Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 19, 1976 · Page 2
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 2

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 19, 1976
Page 2
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Public Pulse Page 2 Garden City Telegram Saturday, June 19,1976 Discrimination I want to yell discrimination. Discrimination against whom? — the rural patrons of the Garden City Telegram and city merchants that ran an ad in the June 14 Telegram for an early morning sale to begin at 7 a.m. until 11 a.m. on the 15th of June. Why is this discrimination, because as you well know most of us don't get the June 14 Telegram until 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on the 15th. So pray tell how are we to take advantage of such sale items? Let me tell you, I wouldn't go to those stores to buy anything I could get any place else. ! So think about the date you run an ad. Let's hear from others. — MRS. G. R. WIDOWS, South Star Rt. (Retailers have been advised that many rural residents receive their Telegram through the postoffice, which makes delivery the day after publication. —Ed.) For Humane Treatment We, the Peace and Justice Commission of the Sisters of Saint Dominic, are repot-ting to the readers of the Garden City Telegram that a position has been stated and action taken relative to the illegal alien and our moral response to his situation. We will continue to do all in our power to insure just and humane treatment for the apprehended, incarcerated and deported illegal alien. More specifically, we will •> continue to work with existing organizations in the community of Garden City in this highly moral and Christian endeavor. — The Peace and Justice Commission, Sisters of St. Dominic, Great Bend, Kan. Good Samaritans I am writing this to thank the Mr. and Mrs. Cutter of Garden City who picked up our grandson, Kendale Dupuy on Highway 56 between Moscow and Satanta Sunday evening after his car accident and took him to the hospital. They then came to the church and notified us. It is such a good feeling to know there are still people who care. Thank You, Cutters. — MR. and MRS. DALE E. BEARD, Rt. 1, Moscow, Kan. WhatG.W. Didn't See George Washington never traveled faster than 27 miles an hour in his life. He never heard a radio. He never saw a flashlight. He never rode in a jet plane or an elevator. He was never higher than 40 feet above the soil of his beloved America. He never heard the beautiful strains of the Star Spangled Banner,, or heard the clarion words of the Battle Hymn of the Republic. He never saw the soaring monument from whose turret windows millions of his free (and prosperous) progeny have looked down upon his beautiful namesake city — only a swamp the day in 1793 when he laid the cornerstone of the Capitol. He never knew the joy of floating down the broad Mississippi as his disciple Lincoln did. He never got to stroll through a supermarket, its shelves laden with foodstuffs from America's fertile fields. He never got to study with his cool surveyor's eye the majestic purple depths of the Grand Canyon (greatest natural wonder on Earth and without meaning in any but a Free land). He never got to see California's towering Redwoods, whose roots were growing in the time of Christ and whose mighty limbs brush the heavens today. But more than any other man, George Washington made it possible for all of us to enjoy these God-made and man-made marvels of America, and so the question before us today is what kind of Americans has this heritage of Liberty and abundance made us in the 200th year of our Freedom? Worthy or unworthy of Washington? — JOSEPH RAY, Clinton Rd., Whitesboro, N.Y. Garden City Telegram PubliahtHi daily except Sundays and New Year's day. Memorial day, Independence day, Thanksgiving day. Labor day and Christmas. Yearly by The Telegram Publishing Company i!76-3i!a:i :110 North Tth Street Garden City. Kansas 6784H Editor Managing Editor Ad and Builneia Manager Fred Brooks John Frazler Lc Roy Allman TKHMSUFSUHSCKIPTION By carrier a month in Garden City K.43 plus applicable sales tas. Payable to the carrier in advance. By carrier in other cities where service is available $1.94 a month plus applicable sales lax. By mail $24.72 a year including postage and applicable sales tax. Local and area college students $13.91, including postage and applicable sales tax (or 9-month school year. ' By motor car delivery per month J2.75 including applicable sales tax. Member of the Associated Press The Associated Press ia entitled exclusively to the use (or reproduction of all local news printed in this newspaper as well as all AP news and dispatches. All . rights of publication of special dispatches are also reserved. Crossword By Eugene Sheffer "... "Cause when you're smiling, ihe whole world smiles with you ..'