The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1937
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER 'NEWS GOLF'S GAG MAN [' J Great Playeis of Today Rated On Par With Those in 1920s , By HENRY SUPFR United Press Staff Correspondent SAN FRANCISCO (UP)—Bill Cuniflngham, outfielder on the v,orld champion New York Gtaiils of 1921 and 1922, Is one old-timer y,ho Relieves that today's crop of diamond slnis coulil havfc sp-irUed back in the days when tight pitch, ing and close games were the custom., » Cunningham, a chunky man with KtrcilkjS of'silver In his dark hair, Y»as % '\Ulh the Giants 5 jears the Boston Brives three, and ended his career as n ccnch with the Chicago Whips Sox During his staj on tlie big lime, Bill saw ionic of tlie best plajers—Da?/.} Vance, I/"e Meadow?, Ro^s Homsbi, Home Run' Baker—and he still thinks there uers no better Mian the present- day 'ftars Bill hasn't touched a baseball tlnce.he ictlicd He saved plentj of money while n plujcr and no* he divides, his time between a Job v.itli a cement com piny and hunting "Mid felling £iWean, Liudls Gift King Cunningham gesticulated v.111 his'hands'as he li 55ls ( offlce From his left hum sparkled o huge gold ring—given I each of the clnmplon Qlants o 192F, by baseball commissions Judge Landls "Tlie players in my da)," lie suhl "were plenty good But they v\er no betlcr than they arc today. Joe DIMagglo, for'example,: would havi been n star no matter - when hi played.'So .would 1 ; the Dsan broth ers, Bob Feller or any or them "Sure; the game Is Different UT day, The' ball back In my time •»as not as lively and pitchers— i nnd,players—^enl out to win close balljgames There wasn't as much long distance slugging as now because the pitchers worked mole on tliclr men " High Tribute to Ruih What about salaries hi his da) compared to nou? ' 'Wo v. eren't paM tjuHe as much as the bojs of today are,' Hill said ! "But 1 then the era of the highly paid plajers hadn't started Babe Ruth deserves credit for that When he' commanded top prices other players demanded—and got—substantial raises Ruth led the \\ay He -was to my mind one of the greatest plnyers of all time nnd , that's more he did as much for the plavers themselves ns veil as lor the game I think baseball ex- cculUes are making a bad move In keeping the Babe out of a man nger's Job He'd be n sensation a the head of a. major l°ague club' Cunningham hasn't seen a major league game in years—but he Is a close student of Pacific Coos League baseball And hi? p"t playei is Paul Gregory", a big right-hand, er with Seattle Gregory's Record Cited ' Paul came up to the White So in 1932 while I still was a coach, Bill said "He stayed tv,o years bu didn't do so good because he trlet to copy Ted Lyons' style But th UA has plenty of stull Last >cn •with Seattle he \\on 17 games ail i\hy he hasn't been grabbed by major .league club again Is byor me. "The scEuts seem to be afral that he won't click on the big tim because he didn't the last time V \\as i;p But Paul didn't, get chance to show what he had ' The big leagues demand to much of a new plajer these da) It he doesn't click like a'DIMaggi the mst time out he -warms II bench and first thing jou kno lie's back in the bush leagues By Tinny Grayson NEW YORK.— Sucro Olio's coming U> America to make Ills tow Indoors In tlie Mlllrose meet at the Garden Ktb. 6. tollies to mind the fact that the stubby . Japanese threaten to tnke the ople vault supremacy from the lanky American stars. 11 also set Al McOall to figuring. The former yolc conch comes up with the answer that is feet 2 inches Is the mechanical limit of the monkey-on-a-stlck technique. George Vnroff's world record Is U feet 6!t Inches. - Earl Meadow's stretched the Olympic mark to 14,2 5-10 last summer. The factor of mechanics as well as Die humnii equation applies In vaulting," says McOall. "It Is a physical lm|X>s.slbl]Hy to .swing the body over a height greater than three and a half feet above the jxjlnt where the pole Is gripped. "Few cnn tnke an effective grip on the pole more than '12 feet 0 inches from Hie end. The slot, or It's anything for it laugh with JoeEzar. Golf's gag man makes lining up the simplest putt extremely funny business. T.hc Inlcinationally known, professional sticks right along with the leaders without inking things' loo seriously, mid is renowned r ii5 a trick shot artist. Manila Teams Win Decisively from Bono box In which the i»le is planted oh the Inkc-ofI Is eight Inches deep. Subtract llml depth from the height of the grip and you get 11 feet 8 Inches. Add three and a half feet to that Ilgure and you have the mechanical limit beyond which nobody can vault. j "It Is