufft ^ith bath, good garage 'ancj ,outho«iei at 1300 W Asfy ^1500 cash^Jhone 124 27ck27 " to the Gl«i?oe l C^fe/''Ior sale cheap Part cash, balance on monthly payments John Thompson, Glencoe Hotc] ' 21-pk 10-21 -*""'•*'-'. uivjuti uvui) 1 JM IUCM. l>ll$i E A. Fisher, 101 E. Davis. 21-pk-2D Rir Rcnt^-4 room 'iii)iurj)lshKl apartment \ v lt)i bath, phone 327 or 55 after (i p.m. ' 24-ck-27 GARAGE. Close In. 123 N.! 5th. Ross Beavers. 23c k30 Nice BEDROOAf. gcntlcmnn •preferred. : 300 Luke St. 23p k29 BEDROOM with adjoining batli .215 W. Kentucky, Mrs. P. T ™cr. 2 3p k27 NICE Bedroonis." 'steam Jiealcd. Clcntlctnen or couple. Garage Phone 5GO. • • • ' r'--''2c 'k2 \ WANTED—DWs for. 4'Jneh' 'or B Killing Stations .Southern Service Station ' Sleele, Mo. I'hilllps Gfi Products ANTI-KNOCK GASOLINE , Tux 1'aid 24 i[our Service Shoo Repairing;' . . 1% . "\ ,O i May We Dye YiViir'Shoc^T ) SEE OUH SAMPLEij ; ' E. E,'Ratcljif. Across troiu liubbapl i'fld^. Co. Try our 3900 mlle^ SOLES-jirool pf the imddlng Is'the.eatlng.,When y>" gel a good thing : remember •where you got It. '.' :•••' PROGRESSIVE SHOE.•SHOP 103 Soiiih' 2nd.a(; ." " :Uich well, about .Goo'.'fcet. CHAPMAN & DEWEY LUMBER CO. Marked Tree, Ark. W. J. KNOX Having mnttei all 'klnils at- shoes >for AUNORMAL'feet; cun'-ropalr (shoes to correct ABNORMAL feet. 80 i«rc£ weal of OSCEOLA, FlJic I, well Improved. $50 Acre 100 ucrcs, 1 mile o; 'JLLB. Fine Tf»ct, Kiisy Terms. $100 Acre 320 ncres west of OSQEOLA. IlB'jIy Jiliprovcd, $75 Acre Wn havo any Size tract liny where THOWA5 LAND CO. FQI\ SALE 2 tplerjdtd, tjOMES. Can move in (lie day. you sign't))e contract. 102 B! ' Kentucky, Corner. First. Bcaiillliil • lioino with hardwood door's. 3 . bedrooms.' Shady Lot. Price reduced* Irbm '$3,500 to $2,500. 5250 Cash ••• ; ?M,M SlQiillily 210 Missouri, ''Corner Franklin. 0 room stiiccq 'with' a ' bedrooms. IliUlj. pretty Jot!..£1,800. (i%. ?200. Cash '- ?IS Monthly Let u». show'."you these plnces, 'Sole: : Adepts. 1 "•., , payable jnonUil. y and tio" per acre, for Innd. Opod Jcaso, Col) Courier - •• " Farm» Jor Salei Terms Reasonably ^-rnEL, «. THQMl>SON, Carutncrsyllle, M.o. GOOIJ LAND AT LOW TRICES 400 ncrcs nil in wood, bplwccn VM mitl rlycr, tnxcs tilmosl ilng, cnn ,scll for fasti, or pun cash o.nd terms for Uiilance, jirlcc froni $ia.OO to $15.00 per acre, will 20 acres or more to OHO jiarty, d and tlmlwr on land enough to pay for If placed on.mnrkcl. Lui|<| lies between Lcyec' <Ss To- mnlo, Ark. W. M. Burns Agency • •••' Piioiw 243 or aia lllce arand Lender Uiillilliij; Coal & Wood My C'Ml I» Black but I treat jou w!U(«, Fjll up now, ' ' JOIINIUCIIANAN - PHWK 107 ' SEE ME *X)R UAUOAINS 111 the following real estate offerings Sinnll acreage tniels practically i Mlylhcvlllc, but outside city limits; n ucrcf luml DW hard road [southwest Boyntpri; iO n'cres liuid, nil improved, neflr concrete highway, mile of ManHa. E. M. Terry lxwt~Eyegl!isses, jwmc In cake. Itc- wnrd,.j. Nlck.Tlionms. 