Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 18, 1976 · Page 21
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 21

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 18, 1976
Page 21
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Thursday Page 21 Garden City Telegram Friday, June 18, 1976 Channels Listed In Proorsm Guide Denver, Colorado 0 KWGN (IND) Cable 2 XI KRMA(ED) Cable? Ensign. Kansas O KTVC (CBS) Cable 4 Thursday Evening June 24, 1976 6:00 "All Ch. but o CEO QD News O Jeannie ,3> Sociology OD To Tell the Truth 6:30 O Father Knows Best 3D Family Affair O'H Q' News O Looking In QD Psychology CD. To Tell the Truth 0 Electric Company 03 Match Game Cffii NFL Action 09 Hollywood Squares QD Partridge Family 7:00 O Andy Griffith 3)09 NBC News Special "Search for the Shinohura." A film on the Jupunese submarine. Shinoh- ara. which was sunk and discovered 29 years later still in tact. 8 Red, White & Wow ODDCffiUL The Waltons Olivia has the-good-fortune to he hired as a seamstress hy the'owner of a successful woman's store. CB Contemporary Literature CD 00 Welcome Back, Kotter > O Zoom 3J- Movie —"Flim Flam Man." George C.'Scott. Sue Lyon 7:30 e Adam-12 3C American History IT?© Barney Miller O Weekender 8:00 O Movie —"Jezebel." •33 SO NBC Thursday Movie "The Young Savages." (l%l) Hurt Lancaster. An Assistant District Attorney is assigned to prosecute a trio of teen-age hoodlums for the slaying of another youth. O NBC News Special "The Search for the Shinohara." (See Ch. 33'at 7 p.m.) O OD fflB Hawaii Five-O (B Esta Semana CDQD Streets of San Francisco O Black Perspective 1 CfC The Waltons (See Ch. o at 7 p.m.) 8:30 X Book Beat O Martin Agronsky 9:00 O NBC Thursday Movie "The Young Savages." (See Ch. 33 at 8 p.m.) O OD Cffil'IT, Barnaby Jones CEO Mark of Jazz CD QD Harry O 31 Streets of San Francisco 9:30 X) O Lowell Thomas 10:00 All Ch. but o 33O CH fi News CEO The Olympiad 31 Hawaii Five-O 33) Harry O 10:303303 Tonight Show OOD 3D) CBS Late Movie "Joy House." (I964) Alain Delon, Jane Fonda. The story ofa young con man who makes • a mistake that threatens his life. QD Wide World 10:4500 Bonanza 11:OOO Love, American Style O'JJ:H News CEO Bill Mover's Journal 11:30O Bonanza e Tonight Show (33) Bold Ones 11:3501 CBS Late Movie "Joy House." (SeeCh. Q at 10:30 p.m.) 11:45 CD Wide World 12:003309 Tomorrow 12:308 Night Gallery 33) Wide World OD Movie — "The Very Thought of You." '44-Dennis Morgan 12:4503 News 1:00 O Reflections . 33 Devotional O Tomorrow 09 News 2:00o News 2:30OD Movie —"The Roaring '20's." Garden City, Kansas O KGLO (NBC) Cable 10 Copland, Kansas OD KUPK (ABC) Cable 12 Thursday Programs June 24 7:00 P.M. — CBS THE WALTONS — When a furniture order lulls through at the Walton's lumber mill. Olivia has the good fortune to he h'iied us a seamst icss hy the owner of a successful women's store. 7:00 P.M. — NBC SEARCH FOKTHESHINOHARA —A filmed documentary on the Japanese submarine, Shinohura. which was sunk during an American air attack in 1944 and discovered. 29 years later, with everything, including the remains of the crew, intact. 7:30 P.M. — ABC BARNEY MILLER — "The Psychiatrist." A psychiatrist decides that Wojo is • unfit to carry a gun and now wants to test all of Barney's men. 8:00 P.M. - CBS HAWAII FIVE-O •— Lew Ay res. guest stars as a retired U.S. Navy officer as the Five-O force seeks the killer of an importer Who was a Japanese spy in Hawaii before the I'eurl Harbor attack. 8:00 P.M. - NBC NBC THURSDAY MOVIE — "The Young Savages." 8:00 P.M. - ABC STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO — "Clown of Death." l.t. Mike Stone poses as a clown in a circus where murder prevails under the big top. 9:00 P.M. - CBS BARNABY JONES —America's favorite to win an Olympic Gold Medal in the swimming competition dies under mysterious circumstances and his coach calls in Barnahy Jones to head off a major snorts scandal. 9:00 P.M.-ABC HARRY O —"Ruby." A shady lady turns to Harry Orwell for help when her young nephew is charged with murder and forced to shoulderthe blame by a crime ring which threatens his life. 10:30 P.M. -CBS CBS LATE MOVIE —"Joy House." SPECIALS — 9:00 OODCffi) CBS Special: Magazine 2:30 ® CBS Special: Magazine 7:00 (3D OB NBC News Special: The Search for the Shinohara 8:00 o NBC News Special: The Search for the Shinohara — SPORTS — 6:30 35) NFL Action 10:00 CEO The Olympiad Public TV Highlights Cable TV Channel 7 Thursday 8:30 p.m. BOOK BEAT. "The Devil Finds Work." In his autobiographical study of American film, novelist and playwright James Baldwin reveals the effect of American movies on his own perceptions and on Black men and women of his generation. 9 p.m. MARK OF JAZZ. "Arthur Prysock." Backed by his brother Red and trio, blues singer Arthur Prysock gives a performance comparable to Bill Eckstine and Joe Williams rolled into one. Songs include "Young Lovers," "The More I See You," and others. 9:30 p.m. LOWELL THOMAS REMEMBERS. 1954." Lowell Thomas looks at Eisenhower's State of the Union address, John Foster Dulles and McCarthy's being censured by the U.S. Senate.. 