somewhere around 15 fcei Nipponese cleared 13 feet 11 Inches. : With Keith Brown or Yale in retirement, there Is no eastern viuiller capable of extending Ohe when he'Is in'full stride. Among Ihose scheduled to oppose the sky- scraplng oriental are- Harding of Yale, Medina of Princeton, stulz- nians of Syracuse, and Suleimclslcr of the Boston A. A. O!ie 'Is u consistent 14-foot man, out of doors, but lias never trle'd a board slot vault; Clinrley Holf of Norway adapted Ills stylo to indoor vaulting in less than a weej(, however, nnd Inasmuch as the little brown men are born mimics there Is lip reason to suspect that Ohe cannot do likewise. The'ab- sence of wind should be an asset to a vailltcr. , Abbreviated Japanes* Rise Steadily on Slender Reed Japanese progress In vaulting l! due to the abnormally Hgin p a |,, which their bantamweights 1 cai employ safely . and their agility, springiness, and acrobatic aptitude. Stalwart American vaultcrs were astonished by Die "toothpicks" wtlh which tlie Nipponese soared over the bar In Berlhi. , • :' , "We would commit hara-kiri if we dared to vault with those Japanese poles," asserts Bill - Set ton. "They'd split under our weight and Outside. Looking In By "DUKE" nnrt couldn't make It, hence the appearance 'of Mr, Raymond Floyd Burdmaster (Ray-. Myers). Now we're : not fworried about he malter— It mentis little If nny- thlng to us— but It's Just another reason why we string ulong with Anything goes ' In the wrestling game but, even at that the fans stem to like It In a big way. For Instance Jonesboro recently switched promoters, quilting Tony Bernadl of Little Rock and taking on Mike Mcroncy, who has a circuit composed of Blylhcvllle, Cav- uthersvlllc, Dyersburg, Poplar Bluff ond other cities. Tuesday night Jonesboro fans sal in on their first Meroney prc- scntnllon and enjoyed It accord- Ing to the Jonesboro papers, Chief Uttlc Wolf and Floyd Byrd Were slated to meet In the feature and It. turned out thai Chief Mttle Wolf and Hay Myer.s ippcnrcd In lite final act program. But .scribe Impale us. "The Japanese are ex trembly ' 2 inches. Such slnnd forever a mark would Spring, Swine, ami I'ull Are 1'rlncliml Operations "Vaulters arc not allowed to climb the pole once the grip has been taken. : "The principal operations In i vaulting nrc the spring, swing, and MANILA, Ark.—The boys 'and P 11 ' 1 - The lust two phases blend girls basketball teams of Manila I lo f °rm the shoot or flyaway, overwhelmed the tennis from Bonoj throwing a terrific slrain on the In (he local gymnasium last night, nnns and back. Natural sp'rln; The .boys score was 40-24 and the localjglrls woii by a margin of 30 t<r 5; Bert Williams was high point man of. the Lions with ' 21 points. Jack Berry was secolul 1th 12' unner Says He Hitch- iiked Way to Track Fame NORMAN, Okla (UP) — riojd xichner, star University of Okla- oma runner who set a new .ceplechase record at New Orle- ns recenlly, knows almost as inch about cioss country hitch- iking as he does about cross- ounlry running. In his career as Ihe ace of the Sooner .track team, Lochner has iltch-hiked to almost ns many icels as he's ridden lo—and that s plent)—because the university makes no appropriation to send 'ts one-man team as far as Call- 'ornln or New-York. But after' he. broke tlie ileeple- clmse record by clipping si seconds fiom the former mark, on a wet Irack times changed "l'\e two Invitations lo run In ndoor meets In the cast," Loclmer said 'And my expenses will be HI Id " Jan 30 he will go to the Knights of Columbus meet In Boston where he will be matched with Joe McCluskey, one of the nation's best-known distance runners, and Blalne and Wnjne Rldeout of North Texas Teaeheis College, Denton, who beat Don Lash in the two-mile at New Orleans, nnd Lash himself Feb o he will go lo New York for the 30th annual Mlllrose games where Hcckort of Finland, holder of the world's outdoor two-mile reco«l of 8573 will bo added to the field counts for a lot, but Is not so vital as It Is In high jumping. There is 10 mechanical limit to the height a jumper can clear. His celling Is Imltcd only by his native spring and his lorm." Ohe tied for second place w_... :ils countryman, Nlshlda, In the Olympic note vault, beating the American Bills, seflon and arabcr. . muscular despite their 'small and lack of poundage.' Arm strength, coupled with a tremendous leg spring, enables them to get a remarkable shoot from off the pole as they catapult 'their feet over the bar. -Their strong arms don't have tq-llft so much weight as ours do on' the pull up." Height Is supposed to give. a vanller a big advantage, but the shortish Japanese -usually manage to find a way to surmount, obstacles. They hope to overcome America's slender margin in pole vaulting with a slender reed. ' Irish In 13 Track Meets SOUTH BEND.