20-ck-ai HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES lOc kltf Ladles SHOE REPAIRING' & DYEING done by'experts. Reasonable. E. E. Ratcllff; Across from HuWjard Hdw Co. &' t Acre- . , Moil , choice. • (tight hi . sly the ylllc.- p! ?16'. per /month house rent, Lost Key ring; with three Ford and one ' t'osi.', omce box keys. Hot arc) C 'N'' Coiirlor Npyj. 26-pk-20 Riinnln; ii)\ nlrplunc over the ground,, or, n sciiulnnu over the wntcr, Is! krioiv.u • ns 'laxl-lni'. BEST COAL FOR MQNEY' "Acme Alabama 1 ''' "Black lloyal Kentucky" N. W, Trantham Coal Co. PHONE 904 Paiks Bros. Coal Co. 1'IIONB <i'Cl FOB "Hi-Lo Alabama" "liluck Royal Kentucky" A CLEAN COAL - LOW PRICED Hardin-Barron Coal Co. AT STKIWDERG'S DIN PHONE UC QUICK-FIRE, ALABAMA, BUCK OiU'EK, KENTUCKY COAUK 'WE SATISFY OUR CUSTOMEUS' See UB About Your Coul Blythcville Gin Co. "Hadnint Alabama" "Pienuum Kentucky" CALL 2W Room & Board ROOMUKS AND BORDERS WAN1ED Roomeis and bontdcis Ucnsonnblc 'riiles, Mrs. Snyder. 301 Lnko. 25-ck-l jjw (> |Lo^alcd at Southeast Corner Walnut i»nd Second Pi|;£pmp '!'''('' rt 'i'\ ' '•*' ^ ' \PlJVlfl7 fillDCAIT * ^wtT/\'» r i'li'•'••.I-'li('•''''' ll ! a - c 'F>'' 1 ^' 1 -' DW|W«AV :/,;'(V : 'V'i '' DON EDWAltlJS, Pfoprittor til niakfj of rebuilt Typewriters, \AHpf Sfacblnw cod GakylgtWf • Repairing—Parti—Blbbon* rhonj 71 MODERNIZE YOUR COUNTRY HOME WITH A DELING WA TER SYSTEM. $40 UP. HUBBARD HDW. CO. SAW FILING of all kinds With automatic filing machine BARKSDALE & PAGE 200 K. Second BE ECONOMICAL BUY IT RIGHT A COMPLETE LINE ' OF FANCY & STAPLE GROCERIES, FRESH lVIE ATS, VEGETABLES, PRO- ETC., AT .$235 RUE PRICE GROCERY $95 In Old P. O. Bldg. Blythevlllc Phone 234 — We Deliver COLD WEA1-HER COMINCi! BEST PRICES ON STOVES, PIPES, TAPERS AND TEE JOINTS, DAMPERS. SCUTTLES. SHOVELS, ETC. OBERST STORE CO. COPPER \VEATHER STRIP Saves fuel at small cost Avkmb Lumber Co. Automotive -i J. Ben Clune Battery. Service We recharge, rebuild all makes. Generators ,& starters Repaired. At Tom >V. Jackson's Station ' "•" ASH * SECOND Phone 8 — Residence 277-W. All kinds paint and body done, Cheapest prices. JOHN HEARN Barnctt AUO Sales Co. work WE SELL CHEAPER OUR STOCK IS COMPLETE MECHANICS' SUPPLIES REPLACEMENT