10 p.m. THE OLYMPIAD. "The Russian Athlete." Through the eyes of Russian contenders, coaches, and officials, this film investigates the system and the psyche that have produced such greats as Olga Korbut, Yladamir Kuts,. Baleri .Bprzpy.. c and ...others. li ' 1 ••'''••' ' •>••<•'•*"""•' About Books For Children Blue Fin, Colin Thiele, Har. per, 252 pgs., ages 10 and up, * $1.50. To say that "Blue Fin" is a vigorous novel about the Australian fishing trade is a rather sheepish statement, but true. This truly dynamic ' adventure is centered around Steve Pascoe, "Snook" to everyone but his mother and sisters. Steve is a "bum- blefoot" and a jinx to his father. And Mr. Pascoe is captain of one of the best outfitted, best operated tuna boats. Consequently, Mr. Pascoe was not too pleased when Snook asked to go out on the boats with him. But he relented and Snook actually got to be a part of the crew, was asked to chum the live bait to the tune because Mr. Pascoe was short of hands. "It was an eerie sensation, / drifting aimlessly on the high seas. The clipper seemed to ride rhythmically in a gently breathing world, a rise-and- fall motion like the movement of a conductor's hands controlling languid music. The sea was in a tender mood." The tuna season was not to be a good one for Mr. Pascoe and the sea was not to remain calm. Snook was the butt of jokes, criticism at school, his father's anger, not to forget the shame of the incident when he fell overboard on that first outing. Mr. Pascoe, fearing bankruptcy, thundered at Snook, argued with his wife, and found himself even more short-handed when two of his crew injured themselves out of a job. It was a desparate man who asked Snook to go out again. And with only three other crew members out they went in search of skittish and unpredictable tuna. When a hurricane strikes the boat, the crew is so busy hauling in the long-lost and much needed tuna, they don't notice the rapidly changing weather. From that moment on you sweat in your front row seat as you "live" through one of nature's worst disasters. But you survive to see Snook accept himself and his father accept him. Highly recommended for summer boredom, girlish or boyish. Lands End, Mary Stolz, Harper, 222 pgs., ages 10 and up, $1.50 What do you do when your 'parents think you talk too much, and you have a lot to say? Where do adults' rights stop and a twelve-year-old's begin? When your parents, especially your 'mom;' Says "Josh, why don't you say what you feel?" you can't answer because everytime you do say what you feel or think, you get into trouble! Josh lives with his parents on the land's end bordering the ocean. He is a fisherman, lover of pelicans and a loner. He reads the encyclopedia and that is about the only thing that pleases his father. When a new family moves to Florida from Pennsylvania, Josh is slightly taken aback by the ramshackle furniture and the rough-and-tumble nature of this large family whose head is a widower and the new vet at the zoo. But Josh slowly comes out of his shell around the Arthur kids, aU the while keeping them a secret to his parents whom he fears will find the Arthurs unacceptable. The contrast in furniture (how would yours look after a tiger cub, a peccary or two a snake had slept in the crib and crawled around at will?), in life styles was almost glaring to Josh. But the crisis of a near- hurricane throws the Arthur kids into immediate danger. Josh's parents come through the crisis with the Arthurs, changing Josh's attitude about his parents in a way he never would have predicted. Mary Stolz has demonstrated her excellent insight into two very different types of families; both workable, both acceptable in spite of the assortment of human faults and failings. * * * Don't forget! If you want to write a book review, try to make it between 25 and 100 words, submit it during the month of June, make it about a book — new or old — that you really enjoyed, and send or bring it to the Telegram in care of this column. Then wait to see if it is in the newspaper! — Lorie Jammers-Murdoch. Presentations Reach Numerous Locations "Captain Kangaroo," television's longest-running children's series, is traveling to various locations to film presentations for the forthcoming season. The series, now in its 21st year, with its creator Bob Keeshan as the Captain, is seen weekdays, 7-8 a.m., CST, on the CBS Television Network. Keeshan and cast regulars Hugh "Lumpy" Brannum and Cosmo Allegretti (original cast members), along withi'.- Debbie Weems, were in Nash- ville, Term., in early' May, where they filmed programs at Opryland. Special guests on the broadcasts were Carol Charming, Minnie Pearl and country singer Bill Anderson. A program with country music singers Jimmy Atkins and Tom T. Hall was broadcast in early June. In another trip in late May, the series' cast and production crew traveled to Georgia, where filming took place at "Under Six Flags," the large entertainmenfc*«'''area -in Atlanta.

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