." ACROSS . 1 Jabber (slang) 4-of drawers 9 Turn or loop 12 Quick flash ' 13 Rapidity 14 Explorer Johnson 15 American frontiersman 17 Greek letter 18 Concealed 19 Wrinkled 21 Go over again 24 Malay dagger (var.) 25 Wing 26 Corrode 28 Pierce 31 Department in France 33 Small cask 35 Final passage (Mus.) 36 Finish 38 Man's nickname 40 Roman numeral Itv (I. h MAYBE YOU think you know all about beer can collecting. For recycling. * * * BUT HAVE you heard about collecting beer cans for keeps? * * * AVID -CAN collectors, according to a clipping given to us, pay up to $500 for rare gallon (!) cans (from the 1962 era) and $250 for such prizes as an Arizona brewer's colorful "007" can, adorned with James Bond-style females. * * * THE FAST-growing hobby of treasuring cans instead of trashing them has spawned BCCA (Beer Can Collectors of, America) and WWBCC (for "Worldwide" natch). Beercans Unlimited, in St. Louis^ has an 0r^iretflio,9r;deyqted to displays^; cans. Some private'collections are valued-well above $25,000. * * * BREWERS, of course, are falling in Art Buchwald Writes: with the fad by putting out special "limited edition" cans — such as "King Snedley" and "Olde Frothingsloth." *' * * ALL OF WHICH, for no logical reason, brings us to our favorite remembrance of, prohibition days in our old hometown. It was 1 late spring. We were walking home from school with a bunch of kids trying to decide when we could get together for softball practice. The pitcher was the key person and she wasn't with us. And then k a't the town's main intersection (where the flag pole was planted), we spotted her across the street. "Hey, Berniece," one of our group yelled over, "can you practice after supper tonight?" v .. i She called back,"! can It. tonight. I've ^gotta wash beer bottles. Dad's gonria pay me a nickel a hundred." Her dad bottled lots of beer and everyone in town knew it. Even before she yelled about it downtown. A Father's Reminder Pad Some ."Don't Forget" Memos for Father's Day "Check with insurance agent to see if there is any insurance company in U.S. that will issue policy to Ellen after she was canceled by State Farm following last automobile accident." "Call George Penty and see if he can get David a job as page at Democratic Convention this summer. Remind him you got his daughter Janet job as taxi driver on Martha's Vineyard three years ago.' 1 "Telephone Mr. Barnes at Rigg's Bank and explain you'll make good on Lily's overdraft on check she wrote for new camera she gave me for Father's Day." "Call Mr. Swearington and explain to him why you don't . think it would be good idea for Lily and his son to go on two- week camping trip to Poconos." "Speak to Ellen about her grades this year." "Tell David he can't have party at our house while we go away next weekend. Blame it on his mother." "Speak to ALL the children about limiting number of houseguests on Cape this summer. Be firm that they may only have one at a time, and the friend must be the same sex as they are." "Talk to David about empty wine bottles in his room." "Try to find someone who knows someone at Capital Center who can get Lily tickets to Elvis Presley concert on June 27th. Tell them she is threatening to commit suicide if she doesn't get to go." "Break news to Ellen she can't sail to Bermuda with Freddy and 'one other couple' over the Fourth of July. Blame decision on her mother." "Speak to David about sleeping every day until three in the afternoon." "Try to find out who hid grass in Mom's jewelry box," "Dock Lily's allowance for four parking tickets she didn't pay to campus-police." "Warn little George if he skateboards once more on Wisconsin Avenue, it will be last time he ever skatesboards again." "Call Mrs. Klinger and tell her David denies he took her daughter skinny-dipping at the Fesedens Friday night. He claims he was at 'All the President's Men' and has witnesses to prove it." "Find out who drank my 12- year old Chivas Regal while we went to Tuberty wedding in Williamsburg last week." "Break news to Ellen that she can't keep her dog in house until he's housebroken. Blame it on her mother." "Speak to Lily about cleaning up kitchen after she has friends over for midnight snack." "Find out where little George got his copy of 'Playboy.' " "Ask David why there was 100 miles on my car after he borrowed it last night." "Try to get company to send me on business trip to Europe for better part of the summer." "Write to USC and ask them if they'll refund half of David's tuition since he dropped out in January." "Have Alice Cooper poster framed that Ellen gave me for Father's Day, and hang it in den (at least until she goes back to school). "Tell children at dinner tonight what a wonderful Father's Day I had, and how proud I am, of each and every one of them." Jack Anderson 41 Forsaken 43 Allowed to become known 45 Speech disorder: comb, form 47 A continent (abbf.) 48 To smear 49 Oscar or Tony 54 Self 55 Lions' 'or horses' — 56 Animal doc 57 Through 58 Slip 59 Curve DOWN 1 Tibetan wild ox 2 "— live and breathe!" 