PARTS"TIRES, TUBES & ACCESSORIES • Free Service Hubbard Havdwave Co. Depl. ELECTRIC WASHING MACHINE "Simmons Polly-Prim" Makes Work Fun, EASY TERMS. : OIL STOVES, WOOD STOVES, COAL STOVES SPECIAL PRICES SEE OUR NBVV. LINE •PAUlTLWRUM Opposite Old PostoHice Phone 252 JUST BIG HEARTEP! MbMA ,TO Look BOOTi I'M 6otM& TO OEOQ-JE -n\t WHOUE. DW GYPSY FEET! M£T B/QME OFHORATIOS • ^ ' - ' r MOTHER. DOGQV CflRS. B'^CELLEKir '. AND youYTHWKS,BOARDY, BUT ^ OH, WELL' I'LL DO Line GIVE MINE HOSPTTAL.Ofe FRSSHAIRCflMP. Boys CAW STAY WITH ME AS LONG AS YOU VVE'VE BEEW LEADING SUCH upe LATELY, GOT. GVPSV FEET —^7?-i_ vi_r-> i TO US, WE I oun>M>"*, HARROWING )BISJ BROKE/ISflSJICf EXPERIENCES) LOISA TIMES. ; V WAR SALESMAN SAM '• -">'"' SAM .PREFERS TO WA1TJ EM, VA LUNKHEAD.' YOU'RE T.H' SQUIRT WHO SOLD ME THIS ' HftTf t l'VE WORM IT A MOMTri AM 1 I DON'T LIKE IT, NO HOW! fEITHE DOES TH 1 WIPE AM'WDS, ,%;," " DO:MV PALSf WHftTtHfl' , ABOUT JT, HU1- ' BOS5-'D QWe fV)E HECK, IP Hf 5W ME lflT DOWMVOVER VER EWS. AW~TELLVA TO' ---<^v ; scRftM O -r • YA MIND DRoppiN 1 'I'M y.r WEER? T^EN I'LL-TAK&CARE OF VAf rH 'WZ*^"«^ X'Triis'is cou^-rl^ 1 Salesmen Wanted SALESMAN WANTED for ArkaiH sas and Missouri, car expense arrangement. Apply 212 W. Main evenings alter 7 p.m. 23-pk-26 FRECKLES ANf) HfS FKIENDS , , >fevl rEl.Lo'^S GCT.OUT TJJESE OtJ T>!E FIELD,,.ILL BE O'JT LATER! . FRECKCSS. STAY' HERE...IVE <30T SOME SAO NEWS TOP? VXI-BAD MEWS Salwmaii with' car.' Sales ^experience desirable. $100 weekly. . 117 s. Broadway—p. o. Box H" Persoiialily Essential i r .THIS GA>.tE T£)DAYj W|7H \ ,is no pysr(-pyeR"..:i'v/AHr 4 'FRECKLES'; I'M D6f ENDlhJS A LOT.ON ou |N THERE AMD PIGKT.'.DoM'T LOOK AHEAP ID oiHBf? "GAMES:.., CONCEM-,-'' TRATE OM THIS ONE !! NOTE FOR You..... FROM THE PR I MCI PAL FOR TbU, AND SMAOYS1OS VAU!.iii]d-'Uavlmqulh played a lieait- •". • I iroaker .track i n 1 D?J. Tlw H\s (ii'Cfm iw.v;: [•:,(! Loaten'the, ,Blue,-anO early, i- li/e-gamo'c. pu^crtul Valo ^quail ro!icd up 10 jwinls. l! tlte-stRii of the sciond liaff Al Mirsters, one o( tlio irreatesl l>uk-, of .01 ' linii!,' took rnatttuv; into his own Iwnd- He liit th<! Eli |inc with the fury of in < nugpd Ki'izzly, aiiij ill six plays covorai aliiiost 60 Vards for .Vtoucfidwn. In five minutes lie tail iliMiigwl.for.iiicilfter. • Darlimulh .cohorts xveiil wild. Hero was i heir lirtt victory Jtgaiti.-l \ ,1(0 JJiit 11 K dicers 'wros hoi'l-ln «! l?ool' Kills, noble ECU of Mvinlerccpli'd one nf Darjniimlh's passt'^. out footed (lie- fr.liu: tJiwi) li'ai)!. : ;ii»l.«iWHl a loin Noun tlut

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