-Notrc Dame has entered Us squad In 13 track meets this season, sly being indoor events. Aquatic Age Limits NEW YORK.—II, has been ruled by the National A. A. U. thnt the age. of registration for girl swimmers must be set at 12 years for all events but -platform diving, for which competitors must be 15. ' . an enterprising Jonraboro informs his public tha THURSDAY, JANUARY 21 itaf M per cent of the other sports writers In -the country In taking our wrestling with several sizeable grains of salt. It's great entertainment If you like -your excitement 'rough mid ready — but don't tnke It too seriously. Cooper W«ks Anyway SAN PRANOISCO.-Harry cooper's Insurance policy expressly forbids the great golfer to work In a professional shop. The British-born star adjusts his own clubs nevertheless. Dotft feel'm the dog house"...tomorrow! The Peke says, "I'll bo doggoned, pard— My head feels like a St. Bernard I" The Schnauie'r says, "You failed last night To call for CALVERT. Selves you VJ Myers and Byrd are one and the nc. person. Tnats somethlnt that Blythevillc fails, having seen Iwo Individuals perform here time and again, one ns Ray Myers and Ihe other as Floyd Byrd, wil be glad to know. The Jonesboro Evening Sun col- 'iimilsl writes: "Incidentally, Ray Myers Is Hie same as Floyd Hyr<i who was billed on cards and in newspaper slorles as the opponent of Little Wolf. The grapplcr's real nnme is Raymond Ployd Burd- ninster." All of which has us wondering lust how the grunt and groaner who has been going by the name of Floyd Byrd will be billed when lie rcally'does get around to'.ap- pe.iring In Jrm.6sboro. Of course we really know here believe the man ; we as.-' Byrd might have . been due to appear in Jonesboro Play Billiards! Wholesome Recreation Moderately Priced BIytheville Recreation Center 316 ft. Main -' Former Home of Bell's Pharmacy GARNER APPLETON : MARVIN- CIIAVFELL Uaairrluhe month o! W|<T TUoliittas Before it endi resolve, lor 1937. to "H toe CALVERT'S•"Sjwlir 1 . bdl.r nkiAci .. -In ihefimouf decaiHti-ehaped "bottle beautiful ' that you'll be ptoud to oU« your most distlnKulfhed BU«it«. And-leit you loriet-CALVERT'S "Remve". iti the antique decinter. U another Ktrakei ol the diltlnjuliried CALVERT limilr pioSf". 1 ^"Jf*'»SJ LI ', M °JF' *"; *"? L[HiKVrLtE ' <"•• I«C\JT1VE 0FTICCS . CHRV51H Bm=., H.r. C. C«LW«r« pflOOF-itijIihl MTiHk<y in Ihlt prodJtl I* 5 *e»re o!J. 32* stralthl Mhlik«r s »t*rt oW[ 68» iriln rtutril fplrltl "' and « monlht of marc old. 23* Hfitihtwhlijw,; TSi ' BLENDED nHISKCY-90 PDOOF-ltr>!(ht MhUhi I «hllk>y 1 y»r and 6 GULF DEALERS BRING YOU Lockard Leads Porker Scorers With 103 Point FAYErTEVlLLE, Jan. ig.—Do Ixx;kard, the BatesvIHe sharpshoo cr, still leads the Univcrsitj of Ar kansas cagers In scoring by a -utc margin, pigures released today b the University News Bureau sho that: the tall forward has amasse- 43 field goals and 17 free throw In nine ganies for a total of paints. Second among -the Razorback .scorers is Elwin Gilliland. veteran forward, -who has counted 29 Reid , goals and 11 free throws for 69 points; jack Bobbins, football star •who is making good on the basketball court, has counted eight field goals and nine free throws for 25 points lie U followed closelj by Ray Hamilton, center, with ten field goals and four ehanly tosses for 24 points IVortcrs Shields Injury NEW YORK-Roy Worters, veteran goalie of the New York Americans of the Notional Hockey League, now preparing for an operation for hernia, stuck to his post through n\e \\eeks of Intense pnln before his collapse rciealed his condition (o teammates. The tautara, of New Zealand is reputed to be the parent of nil lizards. It has been called the "llv- IllR fOSSll." • 103 St. Louis Cards' Net May Land, Kelley of Yale By NE\ Sen Ice NEW YORK—Larry Kelley, who developed a gift of gab winning AIl-Amedea football honors at Yale may accept an offer to Join the St Louis Cardinals' chain sjstem as a first baseman, according to report , Kelley rejected Inducements to play , baseball with the New York Yankees and professional football with the Detroit Lions following hts graduation In June. Texas Leads In Majors NEW YORK-Texas, with 36 players in the major leagues, leads ell other states In this respect Our Lubrications Are eh eft p — Cars not—- nrc Save your car investment by having us lubricate it — Right and Often— For well lubricated cars perform better, save gas and oil—and Then trade. bring more PHILLIPS Service Center WHERE WE SILENCE YOUR. 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