3 Mrs. Nixon 4 — longue (couch) 5 Construction worker (fam.) 6 A letter 7 Heron-like bird 8 Permanent possession 9 — and barrel 10 Tennis star Avg. solution time: 22 mins. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 11 Rewarded 16 Chinese tea 20 Military " head man (abbr'0 21 Fury 22 Excitement 23 Punishment for some crimes'' 27 Wine cask 29 Actress Adams 30 Sudden attack 32 Twosomes 34 Tardy 37 Light refractors 39 Make harmless 42 Connected with birth 44 Metric land measure 45 Type of school (fam.) 46 Enormous 50 Cuckoo 51 Power . agency 52 Thrice: comb, form 53 Common (abbr.) "Then inform them they cannot play their tape players after eleven o'clock. Blame it on their mother." Vote Sought for New Gray Jail CIMARRON (HNS) — A petition drive is under way in Cimarron to bring to a vote the proposed funding of a new Gray county jail. County commissioners have approved a resolution calling for a one mill levy to finance the construction of the jail. Total cost of the facility will not exceed $150,000. If the petition campaign is successful, the resolution is expected to be submitted to a county-side vote by Aug. 17 and would probably be conducted during the Aug. 3 primary election. Workers Endangered WASHINGTON—Millions of American workers are exposed to deadly, poisonous substances on the job. Yet the effort to save their health, perhaps even their lives, has been seriously hampered by cutbacks and red tape. The best estimate is that one out of every three workers in this country will come down with occupational diseases. Toxic substances, according to another estimate, causes 100,000 job-related deaths each year. . Yet even this disturbing death figure is now considered far too low. Labor Dept. experts have just learned that, most of the nation's doctors are unable to diagnose occupational diseases. This means that most deaths from occupational diseases go unreported. The Labor experts have also discovered that occupational injuries account for an alarming 96 per cent of all reported illnesses at nonagricultural places- of work. Yet, industrial plants provide few health services and almost no environmental monitoring. The Labor Dept. has appealed to Congress for more help to cope with the problem. Of 2,000 industrial hygienists in the United States, only 135 work for the department. Training programs have also been cut back. As one Labor official told our associate Marc Smolonsky: "There is an appalling lack of manpower." Meanwhile, the problem steadily gets worse, not better, as thousands of new chemicals are developed each year in factories across the country. The department has tried to set standards for these toxic chemicals as they appear. But President Ford, whose main emphasis is upon cutting costs, requires an inflationary impact statement before new standards can be put into effect. This has slowed the regulatory effort. Nevertheless, a small, unsung staff is fighting a heroic battle to safeguard workers from occupational disease and death. Hundreds of thousands will die, however, because the problem has been given a low priority. 21 25 45 48 54 s 22 23 41 32 2fe 49 58 42 38 50 47 28 39 35 29 40 51 56 59 52 CRYPTOQUIP b-/y COVANVMIANI VMSG YMNU NMEG MI IUG TES-YTAC MOYIATC Yesterday's Cryptoquip — WILL TRUE ALLERGENS ALWAYS RESULT IN ALLERGY?. .,,-,. ... ....... (© 1976 King Features Syndicate, Inc.) Today's Cryptoquip clue :0 equals U '.[,' The Cryptoquip is a simple substitution cipher in which each letter used stands for another. If you think that X equals O, it will equal 0 throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words, and words using an apostrophe can give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is accomplished by trial and error. Want Ads Get Results AGED STEAKS-NOW AVAILABLE CUT TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS PLEASE ORDER IN ADVANCE FOR BEST SATISFACTION ,2.v Main GARDEN CITY MEATS 2756541 THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL ONE GROUP LAWN ft GARDEN TOOLS Hedge Trimmers (Hand & Electric) Lawn Edger Bug Sprayer Pruning Shears Grass Shears Green Lawn Mowers OFF The Tinker Shop 413 N. 8th GARDEN CITY TRAVEL CENTER AIR - LAND - SEA DON'T STAND IN LINES SIT IN COOL COMFORT AND LET US MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS WE REPRESENT ALL AIR LINES WE DO NOT CHARGE FOR OUR SERVICE FOR YOUR TRAVEL NEEDS PHONE 316-275-4126 ' ' 113 W. CHESTNUT I GARDEN CITY, KANSAS

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